Absolute Necromancer Chapter 122

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Shane gritted his teeth as he listened to the cries of death echoing across the


‘Damn it, what should I do? What do I have to do to catch that damn guy!’

As he approached the 300th floor, Shane met countless strong players.

And they all had weaknesses, and those weaknesses opened up a hole for Shane.

‘… … I can see the weakness, but there’s no way to attack it.’

Trait, ‘Seize Weakness’.

Shane’s trait that allows him to visually see the target’s weaknesses.

‘Detecting weakness’ also worked for Sandalphon in the body of Ashur Hum.

For example, Shane’s eyes could see the weaknesses all over Sandalphon’s body.

‘If I can hit that, I’ll be able to cause a proper shock… … .’

The area targeted by the Nuclear Bullet that had just been fired was also Sandalphon’s weakness, which was confirmed by detecting that weakness.

He could have blocked it with his body, but the fact that he caught the bullet

with his hand made him confident that the part he attacked was a weak spot.

But what do you do when you see a weakness?

Weaknesses that could not be hit were just a blip in the picture.

‘Downstream, that kid failed. Others will be similar. I… … I have to raise the odds.’

The leader in front used a threatening technique called ‘Carnelian’, but it could not burn even a single strand of Sandalphon’s hair.

That seemed to mean that others would be no different.

Therefore, Shane felt a great deal of pressure as he stood here on behalf of Jinhyuk.

Along with the pressure of having to stop Sandalphon, Shane felt like he was realizing something new.

‘If I could just pin my attack on that weak point, it would be my victory… … .’

Identifying weaknesses only shows them.

It is only up to Shane to dig into that weakness and fix it.

What if you could unconditionally correct that weakness… … Thoughts.

Of course, this was the thought of not only musketeers, but also all occupations such as archers, but the thoughts I felt this time were slightly different.

‘… … It seems like if I just add one thing, it will become concrete, but what is


one thing.

Because I was convinced that if there was just one more thing, something that

had been dismissed as fantasy could turn out to be reality.

And the only thing that was lacking was that I was able to naturally think of it

after a while.

‘If I were to be able to do just one thing in my own world, and focus all the power of that world on that one thing… … ‘Isn’t it possible?’

I thought that if the power of one world was changed from a fantasy to a power that can hit you just by shooting, it would not end up as just a fantasy.

After thinking that far, mana exploded around Shane.


Most of the mana possessed by Shane, a climber close to the 300th floor, burst out around him and enveloped only him and Sandalphon.

In an instant, your own world.

In other words, Shane, who had established the ‘territory’, looked at Sandalphon and muttered the name of his own realm that he had discovered.

“… … Area, ‘Baekbal, Baekjung (百發百中)’.”

[Area, Baekbal Baekjung (百發百中)]

The moment when Shane’s unique domain was revealed to the world, pouring

everything into the ability to hit without fail just by shooting.


Shane pulled the trigger.

‘This time you will never be able to catch it or avoid it.’

When I shot the Nuclear Bullet, it wasn’t enough to catch it in vain, and I suffered the shame of being crushed with just the strength of my fingers, but not now.

Synergy between characteristics, ‘weakness detection’ and area, 100,000,000.

finally… … .

“Anti Matter Bullet.”

Because he even took out the most powerful bullet Shane had, the Anti Matter


Outside, as Ashur Hum said, it was the strongest bullet that could not have been used for fear of harm to others, but not now.

“There’s only you and me here, and I’m confident I’ll survive.”

“… … “He’s definitely an outstanding kid.”

Because only Shane and Sandalphon were in Shane’s realm, the Hundred-Blood-White.

And Shane was confident that he would survive the explosion of the Anti-Matter Bullet.

Shane’s all-out attack poured in toward Sandalphon, who was looking around

Shane’s territory and praising Shane.

“Unfortunately, no matter how many times I shoot you… … ?”

Sandalphon, who had previously grabbed Shane’s bullet and crushed it with his bare hands, tried to catch the bullet with his hand this time as well.

But this time it was a little different.


“I won’t catch it this time.”

The trajectory of the bullet changed dramatically before Sandalphon’s eyes, as

if it were alive.



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And Sandalphon burst out laughing when Shane looked at it as if it were natural.

“The bullet performs an evasive maneuver… … “That’s novel.”

No matter how fast I moved my hands or predicting the bullet’s next path, it

was of no use.

The bullet changed direction at will, ignoring the laws of physics.

As a result.



An attack with the power to blow up a country in one bullet was delivered to Sandalphon.

It was also a fatal blow that hit Shane’s weak spot exactly where he wanted it.

‘With this, you can send away Hendrick in dragon form with one hit.’

A fatal blow struck precisely at a weak point had enough destructive power to

blow away Hendrick, who had fought before, in one blow.

That’s why Shane was confident.

‘finished. That monster… … ‘I killed God.’

He killed Sandalphon.

But that feeling didn’t last long.

“That’s amazing. “An explosion of this magnitude could have damaged one floor if we had made a mistake.”

“… … “How?”

A calm, weak voice is heard from within the dust cloud that arose with the explosion.

Shane stared at the dust cloud with an incredulous expression on his face at the voice that was presumed to be Sandalphon’s.

Of course, doing so did not change the already decided results.

“We properly targeted the weak points. “An explosion clearly occurred, so how are you still okay?”

My mind was confused.

It was an explosion at a level that would destroy the country and, as Sandalphon said, threaten one floor.

Even though I put it exactly in his weak point, I can’t kill him.

‘What on earth do I have to do to kill him!’

I gave away everything I had.

Limits were also broken and the territory was used.

Still, he could not kill Sandalphon.

Shane was now experiencing what it felt like to have his heart relax.

Sandalphon slowly walked towards Shane.

“It’s a pretty good ability because it allows you to see the opponent’s weaknesses. But that’s where the first problem arises. Is the weakness you saw really my

weakness? Or is it a weakness of ‘Ashur Hum’, the original owner of this body?”

“… … !”

Sandalphon kindly explains what Shane had missed.

But the more Shane heard the explanation, the more his whole body began to


Sandalphon did not stop walking as if he had no regard for Shane, who was in

such shock that he felt like he was going to lose his mind.

Of course, the same goes for pointing out the parts she missed.

“Second, you can’t kill me with an attack like that in the first place. Hey kid. Even though he descended on the body of a child with the vessel of an apostle,

God is God. There’s no way I could die from your abilities, even though I’m mortal at best. “Isn’t it absurd to think that you would judge God and harm him with your laws and powers?”

“… … Then… … what… … No, that can’t be possible. Even gods will definitely


SighAs a mortal, you cannot kill God.

Shane denied that.

Shane immediately loads the second round.


As soon as the gun is loaded, a gunshot rings out, and the power of a hundred

and a hundred people surrounds the bullet.

Eventually, the Anti-Matter Bullet exploded as it closed in on Sandalphon’s weak spot.

The shock felt like it would tear his eardrums, but Sandalphon was fine.

Unlike before, the sight of him not trying to avoid or catch him was enough to be called despair itself.

At first glance, he looks like an angel who came down to earth for salvation, but in the irony that he actually looks like a disaster, Shane’s last hope is shattered.


“It’s a territory… … It’s good. Bring out and build your own world. Because it is a power that both gods and devils can exercise. But you know what? In the end, this tower is just an area. “Except for the singularity where it is divided into

several areas and the owner of the area continuously changes.”

“… … What do you want to say? Do you want to brag that the tower is yours?”

Sandalphon speaks while pounding on the empty space of the dark realm, the


When Shane, annoyed by his calm attitude, died, Sandalphon responded with

a smile on his expressionless face.

“I wanted to tell you that even if you create a small area within a huge area, it

will be helplessly broken in front of the power of the huge area. “Just like this.”

Jeok-woojik-! Jeezjejeok-!

“… … !!!”

Even though he only lightly clenched his fist, Shane could feel his area being compressed.

Eventually, it became not just a feeling, but a level where you could see it with

your own eyes.

WowAt the same time, the darkness of the realm, the white and the white, is broken and the bright light of reality shines into the realm.


“Small cannot surpass large. Just as a table of contents included in a category

cannot go beyond the category. “Child, I want you to know that the strength of

your whole body is ultimately no different from that of an ant placed in the palm of my hand.”

A benevolent voice and an expressionless face.

With a strange combination, Shane was plunged headlong into reality.

dumpThe large amount of mana consumed by using the area and the shock of facing a god head on.

Finally, Shane collapsed on the floor, suffering mental shock from having his realm forcibly destroyed by someone.

“Still, you had quite a bit of fun. I’ll handle it at the end. “Why don’t you just stand there and watch helplessly?”

Sandalphon, who seemed to be satisfied with the attack using the area and the Anti-Matter Bullet, left Shane alone and began to slowly walk around the area.

It was also the moment when the requiem echoed again in the quiet battlefield as Shane dragged him into the area.

* * *


The armor made of gold and magically processed by one of the charging gold

soldiers was shattered, and at the same time, his heart was also shattered.

simplicity and honesty-!

The armor of the mercenary who was swinging his sword to block the ‘Ishim’

was shattered like millet crack and scattered around the area.

Climbers fighting their own battles throughout the battlefield.

They all died with a single, light gesture from Sandalphon.

“… … Damn, damn, damn, damn. That bastard stole my blood-like assets… ….”

Jinhyeok, who was looking at that helpless figure, gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

Mercenary, gold soldier, climber.

Things that can be said to belong to Jinhyeok without any doubt.

They were being played with like toys by one Sandalphon and then being smashed, so it was natural for him to grind his teeth.

“… … Be patient, for now… … “For now, we have to be patient.”

And Balkan was busy appeasing Jinhyuk.

Dog death.

It was obvious that even if Jinhyuk left now, he would die.

“shut up! Can not stand anymore. Whether it be porridge or rice, I will step forward. If you use everything you have, something will work out.”

But that was only for a moment.

That kind of placating didn’t work on Jinhyuk, who was already holding back

as much as he could and was on the verge of bursting out.

And in the ensuing situation, even Balkan, who had been comforting Jinhyeok, opened his eyes and almost ran out.

“… … Miho!”

“That kind of dog… … ! “You still treat a child like that!”

This is because Miho, who was grabbed by the nape of her neck by Sandalphon’s rough hands, was stomping her feet in the air.

Just seeing Miho, who was smaller than Ha-Ryu, struggling with her thin legs shaking was enough to make my heart beat with sorrow.

Nevertheless, Sandalphon did not care.

The moment when Jinhyuk and Balkan tried to jump out of their seats at the sight of Sandalphon looking like he was about to break Miho’s slender neck at any moment.

[The nine-tailed fox stops you.

“… … nine tailed fox! “Your child is on the verge of death, so why are you stop

ping me?”

An invisible, intangible energy bound the two people.

A climber with top skills who does not even exist here, and a being whose soul has been captured.

That was none other than Miho’s mother, the ‘nine-tailed fox’ Gumiho.

Jinhyeok shouted harshly and reprimanded the ‘nine-tailed fox’ at the fact that the person who should have pushed his back before anyone else had blocked


But even for a moment.

[The Nine-Tailed Fox replies that adults should solve adult problems.

[The pinnacle of all evil stops someone.

[The pinnacle of all evil is beaten by someone.

[The nine-tailed fox rolls up his sleeves and stands up.

[The nine-tailed fox says he will step forward.

Message windows pop up simultaneously.

The moment when Jinhyeok, who had been unable to understand the contents

of the message window that suddenly filled his eyes, finally understood the contents.

Jinhyuk’s face, which was filled with anger, became filled with surprise.

“… … “The nine-tailed fox is coming out in person?”

“… … what? “Is that really true?”

God and devil.

Even among the lofty heavenly beings, water definitely exists.

Of course, even gods and demons whose names were unknown were as strong

as Sandalphon, who ravaged the battlefield from afar, but there was a clear hierarchy among them.

And of course, the hierarchy of the nine-tailed fox, the nine-tailed fox, as well as Baal, who had the arrogant nickname ‘the pinnacle of all evil’, was very high.

in other words.

“… … “Isn’t this still a fight between an adult and a child?”

“… … “Maybe?”

What the nine-tailed fox said was that there was a strong possibility that it would not be an adult fight, but that the adult nine-tailed fox would beat up the child Sandalphon.


Similar to when Sandalphon appeared, the sky split open and a huge amount

of energy burst out from between it.

Of course, unlike the time of Sandalphon, it was not divine power but rather

dark spiritual energy, but it was the same.

And of course, the place where the enormous spiritual energy reminiscent of

a waterfall was headed was Miho, who was grabbed by the nape of the neck by


The moment I confirmed it.


“… … Let’s see if we can protect it.”

“… … Okay, I guess we won’t have to do anything.”

The two sat down in their seats.

The battle between the nine-tailed fox and Sandalphon.

Not only did they have no room to intervene in that battle, but they never even thought that the nine-tailed fox would lose to Sandalphon in the first place.

Because I know that the very thought is rude to her.

Just when I thought that Sandalphon, who had always seemed so powerful, had really failed.


“… … “Wow!”

With the sound of something exploding, Sandalphon, who was holding Miho’s

neck, flew into the air, spitting out black blood.

It was the first damage he had suffered since appearing on the battlefield.

Jinhyeok asked with a smile on his face as he took in the sight of Sandalphon flying high.

“Do you have popcorn?”

“… … There was also cola. “Bring it.”

The heavy battlefield became like a movie theater filled with unique scenes that could not be seen anywhere else.

The reason was simple.

The sight of a god-level being being beaten by someone was something that

was never seen anywhere else.

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