Absolute Necromancer Chapter 125

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The soul bottle that lost its substance and the undead that lost its soul clashed.

However, souls who lost their bodies appeared in the world using powers such

as spiritual power and mana, and undead also appeared in the world using powers such as morale and mana.

Both are beings that cannot originally exist.

They, who could literally be said to be beings of ‘reverse heaven’, pointed their weapons at each other.

KagagagakA spirit bottle rushes in and clashes with dozens of skeleton swordsmen, sparking sparks.

-Don’t be pushed away!

-Don’t stop fighting for the owner of your soul!

In addition, in response to the cries of commander-level soul soldiers heard from all over the battlefield, the spirit soldiers with their wits turned to each other and organically attacked the undead.

On the contrary, most undead had no sense.

However, it could not be denied that there was also a tactic that only they could use.

-Just push on!

-Eat their souls and grow your own flesh!

Just as there are commander-level entities among soul soldiers, there were also commander-level entities among the undead.

The Skeleton Mage or Skeleton Knight was that.

They treated the mindless undead like monsters and crushed them with their


Quad-duk- Quad-duk- Quad-dukHundreds of undead weigh down dozens of soul soldiers.

Scrap- Suga-gak- Suga-ga-gak!

Dozens of spirit soldiers cut, crush, and cut down hundreds of undead.

Jinhyeok put on his goblin mask as he watched them fight, no, war, without retreating an inch.

HwareukNaturalization burns in the eye sockets, one of the few holes in the goblin mask.

Jinhyuk immediately began assisting with purple-black naturalization, which

was like Jinhyuk’s spiritual power.

‘No matter how many soul soldiers there are, it is difficult to block an army of

thousands alone.’

Spirit bottles and undead have many similarities.

Common characteristics include that they rarely feel pain, often take great damage from divine power, and do not feel fatigue.

Of course, there are certainly differences in individual strength, ego, and reason, but in the end, the soul soldiers were only better than the undead and could not overwhelm them all.

Therefore, it was time for a necromancer (spirit master) to step in.

“Soul Ground, Soul Aura.”

First, use Soul Ground, which was previously used to assist Hendrick in the sparring with Shane.

After changing the surroundings to a land stained with spiritual power, soul aura was immediately added.

“Soul Skin.”

Lastly, you can use the soul skin to cover the soul soldiers standing on the ground based on the soul ground.




The wave of spiritual power that starts from the soul ground soon rises through the entire body of the soul soldiers.

The spiritual power spread thinly and seeped into the soul bottle, turning into skin.

As the translucent image seeps into the spiritual power, it becomes shiny and

purple, adding to the feeling of pressure.

HuuuuungThe second auxiliary magic, soul aura, enveloped the soul soldiers.

A power that is like a grand finale or a culmination of a firefight.

A black-purple aura once again swirled around the soul bottles dyed purple-black, creating a eerie atmosphere.

However, at least there was no one here who thought that the eerie atmosphere was just an atmosphere.

Oh so soso-

Chicken flesh growing all over my body.

Tune’s face hardened as he patted his forearm, which was particularly protruding.

‘He’s only a 60th floor climber, but he has summons that exude this kind of energy… … Is it because he supported me, or is it because the climber named Gwi-myeon is that good? ‘No, both?’

Aside from the feeling that made my whole body tingle, I noticed that the mood of the soul soldiers had suddenly changed.

Tune, who was pondering whether he could look like that because he was in charge of the Death Star, or whether he could look like that because he had an

outstanding climber’s ability called ‘Ghost Face’, came to the conclusion that it

was both.

‘And it doesn’t matter what kind of person he is or what talent he has. ‘I just do what I can.’

Above all, Tune didn’t care much about Jinhyuk.

No, to be precise, Jinhyuk thought that he should just do what he was capable

of, no matter how good he was.

And that thought played a very important role in the current situation.

This is because the idea that you just have to do what you can, no matter how

strong the opponent, allows you to display what you have prepared without hesitation, no matter how powerful the opponent.

“Bone Armory.”


The flying undead flying in the sky threw the white box they were carrying to

wards the ground.

With a heavy sound, something that looked like a huge white container box landed on the ground.




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Bye bye byeThe huge white box that was disassembled in an instant flew to the surrounding undead and became various armor and weapons.



It wasn’t just that new armor and weapons were created.

This is because the armor and weapons made of pure white bone immediately

turned dark blue.

Morale and Mana.

The energy of the tune was mixed and permeated into the Bone Armory, and its power was revealed the moment it was equipped to the undead.

But it didn’t end there.


“… … Huh, isn’t there one?”

This is because the original armor that falls from the sky is not finished.

Even if you count it, it’s enough to outfit all the undead on the ground with weapons.

Jinhyuk’s thoughts were exactly right.

Chaja JajajakThe bone armor that fell to the ground like a meteorite is instantly disassembled and equipped by the undead, just like the bone armor that fell earlier.

The undead who shine in dark blue light and add to the eerie feeling, and the

soul soldiers who shine in dark purple light and show off their coolness.

After completing their preparations, they clashed again.

CrumblingWith an earth-shattering explosion sound.

* * *

“… … “It’s not that easy.”

Jinhyeok muttered as he watched the clash between the undead and the soul


As he said, the current war situation was not easy.

One hundred percent tax.

If the undead side’s formation collapses, the soul bottle side’s formation also


In a tense situation where the formation of the undead side would also be restored if the soul bottle side’s formation was restored, Jinhyeok swallowed dry saliva and was lost in thought.

“Of course. That guy probably has the qualities to become a Spirit Master if it

weren’t for you. If a guy like that is normal, he must be even more strange.”

Balkan spoke to Jinhyeok, who was lost in thought.

Tune is a climber who has the qualities to become a spirit master.

And that was something Jinhyuk also acknowledged.

“I’ll admit it. That guy is definitely a bit scary for me right now. “He’s going to

have to take out everything he can.”


There were not many climbers that Jinhyuk recognized while climbing the tower.

Even those who people praised as Nine Stars were just ordinary climbers by Jinhyuk’s standards.

Choi Kyung-hoon, who was his friend, and Hendrick, who is currently a colleague, are recognized by Jinhyuk.

And Tune was one of the few climbers recognized by Jinhyuk.

A being that has potential and has endless room for development.

Therefore, Jinhyeok realized that it was not the time to think about this and that.

“The moment to shatter the current Baekjungseok era will soon come. When that time comes, take out the ‘guys’.”

“… … Yes, it was their moment to shine once in a while.”

“You have to aim for the right timing. know?”

“How could you not know? Just trust me.”

These people were called ‘guys’.

Jinhyuk was confident that they would break the current tight balance.

That was the same even for Balkan, who acknowledged the tune.

“From now on, the only thing left to do is wait.”

The preparations were over, and now all that was left for Jinhyuk was to wait.

Making a hole in a strong dam and waiting for just the moment to pop open the hole.

That is how the time of war between armies passed.

* * *

“Something is lacking… … .”

Tune, who was observing the battlefield while properly tuning it, felt something strange and stroked his chin.

lack of.

Because that was felt by Jinhyeok’s army.

Of course, it wasn’t that Jinhyeok’s army was lacking.

‘The army itself is powerful enough. Just look at my ‘death’ using Bone Armory and the white middle ages. But something seems missing. There’s no way everything in the ghost’s face is just like this.’

Jinhyeok’s army, which has now been revealed, was very powerful.

If Basil had been here instead of Tune, it wouldn’t have been so strange if he

had been trampled right away.

A powerful army that can go beyond the 300th floor and trample even climbers who know how to use the area.

Could there be a shortage of such an army?

The ‘lack’ that Tune was talking about was not the strength of the army itself,

but rather an unnaturalness, as if a cog was missing.

‘There’s something more. But the problem is that there is no way to find out right now. I don’t really know anything about the Spirit Master’s power… … .’

However, the problem was that although I noticed the ‘lack’, I couldn’t figure

out what the ‘lack’ actually was.

Spirit Master.

Jinhyuk’s job and the ‘Death Star’ job that Tune receives like a god.

Well, both are the same thing, but in the end, not that much is known about the Spirit Master.

Record expunged.

I couldn’t find any proper information except for a brief explanation that the

spirits were manipulated as if someone had erased the records of the Spirit Master and the ‘Death Star’ to the world.

Therefore, even though we knew that Jinhyeok had a job as a spirit master, it

was difficult to find out his weaknesses or what the ‘lack’ he was currently feeling was.

“… … Does not matter. “I just have to do what I have to do.”

But think about that for a moment.

Tune, who muttered that he would only do what he had to do, as he had originally thought, moved ‘Death’ forward.

In order to block the undead army ‘Death’, the soul soldiers gritted their teeth

and stood against them, but they were powerless in the face of absolute numbers.

Coo coo coo cooAs the spirit soldiers blocking the path took a step or two back, ‘death’ slowly

approached Jinhyeok.

Even though he literally felt like death was approaching, Jinhyeok stood there

as if he had been nailed to the spot for the first time.

If someone saw him, he would have been scared and thought he had frozen, but it was different with Tune in front of Jinhyuk.

‘What on earth are you aiming for, ghost?’

Tune was troubled as to whether he was standing still and watching his ‘death’ approach him because he was hoping for something.

It was right then.

“… … now!”

“I know!”

The undead army ‘Death’ has crossed the certain line set by Jinhyeok.

As soon as he crossed the line, Jinhyuk immediately took his stance and shouted, and Balkan responded.

“The Holy Demon goes out!”

And with the words ‘Holy Demon Coming Out’, a change occurred.


A blinding brilliance emanates from one side.


On the other side, pitch blackness that seemed to turn the world into darkness erupted.


-… … KEEEK!

As the erupting light hits the undead army ‘Death’, the undead, who cannot feel pain, let out painful screams.

“… … “What?”

For the first time, Tune showed embarrassment at something that could not have happened.

But that wasn’t the end.

Push-! Scoop it up!

The undead, like finished sand castles, crumble as soon as they touch the pitch black.

Jet Black advanced without hesitation despite the protection of the Bone Armory, destroying all the undead that stood in its way.

“… … This is ridiculous! No way, it’s divine power and demonic energy!”


It took a long time for the first one to come out, but it didn’t take long for the

second one to come out.

Tune, whose face was filled with confusion, immediately noticed the presence

of light and pitch black, which was the cause of the abnormality.

Divine power and magical energy.

No, not exactly.

“A soul bottle with divine power and demonic energy?”

Tune realized that the soul soldiers with divine power, the holy soul soldiers,

and the soul soldiers with demonic energy, the demon soul soldiers, were crushing ‘death’.

of course.

“Do you think you can stop it just because you know?”

Holy soul soldiers and demon soul soldiers.

Although they could be said to be the best summons that Jinhyeok acquired as

a result of his new birth, they were not something that could be prevented just

by knowing.

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