Absolute Necromancer Chapter 140

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The door to Melton’s private room closed with a heavy ringing sound.

“Okay, then let’s take it out. Baal… … “There’s no way the devil would have given you a useless item.”

As soon as the door was closed, Melton immediately showed interest in the recipe

Baal gave me that I mentioned. In fact, it would have been even stranger not to be interested.


There is no way that an item given as a quest reward by a being with the grand nickname of the pinnacle of all evil would be ordinary.

Especially if it was a production book, there were many blacksmiths in the tower who would open their eyes and beg to be able to see it.

The same goes for Melt, a dwarf who is called the artisan race and is difficult to meet, but even more difficult to entrust with making things.

“There is one condition.”

“… … condition?”

However, just because Melton was a dwarf and an excellent blacksmith, he had no

intention of showing the recipe right away.

Anyway, I came here thinking of Muyoung and Genno, so if I couldn’t decide, I could just leave it to Muyoung.

Melton wiggled his eyebrows as if he didn’t like me putting conditions on showing

him the production book, but he quickly nodded.

“… … Let’s hear it first. “I’ll accept it as long as it’s not too strange.”

A recipe given by Vile as a quest reward.

That alone made it possible for Melton to take a step back and just listen to the conditions.

It was natural that nothing would change just because we heard the conditions in the first place.

If the conditions were really strange, all I had to do was give up.

If you awaken the spirit of a blacksmith, there will be no reason to wear a dog collar around your neck, even if it is just an object.

“I’m sure it’s not just a strange condition, old man. I have only one condition. I would like you and old man Muyoung to make the weapons written in this recipe together. Additionally, it would be nice if you could help me make that weapon or give

me a look at it from the side.”

“Hmm, the previous conditions would most likely be met just by the name Baal’s Recipe… … Helping with production or providing insight… … That could be a very nasty way to lower the quality of the finished product. “It’s not just for your sake, but

my pride as a blacksmith can’t allow it.”

But the conditions weren’t quite bad.

One of the two conditions was that he was thinking of making it himself in the first place, and Muyeong and Genno were talented people he recognized.

If it was the weapon contained in Baal’s recipe that the two of them could make together, it was clear that something incredible would be born.

There is just one problem.

As it was not enough to show the process of making weapons, the second condition was to participate in the production.

of course-

“It won’t be a bother.”

Despite his harsh words, Jinhyeok had no intention of backing down.

“Have you ever held a hammer? Do you know at what point iron melts? “Do you even know how to read the production book properly?”

“No, everything you said doesn’t apply to me.”

“And you’re saying you’ll help make the weapon Baal gave you? “Oh my gosh, it’s like just throwing shit around for no reason.”

Melton clicked his tongue and shook his head towards Jinhyuk, who calmly acknowledged his shortcomings.

A climber who is neither a skilled blacksmith nor an apprentice, but who only fights with a sword, participates in the production.

‘I can’t let molten metal, not dirt, get into my eyes.’

Even if you had to pour hot, molten iron into your eyes, you couldn’t see it like that.

Because it was clear that it would not only ruin the masterpiece of a lifetime created by himself and the talented person he recognized, but would also hinder his ability to produce decent results.

But Jinhyuk did not back down either.

“Instead of going into production right away, you can start from something else, as

if you were slowly teaching me.”

“… … Are you telling me to raise a disciple now? Just for the sake of making weapons?”

“It’s similar. “There will be no problem in learning anything because you have incredible talent.”

Melton looked at Jinhyuk with a bewildered expression as he calmly discussed the

excellence of his talent.

“What kind of confidence do you have?”

“Then let me place one more condition. “If I don’t see anything after teaching it, we will just produce it with Mr. Mooyoung and Mr. Melton, without me, and just watch from the side.”

“… … Oetong Waterway. “If you refuse even this, you’ll probably just leave, right?”

“Correct answer, because I’m not a good person enough to please someone who isn’t necessarily for me.”

Currently, Jinhyeok was also giving up as much as possible.

Therefore, if the final condition of observation was refused, all they had to do was

remove Melton and bring in Muyoung to make the armor.

I was confident that Muyoung would also be able to produce it.

Melton’s choice, aware of such a situation, was probably a natural choice.

“Whew, I can’t help it. “I understand, so just give it to me.”

“The contract is concluded.”


When it comes to blacksmithing, Melton is one of the most outstanding races among the four emperors in terms of talent and ability.

It was the moment I had him as my blacksmith teacher.

It was a small amount of time, like a split second, that only applied to making the

weapons contained in Baal’s production book, but it was enough for Jinhyeok.

of course-

“Let’s look at the recipe together with Old Man Muyoung.”

“… … Damn, you’re training quite a bitch back and forth.”



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Jinhyuk didn’t know that it was easier to bring the two people together and show them at once rather than having to show the production book to Mooyoung and Melton once, so after signing the contract, he immediately got up and headed to Mooyoung.

Melton swore once as he watched Jinhyuk trot out of the room, then trudged after

him with a sigh.

I’ve already come too far to ignore him just because I’m annoyed.

* * *

“I will write well.”

“Yes, this is something I made just for you, so it will suit you very well. The ‘Ryu H

wan Sword’, named after our ancestors, is short, but it is a good replacement for the Yongsal Sword, so use it often.”

“Yes, I definitely will.”

While Jinhyeok and Melton were having an in-depth meeting about the production

book, Ha-ryu, Mu-young, and Genno had finished their conversation.

And only after the dagger ‘Ryu Hwan-geom’ made by Mu-yeong and Genno were delivered to Ha-ryu, Jin-hyeok and Melton appeared in the workshop again.

“It looks like the aftermath is over.”

“Ah, brother! “Where have you been?”

“I have something to talk about with this old man for a moment.”

Is it because of my long-awaited meeting with Muyoung?

He gently stroked the head of Ha-ryu, who was smiling brighter than usual, and pointed to Melton, who was sulking next to him.

At Jinhyuk’s explanation, Melton cleared his throat and spoke to Muyoung.

“Hmm, Muyoung. “I borrowed this guy for a while.”

“… … It’s also fast. “Why on earth did you seduce that friend?”

“It was something that even the old man could not help but be tempted to hear. When the conversation is over, let’s send Ha-ryu and Hendrick out and talk among ourselves.”

Even Mu-yeong was quick to stick his tongue out, but Jin-hyeok smiled brightly and asked for conversation.

“That’s right, downstream. “I’ll see you later.”

“… … “Okay, see you later, grandpa.”

As soon as he saw that Hendrick and Miho were heading outside, leading Ha-Ryu,

who looked regretful, Jin-Hyeok spread out the scroll on the table in the workshop.

“This is Baal’s recipe book. It contains methods for making weapons that I may need to use for the rest of my life. “I don’t have any skills as a blacksmith, so I can’t even figure out the ingredients, so I think the two of you will be able to figure out anything.”

It is unkind to those who do not have the ability to not even tell them the materials needed for production, let alone how to produce it.

However, this did not apply to the two people who were stroking their chins or widening their eyes in front of Jinhyuk.

“Hmm… … .”

“Huh… … How is it possible to devise a method like this? … .”

“Indeed, the pinnacle of all evil. Do they even have this kind of technology? … !”

Short gasps and moans.

However, the two people, who seemed to have seen through the mysteries and mysteries contained in the production book, began to indulge in it in silence.

The two blacksmiths, who had almost reached their peak as humans, were immersing themselves in the recipe book for a long time, forgetting even what to say.

How much time has passed?

The two raised their heads at the same time.

“… … “I will produce it.”

“Uh-huh, this is my friend. “I can’t be left out of making things like this.”

“So, shouldn’t the two of us produce it?”

“Big, yes. “You have to say that so I don’t misunderstand.”

Jinhyeok nodded with a satisfied smile at the sight of the two people chatting like

five-year-old children, saying that they would produce each other without any worries about who would go first.

“You can do both. So, let’s say the production will be handled by two people… …

Have you finished understanding the recipe?”

“Well, it was so complicated that we could see that it was extraordinary at a glance, but we couldn’t properly find out the materials or manufacturing method.”

“I think it will take some time.”

Hmm, it must be a difficult production book, since two people are like that.

The level is so high that even the two people who have reached the top cannot understand it.

If not one but both people were saying that, there was a high possibility that it was a problem with the production company, not with just one person.

So I nodded, left the production book, and stood up.

“Then I’ll go on an outing to the 100th floor, so you two can check the production


“… … Is that okay?”

“If you only show me the recipe when I’m around, when will you make the weapon? I will definitely believe that you have already done it. Instead, you just need to bring that much accomplishment.”

Baal, the pinnacle of all evil.

The production book he gave was difficult for both Melton and Muyoung.

Of course, if you sell it on the market, it will be worth the price.

When Jinhyuk said that he would leave those items with them and go on an outing, Melton looked at him with an absurd expression, but Jinhyuk didn’t care.

‘Anyway, Old Man Mu-young is from our side, and old Melton is half way through t

he water. It’s clear that Goldrich must have done something. Then there is no reason for him to carry the production book in his arms like a coward.’

I was confident that even if he really ran away with the recipe, I would catch him.

That’s why I really left the production book and went to the workshop.

ClapThe moment the sound of the workshop door closing echoes in emptiness –

“I handle the interpretation on the left.”

“Then I’m on the right.”

The two were deeply absorbed in the production book, forgetting about Jinhyuk.

“Brother, but where are we going?”

After leaving the Gold Rich Blacksmith’s Shop, we went on an outing to the 100th

floor so that the two of us could fully concentrate on the recipe.

When Ha-ryu asked about the destination of such an outing, I answered by wiping

the food sauce off Miho’s mouth.


“… … “Where is it?”

“You may not know, but it’s a guild run by my friend. Well, more accurately, you could say he was a military officer.”


It is a guild where military god Choi Gyeong-hoon is the guild leader, and it also takes the form of a military officer who trains climbers.

Strangely enough, the main building was on the 100th floor rather than a high rise.

However, thanks to this, talented climbers were able to quickly encounter Musou’s

warriors from the beginning, and ‘Musou’ was able to acquire many talented melee


We were heading to that military attaché now.

‘Well, even if I go there, he won’t be there.’

Climber on the 800th floor.

My friend who was on par with me or a little lower than me, but now I am a being

who owns a distantly higher place.

Even though it was the main building, there was no reason for him to stay on the 100th floor.

When I arrived in front of the peerless military officer, which can be said to be the

specialty of the 100th floor, I headed straight to the entrance of the military building.

“… … “Are you dozing off?”

And Ha-ryu, who noticed that the person who appeared to be a guard standing at

the entrance of the military building was dozing off, said with a worried face.

As Ha-ryu said, the sight of the guard sleeping was strangely peaceful.

“There’s no need to wait.”

Hendrick, who was impatient, was in a half-excited state after hearing the military

officer’s characteristics, so he walked right away without waiting for the guard to wake up.

But just then something amazing happened.


“… … “Keuung, you shouldn’t enter the military officer’s office carelessly.”

“… … how?”

The guard, who had been in a dream just moments ago, grabbed Hendrick’s arm.

No, if that was the end, I wouldn’t have said it was surprising.

The truly amazing thing started now.

“… … “Let go.”

“I don’t like it, but I’m quite angry about intruders.”


A being that can compete with climbers between the 200th and 300th floor.

He was unable to shake off a single arm from the peerless guard’s hold.

The moment Hendrick, with thick veins popping out on his forehead, placed his hand on the sword sheath at the sound of the guard’s screeching voice.

“Can you handle it if I pull it out?”

“… … !!!”

A cold, murderous spirit emanated from the guard, as if the killings so far were a joke.

Hendrick, who was startled by this, soon came to his senses and drew his sword with a calm face.

And the guard showed no mercy to the being who ignored his warning.

“Huh… … .”

He called Hendrick, who recognized the guard after seeing the guard breathing heavily and his familiar posture.

“Hendrick! Avoid! That guy… … !!!”

“Chapter 1 of Choi Gyeong-hun’s style, taking control of the government.”

However, the problem was that the guard’s attack was much faster.

The moment the fist resting on the waist of the guard wearing worn-out uniform and an old field jacket fell from him and rushed toward Hendrick.

One change was added.

“Enhanced version, Dragon Crush.”

“… … !!!”

Crunch- clunk- clunkA fist filled with destructive power, and the fist struck Hendrick precisely.

When the Yongrin sword that the fists touched bent as if it would break and made

an unusual sound, Hendrick eventually retreated.

Quad deud deukHendrick threw himself backwards to offset the impact as much as possible, and a red blood line appeared around his mouth.

Hendrick, who only received internal injuries from a single blow, looked at his opponent with a puzzled expression and asked.

“you… … “Who are you?”

“There’s no shame in trying to pull out a sword in someone else’s living room. He is the owner of this place. Are you done?”

He looks like a brash gangster.

However, it contained the image of an absolute being in whom not even a single gap could be found.

And at his last words, Hendrick looked at Jinhyeok with an expression of surprise.

“… … “What if you are the owner of this place?”

In response to Hendrick’s question, who looked at him with a surprised face, Jinhyeok nodded and agreed with a sigh.

“… … Yeah, I don’t know why he’s here… … “That guy is Choi Gyeong-hoon, the

martial god and martial star who was the owner of the guild ‘Musou’ and a member

of the Nine Stars.”

Kyung-Hoon Choi.

Jinhyeok’s long-time friend and colleague was standing here now.

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