Absolute Necromancer Chapter 175

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“… … “Inhale!”

“… … “Fly.”

With one punch from Mug, the ground caved in and a loud explosion erupted.

Literally overwhelming power.

Ha-Ryu, who had barely avoided the fist each time, was pushed back by the wind pressure and fell into deep thought.

‘It’s completely compatible with Miho.’

Miho before training and honing her skills under Choi Kyung-hoon.

It was a MUG that was just like Miho’s upper compatibility.

Pushing the opponent based on overwhelming physical ability and strength.

In reality, Mug was continuing the battle with only overwhelming power, without any technology or finesse.

‘But the battle is too difficult with that power alone.’

Mug was powerful, as if to prove that it is not a lie that if anything is brought to its extreme, that alone can make one the absolute and the strongest.

Ha-ryu gritted his teeth as he felt that not only he, whose physical abilities had been strengthened with the red armor by assimilating with the dragon slayer sword, but also Miho, who had never been pushed back in terms of physical ability, was being pushed out.

“Miho, come here.”

“Yes, sister. But that guy is so tough. And he’s so strong.”

“I know. So now we must join forces instead of moving individually.”

“… … yes!”

First, Ha-ryu brought Miho, who was confronting Mug, to his side and thought about how to deal with Mug.

Mug laughed heartily at the sight of those two people.

“Are you giving up? “Then I can destroy it, right?”

“… … .”

Although he seemed a bit dazed, Ha-ryu, who experienced the ‘strength’ contained within him, did not say anything.

‘It feels like a child’s mind has entered an adult’s body. If you use this well… … Something might be possible.’

Mug’s advantage is, of course, its strength.

On the contrary, the downside was his untidy spirit.

It feels like a three-year-old child wielding the power of an adult.

Therefore, Haru realized that the area they needed to delve into was the ‘spirit’.

‘… … Mr. Dragon Slayer Sword.’

-Why are you calling me?

Ha-ryu, who had been silently observing the situation to confirm his thoughts, summoned the dragon slayer’s ego and immediately expressed his thoughts.

-… … Whoa. It’s not bad. But if you only borrow my power, your growth will be… … .

‘Even if I want to grow right now, I can’t. First of all, is it possible?’

-Hmm, it might be possible. However, what happens after that cannot be guaranteed. Either he goes wild and goes on a rampage or he becomes quiet.

‘It’s called gambling.’


Gambling numbers.

It was the decision of the dragon slayer after hearing all of Ha-ryu’s thoughts.

Ha-ryu stroked his chin and thought carefully about the word gambler before nodding.

‘Then I’ll ask you a favor.’

-Okay, it’s been a while since I’ll have another guy’s body. Haha, it’s also the body of a giant… … not bad.

As soon as the dragon slayer’s sword gave consent, Haryu immediately left the place.

“Miho, do you know how to use charm?”

“Ugh… … It’s difficult and hurts my eyes… … .”

“But I have to do it now. “If that giant’s mind goes crazy later, use charm right away.”

“… … I understand, just trust Miho!”

Ha-ryu remembers the advent of the ‘nine-tailed fox’ who borrowed Miho’s body during the previous encounter with Sandalphon.

The fascination of the ‘nine-tailed fox’ was not even comparable to the fascination that Jinhyeok sometimes used when wearing a fox mask.

‘Miho is the child of such a ‘nine-tailed fox’. Just as the brother wearing my mask cannot use ‘combat foresight’ as much as me, the same goes for charm. Miho’s fascination is strong enough.’

In particular, fascination is more effective with the opposite s*x rather than the same s*x.

The nine-tailed fox was able to cast a perfect and powerful charm on both male and female, but it would be impossible for Miho, who is still young.

‘I’m glad the giants are men. If it was a woman… … This method might have been a little difficult.’

Thinking that it might have been a little more difficult if the female body was here instead of the male body, Ha-ryu quickly ran towards Mug. * * *


“… … “It hurts my eyes.”

Rushing downstream.

It wasn’t just running.

He plowed the ground with his dragon slayer sword, scattering dirt and stone debris towards Myug’s eyes.

At that, Mug frowned and rubbed his eyes.

Arrogance is impossible if you are not confident that you have a completely advantageous situation.

This was possible because he thought that the opponent’s attack would not work on him.

And Ha-Ryu took advantage of that arrogance.

Let’s go!

A perfect cut.

The swordsmanship he had worked so hard to cultivate next to Choi Gyeong-hoon shone brightly here.

The downstream dragon slayer sword that cut off Myug’s right hand and right arm left a wound so deep that Mueg’s bones were clearly visible.

“… … Wow- it hurts-”

However, for Mug, it was just a painful wound.



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A wound that heals by just sitting still and applying acupuncture a few times.

In fact, Mug has suffered more wounds than this in his life, and he has recovered from all of them.

It was a strange natural healing power.

In the face of healing power comparable to or greater than that of trolls, it was obvious that the wounds caused by the downstream would soon disappear.

But the plan downstream started right now.


“… … ?”

“It’s a gift.”


Right hand slightly opened in pain.

He gave me the dragon slayer sword that he was holding.

That was the plan downstream.

As soon as the dragon slayer sword fell from his hand, the red armor returned to its original owner, the dragon slayer sword, and Ha-ryu returned to his normal clothes.

Mug looked back and forth between the dragon slayer sword in his hand and downstream, trying to understand the current situation.

And I came to one conclusion.

“… … “Bribery is bad.”


The conclusion is mixed with an overly delusional conclusion that Ha-ryu gave the dragon slayer sword as a bribe(?) in order to survive.

“… … Foot. “It’s not like that.”

Haryu burst out laughing at Mug’s foolish words, forgetting that he was in the middle of a battle.

The tension eased slightly because he thought his plan had succeeded, but also because the term bribery was so funny.

In the first place, Ha-Ryu never had any intention of humbly begging for his life.

Even if you are certain that you will die, you will kill the other person unconditionally.

That was the downstream idea, and now it was becoming reality.

“… … Ugh, my head… … voice? it hurts… … . what?”

-Tteokdae, are you the one who caught me? Do you want to search?

“… … who is this!!!”

An unfamiliar male voice echoing in my head.

At the same time, Mug screamed harshly in a bloody voice.


“… … “The effect is certain.”

“Sister, when are you going to use it?”

“Just a little while.”

Although Ha-ryu only roared, Ha-ryu was dumbfounded by the sight of his limbs trembling as if he had been attacked by a sonic wave, but he was still satisfied.

This is evidence that proves that the Dragon Slayer Sword is truly touching Myug’s spirit.

After calming down Miho, who was preparing to use charm in response to his request, Ha-ryu and Miho began to briefly check on Myug’s condition. * * *

“Get out of my head!”

-If something that I don’t even know about has taken control of me, I have to pay the price.

Mug was confused.

‘what? Who is it? Why do I hear voices in my head? ‘Is it magic?’

He was stupid, but he knew it wasn’t that hard to make the voices in his head sound.

However, his outstanding physical ability showed that he was excellent at detecting and detecting mana, which made Mug even more confused.

‘no one is here. ‘There’s no one putting voices in my head!’

The mixture of great sense and dumb brains was terrible.

I could definitely hear voices in my head, but there was no one around me using magic such as telepathy, so Mug was so frustrated that he was on the verge of passing away.

Of course, it wasn’t a dragon slayer sword that would just sit there and watch.

-That’s stupid. I am the sword in your hand.

‘… … knife?’

-And please know that I am most disgusted with ignorantly powerful people like you, you idiot.

“… … Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Only then did Mug realize who the owner of the voice echoing in his head was, but at the same time, he felt like his head was on fire.

-I will take good care of your body. By suicide, of course.

‘ah… … no… … . My body… … It’s mine… … !’

The experience of losing your mind and becoming no longer yourself.

Although it was his first experience, Mug instinctively felt that he would disappear if he continued like this.

The body is lost to the sword.

‘dragon… … fat… … knife… … !’

-You know me.

‘The King… … ‘Whatever you want!’

-… … Tsk, how are the damned rice cakes, pigeons, and lizards so consistent?

Mug noticed the dragon slayer sword.

One of the two reasons why they destroyed the goblin village.

Recovery of the dragon slayer sword.

It was given to all members of the Four Emperors clan, and it was promised that the rights to it would be given to whoever found it first.

After confirming that the object was in his hand, Mug cheered.

‘Mine! No, big deal! I can become stronger too! ‘You can become the SS!’

An enormous right to be given if you succeed in retrieving the Dragon Slayer Sword.

In particular, for the giants, the opportunity to stand by the king’s guard was greater than any other glory.

Because the royal guard was the place where one could stand by the king and have the opportunity to become the next king.

However, the unique mental state of the giants, who were weak against mental attacks, could not completely block the mental attacks of the dragon slayer sword.

“… … “Kaaaaaa!!!”

A loud roaring sound.

That was evidence that Mug was unable to completely block the dragon slayer’s mental attack.


Cheer up!

-Failed. Prepare for a storm.

“… … this.”

The dragon slayer sword that fell from Mug’s hand announced that half of the plan had failed.


Haryu couldn’t even imagine how powerful Mug, who had completely lost his wit, would be.

‘It may be easy to deal with, but it’s going to be really dangerous from now on.’

Originally, an attack that could have killed you with one hit + @ has now become an attack that could really kill you with one hit.

The attack will continue to be even more monotonous than before, but its destructive power has increased even further.

“Miho, try using a charm.”


Still, I thought that Miho’s charm, which was the original plan, might work to some extent-

“… … I hate women! “Kill them all!”

“… … Heeing, no.”

-Reckless drinking actually helped me become immune to mental attacks.

Berserker Mug, who was in a state of berserk, was not affected by states such as charm.

“What should I do…” … . “I can’t ask for help from others.”

A situation where everyone is already doing their best against their respective enemies.

There wasn’t really a good way to accomplish something at this point.

It was right then.

[The Nine-Tailed Fox says our true power is not charm.]

“… … mom?”

A message from the nine-tailed fox appeared before Miho’s eyes.

When Miho’s ears perked up at her message full of kindness, the nine-tailed fox gave her a crucial hint.

[The Nine-Tailed Fox says our power is not ‘charm’ but ‘tails.’]

[It is said that the nine-tailed fox has already gathered enough strength to create a new ‘tail’.]

[The nine-tailed fox is cheering you on.]

“… … tail?”

After seeing the messages, Miho tilted her head and flicked her two tails.

“tail… … tail… … tail… … .”

Haryu kept his mouth shut as he watched Miho gradually focus her attention on the tail.

“I guess we should buy some time for ourselves from now on.”

-However much. You can do it all day long.

Will the change that started with Miho be good or bad?

Also, he didn’t know whether it was before or after he got blood clotted by Mug’s fist.


“Then let’s go.”

-Remember what I said. It’s snow. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. The fox kid is still a kid, but don’t neglect your own growth.

“all right.”

The moment when the red armored waves once again engulf the entire body of the downstream.

The small new model downstream shot out at Mug like a bullet.

It looked like a red bullet.

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