Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 104

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Eugene opened his eyes and looked at Loberian. His head was lowered, so his expression could not be seen. However, his senses, which had been trained and sharpened, heard the sound of Loberian’s heart beating fast.

“How did you know… … .”


It was the same time that Senya smiled and said it, and Eugene shouted out loud. Eugene yanked Senya away from speaking further and clamped her mouth shut.

“what! What are you talking about?! Loberian-sama, no, Master!”

What’s wrong with this kid? Senya was dumbfounded and glanced at Eugene.

Eugene ignored Senya’s gaze and spat out quickly.

“Are you saying I am Hamel? haha! Master, too, jokes too much. How can I say that I am Lord Hamel? Hamel-nim already passed away 300 years ago!”

Eugene poked Senya’s side with his other hand. Senya, whose mouth was still blocked by Eugene’s hand, twisted his body in the tickle.

“I, uh, I have no idea why Master is saying that! I am not Hamel. Didn’t Master see me since I was 13 when I first participated in the Blood Ceremony? I’m from Gidoll! This is Eugene Lionhart, the son of Jehard Lionhart. It’s not Hamel!”

The reason Eugene didn’t want to reveal that he was Hamel in front of Loberian was simple.

I’ve known Loberian for too long. As a young child of 13, he first met Loberian. At that time, she mixed with the other children who had participated in the blood line ceremony, so she acted like a child, not wanting to attract suspicious glances.

He hung out with 13-year-old Sian and Ciel, and hung out with Gargis and Dejaira, who were dumbfounded from then on. Befitting a 13-year-old, he acted.

The day before the Blood Ceremony, even when eating with Loberian! Even on the day of the blood ceremony!

I mean, like the other kids, his eyes lit up at Loberian’s story and the magic he showed.

That all of that was actually a lie. A hero from 300 years ago, deliberately pretending to be a child… … Hanging out with other kids!

Beating up 13-year-old Xian, showing off his strength in front of other children at the Bloodline Ceremony, showing off his pride, Which of the heroes from 300 years ago do you admire the most? In questions such as this, always ‘Hamel-sama!’ He shouted without hesitation… … .

-I’m saying it because you don’t know, Hamel-nim is not an idiot like that Death Knight.

-Hamel-nim is not a shallow person enough to curse his colleagues because of the contents of that storybook.

Can not be done. I never want to reveal my identity in front of Loberian or anyone I’ve known from a young age.

Eugene’s voice and expression were so desperate that Senya also decided to back off for now. She freed herself from Eugene’s hand and sighed.

“Well, the heir is right. Hamel… … uh… … he died a long time ago He died stupidly.”

“It was a heroic death.”

“What is a heroic death when you dare to throw yourself into a situation where you don’t have to die?”

“Hamel-nim sacrificed himself for the sake of his comrades.”

“It seems that suicide is called sacrifice in this day and age, right?”

Upon hearing Senya’s grin, Eugene’s eyebrows rose.

If it wasn’t for Loberian, he’d break that bad habit and fix it. All Eugene could do now was glaring at Senya while his shoulders trembled.

“Even if… … Even if the death was a suicide! If Senya-sama said such a thing, Hamel-nim would be sad in the underworld.”

“Ah, I can say that. I was Hamel’s friend, yes, uhm, Hamel made me… … did you like me So I can do it.”

I said it to make fun of you. Saying that, Senya’s face turned even redder. Eugene glared at Senya’s face and snorted.

“Did Hamel really like Senya? I’ve read children’s books several times, but what should I say about those children’s books? … .”

“hey! what do you know and you… … You, Hamel didn’t like me? Did you really say that?”

“No what… … I’m not Hamel, but… … Still, as Hamel-sama’s successor and a distant junior who respects Hamel-sama, yes, I don’t think that Hamel-sama didn’t leave a will saying that he liked Senya while he was dying… … Well, that’s just my opinion… … .”

Senya and Yujin’s gaze collided in the air. Even at that moment, Loberian quietly lowered his head.

Senya, who noticed him belatedly, cleared her throat and looked at Loberian.

“It’s okay to raise your head, Red Pagoda Master.”

The Master’s permission fell. There was no trace of the same tension as before on Loberian’s face, who slowly raised his head. Rather, Loberian’s eyes manifested as if he had reached the truth, and his expression was calm and calm.

“thank you.”

He solidified his convictions with certainty. Eugene shouted out in a fit of rage, but in a series of conversations that followed, Roberian was convinced that Eugene’s identity was Hamel Dynas, a hero from 300 years ago. Otherwise, everything didn’t make sense.

“I’ll take you inside.”

Loberian turned around, enjoying the relief that opened up his stomach. Eugene followed Loverian as he walked with a light gait and made a confused expression.

“Hey, Loberian. Master? You understand what I mean, right?”

“You can call me comfortably. Hamel… … No, Eugene-sama.”

“I don’t think you understood what I was saying? Because I am not Hamel-sama.”

“sorry. I made a mistake without even realizing it. We will be careful in the future.”

There must be a good reason for not revealing your identity. Right away, Loberian could think of several reasons. Perhaps, it was to be wary of the demon king and demons of Helmud. Even after being reincarnated in an era that has passed hundreds of years, that great hero still seems to be pursuing a long-cherished wish that was not fulfilled in his previous life.

‘Come to think of it… … Eugene-nim hated black magic and demons from a young age.’

It’s unusual for a child these days, but I thought it was not strange for a descendant of that Lionheart to hate black magic and demons.

but! Since he was the reincarnation of stupid Hamel, he must have hated the current era and the demonic tribes. The more I thought about it, the more the puzzle in my head came together.

… … Excessive worship of stupid Hamel… … what… … I thought it might be. Even Loberian himself, he seemed to be furious and would somehow defend himself if he were to be called ‘dumb Loberian’ 300 years after his death. Of course, I can’t do it as openly as I did, but… … .

“You came so suddenly that we were not properly prepared to welcome you.”

“It’s okay, I don’t like noisy places either.”

Senya sat down on the sofa and said. Loberian looked at his Eugene as he sat respectfully in front of him. Eugene still had a confused face.

“Heir, what are you doing? without sitting next to me.”


Eugene sat next to Senya as he was told. The sight made Loberian smile.

Looking directly at the couples who had been married for hundreds of years, it was as if a flower was blooming even in the desolate heart of Loverian, who had never had a relationship with her.

“It is very beautiful to see.”

“… … Are you talking about the teacher-master relationship?”

“Yes, well, yes.”

Yujin’s expression crumpled and looked away. Senya smiled strangely, noticing her changing mood. Even in this situation, I felt a sense of fun.

“We weren’t in a good mood yesterday so we couldn’t talk properly, right? So, you’re Diador Thorn’s successor?”

“You were my master’s master.”

“Cheeky Noktapju… … What the heck, Osman doesn’t want to admit that I’m the heir. I heard from the cute heir sitting next to me that you and the white pagoda helped me a lot in saving me. Not only that, I’ve heard a lot about you from Mer. You said you always cared about Mer?”

“I haven’t done anything great to say that. Arot’s mage lord must always stand in a neutral position, and it was impossible for me to take Mer, who was bound by Witchcraft, out of Akreon.”

“But you did the ritual. I heard that you were polite to Mer even when you were in and out of Acreon. Where is that even?”

Saying that, Senya put her hands together on her lap. She stared at Loberian with her playful, serious eyes.



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“It’s something I can’t reveal properly to Arot, but you, the owner of the red pagoda, know a little bit about ‘why’ I had to hide away. The unexpected seclusion made Mer unhappy. If you showed even a little affection to such a Mer, I will also show affection to you.”

Loberian trembled with emotion.

I never thought I’d hear something like that from that wise Senya… … .

“Not only that, but you also treated my heir—- Eugene Lionheart very well. It was because of your teaching and consideration that Eugene was able to grow into a proper wizard.”

“I am… … I never gave Eugene a great lesson. If not me, but any other wizard, had he met Eugene, he would have been greedy to make him his disciple.”

“I don’t think that’s important. Red Tower. My successor recognized you as a teacher, and you treated your successor as a disciple. You taught me magic, gave me advice on my questions, helped me, and eventually became someone I could trust with my heir to ask for help in rescuing me. There were many people around my heir, so he would not have been lonely, but you, the owner of the red pagoda, have become a special and strong person among them.”

Saying that, Senya stretched out her hand to the side. ㅡHwaaaak! Frost, a magic wand wrapped in pure white light, was placed in Senya’s hand.

“Diador Thorn’s successor. The owner of the Red Magic Tower. Loberian Surface. I, Senya Merdein, will recognize you as my successor. And I will put my name and honor on the back of the Red Magic Tower to officially sponsor it.”

Light emanated from Frost’s tip. Shiriririk! A pure white magical light entwined in one corner of Loberian’s room and became a sphere. Loberian saw the sphere and he involuntarily jumped up from his seat.

“Witchcraft… … !”

The uppermost floor of Akryon, Witchcraft’s Commercial Area in the Hall of Senya the Wise. It was newly created in Loberian’s room.

It wasn’t quite the same. Rather, that Witchcraft was a bit smaller than the one in Acreon.

“Not only the logic of the Eternal Hall, but also the magic I use is stored separately.”

Like Akrion’s Witchcraft, it’s going to be incomprehensible a few times. However, if a desperate and excellent wizard indulges dozens or hundreds of times, he will surely be able to overcome his own limitations.

“To tell you the truth, Akryon’s Witchcraft is not incomplete. It’s not even divided into 3 volumes in the first place. Witchcraft paper was created so that future wizards could see the reason behind the Eternal Hall. But—- I can assure you, I am better now than I was when I first made Witchcraft. So, that Witchcraft is superior and perfect to Akryon’s Witchcraft.”

Senya smiled and put Frost down.

“I will donate that Witchcraft to the Red Magic Tower. Will I understand it purely, or will I study it from a different perspective… … I’ll leave it to you, the red pagoda owner, and the other red pagoda owners of future generations.”

“thanks… … thank you… … !”

Loberian wept and bowed his head.

“and! I have acknowledged you as the heir, but do not call me Master or Master. Just call me Senya-sama. okay?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“My successor, Eugene. you… … It’s okay if you call me Master. Don’t call me Master.”

“What is the difference between the two?”

“The master looks a bit older than the master… … !”

“therefore. I think of Senya-sama as my teacher, but should I call Senya-sama, not Senya-sama, Master Loberian, and Senya-sama, too?”

“Why do you make things complicated and irritating? Because I am Master and the Red Pagoda Master is also Master… … uh… … ok, didn’t that happen? Or you me… … Do you want to call me Senya-sama?”

It also sounded very good. Senya asked with his lips twitching, and Eugene firmly shook his head.

“I’ll just call you Senya-sama.”

“Eugene-nim, you don’t have to call me Master. In fact, until now, except when Eugene-nim asked me for something or asked me for something, I rarely called me Master… … Just feel free to call me.”

“Yes, Loberian, sir.”

Eugene didn’t slip his words as Loberian had hoped.

“… … and… … White pagoda? The name… … .”

“This is Melchis Elhair! sister!”

Melchis cried outside the window. She sobbed, rubbing her face against the tightly closed window.

Melchis had been outside the window since earlier. He wanted to get inside somehow, but he couldn’t get inside because the magic barrier of Loberian was so strong, and he was just rubbing his face against the window like he is now.

“… … Archmage… … You don’t have the dignity of a mage tower master… … .”

“Please, Senya-sama, please don’t judge the character of the mages of today by looking at the lord of the white pagoda. Baektapju has a lot of flaws in character instead of being born with too great talent.”

“I also have a hobby of eavesdropping.”

Yujin also nodded and accepted the words. Senya flicked her finger at her window with a frown on her face. Then the window burst open, and Melchis rolled inside as if he had waited.

“Senya, sister! I did my best to save her sister. She also did a lot of good things to her sister’s favorite heir, Eugene. The cape he’s wearing now, which he’s been wearing every single day for years, is actually mine!” 

“… … Did you give me that cloak as a gift?”

Senya’s eyes narrowed. A black flame of jealousy blazed deep within his chest.

“It is not a gift. I made a bet, and I won and got it.”

“It wasn’t given. I borrowed it! How many years are left? When you were 17, you agreed to lend it for 9 years, so you have 5 years left!”

“Didn’t there be more time in the middle? I know that I helped Melchis-sama in various ways.”

“I don’t know, I don’t remember, contract, contract and bring it! don’t you have huh? You can’t trust verbal contracts, I don’t know whether you lie or I lie, neither you nor God. Anyway, five years left!”

After Melchis fired, he came to Senya’s side on his knees.

“Unnie, I also have a lot of respect for you. If she wasn’t the best in the world, I’m her sister, she wouldn’t be a wizard.”

“Senya, that is a lie. The lord of the hundred towers told me, he said that he became a wizard not Senya-sama, but Vermouth… … I said it out of respect for you.”

“I admire you both! I love you sister! Respect and love are different, right? So can you give me that, that, that, that, Witchcraft, too? yes?”

Senya narrowed her eyes and looked at Eugene and Melchis alternately.

The White Mage Tower Lord, Melchis Elhair. According to Eugene, he was an outrageous spirit lord who contracted with three spirit kings.

‘Why do they look so friendly?’

There seemed to be no feelings between a man and a woman, but Senya still didn’t like Melchis.

“no. no.”

So he said it plainly.

“The Lord of the White Pagoda, Melchis Elhair. I know you’ve done a lot to help save me and my heir. Still, I can’t give you Witchcraft. You are not my heir!”


“I’ll allow you to call me sister. No more.”


Melchis grabbed Senya by the leg and begged. Senya looked down at Melkiss, distorting his face.

“this… … really… … The greatest and most powerful Elementalist of this age, no, of all ages… … ?”

Even 300 years ago, in the era of war, spiritists who contracted with the spirit king were not common. In other words, throughout all ages, there was no elemental magician who contracted with multiple elemental kings.

however… … This is such a one-of-a-kind Elementalist? Senna shuddered in disbelief.

[Look, Hamel.]

Tempest shouted in Eugene’s head.

[I am not wrong. The lightning, earth, and flame spirit kings were wrong. Look at Senya’s face! If it’s a wizard, if it’s a human, if it’s a being with intelligence! There is no choice but to despise the existence of Melchis Elhere.]

‘Shit… … .’

Eugene felt the same way, so he didn’t say anything more.

But deep down, I thought that I would like to see Tempest, who is so repulsive, sign a contract with Melchis someday.


After visiting the Red Magic Tower, I spent four more days in Arot. As much as she returned to Alot after breaking her long retirement, Senya had a busy schedule.

During those four days, Senya gave brief lectures on magic at the Red and Green Mage Towers, held a meeting with the owners of the Mage Tower, and visited the wizard guild to stand on the podium.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with the citizens while walking around the city with the main figures of the Arrot Council, the King and the Crown Prince. She also gave a lighthearted speech at the Merdein Square, which was named after her.

Even those things alone were too much to digest for four days, but Senya took care of all those schedules lightly. In fact, that was a schedule that was shortened as much as possible.

The Archmage returns after hundreds of years. There were countless places to call Senya, the catchphrase of Arot. The rich and powerful wanted to talk to Senya even for 10 minutes, and all the wizards longed to grab Senya by the collar.

Senya dealt with such problems firmly. He had attachments and regrets to the country of Arot, but he had no intention of being held by Arot for a long time.

“What do the royal family and the council say?”

“What did you say? Do you really need to go to the Lionheart family? I mean. But, what do I care about what they say?”

Senya sneered and replied.

Naturally, Arot did not want to send Senya out of the country. Even if Senya does not stand at any event, the presence of ‘Wise Senya’ in Arot can benefit the country immensely. Over the past few days, the number of tourists and magicians from other countries has increased dramatically in the city of Arot.

As it increased, there were also people who left.

“In my mind, sure. I want to collapse that black magic tower.”

The black mages belonging to the Black Mage Tower left Arot in large numbers. I heard from Loberian and Melchis that currently only about 1/3 of the original black magicians remain in the Black Mage Tower. Not only that, but the black mage lord who parted from Samar early—-Balzac Rudbeth hasn’t returned to Alot yet.

“When I look at that black mage tower, I can feel that a lot of time has passed. Even before I retired, I heard a little talk about building a warlock tower, but at that time, not only me, but most of the people of Arot opposed it.”

“I heard that Helmud donated a lot to build the Black Mage Tower.”

“… … It’s what I felt when I saw it in Babel, but the demon king of confinement… … I don’t know what the hell he’s thinking.”

Senya murmured as she dragged the suitcase full of luggage. In fact, he didn’t have to drag the carrier himself, just put all the luggage inside the cloak. However, Senya insisted on the carrier.

It was for a simple reason. Something about this one makes my heart flutter more. I feel like I’m moving to a new ‘home’, leaving Arot, where I’ve lived for a long time.

“Even now Helmud… … that… … You say you’ve developed unbelievably? I also looked for books and videos related to Helmud, but it turned out to be a completely different place from what I remembered.”

“If you go there yourself, it will be ridiculous.”

Eugene sympathized with Senya’s words and answered. The Helmud that Eugene remembered was a harsh land where no one could live. A land where everything is jumbled and even the weather is unpredictable.

After the war ended by making a promise. The demon king of Yupe proclaimed the Demon Lord Helmud as an ’empire’ and declared himself emperor. After that declaration, the demon king of confinement opened the warehouse of the demon castle Babel and delivered a huge amount of compensation to the war victims.

Until that point, the continent did not openly protest because of the fear of the demon king of confinement, but did not recognize Helmud as an empire. No one was willing to immigrate to Helmud.

but. At a speed that could never be said to be slow, Helmud changed from the Demonic Realm to the Empire. Monsters without proper intellect were used like livestock. The demon king of confinement directly manipulated the land and changed the sky. Numerous demons became workers according to the order of the demon king.

Senya’s memories of Helmud stopped at that point.

What about now? In just 200 years, Helmud has become the most livable and developed empire on the continent. They are enjoying a culture completely different from that of the continent, and no one knows how it was created.

“… … What else is Jebela Park?”

Senya glanced at the newspaper on the signboard and muttered. Newspapers lined up on the front pages carried news about Helmud’s Jebela Park.

<Noir Jebella, a beautiful duchess who leads play, culture, and trends. Jebela Park, the largest theme land in history that proudly bears her name.>

“It’s the breeding grounds of Noir Jebela.”

“Just looking at it, it looks like that. That crazy dreamer has been doing crazy things since the old days.”

“It’s a vacation there, and I don’t understand the psychology of the people who visit. Why do you have to go to a place like that and spend money and even dedicate your regular life?”

On this subject, Eugene, Senya, Anis, and even Cristina were of the same opinion.

While listening to the conversation inside the cloak, Mer and Lymira met eyes without speaking and let out a deep sigh.

‘I wanted to go once.’

‘Before killing the dream queen… … No, wouldn’t it be possible to ride the rides even after killing them… … .’

After pouring out his hatred for Noir Jebela. Eugene, Senya, and Christina moved to the warp gate of the Pentagon Floating Station.

Senya didn’t want a noisy farewell or send-off, so yesterday she threatened the royal family, the council, and the masters of the tower to never send a send-off. He even threatened to make me regret being born there if he came out to see me off.

“Sister yi!”

Melchis must have heard that too… … She bravely ignored Senya’s warning and hid in front of the warp gate. She then, as soon as she had seized Senya, she cried out to the world and rushed at it.

“Me too, take me too!”

Upon seeing Melchis, Senya’s face contorted. She magically blew away the charging Melkis, and hurriedly dragged her carrier. Eugene and Cristina followed Senya into the warp gate, ignoring Melchis as he flew away screaming.

As I had said in advance, the warp gate of this floating station was empty and quiet. The destination was set in advance, so all you had to do was go inside.

The destination is the change of Kiel. Bolaño, a country enough to compete with Eugene’s hometown.

The self-proclaimed only dragon that is currently awakening. Red Dragon Ariartel’s hideout.

* * *

The reason he came to see Ariartel before returning to Lionheart’s home was simple. Searching for Raizakia and saving Senya would not have been possible without Ariartel’s Dragon Magic. Ari Artel himself had a strong grudge against Raizakia, a traitor to his tribe, so it was his duty to tell him that he had killed Raizakia.

one more. There was something I wanted to ask about Lymilia as well.

“I have never met a dragon other than the Black Dragon.”

Lymira, inside the cloak, showed her face and said. As anyone could tell, Raimirah’s face was filled with tension.

“no way… … hermit Are you going to entrust her original daughter to him, her dragon, whom she has never met?”

“I think that is very pitiful.”

Cristina stood close to Eugene and stroked the head of Lymilia, who was poking out from under her cloak.

“I can’t just leave you stupid like this.”

“what… … What is it? Hermit! No matter how reclusive a hermit may be, accusations of being stupid to her great race, her native daughter, are not too evil!”

f*ck! Lymirah took a hit on her carnelian and stuck her head inside her cloak.

“If you’re a dragon, you should have something like a dragon. He’s just stupid and weak.”

The age difference between Ariartel and Lymilia would not exceed 100 years.

But for that matter, Ariartel and Lymira… … Even though the weight was different, it was so different. Right now, Raimirua didn’t know how to use any great magic on the subject of the dragon, the magic controller, and the dragon fear was halfway, and the dragon language didn’t have much power.

“It must be because of Mafak’s ruby.”

Senya was still greedy for the ruby ​​stuck in Lymilia’s forehead.

A fact that I learned after researching for several days to see if I could somehow pull it out and use it.

Raizakia’s obsession, curse, and restraint still remain in Ruby even after he dies.

Raizakia did not treat his only blood relative as blood. That ruby ​​was a safety device that made it impossible for Lymira to go against and rebel against Lyzakia at any moment, and it was a stake deeply embedded in Lymira’s existence.

The power of dragon words is not great. Not being able to use magic well. Even Dragon Fear was halfway there. It’s because Hong-ok is suppressing Lymilia’s dragon-like power.

“That kind of magic, especially dragon words, is burdensome and annoying for me to touch. that… … Ariartel? Even an adult dragon that has just passed Hetzling will be able to interfere with dragon words. Raizakia was already dead.”

If Lymilia became a bit more like a dragon, she would be able to use it as a power in any way.

‘Well, it’s still Hetzling, though.’

Actually, I wasn’t expecting much. I don’t know if the enemy is a human… … In front of the high-ranking demons who have lived since the war era, even the dragon’s hatchling would be at the level of a large lizard.

“Boo… … Hermit, you must not abandon her original daughter. Bongnyeo is her mother… … I do not want to leave her warm Mother’s arms.”

… … It will be better than now, sniffling inside the cloak and playing around with Mer. Eugene thought so, ignoring the sniffles in his cloak.

Through the quiet country streets of Bolaño, Ariartel came near a secluded house. Thanks to Senya’s magic of deterrence, the villagers didn’t pay attention, but the fence of the house was already open.

I saw Ariartel standing by the window. As if this sudden visit was unpleasant, Ari Artel was twisting his bright red hair with her hand and putting on an annoyed expression.

Standing by Eugene’s side, Senya and Ariartel’s eyes met. Ariartel’s expression immediately changed.

She opened her eyes wide in disbelief and took a few steps back from the window.

“I guess I recognized you.”

“I’m seeing that dragon for the first time?”

“How many other wizards besides you who walk around with purple hair in this day and age?”

“Do you know how many guys dyed their hair purple after me in the past?”

“Among the clergy, there has been a trend of worshiping Anis-sama and growing blonde hair long.”

“… … Why is no one following me?”

“To imitate you, I have to draw scars on my normal face.”

“I’ll have to blow off one earlobe as well.”

Eugene pursed his lips and approached the house. She opened the door on her own without having to open it herself.

“Are you wise?”

Ariartel, who was standing in the doorway, immediately asked.

“Haven’t you heard rumors of Arot in this corner of the country?”

“… … What are you talking about?”

“I guess you didn’t hear.”

A few days had passed since Senya returned to Alot, so rumors must have spread all over the continent. In Bolaño, at the edge of the frontier, it seemed that rumors of Senja hadn’t spread yet.

‘In that respect, Gidol is better.’

Yujin suddenly felt a sense of love for her hometown and smiled. Ari Artel glanced her Eugene’s smile through her frowning eyes, then she straightened her expression and looked back at Senya.

“… … This mighty magic… … It must be the wise Senya himself. that one… … Is it Christina Rogeris, a saint of our time?”

“It is an honor to meet such a great race.”

Cristina put her hands in front of her chest and prayed, smiling brightly. Ari Artel stepped back from her with a slight tremor.

An archmage who can be said to be a living legend. A saintess who is the incarnation of light. And the reincarnation of a hero who died 300 years ago. The three people standing in front of her now must have been human, but Ariartel couldn’t possibly regard them as human.

“… … Come this way.”

Ariartel gulped and turned around.

An unannounced guest. However, Ariartel no longer felt displeasure towards him.

She gladly escorted the three guests into the drawing room, brewed tea herself, and set it in front of each one.

“Are you wise? I heard about your misfortune from that stupid Hamel. The fact that you are in the world and in front of me… … As stupid Hamel predicted the other day, it must be that he subdued the demonic dragon Raizakia, the disgrace of dragons.”

“Don’t call me stupid Hamel.”

Eugene corrected it first.

Yagon killed in Yongma Castle. Even he, a demon, called him the wonderful name of ‘Hamel of Massacre’, but why do humans and dragons call him stupid Hamel? Eugene hated Senya and Anis for nothing.

“Your name?”

“Ariartel. Ariartel of Red Dragon.”

“Yes, Ariartel. I heard of your help in saving me.”

Since the opponent was a dragon, Senya was also careful about his attitude. She slowly bowed her head towards Ari Artel.

“If it wasn’t for your help, it would have taken a long, long time for me to come into the world. Samar Great Forest Elves and the descendants of the World Tree, Senya Merdane. With your help, I was able to wake up from a long slumber.”

“ah… … great wizard A human but not a human, magical child. keep your head up I am a dragon, but immature, and never greater than you. So please do not bow your head to me.”

Ariartel had a troubled yet happy face.

Even though he is a dragon, he is sitting face to face with a character from a fairy tale book he has seen for a long time. Hearing such words from the wise Senya stimulated the innocence that remained deep in Ariartel’s heart.

‘Yes, in all the legends… … If you are a hero in a fairy tale, shouldn’t you have that kind of dignity?’

Ariartel thought that and glanced at Eugene.

The reincarnation of stupid Hamel… … Eugene Lionhart. That human was stupid, arrogant, and disrespectful, like in a fairy tale.

On the other hand, what about the wise Senya? Look at those lithe words and those dazzling eyes!

and Christina Rogeris. contemporary saints. Indeed, like her status and her name, I felt sacred in each and every one of her appearances. That benevolent figure that seems to embrace all beings in the world with mercy and love… … .

‘Dragons live by piling up treasure like a mountain… … .’

Senya looked around the room with hawk-like eyes while maintaining her facial expression. I saw and felt it from the outside, but this house was too old to think of it as a dragon’s dwelling place.

‘Where can’t I get a treasure?’

In this respect, Senya and Eugene are similar.

Senya pondered over how to extract the treasure from Ariartel.


How the Demon Dragon Raizakia died. Ariartel’s expression hardened as he heard the story.

“… … therefore… … You mean that demon dragon was subdued with only two people?”

Ariartel couldn’t believe the story.

No matter how weakened, a dragon is a dragon. Besides, isn’t Raizakia an ordinary dragon? To say that Raizakia was subdued by just two people, not by mobilizing an army?

“With a little more luck, I could have killed him by myself.”

“You are laughing. Even if you succeeded in killing Raizakia by yourself, you would have died after that too?”

“You don’t know that.”

“I don’t know! If I hadn’t come to rescue you, you would have died alone without Lizakia touching her.”

Eugene had no words to refute, so he only pouted his lips.

Senya’s words were true. Even if his body held out just a little longer, he smashed Lizakia’s dragon heart. Right after that, Eugene’s body would have collapsed as a result of overuse.

Watching the two squabble in front of me, my surprise subsided. Ari Artel cleared her expression and opened her mouth.

“Uhm… … After entering a long sleep, what all the dragons except me wished for until the end was the death of Lyzakia. That’s how much the demon dragon Raizakia was a dragon’s disgrace.”

Ariartel herself also wanted to participate in the subjugation of Laizakia. However, Ariartel, the manager of the sleeping dragon’s cradle, could not move recklessly or participate in potentially dangerous battles.

So, he cooperated with Eugene and stupid Hamel. As requested, he engraved the dragon magic on Akasha, supplemented Akasha itself, and even lent Agaroth’s ring.

“On behalf of all sleeping dragons, I, the Red Dragon Ariartel, will bow my head and pay my respects to you heroes. The wise Senya, and the dumb Hamel. Thank you for killing the demon dragon Raizakia.”

“Don’t call me stupid Hamel… … .”

Yujin furrowed her eyebrows and murmured.

Senya, who had been listening silently, raised her eyes slightly and stared at Ariartel.

“Then may I ask you a favor?”

“Are you wise? I, Ariartel, believe that you have been of great help. You can ask for any request from me.”

Senya didn’t want mere thanks. After taking a few breaths, she started talking at length.

Hundreds of years since being severely wounded and sealed by Lyzakia. How weak and incomplete he had become during that time. The story is that although he succeeded in subjugation and was released from the seal like a miracle, his wounds were not completely healed. In addition to that, the end of the promise mentioned by the imperfect peace of this world and the demon king of confinement, and the story of the demon king of destruction who drove countless dragons to death during the war era.

Ariartel’s expression grew darker at the lengthy, solemn, and desperate story. Even she thought the situation, no, the future of this era was bleak and hopeless.

Although they say they defeated the demonic dragon Raizakia, the dukes of Helmud would have grown stronger and greater over hundreds of years.

The demon king of confinement who came to the world from the lofty Babel and benevolently spreads peace.

The Demon Lord of Destruction, who has been silent for hundreds of years in his territory of La Vista, but does not know when he will move again… … .

In comparison, the strength of the opponents was still weak for a while. The dragons all fell asleep except for Ariartel.

Ariartel was proud of being a dragon, but did not overconfident in the dragon’s power. The pride and power of this great race was already brutally trampled 300 years ago.

Even if dozens of dragons gathered, they could not compete with the Demon King. In particular, the demon king of confinement is the one who slaughtered the dragon together with the demon king of destruction. Ari Artel, who was young and had no combat experience, accepted early on that he would not be able to become the adversary of the Demon King in this era.

“What I want to ask you is.”

Senya confirmed that Ariartel’s face had gone dark before continuing.

Again, Senya’s words were very wordy, but to put it simply, it was this.

Any dragon hearts left?

“… … Huh… … Umm… … .”

Ariartel couldn’t answer right away and pursed her lips.

Why do you need Dragon Hearts, and why do you ask for Dragon Hearts?

I heard the reason. Although the wounds suffered by Lyzakia do not remain on the outside, the scars of the wounds remain in the wise Senya’s soul.

heal those wounds In order to fight demons and demon lords in the future—- the power of the dragon heart is needed. Yes, even Ariartel understood that story. He didn’t even think about arguing with him.

“… … Umm… … .”

Had the stupid Hamel asked for it, he would have been even more hesitant. But if that wise Senya asked for it herself, then it must be so desperately needed. Ari Artel hesitated for a moment before nodding his head.

“… … wise old man If you are sincere and desperate, I can give you a dragon heart.”

“ah! Are you sure?”

“but… … Umm… … No, something I shouldn’t hesitate to do. All this for the sake of the world… … .”

Ariartel shook her head a few times before raising her hand up.

ㅡWoe! The distorted space opened slightly, and a dragon heart emitting red light fell from the gap.

“… … This… … .”

Ariartel smiled bitterly as she placed a dragon heart larger than her head in the palm of her hand.

Whoops! The dragon heart on the palm vibrated and emitted light. Then, the large dragon heart shrank to the size of a fist.

“My mother’s dragon heart. He barely survived the battle against destruction and confinement, but in the end, he died hundreds of years ago because his wounds could not be fully healed. This dragon heart… … It is a keepsake given to me at that time.”

“ah… … .”

“Rather than what I have, what you use for a righteous cause, Senya, is for the sake of the world. So I will hand over this dragon heart to you. Please, use this dragon heart to restore your strength a little more. I hope that the wounds inflicted by Laizakia, the traitor of her people, will be healed.”

It was a lie to say that Raizakia’s scars remained. Can’t you say that it’s a lie now? Still, Senya bowed her head in deep gratitude.

“yes. Ariartel. What we couldn’t accomplish 300 years ago, we will definitely achieve this time. I will not forget your, no, Dragon’s support.”

Senya carefully took over the dragon heart. I couldn’t transplant the dragon heart to Frost right now, so I put it inside the cloak for now. Ariartel, who handed over the dragon heart, put on a rather relieved and satisfied expression.

But the business isn’t over yet. Eugene examined Ari Artel’s expression and gently grabbed the hem of her cloak.

“Aren’t you asking about Hetzling in Laizakia?”

“Surely he must have died?”

Ariartel asked again with a puzzled face.

If Hetzling was a demonic dragon, it would of course be a demonic dragon, and of course, wouldn’t it have died at the hands of stupid Hamel? So he didn’t even think to ask in the first place.

“Come out here.”

“city… … I hate it.”

“I’m sure you’ll come out.”

Eugene put his hand inside his cloak and grabbed Lymilia’s horn. Ari Artel widened her eyes at the sight of Lymir Ah being dragged out from within her cloak.

“Hatchling of the Demon Dragon!”

Consternation soon turned to hostility. Ariartel jumped up from her seat and poured out bloody dragon fear.

“Yeah, that’s right! Stupid Hamel! So, with my own hands, you took care to punish that hetzling. good night! It would be cruel to ask a child for the father’s sins, but I, a dragon, will burn the seed that will one day become a demon dragon… … .”

“He’s just a dragon.”


“It’s kind of stupid… … Yes, but… … No, you said that last time! Don’t shoot Dragon Fear! The kid is scared!”

Eugene stroked the head of Mer, who was shivering inside the cloak, and yelled at her. At that angry cry, Ari Artel winced at her and shrugged her shoulders, and Raimira looked at Eugene with her resentful eyes.

“Hermit. Why does the hermit discriminate between Mer and her original daughter?”

“What kind of discrimination… … .”

“Isn’t it? Why is Mer ignoring her original fear and drawing out, while caring and worrying about trembling her body?”

“This is all for you. It’s all about wishing you well.”

Eugene was stabbed in the heart and stroked Raimirah’s head a few times. Cristina, who was sitting still and watching it, exchanged feverishly with Anise in her head.

‘Look, Sister. As expected, Eugene-nim is kind.’

[According to her actual age, Raimira would be 5 times as tall as Hamel, but that doesn’t matter. On the contrary, the more Lymilia behaves like a child, the easier it is for us to show motherly love and keep Mer in check.]

‘It’s like practicing parenting.’


Anis was also momentarily taken aback by Christina’s thoughts.

Cristina didn’t say anything more, just looking at Lymilia and Eugene with happy eyes. A harmonious family had already been created in her head, and it even reached the future in which Raimirrah would pretend to be her older sister or older sister when one day she herself gave birth to a child.

“… … Aren’t you a magic dragon?”

Ariartel belatedly calmed down and looked at Lymir. Raimirah could hardly make eye contact with Ari Artel and avoided her gaze.

“It’s true that Raizakia’s son is, but he’s not corrupted like that guy. It’s not even okay.”

“… … The red jewel in that head. It’s a fragment of a dragon heart.”

Ariartel opened her eyes thinly and stared at Lymilia. Although it has a screwed up side, Ariartel is a savvy dragon. She realized that Laimiria’s ruby ​​was a powerful ban through dragon words.

“Do you want me to get rid of this ban?”

“If it is possible for you.”

“… … joy… … Stupid Hamel. Do not test this red dragon Ariartel. That restraint is strong, but since Raizakia is already dead, my words are enough to interfere.”

Ariartel said that and looked at Eugene.

“but… … I can’t help but be wary of this. Stupid Hamel. Are you going to work by putting aside this ban on Hetzling? Or will you set me free?”

“What answer do you want to hear?”

“You’re not as corrupted as your father, are you? This hatchling is a ‘dragon’. There is no obligation to pay for the sins of the father. As a fellow dragon, I think we should guarantee this hetzling’s freedom.”

“The original woman is already free enough.”

Before Eugene could say anything, Raimira spoke quickly. For this brief moment, Raimirah thought about what his situation would be like. Seeing what he was saying, it seemed that the rough-looking Red Dragon was his own kind and was giving it to Lymilia.

But free? Where are you? right here?

Is it freedom to live alone with that red dragon in an old house in the countryside that smells like cow dung? Or as it appears in countless legends and fairy tales. Living in a cave deep in the mountains with no one to protect you, with only animals and plants around you, is that freedom that the Red Dragon guarantees you?


Just imagining it was terrifying. I’ve been locked up in the Yongma Castle annex for 200 years and came out!

Whatever the case may be, Lymilia was clearly aware that she was a dragon. He was also aware of what a mouth-watering prey the young Hetzling was to greedy humans and other races.

Eugene Ryanhart is strong.

Raimirah had seen Eugene’s strength so far. Slaying that fearsome beast-man monster. Making fun of the staff of confinement. Didn’t he even overwhelm the Black Dragon for a moment!

And that’s not all. Raimirua enjoyed many things besides safety from traveling with Eugene. She liked being taken care of by a saint with a different personality, and she also liked having an argument with Mer while talking nonsense.

If you stay under Eugene’s cloak, you won’t face danger. I often hear about Helmud’s dukes and demon lords, but if you think backwards, isn’t it that there is no one who can threaten Eugene Lionheart except for the 2 dukes and 2 demon lords?

Raimirah admired herself for the conclusion she had come up with.

‘If the original woman wanders the world alone, she must be wary of hundreds and thousands of enemies. But if she’s with the hermit, isn’t she a threat besides the duke and the demon king?’

Demon King’s Army? I didn’t think of that. Raimirah admired himself for the genius conclusion.

“Bonnyeo… … Even if this ban disappears, she will go with her hermit by the will of the original woman.”

Eugene was a little moved by Lymilia’s answer. I never thought I would say such a wonderful thing! What discriminates against Mer? what is that… … though it is unavoidable. She felt that in the future, she should be a little better to Raimirah.

“The magic dragon… … No, descendant of the Black Dragon. Red Dragon Ariartel will respect your wishes.”

Ariartel said that and approached Lymira. Lymir flinched involuntarily and tried to step back from her, but Ari Artel reached out first and grabbed his shoulder.

“Ugh… … .”

Ariartel’s face came closer to Raimira’s forehead, ruby. With her eyes wide open, she looked around at Lymilia’s ruby.

“This sucks. It’s really boring. Lizakia… … What did that lunatic think of dragons, flesh and blood?”

A prohibition that suppresses so many things that they cannot grow properly. If he lived like this for hundreds of years, this Hetzling would never have become a being worthy of being called a dragon.

Laizakia wanted it. What he wanted from Lymilia was neither a good daughter nor a proper dragon. He hoped for a being that could play with it whenever he wished, that would lay eggs as long as he could, and would only eat them in the end. Ariartel was unaware of its horrific intentions, but felt genuine sympathy for Lymyria’s prohibition.

“… … Let’s start now.”

“How long will it take?”

“I’ll have to try, but it will take three or three days at the earliest.”

“Then I’ll come pick you up next time.”

At that answer, Raimira looked back at Eugene in amazement.

“Hermit! Are you saying you’re going to leave her original daughter here alone?”

“Even if we are here, there is nothing we can do. I’ll come pick you up later, so you’re doing well.”

“Don’t cry because you’re lonely without me.”

Mer, who stuck her head out of her cloak, threw a word.

Raimirah looked at Christina with trembling eyes. She felt that her heart was weakening a little at that gaze, but she did not intend to remain here apart from Eugene.

What if Senya dared to cross the line while he was away? Christina and Anis thought that such a thing should be prevented.

In the end, Raimira stayed in this house for several days. An anxious voice was heard from the inside of the closed door—hermit, hermit——but Eugene did not look back.

“Now you are going back.”

Eugene muttered with his back to the old house.

Seiris, the capital of Kiel. Lionheart’s home there. Xian, who returned first, would have told the general situation… … .

“… … .”

Eugene looked at Senya, who smiled brightly from the side.

The fact that he returned with the wise Senya… … What should I explain? What should I say so that the householder, Anicilla, and the other household members will understand?

“Come to think of it. Eugene. of that body… … Is your father, whom you inherited by blood, still alive?”


“Well, then, am I going to go and say hello to your father this time?”

Senya’s voice quickened. She tangled her hair for no reason in her fidgeting.

“I have to buy a present… … .”

“Jehard likes good food and alcohol.”

Cristina intervened abruptly.

“Of course I met beforehand. We even ate together.”

It’s not an arrogant voice. But, but that unmistakable display made Senya’s eyes quiver.

“… … I go first.”

Eugene didn’t want to get caught up in the sparks between the two.

He sighed deeply and stepped away as if to run away.


Kiel Empire. Lionheart’s hometown was bustling from morning. It was because of the call from Arot yesterday.

Eugene Ryanhart, an adopted son who left his home for months, returns to his home today. Although Eugene, who had a wanderlust temperament from the beginning, had to worry about leaving her parents’ home abruptly and returning suddenly… … .

I couldn’t do that this time. Xi’an, who had returned a week earlier, explained the general circumstances to the parents’ family as Yu-jin had requested.

Samar Great Forest.

In the vast forest, participated in the war between the native tribes. The staff of confinement in that war. Edmond Codlet, regarded as the greatest black magician of his time, was killed by Eugene.

The Duke of Helmud, who had been hidden for hundreds of years. The Demon Dragon, Raizakia, was also killed by Eugene.

Upon hearing the story, Anicilla rolled her eyes and passed out, and Gilade collapsed in place as her legs gave out. War? Edmond Codlet? Lizakia? All of that was unsuitable for a young man who was only 21 years old.

But the surprises didn’t end there.

The wise Senya returned to Arot.

“Shouldn’t you have gone out to meet me too?”

Captain of the 5th Division of the Black Lion Knights. Gion looked away nervously, biting his nails.

Beneath the flag of the fluttering Lionheart, the head of the household, Gilreid, was standing in uniform. Beside her, her mother-in-law, Anicilla, dressed to the fullest, fanned herself in a cold sweat.

“I was asked in advance not to come and wait at the mansion, so there is nothing I can do about it.”

It has already been a week since the wise Senya returned to Alot and directly announced that Eugene, who was with him, was the successor. The news spread across the continent in less than a day, no, not even half a day.

As soon as Gilreid heard the rumors, he tried to visit Arot. Because I thought it was morally right.

The Lionheart family is a descendant of the great Vermouth. The fact that the wise Senya, who wrote the legend together with the founder, had returned from long seclusion was enough reason for Guillaid to personally visit and greet them.

but. Just as he was about to leave the family, the letter arrived as if he had been waiting for it. It was a letter from Eugene from Arot. The content was plentiful, but in a nutshell, it was something like this. I know you’re very surprised, but I ask you to wait and not come to Arrot right away.

[We’ll be going back to Lionheart together in a few days, so wouldn’t it be nice to have an event within the family then?]

Even Gilreid thought it would be better. He thought that it would be better to prepare and greet Senya-nim rather than rushing to Alot to greet him.

Thanks to this, Lionheart’s home is now more crowded than ever before. The Black Lion Knights guarding the Uclas Mountains also left only the minimum troops in the castle, and all the Black Lions who could come gathered at the main house. In addition, a large number of family members from families with strong prestige among collaterals came to the main house.

There are more than hundreds of people with that alone, and currently there are more than 100 elves living in Lionheart’s home. They, too, came out of the woods dressed in their attire.

In hundreds of years of history since the founding father, there had never been so many people gathered at Lionheart’s home. In fact, if we were to scale it up, we could have made it much bigger than this. The news that a large number of family members were gathering in the main house made even the emperor of Kiel turn his eyes away.

Emperor Straut II announced that he would personally participate in the event, but Gilreid tried his best to politely decline. It could not be called a family event, but Senya-sama would be taken aback if His Majesty were to attend in person.

Perhaps because of the story that Abram of Arod’s palace was almost drowned, the emperor did not take a big offense at Gilreid’s refusal and took a step back.

-In that case, send Eugene Lionheart to the imperial palace in a few days.

-If possible, with wise Senya.

—-Guilade pressed down on his throbbing temple. The royal family of Kiel has been paying attention to Lionheart for generations. The same goes for the current emperor, Straut II.

understanding goes. Lionheart is a family belonging to the Kiel Empire, but that doesn’t mean the royal family can’t wield the lionheart as they please.

Right now, Lionheart has privately owned an order of knights comparable to, or even more than, the Imperial Knights for hundreds of years. Although Ryanheart, a public servant of Kiel and a descendant of the hero who saved the continent, could not dream of rebellion. For the imperial family, Lionheart was too big a warlord.

So Lionheart has been contributing to Kiel’s defense on its own for hundreds of years. It is Lionheart’s long-standing duty to guard Mount Uklas at the southern end, and all costs are spent on Lionheart’s property, not Kiyel’s armaments.

Until now, the relationship between the royal family and Lionheart has been maintained like that… … The current emperor, Straut II, wants more. He wants to make Lionheart completely the property of the imperial family, and the turbulent situation on the continent implicitly reveals the emperor’s desire to the surface.

In the past, during the turmoil in the Black Lion Castle, Gilreid was detained for several days at the hearing in the imperial palace. There was also an outright criticism that the problem occurred because the size of the family had grown too large.

The emperor demanded that all Knights of Lionheart be incorporated directly under the imperial palace, and the polite refusal to do so was repeated for days… … .

‘… … I will be greedy. Of course I’ll be greedy.’

Eugene Lionhart.

Gilreid thought of both. It’s a fact he’d known since he was a kid, but both of them were great, but they were too good. I really didn’t want to let go of that outstanding child, so he adopted me for the first time in the history of the head family.

He was a kid who deserved it. A child born with too many things. There he was recognized by the Holy Sword, and became the successor of Senya the Wise. Even that demon king of confinement in Helmud is paying attention to Eugene.

The next head of Lionheart is rejecting it himself, but even if he does not become the head of household, Eugene’s name represents Lionheart now.

‘You can’t have it just because you covet it. Eugene… … That child is not the type to follow anyone.’

Whatever the Emperor of the Empire promises, Eugene will not care.

… … That’s why Gilade was worried about Eugene. She’s Gilade. She could somehow please the emperor, but that’s because Eugene doesn’t seem to be able to do that.

If you don’t know what to do, you might turn the emperor into an enemy. Guillaid was worried about Lionheart’s future, but he was worried that the emperor might be an obstacle to Eugene’s future.

“… … Head of household, are you okay?”

Xian, who was by his side, spoke cautiously. Annie Scylla stopped fanning her and was looking at Gilreid with her worried face. Gilreid shook her head, realizing that her own face had hardened too much.

“Okay. You look so nervous.”

“At a time like this, if Ciel had been there, the atmosphere would have been relaxed.”

Anicilla felt sorry for her daughter, who was no longer at home.

Carmen has been away from the mansion for over half a year, taking her pupil, Ciel, and her servant, Desiira. She hears the news through letters that come every month, but… … Perhaps because she is her age now, Anicilla missed her daughter who was not by her side.

“In the last letter, you said that you were staying at the simuin. The country… … It’s a place I’ve been to before. It is perfect for knight training.”

Just as Arot is called the kingdom of magic, Simuin is called the kingdom of knights. In that country in the middle of the southern sea, all sorts of martial arts events are held every year, no, every few months, and each time countless free knights and mercenaries gather to compete.

“My lord! Eugene Lionheart is coming!”

The knight at the front gate shouted in a loud voice.

Gilreid caressed his face, which was still hardened, and straightened his posture. She took a deep breath, Annie Scylla, and took on the appearance of a graceful and dignified lady.

“Huh… … omg… … number… … breath… … .”

Jehard, who had been standing in the shade for a while due to nervousness and dizziness, came to Gilreid’s side with Raman’s support. He took several pills, but his heart just couldn’t calm down.

“Seriously, Jehard.”

“You don’t want to show ugliness in front of your proud son, do you? Take a deep breath first.”

“I’ve been doing it several times… … .”

Jehard pounded his chest and repeated a deep breath. Meanwhile, the mansion’s front door slowly began to open.

Gilreid raised his hand. Then, in line with the speed at which the main gate opened, the Knights of the White Lions lined up and raised the Lionheart’s flag.

thump, thump, thump. The knights stamped their feet together. The music played by the family’s orchestra mingled with the footsteps of the knights. Gilreid walked among the knights, not expressing the trembling of his heart that filled up magnificently.

wide open front door. I saw Eugene, Senya, and Cristina. Gilreid didn’t go straight ahead, stopped midway, and bowed his head at Senya.

“Thank you for coming to Lionheart. Wise Senya.”

Wow! Lionheart’s knights, collateral family members, family attendants, and even the elves gathered their voices and shouted.

“Saint of light, Christina Rogeris.”

Wow! Christina had already been to Lionheart’s family before, but the same cheers erupted nonetheless.

“And—- Lionheart’s blood messenger.”

Wow! The shout this time was louder than the one against Senya.

“The only one in this era… … Dragon Slayer.”

If Carmen were here today, these lines would have been hers. Unfortunately, Carmen was not here today. So Gilreid felt her embarrassment, and she had to recite those lines herself.

Because it was a speech that had to be made. Are you smart she is a living legend Christina Rogeris. As her holy woman, she too deserves everyone’s praise.

But—this is Lionheart’s territory. At this point, what deserves more praise and attention than the wise Senya and the saintess? A young hero who will lead Lionheart’s future, no, the present.

Carmen’s nickname is a blood lion.

The name the world calls is a warrior.

And starting today, one more name will be added.

‘Dragon Slayer’.

ㅡoh oh oh!

Everyone with the surname of Lionheart let out a cheer in excitement.

Dragon Slayer! What a wonderful sound is this? Even in the war era 300 years ago, humans called dragon slayers did not exist. In the history of the world, the dragon slayer was a synonym for the demon king of destruction and the demon king of confinement who slaughtered countless dragons during the war era.

Humans cannot kill dragons. Dragons are beings that humans cannot hunt. In the world, it was an absolute and accepted story.

However, humans succeeded in killing the dragon.

Not even an ordinary dragon. The only fallen dragon. The demonic dragon Raizakia, who has been infamous since the war era. That wicked old monster that not even the progenitor, the great Vermouth, could slay. The descendants of Lionheart living in this era subjugated them.

“Dragon… … Slayer… … !”

Yujin shook her shoulders and sighed.

Lyzakia’s death came to Lionheart and he had no intention of hiding it. He also thought of using Raizakia’s corpse as a trophy, so in the end, Raizakia’s death is known to the world beyond Lionheart.

but… … but! A dragon slayer. what? blood lion? Eugene doubted the ears that heard her voice and the eyes that looked at her. It was not Carmen Lionheart, but the fact that the head of the household, Gilade, had said such a thing shocked Eugene.

“Blood lion!”

“Dragon Slayer!”

A cry from hundreds of people. Eugene felt light dizzy.

Both the Blood Lion and the Dragon Slayer. Eugene didn’t want to hear all of them. Why the hell do you need a nickname that makes your limbs shriveled up?

[It’s better than stupid Hamel.]

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