Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 108

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Amelia frowned and tried to stop the Death Knight, but Noir laughed without screaming or groaning. She didn’t regenerate her broken body, and continued her words even as her neck was crushed by the grip of her Death Knight.

“Hamel. I’m so glad you hate me so far. Still, it’s very sad that I was ignored saying that it’s been a while, but aren’t you glad to meet me?”

“Like this dog… … .”

“I am very curious about why you, who died 300 years ago, were resurrected in such a form. But I won’t ask. I think my question will humiliate and offend you. I don’t want to hate you… … .”

f*ck! The Death Knight’s fist landed on Noir’s face. humiliation? discomfort? The Death Knight’s eyes trembled.

Resurrected as a Death Knight.

Because of hatred and revenge.

Descendant of Vermouth. I want to annihilate Lionheart. I want to kill everything related to Senya, Anis, and Moron.

I’ve only been hoping for that He was defeated by the young Lionheart, who was called the Second Coming of Vermouth.

That defeat was a complete and crushing defeat that even Death Knight himself thought there was no room for consolation. The body perishes, only the soul remains. It was now the Death Knight’s position to temporarily settle the soul into the armor in order to prolong its existence.

In such a pitiful way, he came to Helmud with Amelia. He became an undead before Babel, who had never reached it alive, and reached it as a servant of a warlock. He received the sneering glances of enemies he had not been able to kill 300 years ago. The demon king of confinement did not receive any attention.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. The demon that Hamel most wanted to kill with the demon king 300 years ago.

The demon smiled, pretended to be friendly, and spoke disgusting consideration that was no different from ridicule. This—this, how could I bear it?

“It’s nice to see that it looks like it’s still the same.”

Noir’s voice came from the side. Even though his body and head were destroyed, Noir stood by the Death Knight unscathed.

Was it an illusion that he destroyed and killed, or did he leave the corpse as it is and regenerate the body from scratch?

Death Knight did not know. She didn’t even want to know. Death Knight was just hateful and desperate for all of this.

‘It seems that the personality is the same… … . It’s a well-made fake.’

Noir had no intention of telling the Death Knight the truth.

If that Death Knight’s personality was really the same as Hamel’s, he wouldn’t give up even in all this humiliation, hatred, and despair. Hamel, whom Noir Jebela loved, would never make such a choice. He was a man who would rather throw his life at limb than sit down and run.

If it’s a body that can’t die, if hatred precedes death. Even the humiliation and despair of the moment will be chewed up and swallowed up.

‘When that time comes, ah, really.’

Noir smiled as he imagined such a future.

Of course, even if that Death Knight did that. Noir had no intention of giving his life to the Death Knight. No matter how close it is to the real thing, that Death Knight isn’t real.

If, in this world, someone else could let Noir know about death—it had to be the real Hamel.


Death Knight screamed and rushed at Noir. However, Noir did not let the Death Knight harass him any longer. Noir’s eyes lit up, and Death Knight’s body stopped.

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want to drink with me?”

Noir giggled and turned to Amelia.

“Then, are you going back to the desert like this? As you said, I came all the way from a distant desert… … It wouldn’t be a pity if I had a little more fun. think again, how is it? Even if I have a party for you… … .”

“Don’t be soggy. I have other schedules.”

“schedule? what schedule?”

“I came back to Helmud after a long time, and there are also auspicious events… … I intend to visit my hometown once.”


Noir made a surprised expression. Noir knew where Amelia’s hometown was.

Helmud’s change.

The demon lord’s territory of destruction, La Vista.

It is the territory of Helmud, but it is a land out of reach of the gaze and rule of the demon king in captivity. Demons living in that land thoroughly reject demons from outside. Although it resembles Yongma Castle in that respect, the closed nature of Yongma Castle and La Vista is different.

The demons of La Vista do not belong to Helmud’s hierarchy. The Demons of La Vista only worship the Demon Lord of Destruction who fell asleep 300 years ago, and they are not loyal to the Demon Lord of Confinement.

In that closed and primitive land, only Yagon, who was called La Vista’s witch, and Amelia Merwin, who was imprisoned, were the most famous outsiders.

“I didn’t know you loved your hometown so much.”

“I don’t like it.”

Amelia twitched her lips and smiled.

“but… … It would be better than being in the desert right now.”

“Are you running away?”

Amelia’s eyebrows twitched. is it straight? Noir giggled and crossed his arms.

“but. I’ll have no choice but to run away You have a bad relationship with Eugene Ryanhart… … Didn’t Senya of Calamity come back? If you knew what you did, that disastrous mage would try to overturn your entire desert.”

“I am not afraid of her. The same goes for Eugene Lionheart.”


“I just want to avoid unnecessary fights. Right now.”

Amelia didn’t want to talk any more. She turned her body, pulling her standing Death Knight with magical power.


I thought it was a word that wasn’t even worth worrying about—the words kept ringing in my head.

The power of Eugene Lionheart, seen in Death Knight’s memories. The holy magic of the saintess next to her. And, Senya Merdane, who smashed the signature of the Green Mage Master in Arrot and tried to drown Abram entirely.

The feelings Amelia felt when she came to know them. Amelia didn’t want to be fully conscious of that feeling.



So, he thrust his staff into Hemoria’s stomach, which was standing right behind him. Hemoria, who had been beaten abruptly, clutched her stomach and bent over, gasping for breath.

Cheolguk! Amelia pulled Hemoria by the leash and headed for Babel’s elevator. The Death Knight also made a creaking noise and followed Amelia.

“Oh my pity.”

Noir smiled at Amelia and her pets as they walked away.

* * *

It was as expected.

Senya even took Akasha and searched around the room. He forced Strout II, who had been dragged in as if by force, to use the power of the chamber as well.

However, there was no income from the room in the basement of the spire. In the end, Eugene and Senya returned to the Lionheart Mansion after eating together to save the emperor’s face.

“How was it?”

near the forest. Christina smiled and asked in front of Laizakia’s huge corpse. She was proudly wearing the jacket that Eugene had picked out for her, Christina, and she was looking at it, and Senya felt her stomach cramp.

“You’re not going out anywhere, so why are you wearing that?”



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“I’m not shutting myself in my room, I’m out, so of course I have to wear clothes.”

“You are a saint. Aren’t saints supposed to wear white robes? Kids these days are into it, can a priest act unclerically? Anis always wore priestly clothes until she rolled with us in Helmud.”

“Even Anis-nim, a saint from 300 years ago, gave permission, and the god of light won’t reprimand me for not wearing a robe.”

Those words made even Eugene dumbfounded.

Before this relationship with Christina. When she went with her to the great forest of Samar, Christina insisted on her cassock and white robes.

– You can wear different clothes.

-If a priest doesn’t wear priestly clothes, what do they wear? In particular, since accompanying with Eugene is according to God’s will, you cannot take off your priestly uniform.

On the subject of what I said then. The current Christina was lying calmly without changing her expression… … .

“you… … don’t keep talking back Where adults say… … suck… … .”

Words that came out without me knowing. Senja was startled and covered her mouth, but Cristina did not miss the opportunity to end Senya’s breath.

“Ah, yes, it is. I am truly sorry, Senya-sama. Senya-sama is a whopping 300 years older than me, and I, who is 23 years younger, shouldn’t talk back to Senya-sama in an arrogant way.”

“that… … case… … no, that’s fine.”

“No, it’s not okay. If Senya-sama is a standing old tree, I can be said to be a green sprout that has just sprouted, right? How could I disrespect Senya?”

“No, it’s really fine. You can just talk back.”

“Then yes, I understand. Senya. Now that I’ve received your permission, I’ll try to talk back comfortably from now on.”

Senya’s eyes shook dizzy. I couldn’t see a hole for her to get out of… … .

“that… … Do you like the clothes?”

I didn’t want to admit defeat like this. Senya straightened her expression and slightly lifted the hem of the cloak that was wrapped around him.

“I know that? The clothes I gave to you and Anis. It was not chosen by Eugene alone, but also included my concerns. It didn’t take much time to choose.”

“But for us, Eugene-nim thought of it and chose it.”

“What is it? But my cloak was troubled for a whole day… … .”


Cristina burst out laughing. Eugene quietly stepped back, anticipating her next words.

“day? no. That cloak is the one that Eugene-sama bought that day.”


“And so, Senya-sama. Eugene’s cloak for Senya… … The reason why I prepared a present is because Anis-sama advised me to prepare a present.”

Senya’s eyes widened.

“If Anis-nim hadn’t given advice, Eugene-nim would have gone to meet Senya-nim empty-handed. Is that all? Everything Yujin-sama did that day was also because of my advice and Anise-sama’s advice.”

“uh… … uhh… … .”

“And that. What Senya-sama received was a cloak… … . I am… … Whoops.”

Cristina smiled and lifted the string of her necklace slightly.

“A necklace that Eugene-sama thought of and chose herself, and put it on my neck ‘twice’.”

Senya’s eyes fluttered.

“The jacket I received, and the coat Anise-sama received.”

Kwadeuk. Senya’s molars chewed hard.

“Oh my goodness… … I have received three presents.”

“Where has this bastard gone?!”

Senya yelled and turned her head to find Eugene.

Eugene tried to ignore the shouts from afar and accelerated his run away.


Anicilla enjoyed the aroma of black tea and looked back on the past.

Theonis, a feisty and nervous concubine. As for her death, she feels great regret as a parent and woman who gave birth to the same child, but thanks to Theonis’s death, Anniesilla became the mistress of a huge family named Ryan Hart, as she had hoped.

Because Theonis had gone like that, Anicilla had no choice but to change, and by becoming the hostess she wanted, her heart became richer and richer. Her children’s education, which had been polarized, was also softened, and she decided to respect her twin’s choice and will.

Adopted Eugene Lionheart.

The child was the object of caution from the beginning, but in Anicilla’s opinion, Eugene was too outstanding and outstanding. If I became a rival of the twins, it seemed that I would not be able to handle it no matter what.

So I tried not to make him an enemy at all. She asked Xian and Ciel to do the same, and fortunately, Annie Silla’s wishes were met.

that… … Eugene, who did not look like a child even at a young age, may not think of Anicilla as her stepmother. Her twins, born to her by Anicilla, became Eugene’s brothers.

Thankfully, Eugene was not greedy for the position of head of household. She rather hates being the head of the household, and actively supported his brother Xian to become the head of the household.

If Ciel had been greedy about becoming the head of household, it would have been a headache in many ways, but fortunately Ciel wasn’t greedy for the position of head of household. In the end, it became clear that Xi’an would become the family head without any major problems.

Now that I think about it, it was an environment in which poison was inevitable.

The mansion has changed a lot compared to when Anicilla first came to this family. When she first came to Ryan Hart, the mansion was very desolate and quiet.

A very spacious mansion. The only thing that could be called ‘family’ in this mansion was her husband, Guillaid. Theonis did not regard Anicilla as her family, and the young Iod shunned her Anicilla.

Knights loyal to the family. When Anicilla first came, all the knights in this mansion were on Theonis’ side. As time went by, Theonis’ distorted character gradually left the hearts of the knights, but in the ‘first’, there was only one husband on the side of Anicilla in this mansion.

—-Even that did not ease Anicilla’s heart. Gil Reid, when she first got married, was not a good husband to say the least. Since she had to have the skill and reputation she deserved as the head of Ryan Hart, Gil Reid often vacated her mansion.

Each time, Anicilla had to live alone in a mansion that was full of enemies and was too spacious. Her parental family, Count Caines, is a prestigious aristocratic family with a solid foothold in the empire, but she, Anicilla, has never once expressed her sorrow for her parental family.

Ambition to become the mistress of a huge family called Lionheart. After more than 20 years, Anicilla finally turned his enemies into allies and became Ryan Hart’s mistress.

‘I thought that was enough… … .’

Now, instead of being desolate and quiet, the Lionheart Mansion was crowded and noisy. Elves live in the forest where animals were released, the number of family members increased by 2, and there were also 2 more undeserved diners.

As the family grew, so did Anicilla’s concerns. However, after experiencing it, she was unexpectedly peaceful and good.

It was like that even now. Anicilla slightly raised her gaze and looked ahead.

Are you smart A colleague of the great Vermouth, the founder of the family. That legendary person is enjoying tea time with Anicilla… … . It was something he had never imagined, and he thought it would be as uncomfortable as sitting on a cushion of thorns… … When he sat face to face, there was nothing uncomfortable about it.

Senya Merdane. She was far from the person Anicilla had imagined and painted. I thought this might be very rude, but Anicilla… … She thought Senya, who had lived for 300 years, was innocent and cute. like… … like a daughter

‘I can’t do that… … .’

Of course, that’s just what I think. She really couldn’t treat Senya like her own daughter.

“My wife… … .”

Senya, who was enjoying the aroma of black tea, opened her mouth.

It was Senya who suggested this tea time. To promote friendship? It wasn’t for such an innocent reason. Senya had a cunning yet definite purpose, and a curiosity about Anicilla.

“What do you think your husband would think if he tried to take another wife?”


“Uhm… … I mean. Another wife here… … What if it increases? Do you think she will be able to get along?”

It was a question I couldn’t understand. Annie Sheila blinked her eyes and corrected her expression.

“Senya. From now on, I was my husband’s second wife.”

“Oh, yes, I know that. But now your wife has become your main wife, right?”

“yes. It was the position I longed for, but… … .”

“I heard there was an unfortunate accident. I am… … Hmmm, I don’t question your qualifications. It’s not like I want to tell the story of a deceased person I don’t know or have never met.”

How should I solve this? Senya furrowed her eyebrows as she wiggled her fingers. I looked back and forth between the faces of Merga Senya, who was quietly eating a snack by her side, and her Anisilla.

“I don’t think my husband will increase his wives anymore… … If the husband tries to take another woman as his wife. I, yes, I will make an effort to get along.”

“Aren’t you going to resent your husband?”

“You must resent it. I am a woman too.”

Anicilla put down the teacup with a wry smile.

“Still, if the second wife eventually comes in. I will try to get along. Unless my second wife is looking for my place.”


“The seat of the royal family.”

Anicilla’s voice gained strength.

“I also came in as a second wife and worked hard to become a vassal. Isn’t the first better than the second?”

“Isn’t that right?”

“If my husband loves me the most and protects me personally. If my children can carry on the family. I don’t care how many wives my husband adds to her.”

“really… … Really?”

“Well, on second thought… … It doesn’t seem to matter. It’s common for a man from a noble family to have multiple wives, and a woman from a noble family to have multiple sons-in-law. I think so.”

Anicilla’s voice lowered slightly.

“After all, if you have multiple wives and multiple husbands, aren’t you scum?”

“trash… … !”

“Yes, this is a secret. my husband… … Uhm, he’s a great person. He thought it had a bit of a trashy side to it. In the old days.”

The reason Gilreid took a second wife was because Theonis was unable to bear children anymore.

Lionheart is an empire, no, the most prestigious military family on the continent. In order to become the head of the family, you had to be the best among the many lionhearts, and it was a tradition to build a natural competition with your brothers from a young age.

Words that Gilade might feel unfair to hear… … . But Annie Sheila in her youth honestly thought that way.

“trash… … That’s right, trash, right?”

Senya nodded excitedly.

Why did you suggest tea time to Anicilla? I want to curse Eugene like someone else, but I can’t go to Jehard and curse Eugene. My older brother, Sycnad? After all, he is an elf, so he has a different point of view than humans… … .

“Senya-sama… … .”

When she opened her mouth, Anicilla hesitated for a moment without being able to speak immediately. What she wanted to ask was because she was worried that she would sound too rude to Senja.

but… … too… … Were you being too blatant? You acted so obvious in front of others, should I pretend not to know?

trouble of the moment.

Memories from a few days ago came flooding back. Senya and Mer were choosing clothes in the dressing room early in the morning.

mother and daughter

what about dad?

“… … .”

Is that all? A story that goes back and forth between the servants of the mansion. Walking the trails in the forest without skipping a day… … master and disciple. You might think so, but the story told through the elves was completely different… … .

“Senya-sama… … that… … Eugene… … .”


Senya spurted the black tea she was drinking. Tea splashed gracefully out of her lips, but Merga, who was sitting next to her, immediately used her magic to stop the tea from spilling onto the table.

At this point, expecting Senya to pour black tea was a very simple and easy calculation for Mer.

“Zezeze, me, what about Eugene?”

Senya scrambled as she wiped the corners of her mouth with the back of her hand. Mer glanced at Senya and pouted her lips.

“Senya-sama, your words are different from when you came here.”

“All the time, what am I?”

“You said that you would make Anicilla-sama be on Senya-sama’s side, and the Lionheart family would officially recognize their relationship.”

Believing that she could not leave it alone, Mer spoke on behalf of Senya. At those words, Senya’s face turned red like a ripe apple, and Anicilla’s lips parted.

“school… … association!”

“no… … uh… … Hmm, uh hmm!”

“Are you already in that relationship?”

“uh… … Uh, uh, why… … why! Can’t you?!”

It has become irreversible… … . Senya stuttered as she set down the teacup with trembling hands.

“Isn’t that possible? You and your wife know that! Eugene, isn’t he overflowing with many charms? yes? Yes? He’s young, but hey, he’s actually not that childlike… … .”

It was already expected, but the shock was not light when it was confirmed. Anicilla blinked her blank eyes and listened to Senya.

“I am… … Uh, I can’t explain how well! There’s a great bond between me and Eugene, right? Ugh, what a bond. 300 years is nothing to that bond. no way… … no way! Madam, are you saying that because I am 300 years old, I cannot acknowledge my relationship with Eugene?”

“count… … Senya-sama, calm down for a moment… … .”

“How old are you? uh? What is 300 years old! It’s true that I, I lived to be 300 years old. If you ask me if I ate 300 years old, it would be very unfair, right?”

“Calm… … .”

“I am 300 years old! Actually, it’s not 300 years old. uh? It would be unfair to say that I am 300 years old.”

Sorrow exploded.

Christina Rogeris. Senya was unable to resist properly as she was beaten up with her words by the evil woman. What made Senya especially sad was the existence of Anis, who was not much different from Senya in terms of her circumstances. The two never bit each other, and they tormented Senya like two-headed snakes… … .

“Look at my body. Does this look like a 300 year old body? I mean no! 20-year-old, perfectly composed. Why am I 300 when my body is 20? uh? mental? I’m 300 but think like I’m 20! 300 years old but living like a 20 year old! Why is this 300 years old!”

“Senya-sama, Senya-sama please!”

Anicilla hurriedly got up and approached Senya.

Companion of the eponymous Great Vermouth. The wise Senya, the greatest wizard in history! She was afraid that the servants of her mansion and her knights would hear her cry that she was 20 without acknowledging her own age.

“Senya. I don’t think Senya-sama is 300 years old!”

“really? Jeong, really?”

“Yes, of course. Senya is younger and more beautiful than me. mental… … 20… … I feel like I’m 20 years old. It’s disrespectful, but I think Senya-sama is like a daughter… … .”

“Look… … ! I knew it. I heard that her wife treated her Mer as if she were her own daughter? Mer is 150 years older than her wife!”

It was a fact that Anicilla had been ignoring all along because she didn’t want to be aware of it… … .

Mer puckered her lips, hating Senya for tripping herself up for nothing.

“I am also 200 years old, but I have the body of a girl. My self also belongs to a girl.”

“so do i! I am 300 years old, but I have the body of a young lady.”

“My lady makes me look a little older.”

Mer muttered in a low voice, and Senya’s fists clenched. Even though I couldn’t take her side, to put a knife into the body of the same side… … !

“Calm… … Calm down Senya. I, well, I don’t think age has anything to do with people loving people.”

“You really think so?”


“Then do you approve of me dating Eugene?”

“admit… … ? I’m not sure if this is a problem I have to admit… … . I’m not Eugene’s biological parents… … .”

“But the hostess of this family is Mrs. Anicilla, isn’t it?”

“It is, but… … .”

Anicilla hesitated, confused.

Of course, Anicilla is Lionheart’s mistress, but isn’t Eugene the real power of this family? Whoever Eugene dates and marries, it will be entirely up to Eugene’s will to decide. Neither Annie Silla nor Gil Reid, nor even Jehad, her biological father, would be involved in the matter. He said he would do it because he likes Eugene, but what can he say?

“Admit it.”

“yes… … ?”

“Admit it, quickly.”

“For Jehard-sama… … .”

“Please acknowledge your wife and speak for me.”

This was the cunning purpose Senya had in the first place. To enlist her Annie Scylla on her side and win her approval. After that, through Anicilla, tell Gilreid and Jehard about their relationship.

“ah… … All right. First of all, yes, I’ll admit as you please. To my husband and Jehard, I… … uhh… … to tell… … I will try.”


Senya hesitated as she wrapped her hand around her cheek, which was still red.

“Do you really think I’m intoxicating right now?”


“Am I a drunkard?”

He probably wants you to answer no, but… … Anicilla couldn’t say the word ‘no’.

Senya made a despairing expression as she watched Anicilla’s eyes shake.

“You said I looked like a daughter… … !”

“that… … .”

“Are you lying?”

“No, that was what he said. inject… … I didn’t think so… … .”

“You thought similarly, didn’t you?! How could you do that to me? I am the wise Senya! Vermouth, who founded this family, was friends with that bastard. To think of me as an entertainer!”

“Please, Senya, please don’t say such things… … !”

“You talk to me too.”

“yes… … ?”

“You’re talking nonsense to Mer… … ! So, talk to me as well. Like a daughter!”

“Sena… … Mr. Senya. Do you know what you are talking about?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know anything. i just… … I just want to be your wife and daughter. I am baby.”

The words he poured out because he was so sad and unfair created a huge storm in Senya’s head. Shame, unacceptable in a normal state of mind, escaped Senya’s mind. She lowered her head as she gasped for breath.

Anicilla closed her eyes tightly. She had a hunch that this inability to see with her eyes open and ugly would not end unless she made a bold decision on her own.

“Sena… … hey… … !”

“uh… … mom… … .”

“Senya… … .”

“mom… … !”

What the hell is this all about… … Mer looked at Senya’s face in amazement.

Naturally, it was Senya who felt the greatest shame in all of this. She hung her head down, feeling a strong suicidal urge.

“mom… … no… … wealth… … ma’am.”

“yes… … Sir Senya.”

“Madam’s… … You have a daughter, right?”

“yes… … My name is Ciel Lionheart.”

“I want to meet you once… … . I-I am confident that we can get along well.”

“yes… … Ta, please take good care of my daughter.”

As she said that, Anicilla was worried about Ciel. She never said it directly, but it seemed clear to her that Ciel was interested in Eugene as a member of the opposite s*x.

‘What should I do with this… … .’

There is no blood relationship. Even though it’s a collateral, there is no problem with marriage because it’s a long way away. Although the fact that Eugene is adopted is immediately a problem, isn’t that the point of discontinuing the marriage at the time of marriage?

In fact, it had been the wish of Gilreid and Anicilla for a long time. If Xian’s succession as head of the family was confirmed, and Ciel had a good relationship with Eugene, it would have been a great celebration for the family.

“By the way… … Mr. Senya. You said you were dating Eugene… … What kind of relationship does St. Christina have with Eugene?”

warriors and saints. She honestly didn’t see it that way. Senya is more outspoken than Ciel, and Saint Christina is… … . Didn’t he openly appeal to Eugene enough to make the two of them feel like children? Before Senya came to Lionheart, when Cristina first lived as a family member at Lionheart. It is a fact that everyone in the main family saw how devoted she was to Eugene.

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

“also… … !”

“trash… … . It’s garbage. That bastard is garbage.”

Anicilla pondered whether to agree to that statement or not.

trash… … Trash is true, but to be honest, isn’t it trash full of abilities? The great hero of 300 years ago, the wise Senya, the saint of this era, and… … .

‘To my daughter… … .’

Thinking so made Anicilla somewhat angry.

Eugene Lionhart.

Thieves in the trash.

“car… … I drank well.”

Senya staggered and rose from her seat. Anicilla stood up as well. The two exchanged awkward glances for a while.

“I am… … I’m rooting for Senya.”

“yes… … .”

“Don’t get too upset. Age doesn’t matter.”


“and… … Umm… … What if, what if Eugene takes more wives. Please get along well.”

“yes? Are you saying something different from before?”

“Hmm, no. Didn’t I say I’d try to get along with you too?”

Anicilla turned her head in embarrassment. Senya was puzzled by her appearance and tilted her head. She had never met Ciel, she had never heard her story about Ciel properly from Christina, Anis, or Mer… … .

“hmm… … . all right. I don’t want to fight Christina either.”

To tell the truth, I didn’t have the confidence to fight and win.

“Try to get along… … .”

Before Senya could finish her words, the sky suddenly turned dark. As the surroundings became dark as night, Anicilla looked up at the sky in bewilderment.

“oh my god… … ?!”

Anicilla widened her eyes in amazement.

Lionhart’s mansion sky.

I saw a dragon with its wings spread wide.


When Senya and Mer had tea time, Eugene was by Christina’s side.

The task of purifying the corpse of Lyzakia, which was too large to grow. If you borrow the power of the holy sword, the purification work will be faster than expected. Eugene also had no reason to use the holy sword outside of battle, and since it was a request he had no reason to refuse, he had been by Christina’s side for the past few days.

Most of the time the sun is up.

The god Christina and Anise serve is the god of light, and the holy sword Eugene possesses is also the holy sword of the god of light. In fact, the divine power of light does not necessarily mean that the sky and surroundings must be bright… … The reason is that it can be attached to any amount.

[enfant terrible… … .]

It was Cristina who planned all of this.

The time the sun rises and the time it sets. Which one is longer or shorter is different for each season, but Christina decided that it was overwhelmingly advantageous to monopolize Eugene during the day when the sun was up.

It was the right decision.

time when the sun goes down. night. what do you do at night Normal people sleep. Some people may do stern things without sleeping, but… … .

Unfortunately, Senya did not have that kind of courage. The only thing Senya could do with Eugene on a dark night was a night walk.

“How long will it take?”

“I think it will be over in 15 days.”

In that question, Cristina did not lie. She replied with a grin, not breaking her prayerful posture. Originally, she expected it to take more than a month, but thanks to the light from the holy sword, the purification process will be over in another 15 days.

“The question is, how do you use it?”

Eugene sat with his arms folded, lost in thought. There are many ways to use a dragon’s corpse, but the dragon material is very difficult to handle.

In fact, the correct answer is ‘I don’t know’ rather than ‘difficult’. The most dragon deaths in history were 300 years ago. In the history of the continent before that, dragons have never been hunted by humans.

Nevertheless, there are very few weapons and armors that use dragons as material on the continent, but they do exist. It is the dragon’s mercy and grace that such an artifact exists.

A dying dragon choosing to give to someone else rather than return its own body to nature. It’s very rare, but there have been a few times in the history of the continent.

Even if Senya had Akasha right now, the dragon who had a relationship with the elves gave it as a present before death. Even when Eugene was Hamel, wandering around Helmood with her companions, she encountered a dying dragon and was presented with a dragon heart. Oryx Dragonic, the founder of the Dragonic family, also received the dragon’s grace while wandering through the dungeon.

In the long history of the continent, such cases were rare, but they did exist. The problem is that it is so rare that even the technology is not properly handed down, let alone craftsmen who know how to handle dragon materials.

Since Lionheart is a martial artist, he has a connection with the artisan guild, and he has a lot of friendship with the best artisans called masters within the guild. However, he tried to put a request there, but he replied that even the masters of the artisan guild were ‘not confident’ in handling dragons.

It shouldn’t be. With this kind of top-notch material, of course, a perfect result should come out.

‘I have to go to the dwarves in the end.’

There are no dwarves in the Craftsman Guild. The proud race refused to join the guild, treating themselves the same as human artisans.

“If I had known this, I would have brought the dwarves from the Dragon Demon Castle.”

Eugene felt sorry for that fact, so he licked his lips. At that time, if she had brought the dwarves to Lion Heart, she would not have had to worry about this… … .

“I heard that the Dwarves of the Dragon Demon Castle, Noir Jebela, have won that bastard.”

Christina said, furrowing her eyebrows.

“Is it Jebela Park or what? They say they are working there.”

“It means the owner has changed. Foolish steppe bastards, after making them free at best, are you now sucking on Noir’s toes?”

Eugene clicked his tongue and spat out.

Of course, Eugene dropped the dragon castle not for the freedom of the dwarves. It just happened that way.

And unlike being treated as unpaid slaves in Yongma Castle, the dwarves under Noir Jebella are doing the work they want while spending every day full of happiness… … .

Naturally, Eugene and Cristina didn’t care about that fact.

“I have also inquired about the Vatican and Captain Raphael. There are also dwarven artisans on the Juras side, but they specialize in handicrafts and statue carvings… … They say they don’t have confidence in weapons and armor.”

“In the end, the officials should find out.”

Simuin is the country with the most dwarves on the continent.

The reason was simple. Simuin has been called ‘the country of knights’ since long ago, and it is a country where free knights from all over the continent stay at least once, even for training. There are also a lot of small battles, so there are a lot of mercenaries.

As a result, equipment manufacturing technology for knights and mercenaries developed.

Also, Exceed, the magic armor representing the Simuin. The variable armor was also of various types, from the highest grade to the poor quality, but all of the high-grade and higher acid were made by the dwarves.

‘The leader of the raging knights. Ortus Heiman’s Exceed was a partial use of the Dragon Heart. Scales and leather were also used.’

There isn’t even one. Simuin owns several weapons and exceeds that use dragons as material. In order to process Raizakia’s corpse perfectly, you’ll need to bring in a dwarf from Simuin.

Easy to say, but it wasn’t that simple. The dwarves of Simuin are treated with utmost hospitality, being called intangible cultural assets, and the royal family protects the dwarf skills from being exposed to foreign countries.

‘You can kill Iris and in return, you can get support from the dwarves. No, it seems like this is the loss to hit with that… … .’

Thanks to Iris, who has become a pirate, Simuin is experiencing various difficulties. Even if Seimuin made up his mind and dispatched the navy and Ortus, it would be difficult to deal with Iris, who leads a pirate fleet of hundreds of ships.

Especially the stage is the sea. Iris’ dark warfare’s evil eye is not only aggression, but also has excellent mobility, so no matter how good the crew’s navy is, it won’t be able to push Iris.

But Eugene is different. No matter how many troops Iris has, isn’t she a ragtag pirate in the end? Once I slit that damn Dark Elf’s head, I’ll be able to do something.

There were no Eclipses or Prominences when we played in Keyel. Neither the ignition nor the moonlight sword were used. However, there is no need to set such a limit in the simusain. What if Senya, Cristina, and Anise also support you?

‘I don’t know if the opponent is Noir or Gavid. It’s like Iris… … .’

To be honest, I didn’t think he was someone to be nervous about. Although Iris is stronger than she was 300 years ago, if she fights now, she can of course kill her. Didn’t that Noir Jebella overwhelmingly defeat Iris in the first place?

If Iris struggles with ‘something like that’, then even Noir will not be able to kill, let alone the demon lord.


Eugene stopped thinking and looked up. It was because the magic reaction suddenly appeared from above was caught by the senses. Soon, Eugene’s eyes widened.

In an instant, the surroundings became dark night. The huge body with its wings spread high in the sky blocked the sun.

Eugene opened his mouth in amazement. It was Christina who became her astonished face.


The black dragon with black scales was looking down while showing off its majesty.

[Hehe… … Hehehe!]

Why did the black dragon suddenly appear? It was obvious… … . Eugene’s expression contorted as he heard her laughter vibrate through the air.

[Look, lowly humans. This is the true nature of the original woman! Scales shining like these obsidian! Wings covering the sky!]

A very loud voice. A dragon suddenly appeared in the sky, and the knights of Lionheart jumped out in surprise. They were embarrassed and muttered, but immediately corrected their posture.


Gilade and Gion were also startled and jumped onto the roof.

Eugene knows the identity of that dragon, but people who don’t know the circumstances have no choice but to misunderstand.

Could it be that there was another demon dragon in Helmud that came to avenge Laizakia’s enemies? Or maybe another black dragon came to get the body of Rizakia back?

“it’s okay… … .”

Eugene climbed onto the roof before I knew it and spoke while holding back a sigh.

[Oh, hermit… … No, human!]

The huge dragon’s head came down. Raimirah looked at her Eugene with her big purple eyes shining.

[As you wished, the original woman regained the power of the dragon! This is the true face of the original woman!]

The subject who used to be called a hermit seems to be overflowing with power after the ban has been lifted… … The current Laimira didn’t call Eugene a hermit. Rather, she fluttered her wings provocatively, curling her eyes. ㅡHwaaaak! A mighty wind shook the forest.

[Whoops… … Whoop whoop. I think she might be special and genius among dragons. If it’s the current mother-in-law, maybe… … .]

“Are you crazy?”

Eugene lowered his voice and asked.

“What are you doing? Can’t you come down soon?”

[paper… … Don’t order the main woman… … .]

“Mr. Hak.”

Eugene clenched his fists and held them up. In my mind, I want to fly all the way up there and make a dent in it. I didn’t even think it was necessary. It was because she had clearly taught Raimirrah what it felt like to be beaten before.

[…] … .]

Ruby’s ban was removed from Ariartel. The dragon’s power, suppressed for 200 years, returned.

Thanks to this, Lymira is now able to polymorph freely, and it is also possible to transform into her original form, not a human form. She was able to write her dragon words, which she had not been able to write before, and she received advice from Ari Artel on how to use her dragon words.

The power that came into her hands suddenly excited Lymilia. So before Eugene came to pick her up, she flew directly across the sky to Ryan Hart’s mansion. Thanks to Artel telling her where she was, she didn’t even get lost… … .

[Hmm… … .]

Raimira’s excitement quickly subsided.

Golden eyes shining from below. The anger that pierces the scales and pierces them. Every time I felt it, the ruby ​​that was still stuck in the middle of Lymilia’s forehead throbbed with pain.

[It’s a joke… … . You, don’t be too angry.]

“Come down quickly.”

[Okay… … . Ugh, hermit.]

Maybe this power. I was excited and thought that, but if you think about it, it was a nonsense story.

It’s still Hetzling when Lymilia recovers her strength. However, since Eugene drove the ancient dragon, Lyzakia, to the brink of her death, it was impossible for Lymir Ah to resist Eugene no matter what.

In the end, Lymira began to descend quietly. Then, Eugene once again raised her fist and spat it out.

“You want to come down like that? Are you really going to get mad?”

[Ooh… … .]

Ariartel said that dragons are great and dignified beings. At any moment, a dragon displays dragon-like majesty, and he must never bend. He was told that he must resist contempt and humiliation.

‘It is not contempt and humiliation. A hermit is a hermit because she saved the life of her original daughter. So she must repay her favor to her hermit… … .’

I was also told that dragons have a duty to protect the world, and that they should not hesitate to sacrifice their lives when necessary.

‘The hermit is a warrior. It is only natural that the original woman who protects the world adds her strength to the hermit saving the world. So she is not oppressed by her hermit, but she is his hermit’s companion fighting for the world.’

Lymilia persuaded him in that way and recited the dragon. ㅡHwaaaak! The shadow of the wings that covered the earth disappeared. The form of the huge black dragon changed into a human form.

“… … .”

Eugene’s eyebrows twitched as he saw Raimira coming down. Originally, Lymirah had the appearance of a child with not much difference in age from Mer.

but… … But what does that look mean now? She has a mature look that looks like a mix of Christina and Noir, and even the horns on her head are much bigger than before.

“From today, this is what I saw… … .”

“Can’t we change right now?”

“What, what is the problem? Hermit, even the hermit doesn’t like this… … .”

“Where did the kid learn from seeing strange things! What the hell is that?! What about clothes!”

“oh… … What were the clothes like?”

Raimirah asked with an expression of regret.

What the hell am I supposed to say about this… … . Yujin sighed and shook her head. I thought she was somehow familiar with her clothes. Tracing my memory, it was the stage costume of a demonic idol dancing on the magic screen of Pandemonium.

“Who walks around in that outfit!”

“D-Everyone in Dreamgirls danced wearing these clothes.”


“What shape do you want to change into? … ? Ugh, the hermit will change it into whatever he wants. So lower your fist… … . The original woman is afraid of the fist, so she can’t approach her hermit… … .”

“Change back to your old self.”

“Does the hermit want the appearance of a small original woman?”


“To think that the hermit wanted a young image… … I see.”

Isn’t that a bit strange? Eugene has something caught in his neck, so he hastily looked around her.

Right beside Gilade and Gion were looking at Eugene with confused faces. The expressions of the knights and attendants below were not very different.

“I think you have a strange misunderstanding… … I’m not even Xian… … .”

“What am I?!”

Xian, who hurriedly came out with a knife, shouted with an expression of regret from below.

“No that… … You are engaged to a ten-year-old.”

“I haven’t done it yet!”

“Anyway, I don’t know what to do, but I want a child to be… … It means that you like her like a daughter, and there is no other meaning.”

“Don’t say that, motherf*cker!”

Xian cried out in unjust and angry.

In the meantime, Lymira changed her appearance. She came down on her thin roof in the form of the girl Eugene was accustomed to.

“The hermit did what he wanted.”

Raimirah shuddered as she saw that Eugene’s fist was still raised. Sure, I want to squeeze one… … Eugene lowered his fist and let out a sigh.

“that is… … hmm… … .”

How should I explain it? Eugene pondered for a moment and looked at Gilade. Gilreid did not rush and waited for Eugene to speak first.

“He… … uh… … I am Raizakia’s daughter.”

“Daughter of the Demon Dragon… … ?”

“yes. therefore… … Since I killed my father, I’m sorry, so I took it for now… … Oh, don’t worry. He has no intention of avenging his father.”

“The original woman was favored by the hermit.”

“Look at that. You really don’t have to worry about anything. He’s uh, um, should I say a pet… … .”

“A dragon is a pet?”

I muttered with a face that I couldn’t believe the temperature. She said it at first, but I wondered if it was too much to say that Eugene was also a pet.

Thinking about it, I turned my head around and saw Anicilla, Senya, and Mer standing on the terrace below.

“I am Mer’s friend.”

Eugene pointed at Mer and said, “It’s okay.”

“My relationship with Mer is very good. Maybe Anicilla-sama will like him too.”

For some reason, Anicilla’s gaze felt strange, but Eugene didn’t think much of it.


For 15 days, Eugene had a busy day. What Eugene was particularly engrossed in was experimenting with Lymirah, who had become more like a dragon than before, sitting next to her.

Laimira was suffering from a sore spot, but Eugene did not let her go.

Even if it’s Hetzling, a dragon is a dragon. He didn’t even intend to send Raimirrah directly to the battlefield to fight, but he wanted to keep him inside the cloak and leave it as an assistant.


Eugene lifted his cloak and said.

Something I did dozens of times over the course of several days. Lymilia didn’t say anything and opened her mouth inside the cloak.

ㅡQuaaang! Eugene’s cloak fluttered loudly at the black breath fired from inside.

It was impossible to block the dragon’s breath with any barrier. However, since there was a barrier that Senya had created around Eugene right now, the breath shot in a straight line collided with the barrier and disappeared.


Eugene nodded with a satisfied expression. In combat, he never really felt a lack of firepower. Rather, Eugene had several weapons and skills that boasted high firepower.

Moonlight Sword and Holy Sword, Dragon Spear, Thunder Light Bow, Magical Spear, Crushing Weight. Six high-powered weapons alone. There is even an air sword and Eclipse. The firepower battle that Eugene decided and led was not greatly pushed back even in the battle with the ancient dragon, Raizakia.

[Kuhm… … .]

Inside the cloak, Winid vibrated. For some reason, Tempest, who was intimidated, made known his presence. Winid was also a very good weapon, but in terms of simple firepower, it was forced to fall behind other weapons.

[Hamel. I’m asking just in case, but they said that they don’t use Winid well… … Won’t you lend it to someone? If you’re thinking that way, you’d rather seal Winid in the treasure chest.]

‘why. What are you worried about?’

[Didn’t you hand over the predatory sword to Xian Lionheart just a few days ago!]

‘That’s it… … It’s because I don’t need a predatory sword anymore.’

Eugene replied with a sad expression.

As Tempest said, Eugene handed over the predatory sword to Xian a few days ago. In fact, the word “transfer” is ridiculous, originally, the predatory sword belonged to Lionheart, not Eugene.

I used to carry it because I needed it, but now I don’t have to use it.

The advantage of the predatory sword Aspel is that it can counter magic even if the user is not a wizard. It was that he could have an overwhelming advantage against quite a few wizards. However, now Eugene is a great wizard who has completed his signature, and even has Akasha who can understand most magic.

Of course, the predatory sword has other advantages besides cutting magic. The predatory sword cuts through magic and absorbs the mana used in that magic. In the past, Eugene needed a predatory sword to deal with the moonlight sword, which consumed too much mana.

However, Eugene was no longer lacking in mana. No matter how long the battle is, Eugene’s mana will never be depleted as long as there is a prominence that draws mana from the surroundings in the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony.

So, there was no need to use the predatory sword anymore. On the other hand, what about Xian? Xian is wearing Geddon’s shield, which consumes a lot of mana. Recently, Baek Yeom-sik has risen to 5 stars and has plenty of mana, but even so, it is not enough to abuse Geddon’s shield.

‘The reason I gave Xian the predatory sword was because I thought it suited him well. The head of the family agreed, and Xian also wanted it. The predatory sword wasn’t mine in the first place, so what kind of guy’s transfer is it?’

[is it? Right. Hamel, I… … No, the same goes for Winid. Winid is Lionheart’s, not yours.]

What Tempest feared was lending Winid to Melchis, saying that Eugene was no longer needed… … .

Eugene guessed the reason and snorted.

‘Terrible. The other spirit kings all made good contracts, so why are you the only one stubborn?’

[Just because they’ve gone crazy, does that mean I’m going crazy too?]

Tempest cried out. Eugene ignored the words and put down the cloak that was lifted up.


Before the cloak came down, Lymira poked her head out. She gave her weary look and shook her head.

My stomach wasn’t very good. It might be because I fired too many breaths in a row today, but the ‘connection’ with Eugene hasn’t been properly stabilized yet.

“I feel like the thoughts of the hermit keep flowing… … .”

“You said that in the first few days. You will be fine soon.”

In the midst of an urgent battle, in order to receive immediate support, there was no choice but to connect the accident. Her familiar, Mer, doesn’t get motion sickness even if an accident is connected with Eugene or Senya, but Raimira feels a little motion sickness.

“Please think of her as a good child.”

“Yes, yes.”

“You should praise and pet the original woman.”

“Yes, yes.”

Eugene patted Lymilia’s head while thinking and answering as she wished. If Mer was by her side now, she would have sent a jealous gaze, but fortunately, Mer was not here now.

‘Leave the coordinates and various calculations to Mer, and receive additional support from Lymir.’

In addition to a simple breath, Black Dragon can emit poisonous air. It won’t be as devastating as Laizakia’s miasma, but the dragon’s miasma will be able to enjoy a lot of fun against quite a few demons.

‘The dragon… … To be honest, it’s stronger for me to use magic myself than for him to use dragon words… … .’

“Hermit, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of the original dragon.”

‘In a moment of real danger, you can even pull out your tail and use it as a shield… … .’

“Okay, don’t say anything horrible… … .”

Lymilia cried and jumped out of the cloak.

“That bastard from Laizakia was good at blocking attacks by switching to limbs and tails, but can’t you do that?”

“The original woman’s scales are not as strong as those of the Black Dragon… … . He and she can’t polymorph as quickly as Black Dragon.”

Lymilia’s complexion turned pale and she staggered backwards. Feeling a bit disappointed, Yujin waved her hand at Raimira.

“There is nothing more to adjust, so go and play.”

“Can I really go?”


The color returned to his pale face. Lymirah smiled and pointed to her mansion.

“Anicilla said she would pick out the original girl’s clothes.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Judging from the original woman’s sharp eyes, Anicilla likes the original woman.”

“Anicilla-sama likes children.”

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