Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 128

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Agaroth, God of War.

Ryan Hart’s pride.

warrior of light.

black lion… … .

“If the conditions are right.”

Carmen nodded.

“It’s not completely handed over, it doesn’t matter if it’s a loan for a few days.”

The senator, Cline, also nodded.

“Eugene, do as you please.”

Guillaid also nodded.


Tempest let out a terrible scream.


Melchis let out a cheer. That jubilant cry completely changed the atmosphere in the banquet hall. The orchestra, which had been watching for a while, started playing upbeat music, and the eyes that were fixed on Eugene also slipped away.

By the time the changed atmosphere is ripe. Eugene closed her eyes for a moment and listened to her music.

I actually tried to appreciate it, but to no avail. He had listened to this kind of music since childhood as part of an aristocratic education, but Eugene had no knowledge of music in his previous life or now, and he did not have the sensitivity to feel something while listening to music. I don’t remember him well, but it must have been the same when he was Agaroth.

I can still dance to the flowing rhythm. I don’t know in my previous life, but in this life, I received such education thoroughly.

One, two, three. Eugene fumbled with her memories of when she was little, nipping her toes. This extraordinary body with tall limbs made others see it as a pretty plausible dance just by shaking the body roughly to the rhythm.


Eugene made a decision and approached Senya.

Senya, who had been standing and chatting with Loberian, Melchis, and Hyridus, swallowed her breath and trembled her champagne glass as Eugene began to approach.


I can’t call you by name because I have many eyes to see. While managing his expression, Eugene respectfully stood in front of Senya.

“Would you like to dance a song with your disciple?”

A blush formed on Senya’s cheeks. Before she could answer, tears welled up in Loverian’s eyes.

Although he didn’t hear a definite answer, Loberian guesses that Eugene is Hamel’s reincarnation. So now, Loberian couldn’t help but feel a huge emotion. Two heroes who met a tragic end that could not be achieved 300 years ago—- continue their past romance.

A hero who died alone was reincarnated as a warrior, and a wizard who accomplished a great feat lived in solitude for hundreds of years, filled with grief despite the world’s admiration. These two cross the time span of 300 years, holding each other’s hands to dance in front of Loberian’s eyes… … .

If so, this Loberian Surface, the one who serves the wise Senya as a master teacher, the stupid Hamel, and the one who became Eugene Lionheart’s teacher, can’t we just watch it quietly. Loberian immediately made a hand sign and summoned something of his.

A violin with a beautiful curve appeared. The thing that Loberian is second only to magic. A musical instrument that I have enjoyed since childhood. To this day, the violin is what I play alone on emotional dawns. Even this violin was a magic violin.

“I will play a song for you.”

Who could have imagined that the serious red mage lord would volunteer to perform? The same Mage Tower owners, Melchis and Hiridus, looked at Roberian in amazement. However, Loberian did not feel the slightest bit of shame and threw his violin over his shoulder and rested it on his chin.


A shiny bow grazed the strings.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 400

Loverian’s improvisation. The orchestra at the banquet hall couldn’t help but panic.

Think about it. A banquet held at the royal palace. It’s not even just a banquet. It is an improvement to commemorate the hero’s subjugation of the demon lord, where most of the continent’s powerful leaders gathered.

The band invited to such a banquet could not have been an ordinary band. They are musicians who have tuned in for decades and are individually recognized in the art world. To them, Loberian’s sudden action of taking out his violin was not only embarrassing, but also arrogant.

but. Those thoughts vanished cleanly the moment Loberian started playing the violin.

A great wizard of the 8th circle who can be counted as one of the best magicians on the continent. A disciple of the wise Senya and the magic teacher of Eugene Lionheart, the Red Mage Tower Master. It is because he is a man who has devoted his whole life to magic, and his performance is unbelievable. Of course, the correction of the magic violin would have been beneficial, but even with that out of the box, Roberian’s performance was excellent.

I’ve never tuned in beforehand. However, the orchestra immediately came to terms with Loverian’s playing. The rich music resonated throughout the banquet hall.

I didn’t mean to get this much attention… … As long as you draw a knife, you have to cut something.

Eugene calmed down and stepped to the music. Senya had never learned to dance, but she moved lightly under Eugene’s guidance.

‘this… … What is this… … .’

Senya gulped down and looked at Eugene. Because the distance was so close, I had to raise my gaze to see Eugene’s face. Likewise, Eugene lowered his head slightly and looked down at Senya’s face.

The angle at which a tall man slightly lowers his head and looks at it. Senya’s shoulders trembled, and he unknowingly avoided Eugene’s gaze.

‘Why are you so handsome today… … .’

No, no. Originally, he was good-looking too. The face of the previous life full of scars may be like or dislike… … I thought it was a face that, in a way, seemed like a dog chaban, but in fact, a personality that was not like a dog chaban harmonized with a tough face and radiated charm.

In other words, in fact, it is not really ugly, but a large part of it is undervalued because of scars and impressions. Of course, this was Senya’s subjective opinion, but if someone else said something like ‘Isn’t Hamel’s face really ugly?’ in front of Senya, he was willing to punish it depending on who it was.

—-Unlike Hamel, who had to add such complicated and trivial sentences, Eugene was just handsome. Looking good to anyone Now, in Senya’s eyes, he felt much more handsome than usual.

That damn bastard was like that 300 years ago. Occasionally, very rarely, it strikes people’s minds and knocks their hearts out by doing something out of the ordinary.

Eugene and Senna. As soon as the two started dancing, a group of people formed a pair by matching their eyes.

Most of the people at this banquet are middle-aged and older, many of whom have already started families, and are of high social status. However, there was no shortage of young people, half of whom were young knights and the other half were nobles of officials. The nobility moved actively, talked to them, and encouraged them to dance in order to establish a relationship with the people at the banquet hall.

Many girls also came to Xian.

Eugene’s brother. Lionheart’s next master. No matter how much you think about it, it’s impossible, but if you build a relationship starting today, you don’t know if you’ll go into a concubine someday.

The ladies who visit Xian are also the ladies of high-ranking nobles who serve as servants, but no matter how hard they are, they cannot be compared to Lionheart. For the sake of the family, or for one’s own desires and future. They approached Xian.

Indeed, Xian felt awkward in such a place. I’ve imagined it many times, but I’ve rarely been to it myself.

Because he was influenced by Eugene from a young age, Xian also devoted most of his time to training. In addition, there was not much time to enjoy parties because he had the consciousness of being the next head of household and trained in various fields.

The party she had at least had was a visit with her mother, Anicilla, but the party Xian went to was a party of the highest-ranking nobles in Kiel. Everyone in the party noticed Anicilla, so the young lady rarely approached Xian.

“… … .”

Xian looked ahead with sad eyes.

Mother is holding Father’s hand and dancing with a shy smile. Senya-sama and Eugene were dancing in the center of the banquet hall.

‘Even that bastard Girgas… … .’

Girgas, who is big and has a beard, looks like he is in his 30s despite being in his mid-20s. A robe with frills. It looked hideous beyond the level of inappropriateness. But even Girgas, who has such a terrible sense, was dancing with a beautiful noble lady… … .

It’s not just Girgas. Among the men Xian knew, there was no one who didn’t dance now. Giondo, who had long passed his marriage period, Cesar, the vice-captain of the White Lion Knights, and even Ivata from the Great Forest!

Xian could dance too. There were many girls who came up to dance with me. However, all the young ladies had left, and now standing beside Xian—-Aman Ruhar, who looked like his wedding dress would explode if he applied a little force.

“You really meant to bring Ayla. It would have been very nice to see you and your daughter dancing.”

“haha… … yes… … .”

“Son-in-law, to be honest, I was impressed. If so many young ladies invited me to dance, I would have performed at least one song out of etiquette, but I never thought my son-in-law would come forward and reject them all!”



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Even so, how could I dance with another woman at a party with my fiancée’s father… … .

Of course, he was only thinking this way, and if Aman hadn’t been here, Xian wouldn’t have been very interested in dancing. It was because it was blatantly felt that the approaching women were somehow trying to establish a relationship with Lionheart.

Xian wasn’t the only one not dancing. Christina and Anise. The saints drank wine nonstop and looked at the center of the banquet hall.

“Isn’t it a pity that you couldn’t be the first?”

Ciel, who was standing beside him, pursed his lips and asked. She couldn’t know what the saints would think, as she hadn’t heard an answer yet, but she felt that Ciel—— she felt regret and jealousy for not being the one dancing there right now.

Of course, Ciel also knew in his head. Senya is the ‘first’ person Eugene has feelings for. This messy and promiscuous relationship was formed because everyone couldn’t give up, along with Senya’s understanding. That’s why, rather than feeling jealous of Senya, Ciel should be grateful for her understanding so that they can maintain their current relationship.

ㅡThat means he only knew it in his head. No matter how much I tried to think of it, it just didn’t turn out the way I thought. The bottom of my chest feels like it’s being scratched with my nails, and my stomach rumbles.

Ciel sighed and looked back at Christina.

‘Anis-sama… … is it?’

Watching him drink wine non-stop, he could only guess that it might be anise. Ciel still couldn’t tell the difference between the two.

When consciousness changes without any sign, only Eugene can accurately distinguish it. Senya could tell them apart if they even opened their mouths to speak, but Eugene, strangely enough, could tell the difference between the two through subtle changes in their gaze and breathing, even without the saints opening their mouths.

‘Because it’s inappropriately delicate.’

As Ciel thought so, a half-empty wine glass was placed on the table.

“I am grateful for what I have.”

The answer came back with a smile. It was Christina. I didn’t like the beer or high-level alcohol that Anise preferred, but the type of wine I drank from time to time even before Anise settled in.

“And the world doesn’t end with today, does it? I am not in a hurry.”

“… … Is Anis-sama like that too?”

“Why is it different from me? Like Christina, I am grateful and content with everything I have now. In the first place, 300 years ago, I didn’t even expect to be able to stand by his side, let alone be the first.”

Anise snorted and walked closer to Ciel, crossing her arms.

“In other words, for me, everything right now is like a dream that couldn’t come true.”

A voice whispering in your ear. Ciel’s shoulders trembled and he tilted his body sideways. Anis laughed happily at Ciel’s reaction.

“Me and Cristina enjoy just looking at Hamel… … As a greedy person, you want more, right? The dance between the two of you will soon be over, so if you’re thinking of plucking up your courage, now would be the right time.”

“… … Aren’t you two going?”

“Me and Cristina can’t dance. And we who are saints, even if our opponent is a hero… … It wouldn’t look very virtuous to dance and be happy in front of this many people.”

It wasn’t something I said for nothing. Among the paladins and priests of Euras, no one danced. Ciel looked around and swallowed.

… … What if I get rejected? He thought about that for a moment, but Ciel shook his head vigorously to shake the hesitation in his head. However, he couldn’t help the trembling in his heart, so Ciel stared at Raimir A and Mer who were eagerly eating food in the corner of the banquet hall to calm him down.

the two… … I was eating so much food that I couldn’t believe it was the size of a little girl. While they were eating, Mer was the first to seize Lymilia’s horn. She didn’t back down and grabbed Mer’s hair, as if Rymir Ah, who had only been hit before, had now learned her counterattack.

‘Why are you doing that… … .’

After arguing with each other like that, they pick up the food and eat it again.

Does mental age really follow the body? Ciel still couldn’t believe that the two of them had lived for over 200 years. Still, watching the two foolish and stupid, my heart trembled considerably.

the music is over

“Come on, come on, dance well.”

No matter how long it was, it would have been less than 5 minutes. A time that can never be said to be long. But it was much shorter than that to feel it. It feels like the music ended in a few seconds, let alone a minute.

‘It’s okay to dance for a few more hours.’

Senya felt disgusted with Loberian for no reason. If I guessed the circumstances and decided to play a song, I would have chosen a very long song to play, but why did I choose such a short song? Maybe it’s on purpose?

“… … What’s wrong with your expression?”

Eugene’s expression. Lips twisted at a subtle angle. Cheeks twitch together. Eyebrows with different heights. An expression so nasty that you could raise your fist without even realizing it.

“Master, you really can’t dance… … .”

secret whispers.

“It’s hard to say that because I’m a wizard, I don’t have the skills to use my body… … Are you good at fighting? But if you can’t dance like this, you must be born with it.”

Senya looked at Eugene with her lips half-open.

“You need to practice more.”

nice dance. handsome face. A lead mixed with meticulous care. heart palpitations. Those things are cold.

What the hell is this crazy bastard? Senya trembled his clenched fists and looked at Eugene.

‘… … for a moment… … .’

before arriving at the port. A trivial conversation, reminiscent of the palace ball 300 years ago.

Both Hamel and Senya at that time could not dance well. Now, 300 years later, Senya still can’t dance very well. Because she didn’t want to dance in a world where Hamel had died.

Hamel, on the other hand, became able to dance well. Senya is almost the same as in the distant past, but Hamel has changed so much.

However, that doesn’t mean that Hamel is not Hamel. Even if her face changed, her body changed, her name changed. She is now in front of Senya, and the man Senya loves has not changed.

If it was Hamel from 300 years ago.

After dancing, he would have teased me like that. Senja was confident in his understanding. That kind son of a bitch, so that Senya wouldn’t feel depressed. And he is talking like a dog to express that he has not changed anything from the past… … .

“thank you.”

Senya smiled with wet eyes. Embarrassed that her tears had pooled, she slightly turned her head away.

‘Why are you crying… … .’

Could it be that he was so hurt by being teased for not being able to dance? Eugene thought while staring at Senya tremblingly.

Surprisingly, the ‘understanding’ that Senya had reached was fundamentally wrong. Eugene didn’t say that for Senya’s sake. She was teased purely because Senya couldn’t dance.

Even Senya, who was wise, couldn’t figure out the truth right away. She stepped back from her, feeling full of joy. She said that just a moment ago, she wanted to dance more and more, but if she danced more, her tears seemed to flow.

Senya staggered back and sat down in a chair with Melchis helping her.

The music has changed.

What coincidence is this? The newly played music was something Ciel had heard since he was little, and it was the music he and Eugene listened to when she was receiving etiquette education at her parents’ home.

‘This is destiny.’

My brain brightened.

Okay, now what? dance to the music Although the venue was the Lionheart’s home, this was not the first time he had danced with Eugene. In other words, while receiving etiquette training, he had danced with Eugene several times.

maybe… … Was it when she was 14 years old. A young age where I couldn’t properly grasp my emotions. Rather than being shy, the desire to play pranks on Eugene was stronger, so she would deliberately stumble a few times while dancing.

It would be fun if we fell over together. It was a joke with that thought in mind, but even when he stumbled at an unexpected timing, Eugene did not get distracted and led Ciel.

Thinking back to that time, I smiled involuntarily. Ciel giggled and approached Eugene. Eugene, who was standing there, turned his head when he heard Ciel’s footsteps.

I wasn’t upset. I just thought it was finally here. She thought that if she started dancing at this banquet, Ciel would definitely come.

“Isn’t this a familiar song?”

Yujin said that first and smiled. Her words and her laughter startled Ciel.

“Do you remember?”

“Of course I remember. I don’t know the name of the man with the mustache who came as a teacher of etiquette, but I remember this song he used to play until he got tired of it.”

It’s not just me who remembers.

Ciel sighed in surprise and gave a familiar smile. She opened her lips, gently passing her hand towards her Eugene.

“If you are familiar with each other—- how about a song together?”

after speaking

Time seemed to stretch like melted cheese. The gap between real time and felt time was enormous. It must have been a few seconds at most, but that short time felt so long and slow to Ciel.


but. The moment Eugene’s answer returned, the flow of time returned. It was not like melted cheese, but like a rubber band that had been pulled taut, like it had shrunk in a snap. Ciel tried to answer calmly, but her voice didn’t come out well. Instead of answering at the end, she smiled with pursed lips and took Eugene’s hand.


hand to hand contact. It wasn’t even the first time, but as if it was the first time, an electric current flowed through the skin and inside. From that moment on, even the music I was used to was far from my ears.

I could only hear Eugene’s breathing. Somehow I was dancing by moving my body, but I couldn’t tell if I was really dancing.

Should I lower my eyes and check the steps? I didn’t even think of that. Ciel’s eyes only saw Eugene, and he didn’t try to see anything else. And in my mind,

‘As expected, it has to be you.’

I thought so. In my heart, I want to stay together forever. Even if I’m stubborn, I want to go with Eugene wherever he goes.

‘… … no.’

Music I often listened to when I was young. dance we did together. A lot has changed now. Aside from the fact that neither of them had reached a young age, Eugene had gone too high and far away. Even if you dance together like this and reminisce about your childhood, it is impossible to be the same as before.


Ciel leaned forward a little. His dance lines were undisturbed, but he leaned so close that he seemed to be embraced.

“I will work hard.”

I am not asking for an answer.

“Going back to my parents’ house, just like you said, working hard… … I will become someone who can help you even once.”

Something that Senya, the archmage, could not do. What Saints Cristina and Anise couldn’t do.

But what Ciel can do.

“therefore… … .”

to carry out mana. Raising the achievement of the white salt ceremony. To be able to use the Mystic Eye that cannot be used immediately.

“… … Say you believe in me.”

It’s not a big deal, so why is it so heavy to say? Why is my face so hot again? Ciel hesitated and lowered his gaze.

“What are you talking about so trembling?”

Eugene laughed and grabbed Ciel’s arm. The body, which had been suddenly pulled and staggered, spun around in Yujin’s arms.

“Of course I trust you, Ciel.”

At the answer that came back, Ciel held his breath.

expected answer. It was also the answer I expected. But as for how to respond to that, my head went blank, and I couldn’t think of anything.

So, Ciel just nodded slightly.

That was enough. I believe in you. In fact, what I really want is a lot more embarrassing… … Those words are full of love, but they are too greedy.

‘that’s enough.’

The sound of the music I hadn’t heard began to sound in my ears again. My body, which I couldn’t tell how it was moving, became conscious.

‘My God, what am I doing?’

You couldn’t even call it a dance, you were just being dragged around by Yujin.

Ciel clicked his tongue at himself for doing something stupid. I don’t know anything else, but he thought he should dance better than Senya, who danced with Eugene earlier. Looking at him so far, he’s done a gruesome dance enough to have a good fight with Senya-sama.


Ciel’s expression turned serious.

After that it went off without a hitch.

After finishing a dance with Ciel, he invited Melkis to come and dance. Senya glared at Melchis quite frankly, but Melchis clung to Eugene without being conscious of the gaze.

“please please!”

Eventually, after Loverian and Hyridus captured Melchis, Eugene was freed.

“Did you enjoy the dance?”

Next, I dealt with Christina and Anise, and poured the liquor down their throats like water.

“I have no intention of dancing anyway, and I do not feel childish jealousy if you dance. But so far I’ve been drinking alone, and you haven’t? So you should hang out with me right now.”

His eyes were fierce when he said that he did not feel jealous.

People who came to Eugene because they wanted to have a short conversation. Even that Ivatar flinched at Christina and Anise’s gaze and couldn’t speak to Eugene.

In the end, Eugene sat next to Christina and drank until the party was over.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 401


The improvement festival is over, and the guests from other countries have returned.

Lionheart also went back to Kiel and the Black Lion Castle. Although he did not hesitate to come to Simuin for Eugene, he could not leave the border Black Lion Castle empty for a long time.

Not all returned.

“Hey, hey, when are we going to do it?”

The king of Arot, the court magicians, and the masters of the mage tower returned, but Melchis remained at the simuin. She came to visit Eugene from early in the morning, and even at this moment, she followed Yujin and begged him.

“What do you mean?”

When he asked back, pretending not to know even though he clearly knew, Melchis’s eyebrows twitched. But instead of getting angry, she rubbed her hands together with a servile smile.

“that… … Eugene, we had a good time yesterday. huh? I thought so, but didn’t you?”

“Please don’t say anything that will misunderstand if anyone hears it.”

“Yesterday, yesterday, at the banquet hall. Could it be that the promise we made at that time was something light, made out of drunkenness? Was it just one night of playing with fire?”

Melchis clung to Eugene, forcibly wringing out tears. It seemed that he was trying to force himself to be conscious of the gazes around him, but to no avail.

“… … Uhm.”

Desperate appeals did not have much effect. Melchis let out a low cough and raised his bent body again.

“Senya-sister, what can you say to me? You heard about it yesterday too!”

“what… … what… … .”

“I mean Winid, Winid! Before Unnie danced with Eugene, she said she would lend me Winid!”

At those words, Senya’s face turned bright red. She gasped and took a quick look around her.

The place where they are now standing is the plaza in the center of the capital. Thanks to the notice in advance, the crowd is controlled, and not only that, but the Royal Knights, who are officials, surround the entire plaza and stand guard. Thanks to that, there was almost no one in this large plaza—-but, even so, Senya was afraid that someone might be listening to those words.

[What now… … .]

Mer muttered something stupid, but it was a very sensitive thing for Senya, who values ​​face in trivial things. Yesterday, even if she danced happily in front of everyone, the next day, the person who remembered yesterday’s dance and couldn’t lift her head in shame was Senya Merdein.

“Please do not fabricate memories at will. I said I would lend it according to ‘conditions’, when did I just say I would lend it?”

“You really do too much. How well I’ve been to you until now, do you always add conditions to each one?”

“When did I personally ask you to do it? Melchis-nim did it on his own. And every time I receive help from Melchis, I think I paid a corresponding price.”

“Eugene, Eugene, you are really mean to say that. commensurate price? The relationship between you and me is not that dry! Just help if you want to help, lend if you want to lend, and that’s okay? look at me now! This white mage tower lord, Melchis Elhaire, flew all the way to this distant southern country to congratulate you and to stand by your side in any danger!”

Melchis grumbled, waving his arms. But Eugene snorted at him and said.

“What are you so condescending about? Melchis-sama wasn’t the only one who came for me. To be honest, the blue mage tower lord, Hiridus Uzlen-nim, can be said to be a person of great character.”

“Ugh… … .”

“The blue tower lord is not even my teacher, but he gave me magic advice several times when I was studying in Yuras. He stood by my side at the hearing, too.”

“Ugh… … .”

“You came to the simuin for me this time, but the lord of the cheongtap has never asked me for anything.”

“Isn’t that enough for you to do something? Like sending a present or something.”

As I listened to it, the shamelessness was absurd. Melkis narrowed his eyes and fired. When he thought of Eugene, he seemed to be too indifferent, so he thought to himself.

‘To celebrate the New Year, I should at least send you a present… … .’

Anyway, the important thing right now isn’t the relationship with the owner of the blue pagoda? Eugene glanced at Melchis, who was slowly approaching him.

“Do you have any conditions in mind?”

“I’ve been thinking about it. But it was very difficult, Eugene, you have too many things. The artifacts that I and the White Magic Tower have are not as great as the ones you have. That’s why I’m giving you money, but I don’t think you’ll find it in your eyes if I give you all my possessions.”

“That is true. Actually, I didn’t tell you because I needed something right away.”

Even so, the reason why he left room was because he thought that it would be more necessary for Melchis, an unprecedented great spiritsman in history, to sign a contract with Tempest in future battles.

When the war with the demon king of confinement broke out, the power of Melchis, who signed a contract with the three spirit kings, could be said to be the most powerful among magicians excluding Senya.

But what if Melchis succeeds in signing a contract with Tempest? Melchis alone would be able to destroy the battlefield infested with demons.

[that… … hmm… … I guess so.]

Tempest hates Melchis. The reason is that Melchis doesn’t have the dignity of a Grand Spirit, and a human named ‘Melchis Elhaire’… … too… … Because it is strange.

However, putting that aside, it was undeniable that Melchis was a genius.

So, Tempest made his own determination and made up his mind. Storm is bound by lingering memories of 300 years ago. He still longs for the North, longing for the victory he could not win in the war of the distant past.

One day, when Eugene climbs the Demon Castle. As in the previous battle, Tempest intended to help Eugene whenever possible. He thought he would be satisfied with that. But—-if I could contribute to the war even more in some other way… … . To be honest, I was more greedy for that.

“I don’t need artifacts, I don’t need money… … . Then there is only one thing I can give you.”

Melchis slowly raised both hands, raised his index finger, and fired a gun at Eugene.

“I will give you.”

Words thrown while closing one eye. Eugene’s face twisted, and Senya’s eyes cooled.

Duduk. Even in Christina’s body, which was covered by her robes, the sound of her bones snapping could be heard. I never thought she would respond so well. Melkiss put her finger down, which she had been aiming at, and put on a sullen look.

“uh… … my body and mind… … .”

“Are you sure?”

“It really is too much. No matter what, I’m going to hit my sister… … . Oh, okay, okay, so don’t go and listen.”

Melchis hurriedly took a pen out of his bosom and scribbled in the air. Then, the space where the letters were written was cut away and turned into white paper.

Melchis handed over the stiff paper he made to Eugene.

“Do you know what this is?”

“What is it?”

“Come on! It’s a Melchis Coupon! If you use this, please die instead, kill yourself, etc. I won’t listen to these requests… … I’ll make sure to do whatever you ask.”

Indeed, is it a magic contract? Eugene looked at the silver Melchis coupon and said.

“Couldn’t it just be over once?”

“uh… … uh?”

“That is so unfair. If Melchis-sama signs a contract with Tempest, the contract will last for decades to come, but to think that he only listened to my request for arranging it once and it was over.”

“uh… … that… … is it… … ?”

“Let’s do this.”

300 years ago. What I’ve learned since working as a mercenary is that it’s important to insist upon gaining momentum, whether it’s a promise or a contract. To put it simply, this problem is that the loudest guy wins most of the time.

“We’re going to expire until all the demon kings die in this world.”

“uh… … Until then, I must do your favor… … ?”

“Think carefully, Mr. Melchis. Honestly, what is this, a Melchis Coupon? Even if you don’t have this, will you say no if I ask you? will you listen? Are you sure you won’t listen?”

“no… … that… … no Well, depending on the content, you may be a bit worried, but… … Maybe you will listen… … ?”

“Yes? By the way, Melchis-sama, have I ever asked Melchis-sama for a personal favor? I only asked for Melchis-nim’s help when it was important, for the world, just, absolutely, absolutely.”

“that… … yes.”

“It will continue to be so. That’s why we decided to make it until the demon king is all gone. If the world becomes perfectly peaceful, there will be no need for Melchis-sama’s help.”

“Even if the world becomes peaceful, wouldn’t there be something I can ask for? Hehehe, this Melchis-sama is good at other things besides fighting.”

“Then shall we extend the maturity? How about until Melchis-nim passes away?”

“ah… … No, just, yes, let’s do it until the demon king dies.”

I don’t know when I’ll die in the future, but it’s better until the demon king dies than to promise that far-off time. Melchis was already naturally thinking about that.

“I promised.”


Melchis replied with a wide smile. Immediately, Eugene took Winid out of his cloak and handed it to Melchis.


Melchis accepted Winid and screamed. Seeing that Winid’s blade was already trembling, it seemed that Tempest’s determination and resolution were shaking.

“Can I go? huh?”

“Yes, go.”

Eugene looked at the Melchis coupon and answered in a dry voice.

This coupon is imbued with a spirit. Anywhere connected to the spirit realm can communicate with Melchis through this coupon.


Melchis let out a funny scream, swung Winid and flew away. Seeing that it flew high into the sky, it seemed that it was trying to communicate with Tempest somewhere high, just like it did in Alot in the past.

“Don’t you have anything to ask of you right now?”

Christina asked while glancing at the other side of the sky where Melchis had flown away. However, Eugene shook her head with a mischievous smile.


“He’s a little strange, but… … uh… … I think he has a good personality. So, wouldn’t it be better not to bother with strange requests… … ?”

Senya said with a confused face.

As the originator of circle magic, he feels quite a lot of affection for his talented juniors. And as a wizard, he acknowledges Melchis’ tremendous talent. So Senya spoke with the intention of protecting Melchis.

“To be teased with strange requests. What are you thinking?”

“Make them run around the streets naked… … .”

“Why am I asking you to do that?”

“So what are you asking for?”

It is not an impromptu idea. Having concluded that she did not deserve anything from Melchis, she had intended to obtain the right to ask her even before Melchis presented her coupon.

“To ask you to dig through the desert for me.”

“… … Amelia Merwin. You said she’s hiding in La Vista right now?”

Christina opened her eyes thinly.

Yesterday, the ‘dream’ Eugene saw through Noir. I also told Senya, Cristina, and Anis about it.

La Vista, the territory where the demon king of destruction sleeps. Amelia Merwin is hiding there. And—- Vermouth is sitting on a chair bound with chains, sealed in a temple that can be said to be the palace of the Demon King… … .

“The Nahama Desert Dungeon has the second largest number of warlocks after Helmud.”

Due to Senya’s return, Arot’s Black Mage Tower collapsed on its own. The warlocks assumed that the wise Senya had opposed the establishment of the Black Mage Tower long ago, and that he would still not like warlocks. Now, there are almost no black magicians in Arot.

Most of them either returned to Helmud or entered the underground dungeons of the Namaha Desert.

“Amelia Merwin, she can’t keep hiding in La Vista. One day, I will not be able to endure it and leave La Vista. You don’t have to wait for that.”

Desert Kingdom Nahama. There, Amelia Merwin does not have a direct position like the Court Magician. But she has no official status, and everyone in the world knows that Amelia Merwin is the Sultan’s closest aide. Immediately, Amelia participated in the Night March as the Sultan’s advisor.

At the same time, Amelia is the desert dungeon master. Although she may not have any direct disciples, she is, in fact, the number of warlocks who obey Amelia’s orders.

Information about the school of warlocks in the dungeon can be obtained from spies belonging to the Kiel Information Bureau. Kiel is a neighboring country of Nahama and opposes Nahama’s aggressive territorial expansion. Had it not been for Helmud, a war would have broken out between Kiel and Nahama long ago.

“It’s easier to ask Melchis-sama to do it than to search that vast desert by myself. He made a contract with the earth spirit king, so he’ll do much better than me at rummaging in the desert.”

While Amelia is gone, she burrows in the desert like a mole and seeks out and hunts hidden warlocks.

To weaken Amelia’s power. To make her upset Amelia storm out of La Vista. And, in order to screw Nahama, who notices Helmud.

‘If I had come to the office with my head down, I would have looked at it.’

A dog-like country that has the second largest number of black magicians after Helmud. Eugene didn’t like Nahama even 300 years ago. He ate a lot of taffy from the Assassins from the desert during his mercenary days, and it was an open secret that I, Hama, sided with the warlocks and demons.

“Are you going to war with Nahama?”

Christina asked with a concerned expression on her face.

“Arot’s Mage Tower owner has to stand neutral… … If not, a war could break out between Arot and Nahama. If so, the Mage Tower owners will be in a difficult position.”

Senya muttered the same. At those words, Eugene proudly pointed at her left breast. Just yesterday, the lion’s insignia that Eugene handed out to the kings shimmered in the light.


This insignia is a promise to obey Eugene’s request, ignoring all formalities and using the royal authority. As Senya said, in Arot, the mage lord must stand neutral. If Melchis, the owner of the magic tower, attacks Nahama and a war breaks out, Arot will hold Melchis accountable rather than start a war.

But if Eugene wears the insignia. Nahama, is it wrong for those bastards to fight warlocks?

“The arch child… … .”

Senya muttered in a low voice. Eugene snorted at her without denying anything.

Of course, there may not actually be a war. If a war broke out in that situation, wouldn’t it be different from acknowledging that Nahama was really Helmud’s servant?

First of all, on the surface, Nahama has little to do with Helmud. It’s just a black magician contracted by the Sultan’s advisor with the demon king of confinement, and a staff of confinement at the time. And the black magicians really like the desert, so it’s all about the extent of living in that country.

‘That’s crazy.’

The Demon King of Confinement will not wage war directly for the Sultan.

But judging from the behavior of that son of a bitch, even if he doesn’t start a war… … It seemed that the Helmud demons would not even control helping Nahama. If Nahama couldn’t stand being beaten back and forth and went to war, the demons who signed a contract with the warlocks might join Nahama’s war.

Rather, it was Eugene’s wish.

“ruler… … then.”

Eugene cleared his expression and looked ahead. Now that I’ve received what I deserve from Melchis… … I have to take care of the errands in the plaza.

“pose… … Should I catch… … .”

The statue of ‘The Hero Eugene Lionheart’ was decided to be erected in this plaza.

Eugene looked at the dwarf artisans waiting from afar and made a gloomy expression.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 402

I can assure you, even if you add up all of Eugene’s present life, previous life, and previous life, the experience you experience as a civil servant will be the highest peak in relation to the feeling of ‘shame’.

Just the parade with Platinum Lion was terrible… … Now, he had to pose for the statue in front of the huge crowd surrounding the plaza.

“I’m asking because I’m really curious and don’t know, do I really have to do this here?”

Yujin couldn’t hold it in and gasped for breath. Then the dwarf in charge of sculpting the statue raised her eyes.

“Shouldn’t we build a statue that best suits this landscape?”

“If you’re a sculptor, shouldn’t you optimize it for this scene even if you pose in the corner of the room?”

“If you are a professional model. It might not be the owner of the descriptive power that reveals vitality in each movement of the fingertips and can match any scenery just by standing… … .”

The dwarf snorted as he raised the bread hat he had put on his head with his fingertips.

“The original statue is important not only to the sculptor but also to the model. Unfortunately, the pose is not very good compared to the hero’s outstanding appearance.”

“… … .”

“Don’t feel too awkward, and don’t be shy. There are several statues that have to show that kind of emotion, but… … Isn’t the statue of a warrior to be erected here now? The hero who subdued the Demon King. I have to show that confidence, bravery, and nobility, but the warrior is too shy.”

“If you want to demand that kind of feeling from me, get rid of the onlookers first.”

“They all came to respect and worship the warrior. That, Hero, I’m asking because I don’t understand this dwarf… … Isn’t it the warrior who requested that the statue be erected?”

Instead of answering, Eugene cleared his throat. The dwarf tilted his head and continued talking.

“It wasn’t that others forced it to be built, it was decided to build it according to the hero’s request… … Why are you so shy?”

“Let’s finish quickly.”

If I had any more conversations, I felt like I was going to beat up that nasty dwarf in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

‘Let’s wait… … .’

Building a statue and a triumphal arch at Simuin has many meanings in the divinity of Eugene. The sea where the hero defeated the demon king for the first time. Needless to say, ‘someday’, even now, Eugene’s achievements have become legends and myths.

The icon and the Arc de Triomphe will become explicit symbols, and people from all over the world will come to see the icon. And starting with newspapers, statues and triumphal arches will be published in various books, all of which will idolize the ‘hero’.

To be honest, at that point, there is no reality rather than a sense of embarrassment. If someone who doesn’t know the circumstances sees it, why go that far? You may think that You might think that the young warrior is blinded by the desire for fame and honor.

All of this is very necessary for Eugene.

The star disappeared at the Baek Yeom Ceremony. I couldn’t think of just increasing the number of stars like before. The moonlight sword still has room to test, and I’m not sure how well it will work.

However, he has absolute confidence in his divine sword and divine power. The more the hero is worshiped, the more divine power will increase and the divine sword becomes stronger.

Just as the demon king uses fear and awe as his strength, the power of a god increases with worship and faith. If Noir has made the entire Jebela City a regular factory, Eugene must draw faith and worship from the entire continent.

Thinking that way made my face less embarrassed. As the dwarves say, the character must look dignified, brave, and noble… … .

Eugene made up his mind and took the most dignified, courageous and noble stance in his opinion.

Statues, yes, statues.

Senya has countless statues. There are dozens of statues of Senya right now without exaggeration. If you add not only the Pentagon, the capital where the Mage Tower stands tall, but also the statues all over Alot.

Is that all? ‘Wise Senya’ is a prophet and milestone for wizards of the present age, so statues are commonly erected in other countries besides Arot. To add a little bit of exaggeration, there is almost always a statue of Senya standing in a place related to magic.

Anise is not much different.

faithful anise. Along with the great Vermouth, she is regarded as the highest-ranking saint of Euras. Even if you don’t know all over the continent, in Yuras, he is a saint who is loved by the people more than Vermouth. For this reason, there are dozens of statues of Anise only in Euras, and if you add the countries where the Protestant Church of Light spreads, the number will increase several times.

But—- what about the statue of stupid Hamel? not very much However, this much was clear.

‘Heroes and Companions’, even if you’ve been included in the 5 statues… … There is only one statue of Hamel Solon.

‘My grave.’

Thinking about it makes my stomach churn.

Hamel’s hometown is the Kingdom of Turas. However, the Kingdom of Turas would not know that Hamel was from their own kingdom. At the time, it was a world where the census of the territory had not been conducted properly, and Hamel’s hometown was a frontier in the middle of the border, and now it has become a desert.

Other statues were erected by Vermouth and colleagues. What was even better was the statue Moron had erected in the capital of his kingdom. At least there are only two statues, Morron and Hamel.

‘I’m pissed just thinking about it.’

I was angry, and I thought I was special. Right now at this moment. The statue of Eugene Lionheart, who was Agaroth and Hamel, is the first to be erected in the world by Eugene’s will.

My resolve grew stronger. Eugene opened his cloak wide and drew his holy sword.

Senya’s mouth fell open. Anis, looking at Eugene through Christina’s eyes, was equally astonished.

It wasn’t just about pulling out the holy sword. Eugene took out the Holy Sword and raised it towards the sky. A bright light shone on the blade of the holy sword held high. Even though there was no wind, the cloak fluttered.

It’s not just fluttering. So as not to interfere with Eugene’s posture. Far from being a hindrance, the cloak fluttered in such a perfect shape that it couldn’t be more suited to Yujin’s tall posture.

light too… … It was a bit strange. Around Eugene, it was like a glare, but it was not the light that dazzled the eyes and made it difficult to see Eugene, but instead, the light that made Eugene’s appearance distinct and wonderful blended into the scenery.

“Crazy… … .”

Senya was dumbfounded by that appearance and muttered.

It was Mer who vigorously fluttered the cape and shaped it, and Lymirah who put a filter on Eugene by permeating the space with light. Eugene is making a solemn and righteous expression while being assisted by the two in the cloak.

“Ah, how noble and dignified you are… … !”

Even Anis was shocked, but Cristina was already stunned and clasped her hands together and looked up to Eugene.

It wasn’t just Christina who reacted that way. Senya and Anis were acquainted with Eugene so well that they reacted this way, and the people watching Eugene outside the square cheered and went wild.

“… … .”

No matter how dwarves were, it was impossible to make a statue in a matter of hours.

No, if you want to make it, you should be able to make it—- but the statue I have to make this time is the character of a hero. It must remain unconditionally in the long and long history to come, so it had to be a more beautiful and wonderful statue than any other statue that has ever existed in history. In fact, if the Dwarf insisted, it would take well over ten years to complete.

Of course, Eugene had no intention of giving it that long.

“one month. No more.”

“Hero! A month is too short a time.”

“If you can’t, then you can’t. Even if it’s a little too late in a month, I’ll come to this country and destroy the statues you made.”


“What is it, I, the client, ask you to do that, but why do you talk so much? Anyway, as I just said, I won’t entrust the work to your kind unless it’s finished within a month, so know that.”

“In this world, what race other than us Dwarves can leave the image of the hero in the world!”

“If you look for it, there may be other races. I think the skills of human engravers are also great. Perhaps even among the elves, there might be engravers.”

“Do the dwarves who gnaw leaves in the forest like caterpillars and make green dung know what art is? All they can carve is the bark of a tree!”

The dwarf howled.

At those words, the twin wicks lit up in Senya’s eyes. She had a racist side, despising dwarves as a stinky dwarf race, and, as usual, she had a very humane personality who would get angry when she was despised.

“Be patient.”

Anise held on tightly to Senya so she wouldn’t run amok. Eugene was also worried that Senya might run out of control, but he swallowed a sigh of relief when he saw that Anis had caught him and calmed down.

“hmm… … Elves are a beautiful race, so they probably know a little about art, and their lifespan is long… … .”

“Don’t talk nonsense. You don’t know anything about the racial flaws of elves! The stupid race spends most of its lifespan idly in the forest, with a lifespan of hundreds of years. Even if the life span of that race was worth it, the continent’s strongest, the continent’s greatest wizard, the continent’s greatest sage, and the continent’s greatest chieftain would all have been filled with elves.”

“Let it go, let it go, let it go, come on, kill that dwarf!”

To Eugene, everyone was right, but Senya didn’t accept it that way.

“anyway… … .”

After she managed to calm Senya, who tried to cut off the dwarf’s head with her staff, overcoming Anis’s pressure. Eugene sighed and looked at the dwarf.

“I don’t change my mind. one month. It doesn’t give more than that. If you want to write the feat of creating the first statue of me, a warrior, in the history of your race, finish it within a month.”

“Turn it off… … .”

“Why are you acting like a slug when you say you’ve already received the creative inspiration you need?”

The pose Eugene showed was clearly engraved in the dwarf’s mind. As a result of observing from various angles and changing locations around, the most perfect place in this plaza was also selected.

Now, all you have to do is make the statue according to your memory and with the help of magic.

After sending the dwarves away without further negotiations, they returned to the mansion where Ciel, Desiira, and Carmen stayed. The three of them went back to their home with other family members early in the morning.

– Say you believe in me.

Ciel’s desperate eyes at that time are still vivid in my memory. This morning, when I went out to see off. Surprisingly, Ciel broke up with Eugene without saying much.

-I’m waiting for you.

bright smile. unwavering voice.

… … Judging by his determination, he should be engrossed in the training of the White Flame Ceremony at the bottom of the lake by now.

“Isn’t there anything to do with the officials now?”


There is no luggage to pack at the mansion.

Two acids received from King Oseris. 10 Dwarven artisans, led by Gondor. The corpse of Raizakia, which was buried inside the cloak.

All of them were sent home. It will take quite a bit of time since we have to set up a new workshop, but no matter how late this summer, the dwarves will dismantle Raizakia’s body and produce weapons for Lionheart.

“You can leave tomorrow.”

Eugene answered while sitting on the sofa with his legs stretched out.

Exploring the Nahama Desert is for the time being given to Melchis. It would be better to see Nahama’s reaction if Melchis, who belongs to Arot and is neutral, digs into the desert, rather than the hero Eugene starting from the beginning.

In the meantime, Eugene and colleagues,

I decided to go to Luhar.

“Moron, shouldn’t you buy something for that bastard as a present?”

Senya was happy with her eyes twinkling. He is Eugene and Anis. He met Moron last year, but Senya is reuniting with Moron after nearly 200 years.

“That bastard’s head is half-turned? What’s good for your mental health? How about a canvas and paint set? They tell me to at least draw a picture when I get crazy.”

“I think you are misunderstanding something. Moron is not sealed in a state of immobility like you. If you need anything, you can find it yourself.”

“Then what about the shackles? Not ordinary shackles, magic shackles that I made myself.”

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“A gift for Moron. shackles. They tell you to wear shackles on yourself when you feel like going crazy.”

“What are you, the demon king of confinement?”

Eugene was so dumbfounded that he said that. Then Senya freaked out and looked at Eugene.

“Anyway, isn’t it too much to ask if I am the Demon King?”

“That’s not the right analogy for me to hear, Hamel, please apologize.”

“okay… … sorry.”

Eugene had no choice but to apologize quietly. Senya was deep in thought, then spoke again.

“I think a canvas and paint set would be good. Eugene, like you said, even if Moron could find out what he needed, he wouldn’t buy a canvas and paint set with his own hands.”

“Surprisingly, Moron may have talent in that direction. Hamel, Senya, don’t you remember? As for Moron, when she felt free during the camp, she would take a stone or a piece of wood and carve.”

Anise, who was sipping a drink by herself, giggled and said,

Eugene also remembered that memory. Certainly, as Anis said, Morron’s pieces were quite good.

“Moron is better than an elf.”

“you… … You bitch, what did you say?! There are artists even among elves! Right now, my older brother is also good at drawing. There was even an elf who was sculpting!”

“But why are all the famous craftsmen in the world are dwarves?”

“Because elves are not as greedy as dwarves! To elves, everything in the world is natural. It’s not the target of trading with money! Elves are not obsessed with leaving art behind, they say they return it to nature after making it!”

Senya insisted, shaking her shoulders.

Naturally, Eugene was not interested in the authenticity of Senya’s claim. Eugene answered in a half-hearted way, looking at Mer and Raimiruana who were absorbed in the game from one side of the room.

The two of them had very serious faces, but in fact, it was rare for the two of them to win or lose no matter what game they played. It was because if Mer was likely to win, Laimirah had turned the table over, and if Laimira was likely to win, Mer had turned the table over.

“Are you trying to test the moonlight sword in Moron?”

“Well, if the moonlight sword goes out of control again, Moron will be the best person to calm you down rather than us.”

Moron is strong and strong enough to be ignorant. It is a moonlight sword that rejects mana, magic, and divine power, but Moron’s ‘power’ will work.

“however… … I heard that the reason Moron lost his mind has something to do with the magic of destruction? Doesn’t the moonlight sword have a bad effect on Morron?”

“Then I’ll beat up Morron again.”

“What if both you and Moron run out of control?”

“Then you beat us up.”

“What is this madman talking about?”

Senya asked with a puzzled face. Eugene snorted at her and waved her hand.

“I don’t know. Moron will be fine.”

“How can you be sure of that?”

“Because it’s a Moron.”

-Every time you get weird, whenever you get sick and go crazy. Calling you an asshole, I’m going to paraphrase you.

The conversation we had before parting ways with Moron.

-Moron. you are not lonely didn’t get weak Why? I beat you to death That alone proves your strength. You are still a brave and strong warrior.

It was a clumsy and clumsy consolation. These were the words he gave after being beaten to the brink of death by Moron and supported by Christina and Anis.

However, because of that conversation, Eugene believed Moron.

“I agree with Hamel. Moron is fine. It’s true that his mind was unstable, but… … We met Morone just a year ago.”

Anise, who had been listening while tilting her glass, smiled and nodded.

-Moron, you are the only one who can fulfill this mission. If we were all alive, if we had to ask someone for a favor. Not only Vermut-sama, we would have asked you too.

When even Anis said so.

– Then, is there no choice but to do it?

Moron replied so.

“I’m pissed off.”

Senya’s face, who had been listening quietly, twitched.

“What are you thinking in your head right now? That’s when I’m not there.”

“yes? Because it was when you were sealed in the World Tree.”

Eugene answered without thinking, but Anise whispered with a wicked smile like a snake.

“Yes, Senya, these are the memories of me, Cristina, Hamel and Moron that you do not have.”

Those words made Senya’s fists tremble.

“Moron, let’s ask that bastard to go crazy one more time. Don’t go crazy, just half and half.”

“Are you trash?”

“Don’t be really crazy, just pretend to be crazy. Don’t think too hard, let’s create the same situation as when I wasn’t there. I also want to say something plausible to Moron when he comes to his senses.”

“What are you directing for? I just need to meet Moron and tell him.”

“It would be strange to say such a thing in the yard where we had a nice reunion with our sane minds.”

“You’ve always been strange, so don’t worry about it now.”

Anise sneered and poured a glass of wine into the glass. He pouted his lips, and Senya, who was thinking of something to say for Moron… … Something came to my mind, so I hurriedly spit it out.

“Isn’t it cold in the north? winter clothes… … no, no! A hot river!”

“Are you talking about hot springs?”

“Yes, hot springs! After all, that bastard was so proud of his hometown hot springs! I couldn’t go in 300 years ago, but now I can go in… … .”


Senya stopped talking and let out a clearing of his throat. She took one look at Eugene’s face, then one look at Anise, who was still holding her glass.

“… … Anis, with you.”

“… … yes… … okay. I remembered too. We made that promise 300 years ago, Senya, that the two of you and I would take a bath together in the hot springs.”

Anis, who had some hope for Senya’s sudden acceleration, nodded her head, openly revealing her disappointment at the sloppy handling.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 403


[The woman is crazy.]

what a surprise While thinking about that, Eugene changed his shoes into shoes for walking in the snow.

[Hamel. I made up my mind for the world and for you. To sign a contract with Melchis Elhair, whom I physiologically loathe. In other words, the case is different from the old Arrot. Even if Melchis does not follow bizarre superstitions, I intended to talk with Melchis at least this time.]

Even when he heard Tempest’s voice, Eugene’s actions did not stop. After changing into an overcoat for crossing the snowy field, Eugene sat down with Mer and Lymilia and went to check her outfit.

[However, that crazy woman didn’t even try to have a normal, normal conversation with me from the beginning… … ! Hamel, do you know what the first thing she did after Melkis took Winid? She flew over the sea naked!]

I thought I would climb to the top of a tall tower. Ah, well, going up to the tower and being blown by the wind is a method I have tried before. Taking that failure as a lesson, did you try a different method this time?

okay… … The sea is as windy as a tall tower. And ‘Sea Breeze’ is a special thing that cannot be felt inland. Although it is unknown how much advantage it will give to signing a contract with the Wind Spirit King.

While thinking about that, Eugene straightened the position of Mer’s earring and wrapped a scarf around Lymilla.

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