Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 13

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“…Iodine… What is that child doing?”

Theonis’s eyes were full of original reading. She blamed Loberian for Iod’s fault. If you received it as a disciple, if you taught it enthusiastically like a teacher. Iodine would never have strayed like that.

You don’t have enough talent to become a disciple? what is that about Son, there is no way Iodine is lacking.

“I told you to rest in your room.”


Theonis glared at Loberian, then turned his head.

“You don’t have to take me to your parents’ house, do you? It’s not like Iod… was initiated into black magic. I was just trying.”


“I made a mistake and I will not make it again. Taking this as a lesson, you can work even harder. therefore…”

Theonis couldn’t help but be desperate. There are Xian and Ciel in the family. While Iod was away in Alot, Xian and Ciel gained the approval of the main family. It is impossible for the eldest son, who has returned from a scandal, to win the approval of his family now.

So he sent it to Arot. I couldn’t be recognized by remaining at my parents’ house, so I wanted to be recognized by Arot. He hoped that his son would become a disciple of the Jeoktapju, interact with other outstanding magicians, and acquire bonds and powers that could not be obtained in the main family.

I have to stay in Alot somehow. If I become Loberian’s disciple, if I grow up with the foothold of a great mage like that. This scandal, too, will pass into trifles.

“If the conditions are met, Iodine can do well. You have talent. You know? Iod loved reading and magic from a young age…”

“Stop it.”

It was painful for Guillaid to hear the story. He knows how Iod lived in Arod. Iod’s four years were futile and worthless. He received many conveniences and support, but the magic of iodine was only 3 circles.

Considering that he had been dealing with mana since he was young, his skills were disastrous. Only words were 3rd circle, but in terms of understanding and skill in magic, the reality was that it was worse than that.

“…300 years of Lionheart’s history. There has never been a black magician born from the family.”

“Uh… that’s because I was young.”

Theonis’ eyes trembled. Gilade didn’t answer right away and looked at Eugene.

“…I’m sorry, Eugene. Could you please go outside?”


It was also uncomfortable for Eugene to hear. Theonis glared at Eugene, who stood up.

“…Please get along well with Iod. Didn’t I tell you to take care of his brother…!”


Guillaid opened his eyes and glared at Theonis.

“Eugene did nothing wrong. But why are you persecuting Eugene?”

“If that child blocked the iodine…! If he hadn’t settled things like that, and had just calmly covered things up…”

“Say no more!”

Gilade yelled out loud. Eugene, who was standing still, pondered on what to say to Theonis, but she didn’t bother and just nodded.

“I will go out.”

It was annoying to look more hateful than this. After Eugene left, Theonis glared at the closed door and exhaled heavily.

“…I made a mistake. But Guillaid, please think again.”

“My will does not change. Although Iod is my son, what he did was to disgrace the family. I can’t possibly keep him in Arot.”

“Where is the place for that child to stay in the main house?!”

Theonis didn’t beg. She spat out, wrapped in her resentment and anger toward her husband.

“You didn’t do anything to Iod. I only cherished and listened to her goddamn Anicilla and her bastards, both of whom were not blood-mixed…!”

“…do you really think so?”

Gilreid was no longer angry. He looked at Theonis with melancholy eyes.

“Everything the children wished for was granted. I sent him to Alot because he wanted to learn magic…”

“If you were really for Iod!”

Theonis jumped out of his seat and stood up. She glanced back and forth between Loberian and Guillaid, her breath wheezing.

“I should have forced Iod to become Master Loberian’s apprentice…! If he was concerned about the iodine going astray, he should have sent someone to monitor and control the child…!”


Gilreid let out a long sigh and covered his face with both hands. surveillance and control? She must have left her home and came to Arot because she didn’t like it. Gilreid trusted his eldest son. He had been watched and expected all his life, and at Arot he believed that he could do well alone.

A story about getting along with succubuses and demons.

I knew. If it stopped like that… I could have endured it.

But black magic, no drugs.

“Lionhart… please don’t embarrass me any more.”

“shame? Don’t talk nonsense. If I go back to my hometown like this, I am the one who can’t stand the shame and wants to die.”

“I don’t think it’s good for Iod to stay in Arrot. If you still have a passion for magic, at your home…”

“If you want to take Jung Iod, I will go down to my parents’ house with Iod.”

Theonis did not give up. If I go back to my parents’ house like this, everything will be messed up. Iod will be pushed by his twin, and Theonis by Anisilla, to become a scarecrow.

“I will never have Iod in my hometown. I’d rather have them learn magic at their parents’ house, without oppression there.”

It was a sincere statement. Theonis did not want to be ridiculed by Anicilla. There is still time before the family competition. So, somehow, Iod must grow strong enough to solidify the succession sequence. It is impossible to overturn the board even if you go to the original house like this.

“…well if you want him.”

Guillaid closed his eyes. He couldn’t decide what was right.

“…If Iod wants him. Do as you please.”

I had no choice but to say that.


“Eugene Ryanhart.”

Balzac was standing on the other side of the hallway. He left the room first, but he did not leave and was waiting for Eugene.

“Because it was a seat, we couldn’t talk comfortably.”

“I don’t want to talk to the Black Pagoda Lord on the side.”

Instead of bowing her head, Eugene tilted her head crookedly, showing blatant displeasure. In response, Balzac sighed and laughed.

“I guess you don’t like me very much.”

“Not only the Lord of the Black Tower, but all black magicians hate it.”

“Is that so? I do understand. Even though 300 years have passed, public awareness of black magic is still not good.”

Balzac shrugged his shoulders as he said that.



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“As a black magician, this is unfortunate. It may be less trustworthy to say with my mouth, but I didn’t do anything bad.”

“Even if the Lord of the Black Tower didn’t do anything bad, there are still many bad black magicians in the world.”

That was an undeniable fact. There are still black magicians who violate taboos such as human experimentation. The laws of Arot and the Black Mage Tower severely punish taboos, but in this wide world, there are black magicians who try to escape from the strict laws.

“It’s not just warlocks.”

Balzac showed his teeth and laughed.

“The sorcerer kind of people easily give up their duty for the sake of my curiosity and desire. In terms of simple ratios, there will be many times as many erring ‘wizards’ than erring warlocks.”

“Yeah, but it is.”

“It is the same with Lord Iod. He was a ‘sorcerer’, not a black magician. I was just trying to use black magic as a means to fulfill my desires. Even that didn’t succeed… Lord Iod’s affair wasn’t due to black magic, it was his desire.”

“What do you want to hear from me?”

“Even if you hate black magic, please don’t hate me.”

Balzac smiled and approached Eugene, extending his hand.

“I heard about Eugene. His performance in the Blood Ceremony has been famous for several years… and he has recently made great achievements in magic.”

“There is no such thing as a big achievement.”

“Didn’t the owner of the red pagoda write a letter of recommendation from Akryon? Eugene’s achievements are great enough to be recognized.”

Eugene did not hold the hand that Balzac had given him. Balzac naturally lowered his hand and stared at Eugene.

“I couldn’t tell you, but the ‘responsibility’ I decided to take on included something for Eugene.”

“…what do you mean?”

“It is difficult to obtain admission to Acreon only with a letter of recommendation from the owner of the red tower. Other mage lords and wizards will reject Eugene, saying that he lacks qualifications.”

“so. Are you saying that the Lord of the Black Tower will also write a letter of recommendation for you?”

“I am very interested in Eugene’s talent. Well, not only that, but…”

Balzac glanced at the closed door and continued.

“I wasn’t on good terms with the owner of the red pagoda. I don’t have any ill feelings toward him, but the Red Tower Owner hates me just because I’m a warlock. Besides, I think I will end up hated by the Lionheart family for this incident…”

“So you’re asking me to write a letter of recommendation?”

“yes. To be honest. If you write a letter of recommendation to Yujin and give strength to the opinion of the enemy tower… well, that alone won’t make you like me, but at least you won’t hate me, right? You can also show sincerity to the Ryan Hart family.”

“If you write it, I will receive it.”

Yujin narrowed her eyes and replied. I hate black magicians, but I didn’t mean to throw them out because I didn’t like giving them to them.

“Even though I can’t get close to Master Balzac.”

“It’s enough that I don’t hate you any more.”

Balzac smiled and stepped back.

“I wanted to say this. I’m sorry I caught you.”

“Are you really not involved in your brother’s problems?”

Before passing Balzac, Eugene asked about it openly. At that, Balzac burst into laughter.

“I take great pride in being a warlock myself.”

The eyes behind the glasses flashed.

“An incompetent black magician is only a disgrace to black magic just by being there. Even if you are in the deficit of Lionheart’s family, you will not be given a chance if you do not see your shining talent. Isn’t that enough of an answer?”


pathetic kid.

Eugene clicked his tongue as he remembered Iod, who was shedding tears.


“You came all the way here, but you’re leaving without much talk.”


Guillaid came directly to Eugene’s room. Thinking that it might be so, Eugene waited awake.

“I am okay. It’s not too long.”

“It’s been about two months, so you can say it’s been a while.”

Guillaid looked tired. Perhaps because of his mood, he seemed several years older than the last time I saw him.

“…Iod… decided to go down to his parents’ house with Theonis.”

“Aren’t you going back to your home?”

“He said he would go back for a while, but he said he would go straight to his parents’ house. It’s understandable… It’s understandable. If you stay at home, it will be difficult in many ways.”

Guillaid muttered as he looked out the window.

“Of course, I have no intention of blaming you. You did nothing wrong.”

“I think it can be said that it was wrong for me to beat my brother.”

“If you do the right thing, it’s cheap even if you get hit.”

Guillaid said it like a joke, but the laugh didn’t come out as expected.

“…Theonis’ home is the bossar territory of the Kiel Empire. Count Bossar, who governs the place, is my father-in-law. It’s a secluded and peaceful place… It’s a good place to calm down Theonis and Iod.”

“Are you worried about being resentful?”

“Because I am human too.”

Guillaid laughed bitterly.

“Even when I brought Anicilla into my family for the sake of my family, I heard a lot of resentment. Regrets… don’t. Lionheart’s name was too big to protect with one son. I didn’t want a sibling rivalry, but I thought sibling rivalry was necessary.”


“So you have no regrets. Iod is my eldest son… but the family head’s vessel is not enough. So he needed a brother. I hoped to compete, be stimulated, and become the vessel of the head of the household… but in the end, it seems that I will not be a good head of household or a good father.”

“The head of the family is a great person.”

Eugene licked his lips and said. Gilreid was not a person to blame himself for. At least in Eugene’s eyes, Gilade was a great family head.

“Thank you for saying that.”

Gilreid smiled bitterly and put his hand on Eugene’s shoulder.

“I came to your room this late in the morning because I was worried that you might feel guilty about this.”

“It doesn’t.”

“It should be. because you did the right thing Iod and Theonis… Never mind. Don’t worry about Jehard from the family.”


I felt grateful for those words. Theonis’ resentment was not something Eugene feared, but he was concerned that Theonis would use this as an excuse to persecute Jehard. But if Gilreid said that, he wouldn’t have to worry.

‘Rather, Anicilla will die happily and take care of her father.’

What had to happen was that Anicilla did nothing and pushed away her biggest rivals, Theonis and Iod. It is not known how long the two mothers will stay at their parents’ house, but during that time, Anicilla will definitely take her place as the master of the home.

“I heard from Loberian-sama how great you did.”

Gillaid stared at Eugene with a softened expression.

“It is said that he has great qualities not only in martial arts but also in magic. I didn’t neglect a day after coming to Arot. You are so unique and wonderful.”

“I just enjoyed learning new things.”

“It’s a pleasure.”

if it wasn’t for both.

Guillaid swallowed the words that came up to his throat.

“…Xian and Ciel want to see you a lot.”

“Are you two working hard?”

“You are working too hard. Xian says he will become stronger than you and brushes up on temperature with me, and Ciel also comes out of the room and fights with Xian often.”

“They didn’t come out saying they didn’t want to smell like sweat when I was there.”

“Aren’t you at an age where you have a lot of shame? When I was little, he laughed a lot and acted cute to me… This really makes me think that time flies.”

Guillaid smiled as he remembered young Ciel. Despite her age, she sometimes missed her daughter’s charms.

“Oh, and… the head of the family.”

Eugene quietly opened his mouth.

“I ended up spending a little more money this time.”


I don’t know if Gargis really bought the giant’s balls, but I’ll have to tell you in advance, in case you’re surprised later. Eugene cleared his throat and explained about Gargis and the balls of the giants.

“You bought the testicles of a giant?”

Guillaid’s eyes widened. He, like Eugene, couldn’t understand buying giants’ testicles for a fortune.

‘Is that really good for the body?’

Even if it was really good for my body, I didn’t want to eat it. Since they were giants, their testicles must be enormous, so could they eat them without going crazy?

“It is.”

“…it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter. If it’s necessary… uhm… I’m familiar with Viscount Sterod…”

Viscount Sterod is the father of Gargis. Gill Reid nodded his head, thinking of his gnarled relative.

“…Don’t worry about money. No matter how expensive it is, you can buy it if you need it. Just… don’t buy anything related to black magic.”

“Is that okay?”

Eugene pointed to a table in the corner of the room. On top of it lay the heart of a unicorn from the drug den.

“First of all, I received confirmation from Mr. Loberian. It was intended to be used as a sacrifice, but it was not really offered and there is no trace of black magic.”

“Then no problem.”

“Can I really have it?”

“You are drunk.”

“Iod-hyung bought it, but…”

“Never mind. Since you worked hard for Iod, shouldn’t there be a reward like that?”

Gilreid said that and stood up.

“Of course, other than that, you can buy anything you need. You don’t have to ask for my permission one by one.”

“thank you.”

That’s what he answered, but Eugene didn’t have anything he wanted to buy. If you wander around the auction house on Bolero Street, you can find quite a few rare items, but apart from their value, Eugene didn’t need them.

Of course, mana chunks or mana stones like the heart of a unicorn are of great help in increasing mana. However, overdoing it is not necessarily a good thing. Rather than forcibly raising mana like that, it is better to raise mana step by step.

‘I wonder if it’s a dragon heart.’

A monster’s heart is a monster’s heart, no matter how good it is. There are many impurities, and the quality of mana is also poor. The same goes for magic stones. The mana taken like that doesn’t fit well with the body, and a lot is lost in the process of refining.

But the dragon’s heart. That chunk of pure mana, if drunk properly, can grow a core without losing anything. It’s just terribly hard to find. Dragon hunting is a matter of easy and difficult, not taboo.

In my previous life, I was lucky enough to get a dragon heart. During his wanderings in Hell Mood, he met a dying dragon… and as the dragon wished, he shared a dragon heart with his companions and took it.

“I’ll just have to go.”

Guillaid glanced up at the night sky and said.

“Don’t come out to see me off. I don’t think Theonis will say anything nice when he sees you.” To Anicilla-sama too.”


keep working hard

Gilreid didn’t bother to say that. Even if you don’t say it, Eugene will work hard. Also, he didn’t want to burden Eugene with useless words.

‘I don’t think I’ll feel it because it’s a burden.’

Iod could not stand the burden of its surroundings. That made Gilade cautious. Gillaid looked at Eugene once more with affectionate eyes and then left the room.

“Even the head of household is difficult.”

I also don’t want to become a householder. Eugene made sure of him again and approached the heart of the unicorn. There was no point in procrastinating, so he was thinking of taking the unicorn’s heart right away.

There are several ways.

Chewing it as it is is a good way to go, but Eugene did not choose such an ignorant way. He operated the white salt ceremony and reached out to his heart.

‘This is neat and comfortable.’

Extracting only mana from the heart. If you can handle the mana you have perfectly, it’s cleaner to do this. Eugene concentrated and grabbed the unicorn’s heart.

ㅡuuuuu! My heart beats and trembles. The whole mana contained in it is pulled out and led to Eugene. Eugene checked the purity of her mana without breaking her concentration.

‘Good. There are not many impurities.’

Huge mana is guided to the core. The important thing is from here. Reacts the core to mana, and removes unnecessary things. The light is added to the star that has been divided into three. Eugene calmly guided Mana and was lost in thought.

‘If this is enough, I think I’ll reach 4 stars before I turn 20.’

It was such a surprise that people from the original family would faint if they heard it. In the 300 years of Lionheart’s history, there was no ancestor who reached the 4th rank of Baek Yeom-sik before becoming an adult.

‘Even if mana is high, the number of stars will not increase.’

I became self-aware during the four years I learned the white salt diet. The increase in the number of stars depends not only on the amount of mana, but also on how deeply you understand the white flame ceremony and spread it out with your body.

In that respect, Eugene had an overwhelming advantage over his ancestors. The depth of understanding, unfolding with the body. These are things Eugene can do, of course.

‘Gaju and Gion are 6 stars. Vermouth is 10 stars.’

Even if it is only 6 stars, it is recognized as one of the strongest on the continent.

‘I’ll have to mix it up in earnest, starting with 5 stars.’

Eugene had no intention of following Baek Yeom-sik’s line. Since he was already learning, he intended to dissolve everything in Hamel.

‘It’s still early.’

Now only 17 years old. There is no need to rush. Eugene thought so and removed his hand from the unicorn’s heart. The heart, drained of mana, had shrunk to the size of a finger. Eugene bounced mana and shattered her heart.

Then, he took out a fragment of the moonlight sword from his bosom and put it on the window.

“…I’m sure.”

The moonlight coming down from the window dwells in the debris. The fragment then emitted a pale, soft light.

Eugene admired the light for a while.


“It was 300 million cells.”

“f*ck you.”

Gargis held out his card with a confident face.

“We decided to deposit the account at a public bank. If the deposit is not made before noon today, the rights will be transferred to the next successful bidder, so hurry up.”

“Can’t we just hand it over?”

“Can not be done. In other words, there was a fierce bidding competition to win the bid.”

“How much did it cost in the first place?”

“Fifty million cells.”

“The giant’s balls are 50 million cells… and 300 million cells? There are so many crazy bastards in the world.”

“Because it is so valuable.”

Gargis said with a hearty smile.

“If you saw the real thing in person, my heart would understand.”

“Giant balls are balls when you look at them in real life.”

“No, it is different. It was overwhelming.”

“Of course it will be overwhelmingly large. Do you have any hair?”

“It was cleaned and tidy.”

“Don’t tell me, because I don’t want to imagine. So, how do you do that… account transfer?”

Eugene and Gargis were at the Pentagon’s public bank. It was to deposit the price of the balls into the secret account of the auction house. Eugene was embarrassed by the first bank he had ever seen since birth, and he did not know what a newspaper item called account transfer was.

“Is the bank really your first?”


“I can’t believe it… I’ve heard that Kidol is rural, but don’t they even have a bank there? How could that be?”

Gargis looked at Eugene with a face of genuine incomprehension. Eugene couldn’t accept that she was being treated like an idiot by that shaggy, rutted, muscular, frilly-wearing, crazy idiot who bought giant balls for 300 million.

“There is a bank in Gidol, too.”

“But why did you say you came to the bank for the first time?”

“Because I had nowhere to go…”

“You are a country boy.”

“Don’t bullshit. Grab passers-by and ask them, who looks more like a country boy, you or me?”

“It is wrong to judge people by their appearance.”

“Such a dog…”

I want to curse, but Gargis was so right…

“…Is it right to call a country boy for never having been to a bank?”

“Just go to the window and tell them to transfer money to this account.”

“Are you not answering?”

“I need to get a numbered ticket, but since I have transferred this amount of money and even have a black card, I don’t think I need a numbered ticket. Come this way.”

“Answer me, pig.”

“I am not a pig.”

Gargis didn’t answer until the end. Sure enough, he went to the bank teller and showed his black card and was immediately ushered into a VIP room.

“Thank you for visiting our bank.”

The bank manager came out and bowed his head to accept the card. After a while, the deposit was finished, and the bank manager returned with a card.

“Are you thinking of setting up a separate personal account? If you make it now…”


Eugene quickly received the card and left the bank. Gargis smiled and followed Eugene.

“Let’s go to my dorm.”


“I was told to deposit and bring it right away.”

“Are you asking me to go to your inn to see giant balls? it’s crazy?”

“Seeing it in person will change your mind. As I said before, I will share the essence with you if you wish.”

“I don’t eat.”

“I don’t understand…”

“…let’s go for now.”

“Did you change your mind?”

“I’m going to see something other than giant balls.”

He had no interest in that, but he was interested in the red-salt formula Gargis had learned. He had seen Jehad’s Red Salt, but he preferred to see the Gargis family’s altered Red Salt, rather than the almost unaltered Red Salt.

‘Because that would be great.’

I wanted to see how different it was compared to the white yeomsik. Eugene thought so and left her bank.

going down the stairs

Eugene’s body stood still.


Square under the bank.

bustling crowds.

I saw purple hair in it.


The fluttering hair is stuck in my brain. The moment he saw it, Eugene threw himself down the stairs without hesitation. Gargis, who had been following her, made a sound of surprise, but her voice did not reach Eugene’s ears.

There were too many people in the square. Eugene jumped into the crowd without hesitation. He shoved anyone in his way, broke through, and pushed forward.

I couldn’t have looked at it wrong. That unique hair color is recognizable among hundreds and thousands of people. Unnatural light purple hair. That color is the color of Senya’s vast amount of mana.


hallucination? No way. Eugene wandered through her crowd, turning her head around. In a place like this, in this situation, there’s no way you can see it wrong.


Yujin stood dumbfounded and looked ahead.

Senya was walking far away. Undoubtedly. Compared to 300 years ago, the physique has not changed. Was your hair pretty long? No wonder it’s been 300 years. Eugene grabbed his beating heart and approached Senya.

They came right behind them, but Senya didn’t seem to notice Eugene’s presence. He thought it might be because there were so many people. What should I say? Eugene recognizes Senya, but Senya will not recognize Eugene.

I am Hamel, reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth.

no really It’s not Gura, it’s the real me, Hamel.

Imagining such a conversation, Eugene reached out to Senya. Senya That damn girl won’t take it lightly. You might be told not to talk bullshit.

I hoped you would. Even if 300 years have passed, I hope it hasn’t changed much from the personality I remember. His personality is still damn good, and his mouth is rough.


Eugene called the name with a trembling voice. So he reached out and grabbed Senya’s wrist.

couldn’t hold

It’s right in front of her nose, but Senya can’t be caught. And that wasn’t all. The figure of Senya overlaps with the people moving from the opposite side and left and right. Eugene blankly watched the scene.

I saw it as I approached. Senya doesn’t avoid people who come across her. pass right through Her hair color is as vibrant as mine, but no one pays attention to Senya. Instead, he only glanced at Eugene, who was digging into the road, with a displeased look.


I couldn’t feel any sign of Senya right in front of me. He stretches out his hand several times, but can’t catch it. I don’t even feel human warmth. It wasn’t even cold.

I just couldn’t feel anything. Like a fantasy or a ghost, it must be right in front of your eyes, but it doesn’t feel real.

Senya’s steps stopped. Eugene also stopped walking. Senya turns her head. Eugene lowered her outstretched hand. He didn’t feel the need to stretch further, as he couldn’t catch it when he stretched out.

I saw Senya’s face. As expected, the portrait in the mansion and the statue in front of the mage tower were better than the real thing.

In the portrait, Senya softened her disgruntled expression and smiled benevolently.

The statue-made Senya was smiling proudly and confidently.

Senya in front of me didn’t make that kind of expression. Eyes filled with irritation and fatigue. Lips that never stopped grumbling on a fictitious day. At least that face was exactly as Eugene remembered it.

I was wondering what expression to make.

Eugene smiled for a moment. Suddenly I had this thought. Even if she smiled like this, Senya would not recognize her. I called several times from behind, but there was no response, so it seems that I couldn’t even hear her voice.

Nonetheless, looking back.

Could it be that you can see it with your own eyes?


Eugene immediately raised his middle finger towards Senya.

Senya blinked at the sight. She opened her mouth slightly, then closed it again. Then she chuckled and laughed. That smile was also the same as what Eugene remembered.

Senya pursed her lips. I couldn’t hear her voice, but Senya moved her lips slowly, as if she wanted to convey her thoughts silently.


Senya’s lips moved three times.

After that, Senya’s figure disappeared in front of Eugene’s eyes. Like smoke dissipates, just like that, Senya’s figure disappeared. Eugene stood for a while and looked at the place where Senya had disappeared.

“I found it too.”

Eugene smiled and turned around.

“Senya Merdein.”

Eugene muttered her name. Her heart was not heavy. Senya is not dead. She was sure of it. What was in front of her just now was neither the ghost nor the thought left behind by the dead.

An illusion created by magic.


Senya is alive. She was alive and came looking for Eugene. how did she know By blowing a f*ck on a portrait? If you twist it, come find it yourself, that’s what I said. Did you come here after hearing that?

‘No way.’

It is a mansion that has been preserved for hundreds of years. Countless people visit the mansion every day, blinded by all sorts of superstitions about passing the exam, muttering at Senya’s portrait. No matter how great Senya is, it would be impossible to visit Eugene after hearing all those countless murmurs.

‘Maybe he remembered my soul like Tempest. or not…’

Eugene looked down and looked at the necklace.

‘Have you been looking for a necklace?’

It must have been enchanted with something on the necklace. I don’t know what is right though.

sure thing.

‘Senya knew about my reincarnation.’

may have intended

‘I’m not dead.’

However, it seems that he is in a situation where he cannot come directly. So it must have been a welcome visit.

“It’s a seal.”

Eugene muttered with a face that didn’t matter.

“Did you do it yourself? Was it unreasonable to endure 300 years with magic? Or is it sealed? to whom? black magician? Devil? Anyway, you can’t move directly, I understand.”

Yujin muttered that and touched the necklace.

“Because you came to see me this time.”

before dispersing and disappearing.

The smile Senya had on her did not disappear from her mind. How could that nasty little girl laugh like that? I first knew

“I’ll go find you next time.”

It’s because I’m alive and not dead.

Eugene smiled and left the plaza.

I was about to leave

“Where did you run so quickly?”

“you do not have to know.”

“This place is different from Gidol. The streets are maze-like, and there are a lot of nasty, mean people. An unsuspecting and naive countryman like you would be a tasty game.”

“Are you calling me a countryhead just because I told you not to call me a countryhead? What’s the difference between a country boy and a country boy?”

“Countryman is a word that demeans the other person, but countryman is a word based on reality.”

“You f*cking pig.”

“That is wrong. I am not a pig. Doesn’t pig mean a plump person?”

“You seem to have great pride in your muscles, but even so, it is only big and has no substance. Have you forgotten that you arm wrestled with me?”

“…I was just caught off guard.”

“Carelessness sucks. Even before we started, I was giving it my all.”

Eugene grumbled and slapped Gargis on the back.

“From my point of view, your big muscles and pork belly look the same.”

“Don’t insult the muscles created with our family’s secret muscle growth drug.”

“I have never been insulted. I just think that well-built muscles are a waste. Don’t focus only on building your body, think about how to use your muscles well.”


It’s a random word, but Gargis’s eyes lit up as if he had gained a great realization.

“You are right. From a certain point on, I seem to have ignored the voice of my muscles and only focused on showing off my muscles…”

“You say nonsense later when you are alone. Try the red salt diet.”

Eugene was at the gymnasium attached to Gargis’ lodging. As he thought at the bank, it was to see Gargis’s enemy salt.

“You must have learned the white salt method, so why are you interested in the red salt method?”


“It is not difficult to show.”

Gargis threw off his jacket without much questioning. Eugene didn’t understand why he bothered to take off his clothes, but he didn’t point it out and just quietly watched Gargis. Nome wriggled his gnarled muscles and posed.

“…why do you take such a disgusting attitude when you use red salt food?”

“It is my heart.”


Gargis’s eyes calmed down. Soon, Gargis’ entire body was wrapped in reddish mana. The red salt ceremony of Lionheart’s branch. At a glance, I could tell the difference from the white salt diet.

The density of mana is incomparable. The thing that scatters like flames resembles the Baek Yeom-sik, but it only resembles the appearance, but there will be a big difference in the power it possesses.

“Does the red salt esophagus core split?” “My family’s red salt esophagus has five stars.”

Gargis replied with a proud face.

“The source of the red salting method taught by the original family does not split the core. The red salting ceremony is developed by several branches. Our family succeeded in increasing the red salt ceremony to 5 stars through the efforts of our outstanding ancestors. As far as I know, among the red salt formulas derived from collaterals, the family with the five stars can be counted on one hand.”

‘…My father had only two families.’

As a result, the red salt diet can never surpass the white salt diet. Eugene caressed her chin and thought for a moment.

“How many stars do you have?”


Two-star red salt diet. It is weak enough to be incomparable to Baek Yeom-sik’s two-star time that Eugene passed by.

‘Even if it has been developed over hundreds of years, the red salt ceremony is limited to five stars. That bastard, Vermouth, was a genius.’

The family’s white salt meal.

Red salting of collateral.

‘The red salt esophagus that the knights of the head family learn doesn’t split the core.’

Even so, the red salt ceremony is an excellent mana training method. The knights who pledged allegiance to their family have great pride in learning the red salting ceremony as well as the honor of serving Lionheart.

‘No matter how much I think about it, I can’t understand it. Vermouth wasn’t such a petty bastard…’

Leaving the white salt ceremony only as the vision of the family, and pointing to the red salt ceremony for the collateral and family members. It was not developed by the power of the original family. The role of developing the red salting ceremony was entrusted only to collateral and family members. In this way, the gap between the main family and the collateral family cannot be narrowed until it is narrowed.

“…well done.”

Vermouth’s actions are still not understood, but Eugene is not deeply engrossed in them. What is clear is that the white salt diet is superior to the red salt diet.

‘If the possibility is sufficient, I tried to apply the red salt ceremony. There’s no need for that.’

The red salting ceremony of the Gargis family, which is said to be one of the best in the collateral. It’s not to the extent of being greedy and learning.

‘There is no need to add red salt.’

Of course, what Eugene saw was not the 5-star red salt ceremony. However, the density and movement of mana immediately visible were enough to determine the level of the red salt ceremony. Eugene turned around without regret.


“Are you leaving already? The giant’s testicles should arrive soon.”

“Take a good look at yourself.”

“I even took off my clothes and operated the red salt ceremony. How about sparring or fighting?”

“I will definitely win, so what are you doing sparring for? Stop thinking about it and listen to the voice of your muscles.”

“That’s great advice…”

Gargis nodded, deeply impressed. He immediately laid his body down and started doing push-ups, but Eugene didn’t look back at Gargis.


Until now, Senya’s smile had not disappeared from Eugene’s mind.

‘They said there was the last magic book left by Senya there.’

location craft.

‘There was nothing remarkable about the mansion. So was the statue. Or is there something in the Green Mage Tower’s library?’

The place where Senya stayed as the head of the tower.

‘It’s ridiculous to snoop around the green mage tower for nothing. For now, I have to wait for Loverian’s letter of recommendation to come with Akryon’s pass…’

Balzac Rudbesse.

The Black Mage Tower lord also said he would write a letter of recommendation. Now that that’s the case, I think you can look forward to the recommendation letter positively.

“There is no need to be impatient.”

Yujin muttered that and entered the Red Magic Tower.

“I am not waiting.”

I’ve waited for 300 years, so I won’t be dissatisfied with waiting a little longer.

‘Who wants to reincarnate?’

Instead of going back to her room, Eugene took the elevator straight down to the research building.

‘I’ll find out in 10 years at the latest. I’ve been waiting a little longer.’

Enter the empty research building and close the door. I roughly threw off the coat I was wearing and put the fragment of the moonlight sword in the middle of the research building.

“Let’s take a look at it step by step.”

Yujin muttered that and glared at the fragments of the moonlight sword. All morning I saw fragments bathed in moonlight. There’s nothing special about it other than it emitting light, but that must be a fragment of that terrible moonlight sword.

A sword that only Vermouth could use.


Eugene slowly operated the white salt ceremony. Replace the heart star with a circle, and cast magic.

ㅡHurt! A huge fireball appeared in front of Eugene’s eyes. Although it was a Circle 1 attack magic, the fireball created with the mana of the White Flame ceremony was so huge that it was unthinkable that it was a Circle 1 magic.

The fireball, which was deliberately fired, failed to burn the fragments of the moonlight sword. The moment it touches, the mysterious power of the fragments scatters all mana.

‘It’s different from the predatory sword.’

The predatory sword Aspel cuts the structure of magic and swallows mana.

‘It’s also different from Geddon’s shield.’

Geddon’s shield sends direct attacks into void space.

‘It breaks the structure just by touching it. Scatter the mana like that.’

It reminds me of an attack method Vermouth used to like. When he held Aspel, Vermouth cut off all magic targeting him and replaced it with his own power.

It was enough to cut quite a bit of magic, but it was impossible to cut the magic of high-ranking demons or demon kings with Aspel. So, the battle with the 5th ranked demon king of slaughter was very hard.

But after getting the moonlight sword.

Even the magic of demons and demon lords can no longer invade Vermouth. Any magic will be scattered the moment it touches the moonlight sword. Immediately, swing the Aspel, swallow the scattered power with the Aspel, and link it with an attack.

‘…It would be impossible to scatter high-ranking magic with those small fragments.’

However, low-level magic can be dispelled immediately.

‘The power is cut off just by putting it in a wooden box.’

The condition for the power of the moonlight sword to be activated is to ‘directly’ touch mana. In fact, Eugene naturally operated the white salt ceremony with the wooden box in his bosom.

‘I can deal with an unexpected attack just by carrying it in my arms.’

an ignorant way. But isn’t that fragment itself ignorant?

“So let’s be ignorant.”

Eugene laughed happily and picked Winid.

‘If my mana doesn’t collapse on that fragment.’

The mana drawn from the White Flame Ceremony wraps around Winid.

‘If the magic I caused doesn’t break.’

Unleashes magic along with swordsmanship. Dozens of magic missiles circled around Yujin.

‘The bond of mana I have is stronger than that of the white flame ceremony.’


Underground of the Magic Tower, Research Building 11.

Rumors about it made Hera tilt her head. Research Building 11 was almost reserved for Eugene, but from a few days ago there were rumors that the sound of explosions and vibrations would not stop there.

‘Explosions and vibrations reverberate outside the research building?’

The magic that represents the Red Magic Tower is summoning magic. The magic has a lot of variables about what happens during the summoning process, and the magic itself intends variables to some extent. As such, explosions and vibrations are common, and the research building is thoroughly prepared for them.

‘With Eugene-sama’s magic, there’s no way the explosion could go out…’

Recently, Hera has been busy in many ways. I was taking a break after completing my previous research, but I was greatly inspired by Eugene’s replacement of circles with cores. So, Hera quit being a librarian at the library and was absorbed in the idea of ​​a new study.

So, I hadn’t been to Eugene’s research building since the last time. However, thanks to the rumors and the errands of the Red Tower Master, Hera could no longer be confined to her research building.

Sometimes that is the case. In case of getting into magic for the first time, repeating the group with excessive enthusiasm and getting injured that can’t be helped even with talent.

Hera didn’t want the monstrous boy, who had such overflowing talent, to get injured by excessive use of magic.


Rumors are inherently exaggerated. The underground research center was quiet as usual, with no explosions or vibrations. Hera knocked on the door of Research Building 11, feeling relieved at that fact.

“You are inside…”

It was before the question was finished. ㅡCoooooung! The door to Research Building 11 shakes with a loud sound. Hera was startled and immediately drew her wand. Then, without hesitation, she opened the door.

“Yu, Eugene! Fine…”

Again, I couldn’t finish the question. Hera’s mouth was half-open at the sight unfolding before her eyes.

The floor is spread with incontinence without a single spot. Eugene was staggering in the mist of mana rising up. an accident happened. Hera sighed and brandished her wand. ㅡWoe! The wandering fog of mana is all at once extinguished.

“Eugene… Neim…”

I couldn’t even finish talking this time. Hera lengthened the tail of his horse and lowered his staff. In the middle of a long voice, Hera swallowed a gulp.


Yujin shook her head, shaking off the sweat that was drenched in her body. Yujin, in the middle of the research building, was wearing only one pair of comfortable pants. In other words, Eugene’s upper body, glistening with sweat, was visible.

‘What… What does a 17-year-old body look like?’

Hera swallowed her saliva and slightly looked away. Before that, he casually scanned Eugene’s body one more time. Not all wizards are like that, but most wizards are in poor shape. I do a lot of sitting and research, and I don’t do a lot of exercise while sweating, so my limbs are thin and my belly is convex.

At least in this red mage tower, there was no mage with a solid body like Eugene. Even though Loberian is constantly managing it, his muscles aren’t cracked like Eugene’s.

‘One two three… one… six.’

This is the first time I’ve actually seen a six pack. Hera swallowed once more and took a step back. Then, realizing his rudeness, he looked at Eugene again in amazement.

see that one more time

“I’m sorry. I should have heard the answer and came in, but there was a loud noise…”

“are you okay.”

Eugene replied with an insignificant face. He summoned the wandering sylph and wiped away the sweat running down his body.

“I was going to answer, but I wanted to finish what I was doing.”

“What you were doing… What, what were you doing?”

Hera calmed down and asked. He wondered if he was practicing summoning magic, but looking around the research building, it didn’t seem like that.

‘There’s no magic circle… what is that?’

The center of the research wing. There are fragments of metal of unknown material. The floor around it was all cracked and overturned, but the place where the debris was placed was intact without any damage.

“I was training mana. Combined with magic training.”

Eugene shrugged and replied.

A week since the incident on Bolero Street. Eugene spent most of the day in the research building. He was in order to train magic and mana against fragments of moon ore.

It wasn’t very satisfying. The sword that he purposely spewed out will scatter when he gets close to the fragments. The magic was the same, and the sylphs, spirits, didn’t even try to approach the moonlight sword. Even if you forcefully command it, you will be reverse summoned to the spirit realm the moment you get close to it.

But it wasn’t without success at all. At first, the magic was scattered before it exploded properly, but now it was possible to cause an explosion nearby by forcibly holding the scattered mana.

It means that the binding of mana has become stronger.

“Magic training…?”

“Like this.”

Instead of explaining step by step, Eugene immediately created magic. Circle 1 Magic Missile and Fireball that I used the most this week. At that speed, Hera’s eyes trembled.

‘It’s faster.’

The last time I opened it for the first time, it was unbelievably fast. now faster than ever At first glance, it was a speed that made one wonder if it was a magic scroll.

‘It’s not scrolling. You’re using mana right now… you’re using your core like a circle, right?’

The absence of a chant is no longer a surprise. It wasn’t just that it was fast. Hera paid attention to the array of mana that made up Eugene’s magic.

The arrangement is so tight and elaborate that it is hard to believe that it is Eugene’s realm of magic. In addition, the bond of mana is absurdly strong, so there is no gap to break it down with her dispel. No one would think that it was a circle 1 magic missile and fireball.

“…Are you practicing against magic?”

Hera hesitated and asked. The fact that it was difficult to defeat meant that it could gain the upper hand in magic warfare. In addition, since the power was amplified, the current Eugene would not be pushed back even if he confronted a wizard with a higher level than himself.

“There is such an intention, but rather than that, the purpose is to train mana itself.”

Eugene said that and scattered the magic. Instead of spreading around, the scattered mana immediately wrapped around Eugene’s body. The connection between magic and white salt is as natural as flowing water.

“…It seems that you have achieved results.”


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