Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 131

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That figure must have been Agaroth, but there were no overlapping parts in Agaroth’s memories. Agaroth did not despair at the last moment, but was angry and hated. He stood face to face with the demon lord of destruction, and moved forward without backing down. And in the end, he was swallowed up by the demon king of destruction and died.

‘… … God.’

Rather, there are parts that raise questions. In Agaroth’s time, it was possible for a human to become a god, though not often. Even in that era, believers could use divine power and miracles according to their faith, and there were also occupational groups such as priests and paladins.

At the same time, the distance between God and man was very close. As for Agaroth alone, he enjoyed drinking with his followers and enjoying noisy banquets. In other words, humans could hear the voice of God at any time if they wished.

But what about the times now? Looking at the god of light with the most followers, he hardly communicates with the ground, and the other gods did the same. Seeing that divine power and miracles exist, there is no doubt that God exists, but in this era, it was impossible for humans to hear the voice of God except in the case of Christina.

‘It’s not like you had to be worshiped to become a god. As the Twilight Witch tried to do, he could become an evil god if he were to be terrorized by carnage.’

In a sense, it is that the boundary between humans and gods is clear but not far. But in this day and age, that is nonsense.

Can a human become a god? If that was really possible, Vermouth would have become a god right away. Those who have achieved historical feats before that. The magic king who founded Arot… … Even Moron, who founded Ruhar, would have become a god. If a guy like Edmond wanted to change his species, he could have aimed at becoming an evil god instead of the demon king.

‘The world has changed… … .’

Agaroth’s era was destroyed by the Demon King of Destruction. And a new era has begun.

The current era is by no means the same as Agaroth’s era… … . It seems that the laws that exist in the world are different.


“… … .”

Even if you think about it, there is no way to know. Agaroth died right before destruction, so we don’t know what happened after that.

‘Can you think of more if you wish?’

Using the divine sword as a medium, I created a miracle and recalled the memories engraved in my own soul. Having succeeded once, it seemed possible to recall other memories. Maybe you can recall Agaroth’s life from the beginning… … .

I didn’t like it very much. Just thinking about the moment of death made me feel strange and uncomfortable, but thinking about Agaroth’s life would shake my ego too much.

After all, Hamel, Eugene, and Agaroth are different beings. If you think about it carefully, there are quite a few similarities, but there are just as many differences.

‘It hurts just to be conscious of my previous life, but it’s a previous life of a previous life.’

Isn’t it possible that the relationship of that time could be reincarnated in the present era. Eugene… … I didn’t want to think too deeply about that.

“… … young.”

Eugene moved the new sword he was holding. The light of the dark red divine power was clear, but it was not considered very satisfactory.

“It sounds strong.”

Agaroth killed the demon lord even when she was a human, and killed the demon lord even after becoming a god.

I tried to connect the faint memories. It is difficult to detail the hierarchy among the demon lords, but the demon lords of Agaroth’s era outnumbered the demon lords of this era.

Even though he didn’t use any grandiose special skills, Agaroth was strong. Eugene could feel that clearly.

The moment of confrontation with the demon king of destruction. Agaroth was weakened by the long war, but even so, his sense and skill in battle were sharpened.

Although Eugene had a lot of experience in actual combat and on the battlefield, it was nothing compared to Agaroth. memories recalled. It seems that the sense itself has changed.

It is not a negative change. At this moment, he was Eugene – he wasn’t sure if he was stronger than before, but he was sure that he could fight ‘better’ than before.

‘I won’t get anything more from going out.’

Rather, you may be caught up in an unexpected situation. Eugene did not want such an adventure, so he quietly withdrew his new sword.

And for a while… … I stood on the frozen sea and looked ahead. The view is open, but the view is not clear. It’s blurry ahead… … It doesn’t look good.

Eugene quietly turned around.

* * *

I told them to go inside, but Senya and Anise were still standing on the cliff. After hearing the story, it was said that only about 3 hours had passed since Eugene flew to Laguryaran.

Morone was not present. It’s just been a while since Nur showed up and went to kill him, so he’ll be back a little later.

“I’m going to fight Moron.”

Eugene said with a comfortable expression, as if he was going to go for a walk.

But Senya and Anis couldn’t comfortably hear that. In particular, Cristina and Anis, who saw Eugene beaten by Moron the other day, were frightened and tried to stop Eugene.

“Hamel, where is the reason to fight Moron? Moron is no longer delirious.”

“Eugene, I agree with you. Does previous win or loss matter?”

Senya also had a face that didn’t like it.

She did not see Moron’s ‘power’ directly. However, if that Moron lived directly for 300 years. Far from being lazy, if she lived her days hunting monsters called Nour… … I was afraid to imagine just what level he would have reached.

Of course, even if Moron’s life was marked by madness and he could not devote himself to training, the ‘strength’ Senya felt was incomparable to Moron’s 300 years ago.

“Is it okay to lose?”

“I don’t think I will lose.”

“That’s it, if you use the moonlight sword, the holy sword, and the divine sword, you’ll win. But Eugene, isn’t that what you should be thinking? The fact that you use such a weapon means that you will fight Moron with the intention of killing him, but Moron will not fight you like that.”

“I don’t use the moonlight sword and new sword.”

Eugene pulled out the holy sword from the inside of his cloak.

“The weapon I use is a holy sword. I don’t use ignition or prominence.”

“… … Aren’t you being too arrogant?”

Anis murmured.

“Hamel, I know you are strong. However, compared to the last time I fought Moron… … I don’t think you’ll prevail under those conditions.”

That’s right. The battle Eugene went through after the Night March. Death Knight, Edmond, Lizakia, and Iris. With each battle, Eugene grew stronger.

However, the strength added to Eugene is the combination of Ignition and Prominence that accompanies the change in Baek Yeom-sik. And it is focused on the moonlight sword and the new sword.

“Originally it will.”

Eugene knows too. In the last confrontation with Moron, Eugene was completely overwhelmed. Far from exchanging karate with Moron, he was swayed by the power, and he could not even fully penetrate Moron’s number.

“So I want to try it.”

Eugene slung the holy sword over his shoulder and turned his head.

“Something to me… … It seems that there is a change, but I am not sure about this myself. It is not even confirmed.”

Moron, who returned from the other side, was staring at Eugene.

“I want to check it out with another guy, but there aren’t many opponents I can test myself against. There are few opponents who can say that they are definitely stronger than me.”

“is it.”

Moron wiped Noor’s blood from his cheek with the back of his hand. He stroked his shaggy beard for a moment, lost in his thoughts.

“I understand what you mean, Hamel. If you want to test yourself… … In this world, who but me can put you to the test.”

Mauron smiled and nodded.

“Hamel, I will fight you whenever you wish. It was something that was desired even 300 years ago. However, in this confrontation… … I won’t let you have a personal wish either.”

“wind? What?”



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I never thought Moron would ask for something.

Everyone looked at Morron in amazement, as no one expected that Morron would say such a thing. Moron, who received that gaze, made a serious expression without wavering.

“If I win. Hamel, you shout ‘lose’ 5 times.”

“… … .”

“Write the words ‘I, Hamel Diners, lost the match against Moron Luhar.’”

“… … .”

“Swear you will never make any other excuse for losing.”

At Moron’s words, Eugene’s lips twitched. Anis and Senya, who had been listening to the story in awe, burst into laughter as they slapped each other’s arms.

“this… … pup. Did you keep it small inside?”

“Hamel, I don’t understand what you are saying. I have never been petty.”

“You’ve piled up in your heart the words that I would have won if I held a weapon!”

“No, Hamel.”

Moron murmured, avoiding his gaze.

“And I think it’s not me who’s petty, it’s you, Hamel. A man and a man fought and the decision was made, but who the hell was the one who gave an excuse after that?”

Moron’s voice was quieter than usual and faster. It was not like Moron. But Eugene couldn’t refute that statement.

“de… … .”

Still unable to listen, Eugene opened his trembling lips.

“de… … Fool! You asshole!”

When a person is speechless, it is a law to start an ugly personal attack.

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The inner side of the barrier, the other side of Rehein Yar, was used as the venue for the confrontation. In reality, if Moron and Moron lose control, the terrain may not change slightly, but the mountain range itself may evaporate.

‘I hope it won’t overheat to that extent.’

I thought about it for now, but Eugene himself wasn’t sure. Eugene and Moron. because they know each other

No matter how sincere the two are, the other person will not die. Even if they are seriously injured, Anise and Cristina can heal them. Moreover, if the degree was excessive, even Senya, who was bystander, could interfere.

The most important thing—-no matter how they fight, no matter who wins, Eugene and Moron do not resent their opponents. There is no way that righteousness will be compromised by winning or losing. However, pride is at stake.

To be honest, Eugene had never thought of himself as weaker than Moron in his previous life… … . Of course, the previous life Hamel had a weaker ‘body’ than Moron. That’s why she couldn’t fight ignorantly like Moron.

But what does that have to do with strength and weakness in a fight? Eugene already had such thoughts as if it were natural.

Even this confrontation, like the last time, is not a fight for Moron’s sake, nor to calm Moron’s madness. At first, it was to test the ‘change’ that Eugene is feeling, but from now on, the emphasis is on who is stronger among the two, simply and thoroughly.

So, there is potential for overheating. Eugene thought he was stronger than Moron, so he never wanted to lose. Who in the world would step forward with the thought of losing a fight?

Moron was the same.

He respects the humans called ‘Hamel Diners’. It was like that 300 years ago. That vermouth’s stubbornness for the first time. When they first heard that they wanted to welcome a young mercenary who was gaining notoriety in the mercenary world as a colleague—Senya and Anise rebelled.

Moron, however, did not protest so much. He believed that if it was Vermouth’s choice, there must be a reason for it. At the same time, he noticed that the new colleague was a ‘mercenary’.

At the time, Moron, Senya, and Anise had little experience with the world. It was unavoidable, Moron was from the northern snowfield tribe, Anis was revered as a saint in Juras, and Senya grew up in the great forest from a baby.

On the other hand, if you are a mercenary who has been through numerous battlefields, wouldn’t you have a lot of experience? As Anise and Senya say, their skills may be lacking, but in that case, shouldn’t they be assigned a role other than combat?

After meeting Hamel in person, my thoughts changed. Although she was merely defeating the small mercenaries, Moron felt unusual depth in Hamel’s movements. When she later saw her confront Vermouth. Moron was sure that the man would be strong someday.

But I never thought that I would become stronger than him. It is true that Hamel was an excellent fighter.

However, was Hamel stronger than me? Moron had never thought of it that way. Of course, there was a big difference between the two inclinations and methods of fighting, but that was just a division of roles. If Moron had to do that too, he would have been able to fight like Hamel. It’s not that I didn’t, it’s that I didn’t.


Moron crosses his thick arms and crosses them. He gazed at her Eugene with a solemn expression over his shaggy beard.

“I saw your skills in the last match. And now, I feel that you have become even stronger compared to then.”

“What are you thinking? If you don’t know, I’m always getting stronger.”

Eugene replied with a sour expression and rubbed the ground with his feet several times.

Moron standing with his arms crossed. It looks bigger than it is already. It even seems to be getting bigger. It was proof that Moron was entering a war situation. Eugene felt Moron’s growing presence. and,

I contemplated the universe inside my heart. The white flame ceremony was operated, and the universe inside the chest was opened. Now, just as Eugene felt that Moron was larger than he really was, Moron also felt that Eugene was different from reality.

‘It’s strange… … .’

A sense of heterogeneity that does not match with other landscapes. Eugene reflected in Moron’s eyes felt like a separate being, far from the world. Its presence was different from that of intimidation.

‘It’s right in front of you. It is clear because it is heterogeneous. Yet transparent… … .’

What is this feeling. Moron untied her arms, feeling puzzled.

Moron Luhar. He has lived a long life. Perhaps no human being has gone through as many battlefields as Moron. However, in Moron’s life, he had never met anyone with such a presence.

“Seon Gong.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“You do it. Because I hit you first last time.”

-Jung If you have confidence to win. Don’t dodge it, don’t block it, and hit it.

At that time, I said that to Moron, and Moron actually did that. I bet Moron wouldn’t ask for the same thing. Eugene prepared an excuse, thinking that this might be the case, but Moron was not as ugly as Eugene thought.

“good night.”

On the contrary, Moron did not feel much resistance to being given the first ball. He had admitted that if he was Eugene now, he would have the right to say such a thing. Moron, who opened his arms, clenched his fists as big as iron weights.

thump, thump. Moron started walking forward. Eugene slowly stretched forward the Holy Sword, which he held only with his right hand. The holy sword erected at an angle drew a straight line with Eugene’s body.

But at that moment, Moron no longer saw Eugene. It felt like the beautifully refined blade’s sharpness had completely swallowed up Eugene’s presence. Incredible concentration and immersion. Now Eugene and Seonggeom were forming a perfect body of water.

“… … hmm… … .”

The steps did not stop. But at this moment, Moron felt a certain hesitation.

Hesitation about ‘how’ to attack. That much, I couldn’t find a gap in Eugene, and I thought that no matter where I attacked, it would be impenetrable.

However, Moron’s hesitation was short-lived. opponent without a gap. An impenetrable opponent. It’s just a feeling you see with your own eyes. It is something that cannot be known without directly attacking him.

Moron chuckled and threw his fist back.


The already clenched fists shake. A thunderous sound boiled from the inside of Moron’s fist as her knuckles tightened even more.

thump, thump, thump! The space around the fist twisted and fluctuated. Fists outstretched behind the head. The fist he was holding held a force that could destroy even the world.

Morron’s feet stretched forward. Kwaaaang! The ground they stepped on shook. With that, Moron’s body stood tall and connected to the earth.

Koo Goo Goo! Morron’s waist turned to the side. straight line. The posture was created to stretch the fastest and strongest fist.

Duduk, duduk… … ! Thick veins bulged on the back of his hand and right arm, and his muscles were swollen to the point of hypertrophy.


Moron said with a bright smile.

“You can avoid it.”

Eugene couldn’t help but laugh at those words. Dude, you have a good memory. It wasn’t a question that needed to be answered.

Roaring… … A black flame burned quietly and wrapped around Eugene’s body. The holy sword was also covered in soft black flames instead of the usual brilliant light.


Kwakjik! Moron’s foot broke the mountain. Morron’s throwing of his fist was much faster than the beginning of the collapse. The moment he felt his fists fill the entire field of vision, a tremendous force smashed through the space and attacked Eugene.

If it was Eugene before, he wouldn’t have bothered to take an attack of this much power from the front. It is better to avoid this kind of attack than to block it. If it’s a situation where you can’t avoid it, hit it with higher firepower… … .


There was no need for that. Eugene’s will rose, and his holy sword moved.

Saaak! It didn’t even require a lot of force. I didn’t even have to move a few steps.

spill out. This is a technique I have been using since Hamel days. It is also a technique that exists under the name of ‘Mana Paring’ in the ‘Hamel style’, which was created by Vermouth and passed down to Genos’s family.

No matter how much Eugene is, it is impossible to shed Moron’s fist as perfectly and neatly as this. I didn’t even put much effort into the current shedding. It is as if the waves that came in from the front contacted a small stone and changed the current.

“her… … .”

The one who was most surprised by it was Moron, who threw a fist. He stood idly by, not retracting his outstretched fist, then opened the palm he was holding.

It’s not just spilled. reached And cut… … . Moron laughed and brushed the back of her hand. Pooh! Her red blood gushed like a fountain.

“It’s strange.”

Koo Goo Goo! The mountain that could not withstand a single attack began to crumble.

Senya immediately flew up into the air with Anise. She looked at Moron and Eugene with her thinly open eyes. The two confronted each other at a very close distance, but as the mountain peak collapsed, Moron fell down. However, the ground on which Eugene was standing did not collapse and did not shake at all.

“… … anise. Can you see that?”


Anise’s eyes lit up next to Senya. There is no way that her saintess, Anise, could not see through the change Senya, the magician, noticed. She noticed the footsteps of Eugene, who had not gone through a single crack.

“It is a sanctuary.”

I saw it myself, but I couldn’t believe it. Even in the Protestant Church of Light, you must become the highest priest of the archbishop level to create a sanctuary, and of course Anis, a saint, can also create a sanctuary. However, even Anis, the most outstanding saint in the history of Protestantism, needs to prepare in advance to create a sanctuary with divine magic.

But now, Eugene—-without any prior preparation, made the space she stood in into a sanctuary. That sanctuary wasn’t even the sanctuary of ‘light’.

“My own divinity… … .”

Anise murmured, laughing.

That sanctuary is not huge. Eugene’s space. Only a few steps are sanctified. What is surprising is that within that sanctuary, the divine power of ‘light’ is compatible. Is it because Eugene is a warrior and holds a holy sword? Or is there another reason?

‘… … I can’t help but think that the light acknowledged and allowed it… … .’

Eugene also felt what he had done. She didn’t do it consciously. She didn’t even pull out a new sword. She just operated the white flame ceremony as usual. However, what flowed into her memory subconsciously mixed divine power into the white flame ceremony.

Yujin glanced down at her feet and smiled.

As long as Eugene exists and wishes, this sanctuary will not collapse. Also, within the sanctuary, Eugene has various advantages. Like Agaroth, one day you will be able to resist the foreboding of destruction. Perhaps it would be possible to resist Noir Jebella’s illusionary eye.

Moron, who was falling down, stepped on the surrounding rubble and jumped up. Moron, who leaped to the sky high in her single breath, landed on another peak.

Blood was still flowing from the back of the hand cut by the sword. Anis tried to heal her with divine magic, but Moron shook her head.

“If you get treated first, you lose.”

Moron, who had a shaggy beard, said that with a serious face, and Anise shook her head in amazement. First of all, it was because it felt like there was no difference from a child fight, in which the side with the nosebleed would lose.


Morron clenched his fist again. Then, the open wound from the cut shriveled up with force and the blood stopped. She opened and closed her fists a few times, and her wounds clung together.

After finishing the treatment, Moron grinned and looked at Eugene. Unlike before, the distance between the two was far apart, but in Moron’s eyes, Eugene looked as close as if he was right in front of her nose.

“It’s got a strange power.”

Moron felt an unfamiliar temperament in Eugene. She was more of a warrior-like sympathizer than a gritty one.

Moron’s stance slowly lowered, and speculation rose like a haze. At the same time, a strong longing rose up. Me, an upright posture without shaking. A longing to destroy Eugene, who had just prevented him from stepping down with one blow.

How long has it been since you felt such a pure desire?

Knack, Knack! The ground beneath my feet is crushed again. The space where Moron stands is shaking. The giant kicked the ground. The sound didn’t follow. At the moment of leaping, Moron invaded Eugene’s sanctuary, and before long, a huge violence was completed.

Same fist as before. But the weight is different. At this moment, Eugene intensely felt the change in himself. In previous fights, Moron hadn’t seen this much. I know Moron didn’t do his best, but I don’t know how much he did.

But now, Eugene saw a lot in Moron. How does that absurd monstrous force work? How much power does Moron have? Surprisingly, that monstrous fellow——was only using about half of its power.

Kwaaaaang! The Holy Sword bounced back. Moron’s fist was also pushed back. However, the two did not step aside. Moron took a step forward and raised another fist.

‘Crazy guy.’

I wouldn’t say I’m arrogant. That ridiculous power is the power that Morron has built up over 300 years. It is the product of a battle that has been going mad. In order to receive that power, Eugene must also prepare for death.

Conflicting one’s strength in the realm of the two is to think of a dead end. That’s why, like Moron, Eugene will not do his best. In this battle, I wouldn’t use Prominence, let alone Ignition.

‘If I use it, the balance collapses.’

In previous battles, it was okay to use Prominence and Ignition. Even so, it was a bare-body fight, and even if Eugene used an ignition, Moron could handle it comfortably.

But not now.

‘If Hamel uses ignition… … .’

Morone felt the same way.

‘I’m pushed.’

That fact made Moron amused.

Fists and swords collided one after another. The sword’s trajectory is not disturbed. Eugene let go of Moron’s fist as he wished, and predicted how Moron would attack.

However, only Eugene’s wish did not come true unconditionally. Eugene tried to cut Moron’s fist, but he couldn’t hurt Moron’s body like the first time. No matter how much he sharpened his blade, he could not cut Moron.

“I’ll admit it, Hamel.”

When you bumped your fists dozens of times. Moron opened her mouth.

“Now I don’t think I can beat you with my bare hands.”

At those words, Yujin’s lips twitched.

From 300 years ago, Moron’s weapon was an axe.

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The ax used by Moron has not changed since 300 years ago. An ax he had since leaving his tribe. Prior to that, the ax that Moron had been holding since he became self-reliant as a warrior.

In a subject with many meanings, Moron did not name a single one of his favorite soldiers.

That kind of thing was a moron answer.


Eugene snorted and took the holy sword.

Even after bumping so hard, the blade of the Holy Sword was intact. According to the myth, this sword, the greatest holy object of the cult of light, is a sword made by the personification of light, so it will never break as long as there is faith in light.

“You used a different axe. Where did you put the old axe?”

An ax used to kill Nur. The ax that was thrown at Lymilia.

It wasn’t the ax that Morron used in the past. He didn’t think it was strange. It was also used harshly, and if 300 years had passed, it would have been worn out and broken.

“I don’t remember exactly when, but I buried it in this world.”

Morron took a step back, clasping and stretching his aching hands. that she buried Yujin tilted her head, puzzled by that answer.

“Why are you burying it?”

“Because I don’t want to get dirty.”

It was still an incomprehensible answer. As Eugene lowered her holy sword and blinked her eyes, Moron chuckled.

“Hamel. With that ax… … Did a lot. The ax hung on my back when I first went on a trip with Vermouth. Even when I met Senya, Anis, and Hamel, the ax was always with me. When I, ‘we’ fight the demons. Even when I killed the demon king, I used that axe.”

Morron’s right hand was raised.

“For all the time we spent in the Demon Realm, the ax became my limbs. Hamel, even after you die, Vermouth makes a pact, and peace begins. Even when I raise my kingdom from the ruins of the fallen northern kingdoms. The ax did a lot in my hands.”

He cut down the mountain with the ax that he used to cut down the demon king and the demon tribe, and cut the earth to make it flat. Because they needed a waterway, they cut the land and cut the water vein to make a river. Even when digging oysters, Moron took the lead in taking an axe.

“Hamel. I killed the demon king with that ax and built Luhar. that axe. The ax I didn’t even name was myself. my life. my memories. The ax that accompanied most of them… … I didn’t want to be smeared with ominous and dirty blood. I didn’t want to add to my madness.”

So I buried it in the ground. Moron wanted to leave his long-cherished illness pure.

“I thought while burying the axe.”

Moron’s fingers gripped the air.

“The next time I wield this ax again, when the opponent is the demon lord. Or when I really want to wield it.”

Kugu Palace… …

The entire mountain range began to shake as if it had been an earthquake.


Rurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! One side of the mountain range is torn. The ax that had been buried deep beneath it soared and flew into Morron’s hand.

cooong! Morron took an ax as large as her body in her one hand and slung it over her shoulder.

“I want to swing an ax at you now.”


It’s not the first time we’ve seen Morron wield an axe. However, the ax she used to kill Noor—- compared to that ax now, was different from the ferocity. That bloody-looking ax felt, in a sense, more terrifying than the demon lord’s weapon. And the intimidation of Moron holding the bottle made her feel like a different person than before.

“Crazy bastard. Why don’t you just say you want to kill me?”

Eugene trembled at the brutal intimidation and grumbled.

Looking at that figure, I felt like I had to get a quote again. Thinking about it while sharing the attack, I thought that even if Moron did his best, he could win if he used an ignition and used his weapon freely. But if Moron holds the axe… … I don’t think the odds of winning are very high.

“Moron, if you want to swing an ax at me, yes, fine.”

Winning or losing, I felt good. That’s because Moron didn’t pull out his ax until the end in the last battle.

Despite using Prominence, using Ignition, and dragging them into a dirty mud fight… … He couldn’t make Moron feel that way.

“Let’s do number 5.”

Eugene looked up and said. The moment Moron grabbed her axe, Anis and Senya’s eyes lit up. I wanted to block the two right away, but I held back because of Eugene and Moron.

“Your ax 5 times. If I persevere, I will win.”

“Why are you cutting my axe?”

“I don’t have the confidence to defeat you with only 5 hits under the current conditions.”

Eugene admitted it with a smile.

“But you have a lot of spare energy, and you even grabbed the ax you cherished… … Shouldn’t you have the confidence to bring me down with the No. 5 axe?”


Moron burst into laughter.

“Indeed, that is so. Hamel, you are right. 5 times. Let’s try.”

again again from here. Moron’s prestige changes.

Kurur… … ! The ax slung over her shoulder is raised overhead. Even though that was all, a roar that seemed to make the world cry followed. Moron held the ax held high with both hands.

Kwadeuk, Kwadeudeuk! Power went into the hands holding the handle. Looking at that scene, Eugene felt more curious about the ax holding up that power than the theory of supernatural power.

Since it was used 300 years ago, it must have been swung tens of thousands of times. As if to prove the time, the bag is worn out, but it is not crushed by Moron’s grip that rips out the space.

The same goes for an ax blade. The color is dark and cloudy, but there are no cracks or missing teeth on the blade.

watching… … I heard a natural understanding. As Morron said, that ax was Morron itself. Even though he didn’t even give it a name, Morron always cherished that axe. When Hamel’s weapon fell out, he just threw it away and picked up a new one on the battlefield, but Moron cleaned the ax and sharpened it himself after each battle.

Even if it is an ordinary axe, if you use it sparingly for a long time like me, it will contain a soul. Eugene glared at Moron holding the ax that had become an artifact.

thump, thump, thump! The ax blade, where the power was concentrated, trembled and stopped.


Moron’s feet kicked the ground. Leaping high, Morron did not hesitate to lower his axe.

Eugene glared at the falling ax with wide eyes. Pooh! The white flame-style universe overflowed, and black flames soared.

Kwaaaaang! I barely managed to get the trace of the ax out. Standing in place like before, it was impossible to receive it, so Eugene’s body was moved to the side for a long time. There, both palms throbbed as if they had been torn.

The sanctuary——was not destroyed. But the whole mountain collapsed. Moron pulled out the ax that had been lodged in her floor and swung it to her side.

Wow! Distance would have been enough. The moment he swung the axe, the space between Eugene and Moron literally disappeared.

‘It’s too late to spill… … !’

Eugene was frightened and swung the holy sword.

Kwakjijik! Light burst between the holy sword and the axe. The flames burning black were extinguished in an instant, pushed by the wind pressure of the axe. Crack, Crack! The blade of the Holy Sword was pressed down as if it were about to be eaten by an axe, and blood gushed from both hands.

“Twice with this!”

Moron shouted with a hearty laugh.

The ax moves back. Eugene also pulled back the holy sword. He gripped the hilt with both hands and twisted his waist. Roaring! Flames wrapped around the blade, and light coexisted inside.

“number 3!”

Kwaaaang! The ax and the holy sword collided again. It felt like my soul would fly away with just the shock. I was even worried that the other side of the barrier might completely collapse.

My body ached from the blaring shock. Compared to Eugene, Moron certainly had room. He grinned at Eugene, who did not back down and took it from the front.

‘I guess I’ll bet from the beginning.’

Moron calmly accepted the fact.

Eugene received the ax from the front from the start, but did not counterattack while avoiding it. From that point on, Eugene entered Moron’s battlefield. Nevertheless, he couldn’t be defeated right away, so Moron thought it was his defeat.

But I have no intention of stopping the axe. How long had it been since you had swung an ax so much that your arms felt sore?

Moron chuckled and pulled the handle.

Kurrureung! Moron’s power was released more. There was no ground to step on because it had all collapsed, but Moron stretched out his feet and stepped on the air. Dudeuk! Then cracks went like a spider’s web in the air.

In Eugene’s eyes, he could see what Moron was doing. That crazy bastard was trampling on the dots and planes that make up this space. And that ax carried the weight of the entire space.

The other side of Rehein Yar. All the weight that existed in this space followed Moron’s ax strike.

charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The flame of the holy sword rotated. Geomgang overlapped in an instant, forming an air sword. I said I wouldn’t use Ignition and Prominence, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t use an air sword.

Eugene—- thought that fact was fortunate. If I had put a limit on the air sword, I wouldn’t have been able to receive that ax attack.

1 stack, 2 stacks, 3 stacks, 4 stacks. Reached the highest level in no time. The overlapping of the air swords was added to the originally black flame, and the color was also different, but something like black lightning crackled and jumped out.


Senya’s face, who was looking down, turned white.

A long distance away, the strongest defense barrier was spread. However, looking at the strength Eugene and Moron were holding, it seemed that the current barrier would not be able to withstand the wave immediately after the collision. Senya immediately summoned Frost and overlapped the barrier, and Anis also spread her wings and filled the barrier with light.

The ax and the sword collided. At that moment no sound was heard.

In an instant, Eugene and Moron disappeared. The remnant was swept away and reconstituted again.

In a world that had become futile, Eugene and Moron observed each other again. Eugene gnashed his teeth, unable to swallow the gushing blood. This time, Moron also suffered a formidable shock. He grinned, wet his black beard with blood, and raised her ax proudly.

A power that was not even half used. Even Moron couldn’t know his own power. I put a lot of strength into the last ax I was about to wield.

can you hold out? Wouldn’t it be possible to kill Hamel with this hand? For an instant, such a thought popped into Moron’s head.

“It’s a baby!”

I saw a small hesitation in his eyes. That annoyed Eugene. Eugene poured mana into the distorted sword and yelled out loud.

Crunchy, Crunchy! Cracks appeared throughout the sword. The crack was filled with the light of the holy sword and the newly added flame. Eugene tried to nest one more time. I’ve never tried stacking 5 times. This is the first time.

I didn’t even think about failure. You can’t get that power with 4 stacks. Now that neither Ignition nor Prominence was used, in order to receive the axe, the level of the sword had to be raised.

succeded. The 5-stacked air sword—- didn’t even look like sparks or lightning anymore. It just looked like a dark lump hanging from the hilt. Eugene couldn’t even measure the power he was holding in his hands.

Morron is seen brandishing an axe.


Eugene knew he could kill Moron with this sword. If it’s just a bump, the power of this moment is a whistle. However, Moron still has a lot of energy.

If so, what should I do? If it was a whistle right away, it would be enough to achieve a certain death at this moment.

Before Moron draws power. The moment they collide head-on, each other’s formidable powers cancel out and disappear as they collide. It connects the moment without putting it to an end. Dig into the flow of Moron’s power.

This is a revelation, not a prediction or prophecy. An explosion of divinity was made in the thoughts that took place in Eugene’s head, and the golden eyes were instantly filled with divine energy.

However, he refused. Kill Moron? crazy idea. Eugene sneered at the intuition that popped into her head and swung her sword.

There was no roar this time either.

Entire mountain ranges perished. Since it is not real anyway, the mountain range will be reconstructed again. Not yet. Eugene and Moron faced each other in an empty world. Moron blinked her eyes and slowly lowered the axe.

“her… … ”

A small sigh escaped Morron’s mouth.

The top of the large ax blade… … It looked like it had been severely cut. At most, a palm-sized blade was lost, but Moron couldn’t believe the sight.

“I got it 5 times.”

Eugene gasped for breath and put down the holy sword.

5 stacked swords. was no longer maintained. Eugene gathered the dying flame into the space of Baek Yeom-sik and spread out his hand holding the hilt.

Not surprisingly, the palms were covered in blood, and several fingers were broken. Kaak, twi. Eugene spat out the blood in his mouth and looked at Moron.

“By the way, blow up the sack or… … I thought I would break the blade in two. Then I thought you would be angry, so I blew the end.”

It is a large ax in its original form. Even if the size of the palm was cut off, there would be no problem using it as an axe.

cut the ax What made it possible was an intuition that came to mind right before the collision. And an explosion of thought by divinity. Yujin patted her throbbing head with the back of her hand and furrowed her eyebrows.

“her… … haha.”

Moron laughed and put down the axe. Then, she blinked her eyes and looked at her Eugene.

“What are you looking at, bird… … ”

“I lost!”

Moron let out a loud roar.

“I lost!”

A loud cry followed. Moron raised her arms and shouted her down three more times.

“I am Moron Ruhar! With Hamel Diners! I lost the match against Eugene Lionheart!”

Moron did not feel ashamed at all, but rather shouted out with pride.

‘… … He’ll tell you to shout it in the kingdom’s capital.’

That moment.

Eugene secretly buried the regret he heard in his head.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 413

I came out from the back side where there was nothing. In the middle of the fight, I was worried that the back side itself might collapse… … Fortunately, that never happened.

The other side of Rehein Yar was used as a trash can to dump Noor’s corpse for over 100 years, and was created by Vermouth for that purpose in the first place. There’s no way that thorough guy could have made it so clumsy that it collapsed in a battle.

Coming from behind, Moron did not put down the axe. He still held the ax in both hands, staring blankly at the neatly cut tip of the axe.

“that… … Should have left at least fragments. Then how could she have attached it?”

As Moron stood there blankly like that, Yujin felt sorry for nothing and started talking to him.

The ax that he said was no different from himself. It had been cut off at the tip, I thought Morron might be shocked. In fact, the word was ‘cut’, but the fragments were swept away by the sword at the moment they were cut off and were neatly annihilated, so not a single crumb was left.

“no… … Okay. Hamel. Even if there were fragments left, I would not have attached them.”

To the subject with blank eyes, Moron answered calmly.

It wasn’t something I was forced to say. It was true that it was an ax he had cherished for 300 years like his alter ego—-but in battle, in the battle with that Hamel, it was broken, and Moron had no reason to feel sad.

Just as a warrior longs to die on a battlefield where nothing can be better, so must a weapon. It wasn’t even completely smashed, only the tip was slightly cut off? Since the ax blade was so large, there was no problem in using something that was cut that much.

“really? really? But what’s wrong with your expression?”

Yujin opened her eyes and looked at Moron, sneaking up next to him and touching Moron.

“You bastard. Just to be clear, I never asked you to bet? uh? And conditions, conditions, that’s not what I set. that you have decided And I never made you shout loser, and I never intended to make you do it!”

Could it be that he kept in mind that he had shouted “lose” 5 times? Eugene thought so, so she quickly drew the line.


slap, slap. Moron, who was putting his forearm in Eugene’s palm, turned his head quickly. As her stern face came closer, Yujin hesitated and stepped back, unable to overcome the pressure.

“At last.”

“uh… … Uh uh.”

“I haven’t seen your sword. The four swords before that were also fast and sharp, but not to the point of being invisible. But, last. Your sword that cut through my fifth ax must have exceeded my sight.”

Eugene also remembers that disparate moment. If at that moment. If Eugene really wanted to, she could have cut Moron’s throat.

“How on earth did you do it?”

Enlightenment during combat is not common, but it does exist. The way of thinking about battle changes, and the level of martial arts rises.

Eugene had also had such an experience several times in his previous life. A life-and-death battle. To attain enlightenment while crossing the dead line.

But this time… … It was similar to that kind of realization, but different.

You can see your opponent’s attack. Where and how to attack is to be eaten. I had always made calculations and predictions like that, but what I heard when I swung my last sword was neither calculation nor prediction. unconditional result.

Yujin lowered her eyes and looked at her right hand. His fingertips, still covered in blood, trembled. It was only a few minutes ago, but just thinking about it, his hand is holding a ‘sword’… … .

“I don’t know.”

Eugene looked away and answered.

The intuition that came true in that instant. A sense of divinity in the head and divine power in the eyes. The memory of that moment was clear, but Eugene didn’t seem able to recreate that moment.

“You don’t know?”

“okay. by chance… … by feeling… … I think it’s similar to that.”

He answered with a trembling hand.

Coincidence, sense. Not being able to respond to such uncertain factors may in some sense feel humiliating. But Mauron didn’t think so. Rather, he listened to Eugene’s words and immediately put on a serious expression and grabbed Yujin’s shoulder.

“Then you should make that feeling completely yours.”

It is very rare to have a new realization at a level like Eugene’s.

coincidence and intuition. Even if it’s just the beginning, if you intensively dig into it and completely make it your own, you can move on to a higher realm. Moron, as a warrior, was convinced that the coincidence and intuition that Eugene felt were the same as heavenly luck.

“Before that, let’s start with treatment.”

f*ck! Anise approached and slapped Eugene and Moron in the back at the same time. Anis looked at the wounds of Eugene and Moron with her eyes shining.

It was only a slight cut, Moron, and to be honest, those wounds weren’t even enough to be treated with divine magic.

On the other hand, Eugene’s wounds needed healing. Although both hands hardened from flowing blood were both hands, it was because the bones, muscles, and organs were damaged by receiving Moron’s ignorant attacks over and over again.

“I’m glad I didn’t use ignition.”

“You said you wouldn’t.”

“joy… … Hamel, if you used ignition, I would beat you more than Moron.”

f*ck! Anis gave Eugene another slap in the back. Eugene felt very unfair about what he said, so he protested.

“Before Moron? What do you mean by that? I’ve never been beaten by Moron.”

“Have you been beaten up before?”

“I was before, and today is today. Today, that, if I have to say, I am the Moron? I didn’t beat it up, but I almost cut it… … .”

“a little… … It did look a bit risky. Did I really worry that you might be cutting Moron?”

Senya, who was watching from above with Anise, also nodded and said. How many times have you thought about interfering because you thought it was too dangerous?

“It seems that not only the white flame ceremony and mana, but also the fighting skill itself has increased. What did you do? Are you practicing without us knowing?”

“Since Iris was subjugated, she has been with me every single day. How am I going to secretly practice?”

That’s right, but… … Senya blushed at the word that they stick together every single day.

I want to deny it even if it’s embarrassing, but it feels good because it’s true… … The surrounding gaze is embarrassing to accept that… … Fortunately, the ones around me now are colleagues from the past.

‘… … Do you know Moron?’

Senya was startled and looked at Moron.

I didn’t think that ignorant asshole would notice. Anis and Vermut clearly knew Senya’s feelings, but Senya didn’t think that it was because of her clumsy attitude. It’s just that the eyes of the two of them are so great. On the other hand, since Moron is an asshole, there is no way that Senya was aware of the fact that he had Hamel in mind… … .

“Are you going to raise it after everything cooled down?”


Senya sighed at Moron’s first words.

“city… … ceremony? what kind?”

“It is a wedding. If you wish, I will gladly vacate the capital of Ruhar.”

“You can also empty the Euras Vatican.”

Senya’s eyes trembled as she heard Moron and Anis exchange words. Senya turned his head away, concerned that Eugene didn’t respond, but Yujin also kept his lips tightly shut, stiff as a stone statue.

“Ah, ah, Anise, what are you talking about?”

“What are you ashamed of now? … Oh, three. I’ll tell you in advance, but you don’t have to think of me. I will have to talk to Cristina separately, though.”

[I don’t care, sister. If Eugene-nim and Senya-nim are to be united, I will gladly attend the event and recite a congratulatory speech.]

There has to be a first to have a second. Cristina was determined that if Senya threw a bouquet, she would snatch it.

“that… … I mean. It reminded me of the moment Agaroth died.”

If that topic goes on, you will only be humiliated. Yujin eagerly wanted to change the topic and opened her mouth.

“Did you see the demon lord of destruction?”

Everyone was interested in those words.

Demon King of Destruction. When Senya said the name, the expressions of Moron and Anis also stiffened. Eugene nodded and pointed to Moron’s cave.

“Let’s talk inside.”

Eugene started talking about the memory of Agaroth that he had recalled.

Nurwa, the Demon Lord of Destruction. Moron’s expression hardened and became serious as the story progressed.

So far, there has been no clear certainty about Noor’s identity. It has something to do with the demon lord of destruction—- after all, it’s just speculation. However, through Agaroth’s memories, it became clear that Nur was a descendant of the Demon King of Destruction.

“The vanguard of destruction… … Or rather, should I call it an advance guard? There are dozens of numbers at most that appear on this mountain a day.”

On the battlefield in my memory, countless Nour appeared every day. It is completely different from what is happening in the mountains now.

“Since Vermouth is sealing the demon lord of destruction, it could be that Nur doesn’t come out much.”

When Vermouth’s name came up, Morron’s serious expression turned into a melancholy expression as his eyebrows and lips drooped.

“… … If I’m completely mad, I can’t even kill Noor… … Could destruction have begun with Lehein Yar and the snowfields… … .”

Moron muttered in a low voice and clenched his fists.

This snowfield is the home of Moron, and is now part of the country Moron founded. Morone believes in vermouth. If it was Vermouth’s request, I thought that it must have meaning.

but… … When her mind became clouded, she had no choice but to be buried in helpless solitude. I was devastated by the fact that all my colleagues had disappeared and I was the only one left to kill an unknown monster.

But that won’t be the case in the future. Apart from shaking off the madness, as long as Noor’s identity is clear, Moron will not collapse. For the sake of the Kingdom of Ruhar, even for the sake of Vermouth. No matter how much time passed, Moron vowed not to go mad.

“therefore. The demon lord of destruction… … Doesn’t it look like a demon king?”

A hole in which all kinds of colors are intertwined. Senya recalled the demon lord of destruction she had seen in the past.

Even then, I saw all the colors of the demon king of destruction, but I couldn’t see the shape properly. Just looking at it from a distance would drive you crazy.

“According to Hamel’s memories, the Demon Lord of Destruction doesn’t seem like a creature, let alone a demon. Doesn’t it feel like a hole in the world?”


“Is Nuru protruding from that hole, or is the body in the hole… … .”

“Agaroth died in it, but I can’t remember exactly what it was like inside the hole.”

A vague memory.

It’s not that you can’t remember, it’s that you can’t remember. The reason why Agaroth was able to fight and endure for quite a long time inside it was because only anger, hatred, miasma, and such emotions remained and moved his body, but because his ego was shattered right away.

“Mythological Age… … .”

Senya crossed her arms and thought deeply. She thought about the ‘Witch of Twilight’ and ‘The Sage’ that appeared in Eugene’s memories.

“In that era, it was possible to acquire divine status by mastering magic… … . That is, humans could become non-humans. yes?”


“But now it is impossible. Humans are human no matter how good they are. Oh, of course there are exceptions like ‘us’.”

Senya tilted her head and looked at Moron.

“If you are initiated into Mana, you can live far beyond the lifespan of the human species. However, no matter how long a person lives, it is not possible to become a god. It’s not my boast, if only worship could make a human a god. I should have become a god right away?”

It was never arrogant. Right now, all wizards in the world respect and worship Senya, and even non-mages praise them if they are ‘wise Senya’. As Senya said, if worship and faith could turn a human into a god, she would have become a god right away.

“What was possible in those days is impossible now… … . What does this mean? Right now, in your memory, that Twilight Witch went all the way to the threshold of evil spirits. Well, according to your memories, the way to become an evil god and the way to become a demon king seem to be quite similar, and I have no intention of becoming such a being, so I have no interest. However, the fact that the sage became a god while being a wizard… … Interesting.”

“why. Do you want to become a god too?”

“Without going to the demon king of destruction, if you want to deal with the demon king of confinement, there will be no choice at the level of ‘human’.”

Senya sneered and rested her chin.

“of course… … This wise Senya-sama, though far beyond human standards. But beyond that, if you become a god rather than a human… … You will be able to see the victory more clearly.”

Anis, who had been quietly thinking, opened her eyes. She looked at her Eugene and opened her mouth.

“Hamel. In Agaroth’s time, did the god of light exist?”


“Maybe what else?”

“What I recall is not all memories. It’s a fragmentary memory before death, so all of Agaroth’s knowledge came in… … .”

“All right. Hamel, in that mythological age, the old gods existed. Also, there were many gods born in the chaotic world, including Agaroth, right?”


“I feel like this.”

Tok, tok. Anise tapped the table with her fingertips.

“That mythological age—the world before the present world, ‘light’ existed. After being destroyed by the Demon King of Destruction, the present era has begun. then… … Is the ‘light’ that exists in this age, the light that survived the mythical age? Could it be the newly born ‘light’ in this era?”

“… … .”

“If the former… … Not only the demon king in captivity, but also some of the higher-ranking gods survived the destruction and reached the present age. If so, we can think of the scriptures of light that have been handed down in this era as stories from the age of mythology. But if it’s the latter… … How did a god come into being in this world, which must have started out destroyed and empty?”

Anise twitched her lips as she said that.

She is a saint of light and an angel, but that doesn’t mean she can communicate directly with ‘God’. It wasn’t just Anis, it was the same for all the angels summoned by divine magic.

Priests with really strong faith become angels when they die. However, most angels cannot act as messengers of light like their names suggest. In fact, it is treated as a summoned item of divine magic, and serves only as an amplifying agent for divine magic.

As a result, angels have never faced the gods they serve, and angels who are not summoned do not even wake up and swim in the bright light.

Rather, it is proof that light, God, exists. Although we cannot communicate, the light is unmistakably present.

And Anis, almost the only one, had received a revelation of light. Although she has not received any revelations since then—- Anise does not doubt the existence of God.

but. The void that existed between the destruction of the world, the opening of a new era, and the birth of faith in ‘light’ was questionable.

“It doesn’t matter.”

After thinking for a moment, Anise snorted and shrugged.

“My main god, the light, was always questionable, and the religion that served the light was an idiot. The odds have increased, but what’s the point? First of all, this divine power has always been helpful in the fight against the demon lord.”

“uh… … hmm… … My memory isn’t accurate, but I think the god of light was a good god… … .”

“It doesn’t matter. Even if he was a bad god at the time, isn’t he helping the world in the present age? Believers are idiots, but the Light has never sinned against the world. If indifference and neglect were sins, they would be sins.”

Is it okay for a saintess to chew on her god like that? It will be fine. The god of light is a merciful god who bestows divine power on Eugene, who has no faith at all.

“then. Aren’t you done with business in this country? What are you going to do now?”

“What should I do?”

Eugene looked back at Moron.

“Hey Moron.”

“What is it?”

“Can I live here for a while?”

“good night!”

It was a sudden word, but Moron nodded without the slightest hesitation.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 414

I felt it while fighting.

A person who can fight the current Eugene in this way. A person who can’t guarantee victory even if Eugene does his best. Rather, there is only one Morron in the world who can overwhelm Eugene.

Around Eugene, there are many talented people like Carmen, Gilade, and Alchester. However, it is impossible for even Carmen, who might be the strongest among them, to fight Eugene in this way.

In that sense, Moron was the best opponent. It’s strong enough to withstand a fair amount of attacks, and even if the attack works, there’s no need to worry about Moron’s life.

“I knew you would say that.”

Moron laughed and jumped up from his seat. Then he grabbed her porcelain ax, which was propped up against one of her walls. thud! The sword sack hit her floor, and Morron opened her chest wide.

“Hamel. I know why you said you would live here. Coincidence and intuition you mentioned. Isn’t it to make it completely yours?”

“uh… … Yes, but… … .”

“good night! I am Moron Luhar. I will do my best to help you with your training.”

Moron let out a passionate cry.

When the companions leave, Moron is left alone in this mountain again. Now that I’ve shaken off my madness, I don’t suffer from loneliness anymore, unlike before… … Still, when she thinks that she is left alone, loneliness seems to creep up from the bottom of her heart.

A decision made without consultation. I think it’s an unconditional necessity, but since I have a party, I notice it. It wasn’t without reason, so there wouldn’t be any objection, but Eugene looked at him, worried that he might get punched in the back by Senya or Anis.

As much as their worries were funny, their faces were serious. Both of them know that Eugene didn’t say he would stay in this cave for no reason.

And even if they had decided to stay in the cave for no particular reason, Senya and Anis would not have judged that there was no reason.

Hey, isn’t there a Moron in this cave? If there was nothing else to do, the two of them could have stayed in this cozy cave for Moron’s sake.

“It’s nice to stay in a cave, but let’s make more rooms first.”

I can’t back down from this. Anise jumped up from her seat and opened her mouth.

“room? What room are you talking about?”

Moron blinked his eyes and looked at Anis.

“What room are you talking about? Does room mean anything other than room? Moron, are you really thinking of staying in this room together?”

That question made Morron’s eyes blink faster. Moron blinked her eyes intently and tilted her head.

“that is… … Are there any problems? Once upon a time, everyone in one place… … .”

“When are you talking about enemies! Back then, supply wasn’t good enough, so wasn’t it a time when monsters were eaten? And strictly speaking, the place we slept at that time wasn’t a ‘room’! Wasn’t it right in the middle of the Demonic Realm where all sides were wide open!”

“uh… … Anyway, we slept in one place then… … .”

“I’m telling you now, but I hated sleeping with you guys from then on. Why are the two of them snoring so much… … !”

“me… … I didn’t snore.”

Eugene hurriedly made an excuse, but he had no choice but to admit that Moron’s snoring was enormous. I even set up a soundproof barrier to make sure that his snoring sound wouldn’t attract monsters.

“Yes, Hamel, let me correct you. You didn’t snore very much. But wasn’t the drowsiness terrible? It’s a shame because sleeping next to you has always been a moron, but if it was someone else, your whole body would have been smashed by the kicking accompanying your talking in your sleep!”

“that… … It can’t be helped. I’m nervous even when I’m asleep, and I’m still fighting in my dreams… … .”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Hamel. I agree to stay with Moron in this cave, but I will not give up my room.”

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