Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 134

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Eugene adjusted his expression and emotions. Whoops, whoops. Meanwhile, Cristina boldly turned Eugene’s leg. Then, even though her half-turned knee joint was crushed, she found herself in place.

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“Hee-hee… … .”

Lymilia groaned as she wrapped her arms around her knees. Mer, who was standing beside her with her narrow eyes open, suddenly had a sense of mischief and grabbed Lymir A by the knee and shook it.

“Duduk! Dudeuk!”

“Kyaaak! Kyaaaagh!”

Mer made bone noises with her mouth, and Lymilia screamed in a fuss. Even in that chaotic situation, Cristina put her heart and soul into Eugene’s bones.

It did not stop at simply healing with miracles, but was conscious of each broken bone fragment and torn muscle fiber. This is because repeating delicate adjustments in this way helps to improve.

[Are you listening to me? huh? That bastard… … What’s your name… … okay! Harpeuron! Rank 57! That baby will come to kill me!]

“… … .”

[Isn’t this enough? huh? Demons directly me! You’re coming to kill me! I’ve been thinking, I don’t think you’ll come alone. The black magicians I’ve died so far, the demons I signed with! It’s a little bit like talking with my mouth, but maybe they also hate me! Would you want to kill Chung? So, won’t we all come together?]

“Mr. Melchis.”

Yujin bent and straightened her toes to check the feeling of her properly fixed leg.

“Awesome… … You are amazing.”

I had no choice but to say it once.

Destroying dungeons? Burying a warlock alive? To be honest, I didn’t worry too much about it. Aside from being a madman, it was because Eugene knew that Melchis Elhair’s skills were unbelievable. To be honest, if Melchis summoned all three spirit kings to fight, it seemed like Eugene would have to pull out the moonlight sword as well.

He thought there was no way that Melchis would end up in danger in the desert without Amelia Merwin.

Taking down the black magician who had contracted with the 57th ranked demon tribe from the front was nothing to be said as great considering Melchis’s ability.

‘Rather, it’s natural.’

However, in front of the demons who descended even with thoughts… … All I could say was that it was amazing that they were provoking scumbags and bugs. In this day and age, only Melchis would be capable of such a blatant and cheap provocation.

[right? Aren’t I great?]

“yes. Tempest is also admiring it.”

[Of course it is! Then Eugene, can I go back to Arot now? huh?]

“It’s not possible.”

[Why dear?!]

“I heard that Harpeuron said he would come to kill Melchis-nim. But what if Melchis is in Arot?”

[What else can’t be done!]

“Right now, Senya-nim is in Arot. No matter how hard Harpeuron turns, it will never be able to invade Arot.”

As a result of searching through old memories for a long time, I was able to recall the name of Harpeuron. It was a well-known demon at the time, but I could never have imagined that it would have survived to this day.

No worries. Rank 57? Objectively, it must be a high rank, but as Melchis said, is he proud of having 56 people above his head?

Also, in Eugene’s opinion, most of the high-ranking demons of this era are those who survived because they did not meet ‘Hamel the Massacre’ 300 years ago.

Sometimes the enemy makes a clearer and more accurate assessment than the ally. Eugene liked the terrifyingly cool name of ‘The Massacre Hamel’ rather than the foolish name of ‘dumb Hamel’.

[Aren’t you worried about this older sister? Those ferocious-looking demons said they would come to kill my sister!]

“It’s probably hard for them to kill Melchis-nim even if they decide to attack. That’s right, Melchis-sama is the most outstanding on the continent. He’s the greatest in history. You are the Great Spirit Commander that no one in the future can touch.”

Now is the time to praise Melchis to the fullest. Besides, it wasn’t exactly wrong.

[That’s right! But Eugene, my sister is a little worried.]

“What are you worried about?”

[I told you, the black pagoda master is very sinister. When I’m done with my business, I tell him to leave, so he just leaves, but it’s very insidious.]

“I went because I was told to go, but what’s so insidious about it?”

[You can’t think that he just left! He must be spying on me somewhere.]

“You’re doing too much for the Black Tower Master… … .”

However, Eugene also actively agreed that Balzac was suspicious. As far as the reason he left Arot, I’m assuming that’s the case… … What kind of research are you doing in the desert?

‘Should I leave it alone? or not… … Should I take a picture of it?’

Balzac helped me a lot. Although he was suspicious, based on what he had been through, Balzac was a pretty good guy.

But in the end, a black magician who made a contract with the demon king of confinement. Even if Balzac is not a black magician to be killed by Eugene’s standards, turning the demon king of confinement into an enemy means that he will eventually have to fight Balzac someday.

Thinking back then, ruining the research he was engrossed in would help cut Balzac’s power.

“You didn’t send it back neatly, did you?”

[Hehe, what do you think of this Melchis sister? Of course, I ordered the spirit to pursue Balzac.]

“Then, please keep an eye on the Black Tower Master. Do a little dungeon attack.”

[a little bit?]

“We want to drastically lower the frequency. One in a full moon? Wouldn’t that be enough?”

[Then what am I supposed to do while not attacking dungeons! Are you asking me to tan in the desert?!]

“That country isn’t all about deserts, either. I also visited for a short time a few years ago, and the cities are pretty fancy and nice, right?”

[Hey, Eugene, didn’t you hear me right? The sultan is trying to catch me! They’ve already sent Assassins several times!]

“Is Melchis, the Great Spirit Spirit, only afraid of Assassins? I robbed Assassins there when I was 19 years old. And with Melchis-sama’s magic skills, it’s easy to completely change your appearance.”

In the middle of the conversation, the limbs were neatly fixed. Even while moving her ten fingers one by one, Eugene pushed Melkis.

“Please, Melchis-sama, the only one around me who can ask for this is Melchis-sama. Are you trying to break your promise by saying you don’t want to do it now?”

A little pressure was added to the request. Then Melchis let out a deep sigh.

[I’m crazy, why did I promise this?]

“You didn’t just see the loss, did you?”

[Okay, got it.]

The connection with Melchis was severed at the end of a grumbling voice. Yujin glanced at the slightly distant wind and asked.

“however. Tempest, are you sure you lied because you didn’t want to sign a contract with Melchis-sama?”

[Hamel What do you think of me? It is true that I am uncomfortable with Melchis Elhaire, but I will not abandon the dignity of the Spirit King by telling lies.]

That was the answer, but Tempest had been feeling a lot of anxiety lately.

Melchis Elheyer. It’s a fact she doesn’t want to admit, but she had a talent that could only be called demonic.

It’s only been a few months, but Melchis’ bowl of elementals continues to expand. Although barren, the desert, which can be said to be the natural state of nature, is helping to expand the vessel of Melchis… … .

“It moves well.”

Eugene ignored Tempest who was depressed and got up. He jumped in place a few times, even with his arms outstretched. His nerves were also neatly connected, and there was no awkwardness in his movements. Eugene grinned and looked at Cristina.



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“Does this sound like anise?”

“No, Eugene. I am still far away.”

Cristina caressed the stigma on her palm and bowed her head humbly.

During the months spent in this cave, her healing magic made tremendous progress. This is because Eugene and Moron fight each other every day.

If you fight like that every day, you get used to each other and the frequency of injuries might decrease, but rather, Eugene and Moron’s injuries got worse as the days passed. It was also because each other became less and less powerful, and it was also because each other’s attacks became sharper and more deadly as the days passed.

“Hamel, are you going out again?”

Anis narrowed her eyes and glanced at Eugene. Eugene, who was about to leave the cave naturally, was taken aback by Anise’s voice and shrugged his shoulders.

“hmm… … If I add a little more, I think the strands will be caught… … .”

“Since you are training to become strong, I think that it is something I cannot stop. Still, Hamel, if you almost died today, wouldn’t it be better to rest a little longer?”

Anise’s face looked very displeased, but as she said herself, she had no intention of interfering with Eugene’s training. but… … It is true that he almost died, so he hoped to be at ease.

“are you okay.”

Yujin shook her head and answered.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in and out of the line of fire like this. That’s why I need this sense all the more.”

I was about to die.

It’s true. Moron no longer fights with bare hands. Ever since Eugene started staying in the cave, Moron has been sparring with Eugene using her axe.

Words are just sparring. Moron’s ax is just brushing death. If you let go of the tension, you could die in one blow.

Eugene wanted that much power, and Moron did not refuse. He sincerely swings an ax at Eugene.

Other than that, it has no meaning. You can’t get to the ‘next’ without completely overcoming Moron’s axe.

Are the enemies that Eugene will have to kill in the future be weaker than Moron? no. Rather, it will be much stronger than Moron. Even Morron, who has incredible strength. It cannot be said that he is stronger than Noir Jebela or Gavid Lindman.

If Eugene is weaker than Moron, he will never be able to surpass his enemies in the future.

‘If that’s the case, should I lock myself in this mountain and tell Moronbogo to fight instead… … .’

Eugene can also open the barrier of Rehein Yar through the moonlight sword. It is impossible to notice or see the appearance of Noor right away like Moron, but if you scatter the feathers of Prominence all over the mountain, you will be able to respond similarly.

It’s a pointless idea. It is true that Moron is strong, but Moron’s ‘strength’ is very compatible.

No matter how he fights Gavid, if Noir decides to use his phantom demonic eye and launches mental attacks… … Moron, unable to use magic or wield a holy sword, would not be able to cope with anything. Moreover, since Moron’s mind was driven to the limit by Noor’s miasma in the past, he could easily be destroyed by Noir’s mental attack.

In the end, Eugene has no choice but to become stronger. Eugene himself knew best that it was meaningless to spend his life going back and forth in front of Moron’s ax for several months.

‘Have you ever crossed the line of fire this much after reincarnating?’

It is not that there was no fight against a strong enemy. However, the formidable enemies that Eugene faced—-to put it bluntly, most of them were weaker than ‘Hamel’.

Even Varang, who made him use Ignition for the first time because he thought it was dangerous, and even Yagon, who was called the Witchbeast, were not stronger than Hamel. It was the same with Iod, who was inhabited by the dark spirit, and Edmond, who had the worst compatibility with the moonlight sword.

There were only two that could be said to be stronger than Hamel and Eugene.

Demon dragon Raizakia. And the newborn demon king of madness, Iris. The battle between the two—- ended in one.

The battle with Moron does not end with one. The battle can be repeated over and over again, as long as Eugene doesn’t die and Morron doesn’t die. Even if you are on the verge of death, you can still receive treatment from Christina and Anis.

‘Every time I cross the line, my senses are engraved. How to move the sword to receive the ax better. How can I swing it to dig in?’

I thought there was nothing new to add about the sense of battle. It was an outrageous arrogance. It is true that Hamel has been active and survived through numerous battlefields in the past, but what he thought Eugene had reached was by no means extreme.

Carving the senses you already know.

Rather than thinking like that, I thought it was a new way to know. Recalling Agaroth’s divinity and intuition, he mixes Hamel and Eugene with it. Add Hamel and Eugene to Agaroth’s combat skills. It harmonizes, unifies, and sublimates everything that exists in thought.

Repeat that process over several months, and now you’re convinced.

‘I’m getting stronger.’

came out of the cave

Moron, who had been outside after receiving treatment, grinned at Eugene. He got up from his sitting position and turned his left shoulder around.

“It was dangerous earlier, Hamel.”

Eugene’s limbs are broken, but Moron’s only his left arm is injured.

In terms of weight… … Eugene thought the injury he had inflicted was much worse. Even if the limbs are broken, it’s important to be able to hang on, because Eugene’s sword cut Moron’s left arm in half earlier.

‘If the muscles were a little less thick, I would have cut them off.’

Didn’t I win then? Eugene drew a conclusion in his heart and put his holy sword on his shoulder.

“It’s dinner soon, so let’s keep it simple this time.”

“good night.”

Moron also laughed and raised an axe.

Cristina, who followed Eugene, could not understand the emotions of Eugene and Moron, who laughed casually after the sparring, on the subject of being covered in blood every time and pushing each other to the brink of death.

[You don’t have to understand, Cristina. I can’t understand their madness either, and Senya won’t be able to understand either.]

‘Is Senya doing well?’

[You don’t have to worry about that girl. There are too many mages who follow Senya, so Alot must be getting along well sitting among her followers. The important thing now is us, not Senya.]

‘Sister, the power of my miracles and stigmata is growing stronger. I managed to get Moron-sama’s arm, which was on the verge of being cut just a moment ago… … .’

[Christina! Aren’t you saying that now? Three months have passed since Senya went to Arod, but we haven’t done anything with Hamel!]

‘that… … oh, it can’t be helped… … Si, sister, you don’t have to do something, do you? The time I’m with Eugene right now has a beautiful meaning in itself.’

Cristina crossed herself to eradicate the shady desires wandering through her head, and Anise let out a deep sigh in frustration.

* * *

At that moment, in Alot.

“I want to become a goddess.”

Are you smart

An existence that can be said to be the mother of all wizards of this era.

Sitting alone in the seat of honor, she rested her chin on her hand and muttered.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 422

I thought I heard it wrong.

Everyone doubted their ears and raised their heads.

The top floor of the Royal Library Akrion, ‘The Hall of Senya’. Now, with the wise Senya, the owner of the hall, the archmages were gathered here.

The leader of the court mage, Trempel Wizard.

Red Magic Tower Pearl, Loberian Surface.

Blue Mage Tower Master, Hyridus Uzlen.

Not only those two, but also Generic Osman, the former owner of the Green Mage Tower.

What is surprising is that it is not only the Archmage of Arot that is here.

Originally, the wizards who reached the 8th circle on the continent had only Arot in the kingdom of magic, but as time passed, wizards who reached the 8th circle appeared in other countries as well.

The court mage of the simuin, Mais Brior.

Kiel’s court mage, Herrington Carridge.

Moreover, a great wizard who has not made a name for himself in the world and has been reclusive since the beginning. Lynine Boers.

Originally, it was close to impossible for a wizard from a foreign country to enter Akryon, regardless of skill and reputation. The reason why Eugene was able to enter Akreon a few years ago was because he was virtually the first to enter magic and at the same time, he was a descendant of the Lionheart.

However, Mais and Herrington are court wizards from other countries. Even though his name is registered in the guild, Lainine is a wizard whose whereabouts have not been known for decades and was considered dead.

It is absolutely impossible for such three to enter and leave Acreon, but after Senya directly invaded Abram and overturned the council, he succeeded in negotiating that other floors were inaccessible, but only Senya’s hall was accessible. did.

“ha… … .”

The seven archmages looked up at Senya with their eyes wide open.

Senya, who was sitting in a seat a few steps higher than them, put her chin on her chin with a dazed expression on her face, then let out a deep sigh.

“How can I become a goddess?”

Now, is that a joke? Or is there another meaning hidden inside?

The person who spewed out that nonsense was the wise Senya. The meaning of the truth in magic may be hidden… … .

Aside from Loberian, the other archmages have yet to properly grasp Senya’s personality. As they looked at each other, they pondered over the magical meaning of Senya’s ‘goddess’.

“… … Senya is still as beautiful, wise and great as a goddess.”

After much thought, it was Mice who spoke up.

Like almost all wizards, Mais deeply follows Senya. Moreover, he received his signature supplemented directly from the wise Senya, and assisted Senya in the battlefield to subdue the mad king to spread magic. The dagger that was pierced with the oath at that time still remained in Mais’ heart.

“I… … I agree too. If there is a goddess of magic in this world, it would be Senya… … .”

The one who stammered and agreed was Generic, the former owner of Green Tower.

He retired as the owner of the Mage Tower after being brutally defeated in a confrontation with Senya. That confrontation was held in front of the citizens of the capital Pentagon, and this proud archmage could not keep his head up at the disgrace of that time.

I was thinking of giving up my position as the owner of the mage tower, hiding from the outside world, and going into seclusion… … Returning to Arrot, Senya dragged out the generic that had been confined to the mansion.

I don’t like his personality and the level of his signature is insignificant, but first of all, generics are great wizards. Senya thought that the point of view of other archmages was necessary for transcending the 9th circle.

“But I’m not really a goddess.”

Senya muttered with a sad expression on her face.

… … The praise of Mice and generics was not denied. She is beautiful, wise and a great magic goddess. The evaluation itself was accepted as if it were natural. Rinine couldn’t help but admire Senya’s attitude.

Lynine Boers. She did not interact with other magicians, and immediately retired to practice magic alone to reach the 8th circle. She was in the 6th circle when she joined the guild in the past, so during her 30 years of seclusion, she self-taught herself and became the archmage of the 8th circle.

There is no worldly greed. I don’t want fame or fame. He meditated and practiced alone to become the Archmage, and the only desire of the Lainas was to see the end of magic one day.

In the meantime—- I heard that the wise Senya had returned to Arot. I didn’t know what he was thinking, but that legendary archmage declared to archmages across the continent.

-If you want to make a magical ‘next’, come to Arrot.

how much… … Are the words that touch her heart? It is not the ‘end’ of magic. It is the ‘next’ of the magic. Also, the words ‘if you want to make it’ made Rinine break out of her hiding place.

With the wise Senya, who invented the circle magic formula and created the most amazing witchcraft among wizards—- to be able to create the ‘next’ of magic together!

“What you’re saying… … Senya-sama, is the ‘next’ of magic to become a goddess?”

Rinain asked politely. Her words changed the minds of the archmages.

short silence. Tok, tok, Senya, who had been tapping her armrest, nodded her head.

“Based on the circle magic formula I established, humans can only handle up to the 8th circle.”

300 years ago, when Senya first created the circle magic ceremony. She divided her mana and magic into 9 circles. That was the beginning of the circle magic formula, and now all magic is divided into circles.

However, since Senya, no mage has reached the 9th circle. The archmages gathered here right now are archmages who can claim to be the best in this era, but none of them have reached the 9th circle.

“I am the 9th circle because the circle magic ceremony itself was based on me. In other words, in fact, the ‘end’ that you can reach with the circle magic method is the end of the 8th circle.”

“I was guessing.”

Trempel replied. He is the first among the archmages to reach the 8th circle and is the oldest. Trempel stroked his beard and continued.

“In the first place, there is no such thing as ‘9-circle magic’ in this world. Circle 8 magic rarely exists, but in fact, most of it was created by the ancestors who entered the 8th circle after Senya-sama.”

“It’s embarrassing for me as a kid to say it, but I thought it was ridiculous to learn and copy the magic of other wizards after reaching the rank of archmage.”

The youngest Kiel court wizard, Harrington, said with a shy smile.

“As a great wizard, you should be able to create magic that doesn’t exist on the spot as needed.”

Blue Pagoda Lord Hyridus nodded and agreed.

From the 8th circle, I have to focus on and pursue my own magic more than the existing magic, and the signature is the one that showed it to the limit.

“Is Senya saying that the 9th circle we were pursuing is an illusion?”

The thoughtful Roberian asked.

“That’s not right.”

Senya firmly shook her head.

“There are endless possibilities in magic. Just as I seek magic, magic also seeks and shines on me. Just as magic is limitless, so are the thoughts of a wizard. To materialize one’s longing will by borrowing it into mana. That’s magic.”

Senya raised her finger and drew the air. Cheer up! Then, in an instant, nine circles were created in the air.

“Circle 9 is not an illusion. However, if you are a great mage, think for yourself. Does the 9 circles you seek end with adding one circle from the current level? What mysteries and wonders lie in the 9th circle that we have reached in that way?”

“The pursuit of magic completion.”

Mice, who had been listening blankly, nodded. Then Senya giggled and snapped his finger.

“That is arrogant. There is no perfection in magic. there should be no Why do you think?”

“Because it makes you satisfied.”

“that’s right. It’s not the end, but if you think it’s the end, it’s hard to imagine what’s next. The 9th circle… … It’s the ‘next’ to the magic you’ve reached now. It’s not just about increasing one circle.”

“Senya-sama… … .”

Loberian smiled bitterly and saw nine circles appearing in the air.

“So you’re thinking about it for a long time.”

Instead of answering, Senya let out a long sigh.

Hwaaak! Nine circles merged together to form one circle. Inside the circle, countless small circles appeared, interlocked, rotated, and disappeared repeatedly.

“I thought I had reached my end.”

Magic. Within that name, countless fields are divided. To put it exaggeratedly, it could be said that there is one magic for every wizard in the world.

300 years ago. The magic that Senya was pursuing came to an end with the completion of the circle magic ceremony. With that, Senya thought he had perfectly interpreted his own magic.

Vermouth, who made the promise, will no longer fight the demon lord.

It was lacking. If there is no vermouth, the void must be filled with stronger magic.

Senya never forgot to avenge Hamel. If I have finished my own magic in the circle magic way, he must move on to the next one.

The Eternal Hall was created after pursuing and pursuing. The extreme of circle magic. Grasping infinity through infinitely composed and merging circles.

“The Eternal Hall is the end of my magic, which I have decided. but… … That’s not enough. It just isn’t enough.”

“The ‘next’ of magic that humans can handle… … Is that why you want to go beyond humans?”


Mais put her hands together with an ecstatic face.

“If Senya-sama, who was already a goddess, really becomes a goddess… … That Mice Brior. Even though I have never served a god in my life, I will dedicate my body to the goddess of Senya religion.”

“Stop talking about later, and give your opinion on how to become a goddess.”

I wonder if he was thinking of making a Senya cult… … . Rinine imagined the scene for a moment.

Senya Merdane has gone beyond being a legendary hero and has become a magical goddess. All the wizards of the continent will surely gather in front of her statue. And with a high probability, this kingdom of magic, Arot, will be reformed into a religious nation that serves Senya as its chief deity.

“Uhm… … Humans are gods… … become a goddess It’s unheard of, but… … .”

Rinain glanced at Senya, who was sitting in the high chair.

beautiful purple hair. Green eyes like emeralds. Even though I’m lost in trouble, I still have a beautiful appearance… … Even though Rinain was the same woman, she seemed to be enchanted by Senya’s beauty.

“city… … It is unlikely that God will be bound by human flesh… … Shouldn’t we be clear about magic that humans can’t handle?”

“Is the body unable to handle it, or the soul unable to handle it?”

Loberian murmured.

The sorcerer’s circle nestles around the heart. Like the warrior’s core, the circle isn’t actually an organ built into the body. If that’s the case, depending on the size of the circle, your chest will bulge.

However, on such a subject, the circle’s collapse hits directly at the heart. Using unmanageable magic leads to a surge of circles and mana, and even in that case, the body suffers.

“What is it that gives up the body and becomes the mental body?”

“How is that different from a lich?”

“You can’t become undead with black magic, right? If mana, not mana, is used as power… … .”

“Wait, wait!”

Senya, who had been listening to the story, stopped talking with a straight face.

“I have no intention of giving up my body. I don’t even know if that’s the right answer. Being a spiritual body is, in the end, something like an angel that descends with divine magic, right?”

“maybe… … I wonder if that is the case.”

“But Senya-sama. In higher magic, the body is more unstable and imperfect than the mind. Even if the mind clearly coordinates the magic, there are many cases where the body is not balanced and the recoil comes.”

“me… … am i not I never did.”

Senya rolled her eyes here and there and answered stammeringly.

there isn’t… … did not The human body is weak no matter how trained and strengthened it is. On the other hand, ‘mana’, which is dealt with magic, easily surpasses the human body depending on how it is handled.

High-level magic is inevitably accompanied by high-output mana, and the human body suffers damage whenever that level of magic is used. No matter how elaborately he made the circle and recited the spell, the durability of the body could not be helped.

In particular, Senya now has injuries not only in the body but also in the soul.

Wounds inflicted by Vermouth. Because of that, the Eternal Hall cannot last for a long time.

“Even though I’ve lived 300 years, abandoning my body is a far-fetched proposition. And now, my body is the horse’s body, and it’s reconstructed with mana from the cellular level.”

Even warriors feel the strain on their bodies from the high output of mana. In the case of warriors, the body is reconstructed through a process called metamorphosis in the process of strengthening the core and becoming one with mana.

Senya, who reconstructed her body through magic, is less likely to be shocked by the output of mana, unlike other archmages.

Still, I thought it was an opinion that could not be ignored. If you have to abandon your body to get to the ‘next’ of the 9th circle… … If you have to be a full psyche… … .

‘I don’t like that… … .’

Aren’t there many things that can only be done with a real body… … . Senya decided to seek a different direction as much as possible.


In the midst of an argument over the magic to make Senya a goddess. Trempel’s face contorted horribly. He looked out of his window and clenched his fists.

“Leave it alone.”

Senya, who had noticed immediately, spoke without looking out the window.

“But, Senya-sama.”

“Pretend you don’t know.”

Senya snorted and passed over the magic book placed right in front of her.

Outside the window on the top floor of Acreon.

There was a bat flapping its wings in the distance.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 423


It’s a demon with the nickname of the nobility of the night, but strictly speaking, it’s a story that’s half right and half wrong.

It was long ago, before Helmud and the continent waged war, that vampires listened to the nobility. Vampires, who were overwhelmingly more dependent on humans than other demons, or to be precise, on ‘blood’, had no choice but to permeate into human cities rather than Helmud, which was populated only by demons.

In that era, demons and black magicians were severely rejected, but high-ranking vampires skillfully blended into human society and led aristocratic lives.

quiet castle. A secret and mysterious party. The fresh blood of noble men and women intoxicated with alcohol and atmosphere was the food for vampires… … .

It’s an old story. A peace treaty between demons and humans. And the civilization of the continent and Helmud dealt a serious blow to the vampire-like demons.

Called the nobility of the night, they are no longer able to enjoy the luxury of human society. The dreamers who crave human spirit succeeded in advancing into the sunny land thanks to the queen of outstanding abilities, and even low-level dreamers can manage a stable life in the dark—-but among vampires, there was no powerful leader like the queen of dreams.

There have been legendary clans that have reigned for hundreds of years, but most of them have been destroyed in the age of war. The barely surviving clans had to somehow adapt to the era when demons could not freely attack humans.

Ordos Clan. 300 years ago it was doing well, but in this era, like most vampire clans, only the name remains. Even the dozens of clan members in the past, now only 10, including Lord, remained.

Still, the Odos Clan was considerably better off than the other clans that hadn’t settled in Helmud. Even if you don’t enjoy the affluence of the days when you were called the nobility of the night, it’s because there are sponsors who support you enough to not suffer without money.

‘Can I do this… … .’

Lord, Debian Odos was going mad with anxiety. Debian and his clan have settled down in the shadows of Arot, but the patrons of Clan Odos are the ‘real’ noble vampires of Helmud.

The benevolent patron couldn’t help but see the miserable lives of his fellow vampires, and sent various support to not only the Odos Clan, but also several minor clans across the continent.

If you have received such favor, you must repay it.

The Odos Clan makes a living by selling information in Arot. Although he is not formally registered with the guild, he is playing the role of an informant in the Information Guild who is spoiled for money.

Usually, they pursued immoral men and women as they were told, or collected sensitive and private information and sold it to guilds or clients.

Although it is superficially known as such, a fairly substantial amount of information collected by the clan is passed on to Helmud’s patrons. In addition, if a patron wants information about Arot’s situation, the clan will go out of their way to collect information for the patron.

but… … This ‘request’ was so dangerous that I wanted to refuse it. Even now, to be honest, I want to quit right now. When I first received a bottle of blood as a reward for all my hard work. I should have been careful then… … .

‘I can’t even vomit what I’ve already drunk… … .’

Vampires need blood to survive. Among them, the blood of vampires of the same kind, especially the blood of the higher species, is a must-have food for raising the level.

In fact, the sponsor’s blood raised Debian’s status by several steps, and at this level, it was enough to boast that it had easily surpassed the level of an intermediate vampire.

I couldn’t be more happy. It was because what was asked for in exchange for blood was so absurd. Watching that wise Senya! Even if it’s not close monitoring, monitoring the minimum movement!

Rejection is impossible. As long as he drank the blood for good, the request was no longer a request, but a command. The supporter’s blood, which was already mixed in the body, could repel at any time according to the supporter’s will and tear Debian’s body apart.

After all, Debian and the vampires belonging to his clan began monitoring the wise Senya from today. Right now, Debian has been mobilizing a few bats to keep an eye on Senya. Not only the mansion in the suburbs where Senya was staying, but also the top floor of Akreon where he had a meeting with the archmages.

I am confident in spying on someone. For decades, they have maintained their clan by earning a living by doing this. However, he had never watched the archmage.

The best mage on the continent recognized by all opponents. Even now, there are 7 archmages around her. No matter how familiar Debian is with this practice, and even if it has acquired the status of a mid-level vampire or higher, is it possible to fool the eyes of the archmages?

To be honest, Damian thought that was impossible. He settled in this alot and has lived for a long time. I know very well how powerful and terrifying the mage lords and archmages are.

I can’t help it even if I know Debian’s choice is either to be found out and killed by the archmages, or to be disobeyed by his patrons and exploded to death.

Debian has chosen to remain loyal to the patrons who have supported the clan so far. Even if he died miserably and in vain, he wanted to show the dignity of a lord who led a small clan.

Strangely, however, Debian was still alive. Surveillance must have noticed… … Neither the wise Senya, nor the other archmages, pursued Debian.

Debian couldn’t quite figure out why.

* * *

“There’s no way I couldn’t have noticed.”

Baron Aber.

He has several identities besides titles. Patron of lesser clans, including Clan Ordos. The head of the Helmud Vampire Clan.

The forerunner of the Vampire Clan Guild was a sub-clan of the Lasat Clan that was secluded in La Vista.

“It is true that vampires specialize in secret operations, but it is impossible to deceive the attention of the archmage. There’s no way even me, an intermediate level vampire, could do something impossible.”

Of course, I thought it would be caught, so I did it. I boldly wrote it as a throwaway card to see the wise Senya’s reaction… … Alot’s vampires have been monitoring the wise Senya for over a week already.

“Leave it knowing.”

Baron’s drawing room. Dozens of Demons are gathered in this wide space. All of them are demons who have signed a pact with Amelia Merwin.

“I don’t know what the calamity Senya is aiming for.”

There was an unavoidable fear on the face of the demon who muttered that. Half of the demons gathered in the room had experienced the war years and remembered how terrifying Senya of Disaster was.

That monstrous human, no, the monster wearing a human mask did not grow old and die even after 300 years had passed… … .

“I don’t even see any sign of prying.”

“Maybe they take surveillance for granted.”

The other demons giggled and muttered.

“As far as I remember, she was an arrogant monster. In this day and age, she would consider being watched by demons as a matter of course.”

“but. The peace declared by the benevolent demon king of confinement has already come to an end. People living in this era take peace for granted, but Senya of Calamity will not.”

The demons conversed with each other and shook their heads.

“… … I’m even thinking, wouldn’t it be better to intervene in advance?”

“Do you really think Senya of Calamity can reach after the 9th circle?”

“From that circle, Senya of Calamity invented it.”

“It will never be easy for a human being who has already reached the limit to rise to the next level.”

“Of course it is. She’s already far beyond her human… … Would it be possible for her to surpass even her present self? If it is possible, and if the desired point is reached… … Can we call her human anymore?”

I didn’t want to imagine. To be precise, I couldn’t imagine it.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a moment, and another demon opened his mouth.

“It is not easy for humans to surpass humans.”

An old demon who has gone through a period of war. he murmured, caressing the scar across his neck.

“Oddly enough, people say he’s stupid, but I remember him as a demon and a sura.”

Sura light. The gruesome sword strike is still vivid. The demons who survived miserably had their necks cut in half by the wild slashing.

“Even Hamel of Massacre, who was more vicious and persistent than anyone else, eventually fell apart because he couldn’t overcome the human barrier. That’s why I think that Senya of Calamity may fail.”

“If you fall while climbing a high wall, you won’t be fine.”

It is only hopeful that Senya of Disaster fails to transcend her vessel.

Still, it’s not very likely. The reason why she had no choice but to make such a wish was that none of the dozens of demons gathered here wanted to fight the calamitous Senya.

‘Is that enough… … .’

The young demons had no choice but to come up with similar thoughts.

Those old demons are demons who wrote their own history. Although none of them have been able to stop the hero and his companions, and many of them have not kept their place in Pandaemonium in this era… … Isn’t everyone like that again? In fact, in this living room right now, there are three demons of the highest rank within the top 50.

Everyone will admit it. The demons of that rank became much stronger than they were 300 years ago. They even survived the great purge in Babel last year and received magic directly from the demon king of confinement.

And yet… … The expressions of those highest-ranking demons who were talking about Senya of Disaster were never bright.


There was a sound like a beast grinding its teeth.

“We didn’t come together to talk about this, didn’t we?”

An annoyed voice came from within the metal mask. The gazes of her demons, who were intentionally ignoring her, moved.

Originally, the chair that Baron Avert was supposed to sit on. Indeed, Baron Avert was standing by the window, and a certain human woman was sitting there.

… … Are you really human? To be honest, I didn’t feel human at all. She was originally a mixed woman, but by now, even a part of her human nature that existed in her had disappeared.


Before leaving La Vista. Alpiero gave her a lot of blood. It’s not just Alpiero. All the vampires of the Lasat Clan secluded in La Vista fed Hemoria’s blood.


The demon nodded.

“Let’s talk about war.”

What a thrilling sound this is.

The demons’ expressions gradually changed. The vigilance and fear of Senya of calamity cannot be denied. But—-more than her feelings for her, her youthful feelings at the word war are thick and heavy.

Senya of Calamity is deliberately leaving the surveillance unattended. It’s not that you don’t know what that means.

It is certain that the evil Senya is behind Melchis Elhair. Even if she is in Alot right now, if her demons intervene in Nahama’s problems… … There was no doubt that Senya of Calamity would also make a move.

“It’s the Demon King.”

The highest-ranking demons couldn’t hide their excitement when they heard that they could become ‘demon kings’ as well as war.

It’s not a story that lacks evidence. Didn’t that Iris also become a demon lord? It is not known exactly how she became the Demon King, but she is the secret wish pursued by Edmond Codlet, who was the staff of the former confinement. A spell that was completed in exchange for her life.

I didn’t believe it blindly. Among the demons here, there are those who are good at black magic. The gist of the technique itself was reviewed, and those with feasibility were confirmed.

there is a problem.

In Helmud, humans are never allowed to be sacrificed.

All human citizens and tourists in Helmud are protected by the Demon King of Confinement. Even if Amelia Merwin provides you with magic, you cannot perform the ritual in Helmud.

“My master.”

Hemoria’s lips twisted under the mask.

“If you guys run amok in the desert, I will prepare the ritual right away.”

“Is Amelia Merwin coming in person?”

“I’ll be there the moment I activate the ritual.”

It is a risky adventure. Will the demon king of confinement be silent? Helmud’s demon tribe crossed over to another country and started a war. if… … If the demon king of confinement interferes… … .

“I will mobilize all my households.”

The 33rd ranked Demon tribe opened its mouth.

I know it’s dangerous. In particular, the magic of confinement is planted in him. If the demon king of confinement does not wish for war and wants to punish… … This mana might tear the body apart.

Even so, I didn’t want to promote unconditional safety here. Amelia Merwin said that Edmond Codlet came close to the Demon King through a ritual in the Great Forest of Samar. However, at that moment, the demon king of confinement did not intervene, but rather condoned it.

The demon king of confinement was also lenient to the black magician he made a direct contract with. Although he has kept the peace for 300 years, he has tolerated many things.

Perhaps, that benevolent demon king also wants an excuse. It was a great rudeness to dare to guess the devil’s intentions, but the old demons couldn’t really ignore that possibility.

It is because he remembers how cruel and bold the demon king of confinement was in the past.

‘According to the sentence of the demon king of confinement, the moment when the hero advances on Babel is the end of peace.’

Even if we wait patiently, the peace of this era is predestined to come to an end.

In the war that will begin then… … Will he be able to become the main character? The demons gathered in this room will never be able to play the leading role. It is the same even if it is the top ranking within the top 50. The two dukes will be the protagonists of the war, and the demon king of confinement who stood up directly will end all wars in vain.

But if we go to war in Nahama this time.

There is no demon king of confinement, no sword of confinement, and no queen of dreams. There were no demons infesting Pandaemonium, and no black fog guarding the capital.

You can become a protagonist in a war. You can become a demon lord by supplying fear and offerings. There will never be an opportunity like this in the future.

“Melchis Elheyer.”

The 57th ranked Demon, Harpeuron. He sighed, crushing his armrest.

“I will kill that human girl with my own hands.”

“Don’t think of monopolizing it.”

A maniac Grand Spirit who raids the dungeons of Nahama. The moment her name came out, she had the intent to kill in the eyes of many demons besides Harpe Uron.

“You’re not the only one who wants to kill that bitch.”

The murderous intent of the demons, who had been severely ridiculed by Melchis, resonated.

‘My master is dying.’

Hemoria thought to herself.

‘Even though I’m reminded of the enmity from the beginning, sanctions don’t come in. The binding force on me has fallen.’

It’s not completely free. Hemoria still felt the presence of the stake in her heart. However, this much was certain. She can’t afford to keep tabs on everything in Hemoria like Amelia used to.

That said, Hemoria could deceive and betray Amelia.

‘War… … .’

how to betray How can I kill Amelia? Thinking, Hemoria imagined war.

Even so, the owner and the heart were right.

Hemoria also thought it would be nice if there was a war and the world would be terrifying.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 424


Life in Reheinyar begins with meditation from the early morning. This has been done not only in childhood but also in previous lives. During meditation, focus on controlling the flow of mana.

Until last year, meditation was aimed at increasing the number of stars in Baek Yeom-sik. In my previous life, to look at the broken core as it was about to break. I had to hold on to meditation in order to delay the already planned collapse as much as possible.


looking into space

The rotation of the stars that constituted the existing white flame ceremony has disappeared. The seven-pointed star, the core itself, has disappeared. In normal cases, the disappearance of the core means that you have become a crippled person who cannot handle mana for the rest of your life.

Eugene did not fall under the ordinary. Even though the star has disappeared, Eugene still feels and uses mana. Rather, it controls mana much more strongly and freely than before.


Now, within Eugene, the universe as it is meant to be is contained. Eugene’s existence itself embraces the universe.

Every time Baek Yeom-sik raised the level, all the cores that had been increased one by one disappeared, but instead, in Eugene’s universe, there were infinite twinkling stars. Each element that made up the flow of mana shone like a star.

Eugene couldn’t fathom the size of the universe inside his body. After all, the human body is so small that it cannot be compared with the world. However, ironically, Eugene’s body now contains more mana than a city or a country.

bowl of existence.

understand little by little The achievement of the white salt ceremony rises by understanding the nature of the white salt ceremony and raising the bowl. Even though Eugene handled mana freely, the reason why Baek Yeom-sik’s achievements rose step by step was because the understanding of Baek Yeom-sik was not smooth, regardless of the size of the bowl.

To be precise, I didn’t even need to understand it. Even if he didn’t understand, even if the number of stars was small, Eugene handled mana well and fought well, exceeding the achievements of Baek Yeom-sik.

But at some point, I felt it was lacking. She wanted more power than ever. She longed for understanding. Every time that happened, the stage of Baek Yeom-sik rose.

When killing Iris and the demon king… … longed for much more. It’s not enough for me right now. We must go beyond the white salt meal and the vermouth.

Divinity was broken and miracles were added.

This universe—-the destination that Eugene longed for and reached. It is not the white salt ceremony of Vermouth Lionheart, but the result of Eugene Lionheart’s, Hamel Diners’, and the image of Agaroth, the god of war.


‘It’s not just mana that exists.’

A human named Eugene Lionheart learned the White Flame Ceremony and started practicing Mana at the age of 13. Now she is 22 years old in Eugene’s age, so she is not yet 10 years old, even if only by years.

Of course, Baek Yeom-sik is an outstanding practice that is unique compared to all mana practices on the continent. In addition to the memories of his previous life, Eugene received a lot of support from his family, added magic and the method of practicing the Eternal Hall, and also benefited from the world tree and lightning sparks he drew from the Great Forest.

Only the achievement of Baek Yeom-sik itself was low, but in the history of the continent, there is no one who has accumulated as much mana as quickly as Eugene. Right away, Eugene had more mana than adults from families like Carmen and Gilade.

Even considering that, the universe that dwells in Eugene is nonsense.

‘divine power.’

As divinity grows stronger, divine power also increases. Eugene, the divinity within me is getting stronger. that strength increases. I could feel the universe expanding and adding stars.

“Of course it will increase.”

When I opened my eyes after meditating, I was sitting in front of Merga before I knew it. Mer stared at Eugene’s face with a calm expression.

“You’re stuck in a cave, so you won’t feel it, but do you know how famous you are outside right now?”

Mer said with an arrogant expression on her face. Senya, who has been in Arot for several months, borrows Mer’s mouth to speak.

“There were too many tourists, so the officials said they even put restrictions on entry.”

The fact that Eugene subdued the Demon King heated up the world, and the dwarves of Simuin succeeded in making the statue within the time limit set by Eugene.

The statue of the hero erected for the first time in this era. Even if you put a huge admission fee, tourists will not stop, but since the viewing is free, Simuin Square is full of people without any exaggeration.

“It’s not just the officials. The Pope of Jurass also erected four statues in the plaza of light while announcing a tribute to you, and Kiel is also constructing four statues in the plaza in front of the imperial palace.”

“Don’t you have to ask for my permission?”

This conversation is carried out in a way that Mer conveys the voice in her head. Mer’s will didn’t intervene in the conversation itself, but she didn’t even keep her expression calm. Even now, Mer was deliberately making an ugly face, sticking her tongue out, rolling her eyes, and using various means to stimulate Eugene’s emotions.

“What is permission? You don’t have to say you don’t like it if you ask me. Rather, he said that it would be better to build it.”

“Of course I would say build it. ‘Cause there’s nothing bad about me But what is that? It’s a castle built in my image, so I can ask for a posture… … .”

“why? As in the simuin, with the Holy Sword flashing and the cloak fluttering? I’m just saying this now, but you were very old-fashioned back then. what the hell is that? Even 300 years ago, I heard that such statues were unfashionable.”

Senya said that, and Mer, who was pulling her cheek, quickly intervened.

“I agree with that too, Eugene-nim.”

“… … What is the original statue… … what is it… … Deliberately corny, huh? Exaggerated appearance… … .”

“It’s rare for a guy who’s never built a statue in his life to pretend to know.”

Senya muttered, and Mer nodded as well. Eugene couldn’t hold it in any longer and quickly reached out and pinched Mer’s cheek.

“Anyway, that is. Seeing you being held up here and there on the continent, uh, I’m all embarrassed.”

“What are you embarrassed about? Didn’t you enjoy everything in the past too?”

“Because I’ve never had fun like you? None of us had as much fun as you. Why? huh? Why do you think it is?”

You can see a little bit of angle, so the salsu digs into it like a deukdal. Eugene couldn’t answer and bit her lips.

“Look at this, shut up because it’s against you again. A coward.”

“I think it is far more cowardly to make an attack that is unavoidable and unreversible.”

“Why can’t you avoid it? why can’t you accept Try it, you can do it.”

If you do, you will become the twins of the world and a bastard, but there is no way you can do it. Eugene cleared his throat and changed the subject.

“that… … how about your side It’s been months since the bats started spying on you. Anything special?”

“doesn’t exist. At best, what would a baby bat do to me? I’m just keeping an eye on it, but I’m thinking about giving it a shot from my side.”

“You don’t have to do that, do you? As long as the other side isn’t an asshole, I know you’re noticing it.”

I researched who he was. A vampire clan that operates in the shadows of Arot. They themselves are so weak that there is no need to know their names, but there is no problem in figuring out the truth just by knowing that they are ‘vampires’.

Because Noir Jebela showed me a dream. There is no need to figure out exactly what kind of connection it is, if it is a vampire, it must be related to Alpiero Lasat. As Eugene intended, Amelia Merwin began to move.

Right now, Eugene has overwhelmingly more information than Amelia. He knows that Amelia is secluded in La Vista, and that Alpiero is cooperating with Amelia.

He also knew what kind of demons were behind the dungeons in Nahama.

“Ranked 26th, 33rd, 40th.”

If you add the lower ranks, there are more than 30 people, but Eugene and Senya paid attention only to the top 3 Demons.

“I remember the name of number 26. He was famous even 300 years ago as a Mutupama tribe, but compared to Gavid, he was insignificant.”

He’s a guy who had a lot of fun fighting. Considering that 300 years of time made the demons stronger, he must have also benefited from time.

But—-in Eugene’s opinion, if he was only ranked 26th, he would definitely not be his current enemy.

“I also remember the names of 33rd and 40th. The magic bothered me quite a bit.”

Senya, like Eugene, was not wary of them.

300 years ago, it was never an easy enemy for the high-ranking demons. The situation would have been embarrassing if I had encountered it alone without my colleagues. but. The demons were not the only ones who became stronger in the time that passed after the war.

“Do you think it will move?”

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter either way.”

He is blatantly enticing Amelia. Since she sent her surveillance, Amelia must have grasped this side’s intentions as well. If she doesn’t respond, she will destroy all the desert dungeons and tear off Amelia’s limbs.

“I thought Balzac would move. I heard that Amelia put a lot of effort into creating power in the desert, and that all the demons she lured out have X-like personalities.”

“After all, that child is also a black magician. Can I trust you?”

Balzac Rudbesse.

I don’t know exactly what the warlock wants. Balzac, who had suddenly come into contact with Melchis, stayed in the depths of the desert for a while… … He has been contacting Melkis again recently.

Balzac calmly conveyed the information about the demons contracted by the desert dungeon warlocks, and Amelia’s purpose he had guessed.

A ritual performed by Edmond Codlet in the Great Forest. The spell went into Amelia’s hands along with Bloodmary.

Are you aiming for Amelia herself to use her spells to change her existence into a demon lord? You can’t think that such a possibility is absolutely impossible, but Balzac guessed that it wouldn’t be, and Eugene agreed with Balzac’s idea.

It was because he had seen Amelia dying in seclusion in La Vista. If Amelia’s goal is to become the demon lord herself, why would she bother to stay in La Vista? If you’re afraid of Eugene and Senya’s reprisal, it’d be better to hold the ceremony as soon as possible.

“Amelia Merwin. I don’t know if that bitch doesn’t want to become a demon king, but it’s certain that she has no intention of using Edmond’s magic.”

Judging by the circumstances, Amelia had been planning a war with Nahama for a long time. Of all the countries on the continent, Nahama would have fit Amelia’s standards.

The desolate desert is perfect for training black magicians, and the sultans of Nahama have been greedy for the fertile territories of other countries for generations. Of all the countries on the continent, Nahama is the only one that yearns for war.

-Amelia Merwin is the oldest black magician among the sama of confinement, and has shown the most heterogeneous course among us. Edmond Codlet held a title in Helmud, and I locked myself in Arot’s Black Mage Tower. ah… … Of course, you may think that my actions are foreign to you, but think about it this way. It’s true that I was the owner of the Black Mage Tower, but what did I do in Arot?

– I am proud that I have not done anything great. I was just immersed in my own research. The Black Mage Tower did not secretly train a private warlock army, dig into the heart of Arot to confuse the country, or make the king a puppet.

-but. What about Amelia Merwin? Yes, she has tried all of the things I just said, and she has succeeded wonderfully. As she pushed through them, she maintained her relationship with Edmond. Do you remember the events of the great grove in Samar? Edmond had Amelia’s support as he attempted his long-cherished wish. I don’t know if the bond between the two can be called trust, but it’s clear that the two supported each other’s longing.

“If you are a high-ranking demon, of course you want to become a demon king.”

Senya, who borrowed Mer’s mouth, spat out.

It is unknown whether Amelia presented that condition to the demons from the beginning, but in the current situation, Amelia has no choice but to act with that intention. If the foundation of Nahama, built over decades, was destroyed, Amelia’s life would be in vain.

“It sucks to say this, but if I think of myself as a mage… … I can never accept a situation where what I have been pursuing my whole life is going to be destroyed.”

Amelia has no place to back down.

“I created a situation where I had no choice but to move, but I still don’t know if that rotten bitch will crawl out of La Vista.”

“What are you going to do if you don’t come out?”

Eugene replied with a sad face.

In the end, it’s a matter of being late or fast. If he doesn’t come out this time, after Amelia has destroyed the secret wish she pursued all her life, she can attack La Vista later and kill Amelia. What if it comes straight out? That great desert will be Amelia’s tomb.

What you care about.

‘Death Knight.’

As seen in Noir’s dream, the Death Knight was mixed with the magic of destruction. It didn’t look very threatening at the time, but… … It is true that there is still a possibility that he does not want to be afraid of.

‘Does he still think of himself as Hamel?’

If you introspect over and over again, you should be able to realize the hole in your memory. Is Amelia’s magic suppressing her memories? Eugene thought as he wrinkled her expression.

“Suddenly, it’s time for the juniors to come. you? Are you going to get beaten up by Moron today?”

“To be beaten. These days, I eat it.”

“Let’s be conscientious and not lie.”

“Isn’t that a lie? If you roughly compare the odds, it’s about six to four.”

“Who is Six?”

“The results of the past are not important.”

“What? Say hello to Morron.”


After finishing the conversation, Eugene got up.

It’s been more than half a year since I shut myself up in Moron’s residence. Every day, without missing a day, he sparred with Moron.

Until a month ago, breaking limbs was normal… … In the last 15 days or so, the extent of the injury has greatly decreased.

what I was looking for.

Carving the senses you already know. getting to know something new. Recalling Agaroth’s divinity and intuition, mixing Hamel and Eugene. Adding Hamel and Eugene to Agaroth’s fighting skills. To harmonize, unify, and sublimate everything that exists in thought.

The process was repeated over several months. She trained the existence of ‘I’. I was convinced right away that I was getting stronger.

The result was obtained.

Every time I crossed the line of fire, I retuned the senses I woke up to. I understood how to move and how to fight. Every day, he sparred with Moron repeatedly, and after the sun went down, he meditated until the deep of dawn to review the battle.

When the next day came like that, I realized that I was better than yesterday, that I was stronger than yesterday.


Moron was already waiting at the top of Rehein Yar.

“Without you, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today.”

“That’s wrong, Hamel.”

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