Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 20

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“That means. Are you saying that the Demon King of Destruction is preparing to launch an attack?”

“No way.”

Balzac smiled briefly and shook his head.

“Not really. The demon king of perdition… doesn’t enjoy violence. Also, he respects the demon lord in captivity. If the Demon King of Confinement doesn’t move, then the Demon King of Destruction won’t move either.”

Demon King of Destruction.

He is the Great Demon King, number 1 in the hierarchy. Recalling his distant memories, Eugene clenched his trembling fists. The Demon King of Destruction, like its name, leads destruction. In their previous lives, the hero’s party had never properly confronted the demon lord of destruction.

from afar.

I saw the demon king of destruction move. Eugene was still at that time, unable to determine exactly what he had seen.

Is it black… no… red? I don’t even know that. Just, on the other side of the wide plain… I saw the ‘color’ moving. In fact, I don’t even know if that’s really the devil of destruction.

I just thought of it.

If that is not destruction, then what is destruction? If that isn’t the Great Demon King of the top ranks, then what the hell is the Great Demon King?

The existential perdition, after a brief appearance, disappeared over the plains,

Everyone who saw him fainted for a moment. Let him go and fight. he must kill nobody said anything like that. If Anise hadn’t prayed, if he hadn’t calmed everyone down… he might have gone mad.

“…but Eugene-sama. Just because the demon king of confinement doesn’t move and the demon king of destruction is silent… not all demons are silent.”

“…Isn’t that because the owner of the Black Tower is lazy and indifferent?”

Eugene asked provocatively. But again, Balzac does not show his displeasure. Rather, he laughed and nodded his head.

“That is undeniable. Yes, it is. The demon king of confinement does not suppress the actions of the demons under his command. My merciful master… respects the freedom of all limbs.”

Contrary to the name Confinement.

“However, you clearly draw the line. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy the freedom it provides, but you are fully responsible for the problems that result. Recall Baron Olfer, who coaxed Lord Iod. He had to take responsibility for his troubles with my life.”


“Asmodians are violent. The more powerful the demons are, the more violent they become. Among them, there are many demons who are fed up with the peace that has lasted for hundreds of years. The world is peaceful… the demons… haha. It’s funny to say with my own mouth, but demons aren’t a race that enjoys peace.”

“You mean you can threaten me with the demon king’s connivance?”

“That means there may be many demons who think that way.”

Balzac’s voice lowers. He stared at Eugene with a twinkling smile.

“This word does not only apply to the demons under the confinement Demon King. Demons who serve the silent Demon King of destruction. They will do anything to break my master’s silence.”

Eugene did not answer and glared at Balzac. In the silence, only Balzac continued.

“Also, among the high-ranking demons, there are demons who want to become a new demon king. The demon king, who was originally five, now has two, so aren’t three seats vacant? Duke Jebela is also eagerly aspiring for the position.”

“Can’t we just vote?”

Yujin raised the corner of her mouth and laughed.

“Gather the demons and elect a new demon king.”

“Haha… I wish I could. Unfortunately, demons don’t think voting is rational. The Demon Tribe thinks that if there is an unwanted result, the ballot box can be destroyed. That’s why you hate peace.”

“Thanks for the warning.”

Just saying that, Eugene did not bow his head to Balzac. He stood crookedly and glared at Balzac.

“Since you said that much, let’s go to Ruhar next time.”

Can you fight high-ranking demons with your current skills?

Eugene believed in his own strength, but was not overconfident. She didn’t want to risk getting involved in a f*cking mess. I will go someday, but I intend to go when I am confident enough.

‘I’m also worried about the moonlight sword.’

A fragment of the moonlight sword purchased at the auction house. The place where it was found was said to be Khazad Hills. A few years later, when I go to Ruhar, I plan to visit Khazad Hills once again.

“Nahama is… Hmm.”

I warned about Ruhar, but Balzac’s words weren’t finished yet. He pondered for a moment, then chuckled and smiled.

“Beware the desert.”

“A sandstorm?”

“Amelia Merwin.”

Balzac raised his hand as he said that. As he flicked his fingers, a shadow soared and wrapped around Balzac’s hand.

“The demon king of confinement said he loved Lionheart. If Amelia Merwin, who made a direct contract with him, harms me, doesn’t that mean the friendship the demon king of confinement said is a lie?”

“She is special.”

Balzac’s smile did not change even though Eugene directly mentioned the demon king in captivity.

“She… was a great black magician before signing a contract with the demon king of confinement. The Demon King of Confinement told me that he respects the freedom of my limbs. Among them, Amelia Merwin enjoys a great deal of freedom.”


“Only one. Unless you run into an unexpected run-in with Amelia Merwin. Please hand this to her.”

Balzac handed out the black envelope to Eugene.

“If you hand this over, no matter what Eugene did to her, it won’t hurt you.”

“What is this?”

“Look at it, it’s an envelope.”

“Can I read the contents?”

“However much.”

Eugene immediately received the letter and opened the seal. But nothing was in it.

“The content is not necessary. The only important thing is that Eugene has a personal letter I wrote myself.”

Balzac smiled and moved his fingers. Then the torn seal sticks again.

“I can’t deal with the threats that might come from Luhar, but I can deal with Amelia Merwin’s grumpiness. If you plan to go to Nahama, please take this with you.”

“…what do you want from me?”

Eugene had no choice but to be wary of Balzac. It was like the fact that he had come to the front and gave a warning about Ruhar, and now he even gave me a personal letter to prepare for the threat. Seeing him take care of me like this, it was clear that he wanted something.

“Do you hate warlocks?”

“Of course I hate it.”

“That hatred is unavoidable. However, please do me a little favor.”

“Are you gay?”

Eugene immediately asked that question. Even the calm Balzac did not seem to have expected such words. He couldn’t answer right away, staring at Eugene with his mouth half-open.




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“Seeing you treat me so well, I was a bit suspicious. It’s not that I’m prejudiced on that side, but I’m a little burdened and worried that the Lord of the Black Tower has been so good to me.”


“Chastity or something… I’ll tell you in advance, but I have no interest in that.”

“…for a moment. I am a little embarrassed.”

Balzac put on his glasses with a puzzled look on his face.

“…don’t get me wrong. I just want to have a close relationship with Eugene. Just… human to human. yes. Don’t get me wrong. Not just me, everyone is like that, right? Eugene is still young and has many potentials…”

“I will be grateful to you for giving it to me.”

Eugene put the personal letter into the cloak of darkness.

“But I don’t think I can give back as much as I give. I’ll just go.”


“I’d like to give you an invitation to a farewell party tomorrow. Oh, but don’t really come. My heart is like that. The human heart is very ambiguous and mysterious. I’d like to invite you… but if I see the Lord of the Black Tower at the farewell party tomorrow, I think I’ll hate it even more, let alone favor it.”

“…I won’t go, so don’t worry.”

“I admire the magnanimity of the Lord of the Black Tower who speaks like that. Then let’s go.”

Yujin bowed her head and turned around. Balzac looked at Eugene’s back, who was far away, and shook his head with an empty smile.


Even though he lived in the Red Magic Tower for two years, the only ones Eugene knew properly were Loberian and Hera. Thanks to that, it was only a farewell party, not grandiose.

However, the number of attendees and the place were grandiose. The top floor of the Red Magic Tower. There were not only Loberian and Hera, but also Melchis, the owner of the white pagoda, Honein, the crown prince of Arot, and Hiridus, the owner of the blue pagoda.

6 people including Eugene. He could have called more, but Eugene didn’t want that. He was reluctant to call the head of the court magic division or the green pagoda master, and the black pagoda master was out of the question in the first place.

“Why did you call me?”

Honein and Melchis built up a good friendship with Eugene. However, Hyridus and Eugene rarely had private conversations. When we occasionally met in Acreon, we only exchanged light greetings.

“You don’t even know each other very well, do you?”

“You’re not even familiar with the owners of the Magic Tower who haven’t been here, are you?”

“Why do you know and ask?”

At those words, Hyridus couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t be too reluctant to be the head of the green tower or the leader of the Court Magic Division. That’s why you are a greedy talent.”

“I don’t think the lord of the blue tower was greedy.”

“I’m greedy, but I’m not a faceless person to the point of trying to steal a disciple of the Red Tower Lord.”

“The green tower lord is trying to steal it.”

“I have been greedy for generics since before. His pride and stubbornness were stronger than his face. He shouldn’t hate me too much.”

Hyridus said that and sipped his wine. He stared at Loberian as he spoke with Honein and sighed from the depths of his heart.

‘I’m envious.’

Hyridus also has disciples. It’s been over three years since I haven’t seen his face, so he must have improved his skills more than I’ve seen him before. I thought he was a disciple who would not be ashamed of himself no matter where he was presented, but compared to Eugene, I feel somehow lacking.

“…Of course I thought so, but Balzac wasn’t called.”

“Yes, what. Even Master will hate it.”

It just went well. Eugene looked at Hyridus with her eyes shining.

“What kind of person is the Lord of the Black Tower?”

“What answer would you like to hear?”

Hyridus was not taken aback.

“I heard that the Lord of the Black Tower was in the Blue Magic Tower in the past.”

“Do you want to hear Balzac’s old tales? Or now?”

“Are the two very different?”

“It is not different. Even in the past, Balzac was strange, and I couldn’t understand his true intentions. It is still the same…”

Hyridus giggled and shook his wine glass. He looked back decades in the swaying red wine.

“…What I still don’t understand… is why Balzac left the Blue Magic Tower. At that time, I… was less than Balzac. I still think it’s not enough.”

“No way.”

“No, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Because I was an alumni of Balzac. He could have become the most outstanding mage tower master in the history of the blue mage tower. But… I guess that wasn’t enough. It’s not something you can’t understand. No matter how great human magic is, it is human in the end. Because it is impossible to surpass the demon lord.”

Hyridus let out a big laugh after saying that.

“Of course, nothing is absolute. Because there is an exception, wise Senya-sama. So Eugene, how much did you understand Senya-sama’s magic?”

“You understand. I just watched intently.”

“But you must have gained something. Don’t worry, I have no desire to spy on your learning.”

Hyridus was silent for a moment, lost in thought.

“…I heard you’re going to Nahama.”


“The desert is an unpleasant place. It’s hot and there’s a lot of sand. It’s great advice, so it’s good to spill it. If you are going to go to Nahama, hide the thing called Lion Heart after entering the country.”

“He said that to Master too.”

“The current is not serious. Recently, the Assassins of Nahama have been roaming around the bright side, not the dark side. I hope they won’t persecute the Lionheart family of the Kiel Empire… but there’s nothing good about getting attention for nothing.”

“I’ll try to listen.”

Eugene did not ignore the old wizard’s advice. I’m not saying to f*ck you, I’m just saying it out of concern. In the same vein, Eugene had no intention of ignoring Balzac’s advice.

‘If you’re plotting something, it’s more anise than Moron.’

Right now, Moron had attended the opening ceremony of Luhar 100 years ago.

Eugene couldn’t even imagine that the idiot had anything to do with his reincarnation.


No matter how much you think about it, the fluffy cloak stands out in the sweltering desert.

The solution to that was simple. Among the magic built into the cloak of darkness, there was also a simple shapeshifting magic. It was about removing the hair and reducing the thickness, but that was enough. In Nahara, where sandstorms blow and the temperature drops below zero at night, many travelers wear cloaks like this.

‘It’ll give me less dignity, but.’

That was not Eugene’s evaluation. The original owner of this cloak, Melchis Elhair. She told me about shapeshifting magic and added something like that.

Naturally, Eugene had no interest in the cloak’s diminishing dignity.

“Arot and Kiel are advanced countries.”

Eugene grumbled as he brushed the sand off his head.

The reason why Arot is called the Kingdom of Magic is because the country itself is friendly to magic, as well as the five towers and the infested wizards.

Arot uses magic for all sorts of things. Floating stations and aerial carriages floating in the sky. Even the lights that illuminate the streets are street lamps made of magic. Except for Helmud, Arrot is the only country that is as closely related to magic.

Other countries are not as close to magic as Arot. It is the warp gate that stands out strongly. It is difficult to create a warp gate that connects distant distances, but it is even more difficult to manage.

It is possible to manage hundreds of warp gates because Arot is full of excellent wizards, but other countries did not.

The truth is, you can do it, but you don’t. Warp gates are certainly convenient, but they are a facility that poses several risks. Even in modern times, dozens of people per year die, go missing, or become idiots due to warp failures.

Even here, in the desert country of Nahama, there were not many warp gates. Those few warp gates were the exclusive property of high-ranking nobles, and foreigners were not allowed to use them.

Of course, if it was Lionheart’s name, he would be able to get permission to use the warp gate. Since he received advice not only from his teacher, Loberian, but also from the lord of the Qing Tower, Yujin did not dare to put forward the name of his family.


Eugene spat out the sand from his lips and put his hand inside the cloak. Among the various objects, he pulled out two sheets of paper.

One is a map of restaurants specializing in cactus scorpions. After hearing that Eugene was going to Nahama to eat cactus scorpions, Hera hurriedly prepared it.

My heart is grateful, but there will be nothing to write. I came to this steamy, sandy desert not just to eat scorpions. Still, the favor was appreciated, so he couldn’t bear to throw it away.

The other page is a map of Nahama given to him by Loberian. It wasn’t just a map. This magic map is linked to the coordinates of the space where Eugene is standing, allowing her to pinpoint her location anywhere in the world.

Now Eugene is at the western end of Nahama. If you go up north for a while from here, you will find Turas.

Originally, I was trying to find an unknown grave and go to my hometown on the border of Turas. But it was no longer necessary.

300 years is a long time.

The desert of Nahama is gradually expanding its territory. Terrible sandstorms here appear out of nowhere every few decades, marching unnaturally to engulf the land beyond the desert. 300 years like that. The village on the border of Turas, which was Hamel’s hometown, became part of the desert.

Turas is a small country. They had no choice but to give up the disastrous sandstorm and desertified territory, and the widened desert became Nahama’s new territory.

‘That means they can invade like this.’

There is no need to wage war. Unless you’re an idiot, you’ll know that desertification caused by sandstorms is man-made. Sandcastles of Nahama. They were notorious even 300 years ago, though not as much as warlocks.

The era when the demon king rose up, monsters advanced, and monsters ran amok. Some countries gathered an army to confront the demon king, but some countries gathered an army to fill their own interests in confusion.

Nahama was the latter. They took advantage of the war and stationed their troops on the borders of the Kiel Empire.

If Vermouth hadn’t come to Kiel, Nahama would have invaded Kiel and risen to the ranks of the Empire as he had hoped.

It was a country I didn’t like in my previous life. Even after 300 years, the impression has not changed. It’s not because they lost their hometown. Rather, I feel a little grateful to Nahama for that.

Thanks to this, there is no need to cross the border twice.


There are a few things that bother me.

one desert. The heat isn’t much of a problem, but the non-stop blowing sandstorm is like shit.

Fortunately, Eugene’s situation wasn’t too bad. Storm Sword Winid. The wind spirit summoned by Eugene allows her to shake off the sand without having to wash herself.

But sandstorms aren’t the only problem in this desert. Wide, nothing. Everywhere I look, there is only sand. After passing the warp gate on the western border, I hadn’t seen a village, let alone a city.

It didn’t matter. He already had a map to keep him from getting lost in this vast desert, and he had plenty of food and water stored inside his cloak.

homeless? Well, it may have been hard work for the noble master of Lionheart, but it was familiar to Hamel, who had just been rolling around. Even in the bitter cold of the desert, when I was lying down with the cloak of darkness on my body, I felt happy because I remembered the old days.

‘It’s good enough to see the stars.’

Eugene was wrapped in a cloak and looked up at the night sky. The night skies of Kiel or Arot were quite good for him, but he couldn’t compare to the unlit desert night sky.

If it weren’t for the pups hovering far away, I would have been able to appreciate the stars in the night sky in a better mood than I do now.

‘How many days?’

Four days after crossing the West Gate.

Normally, when crossing a desert, one never crosses alone. There are many foreigners who are looking for companions to cross the desert together at the border gates that foreigners must pass through.

Depending on each other like that, or relying on a caravan for a while. Hire guides and escorts familiar with the desert. There are many ways, but Eugene chose none of them.

I just decided to cross the desert alone, and I did that. He didn’t even ride a camel, he crossed the desert with his bare body. This is because he judged that walking was faster than riding a camel.

‘Is it a thief?’

I thought so at first. But for a thief, their behavior was strange. Those guys had been following Eugene for two days, but instead of attacking and attempting to plunder, they stuck to a far distance and only followed Yujin.

‘Identification is convenient, but at times like this it’s a bit of a dick.’

300 years ago it was common to camouflage hopae. If I handed in a pair of hopae I picked up somewhere and a few pennies, I was able to pass through most of the barriers. However, in this era, IDs with registered blood have become commonplace, so it was not easy to forge an identity.

It’s not easy, and if you get caught, the work becomes very annoying.

‘Who is it?’

I presented my ID at the gate. He also gave quite a bit of money to the person in charge who was making a fuss. I thought he conveyed the words just shut up and let go, but it seems that the bastard gulped down the money and reported it to the upper management.

So did the tail stick? Being a member of a prestigious family is not entirely convenient. Eugene clicked his tongue and took out her map.

For four days, it moved quite quickly. This body doesn’t get tired well, and it has enough mana. Thanks to this, I was able to move faster than riding a camel. If you keep this pace, you should be able to reach your previous hometown within three days at the latest.

I had no intention of returning home with a troublesome tail.

I’ve left it alone for two days to see what’s going on, but since they’re always shutting up, I’ll have to force myself to open my mouth.


“I am amazed every time I see it. Isn’t that guy cold?”

Rahman stuck out his tongue and put the telescope down. I followed him at a distance for two days, but that Lionheart boy seemed so casual and ignorant that I couldn’t believe he was a young boy from a prestigious family.

He doesn’t carry an escort. That’s right, Lionheart is a famous samurai, and his opponent is the one who is evaluated as the best among those Lionhearts. A collateral descendant, an adopted son from the original family, bloodline…

what things like that Rahman didn’t pay much attention. No matter how great Ryan Hart is, his opponent is only a 19-year-old kid. Rumors are usually exaggerated than facts, and Raman was more afraid of his master’s orders than of a young boy from a distant country.

“I think it’s some kind of ritual.”


“Didn’t you say that you will be an adult next year? Our tribe sends boys who are about to reach adulthood out of the tribe.”

“You say something special. It’s the same with our tribe’s coming-of-age ceremony. Most of the tribes living in this desert have such a coming-of-age ceremony.”

Rahman snorted and replied.

“so. Are you saying that boy is challenging the desert to prove that he is an adult?”

“Otherwise, why would you do something like that? No fire, no tent, crossing the desert from morning to night… hunting the monsters he encountered… I’ve seen him a few times, but the boy’s behavior doesn’t seem to be different from the desert tribe’s coming-of-age ceremony. ”

“Why did Kiel’s Lionheart come all the way to this desert to have a coming-of-age ceremony?”

“I don’t know why. But didn’t the master tell you? Don’t let that boy enter the Khazani Desert.”

That’s just the owner’s order. Raman couldn’t figure out why, and Raman had no intention of arbitrarily judging his master’s orders.

“Slowly let us go to sleep. That diligent boy will start moving in the morning.”

“I think Ryan Hart is great. He wouldn’t be familiar with the desert, but he could be so fast. Anyone who sees you will think you were born in the desert…”

The talkative adjutant couldn’t finish talking. He opened his mouth and looked behind Rahman. Rahman did not understand his lieutenant’s expression and turned his head away.

Before long, Rahman’s mouth opened wide like an adjutant.

Eugene Lionhart. After two days of chasing, one thing I got sick of learning was that the boy’s feet were incredibly fast. It is not on a camel, nor is it equipped for desert crossing.

only one cloak. Shoes are also ordinary things that can be worn anywhere. Even so, the boy ran through the sandy desert into which his feet were sunk.

It was like that even now. No, is that running? For a moment, Rahman questioned what he was seeing. She didn’t want to notice the chase, so she kept her distance. It is a distance that cannot be ascertained without using a telescope. He did not neglect his camouflage either. Even now, Rahman and his men were pressed against the ridge of the dune.


You can clearly see the pure white flame cutting through the darkness. It was the first time he had seen it in person, but Raman knew well about the famous flame of mana. Lion Heart’s White Flame Ceremony. A dazzling white lion’s mane.

“Back, back!”

Rahman shouted out loud. It was not in the master’s order to collide with that boy. How, no, since when did you notice? It’s coming exactly this way. It’s too fast. It comes close enough that not enough distance is enough. Rahman first pulled the kukri from his waist.

‘also. Not an Assassin.’

There are two particularly demanding and famous groups in Nahama. Sandcastle and Assassin. Judging by the level of stealth and the outfit, it doesn’t seem like an Assassin. If you look at your clothes, you’re not much different from a traveler crossing the desert. It’s probably camouflage.


It was too late to back down. The boy’s approach was faster than expected. Rahman roared, hardening his expression. stop? Are you talking to me now?


Eugene did not respond to Raman’s cry. I wondered who these guys were. I wondered what kind of plan they were pursuing. If we smiled at each other, said hello, and talked about this and that, we might be able to hear each other. Eugene did not think of such a method in the first place.

If that’s the case, why don’t you secretly chase after me?

Rahman gritted it. He clearly conveyed his meaning, but he didn’t listen. Is he mistaken for a thief? Since the other side was attacking, it was too late to resolve the misunderstanding through conversation. The owner had secretly told him to follow the boy. To carry out that order properly, he would rather be misunderstood than to be misunderstood.

‘Think of it as a thief.’

Let’s subdue it for now, take the money appropriately, and leave. Not a clean way. Perhaps this plunder will lead the boy back the way he came.

That wasn’t a bad thing for Rahman. If the boy had tried to move on tomorrow as well without deflecting his direction, Rahman would have had to intervene in some way.

Raman’s mana wraps around Kukri. gray sword. Eugene saw the light and his eyes lit up. Being able to create sword steel beyond sword skill means that the opponent is a fairly good player.

‘It’s been quite a while.’

For the past two years, I have been smelling ink more than the smell of iron. She held more books and pens than swords or weapons. He used his head more than his body. He practiced in the research building every day, but spent an overwhelming amount of time on magic and thesis.

Not only that, but training in the research building was always done by Eugene alone. At Lionheart’s home, I used to fight against Xian, Gilreid, Gion, or other knights.

It’s been two years since I competed with someone else like this.

Eugene felt pleasure at that new realization. Learning magic was certainly fun for her, but

Past life, present life. Eugene found it more fun to use his body.

Rahman showed his sword, but did not wield it. As a threat to the end, it was the sword steel he brought out to stop Eugene.

Soon, Rahman realized that his intentions were not working.

That 19-year-old Lionheart boy is running into 10 people in the middle of the desert with no one to help. Even in the black night, he does not feel the slightest fear in front of Geomgang, who clearly shows off his presence.

Rather, it seems that Moore is very happy, and she twists her lips and smiles.

that smile. Rahman could no longer think that his opponent was a boy who hadn’t even had a coming-of-age ceremony. It was a male lion that was already mature enough to become independent and form its own pack.

The cloak of darkness flutters. Eugene’s arm was obscured by the cloak, so he couldn’t see it well. Raman lifted his kukri a little higher as he dragged his foot back.


As the cloak fluttered loudly, white light cut through the darkness. Raman freaked out and swung his kukri. It wasn’t a useless sword that he wielded as a threat. Rahman decided he shouldn’t,

It was right. jjoong! A silver-blue blade protruding from the inside of the cloak collided with the Kukri. collide, you say. Rahman judged so. Wrong. It wasn’t a collision, but a unilateral beating. Rahman’s kukri bounces high up, his wrists and arms tingling.


Rahman sighed and hurriedly pulled himself back. A momentary clash. His men moved. The adjutant a little further back was already holding a kukri. He hurriedly rushed at Eugene in place of Rahman, who retreated.

I was about to run, but stopped for a moment. In Eugene’s left hand was a loaded crossbow. in which gap? Just a moment ago, his left hand was empty.

—-Pass! Falling on the slope of the sand dune, Eugene did not lower his crossbow. The adjutant looked at the arrow that was aimed precisely at his chest. I wasn’t afraid of arrows at all. The adjutant was a skilled person who could catch the flying arrow.

However, it was not able to respond immediately to the sinking of the sand under their feet.


There was no stockade. Just, the magic suddenly manifested. The adjutant hurriedly tried to get out of the spot, but Eugene’s magic didn’t stop at just turning off the floor. The sand attracted by mana became dozens of stalks and wrapped around the lieutenant’s legs.


Other minions rush in. Only then did Eugene fire the crossbow. f*ck! The adjutant could not dodge the arrow. Fortunately, it was lodged in his shoulder, not his chest, but the arrow hurts no matter where it hits.

It wasn’t just arrows that Eugene fired. Dozens of magic missiles pierced the darkness.

“Who are you?”

Only then did Yujin’s lips open.

Rahman could not answer right away.

The only ones standing here right now were Yujin and Raman.


If you were going to ask me that, would you have said it in the first place? What kind of heart is it to ask a question after attacking? Raman thought so and glared at Eugene.

I heard the question, but I didn’t let my guard down. Raman couldn’t find a chance to dig in from Eugene, who stood crookedly. He narrowed the distance at once and removed Raman’s blade with a sword strike from an unstable posture. In addition, he skillfully uses magic without chanting.


Raman swallowed a gulp. Objectively, Rahman was an excellent fighter. At least in this area, there was no better fighter than Rahman.

There is such awareness, so it is to be vigilant. Rahman widened his vision as he dragged his foot back. his fallen men. No one died, but he wasn’t all that well. His subordinates who were hit by magic missiles had their bones broken, and the lieutenant had a crossbow arrow stuck in his shoulder and was tied to sand tentacles.

“Aren’t you going to answer me?”

Even while asking, the sand tentacles do not disappear. Dozens of magic missiles are also hovering over the fallen men. Even the sword while maintaining the magic of revenge at the same time? Even without seeing a gap? Rahman hadn’t mastered magic, but he knew what Eugene was doing was an impossible feat for a 19-year-old.

“…it’s a thief.”

“Nahama was a f*cking powerful country.”

Raman replied, and Eugene twisted the corners of his mouth and grinned.

“The captain of a gang of thieves with fewer than 10 members of the gang, spitting sword steel from his sword. If that’s the case with a group of bandits of this size, in a band of over a hundred people, there would be ten swordsmen.”


“How strong will the soldiers suppressing such bandits be? You’re amazing. With that level of military power, Nahama could unify the continent?”

“We are… little special rogues…”

“Hey, uncle. Don’t be mean, just be honest.”

Eugene giggled and said. Then she strode forward, and Rahman did not back down further.

“Actually, you don’t have to answer. Keep shutting up. Look. I’ll listen to it on my own.”

Is that really the master of the prestigious Lionheart? Even though he still has a young face, the words that come out of his mouth sound like a mercenary at a bar. Besides, that gaze. Living blatantly. Is it possible for a flower grown in a greenhouse to exude such a murderous spirit?

“…Who the hell are you?”

I knew it was a funny question, but Rahman had no choice but to ask it.

“I don’t know your intentions. You knew who I was and came after you. is not it?”

“…Eugene Ryanhart.”

“I know.”

“Is Eugene Lionhart really… right?”

“Or is it someone else?”

Spitting out, Eugene kicked the ground. The sand of the dune pops up in all directions. Raman did not miss Eugene’s figure among the countless grains of sand.

I thought so. In an instant, Eugene’s figure disappears. A movement that is impossible with speed alone. The mana in the air fluctuated, and Raman’s senses did not let go of him. He quickly turned around and swung his kukri at his side.

‘Until Blink?’

Jjoong! Kukri and Winid bump into each other. Winid’s sword was thin but filled with high-density mana.

it’s sword I wasn’t sure about the first collision, but now I can’t help but be sure. If you don’t want your mana to be scattered due to a collision with the sword river, you have no choice but to use the same sword steel.

There was no time to be astonished at that fact. Besides Eugene in front of him, there were other things Raman had to worry about. A creeping feeling creeps up behind you. The magic missile hidden in the exploded grains of sand strikes Raman’s back.

Magic Missile, a Circle 1 magic. It is a magic that any magician can use, and it is a favorite attack magic because of its convenience even when the circle increases. Magic Missiles can be manifested with a small amount of mana, and depending on how well mana is handled, the trajectory can be freely changed.

That was something Eugene had been good at since his previous life. Eugene’s spirit reacted to each bullet, and the phantom flame amplified the power of the bullet. Rahman could not ignore the bullet.

Raman’s core emits mana. Grey-white mana wrapped around his body. Mana Shield. Since it was only wrapped around the body with the mana it possessed, this defensive technique did not distinguish between wizards and warriors. However, its defense power varies widely depending on the level.

Originally, if it was a mana shield used by a Raman-class warrior, the attack magic of the 1st circle had to be easily blocked. But Rahman felt a dull jolt that shook his body. That’s how his posture staggered, and Eugene’s sword dug into the gap.



did not beige Eugene’s sword only slightly brushed the surface of the mana shield wrapped around Raman. It’s not a miss. Raman’s eyes widened.


it was watched Rahman roared and swung his kukri wildly. Every time the kukri, which is curved like a crescent moon, cuts through the wind, it makes a unique pongong sound.

I swung it dozens of times, but it didn’t reach Eugene. He freed himself from Rahman’s sword with the slightest movement of his foot. There was no way he would get tired just by swinging his sword this much. But Rahman’s breathing was getting faster and faster.

because of the pressure. I swung my sword with all my might, but I couldn’t reach it. That Lionheart boy wasn’t even smiling like before. Calm eyes with no agitation. He is as calm as I am while dealing with a slash that could kill him just by brushing against him.

That pressed Rahman. Besides, Eugene couldn’t be bothered. You never know when magic will fly from behind your back. Like the adjutant, the bottom of the feet may be sunk. Maybe something fell from above her head.

As the attack methods vary, the boundaries increase. It limits action. I couldn’t dare to jump.

“I won’t use magic.”

When Raman’s breath reached the tip of his chin.

Eugene said that as if teasing. The words made Rahman’s hair stand on end. It was the first time she had been insulted as much as this.


He bursts out his rapid breathing with a growl. The sword steel that wrapped around the kukri swelled even more. kill. Rahman’s master did not command such a thing, but the insulted warrior’s pride preceded his master’s orders.

‘I feel better now.’

It was the first time he had used his body for the first time in years, and it was the first time he had been reincarnated to fight an opponent who spewed swords like that. When fighting against Guillaid, Gion, and other knights of the main family, he did not use his sword or sword sword at all, fearing possible injuries.

So I wanted to see some. That man was too careful about the subject of being a thief. An attack without intent to kill is light, no matter how hard you try to wield it.

Now the weight has been added. Eugene smiled and moved his shoulders and arms.

ㅡPaba Park!

A step back makes the grains of sand soar, and drops of blood from the cuts mix with the grains of sand. Looking at him directly, Rahman couldn’t fully comprehend what he was seeing and what was happening to his body.

‘It was cut.’

how many times My whole body hurts. It didn’t dig deep. It only rubbed the skin. Not even bones were broken, not even muscles. Was it shallow? no, i watched it Rahman’s beard trembled.


Raman screamed again and attacked Eugene. However, the results were not significantly different this time. When Rahman took a step forward, Winid made dozens of slashes. Incredible quick sword. What’s even more surprising is that none of the sword cuts overlap. That boy wasn’t swinging his sword blindly, but he was intent on exactly where his sword would flow and where it would cut.

‘The dominance of mana. Magic. And… even swordsmanship… How could this be possible?’

Rahman resented the sky. He rushed at Eugene again, even as his blood poured from his whole body. Eugene snorted at Rahman’s bravery.


Clumps of sand dust. Rahman gasped in the middle of it. In an instant, the sword was amplified and exploded. But she couldn’t reach it this time either.

“It’s not something you need to take care of.”

A voice came from behind. Rahman looked back, feeling a chill run down her spine.

Adjutants and other soldiers could be seen floating in the air. Eugene tossed them roughly and put Winid inside the cloak.

“Now… what are you doing…?”

“Don’t you see? You put a knife in.”

“I am not defeated yet!”


Duduk. Eugene snapped her finger and approached Rahman.

“So to defeat it.”


Rahman rushes in with a scream. Eugene clenched her fist as he burrowed beneath the incoming slash. Quick! Her mana-wrapped fists crushed Rahman’s mana shield, lodged in her side.


I am short of breath. It didn’t stop there. Eugene deftly bent her body and evenly placed her fist on Raman’s side on the other side. After that, a shot at Rahman’s ship. When he couldn’t stand it and stumbled, he swung his leg and kicked his thigh.

Raman did not let Rahman collapse on such a subject. Eugene grabbed Raman by the collar and raised him up. That’s how he stuck his fist into the pit of the stomach a couple of times. When Rahman tried to make him vomit, he yanked his chin upwards, preventing him from opening his mouth.

“Turn it off…”

Consciousness breaks down Rahman was still holding the kukri. He wielded his kukri in an attempt to somehow break this situation, but he didn’t go well. Yujin grabbed Rahman’s wrist and twisted it.

The other hand held Rahman’s head. He used his sword first, then dared to put it back. He didn’t care not to kill. To blatantly ignore and break hearts. Show off that someone like you can be beaten with bare hands.

Indeed, Raman’s heart was broken right away. It was much more painful and sad to be cut by a 19-year-old boy’s bare hand than to be cut dozens of times by his sword.


Kahn, I wanted to say. Eugene didn’t listen to the end. Quaang! Raman’s head gets stuck in the sand. It wasn’t even hard ground, so she didn’t have to worry about her head being smashed.

‘I don’t even know who is behind it.’

The situation is different from when he faced the black magician in Arot. This is a foreign country where there is no Loberian to look after Eugene. If there is even a noble from Nahama behind this uncle, this may turn into a political problem.

I didn’t want to increase the wrinkles on Gilreid’s already disturbed and busy face.

It wasn’t that he was overly merciful. bang, bang! Eugene threw Raman’s head into the sand one after another. Her already broken heart is perfectly crushed. The bitter taste of sand in her eyes, nose, and mouth. Tears and blood turn sand to mud.


really die He does not die fighting honorably, but dies while pretending to be a thief in the corner of the desert. It was terrible, and the pain was terrible. Raman barely spat out in a trembling voice, and only then did Eugene’s hand stop.

“who are you?”

“I am…”

The moment Raman hesitates to answer. Eugene rammed Rahman’s head into the ground once more.

“The answer is late. When asked, answer right away. It’s better if you answer before asking.”

What do you mean by answering before asking? He thought so, but Rahman didn’t question.

“My, my name is Rahman Schulhov.”

“all? This f*cking bastard.”

bang! Rahman’s head fell into the sand again.

“My, my name is Rahman Shulhov.”


“Everything, what the hell do you want to hear…”

“you? This f*cking bastard.”


“Please stop!”

After being thrown down like that several times, the lieutenant who was floating in the air twisted and screamed. Rahman looked up at his lieutenant, blood pouring from his nose and mouth.

“Ooh, our master is Tyri al Madani…”

bang! The adjutant answered, and Rahman’s head fell to the ground. In that brief moment, Eugene understood the relationship between Rahman and his lieutenant. No matter how many times this honest man is beaten, he won’t answer.


“Who is that?”

I took one more shot and asked. Eugene’s eyes were not on Raman, but on his lieutenant. Rahman answered in a faint, dizzying voice.

“No… don’t say anything…”

“Master… Tyri al-Madani is the Emir of Khajitan!”

The adjutant did not listen to Rahman. He felt more fear than at the master at a distance, at Eugene, who was ramming Rahman’s head into the ground right in front of his eyes.

The city right in front of the western gateway Eugene entered is Kazitan. In other words, this Rahman was a subordinate of the lord of Khajitan.


“Master… the master… you…”

“you? This f*cking bastard.”


“Eugene… Pursue Confucius… secretly…”


“The reason is that I’m good at… but…”


“Please let go of the captain’s head! More… I really don’t know why. Everything, just.”


“You told me not to let you enter Kazani…!”

Only then did Eugene stop slapping Rahman’s head.


“That… the reason is that I…”




“Really. Really, I swear with my all. I really don’t know. really.”

The adjutant begged with tears streaming down his face. Eugene, who had been looking at him for a while, snorted at her and let go of Rahman’s head.

However, Raman did not feel comfortable. Eugene sat with his butt on Rahman’s back and caressed his chin.

Kazani. If you keep going like this, it’s the name of the desert you’ll enter.

Eugene’s hometown. The change of Turas 300 years ago is in the middle of Kazani.

“Why are you telling me not to go in?”

“There is nothing there.”

“There is nothing in the desert in the first place.”

“In Kazani… Neither beasts nor monsters live there. There is no oasis.”

It was natural. Khazani was a relatively recent desert, and it was also the epicenter of the sandstorms that were eating away at Turas’ territory. There are no oases, and there is no rare rain. Kazani is a harsh land where no one can live.

It is not that there were no attempts to develop the vast desert. Just a few decades ago, Kazani had an artificial oasis and a village around it.

However… a sudden sandstorm swallowed the entire oasis and village, and as it repeated several times, Kazani became an uninhabited barren land.

‘Is it the base of the sandcastle?’

At first, I thought so. It’s blatantly obvious that Nahama is using desertification to gnaw away Turas, but that doesn’t mean you want to bring a foreigner, especially the famous Lionheart’s master, into Kazani.

‘Amelia Merwin…’

In Nahama, Eugene is most wary of Amelia Merwin. A black magician who contracted with the demon king of confinement and entrusted himself to Nahama.

She has a nasty personality and has powers like disasters, so even Nahama treats her with caution. The Ashur Desert, where her dungeon is located, is strictly prohibited from entering Nahama as well as tourists.

Ashur is a long way from here, and there was nothing to go to. It’s also far from where Anise last appeared.


Eugene organized his thoughts. He looked up and saw Rahman’s men lying in the sand. They didn’t sit still while Rahman was beaten. They tried to attack Eugene several times, so Eugene used magic to bury them in the sand and make only their heads stick out.

“You are going back.”

Eugene waved his hand at them and tapped Raman on the top of his head.

“You go with me.”


“I have to go to Khazani no matter what? It doesn’t matter, but if you get into a fight over it, it’s annoying.”

“What does that have to do with… I’m going with you…”

“If someone you don’t know who is f*cking you, I’m going to put you in front.”


“You know what I mean? When I put you in front, you sell your master’s name. Your master is the emir of Khajitan? Wouldn’t a fair amount of disputes be resolved with that name?”

“…that… that’s…”

“Do you want me to die here? Of course, other than you, your subordinates die too.”


“Or do you want to go back to your master and report that the chase failed and you got beaten to the point of death by me? Of course, I’m not going to keep my mouth shut either. You guys called me a thief at first. Khajitan’s Emir disguised his subordinates as bandits to steal Lionheart’s treasure… What do you think?”

“That, that…! I had no intention of…”

“Do people believe you or me? First of all, I’m not sure Ryan Hart’s hometown believes in my words unconditionally. I happen to have something that could be stolen.”

Eugene grinned and took out Winid’s hilt from the inside of his cloak.

“Do you know what this is? It’s Winid, the storm sword directly used by Lionheart’s ancestor, the great Vermouth. It’s something everyone can covet. Maybe most people think so? The Emir of Khajitan coveted Winid and made a joke.”

Rahman was speechless and only pursed his lips. The time Raman suffered from Eugene was short-lived, but he couldn’t think of Eugene’s words as a simple threat.

What if Eugene was really talking like that? Rahman’s neck will be blown off, and his men’s necks will be blown off as well. Perhaps even the head of its owner, Tyri Al Madani, will be blown off.

“Ah, I see.”

Rahman had no choice but to answer like that.


Rahman’s men had no choice but to go back even though they didn’t want to go back. We talked amongst ourselves about it.

During the covert pursuit, Eugene Ryanhart tried to enter the Kazani Desert, and he had no choice but to stop him. However, it was impossible to break Master Lionheart’s stubbornness or persuade him.

So, Raman, the captain, decided to go alone with Eugene. After entering the Khazani desert, promising to turn together if danger or trouble arises.

No one was sure that Khajitan’s emir, Tayri al-Madani, would believe what he said.

The wounds from Eugene’s beating can be healed with potions or recovery magic, but… The owner’s order was to prevent Eugene from entering the Kazani Desert, not as an escort to go in together.

Thanks to this, Raman couldn’t sleep all night and couldn’t help but be disturbed. He screamed out in terror and pain, and felt great shame at himself for speaking his name. Along with being loyal to the master, it is a warrior’s virtue to have a heavy mouth.

If Rahman had kept his mouth shut and behaved like a warrior, the lieutenant would not have opened his mouth.

Rahman betrayed his master. He lightly teased his mouth, which should have been heavy. He is also concerned about the treatment of his men who were forced to return…

But this was for the best. Death by Eugene is a fearful thing, but what Raman fears even more is that his and his master’s honor is lost.

I tried solace, but Raman’s heart was not at ease. Along with him, he couldn’t sleep because of the pain from the cuts he received from Eugene, his body from being beaten, and especially his face from being slammed into the sand.

On the other hand, Eugene slept well. When Rahman stayed up all night suffering from physical and mental pain, Eugene wrapped himself in a cloak of darkness and enjoyed a good night’s sleep at a distance.

Raman stuck out his tongue as he saw Eugene. Although he was defeated, Rahman’s limbs were intact. His hands and feet were not tied, and his weapons were not taken. If he puts his mind to it, he can attack Eugene as much as he wants.

‘Excessive criminal… No, no.’

No tossing and no snoring. Eugene is sleeping deeply, breathing heavily with a calm face. She still can’t get close to her. In a short time, the violence carved into Raman’s body broke her heart.

And still no gaps in sight.

He must be sleeping. Breathing, pulse, everything else. Pretending to sleep? Why is that? Rahman’s defeat was no coincidence. He was defeated by that 19-year-old Lionheart boy. It was not a coincidence, it was a natural result due to the overwhelming difference in skills.

‘…is it familiar?’

It is accustomed to rest in a situation where you do not know when and what kind of danger may come. The mind is asleep, but the body is preparing for danger. Shall we try it? What qualifications do I have? Raman laughed and bandaged his body. It is ridiculous to say that it was a test in the first place.

If you go too close, your neck will be cut.

“Shall we go soon?”

Desert mornings are early. Eugene immediately stood up when dawn spread across the sky. Even though she had just woken up, both eyes were twitching unbelievably.


In the end, Rahman couldn’t sleep at all. However, he did not show any signs of fatigue. Raman is also accustomed to harsh situations, and a warrior who handles mana proficiently can recover from fatigue with a handful of mana even if he lacks sleep.

“You don’t feel bad for me to speak plainly, do you?”


“Then are you offended that I trampled on your honor?”


“At first the answer was quick, but the answer is a little late now. Oh, it’s okay. I said it to make you feel bad, and I hit you for making you feel bad.”

Eugene brushed off the sand from his cloak and walked forward.

“But that was yesterday. It’s morning after the dawn has passed and the sun has risen, so let’s start a new day with a new heart.”

I don’t know what that bastard is trying to say.

“Are there sandcasters in the Khazani Desert?”

In the midst of not being able to shake off doubts, the first question comes in. Raman couldn’t answer right away and looked at the back of Yujin’s head.

“Don’t pretend you don’t know.”

“I really don’t know.”

“Would you like to have another terrible time with me?”

“no…! I really, really don’t know. I can swear on my everything.”

It was sincere. Are there sandcasters in Kazani? Why are the sandcastles loyal only to the royal family in the Kazani Desert far away from the capital?

“What is your position?”


“Your master is the emir of Khajitan. Seeing as you have subordinates, you must have some position.”

“I… I am the captain of the 2nd Division of the Red Sand Warriors, the direct escort of the master.”

direct escort. It is no different from the knights under the aristocracy. Being the captain of the 2nd division is a pretty high position. With the skills I saw yesterday, the position of captain is not a waste.

Yujin turned her head and stared at Raman’s face. bewilderment and fear. I can’t feel the lies Eugene knew why Raman, who became the captain, was put on this mission.

Rahman is honest and loyal. But loyalty cannot be absolute. But ignorance is absolute. No matter how much he scares, intimidates, and tortures him, he can’t talk about what he doesn’t know. In that respect, Rahman was perfect.

“Are you sick, uncle?”


“Kazani Desert. It was originally the territory of the Kingdom of Turas.”

“How about when… It was 100 years ago that it was the territory of Turas.”

“yes. A sudden sandstorm turned pristine lands and forests into deserts. Even the border has become a desert, so Turas had no choice but to cede the territory to Nahama.”

No matter what you say, it was extortion. The sultan of Nahama said that the spread of the desert was decided by heaven, and started military training by stationing his warriors in the desert. Turas, a small country, could not compete with Nahama, and there was no righteous country on the continent that could give it to them while shedding its flesh, feeling sorry for the situation of the small country.

“Desertification is still progressing little by little. is not it? You can’t do that kind of remodeling against the Kiel Empire, so you’re doing construction work on an easy-going Turas.”

“…don’t talk nonsense.”

“Unlike how this man looks, he is very naive. Or is she just pretending to be naive?”

“Even if what Confucius said is true… Our master is not the kind of person who would get involved in such a despicable thing…”

“Wouldn’t it be despicable to order you to hide your identity and follow a kid behind your back?”

“That, that’s… I’m worried that Confucius will be in danger in the rugged desert…”

“You really don’t seem to know anything. what happened It doesn’t matter if you know or don’t know.”

Yujin smiled and turned around.

“Just know this. I don’t want to come to a foreign country and get caught up in a fight that I can’t handle. I can roughly guess why your master won’t let me go. Wouldn’t it be a headache if a foreigner, especially the young master of Lionheart’s home, entered the base of the Sandcastle?”

If it’s a decent opponent, you can bury it without worrying about it. It’s not unusual for travelers to go missing in this vast desert.

However, the disappearance of Lionheart’s master has a different weight. If Eugene goes missing in the desert, Guillaid, the owner of the house, will never let him go.

“…I understand what you mean.”

Rahman lowered his gaze and replied.

“If… there are sandcastles there, as Confucius said… before they harm you, I will step in and protect you. Even the sandcastles under the Sultan’s direct command will show the least respect for my master, the Emir of Khajitan.”

“I hope so.”

“…but Gongja… why do you want to go to Khazani Desert? There is really nothing there…”

“I will see it with my own eyes and judge it.”

Hamel’s tomb may be there. It’s just speculation anyway. maybe there is nothing

Even so, I had to check. Eugene ran through the desert without talking any more.

‘Be quick.’

Rahman immediately followed Eugene. He was beaten badly last night, but luckily no bones were broken. He didn’t sleep and managed mana, so there was no problem in running.

Even so, it is difficult. It doesn’t even seem like he’s running with determination, but every time Eugene stretches out his foot, his body moves forward.

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