Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 22

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“The troops are too meager to be considered an event for the Sultan. What are you doing behind the Sultan’s back?”

“Wait, wait, what are you talking about…”

“I don’t want to bother with interrogating you. So listen up. Do you want to die or speak?”

“This, what is happening here is not under the control of the Sultan.”

“Then who is it? Maybe the emir of Khajitan? Is that f*cking thing working in the ground?”

“Ah… no. I’m asking for his cooperation, but…”

Eugene threw the dagger again. f*ck! The dagger was thrust into her opposite thigh.

“Ah, Amelia Merwin.”

The sandcaster replied, her face contorted in pain.

“This is Amelia Merwin’s dungeon.”

“…Do not lie. Amelia Merwin’s dungeon is in the Ashur Desert.”

“He-he has been here since six years ago.”

“Six years?”

Eugene’s eyes narrowed. He shook his head, trying to ignore the ominous thoughts running through his head.

“…Why is Amelia Merwin here?”


“Are you afraid of Amelia Merwin? If so, let me ease your worries. I’ll kill you, but I’ll just kill you. Very comfortable and simple.”

The sandcastle’s eyes twitched. He breathed heavily and squeezed his chest.

“…This… This labyrinth was created to accelerate desertification. There are many other labyrinths in the Kazani Desert, but this labyrinth… was created 10 years ago.”


“…Six years ago, the labyrinth was expanded. It is assumed that the unstable underground collapsed, and a large door was found deep underground.”


“Yes… we tried to open the door, but it couldn’t be opened… so… we asked Amelia Merwin for help.”

Yujin nodded and raised the dagger. Upon seeing him, the sandcastle felt relief, not fear.


f*ck! A dagger thrown by Eugene pierces the sandman’s forehead. The sandcastle fell backwards and died. As Eugene said before, he just killed the sandcastle.

It was the rest that the sandcastle wished for. Now that this has happened, Amelia Merwin’s wrath is inevitable. That nasty warlock doesn’t kill her being, but enslaves her. Rather than living as an undead that is neither dead nor alive for the rest of its existence, hoping for death someday, it is better to just die comfortably.

“no wonder. They said the troops were too weak.”

Amelia Merwin. Among the black magicians who contracted with the demon king of confinement, he is considered special. Balzac Rudbeth, the owner of the Black Mage Tower in Arrot, and Count Edmond Codret in Helmud became black magicians by signing a contract with the Demon King.

However, Amelia Merwin made a name for herself as a powerful black magician even before making a contract with the demon king or demon tribe.

That makes them claim great rights in the contract with the demons. Of course, Amelia Merwin’s ‘freedom’ must have been conceded by the demon king of confinement, but it was clear that she enjoyed greater freedom than other warlocks.

‘If there is a warlock of that level, there is no need to station troops.’

The reason why sandcastles and assassins are here. It was to take care of Amelia Merwin and punish the travelers who approached. The story of the dead sandcastle, or seeing Amelia Merwin’s ‘real’ dungeon in the Ashur Desert… Amelia Merwin won’t spend much time in this dungeon.

“Go, Gongja.”

Raman spoke in a trembling voice.

“You have to get out of here. If this is really the dungeon of Amelia Merwin’s…’Black Thorn’…”

“You came all the way here?”

Eugene laughed and stamped his feet.

“Fortunately, Amelia Merwin is not here.”

“I-I can come back right now…!”

“What if I go out? Won’t Amelia Merwin pursue me? I’ll probably track it down. I don’t know her, but I probably would. Of course, the guy who broke into my villa and started a hoax is going to be caught and killed.”


“It’s going to be a bad encounter anyway.”

A clash with Amelia Merwin was not envisaged. She wanted to avoid it as much as possible. But she was now unavoidable. If so, you should check what you need to check before crashing.

Eugene judged that. He did not look back at Rahman, but moved forward past his corpse.

“Why don’t you run away and follow me?”

“Ah… you don’t know what will happen next.”

“Yeah, but why aren’t you running away?”

“I received the grace of salvation from Confucius twice. What if… if Amelia Merwin comes back and tries to kill Gongja-nim. I… will give his life to pave the way.”

“you? me? her…”

Eugene was dumbfounded and looked back at Raman.

“With what skill?”

“…even if you don’t have talent, you can give your life.”

“Can’t you just run away without doing anything stupid?”

“I cannot leave Confucius behind.”

“What are you leaving behind? I said go…”

Yuji clicked his tongue and raised his hand.

Rahman’s spirit was cut off there. Eugene didn’t bother killing Raman. But I couldn’t take him to the front, so I just knocked him out and threw him in the corner.


6 years ago.

Not so long ago. 6 years ago.

When Eugene was 13 years old.

‘Blood type.’

Lionheart’s treasure house.

Hamel’s keepsake found inside.

Yujin squeezed the necklace around her neck.

‘This labyrinth has been around for 10 years, but the end of the labyrinth collapsed six years ago.’




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If Eugene took this necklace and the magic that sealed the ‘tomb’ disappeared.

If the ‘door’ appeared like that.

“There was another grave robber.”

It was the first time since reincarnation that he had such a cold consciousness and thought of killing intent.

Eugene looked down into a deep hole leading underground. Right now, this place is also deep underground in the desert, but the hole in front of my eyes led to an unfathomable depth.

“It’s buried deep.”

Eugene chuckled and threw himself into the hole.


Although he jumped in, it was not acceptable to be thrown to the ground defenselessly. Eugene wrapped his body in the spirit’s wind and glared at the depths of the floor.


Door, it looked the same. down there A huge door of unknown material was replacing the floor.

It was not tightly closed. The gap is open enough for people to come and go. Seeing that with his own eyes, Eugene’s hair stood on end in anger and murderous intent.

6 years ago. A door down there was discovered, and it was impossible to open it with the skills of Nahama’s sandcastles.

So Amelia Merwin came here,

Opened the door.


Teeth grind. Eugene accelerated his fall and landed right in front of the door. She didn’t go right in. Eugene took a few deep breaths and calmed his boiling emotions.

It has not yet been confirmed that the inside is Hamel’s tomb. Maybe… Maybe it’s not a tomb, but something like a completely different ancient dungeon. I didn’t want to feel discouraged because I was on the wrong foot.

“…I can’t believe that.”

There are no special patterns or engravings on the door. If there was any magic left, I would have guessed it from the habit or the level of magic revealed in the spell, but the door’s magic had already broken through.

If so, you have to go in and see for yourself. Eugene pushed his body through the gap in the door.

Beyond the gate there was a road again. the road leading to the basement. The surroundings are no longer earth, but metal, the same material as the door.

‘It looks like a synthetic metal.’

Took. Eugene knocked on the wall with his fist. Power is not plugged in, and mana is sucked up. Eugene looked at the wall for a moment, then looked down.

Did the dragon fold its wings and crawl?

The walls are dented, cracked, and crushed all over the place. Traces of slashes or claw marks are intertwined.


Eugene went down, examining the traces.

‘It’s a trace of a battle.’


I thought this might be the dragon’s rare. But aren’t the visible traces too violent for a dragon’s drowsiness?

‘I don’t know what a weapon… is. Did you swing it and cut it? It looks like it was stabbed… If it was an attack that used this amount of mana in the first place…’

It is impossible to read the traces. I’m sure there are traces of battle, but I can’t guess how many people, why, or how they fought.

It’s a trace that I can’t help but care about, but I don’t think there will be any results if I look more closely. Eugene let go of the wall and went back downstairs.

Then, there were a few things that I realized.

Originally, there must have been dozens or even hundreds of traps hidden in this passage. But was it caught in the battle that took place here, or did Amelia Merwin break through? The traps were all destroyed.

‘…I’m not some kind of emperor. Isn’t it too much to set this many traps in the tomb?’

That thought made my judgment falter. No matter how you look at it, this place felt more like a dragon’s rarity than someone’s grave.

But that thought.

After passing through the aisle, it disappeared neatly when it reached the floor.

Eugene was stunned and looked ahead.

statue in the center. I couldn’t have known It is a statue of Hamel from his previous life. Eugene swallowed a gulp and moved towards the statue. What she remembered and could recognize clearly. It wasn’t just because that statue was from a previous life.

Eugene had seen that ‘figure’ beforehand. Arot’s Royal Library, Akryon. Senya’s Hall.

Senya left the images of her former comrades there.

great vermouth.

Brave Moron.

faithful anise.

Stupid Hamel.


Yujin shook her head and burst into laughter. This statue, she looks exactly like the one we saw in Senya’s Hall. A face without a smile. crooked posture. Scars that weren’t many yet.

“If you’re going to leave it, please make it with a smile on your face.”

Hamel Diners.

(Sacred Calendar 421~459.)

Bastard, stupid, asshole, idiot, trash.

But brave, faithful, wise, and great.

Sacrificing for everyone, leaving first and honoring you who were dumb.

Beneath the statue was a memorial stone. Yujin stood dumbfounded and looked at the memorial stone. It is a known handwriting.

Moron’s great handwriting, brave.

Anise’s smooth handwriting, sincere.

Senya’s crooked handwriting, wise.

Vermouth’s sharp handwriting, great.

“…Oh shit.”

My eyes are blurry, and my nose is tingling. Eugene swears at her for no reason and grabs her nose. I had to rub her eyes. But she didn’t want to. No one would be watching, but I felt ashamed to shed tears and wipe them in front of that statue and memorial stone.

“I will say that while I am alive. What’s the use if I write it down on a tombstone after I die? I can’t see it, damn it.”

Yujin muttered that and put her hand on the tombstone.

I couldn’t just be sentimental.


The statue and tombstone are in very good condition. There is no broken place anywhere, and there is no aging place that must have passed hundreds of years.

That’s nothing strange. Magic is convenient. If you cast preservation magic well, you can keep it without aging for hundreds of years.

Unless you intentionally break it.

Eugene ignored the tears running down his cheeks and looked around.


It just doesn’t look like that. Traces of battle left from the barrel.

Looking at these ruins, the traces of passages feel like child’s play. The floor is smashed or overturned, and things like pillars are stuck into the floor and walls like windows.

The only thing left unbroken here was the statue of Hamel and the memorial stone.

‘What the hell happened?’

hundreds of years ago. Senya sensed the death of her familiar, and left Arot to come to Hamel’s tomb.

Did the fight break out immediately? At first, I couldn’t help but think that way. Encountering an unknown grave robber…

‘Senya is strong.’

Originally, it was strong, but after Hamel died, it became even stronger. Eugene didn’t know Senya at that time, but he could say that the ‘wise Senya’ he saw through Witchcraft was the most powerful wizard in the world.

If only I could fight against Senya like this.

‘…Senya… didn’t win.’

If Senya had won the fight. There’s no way she would have left these wretched ruins of hers alone.

So, did Senya die here?

“It can’t be.”

I saw Senya’s vision in Arot. It can’t be an illusion. When we met in the plaza in front of the bank. Senya’s welcome had clearly communicated its meaning.


‘He was injured in a fight here… and went into hiding.’

I can’t help but think so for now. Eugene tore out his messy hair. Who the hell pushed Senya that much? Also a demon? Is the demon king behind it? The demon king of confinement, the demon king of destruction. which of the two?

Is there a reason for that? Hamel is dead. He could not climb to the end of the castle of the demon king of confinement, and he died. The unknown ‘promise’ silenced the two demon lords of Helmud for 300 years.

What is the reason for the demon king to break that silence and move? There’s no way he came to pay tribute to the dead Hamel’s grave… What is the reason for the demon king to come here?

Yujin twirled around in place, tearing her hair. No matter how much I think about it, no plausible speculation comes to mind. After all, there is only one way. To find Senya, who must have been hiding somewhere in the world. I don’t know where she is, but in order to accurately know the truth from hundreds of years ago, finding the person involved is the best.

‘Look around here a bit more.’

this ruin. There are no traces of it except for the statue and the memorial stone. Looking at the spacious space and broken structures, it seems that there were many things before they became ruins… Eugene looked around the ruins once.

Examine the pillars embedded in the floor. It’s hard to see because of the cracks, but if you look closely, you can see tiny letters written on it. Spells pertaining to magic. It is sparse, so the original form is not recognizable.

It wasn’t just magic. In addition to Senya’s scolding spell, other things are also written.

Almighty god of light, please protect and take care of this stupid lamb. Lead the arduous journey after the Sabbath with mercy and love, and open the way with light even if darkness falls on the way of the Lamb.

“f*ck Annis, I don’t believe in God.”

Please burn the karma of my life as a holy fire. Please open the door to heaven full of peace and happiness, not the door where pain and despair await. Please put on my shoulders the good deeds that are not enough to enter heaven, and allow us to meet the reunion in the same place someday.

“…a rotten bitch.”

He sighed deeply and touched the pillar.

Eugene recalled the sight of these ruins before they became ruins. It wasn’t hard to think of him. He distinctly remembers what kind of bastards his teammates were.

Moron, that backbone would have built a pillar, squeezing tears and runny nose, not suitable for its size. It would have been a simple task with magic, but Moron would have insisted on doing it himself. Perhaps Moron himself dug this deep underground.

Senya. The girl must have cried too. It was Senya who cried the most before Hamel died. Moron would have tried to make the statue himself, but Senya would have blown Moron away saying not to be a jerk. Then, I would have made a statue of Hamel in my memory.

Anise must have made a point that she didn’t have to do when she saw the statue while carving prayers on the pillar. I think Hamel was uglier than that? Anise must have held back tears while giving off a faint smell of alcohol. Even when Hamel was dying. Anise was like that. He took a sip of what was left of his drink and said, “God bless you.” He wet his lips with alcohol.

the vermouth.

did you cry Eugene couldn’t imagine seeing Vermouth shed tears. Maybe… even after he came here, he might have blamed Hamel. that you didn’t have to He had no choice but to do so, he might have blamed everything. The Vermouth that Eugene and Hamel remember was that kind of guy. Before he entered Helmood, and after he entered it. He was killed by demons, demons, and monsters… He looked at corpses that had nothing to do with him.

could be saved

had to save

They didn’t have to die.

I used to say this That was Vermouth’s habit. On the journey, when his comrades suffer inevitable injuries. He survives even then, when he takes down a powerful foe. When everyone is intoxicated with a sense of accomplishment and joy, not the pain of injury.

You didn’t have to get hurt.

I should have done better.

Only Vermouth used to mutter such self-deprecation.

‘I’m sorry, it’s shit again. If you do something, you don’t have to do that, and you have to do well. hey are you a god you are the same human how do you do it all by yourself If that’s the case, Sifal, why are you coming with us?’

‘Hamel. Please don’t yell at Vermouth.’

‘Don’t play tricks, Anis. You just got tongue-tied. Do you think I don’t know that you’re trembling at that bastard’s price?’

‘I didn’t kick my tongue at Vermouth-sama, I foresaw what you would do.’

‘You’re making a living in pairs.’

at that time.

I remembered a conversation I would never have again. I cried a little when I saw the statue and the memorial stone, but the bloody tears flow again. Eugene did not wipe the tears this time either. Just, she let it flow. She neither tried to stop nor held back.

If not at times like this, when will I cry?

‘…they’re all broken.’

only one.

There are places that are not broken. behind the statue. door in the wall. Eugene glared at it. Unlike the statue and the memorial stone, which had no scars, the door had quite a few scars.

But it didn’t break. Eugene went towards the door. It looks fine from the outside, but the inside might be smashed. Once she thought so. She didn’t want to expect much.


The door was not closed. Eugene held his breath, opened the door, and looked inside. As he thought, the inside was a mess. There is no ceiling, no walls, no place is intact.

but. The door at the end of the long hallway was unscathed.

Someone was sitting under it, leaning back.

Seeing that, Yujin involuntarily swallowed her breath. I didn’t know what was going to happen, so the tension continued. Still, he didn’t notice its presence. It is the same now. He’s looking with his eyes, but he doesn’t feel anything.

the guy wakes up Dark armor covering the whole body. A helmet covering the face. A bright red light shines in it.

“…what are you?”

Yujin spat out looking at the guy who stood up.

“What are you doing sitting there blocking the door?”

The guy didn’t answer. He walks away staggering. The hair all over the body stands up. Eugene felt the ferocious and strong demon energy from the armor approaching in front of him.

‘A demon?’

No, the feeling is different. Are you a human who made a contract with the demons? If you look at her appearance or atmosphere, she’s not a black magician. So what about the black knight? A fallen knight who swore allegiance to the demons and received power.

‘No… no.’

He doesn’t feel alive. He is neither a monster, nor a demon, nor a contracted human.

Then there is only one thing I can think of.


Hopefully not.

Eugene twisted his face and put his hand into his cloak.

“What the f*ck are you?”


A voice flows from inside the helmet. Cracked and hoarse voice. Judging from the answers, it seems that reason is still there…


Eugene felt an eerie anxiety, anger, and murderous intent. He didn’t hide him. The cloak flutters and blue flames wrap around Eugene.

“Say your name. Son of a bitch.”

“I am…”


Death Knight draws his sword. A black, long sword.

It is a sword that Eugene does not know.

“I am… stupid Hamel.”

“What the f*ck are you talking about?”

That answer broke Eugene’s reason.

“Hamel? you? Is that stupid Hamel?”

Quadduk! The floor Eugene stepped on was crushed.

Hamel is me

I didn’t have to say that. Eugene had no intention of competing with the Death Knight in front of her to see who was the real Hamel. Hamel was him, and without even thinking about him, the Death Knight in front of her was fake.

“Hamel doesn’t f*cking say that with my mouth.”

That is a psychopath who mistakenly thinks he is Hamel.

In other words, it is a Death Knight whose mind has gone mad.

but. that body.


“투구 벗어, 개새끼야.”

Eugene screamed and kicked the ground.


I spit it out, but Death Knight didn’t listen to my request. It radiated a hideous and ominous glow in its eyes, and Eugene radiated anger and murderous intent that would not be lacking in it.

ran forward like that. Things I don’t want to think about run through my head. An ominous, f*cking imagination. No, not imagination. Isn’t it right in front of you like that?

This is Hamel’s tomb.

Death Knights are made from the corpses of dead warriors. regret, anger, hatred. A soul that is saturated with such emotions does not leave this world even after death and remains in the corpse.

Most undead are made by coaxing such souls. I will give you what you want, so give your soul and become a slave. Souls who cannot leave do not refuse such an offer. A bitter resentment makes him accept the offer to become a slave without being able to reincarnate for the rest of his life.

A lich is a mad wizard making himself undead, but a death knight is a corrupted soul that remains even after death. Death Knight gave up all rights that living beings should enjoy and gave up everything for revenge.

So you have to be strong. Eugene was well aware of how terrible and terrible the power obtained by collateralizing his soul was.

What do you mean?


My name is Hamel.

‘Are you Hamel?’

Crazy baby. Have you lost your mind completely?

Eugene does not doubt that he is Hamel. It was an unnecessary suspicion she had in the first place. The wind spirit king, Tempest, had confirmed that Eugene’s soul was Hamel.  

Even without Tempest’s confirmation, there was no doubt. If I’m not Hamel, who the hell am I? Memories, experiences, everything is clear.


The soul is Hamel’s, but the body is not.

‘The physique…’

It’s like Hamel.

‘I don’t have a habit… There’s no way I could have something like that.’

It wouldn’t be strange if he had at least one or two habits in battle, but Hamel in his previous life intentionally erased all of them. You cannot grow by holding on to a fixed habit. She can’t survive Hell Mood. She can’t jump over vermouth. With such an obsession, I erased all the habits that didn’t help me.

You can’t figure out who he is just by looking at him. It seems certain that it is a Death Knight, but that alone is not enough. face. You have to see your face.

‘If I made an undead with my corpse and put another soul into it.’

Even so, the anger and the intent to kill did not disappear. That’s my body. former body. Senya, Anis, Morron, and Vermouth. The body that was painstakingly made and placed in a tomb.

“What a f*cking bastard.”

ㅡGet it! Eugene bounced into the air and twisted his body.

“In that body.”

The cloak flutters. As the inner space opens, the handles of countless weapons protrude. Eugene grabbed the hilts of two of them.

“Did you throw me in?”

Schwack! The two swords held with both hands thrust down. In an instant, the top of her head was taken away from her, but the Death Knight was not taken aback. The bastard skillfully twisted his body to get out of the sword’s trajectory, and stretched out his hand toward Eugene.

A hand wrapped in a black gauntlet approaches. Eugene moved both of his hands while grinding his teeth. Kwak! Blue flames wrapped around Eugene’s hand exploded.

‘Mana shield.’

Strictly speaking, what Death Knights and Warlocks use is not mana, but magic. However, the use is not different. That dense demonic energy becomes a shield that wraps around the body.


Eugene pulled back his aching hands. It is not an opponent in terms of power output. No matter how well Eugene handles mana and effectively amplifies the mana he possesses through Phantasmal Flame, it has only been six years since Eugene entered mana.

It was natural that he could not compete with the Death Knight in front of him by force.

‘I don’t know about him.’

How long did that Death Knight last?

As far as I can think, it was Amelia Merwin who made that Death Knight. Six years ago she opened the tomb’s door, came inside… and made a Death Knight out of Hamel’s corpse. Since there was no soul left, another soul was put in.

If it was really like that, Eugene couldn’t beat the Death Knight. If it was a Death Knight created by a black magician like Amelia Merwin, it might be as strong as Gilreid, the head of Lionheart, or the captain of the Black Lion Knights.

Reason judges that. But Eugene had no intention of backing down.

So what.

Quarre! The flames surrounding Eugene intensify even more. He put his hand inside her cloak, exploding mana generously. Fire! Death Knight’s hand tries to grab Eugene. Eugene immediately left the spot with Blink and moved behind the Death Knight.

What he took out was a large axe. Eugene pulled out an ax from inside his cloak and rotated his body.

couldn’t blow it The moment the ax touched his body, the Death Knight’s sword moved. ㅡWhoosh! That huge ax cuts exactly in half from the middle. Eugene immediately let go of her ax and took a half step back.

His hand was already inside the cloak. The next thing he took out was a greatsword bigger than an axe. Eugene raised it above his head and shot it down towards the Death Knight’s helmet.

Eugene backed away, but Death Knight did not back down. Rather, he stepped forward and swung his sword. Kwajik! The greatsword is shattered. Eugene didn’t see my attack and my weapon being shattered.

I saw how the Death Knight wielded his sword. The habit was intentionally erased, but it seems to be swinging a sword. distribution of mana. The output of sword steel… Such things are not a habit, but the realm of basic skills. Things that cannot and should not be discarded.

‘…it looks like it.’

I couldn’t deny it. Death Knight’s movement resembled Hamel’s.

It was just movement.

He’s not Hamel.

Eugene was convinced once again.

The cloak flutters loudly. Eugene lowered himself from the center. The approaching Death Knight instinctively pulled her body back and raised her sword.

Wow! The attack fired from the gap in the cloak becomes a shock. However, the Death Knight’s magic does not shake. With his eyes shining, he looked beyond the upright sword.


The spear held with both hands aimed at the Death Knight.

“boy. He is proficient with many weapons.”

Death Knight opened his mouth. boy? Eugene laughed and lowered her knees.

“If you want to imitate, do it properly.”

Hamel doesn’t say anything like that.

“Have you taken off your helmet?”

“There is no reason for that.”

“I think you’d be better off just shutting your mouth.”

If you’re going to claim that my name is Hamel, you’ll have to get rid of that tone. Even when Hamel was young, even when he got older, even right before he died, he didn’t use that kind of tone.


The window shoots out. No, it seemed to be shot. Shaking spear points, withdrawing, pulling movements. It wasn’t just about cheating. The blatant momentum misleads the fake into the real thing.

Death Knight did not react. He backed away a little more and put his distance from the window.

when it’s that far away.

Eugene’s body accelerated. The flames wrapped around the window emitted an intense light. Every time the window shakes, the embers scatter. The Phantasmal Flame Ceremony turned all those embers into magic. Chains of flame pierce the air along with the spear.

Pooh! The chains that were trying to wrap around the body were cut in two by the black light. It didn’t touch the window. At the moment of collision, the trajectory of the spear was broken. The straight spear pole is moved flexibly and freely by Yujin. In this way, the spear becomes a poisonous snake.

An open mouth. Poisonous teeth bite the Death Knight. Fain! Death Knight’s mana shield fluctuated. However, I couldn’t make it go away. It’s shallow even if you dig in properly. Insufficient power to shove.

It was to be more certain. Hamel’s skill with weapons. If you want to claim to be Hamel, you need to read and understand these techniques.

“The boy’s skills are amazing.”

“Because shut up.”

It’s not like it happened. The moment it was bitten, it backed away, and it was removed so that it could not penetrate further. His technique was also sophisticated and excellent. However, it was not enough to claim Hamel. Even though he’s just been kicked, his bones tingle.

And it breaks.  

Eugene saw the window being shattered. Death Knight’s sword. A simple stab with no skill. But strong and fast. The guy didn’t back down any longer. A savage demon covers the space. Eugene pushed his hand inside the cloak, shaking off the pressure that gripped his entire body.


Death Knight murmured. Before he knew it, the guy came right in front of him and thrust a black slash. Eyes that cannot read emotions. But the words of that hoarse voice are blatant.

Eugene didn’t distort his face any more. Her rage and intent to kill are far beyond the boiling point, and she hardens coldly.

The sword light split the darkness.

Moment. Death Knight did not seem to understand what was happening. It has to be. His slashing had reached his throat.

But I couldn’t cut it. Her sword broke sideways. It couldn’t be. Eugene’s power is not strong enough to cut off the Death Knight’s sword.  

“…what did you do?”

“I don’t know?”

Eugene let out a voice without a hint of laughter.

“That’s proof you’re not Hamel.”

The use of mana to the extent that the archmage, Senya, was astonished. His affinity was excellent, but what Hamel excelled at was his mana dominance. Even though he was not well versed in magic, Hamel in his previous life handled mana very well.

Hamel’s body was not as strong as Moron’s. He wasn’t even perfect like Vermouth. He did not know how to use magic or divine power.

Even so, Hamel was able to run amok on the battlefield. The fact that he was able to pierce the huge Kamash’s attack from the front and pierce it.


Death Knight murmured while looking at the location of the missing sword. Of course, it’s not just parrying. The moment an attack and an attack touch. Synchronize the wave of mana that formed the sword in that moment with the attack. It touches like that and spills out.

‘It’s heavy.’

Eugene ignored the pain in his throbbing arm. The throat also tastes like blood. The timing was definitely right, but couldn’t he safely let go of that much attack? Eugene did not show him and made the young star spin more in his heart.

bang, bang, bang.

Countless stars explode and are created in the circle drawn by the stars.


A sword wrapped in blue flame collides with the darkness. It is a fight that cannot last long. Eugene swallowed her breath, which filled up to the tip of her chin, and attacked the Death Knight in succession. Death Knight responded by aiming for a counterattack, but his sword did not move as desired.

Eugene didn’t let that happen. When the bastard tries to swing his sword, he stabs him down. If you stab it, take a picture from above. If you take a picture, cut it sideways. Eugene read the Death Knight’s attack and moved first.

It feels like bones are being torn and muscles are being torn. Can’t this proud body endure this much abuse? Does not matter. He fought well even with a much uglier body than this. Mind, if you’re fine. can move can fight

I will take off my helmet and see your face. If he doesn’t take it off, I’ll break the helmet. The face I saw

Even if it’s not Hamel.

kill. It doesn’t change. The fact that he was a Death Knight was enough reason to kill him. Besides, in this, tomb, you dare, shut yourself up, sit in front of the door, in the aisle, as if you were the master, and your name is Hamel, you?

like you



The Death Knight’s body, feet, are being pushed back little by little. The sword, which could not be wielded as desired, was only a hindrance. Death Knight’s movements were completely under Eugene’s control. No matter how much stronger he was than Eugene, Yujin’s skills exceeded his strength, and he was wielding it so that he could not show off his strength.

It is to dance on the blade. She fires a series of attacks, but is unable to inflict a fatal wound on the Death Knight. To the undead, injuries are meaningless in the first place. If it’s a demon possessed by him, it will heal quite a few wounds immediately.


not conscious of breathing All consciousness was devoted to the attack. Counterattack, sword, lean back the upper body. The mana shield worn on the body is faint. All the mana exploding in the Phantasm style was loaded onto the sword.

Storm Sword Winid.

The wind intertwines with the flames.

Kagagak! The sword scratches the armor. The Death Knight freaked out and retreated.

you are not Hamel Their skills are poor, and their fighting sense is lacking. While showing off his bloated power, he is unable to handle him perfectly.

‘In the first place, you.’

Eugene’s body slips. A simple, honest poke. Just stab in a straight line. Sufficient speed creates great power, but that’s all. Young Magi explodes on the sword and wraps itself around Eugene.

blink. Just before that, stamp your feet on the ground. Pooh! The ground melted, and sticky glue wrapped around the Death Knight’s feet. It just looks like that, but the moment it touches the devil’s magic, the glue is scattered. that is enough. It’s enough to make him care for a while.

‘It’s not even a prosecutor.’

He handles it quite well, but his swordsmanship is so sloppy that it’s hard to believe he’s skilled enough to become a Death Knight. I admit that it is a swordsmanship that will be treated wherever I go. But there’s no way you can stand by Vermouth with this swordsmanship. 300 years ago. Among the knights who followed him, there was not a single one whose swordsmanship was less than that of the Death Knight.

The guy straightened his posture every time he swung his sword. He twitched his left hand, shoulder, and knee as he swung with his right hand. The gaze followed a little later than the sword swing.

The guy is not a prosecutor.


Death Knight twists his body. Quarrrrr! The demonic energy emitted from the sword he swung covered the hallway. Something breaks and falls to the floor.

numerous weapons.

‘In that short period of time, he continuously… blinked?’

The Death Knight’s eyes shook. back. It is faster to exhale demonic energy than to turn around. The flames intertwined with Magi and exploded. intentional explosion. High-density mana covers the senses. There, one, two, dozens, hundreds of dots appear. All of them were attacks, and they were rampant.

Kwak Kwa Kwak! Hundreds of magic missiles pierce the shaking demonic air. In the middle of it, Eugene turned.

“Let’s see some mugs.”

Words exhaled through heavy breathing.

Winid’s sword light split the darkness.

The Death Knight’s helmet was split in half.


One falling sound. Eugene fell behind the Death Knight and turned her head.

The Death Knight stood still holding the split helmet with both hands. After catching his panting breath, Eugene glared at the back of his head.

short hair. A severed left ear lobe. Back neck with tangled scars.

“Look at me.”

Eugene said, calming his heart that was about to explode.

Death Knight turned his head.

A scar across the eye and forehead from the tip of the right chin. It’s a familiar scar. Before he really died, that was the scar that was closest to death. When it wasn’t long after entering Helmud.

Scars from fighting with the sword of confinement.

‘My ears… were pierced by the demon of horror.’

Magic spear Luintos.

Although hidden from view by the armor, the scar from the battle with the demon lord of slaughter must remain on his right shoulder. His weapon, phalanx phalanx crushing weight. If I had been a little slower to step back, my body would have been cut in half.

He was closer to death than when he was cut in the face by the sword of confinement. Looking at those scars, I felt like my now clean face, without a single scar, was throbbing for some reason.

“…young. You look good.”

Eugene smirked at Hamel’s face. Hundreds of years had passed, but that face hadn’t rotted, and it was the same as in the previous life.

but. There was no life. Her skin is pale without blood, and her eyes are dull red like rotten blood.

“The soul is f*cking ugly, but the face is handsome.”

Death Knight did not answer. He was looking down at the helmets in his hands with his blank eyes.


The guy’s body trembles. Kwajik! The helmet in my grasp is shattered.


The Death Knight screamed and threw the sword.



The sword thrown by the Death Knight penetrated the corridor and crashed into the ruins. She avoided it, but could not be relieved. Death Knight was attacking Eugene.

‘To rot.’

It wasn’t hot, but I was moving so vigorously that my whole body was drenched in sweat.

Fatigue after a long time. It wasn’t just the body. The mana of the core is also showing the bottom. He threw a series of reckless parries and overused his power to break through his defenses. If it wasn’t for the Phantasm, he would have run out of mana and collapsed on the floor.

‘Now what?’

saw the face I confirmed that the body was Hamel’s corpse. While fighting, I also confirmed that the soul that entered that body was the soul of an unknown baby.

It wasn’t enough. Eugene wanted to kill that Death Knight, and decided to do so. Eugene controlled his breathing and operated the phantom salt ceremony.

The human heart is the heart.

Death Knight’s heart doesn’t beat, and blood doesn’t flow. In order to kill it, it must be torn to pieces so that it cannot reproduce further.

Can I do it now? Even if you can’t do it, you should do it, what are you thinking for granted? Yujin urged herself and entwined the wind around her blade. As much as the amount of mana that can be operated has decreased, the wind evoked by the spirits has been added.

ㅡ Kwak!

Eugene’s body soars. I swallowed the spilling blood and looked down. As if an explosion had exploded, the Death Knight stood up from the ground deeply dug. He just threw away his sword, but he was so fast and strong that he couldn’t even compare it to before.

That is my original skill. Grabbing a sword that he wouldn’t be able to use, and trying to prioritize absurd skills instead of using force to press down, it was dull and simple.



It feels like bones are being pulled out with each attack. I’m parrying, but every time I spill, mana escapes in chunks. It’s a miracle to shed it like that. It’s a shame because she increased her grip on mana against the fragments of the moon lightsaber, but if she didn’t do that, her mana would have been exhausted just by parrying.

‘The specifications are too low.’

When he held the sword, the opponent was easy. Fighting with your bare hands after leaving your sword is difficult for your opponent. In addition, the Death Knight’s fighting style was so messy that it was difficult to read, shed, and deal with.

It’s like fighting a beast or monster.

bare hands. They say they wear gauntlets, but that doesn’t mean they beat them with their fists. He wraps his black demonic energy around his hand and wields it like a fingernail or claw.

‘Chloe? no, it’s different I’m breaking my fingers, and I’m also using the power of my grip.’

Attach a blade to the back of your hand, or attach a blade to your fingertips. That kind of weapon is focused on cutting and clawing. But not the guy. Actively use grip strength and joints. It’s not just using both arms.

posture. Lean your upper body forward, arms close enough to touch the floor. Standing like that looks more natural than standing on two feet, and it is that much more agile.

‘f*ck. At best, if you’re going to put it in a body, you have to put a human in it. What kind of monster did you throw in?’

Monster… No, really? The opposite s*x having a conversation. A savage and savage way of fighting. The main weapon is both arms and claws. It looks sluggish, but the lower body is clearly centered. A frenzy of losing reason.

I’ve seen this before.

“…a lycanthrope?”

The moment I spit it out like that. Quadduk! Death Knight’s fingernails scratch Winid. Eugene turned his body together without resisting the bending force. So it turned around and fell backwards.


Death Knight makes a beast cry. Kwack, Kwack! Teeth clashing and grinding. At a glance, the feet were wearing metal boots, but even there, black demons protruded as claws.

“Right f*ck. what combination is that? Why did you put the soul of a lycanthrope in a human corpse? What are you?”


I can’t speak. Eugene spat the blood in her mouth and glared at the Death Knight.

“…they do all sorts of things to the stars.”

Eugene sighed and put his hand inside his cloak. grow up! The Death Knight roars and attacks. The situation was different from before, so I had to actively write what I could write.

A small box shatters in Eugene’s grasp.

Bearo threw the fragments at his fingernails.

‘Can’t it all be scattered with one fragment?’

However, the power was reduced to an acceptable level. Winid’s slash pierces the swaying magi. Cacan! The power was given to this one as well. I wouldn’t know if it was a real moonlight sword, but at least the fragments were inconvenient to use.

It does it though. Eugene frantically swung her sword and pushed away her Death Knight’s claws. Then she snatched the falling debris and threw it back at her bastard.

repeated it It felt like her head was going to explode. Read the dizzying trajectory, dodge what you can, grab the fragments, throw, attack, grab. He was used to all sorts of fights, but he had never had such a troublesome fight in his previous life.

I’m getting short of breath I had no choice but to reduce the fact that the difference in specifications was large. They must be consuming each other’s strength, but the Death Knight’s magic does not diminish. Rather, every time it is attacked, it rampages more ferociously.

Cloak of Darkness. Although it was an artifact that could block the magic of the 5th circle without difficulty, it did not completely protect Eugene from the Death Knight’s attack. Shallow wounds are covered. Eugene’s body becomes covered in blood. That’s why her eyes are blurry.

But the mind is sharpened. Gradually, the mana in the core is showing the bottom. Should I get out of here? Lack of specs. I guess in the next few years, I’ll be able to change it. So you want to back off? I? In front of you playing with my body?

dug in a few times But the armor is too hard. I stuck the blade into the joint, but it doesn’t feel like a cut. It must have strengthened the body. Death Knight is the highest level of undead. It is impossible to neutralize it with just one fragment.


Eugene started to be pushed back. He is actively using fragments and fighting hard, but Eugene’s body has not yet grown enough to draw out Hamel’s power. Physical is sufficient, but the capacity of mana is insufficient.


Yujin swallowed the blood that was pouring out of her mouth and boldly stepped in. Pooh! Her fingernails brushed her side, but she ignored that too.

That’s how he slammed the fragments of the moonlight sword into the Death Knight’s chest. The fluctuating Magi scratches Eugene’s arm and body. Eugene pushed her face hard and pushed her fragments hard. When the defense is so weak.

cast a spell Explosions and bullets exploded on the Death Knight’s chest. Fragments of the Moonlight Sword return magic to nothingness. Eugene knew that best. You don’t have to touch it directly. Eugene controlled all the magic’s trajectories with bloodshot eyes. A chain of explosions engulfs the surroundings of the fragments.


With a mad howl, the Death Knight’s body is pushed back. Eugene couldn’t catch the falling debris with his hand. I didn’t have the energy to do that. He coughed up blood and glared at the black smoke.

just backed away Death Knight did not fall. But he succeeded in smashing the breastplate he was wearing.

“…Kuh… Kkeuk!”

Eugene was dumbfounded and laughed. She wasn’t laughing at the Death Knight’s toughness. Smashed breastplate. exposed chest.

there’s nothing. I see only a gaping hole. The wounds that killed Hamel in his previous life remain intact even after hundreds of years have passed.

center of the hole. It contained red-colored beads. It is explicit. That seems to be his ‘heart’.

“Look… Don’t!”

The maddened Death Knight, mistaking himself for Hamel, shouts. Eugene giggled at her and pointed at her hole.

“Is that Hamel?”


You have to differentiate between when to provoke and when not to. Now was the time not to. Eugene knew that too, but he just couldn’t stand it. I saw it myself, how could I not laugh at it?

The price was harsh. ㅡ Kwak! Eugene’s body was slammed against the wall. Although the cloak of darkness protected him, his body ached as he crashed into the wall with enough force. It seems that not only the bones but also the internal organs are injured.

“Asshole… bastard! What kind of Hamel are you? you’re just a death knight It’s not even human… it’s a lycanthrope.”

Eugene sat down on the floor, coughing up blood and laughing.

“Looking at the way it moves, it looks like a cat and a wild animal… Cheek! is it a tiger? Or a lion? No, no. Seeing how cute he looks, he could just be a cat.”

“Porridge, let go…!”

“Try it, it’s a f*ck. What if you can’t fool a 19-year-old kid? am i hamel? Is Hamel funny?”

Eugene laughed and tried to stand up. Kwajik! The Dark Knight did not let Eugene stand up. He pressed both hands on Eugene’s shoulders and pushed her face.

“I am… I am Hamel.”

“f*ck you, you asshole.”

Eugene spat the blood that flowed from his mouth onto the guy’s face.

“And don’t even come close. Because it smells like a rotting corpse. If you die… you should just lie down. Where are the corpses roaming around, trying to match the living?”


Quadduk. The hand holding his shoulder is strong. Eugene suppressed her moans and glared at his face. lost. Are you dying? like this? No, it’s not over. He was reincarnated at most, but he had no intention of dying so vainly. If it seemed like he was going to run away, he would have run away right away.

that didn’t run away.

I want to check my face.

I thought I could win when I raised my sword.


‘If I get screwed using this, I’ll have to suffer for several years.’

It’s not a big deal, but even Hamel in his previous life had at least one special move that he hid. In fact, it’s a simple thing with no special moves. still.

write and win win unconditionally An occasional psychotic Dark Knight can shatter without a trace. There is only so much recoil. You can’t kill Death Knight with your current specs, but

If you use Ignition, you can kill it unconditionally.

“young master!”

While I was contemplating whether to write it or not, I heard a voice.

‘What else?’

Rahman Shulhov! That asshole, I knocked him out to run away, but did he follow me all the way here? Eugene couldn’t turn his head. Death Knight was still holding onto Eugene’s shoulder.

“You monster! Back off!”

Raman shouted and attacked the Death Knight. Death Knight did not look back at Raman either. He picked up his Eugene with one hand and tossed it toward the ceiling opposite Rahman.


Bang, kwadangtang! The thrown body hit the ceiling, fell to the floor, and rolled. It’s the first time I’ve been reincarnated and my body has been ruined this much. Yujin coughed up his blood and raised her head.

maybe, perhaps?

I waited for that for a while. Wouldn’t Raman, who rushed in vigorously, suddenly awaken and be able to defeat the Death Knight with unprecedented power?

It was just a dream. It couldn’t have been. Raman’s sword steel was easily smashed by the Death Knight, and Kukri was shattered.


After that, I couldn’t even pull myself back. Death Knight squeezed Raman’s neck and looked back at her Eugene.

“…yes… subordinate?”


“young master…! Also, run away. While I’m holding him…!”

What bullshit are you talking about while you’re being held? Eugene was dumbfounded and let out her laugh.

And Raman admired Eugene. To be able to smile like that while being injured as much as I am and being cornered fighting this mysterious monster.

‘He’s a great person.’

He was wrong about Eugene on his own. The Death Knight glared at Eugene, who smiled and laughed, and she threw Raman at him.


Rahman screamed. Eugene was beaten by Rahman who was thrown and rolled on the ground.

“What is… Kreuk… funny?”

“It’s funny that you look like an idiot.”

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