Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 461

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Hauria, the capital of Nahama, is surrounded by giant centipedes and sealed off.

According to the news from the Kiel Imperial Palace, that was a giant centipede. People of this era don’t know what it is because they haven’t actually seen it, but Eugene, Senya, and Anise know what it is.

“It’s the Centipede Mountains.”

Eugene scrunched up his face and sighed.

According to the dream Noir showed in the past Simuin, the Centipede Mountains were confined to the underground city of La Vista. Why did the Centipede Mountains, which were buried in the distant La Vista, appear in Hauria?

Helmud’s capital of the present era, Pandaemonium, has been the territory of the demon king in captivity since the war era. The demon king of confinement surrounded all the territories, including Pandaemonium and Red Plains, with Centipede Mountains.

In other words, the Centipede Mountains belonged to the demon king of confinement. Could it be that the demon king of confinement is providing full-fledged support to Nahama? Yujin frowned and glared at the video.

That gross, gigantic monster had a different appearance from 300 years ago. During the war era, the Centipede Mountains were disguised as ‘mountain ranges’ just like their name. He surrounded the entire territory and put soil and trees on top of it.

Numerous death squads who marched unknowingly to the imprisoned territory climbed the mountain range and were either broken or poisoned by the staggering leg of a centipede, or devoured by an army of baby centipedes.

At that time, it took quite a long time for the world to recognize that it was not a mountain range, but a gigantic monster. Well, it was because the size of the Centipede Mountains was not something that could be accepted by common sense.

Does it make sense for a monster to entwine that gigantic territory? It was only after countless people died that they learned that the mountain range itself was a monster, and until the demon king of confinement opened the centipede mountain range, his domain was considered forbidden by anyone.

“What do you want to do?”

Senya also muttered as she glared at the Centipede Mountains. At first he knew he was just going to use it as a barrier to the capital. Just like 300 years ago. However, looking at the news that followed, it seemed that it was not simply that purpose.

The Centipede Mountains blocked off Hauria. There was no longer any contact with Hauria from the outside. All warp gates in Hauria have been destroyed. The gate wasn’t closed, it was completely destroyed.

Before the warpgate was destroyed, most of the capital’s citizens were banished to nearby cities. The nobles who had power in Hauria were not excluded from exile.

“The Sultan is dead.”

What is more incomprehensible.

The Sultan of Nahama, Alabur, is dead.

The first to be expelled from the blockade of Hauria were Alabur’s family. Trembling with fear, the young heir carried the Sultan’s head in his arms and passed through the warp gates of the nearby city.

The monarch who ruled that huge desert kingdom was killed in an instant and only his head was moved. The heir who appeared in another city hugging the Sultan’s head is now seeking asylum in the Kiel Imperial Palace and waiting for an answer… … .


Eugene read the contents of the letter sent from the Kiel Imperial Palace.

The Sultan’s successor, Albadq, trembled and only repeated the word ‘devil’. Suddenly, a demon appeared from the sky and pulled out the Sultan’s head. He put the head in his son’s arms and whispered to him to run away to Kiel.

“Are you a bastard?”

Yujin tilted her head and murmured.

A person who can be called ‘the devil’. I don’t think of anything other than the fake attacking the black lion’s castle.

So it doesn’t make any more sense. It was obvious that he would go back to Nahama and do something with Amelia Merwin, but why was the Centipede Mountains, which the demon king of confinement had put in La Vista, in his hands.

Moreover, the problem is that it is not only the Centipede Mountains that are in the hands of fakes. From the video side, it is hidden by the Centipede Mountains, but there are countless monsters in the back. All the citizens who escaped Hauria said the same thing.

Dark clouds rolled in from the other side of the sky. In an instant, the sky darkened as if it had become night. Huge centipedes surrounded the capital, and huge monsters fell from the black sky behind them.

Fortunately, the sight could be seen on video.

confused sound. It shakes in a mess by shifting the sight as it is, but the screams are clearly audible. Huge monsters fell from the sky and trampled dozens of buildings.

Quite a few people died with that alone, but fortunately the monsters that fell did not move wildly. As if in worship, he just bowed his head and crouched toward the Nahama Royal Palace, where darkness was gathering.

This is a video recorded by spies belonging to the intelligence agency that was planted in Hauria. The situation has not yet been properly resolved, so the number of videos is small and poor, but information will be updated from other sources in a few days.

‘I don’t need to see more.’

Eugene thought with a wrinkled expression.

People in this era who don’t know much about monsters would need more information, but Eugene didn’t. Because you know what they are.

The monsters that appeared in the dream that Noir had shown him, and were buried in La Vista. I could tell just by looking at it. He brought all the monsters of La Vista.

It seems that they even brought the demons there. The family of perdition led by Alpiero.

How should we understand this situation? The fact that the people of perdition follow fakes… … Is this itself the will of the demon king of destruction? Or was it instigated by the demon king of confinement? What happened to the vermouth that is sealing the demon lord of destruction?

“Isn’t there Helmud’s position?”

“It seems that they are still silent.”

Gilade replied with a gloomy face.

Even though something like this had happened, Helmud did not announce his position. … … He thought about the demon king of confinement. He never starts a war first. The demon king of confinement is waiting for Yujin to climb the barbell.

“Is anything changing?”

Eugene opened his mouth. In front of her eyes, the video of Hauria continues to play. Yujin waved her hand as if to get rid of the flying insects and turned her video off.

“The cub born from the corpse of my previous life is running amok. The bastard invaded this castle, disappeared, and is now in Hauria.”

Everyone’s eyes moved as Eugene spat out that.

“Oh, nothing has changed. Looking at that baby tail, it seems that they are trying to sit down in Hauria. It seems that the force is composed mainly of demons and demons rather than the Nahama army.”

that point.

I thought it was Hamel. I don’t really need it, and it only has a lot of heads, but it’s disgusting to use it as a meat shield.

Most of the conscripts that Amelia demanded of the emirs never reached Hauria. The remaining troops were also expelled outside the Centipede Mountains. Civilians who were caught and killed were also expelled.

as much as obsessive.

The fake is giving for Hamel. He took the structure of the war itself as demons and humans.

“Since the sultan has died and the heir has sought asylum in Kiel, the emirs will not bother to join the war. In the first place, the emirs won’t gain anything from the war. Well, it’s convenient that the battlefield is concentrated in Hauria.”

It wouldn’t be really comfortable. The history of the war era proves how difficult and terrible it was to cross the Centipede Mountains.

Will the monsters from La Vista wait only inside the Centipede Mountains? No way. Hauria is in the middle of the desert. Beyond its splendid capital and its walls is a barren desert.

To hit Hauria, you must cross that desert. The demons are probably encamped from there.

‘It’s a contradiction.’

Eugene frowned and thought.

The fake is giving for Hamel. If that’s really the case, all you have to do is come and die, or pretend to be a war. But fake… … .

I went to Moron.

Attacked the Black Lion Castle.

I made a stage for war with great effort.

‘no way.’

Eugene’s lips twitched.

‘It’s not like you want to test me.’

to find out that you’re fake

Have you ever had a desire to be real? Do you want to claim something on that stage while opening the war as I wish? Do you want to fake your own claim? Do you want to say that even if it is fake, it can be real? Or do you want to prove that your existence is not empty?



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‘If it’s me.’

I didn’t want to think about it any more. I don’t need anything other than anger in my feelings for him. Nothing has changed from when we first met in Daesoorim. Fakes talk about the real thing in their own way,

Eugene just trampled on him thoroughly.


Eugene turned his head and looked at Senya.


Senya nodded, wiping the dirt off her cheek.

The cleanup of the forest has not yet been completed, but the situation has become like this, and it is impossible to prioritize the cleanup of the forest. While thinking so, Senya looked at Anicilla’s expression.

“First of all, I’ll go right to Arot and grab the king by the collar.”

“Why are you holding me by the collar?”

“You might say no.”

Eugene silently glanced at Senya. Senya cleared her throat and slightly turned her head away.

“… … Anyway, I’m going to gather the elite of Arot. Of course, we will also gather the archmages.”

“What about Black Pagoda?”

“hmm… … Because the opponent is the opponent. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one expert in black magic… … .”

“Aren’t you being too nice to the Black Pagoda Master?”

Eugene’s eyes narrowed. Senya harbored an unexpected expectation in that gaze. Are you jealous right now? Are you jealous that I’m taking another man?

“Uhhh… … don’t worry too much Balzac is a warlock, but he’s, well, like a wizard.”

“What if that bastard gets stabbed in the back?”

Of course, Eugene does not feel the feeling of jealousy. It seems that the demon king of confinement played a trick on the Death Knight, so she was naturally wary of Balzac.

“That’s a cause for concern. In any case, even if Balzac is fooling around, I won’t be defeated.”

“What? What about the others?”

“That is also a cause for concern. Even if I set my eyes on Balzac, my magic will not miss Balzac. Besides, I took an oath from Balzac the other day.”

Senya replied with a confident face. Senya believed more in his own absolute rule than in the oaths he had heard from Balzac.

“If Balzac is fooling around… … Rather well. It’s just a matter of killing him on the spot, with no need to go later.”

When Senya said that, Eugene didn’t protest any more.

It is because he admits that Balzac’s signature, blind, is powerful in large-scale battles. In addition, I wanted to check Gluttony, a newly created signature.

Eugene still did not know whether Balzac was an enemy or an ally. someday… … Even if it means that they will inevitably become enemies. It might not be that time yet. Having helped out so many times, he wanted to put enough reprieve in killing Balzac.

“I’ll let you go to the imperial palace.”

said Gilade.

“I reported the situation on this side, but Eugene, I will have to tell you your claim again.”

“yes. Ah, the Emperor knows that I am Hamel’s reincarnation. If the emperor’s response is not good, he can tell Hamel if he wants to be hit again.”

At those words, Guillaid’s expression turned complicated. Ever since Eugene went to the imperial palace, the emperor’s attitude towards Lionheart had changed noticeably… … .

‘Was that the reason… … .’

Do you want to be hit by Hamel again?

Also, doesn’t that mean it was correct the other time? Guillaid tried his best not to think of them.

It was decided that Klein and Carmen would take care of the Black Lion Castle. In fact, it is possible to arm yourself and go to war right now, without any probation. But that doesn’t mean they can’t attack Hauria in the first place.

“It’s time for the warriors to step out.”

Carmen murmured. The armor made from Laizakia, made by the Dwarves and Gondor at their home, hadn’t been supplied to the Knights yet.

Carmen touched the acid inside the uniform. It’s as thin as underwear right now without ‘transformation’, but in the dragon heart at the center of the chest, anger as hot as lava and cold as ice subsides… … .

“Um, come to think of it, Eugene. I have never shown you my transformation.”

“excreta… … what?”

“transform. Don’t you know what?”

Carmen’s eyes sparkled. She whispered closer to Eugene.

“Transformation is literally transformation. Just as you become a black lion by wrapping yourself in jet-black flames, I transform into a warrior by wearing the armor of a demonic dragon.”

“yes… … yes?”

“Is it difficult to understand? Indeed, I cannot imagine my transformation. I can show you right now if you want. Don’t worry. Unlike Destiny Breaker, seeing my transformation doesn’t require either you or me to die.”

I don’t know what you’re talking about… … . Eugene shook her head as she quietly stepped behind her.

“Let’s save that transformation for the war.”

“Of course it should, but this transformation needs to be orchestrated from time to time. The heart of the magic dragon added to me whispers… … .”

Carmen staggered, leaning against her temples.

“… … I sometimes hear evil whispers. The demonic dragon Raizakia, his ghostly spirit seduces me. Carnage, blood, terrifying urges… … However, I am the lion of Lionheart. Even if the blood flowing through my body responds to the demon dragon’s whisper, my will does not waver.”

“uh… … yes.”

“But one day, when I am weak, an evil will may take over me. As a silver lion, I can turn black.”

“What is black painting?”

“My will is stained with darkness and corrupted. Of course I don’t fall easily. but… … If I become an emissary of corruption, Eugene, you kill me.”

“What nonsense… … .”

There was not a single place to point out.

First of all, the dragon heart used in Carmen’s Exceed is not Raizakia’s. In the first place, Lizakia’s dragon heart did not even exist in the world because Eugene completely destroyed it.

Of course, it is true that Ryzakia’s material was used to reinforce her acid, but Christina and Anise took close to half a year to purify the mana. As Carmen claims, there is no way that Raizakia’s grudge will remain.

“… … Yes, I understand. If Carmen is corrupted… … .”


“Yes, if you turn black… … I will kill Carmen myself.”

Eugene didn’t bother to point it out and followed Carmen’s words.

Having seen Carmen for many years, I’ve noticed that this is exactly what she wants to hear.

Indeed, Carmen nodded with a satisfied expression on Eugene’s answer.

“If you are curious about my transformation, come visit me anytime.”

“yes… … .”

After answering like that, Eugene was able to get away from Carmen.

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