Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 474

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It was connected to the light raised by the priests, including the saintess. Eugene, who was falling into the city, raised his head and looked up.

The ‘thread’ that connects Lymilia up there. Yes, the light was connected to Eugene like a thin thread.

Its appearance, if I had to compare it, looked like a doll connected with a thread that came down from the sky. … … doll? Yujin laughed and shook her head.

Eugene is not a doll. I’m sure. In this thread, the god of light is not wired to treat Eugene like a puppet. Unconditional and infinite love. Don’t miss, don’t get hurt, don’t die. A thread to take care of like that.


It is only natural that gods love Shinto. Moreover, Eugene is not an ordinary believer, but a hero chosen by God. Although he is the god of light, whom he felt indifferent, it is only natural that he would give infinite affection to Eugene.

Until now, Eugene had felt the miracle of the light god many times. However, she has never heard a direct revelation from the God of Light. It is the same now. Eugene couldn’t hear any voice.

that the light is silent.

Eugene understood that as acquiescence.

No matter what Eugene does, light does not refuse. Even if Eugene invades the Holy Empire, kills the pope, and massacres tens of thousands of believers. The God of Light will lend Eugene as much power as he wishes.


I heard Christina’s voice in my head.

“Don’t come down for nothing, just stay there.”


“You are feeling it too. You don’t even have to come down and follow me… … We are now connected by one light. is not it?”

At that, Cristina could only nod her head. It was the first time this had happened, but it was as Eugene said.

Now, the holy power of Christina and the priests of the silver mine are connected to Eugene as one light. The will of Christina and Anis is transmitted to Eugene in the light, and all the divine magic and miracles that the two saints perform together with the holy power of the priests will also shine on Eugene.

“Still, this is very irritating.”

Yujin furrowed her eyebrows and looked up. A thread of light leading to the sky. You can’t touch it with your hands, and it’s not real thread, so there’s no discomfort in moving your body.

But it’s annoying. For example, when Eugene makes a space leap with Prominence. Or when moving at super high speed. If the thread of light follows Yu-jin, the opponent can follow Yu-jin wherever the thread leads without any headaches.

“Go away, go away… … .”

Yujin squinted her eyes and stirred the thread with her hand.

Cristina and Anis above the sky wished the same. Then the thread of light faded and disappeared completely. The connection with the light is not lost. It simply made the connection invisible.

“Isn’t this bastard really listening?”

[Hamel, no matter how much you are a god, don’t say anything rude.]

just say so Even though she is a saint, she has more disrespect for God than anyone else.

Eugene thought so, but couldn’t bear to tell Anis directly. Because she was afraid that she would be beaten by Anise later.


It wouldn’t be any better if the situation came later where I could get beaten up and let go of it with a goofy laugh. Eugene smiled bitterly and looked down.

capital Hauria. The most colorful and bustling city in Nahama Kingdom.

Today’s Hauria is occupied by the demon king and is a ruin where ghosts roam. Eugene glared at the city that had been destroyed overnight.

There were many undead armies deployed in the desert, but compared to the undead roaming the city, they were nothing but new blood.

No matter how many undead there are, they are still undead. The biggest advantage of the undead is that they kill enemies and multiply them. Special undead such as Death Knight, Lich, and Kamash were threatening, but the undead currently roaming Hauria were not to the extent of being a threat.

There are no ordinary soldiers in the Liberation Army. All of them were knights whose skills were guaranteed, and who couldn’t be taken lightly by undead like that.

However, there is no ‘absolute’ on the battlefield. Especially now Hauria is a city ruled by the demon king. At first glance, it looked like an ordinary and weak undead, but in reality it would not be like that.

‘A rotten bastard.’

It was as I thought.

Legions of ghouls and skeletons slithering around. Among the undead, they are treated as the lowest class. However, it can be used as a bowl. The weak endurance of Ghouls and Skeletons couldn’t hold a lot of magical power, but they were much stronger compared to their natural roots.

swarming numbers. Considering that the entire city would be affected by magic, the damage to the liberation army would not be small by any means.

‘It’s not just the undead.’

There are no more large monsters left in the city. The high-ranking demons from Helmud and their followers also died in the desert.

The people of perdition remain. Alpiero and many demons. They are the elite of the ‘Demon King’ who occupied this city.

Yujin raised her head and looked ahead. In the distance, the royal palace was visible. The demon king, the fake guy, is waiting for Eugene there.

Eugene turned his head and looked behind him.

Kwaaaang! He saw the outer walls of Hauria crumbling. Through the rising dust clouds, I saw a light shining like a jewel.

“Go first.”

Senya’s voice crossed the space and reached Eugene.

Senya wasn’t the only one who broke down the wall. In the end, Melchis, who succeeded in making a contract with Tempest, set foot in the city by kicking the wall. Through the path she opened, the Mage Tower and Arot’s magic troops came in.

Also, in a place quite far away, the warriors of Zoran and the knights of each country opened the way. A squadron led by Carmen and Raphael descends from the sky.

Hauria is a big city. There was no need or reason for Eugene alone to deal with the large army of the undead and his followers of destruction wandering this big city.


The shouts of unity were circumvented. The emotions in that voice. What they wanted from Eugene. And what Eugene decided. What Eugene decided to do.

Eugene turned his head. Instead of looking back, he looked ahead.

“Senya. There is no need to hurry to come to you. It’s me he’s waiting for.”

The distance is far. But Senya heard Eugene’s voice very clearly. She laughed at the blatant intent of Eugene’s words.

“Don’t use the obvious tricks, because it makes me sad to hear you. So, Eugene, why don’t you be honest?”

I know too well Yujin smiled wryly and nodded her head.

“If possible, come and help in the battle in the city.”

“In this big city? That’s not easy.”

“Is it too much for the Goddess of Magic?”

“If it’s a request from a beloved disciple, this prospective goddess should try her best.”

Senya smiled and replied. Eugene heard the answer and moved forward.

“Christina, Anise. you… … Help your allies die as little as possible.”

[Yes, I understand, Eugene.]

[‘Let’s die less’. Hamel, at least you have a conscience.]

this is war It is impossible for allies to have no casualties. The role of the saintess and priest on the battlefield is to make allies die as little as possible.

“I am always conscientious.”



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[It’s not enough to be stupid, to the point of being shameless… … So, Hamel, are you going to the palace right away?]

“You have work to do before then.”

I almost got angry at being teased for being stupid.

However, Eugene forcibly suppressed the now ridiculous anger. It was because it was a waste of anger to get angry at Anis’ teasing words. From the moment he came down to Hauria, all of Eugene’s anger had a place to use.

Prominence flared up. Eugene became a black comet and penetrated the sky. The scenery of the ruined city, which had become the den of the dead, passed quickly.

Hauria is wide. But regardless of the size of the city, Eugene’s flight speed was absurdly fast. He crossed the city in an instant.

As he answered Anis, Eugene did not immediately attack the palace. The wings that fluttered backwards like the tail of a comet snapped upwards. Just like that, Eugene’s body fell down.

Then, as if waiting, something came out and blocked Eugene. Chimeras who leaned on their bodies. It was very obvious that ‘who’ made it just by its appearance.

“Amelia Merwin.”

Eugene whispered her name in a cold voice. Even that Kamash couldn’t hold on to Eugene. Even the high-ranking demons couldn’t withstand Eugene’s blow.

chimera? undead? Even if they piled up a wall of meat, they couldn’t stop Eugene.

Amelia couldn’t have known that.


The jumping chimeras, fight and catch them… … It’s not meant to be time consuming.

In an extremely brief moment, Eugene saw what those chimeras were for. They have powerful self-destruct magic built into them. It’s not just a simple self-destruction that explodes mana.

All kinds of curses caused by black magic. And a deadly poison that acts on the very existence that encompasses the body and soul. Even if he didn’t expect to kill him, he must have longed to be eaten, whether it was a curse or poison.

Nasty. And it’s insignificant. Did you just put your expectations on something like this? Laughter came out of nowhere. There was no need to wield a holy sword or moonlight sword to clear that thing.

The flame simply spread. That alone wasn’t enough, it was too much. Dozens of Chimeras were unable to curse, poison, or explode, and disappeared after being burnt to ashes.

Amelia saw the sight as well. She swallowed her trembling breath and jumped up from her seat.

Eugene Lionhart. That guy, that monster, came here knowing exactly what it was.

‘I have to run away.’

If possible, he wanted to camp in the palace, but it was impossible.

incarnation of destruction. The power emitted by the monster that no longer claimed to be Hamel and became a nameless specter—- it was because it had swallowed up even the magic of Amelia and her riches.

A barrier that covered the entire city. An elaborate magic circle is needed to constantly supplement the magic from external attacks, but it was impossible to maintain the magic circle in the royal palace where the ghosts were coiled.

So he had no choice but to leave the palace. Not wanting to be a target, they dug further into the catacombs and camped deep in the ground.

characteristics of a cemetery. Deceased fraud for a long time. This was the best place to use black magic on a large scale.

How? The camouflage was perfect. deep and deep underground. There was not even a trace of the cemetery left on the ground. In case you didn’t know, I also prepared a dummy that I worked hard on.

I didn’t expect to be able to cheat all the way, but… … I never thought I would find this place without even the process of searching, without even worrying about it.

“That, grandmaster.”

Dozens of riches following Amelia stammered. They were unable to move as they wished, and had to wait for Amelia’s orders.

Naturally, Amelia had no intention of taking care of the Riches. She didn’t have any hesitation until she made her choice. Amelia immediately took her Blood Mary and left her magic circle.

Kamash is dead. All the monsters brought from La Vista also died. Although the undead army remains, Amelia cannot command the undead in the city.

Servants of Perdition? Same goes for guys. The only hand Amelia could wield was the legion deployed in the desert. All that is left of the city belongs to the specter.

Get out of the basement first. The distance to the palace is far, but with a little time, you can escape as much as you like. I hoped that the chimeras would buy that little time, but I couldn’t even self-destruct, let alone use the elaborate curses and poisons.


“You die for me.”

Amelia spat out without looking back. At those words, the eyes of the liches were distorted. It was a cruel order, but it was impossible to refuse. The life vessels of the rich are all held by Amelia.

To use black magic more efficiently and powerfully. A grandmaster whom I respect as a black magician and have been seeking instruction throughout my life. Did you really expect that you would be abandoned like a devoted partner?

Richies jumped up from their seats. The shape of the magic circle immediately changed. Not to protect the city, but to thoroughly kill a single enemy. At the same time, the air in the basement changed.

‘This will buy a little time… … .’

I couldn’t keep my thoughts to the end.

Kwaaaaang! A huge impact shattered the ceiling of the basement. Hundreds of overlapping barriers were easily penetrated like a piece of paper before an awl in front of ruthless and overwhelming power.

“right now!”

Amelia screamed. Liches who had no choice but to follow orders immediately cast magic. Quarrrrr! The unified magical energy began to rampage.

It was late and pointless. The flame spread faster than the liches could cast magic. The flame burning black was thicker and more intense than the magic power of dozens of liches, and the morale that had accumulated over a long period of time.

The flame did not light up the dark underground. However, in the eyes of the rich, it felt dazzling and hot as if they had seen the sun one step in front of them.

There is no such thing as skin, flesh, or muscle in Richie. Although they are incomparable to skeletons, their bodies are made of bones and covered with magic.

It seems that all of that imperfect body is burned. Liches screamed as they rolled on the ground. The bursting flames burned the magic circle, and the black magic that was about to manifest was extinguished.

Amelia is.

The hair was caught. It happened in an instant.

The guy, the monster, suddenly appeared beside him. From Amelia’s point of view, it felt like the outstretched hand of a ghost in the darkness where nothing could be seen. Quickly and deftly, the ghost grabbed Amelia’s hair and wrapped her wrist around her so as not to miss her.

And yanked it. Even though she was pulled with great force, her hair was not pulled out. Ghosts and monsters were very good at handling hair.

Amelia, too, was once adept at being treated this way. But that was a very long time ago. Now, Amelia is accustomed to grabbing someone’s hair and whipping it, but she, on the other hand, is not accustomed to being put in that situation herself.


When the hair is grabbed and pulled, the hamstrings are trampled on, the knees are forced to the ground, the lower back is pressed, and the neck is pulled back when the hair is pulled back.

Amelia could clearly recall her childhood, which was dominated by humiliation and pain. She did this when she was overpowered. She could even come up with an attitude to show.


when a voice whispered Only then did Amelia see the monster.

And I knew for sure.

“A long time.”

No matter how much you cry and beg, the monster will not forgive you.

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