Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 478

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I felt sorry. Because she wanted to see for herself what kind of death Amelia would face.

However, I couldn’t stay in front of that dangerous archmage just because of such greed. I’ve heard that I won’t kill you. Because it was neither an oath nor a promise.

‘He might kill me for suddenly changing his mind.’

I wonder if that wise Senya would lightly change what he said, but maybe he didn’t know. So Hemoria ran without even looking back.

Alpiero is dead. Amelia will soon die too. The specter is alive and well, but he… … You won’t have to worry about it. Hemoria was well aware that the specter had little interest in her. Even if Hemoria now escapes over the walls, the ghost will not hold back.

The wall is getting closer and closer. Perhaps because they had heard Senya’s words, none of the wizards in the rear cared about Hemoria.

It’s coming soon. The inside of the iron mask. Hemoria smiled brightly.


Suddenly the wind blew up. Hemoria jumped up behind her in surprise. A Pegasus with two pairs of wings wrapped in light. Hemoria, who was once the Heretic Inquisitor of Jurass, naturally knew the name of that Pegasus.


Commander of the Knights of the Blood Cross. Pegasus, the symbol of Crusader Raphael. That gigantic Pegasus boasts the fastest speed among all squadrons, not just in Euras.


The blood-drenched armor moved. Raphael raised the helmet’s face shield and gazed at Hemoria. A dull and bloody gaze that did not suit the boy’s face. Hemoria unknowingly swallowed her gulp.

“Wise Senya-sama decided to let you go, but I don’t really want to.”

A disciple and daughter of Punisher Atarax, belonging to the Maleficarum of the Inquisition. Hemoria. She was an excellent interrogator. Since she was young, she has been so active that she has been nicknamed ‘The Guillotine’.

No luck.

Raphael thought so. If she hadn’t met Eugene. If she wasn’t in the fountain of light. If I hadn’t stopped the hero.

Raphael’s Crusader aimed at Hemoria.

“la. Sir Raphael.”

Hemoria stuttered and called out to Raphael. But before she could say anything more, she saw a flash of light at the tip of the Crusader.

“… … ?”

Hemoria took a few steps back in surprise.

A light flashes, and the body… … I thought it would penetrate. That didn’t happen. However, he felt a burning sensation in his left shoulder. Hemoria was startled and tore the clothes that covered her left shoulder.

I saw a stigma engraved on it that looked like an earthquake with a pharynx.

“Senya-sama said she wouldn’t kill me, but I can’t dare go against that.”

Raphael muttered as he gathered the crusaders. Hemoria’s complexion, which had been caressing her stigma, turned pale.

She knew very well what this stigma was. A stigma placed on those who are suspected of being heretics in Juras. The Heretic Inquisitors of Yuras monitor every move of those marked with the mark, and if they escape, they pursue them to the end of the continent and kill them.

“Like a dead mouse, live quietly.”

Apollo spread his wings.

“If you suck the blood of another human, or commit an act that could be called a ‘sin’. No matter how insignificant it may be, the agents of light will find you and accuse you.”

That was the end of Raphael’s words. He had no intention of talking to Hemoria any more. If it hadn’t been for Senya’s will, he would have killed Hemoria right here instead of branding it and sending it away.

Even if the skin is ripped off, even if the shoulder is cut off, it is impossible to escape the stigma. This is because it is inscribed into existence like a curse.


Hemoria howled as she tore off the stigma. Amelia, who did not want to die, was trapped in a life worse than her death. Hemoria, who wished for her freedom, ended up being watched all her life.

the ghost.

watched it all

I saw Kamash fall. I saw the monsters of La Vista, including the Centipede Mountains, being hunted. He saw the deaths of Helmud’s high-ranking demons, and saw the large undead army pierce through.

The army that broke down the wall and crossed over is engaged in street fighting in the city. The large undead army left in the capital is taking time, and the people of destruction are struggling… … The war situation is not good. There were countless talented people in the Liberation Army who could change the flow by themselves, but there were no such talented people in the Ghost Army.

Alpiero Lasat? He did not choose to run amok on the battlefield. Unexpected loyalty made Alpiero stand in the way of Eugene, and he really burst into death like a mosquito.

Naturally, the specter has no loyalty to Amelia or Hemoria. The ghost didn’t kill Amelia because she thought Eugene or Senya should have the right to decide her life.

The reason why he didn’t kill Hemoria was because he thought that her grudge against Amelia would help Eugene.

As a result, everything went as the specter hoped.

“He is coming.”

I saw Eugene flying from the catacombs. Since there are no more demons who will try to stop Eugene, he will fly straight to the palace.

The specter slowly opened his closed eyes. Sultan’s throne. I could see the warriors prostrate below.

The sultan’s bodyguards left voluntarily. They are the most talented warriors in Nahama.

Aren’t they the only ones? Quite a few soldiers remain in the palace.

In the age of war, there were many people who were influenced by the overwhelming power of demons and demon kings. The remaining soldiers and warriors in the palace are the same. They were fascinated by the power of the specter that easily sealed off the entire city by dragging countless demons and demons into flight.

The ghost gave them no orders. I didn’t even think it was useful, because their choice itself felt like an idiot.

If, even now, they want to leave the city. won’t catch on

But no one wanted to leave. Rather, most of them were looking at the specter with their eyes shining with anticipation and excitement.

It has to be, because they don’t know what’s going on outside the palace. What they saw was an endless army of undead, gigantic monsters, and demons that changed the air just by being there. How could you imagine that such a powerful army would break through so quickly.

Even if they knew the truth, not many warriors would choose to run away. Because there are ghosts here. That unknown entity… … Losing was unimaginable.

The specter slowly rose from the throne.

Eugene Lionhart is coming.

“please… … .”

“Give us strength too… … .”

As the specter rose, the warriors bowed their heads and begged. Warlocks aren’t the only ones who gain power by contracting with demons. Even knights and warriors who cannot use magic at all can obtain great magic power by contracting with demons.

The specter looked at them with dull eyes.


No matter how many times I’ve ignored it, I’m begging for strength. You don’t seem to have any intention of running away from this place, so if that’s the case—-you have no choice but to use it this way. The ghost’s hand turned to the warriors.

I don’t want to be disturbed.

I thought so. Eugene Lionhart is coming here. The battle with him… … I don’t want to be disturbed. If possible, I would like to fight one-on-one. That’s why he brought the monsters and his followers from La Vista.

But the battlefield continues to be pushed back. Since Hauria is such a big city, it will take quite a while for the enemy to reach the palace.

If possible, I want to make them not come close at all.

That’s why, I decided to reinforce and reinforce the strength of my allies.

The gray magic power came pouring out with a gurgling sound. Essence of pure magical power. It is a magical power that can only be drawn out by a specter who has become the incarnation of destruction.



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“Huh… … !”

The warriors were frightened by the surge of magic power. I knew it instinctively. If you touch that, you can never go back to the way it was before. It seems that I will become a completely different being that is not human.

Faced with that kind of sensation, some involuntarily backed away and tried to escape. It’s because they didn’t have much resolution.

However, the specter did not allow him to escape. If he really wanted to run away, he should have run away right away. If you want to run away now, that choice cannot be respected.


the ghost murmured. The sticky magical power swallowed all the warriors. I saw figures struggling in the gray mass.

Toduk, toduk. The human form disintegrated. One human body was divided into several parts, and magical powers were attached to it, forming a new body. That sight—-it seemed as if a single human body was being nourished, and a plurality of completely different beings were being born.

The flesh is swollen. A few bones multiplied into dozens and stuck together. Monsters with different appearances were born from one human body.

It’s different from monsters. Not even a demon. The specter knew what it was.


Rehein Yar, as seen in the Great Hammer Gorge. The monster Moron was killing. The family of perdition with true meaning. Dozens of warriors became hundreds of Nur.

ㅡQuajijik! The massive Nur suddenly multiplied, and the walls and roof of the palace collapsed.

The ghost smiled bitterly and stretched out his hand.

Woo woo! The whirlwind of magic spread in all directions. The mana that the specter pulled out and diffused flowed into the soldiers deployed in the palace. Those hundreds of soldiers will become thousands of monsters without knowing why.

This should be enough to take the time. After the preparations were completed, the specter sat on the throne again.

Come on! The howling of the noor came from all directions. But now, the Nurdeul, standing in front of the specter, bowed their heads as they carefully crouched.

The specter did not command the Nur by voice. He just flicked his finger once.

That was enough. When the crouching Nur screamed, they ran out of the palace first. All Nur jumped over the walls and started running toward the city’s battlefield. They will act according to the only instinct they have.

“It is quiet.”

I didn’t know that it would grow so big. I didn’t even know that one human could become multiple monsters. Everything was unexpected, and the palace collapsed at the cost.

Ceilings, walls, everything. The only thing left is the throne where the specter sits. He smiled and looked up at the sky.

high sky.

I saw a dragon shining like the sun. It is bright as if thousands of priests are burning. But—- even with that intense light nearby, it wasn’t dazzling.

Because the light didn’t feel so bright to the specter.


The light approaching through the sky felt a bit dazzling. Actually, that light wasn’t the light of divine power, but a flame burning black. I could feel the ‘light’ sharp and clear as if scratching my pupils.

“Have you come?”

The moment the murmur ends.

A black comet fell to the ground. Unlike the raucous flight, the landing produced no sound. Eugene naturally landed on the ground as if he had been there from the beginning.

What should I say?

Eugene thought about it for a while.

‘What did you do?’

That question was the first thing that popped into my head. While flying, I saw monsters jumping out of the castle. Monsters with different appearances. The Nurdeul seen in Agaroth’s memory and in Rehein Yar.

Why is Noor here? It wasn’t hard to imagine. The descendant of the downtrodden perdition. If it is the incarnation of destruction, it may be possible to summon Nur… … .

you called?

Did you really call? I couldn’t feel any of the human signs that I had felt before. Are they all dead? did he kill him? or not… … .

I ignored all the questions floating around in my head.

What I have to do with him right now is not a question and answer.

Prominence flared up.

‘Should I use ignition first?’

Thoughts about the battle filled the void in my head.

‘In the current me, Ignition can last for about 15 minutes. Can you kill him in 15 minutes?’

When the ignition is over, the recoil comes. Before that, you must kill him unconditionally.

I thought that was impossible. Ignition should be used at the moment when you can definitely kill him.

‘The only thing that can wield a new sword is 3 times. There is no difference in power whether it is the first or the last. then.’

Now, when he can’t think of it, is the right time to launch a sword.

How well can this one sword work against him? He sees how much he can cut.

Eugene’s right hand went up to his chest.


I thought it was Hamel-like in not starting a conversation.

However, I thought that it was not like Hamel to use ignition.

The specter doesn’t know about the new sword. That’s why I couldn’t predict what Eugene was going to do now.

Putting your hand on your chest. What else is there besides the ignition that makes the core run wild?

“… … ?”

The moment the specter feels a question.

Dark red light poured from Eugene’s chest.

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