Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 479

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sky. Oxygen is sparse, the clouds are below, and the location is high enough to see the continent and the sea at a glance. At a height so far away that it is difficult for life to exist, Jebella Face is flying softly.

Noir Jebela. There is only one reason why she left Jebela Park and is floating in the sky this high. To see the war going on in Nahama.

During the subjugation of Iris, the sea of ​​servants, he borrowed the body of Princess Scalia and watched closely. But this time I can’t. If you insist, you can watch it from the middle of the battlefield, but—

“It’s a little burdensome now.”

Noir muttered as he waved his wine glass. There was not much of a burden when he slipped into the Iris subjugation party. It was because the subjugation party and even Iris, the opponent, felt insignificant to Noir.

But now it’s different. It wasn’t even that long time had passed—- the humans got stronger.

Humans who participated in the Iris subjugation party. Strong players such as Carmen Ryanhart, Orthus Heiman, and Ibig Slad improved significantly compared to a year ago. Besides, they are not alone on the battlefield down there.

Death Knight.

A guy who puts on a mask that doesn’t suit him and pretends to be a demon king even though he’s not even a demon king. Noir is not on the side of anyone fighting on the battlefield. He is likely to be attacked by everyone. That’s why Noir didn’t bother mixing in the battlefield, and stayed in this far-high sky.

Even the city is indistinguishable from this height, but Noir had no problem. A high-performance lens from Jebella Face. If the magical power of Noir was added to it, it was possible to enjoy a pleasant viewing without any threat.

“I thought my eyes were wrong.”

Suddenly a voice came. The screen on the front has changed.

Outside of Jebela Face. I saw Gavid Lindman with his back to the dark sky. Noir opened his eyes wide and looked at Gavid, then burst out laughing.

“What is the Grand Duke of Helmud doing here?”

“Then you, why are you here?”

“It’s a pity to miss such an interesting spectacle as I did. Isn’t that why you came too?”

Noir asked with a mischievous smile. At that question, Gavid furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head.

“I’m not here for fun like you.”


Noir’s eyes shone with a sharp light.

“Did you come to see how strong your enemy is?”

The answer was blatant, without thinking.

“… … enemy.”

Gavid smiled bitterly and shrugged.

deny, or bluff. I didn’t mean to. The opponent is the Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. Aside from her dukedom, Gavid respects the outrageous power she has achieved.

“It just happened that way.”

“I should have killed him right away. Do you have that kind of regret?”

“It would be a lie if I said no. What I overlooked is that the growth of the human species… … It was much faster than expected.”

Eugene Lionhart. It wasn’t just that one person that got stronger. All the humans I saw in the Night March became stronger. It seems that one human being has become a foothold that propels the entire species forward.

“meter… … is it.”

Eugene did not teach them anything in particular. Only, people who knew Eugene. And the people who were involved in the incident involving Eugene must have been attracted to Eugene without realizing it.

Eugene Ryanhart is not alone in being strong. Even the Liberation Army was a group of people who voluntarily gathered. Most of the people involved with Eugene hope for the ‘next’, and rather than despair comparing themselves with Eugene, they want to fight together in the ‘next’ as well.

So dangerous.

Gavid stared at the ground without a word. Even if he had only seen him in the Night March, the knights of the continent had nothing to do with it. The captains were excellent, but even that excellence was only at the human level. But now, not in the future. The things that change after going through a war are the same for demons and people.

Not just knights. Wizards. Was it Senya Merdein that inspired them? Gavid clicked his tongue and stared at Senya.

The huge mana that moves around her, and the laws that are born and enforced by the will. Gavid didn’t know much about magic, but he could feel that the level that Senya had reached was not allowed to humans.

And Melchis Elhere. Among the demons in Helmud, would there be one that could single-handedly block her advance?

Not just knights, warriors and wizards. priests. The old nemesis of the demons. I thought they were a big problem too.

To give my honest impressions, the power of the clergy and paladins was greater than that of faithful Anis 300 years ago. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the current era is the heyday of priests.

why… … I don’t know if Lyzakia’s daughter, the dragon princess, has become a mount for priests. The dragon princess, carrying dozens of priests and saints in flight, was radiating her light enough to be called a huge artificial sun.

“It’s difficult.”

Gavid let out a short sigh and shook his head.

Two thoughts were mixed in Gavid’s head. One, blending into the battlefield right now… … It is to eliminate the aftereffects in advance.

Melchis Elhaire and other Archmages. The captains of each knightly order. Even with that much, it seemed that their strength would fall below half.

That was Helmud’s great duke’s dilemma. The humans fighting below are all enemies of Helmud. As the grand duke of Helmud, Gavid wanted to destroy his enemies before they became a sure threat to Helmud.

The other concern—-not the grand duke of Helmud, but the knife-down concern of confinement. To put it more purely, it was a demon-like worry. Missing the war era is the same as Gavid.

I want to meet you on the battlefield. I want to collide on the battlefield with the human army that can never be seen lightly.

300 years ago, such an all-out war was rare. The only thing I could pick out was—-when the death squad led by the Vermouth of Despair marched across the Centipede Mountains. At that time, the black fog and demon army pulled by Gavid blocked the death squad on the red plain right in front of the demon castle in confinement.

The battle was fierce and enjoyable. I longed to experience such a battle again someday.

“If you don’t know what to do, why don’t you just follow the will of the demon lord of confinement?”

Noir smiled and whispered to Gavid.

In this situation, Gavid’s worries are obvious in the end. Will he wield the sword or not?

Noir hoped for the latter. Naturally, she hoped that Eugene would win the war, and that the army following Eugene would grow to the point of threatening Babel.

‘You’ll come to me—-but before you climb the barbell.’

At that thought, Noir’s smile deepened. That’s why, all the more, he hopes for Eugene’s glorious victory. The moment when that man shines the brightest in the world. The moment he moves forward to fulfill the lingering attachment he had 300 years ago.

That moment. Noir will take the life of her beloved Hamel. So she will give Hamel her terrible despair.

It will give everyone who loves and follows Hamel a sense of loss and despair. In the end, Noir will monopolize Hamel in the end, and everyone in the world will be destroyed by Hamel’s death.

That, really, gives me ecstasy just by imagining it. Noir unknowingly hugged him by the shoulders and trembled.

yes, i’ve decided If Gavid would just go downstairs and stealthily wield his sword, it would be no fun. Noir will stand in the way of Gavid with all his might.

“It is the will of the Demon King… … .”

Noir saw through Gavid’s intentions, but Gavid couldn’t. Because he was busy with his worries right now.


Eventually, Gavid smiled bitterly and nodded his head.

The demon king of confinement wants the hero to climb the demon castle. That one day you’ll be a threat to Helmud? That kind of thinking is the distrust of the demon king of confinement. Gavid shook off the delusion that lingered in his mind.

The continent, no matter how strong humans have become. Everyone is insignificant in front of the demon king of confinement. Is it too much for the demons of the day to handle? what the hell does that matter Pandemonium, the capital of Helmud. In the center of Babel is the Great Demon King.

“… … Won’t you let me in?”

“Oh, what nonsense are you talking about? Are you saying you want to be alone with me in my room right now?”

When Noir responded with a serious expression, Gavid was equally concerned. No, he distorted his expression beyond his true color.



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What the hell is that crazy woman talking about? Gavid didn’t ask again and immediately turned her head to look down at her.

“… … Huh… … .”

Gavid let out a low sigh as he squinted his eyes at the ground.

A kingdom occupied by ghosts. I saw monsters pouring out of it. It was a scene that felt very foreign to Gavid, a demon who had lived for a long time.

Humans are only human after all. Even if you make a contract with a demon lord or demon tribe to obtain magical power, there is no case in which a human becomes non-human. That’s why Edmund Codlet, who was the staff of the former confinement, made it his earnest wish to escape from humans and become a different being.

But, but that—- Gavid involuntarily swallowed his saliva.

Being eaten by the magic power emitted by the specter, humans ceased to be human. Several monsters were born from one human being. It’s not a demon, it’s not a monster. then what the heck is that?

‘I don’t know what it is… … .’

Dangerous. It was a long distance, but Gavid knew instinctively.

Monsters screaming and running. They are not only dangerous to humans. It is equally dangerous to demons. I thought this idea was a little funny, but I thought that those mysterious monsters were a danger to all living things.

‘Is it possible to multiply by adding mana to humans?’

I wish I had that kind of ability. Gavid’s expression hardened.

It might be too early to judge yet, but there didn’t seem to be any major restrictions on mass-producing that monster. It is possible to multiply multiple monsters just by pouring mana into humans.

That being said, wraiths can literally create an endless army of monsters.

Is that the power of the demon lord of destruction? I don’t know. Gavid had lived a long time, but he did not know much about the Demon King of Destruction.


Seeing the pouring monsters, he grabbed his chest without realizing it.

What is this feeling? Definitely a first sight. These are the first monsters I’ve ever seen… … Strangely, I felt like I had seen it in the past.

Noir Jebela. she is strong She wouldn’t let those monsters threaten her life. Even at the moment I look down like this, I don’t feel the danger of my life, although I have the thought that they are ‘dangerous’. Even if those things came in droves, he had the confidence to clean them up with a snort.

But why? Why, the moment I see them, my heart is full.

… … Are you hungry? this is not horror So, what are your feelings right now?


I felt like I could hear that in my head. Something I didn’t know or hadn’t seen was floating around in my head. An infinite number of monsters. People I used to know are dying in droves. And, and. I—- at some point, I couldn’t stand it and threw myself.

“… … ?”

I don’t know these memories.

Noir immediately raised a finger and dug into his own head.

Quadduk! Long, outstretched fingers pierced the skull and ripped through the brain.

The reason Noir made this choice was simple. She didn’t want to recall memories of her that she didn’t know. Through her memories of her, she didn’t want me to be, not me. But even though she was crushing and shuffling the brain with her fingers, the memories didn’t stop coming.

Gavid, who was outside Jebela Face, couldn’t pay attention to what Noir was doing. His gaze was fixed down and he could not take it off for a second.

just now.

Eugene Lionheart came down to the palace. He confronted the specter who sat on the throne.

Black flames rose like wings and burned.

His right hand rested on his left chest.

when I saw the sight. Gavid couldn’t help but catch his breath. Because that unique posture of grasping the heart with his hand reminded Gavid of someone from 300 years ago.

‘The massacre… … .’

But that thought didn’t last.

A dark red light was pulled from Eugene’s left chest. That light was completely different from Hamel’s technique of annihilation, which Gavid had just thought of.

Nevertheless, Gavid opened his eyes wide and seized the glory of his waist. dark street. However, the light engraved in the eyes was so intense that it brought out Gavid’s instincts.

Noir had seen that light before. That was the light that ended the life of Iris, who had become a mad king.

Then, looking at that light… … I thought it was amazing. In the unknown light, I felt a power different from the moonlight of the moonlight sword, the flame of the white flame, and the light of the holy sword.

When he first saw it, Noir couldn’t figure out the identity of that light. It is the same now. Noir still doesn’t know what that light is. but… … Strangely, somewhere in my memory, I felt that I knew it.

I don’t want to know. I don’t want to recall Digging his own head, Noir thought so. But the rise of his memory did not stop.

‘I know that.’

In the end, Noir thought so.

* * *

The light plucked from his chest instantly became a sword. The divine sword of the ancient god of war, Agaroth. And the new sword of Eugene Lionheart, who is worshiped as a hero.

The distance between the two disappeared as soon as the sword was fired. Just like Senya’s absolute rule, Eugene’s divine sword was endowed with an absolute rule that “never” could be avoided.

The sword of light approaches. comes digging in It is impossible to dodge at this distance. Even if the specter escapes to the ends of the world, that black and red sword light will transcend even space-time and cut the specter. The memory of the specter could not understand the miracle of that sword, but the intuition gained from becoming the incarnation of destruction was able to understand the absurd power of the new sword.

can not avoid. If so, there are two ways this can be done. Respond with attack or defend.

‘Can you stop it?’

I couldn’t think for a long time about the thoughts that came to my mind. The specter immediately grabbed his sword and blocked the new sword from the front.

moment of collision.

No, I realized right before that.

‘It breaks.’

It actually happened. The black sword made by the specter could not be blocked. The mana was cut and scattered. The light from the new sword cut through the ghost’s body.

As the body was cut, the ghost realized something else.

I remembered.

‘I know this sword.’

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