Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 481

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A fluttering lion’s mane. gray flames.

Eugene couldn’t help but feel intense and huge anger at the sight. It was because I felt that everything, including the words he was talking about, was ridicule and deceit.

Until just before that, he improved and used Hamel’s technique in his own way, and after he was treated, he used white salt?

“What are you doing… … .”

The words that I spit out in anger. couldn’t make it to the end Just as he felt before the flames flickered, the specter’s expression changed. Of course, the specter did not use the white salt meal for mockery and deception.

According to the specter, the white salt ceremony was the best way to draw power.

Ten stars formed in my heart in an instant. The magic of destruction poured out through the open door. Magic was operated in the manner of white flames, and the flames were roaring.

Eugene was still speechless at the scene. Baek Yeom-sik was not simply imitated, but perfectly reproduced by using mana like mana.


Such a question popped up without my knowledge. Even Eugene could feel the 10 stars that appeared in the ghost’s chest. That means only one thing.

10-star white salt ceremony. In Lionheart’s history, no one other than Vermouth has reached 10 stars. No, I didn’t understand how he could use the white salt meal outside the realm.

Using Hamel’s technique? That’s normal. Rather, if what he used was the red salt formula of the collateral system, yes, that would be understandable. Hector Lionheart resurrected as a monster. I could have picked it up and learned from him.

However, what the specter used now was white salt, not red salt. And that, too, is the Baek Yeom-sik, which is more complete than anyone else in Lionheart’s home.

“Who are you?”

Eugene gritted his teeth and spat out.

“Who told you that?”

“Should I say that I told you this?”

The specter muttered lowly and raised the demonic sword. The straight demonic sword was directed at Yujin. There are no words to follow. The ghost had nothing more to say to that question.

Eugene also understood the meaning. This is a battlefield. The hero and the demon king are facing each other. A sword and a sword are pointed at each other. In the far back, the army following the hero is confronting the demon king’s monsters.

In this situation from 300 years ago, the hero and the demon king did the same thing. It was the same with the age of mythology, which had already been destroyed. Eugene realized again the facts that he had forgotten for a while due to too strong doubts.


The emotions you should feel now are not a question. Why does the specter know how to use white salt? That is, ask again before killing that bastard.

Two sparks flickered. The black flame of Eugene, which started with the Baek Yeom Ceremony and ceased to be the Baek Yeom Ceremony. And the gray flame created by the magic of destruction. The flames that engulfed each other’s bodies soared high into the sky and shook the space.

Eugene moved first. Black Prominence couldn’t even make a tail. A leap that unfolded over and over again. It is impossible to follow with the eyes, and repeated leaps deceive even the senses.

Even so, the specter reacted. The 10-star Baek Yeom-sik gave the specter a different sense of omnipotence than before. Away from the physical body, it seems as if a sense dwells in each flame that surrounds the whole body.

The body reacted immediately. Jjoong! I received the Holy Sword from the square first. The light that exploded at the moment of collision tried to burn the entire magical power and pupils, but the powerful sparks of magical power pushed back even the light of the holy sword.

It wasn’t just the Holy Sword that had to be accepted. The moonlight sword is attacking from the opposite direction. The specter’s flame swelled.

knife? no. What was born from the swollen flame is an alien magic.

familiar magic at the same time.

‘Of vermouth.’

The flame moved as if it had a will of its own. The flame made like a rake caught the moonlight sword.

A simple mass of magic or magic could not block the moonlight sword. However, that magical power is the white flame formula, and the magic used by Vermouth is a different kind of magic. It was impossible to completely block it, but it was possible to offset it enough to be effective.

The specter backed away without stumbling. In her head, information that was neither Hamel’s nor mine was spreading.

A door through which magic flows. Someone beyond… … Not only magic power, but information is leaking out.

‘It’s you.’

Vermouth did not kill the specter. He doesn’t know the true meaning, but he hates the existence of the ghost, but he doesn’t kill him. Rather, he tolerated the existence of the specter and gave it strength.

Vermouth, who was sitting on top of the traces of the new sword, when he first saw the specter—- showed intense hostility.

In the end, instead of hostility, compassion was shown.

‘Is this my choice?’

Born with altered memories by Amelia Merwin. She mistook herself for Hamel and lived for several years.

It hid in La Vista and mixed with the magic of destruction. It wouldn’t be strange to die, no, it was natural to die. But he didn’t die.

Vermouth—- didn’t wish for the specter’s death. As a result, the specter became the embodiment of destruction.

I heard the truth that the demon king of confinement knew.

“I made the decision.”

The ghost murmured softly.

Freed from Amelia Merwin’s spell. I found out that I was not Hamel, but a fake. It was vermouth that helped him peel off the gourd and gave him strength.

But Vermouth, that, the miserable hero didn’t force anything on the specter. Nothing answered the ghost’s question.

The same goes for the Demon King of Confinement. What he wanted was what the specter would decide. was what to do

Even if someone else intended to decide this.

The specter believed that the decision he had made was right.

—-Then, is this decision like Hamel?

I heard the eyes. Eugene, who was slightly pushed back, is attacking again. I could see the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword crossed each other in each hand.

I can’t see living any longer in my golden eyes. The focus on victory, which far transcended even the intent to kill, rather created an emotional vacuum. This is so that judgment is not clouded by mixed emotions.

Just like he is like Hamel and like Eugene.

‘It’s like me.’

I have no thoughts of quality. The specter desperately hoped for victory.

As Eugene said, he hoped for a victory worthy of a demon king.

The moment the slash struck, the ghost’s hand clenched into a fist. The magic manifested itself without any sign. Space was overturned, and the locations of the ghost and Eugene were reversed. Suddenly, he was standing in a different place, but Eugene swung his sword afterward without panicking. The shaking and flowing slash continued to the place where the specter stood.

There was space again. An improbable distance appeared between the two. empty void. Eugene’s slash filled and erased the void, but it did not reach the specter.

The distance that had been widened has disappeared. Space and space stuck together again. Without an acceleration process, Eugene and the specter stood in front. Eugene stabbed the moonlight sword as if he knew it would happen. The moonlight rushing in, the flames of the specter swayed.

Layers were piled up in space. The moonlight was sealed in gray curtains before exploding. The ghost’s sword fell on it.

Kwakjik! The moonlight sword was slammed down in vain. The ground that was supposed to be buried disappeared along with it, but the enormous weight held onto the moonlight sword and did not let go.


Layers are piled up and the space is crushed. I know this magic.

Vermouth Lionheart. His nickname is War God and All Master. He was the strongest as a warrior, but also the strongest as a wizard. When he was wandering around the Devil’s Realm, whenever he teased Senya quite a bit over the magic of vermouth, Senya would get angry, saying that her specialty was different.

Vermouth’s magic was so great that even Senya said that. If Senya has mastered the magics that people usually think of, then what Vermouth specializes in is space magic.

The tomb of the Black Lion. Leyline and darkroom of Lionheart’s home. Even the other side of Rehein Yar. It is a place where everything is created by Vermouth’s spatial magic.

Crunchy. The hand that held the moonlight sword was full of veins. The moonlight sword radiated light even as it was crushed by dozens and hundreds of spaces. Moonlight and flame mixed and overlapped, and the sword was completed.



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The things that oppressed him were cut in two with one sword. Divine intuition guided Eugene’s body. something you can’t perceive. something unpredictable. The response to all of that led to Eugene’s body.

Holy Sword and Moonlight Sword. The two swords were covered with blank swords. The power concentrated in Eugene for a moment far exceeded the specter’s expectations. The magic he was trying to capture disappeared before it was even completed.

should not be close Eaten whole in flames The specter disappeared on the spot without leaving even an afterimage.

didn’t miss Eugene followed the specter’s movements exactly.

gray and black. Two lights crossed the sky. Several times the sky shook as if it were about to collapse. The flight of the two colors took place for a short time, but it didn’t feel like a moment to the two of them. If you are late, missed, or mixed with a process that cannot be called a mistake, you will be harmed.

Tension to the point that the brain couldn’t stand it. Eugene felt the smell of blood in her nose. This is the point where humans are at an overwhelming disadvantage compared to demons.

Bodily fatigue, weakness. Of course, the current Eugene is incredibly strong in the eyes of a human like him, but there were many things that could not be helped as much as mental fatigue.

If you fight alone, you will collapse from fatigue and minor injuries. But not now. The light is bright in the high sky. Saints and priests are reciting prayers only for Eugene.

The smell of blood was gone. The pain in his throbbing head was gone. The shock that could not be fully drained, the tattered internal organs became normal.

The two swords with the swords intertwined were crossed. Gongsword and Gongsword collided. Each sword has 5 stacks of blank swords. It is impossible for Yujin to overlap more than this, but the two swords are united.

Its power is difficult to handle with only the pure human spirit. Akasha shone inside Eugene’s cloak. Mer held Akasha herself. Auxiliary arithmetic with Mer added to Akasha’s authority. Even Prominence, which plays the role of a pseudo-core, ran out of control and drew strength.

He raised the swords over his head. Prominence also soared upward along with the sword. The single wing of the black flame became one with the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword. Even Eugene could not hold onto this power for long. That means there is no room for control. If you don’t do it, you will be crushed by the power.

The specter that was flying to shake it off turned over in the air. Below is a royal palace and an empty city. The place where the liberation army marched was far behind.

ㅡ Is there any meaning? If that kind of force were to strike down, not only Haulia, but all of Nahama would be annihilated.

‘No, no.’

The very thought itself is absurd. The specter intuitively knew what that ‘sword’ would cause. It has the shape of a sword, but it doesn’t cut, it eats. If it is not caught and counterbalanced, it is immediately eaten and destroyed together.

Power never flows differently. You mean annihilating all of Nahama? That doesn’t happen. The power to annihilate this huge country is concentrated only in the specter.

It was absurdly sophisticated, no, it felt like a miracle or divine power apart from that realm. Is it the divinity of the war god that makes that possible? Or is it the love of the god of light?


If he lacked something, he couldn’t handle this level of power. Even Akasha and Mer are concentrating their efforts on controlling this power. Yujin quickly gnashed his teeth and lowered his sword.

This is never a new sword. However, even though it was different from the new sword, it had enough power to compare.

The specter immediately flew towards the sword. That sword has reached the realm of miracles.

A miracle is an immeasurable power. A miracle created not by divine power, but by human power. It is impossible to escape from the miracle of inevitability. What he had to do was to deny the sure death in the miracle of death.

A white salt ceremony achieved with magical power. The 10 stars spun and poured out magic power. It’s not just an infinite amount of magical power. The infinite amount was elaborately smelted and burned in flames.


I told Hamel and Eugene. And the ghost repeated it to himself. This is far from enough. If you want to be an ordeal, you have to be stronger. It must be something that can never be surpassed.

The doomsday star shone. In that moment, the Wraith was worthy of being the embodiment of destruction in the true sense of the word. The magic that poured out from the 10 stars made the sword. The sword wasn’t just an ominous gray color like before. All colors are mixed. A lump of indescribable color stretched out like a sword.


It reminded me of the Demon King of Destruction I had seen a long time ago. An existence that seemed like it would drive my mind crazy just by looking at it. An existence that seems to be a mixture of all the colors that exist in this world. What Hamel and Agaroth saw—


I felt the demon of destruction in that. Both Agaroth and Hamel felt fear when they saw the Demon King of Destruction.

I want to run away. The reason Agaroth did not run away in fear was because he had many followers to protect. It was because of the intuition that if I ran away from this place, the demon king of destruction would swallow the whole world.

So Agaroth did not run away. Rather, he ordered death for the new soldiers and ran in front of him.

I want to run away. Hamel couldn’t overcome his fear. He fled with Vermouth and everyone.

That choice was right. At that moment, no one could stop the demon lord of destruction, and there was no need to stop it. But even though the choice itself was right, Hamel suffered more from his humiliation. After that, the demon king of destruction became a trauma to Hamel and his colleagues.


do you want to run away no. I don’t think so. Eugene Ryanhart does not have the sense of duty that Agaroth felt. There is no fear that Hamel felt. What Eugene Ryanhart feels right now.

anger and murder.

Eugene’s sword collided with the sword of destruction. No sound followed the crash. Instead, the light flickered dozens of times over Hauria. It was as if day and night crossed in an instant.

Even at that moment, the movements of Eugene and the specter did not stop.

The Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword lost their light. It must be because he poured too much power at once.

Eugene immediately threw the sword into the cloak without regret. sky a little bit off. No, as long as the sky is right here? I got rid of those worries.

I saw the appearance of a ghost. The Sword of Destruction he wielded was also annihilated in the recent collision. However, the ‘destruction’ he drew was mixed with the white flame ceremony. The gray flame was now a messy flame of all colors.

“This bastard.”

As always, Eugene spat out a curse that was not like a warrior.

“You come here.”

He said so, but Eugene rushed at the ghost first.

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