Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 486

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flashing light. I know I didn’t use ignition. However, it cannot be said that the sword is not Eugene Lionheart’s strength.

Ignition and new swords, which break through the limit of mana output by congesting the core in the first place, differ in the power used. Just because Ignition is used doesn’t mean that the new sword’s power is amplified.

In other words, that red sword mine—- the faith of Agaroth, the god of war, and the worship of the hero Eugene Lionheart itself. The essence of Eugene’s uniqueness and potential, as the ghost said.

The power of the new sword was experienced the moment the battle began. Just like the miracle that happened when the Moonlight Sword and the Holy Sword were united, the new sword, once unleashed, could never be avoided. In addition, the new sword is imbued with the miracle of yam (斬魔) and death (必殺).

It is the divine power of the arrogant and violent god of war, Agaroth. On the battlefield of the Age of Mythology, most of Agaroth’s opponents were demons and demons. Therefore, the sword Agaroth wielded had to contain the will of God to cut down demons.

However, the new sword now does not reach the power of Agaroth’s heyday. Incomplete.

That dark red sword light would surpass even time and space, but in a true sense, the yam and the deadly could not be reproduced.


Because he had been cut once, the ghost knew. Not only what he realized through his experience, but also the intuition and intuition he gained as the incarnation of destruction made him judge new swords anew.

That blade is rough.

It seems to be grinding rather than cutting. The blade seems jagged and jagged, like a beast’s tooth or a saw. That’s why the wounds are deep. It’s like pouring salt or broken glass into a wound, leaving more pain than just being cut.

‘curse… … .’

The specter moved.

‘Han(恨), Wondok(怨毒)… … .’

Anger, hatred, and murderous intent that have continued beyond the ages. All of that changed the divine power like poison.

That is not Agaroth’s divine power. The divine power of Eugene Lionheart. It is not the faith of a war god, but the faith of a warrior newly worshiped in this era has been sublimated into divine power.

‘It’s not like a warrior.’

I thought as I stared at the sword light that was attacking me. That feeling was the same feeling felt by most people who saw Eugene’s spark and power.

Even if it doesn’t suit you, that sword honestly cuts through the skin. no, change it tear it up It wasn’t much different from Agaroth’s Divine Sword. Eugene’s new sword is for killing demons and demon kings.

Then you shouldn’t avoid it. Strictly speaking, the specter is not a demon king, but he is now blocking the hero like a demon king. He also intends to kill the warrior like a demon king.

When I first saw the new sword, I couldn’t respond properly. No, it was impossible to respond. can not avoid. Respond with attack or defend. While contemplating between the two, he clumsily extended his sword, but the sword could not hold out even for a moment and broke.

Now I don’t have to worry about either one. The specter immediately grabbed the sword. Various colors were mixed, and the dizzying magic power became the shape of a sword.

Vermouth white salt. Magical power became the form of flame. Ominous mana flowed like a lion’s mane.

The divine sword and the demonic sword collided. It didn’t break as easily as before. Infinitely pouring mana continued to repair the shredded blade.


The magic sword itself is the same as what I experienced before. But the power is different. Sophistication is different. Even the ability to manipulate magic seems to have improved. At that moment, the specter and Eugene felt the same thing.

‘I’m getting stronger.’

Are you getting used to your power as an incarnation? Or is the vermouth sending more power? Does he want to test it enough to do that?

‘If you wish it, I… … .’

Extinction has not yet come. can fight more The will of the specter is unshakable. He will kill Eugene with all his might.


Eugene’s lips twisted. 베르무트, 이 개새끼.

‘If you, stuck somewhere unknown, want to see how strong I am.’

No sound could be heard between the new sword and the magic sword. But the phenomenon is happening.

This dimensional gap, where space is jumbled together, is disappearing. The darkness, like the background of the painting, is changing into various colors as it mixes with divine power and magical power.

[Hamel… … !]

Anise screamed. I know what you’re worried about However, Eugene did not stop throwing her sword.

ㅡHwaaaak! The darkness has disappeared. In the gap between Eugene and the specter, only pure white emptiness remained.

Blasphemy! The void parted. Again, the dimensional layers were shattered. If you go outside, you might end up in a dimension where you really don’t know where it is. Maybe you’ll be sucked into a darkness that you can’t even recognize.

Either way, it’s not what Eugene wants. Just before the dimensional layer collapsed and disappeared, Prominence burned black.

The connection with the outside world was not severed. ‘Light’ is connected. The flames of Prominence connected with the light of the saints.

made a leap

In an instant, the scenery changed. Eugene, who was in the middle of the space that was collapsing and disappearing, returned to the sky above Hauria before he knew it. The first thing he saw at that moment—- was the sight of the scars he had left in the sky, which looked like they were bubbling and then shrinking and disappearing.

looked at the back

Hauria is in ruins. Until earlier, there were still traces of the city, but now even that is gone. Thousands of presses trampled and smashed all the buildings in the city, leveling them. Down there, the boundary between building and street no longer existed.

A huge army of monsters screaming and rampaging wildly. In front of them, there was a liberation army that came over to the city with Eugene.

Melchis stands out by far. Even though she is a mage, she opened the way from the front rather than from the rear.

Right behind Melchis, the Pantheon of Loberian is wide open. Loberian poured summoned beasts from above, blocking Noor’s advance.

Guillaid no longer rode a horse. He took the lead with the white lions and dug in between the summoned beasts and dug into Noor’s gap.

Xian followed right by his father’s side. Alchester, Ivatar, Aman, Orthus, Ivik. The captains were active, and the wizards and priests also memorized spells and prayers without rest.

Not just on the ground. sky. In front of the Nurdeul flapping their wings. I saw knights fighting fiercely by riding wyverns, pegasus, and summoned beasts.

I saw Lionheart’s flags. In addition, several flags were also visible. Raphael, holding the reins of the giant Pegasus, swings the claymore and decapitates Noor, and nearby, Carmen’s flames are consuming Noor. I could see Gion encouraging the knights. Genos is also charging at Nur, wearing red flames.

Dark darkness flickered. The dark eyes. Even though her eyes were bloodshot red, Ciel continued to activate the power of the demonic eye.

Eugene’s gaze moved a little further back.

The sky, behind Senya, the universe is open. Remnants of collapsed walls and buildings are mixed with each other to fill the universe.

Such magic had been used by Senya for 300 years.

Mixing mana into reality and ignorantly beating it. The most famous of those magics is Meteor, the flower of war magic.

However, even if you are a great wizard, it is difficult to drop a meteor from a distant sky alone. On the spot, it’s close to impossible, and you need to get assistance from other wizards or prepare a magic circle in advance.

A story limited to other archmages. It doesn’t matter to Senya. No, a magician like Senya didn’t even need to bring an appropriate meteor from the distant sky. If you need meteors, you can create them on the ground. The shock enough to fall from space can be reinforced with magic.

“You don’t have to talk before you go somewhere.”

Senya pursed her lips and muttered. She waved her hand at her Eugene.

It was obvious what that meant. Eugene was caught in Senya’s trajectory, so he meant to avoid it.

ㅡQuarre! A huge meteor created by magic left space. The speed of flight was so fast that a shadow passed by in an instant on the ground. Eugene didn’t want to get caught up in it, so he jumped high into the sky avoiding the meteor’s parabola.

Kwaaaaang! A large army of Noor, a meteor was thrown into the center. The power comparable to that of falling in the real universe was not unnecessarily scattered, but concentrated exclusively on the Nur.

Enough power to completely annihilate a large city. Even though that much power was concentrated, the Nur did not annihilate. The screams they uttered became ominous magical powers, and offset the shock that hit them from the head.

“You bastards like c*ckroaches.”

It is more terrible than the monsters I saw 300 years ago or the monsters I killed earlier. It’s unpleasant and gross, and it doesn’t die easily, and the numbers are swarming.

“Can’t we just get rid of them?”



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“I hate repeating the same conversation.”

The specter stood in the sky on the other side as if it were natural. The demonic sword had lost its light and was disappearing, but the flames surrounding it burned more fiercely and ominously.

“why. I will test them all too, is this it?”

“You’re not going to attack Helmud alone and climb Babel.”

“There’s nothing you can’t do. If it were me now, I would be able to massacre against the high-ranking demons.”

Eugene replied with a snort. Even the ghost didn’t deny that statement itself. Among the current Helmud demons, only Gavid Lindman and Noir Jebela can threaten Eugene.

“Are you saying that you will ignore the determination of those who came here because you were influenced by you, the hero?”


Yujin’s face, which had been snorting just before, crumpled.

Those words were what Eugene said earlier. I hope you get it back like this

[Believe me.]

Is it Anis or Cristina? That’s what either of them would do.

“Is it easy to trust others when it is difficult to trust God?”

[Don’t speak rude words.]

Eugene licked his lips and brushed his right hand.

The fact that the new sword disappeared is the same for Yujin. I could still take it out one more time.


Eugene held out his right hand as if showing off. And she slowly put it on her chest. The back of her hand covered the area around her heart. At that blatant posture, the specter laughed involuntarily.

“Are you doing what you predicted?”


His fingers dug into his chest. Eugene’s Baek Yeom-sik no longer has a star. Instead, the universe nested where the stars used to be.

Black flames began to stir. The color of the blazing flames deepened like complete darkness.

A twinkle like starlight bloomed in the darkness. Like that, the flames became the Milky Way and wrapped around Eugene.

Baek Yeom-sik changed and broke the new sword. Ignition from then on does not simply congest the core. This universe is the materialization of all the possibilities that Eugene has reached through Agaroth and Hamel.

It is neither technology nor magic. Like the divine sword, this is a miracle that Eugene embodies.

“You prepare too.”

Eugene was submerged in the Milky Way and spat out.

“You know?”

The ghost’s right hand covered the area around the heart.

“The sky far higher than here. Noir Jebela and Gavid Lindman are watching the two of us.”

“I didn’t know you would come to see it in person.”

Eugene murmured without surprise.

A place so high that you can’t feel its presence. But now Eugene can feel it. Noir in that tasteless Jebela Face, and Gavid standing outside unable to enter.

“Noir… … Although I know you are Hamel. Gavid didn’t know you were Hamel.”

“That bastard is so stupid that he doesn’t notice. In the first place, I hid my identity in front of that bastard.”

“Are you saying you have no intention of hiding it anymore?”

“You came all the way here?”

Eugene twisted his lips and said.

Fall out! The ever-expanding universe came to a halt. Lightning streamed between the stars, compressing the universe to Eugene.


You don’t have to look up. Gavid will be watching from up there anyway with his eyes wide open. needless to say out loud The bastard will open her ears and listen.

“It’s Hamel.”

Eugene laughed and exhaled.

Wow! The soaring prominence penetrated the sky and reached where Noir and Gavid were.

The moment we reach it is fleeting. Prominence shrank in an instant and changed its shape. Prominence was no longer the wings of black flame. The nebula, a mixture of black, blue and orange, became wings.

absurd power. Even the demon kings of 300 years ago would feel fear in front of Eugene today.

But ironically, that terrifyingly overwhelming power is both grand and beautiful. Like the night sky illuminated by the light of countless stars, like the Milky Way created by the flow of those stars, like the aurora seen from the polar regions. The current Eugene—-has an unknown beauty beyond human comprehension.


The ghost’s fingers dug into his chest.

His white salt ceremony is the original story that was followed by Vermouth. The white salt ceremony that has been followed by Ryan Hart for 300 years is what Vermouth created for his descendants to ‘learn’.

The original white salt meal—- ordinary people can’t learn it. It is because the existence of vermouth is not ordinary.

The same goes for ghosts. He’s not human, he’s not normal. If Baek Yeom-sik, inherited from Lionheart and learned by Eugene, is a shining star.

The star that Vermouth cherished is a malevolent star. That beautiful white flame, the fluttering lion’s mane, is the color of emptiness that no existence has allowed.

When five fingers dug into the chest.

The ferocity ran out of control. The magic of destruction poured from the wide open door. No, it’s not pouring. The soul of the specter was assimilated with the demon king of destruction. The runaway chest became the core.

If Eugene had an unknown beauty, the specter had an unknown ominousness. All colors were mixed and spread.

when all colors are mixed.

The color of destruction changed to empty white.


The specter, immersed in pure white flame, still put a hand on his chest and laughed.

A sense of omnipotence that cannot be compared to when mana ran wild in the great forest.

“This is how it feels.”

The specter whispered quietly and stared at Eugene.

Eugene, who had nebulae as wings and galaxies, was still holding her hand on her chest just like the ghost. Unlike the ghosts who laughed, there was no sign of laughter in their golden eyes.

But now Eugene and the ghost feel the same thing.

The certainty that you can kill your opponent unconditionally.

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