Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 498

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How many declarations do you make today?

Declared once while fighting the specter. So that Gavid, who was watching the battle from high up in the sky, could hear it. while wielding a sword.

-I am Hamel.

I said so. And before. To convince Gavid one more time. Then, for everyone to hear, he declared it once more.

-I am the reincarnation of Hamel.

Just today, it has been declared twice. But looking at the atmosphere, I feel like I need to do it one more time… … .

Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and glared at Melchis, who was tied up in the air. She was still struggling, bound by Senya’s magic.

“… … .”

Melchis has many good feelings in many ways. To be honest, there is no such thing as bad feelings. To that extent, Melchis has treated Eugene well, and in particular, the ‘power’ that Melchis has achieved will be of great help to Eugene in the future.

So I want to get along well. If Melchis wanted it, he would be willing to grant him a favor if he was in a relationship where he was able to do so and reciprocated.

But now.

It seems that Melchis will develop ill feelings. He is fading away from wanting to get along with Melkis… … .

“Eugene! Why aren’t you answering?! Are you, are you really the reincarnation of stupid Hamel?!”

Hearing that cry, thinking about it, Gavid was a very gentleman. At least that bastard didn’t say it with ‘respect’ for Eugene.

‘Hamel the Murderer’.

It is a name given by demons. But Eugene really liked that name… … . Well, isn’t it a much nicer sound than the shitty name of stupid Hamel?

In that sense, Eugene thought that Melchis was truly amazing. Shouting nicknames that don’t mean very well in front of the person in question… … .

“The reincarnation of stupid Hamel!”

Melchis squealed. She lifted her hands above her head and started clapping clap after clap, like a windswept guiding her crowd.

“right! dull! one!”

Melchis, who had been clapping hard, gave glare to those around him. The wizards of the White Mage Tower nearby didn’t even have the freedom to refuse. So the wizards forcibly raised their tired and aching bodies, clapped and chanted along with Melchis.

“under! Mel!”

“right! dull! one!”

“under! Mel!”

What do you want to do? Does that call mean something? Why is it that he does not shout alone, but draws in others to make a chant? Why are you not satisfied with the white mage tower mages, and attract more people’s response?

“dragon! buy!”

“you! jin!”

“la! this! frozen!”

“under! crack!”

Why are you shouting out from dumb Hamel to Eugene Lionheart? What does it mean to change the designation? People who didn’t open their lips when they shouted stupid Hamel, but when they shouted the hero Eugene Lionheart, they secretly responded. Is that why?

Melchis Elheyer, her purpose is to make everyone here cry out for Eugene?

[Hamel. That is something wearing a human mask. They look like humans, but they don’t think like humans. The unknown creator gave it a great gift, but in return left a huge hole in its personality… … .]

Winid inside the cloak hummed. The voice of Tempest, who had signed a contract with Melchis without being able to take it out, was heard.

[Omega force. When I became one with Melchis Elhere, it was as if I was floating in an abyss. It was like looking into the endless depths of the sea. I don’t know how to describe the fear of the unknown. I and the other spirit kings are mixed in the great chaos called Melchis Elhaire… … my… … my dignity… … .]

Tempest muttered, trembling.

“cold! Ran! one!”

A cry was added. It was Carmen. Her face was drenched in blood from the aftermath of being caught in Gavid’s sword wind, but surprisingly, other than that, there were no injuries to her. This is because the performance of the Exceed, Demonic Dragon Armor, which was modified exclusively for her, was outstanding.

So Carmen cried out in a loud voice as she was much stronger than the others.

“cold! Ran! one!”

Carmen is very attached to her nickname. He liked dragon slayer, lion of blood, and those nicknames, but – ‘Brilliant Eugene Ryan’s Heart’ was good enough to make him shudder involuntarily the moment he spit it out.

So I wanted to make everyone call Eugene that way.

great vermouth.

Brave Moron.

faithful anise.

Are you smart

Stupid Hamel.


Brilliant Eugene Lionheart.

“cold! Ran! one!”

A vein stood on Carmen’s neck. It was a voice so loud that it could be called a lion’s roar, making the sky reverberate and the desert vibrate.

When Carmen started shouting like that, the Black Lions following her had no choice but to shout the same.

thump, thump, thump! Moderate foot clouds. However, no messy sand clouds were created. This is because the cries of Carmen and the Black Lions scattered the sand.

“you! jin!”

“la! this! frozen!”

“under! crack!”

What the heck, what kind of reaction should I have? Eugene’s shoulders trembled. Startled, he looked to the side.

Ivatar’s face was still serious, but I could see her cheeks twitch slightly. She seemed to be contemplating whether or not to laugh at this situation.

“that… … .”

If left as it is, thousands of people will chant the name Eugene Lionheart. Actually, that wasn’t a bad thing for Eugene. Rather, it was what Eugene wanted. Worship is born in this way.

But not now. I just can’t stand it. If I were in a normal state right now, I would have slapped everyone who shouted my name. Of course, Melchis also needs to be beaten. Carmen will have no choice but to be beaten by Eugene at least once.

“Brilliant Eugene Lionheart… … .”

A deep voice was heard in the midst of the loud shouts. not a cry small murmur.

It was Gilade. He quietly memorized his name while standing with Xian’s help. As if Moore was so moved, Gilreid’s eyes even filled with tears. Sian next to her was shedding tears, and Ciel was also sniffling at him… … .

“… … .”

I had no choice but to cancel the thought of hitting them one by one. Eugene let out a deep sigh and looked at her saints and Senya.

I don’t know who took the initiative in that body right now, but he had an expression as if he was very satisfied with the situation… … . Senya was laughing openly, as if teasing Eugene.

“that… … .”

Stupid Hamel.



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Hero Eugene Lionheart.

Brilliant Eugene Lionheart.

Around the time when the voices shouting out the three names completely become one with ‘Brilliant Eugene Lionheart’. Eugene barely opened his mouth.

“that… … stop.”

little voice. However, everyone who was chanting fervently heard Yujin’s voice. The screams that seemed to last for days suddenly stopped. Thousands of eyes turned to Eugene.

“Okay, so… … stop… … .”

What did you know? Even Eugene, who spoke directly, couldn’t understand the meaning of the words… … . But I meant it from the bottom of my heart. Yujin wished that he would stop saying that embarrassing era.

“Answer me!”

Melchis exclaimed. She appealed to Eugene, her eyes twinkling.

“Eugene! Are you, are you really the reincarnation of stupid Hamel?”

“yes… … .”

“My God, my God, my God! Is reincarnation really possible?! It’s not even just reincarnation!”

Melchis screamed.

“The ancestor of the family you used to talk about whenever you had a chance! You mean the great Vermouth was actually your colleague?! The hero you said you respect more than Vermouth! Stupid Hamel! Were you actually yourself?!”

To be a wizard, you have to be smart. This is because he does not have one or two spells to memorize. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the archmage, who should be unique among such mages, was, simply put, the most intelligent of all mages. Of course, being smart has many directions, but his memory must be excellent.

In other words, Melchis has a good memory. As Eugene passed by, he remembered all the casual compliments about Hamel.

“My God, my God! how could that be! Reincarnation is also ridiculous, I think it’s impossible! Isn’t it even more absurd that he pretended not to know anything or pretended to be someone else and painted his face with gold?! How could that be?!”

Melchis shouted as he ran his hand through his head. Surprisingly, the present Melchis did not have any malice. It was really simple, I just said that because I didn’t understand what Eugene did in the past.

But Eugene didn’t feel that way. I couldn’t understand what kind of malice Melchis had in order to harass me in such a public place… … .

“that… … that… … .”

I hope you will ask me this openly. Eugene stammered at her because she didn’t know what to say.

At that moment, Senya stepped forward for Eugene.

“Things like that happen, too.”


“Things like that happen, too.”

what could be that? Eugene didn’t understand and looked at Senya.

Eugene was not the only one who had such feelings in his eyes. Everyone looked at Senya with bewildered eyes.

“Sister, what are you saying all of a sudden… … .”

Senya’s hair slithered upward.

“I will.”

A light flashed in Senya’s eyes.


A galaxy opened up behind Senya’s back.


That was enough. None of the thousands questioned Senya. I just quietly nodded my head. Even that Melchis didn’t ask for another answer from Senya now. It was because Melchis knew all too well how strong and terrifying Senya was.

“Yes, sister, it could be.”

Melchis also quickly changed his attitude and nodded. No matter how much he thought about it, he thought that it couldn’t be, but it was clear that Senya would scold him if he continued to talk further.

No, maybe not to the level of being scolded, but to die… … . Right now, Senya’s eyes could feel that much murderous intent.

Melchis didn’t know the circumstances, but Senya had a desperate and unavoidable reason for stepping out at this moment. If Eugene answered, there was a very high probability that he would get angry about the nickname written in the children’s book.

Then what if you tell me about the author of the children’s book? I was also personally incensed. What’s the point of putting gold on your face pretending to be someone else?

Senya sincerely thought, ‘It could be’.

“… … Uhm.”

It was the same with Anise. The two of them were wise, because they were faithful Anis… … .

“wonderful… … That’s cool.”

Loberian wept alone.

A secret that only he thought he knew. A bond that goes beyond 300 years. The next chapter in a children’s book that ended in tragedy.

Loberian clapped as he imagined it all. In my heart, I wanted to play the violin like in Simuin, but now that the entrance to the Pantheon was destroyed, summoning magic was difficult to use… … .

So, Loberian only clapped with all his heart and soul. When the usually serious red mage lord started clapping, a different response was created than in Melchis’ time. Almost all the wizards started to clap.

“Everyone is the will of the light.”

Raphael also clapped in admiration. All the paladins and priests clapped for Eugene.

“Brilliant Eugene Lionheart!”

Carmen roared again.

Eugene thought he just wanted to go home.


behind everyone.

Balzac murmured in admiration to himself.

He held onto his throbbing arm. Unidentified monsters. Monsters that are not monsters, but are more like monsters than any other monsters, and are closer to destruction than the members of the family of destruction.

Balzac’s ‘gluttony’ ate the corpses of monsters. Not only that, but they ate the corpses of dead demons as well. Overeating far beyond the limit made my arm numb except for pain, and the process of mixing the added things was so painful that I wanted to vomit right away.

But now I couldn’t feel that pain. My hair, which had been cloudy and greasy, seemed rather clear.

I thought it was equally admirable and mysterious. I hope there is such a thing as reincarnation. Besides, this is not just reincarnation. The great succession of the name of the warrior. No one would think that this was a coincidence.

It is absolutely no coincidence that a hero was born after 300 years.

It was fate that Hamel Dynas was reincarnated as Eugene Lionheart.

It was fate that the demon king in captivity, who had maintained peace for a long time, spoke of the end of the promise.


Soon the end of the era will come. I don’t know if I’ll end it as it is, or if I’ll move on to the next chapter…

is Balzac.

I felt grateful that I was living in the present era.

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