Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 500

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The 91st floor of Babel. The door leading to the mausoleum of the demon king. It was a door that seemed like it would never open without the devil’s will, but I didn’t feel any resistance in my hand pushing it open.

First time.

Gavid thought so and opened the door wide. In hundreds of years, Gavid had never opened this door himself. He always kept his office on the 90th floor.

It’s rare, but the demon king of confinement sent messages to Gavid from time to time. Most of them were about Helmud’s affairs, nothing personal.

Gavid is the same. As the grand duke of Helmud, he oversees and finalizes everything that happens in this huge empire, and sends a message to the demon king in captivity.

All of that was done face-to-face. This was the first time that even Gavid, the Grand Duke and the sword of confinement, had entered the palace without permission. no. In the first place, Gavid had never even knocked on the door of the palace without the demon king’s call. When he entered the palace, it was like the ceremony of appointing the staff of confinement… … .

‘It was an exception among exceptions.’

This is the first time that the palace has been opened to appointing the staff of confinement. In the first place, the unusual event was not the focus of the appointment ceremony. The purpose of the demon king was to gather and weed out the demons up to the 100th rank.

‘It’s a strange feeling.’

Tracing his memory, Gavid laughed.

sure After the war ended, the Devil’s Palace became an empire, and the Devil’s Castle became a building.


Why hadn’t it climbed up until now? There was no particular reason. There was nothing to climb. He didn’t want to bother the demon king in confinement.


This huge empire could not even be established without the demon king in captivity.

The reason Helmud can progress incomparably with other countries on the continent is because of the black towers built throughout its territory. The black towers, which can be called Helmud’s landmarks, receive and amplify the magic power sent from Pandemonium. Its magical power spreads throughout the territory through cables buried deep underground.

It is no different that the entire empire is parasitized by the demon lord’s magical power in captivity. The demon king of confinement is supporting the empire alone. Gavid knows that better than anyone else… … .

“Please forgive the rudeness.”

For hundreds of years, I have been looking down on the capital from the 90th floor of Babel.

It was the demon king of confinement who changed the demon realm into an empire. Whether the black tower was built or the cables were laid, they are all demon lords in confinement.

Most of the skills that exist in Helmud right now. The magic engineering that is incomparably more advanced than Arrot, who boasts of being the Kingdom of Darkness, was also given by the demon king of confinement.

Why, the demon king of confinement… … . Is it to stop a war that is close to victory? Is it because the continent has not been completely conquered? Did he build an empire that seemed to be for the comfortable life of humans rather than the demons?

I don’t know why. I was curious, but didn’t ask.

300 years after the war. Gavid just lowered his head and silently followed the devil’s will. He has been working for the Demon King. He guarded the palace as the sword of confinement, trained the guards as the leader of the Black Mist, and was faithful to the work of Helmood as the Grand Duke.

That’s why even more.

I can’t help it now, I thought. Even though there was no call, he opened the door of the palace by himself. Not even asking for permission. Asking forgiveness for rudeness, but not backing down.

“your majesty.”

Gavid looked up.

black darkness. high ceilings. No, it looked more like an infinite night than a ceiling. In the middle of that night sky is a throne wrapped in chains. The demon king of confinement sat on the throne, cupped his chin with his hand, and looked at Gavid with only his body line of sight down.

“… … .”

The moment I saw the face of the demon king of confinement.

Gavid laughed involuntarily.

didn’t ask There was not even a knock. He just came in blindly.

Even so, there was no displeasure on the face of the demon king in captivity. There was no irritation or anger. Even the usual boredom was nowhere to be seen.

Rather, the Demon King was smiling as if he was having fun. Curved eyes and lips. Gavid shook his head with a devastated laugh.

“You don’t think my behavior is rude.”

It was not an unexpected expression. Rather, it was a very predictable expression. Maybe, I thought, maybe.

“Do you have any reason to think it’s rude?”

The demon king of confinement giggled and said.

“Don’t go into the palace… … I remember never giving an order. Maybe my memory is wrong?”

“… … no.”

Gavid shook his head quickly.

“His Majesty, never once gave me such an order.”

“You were completely free to come in here.”

Kirik. The chains that bound her throne rang out.

“Even if I didn’t leave you free to come in and out. Gavid Lindman. If you had opened the door of your own will and entered this place, I wouldn’t have considered it rude.”

“Why are you here?”

“Didn’t we build that much bond?”

The demon king of confinement said with a smile. At that, Gavid felt the impact of being hit in the head with a hammer.

tie? a bond? Did the demon king of confinement mean ‘bond’?

“How… … How can you talk about a bond with someone like that?”

“You have served me for a long time.”

Kirik. The chain groaned again. The demon king of confinement leaned forward a little and looked down at Gavid.

“There are so many demons under me that it’s too much trouble to even count them. All demons living in this ‘Empire’ are my people, and all immigrants living in the Empire will completely become my people after their bodies die.”

The demon king of confinement was still smiling, but Gavid felt a terrible boredom in that expression and voice.

‘That’ boredom must be the fundamental emotion of the demon king of confinement. To the extent that I had no choice but to think so, ‘boredom’ was a daily emotion for the demon lord in captivity.

but. Those words, recited by boredom, carry great weight. As the demon king of confinement said, there are countless beings under that throne. Also, the demon king of confinement can put all beings on the continent under him at any time if he wishes.

“Among all these beings, you are the one who has served me the longest.”

It’s such a heavy word. Gavid shook his shoulders, feeling as if he would be crushed at any moment.

That statement was also correct. Gavid is the oldest among the numerous demons led by the demon king of confinement.

“… … .”

Come to think of it, it was like that from the beginning.

Now, it is difficult to even count how long ago it was. that long ago.

Gavid became the sword of confinement.

Naturally, he was not born with the sword of confinement from the beginning. Gavid Lindman was born as a demon, the most common among demons.

Confinement sword, staff, shield. The closest person who serves the Demon King in the closest place. In that era, any demon confident in their skills longed to rise to that position, and Gavid was no different.

Time passed, and a lot of things went through. Step by step, I moved up the ranks. At that time, Gavid had neither the Mystic Eye of Prestige nor the Demonic Sword Glory.

Still, Gavid was strong. He didn’t lose a bit even against the demons who had lived hundreds of years.



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“As Your Majesty said, I have served Your Majesty longer than any other demon.”

As longed for, it became a sword of confinement. Even before the age of war began, Gavid stood by the Demon King as the sword of confinement.

Just like Gavid in his childhood, countless demons have tried to become the ‘sword of confinement’. He hadn’t been challenged since the war era ended, but hundreds of years ago, when he was much more savage and demonic than he is now. before the war broke out. Gavid’s life was far more strife than it is now.

I’ve never had a seat taken away.

The staff of confinement has been changed several times. The shield of confinement was also changed several times. However, the sword of confinement has not changed once since Gavid got that name.

That’s why ‘Knives of Confinement’ became a special name.

“Nevertheless, I am.”

War era 300 years ago. A death squad led by the hero Vermut Lionheart broke into Babel. They killed Urogos, the shield of confinement at the time. And he killed Belial, the staff of confinement of the time.

But the sword of confinement was not broken. Even defeated, Gavid- survived.

It is dishonorable. If he was defeated, he thought it would be better to die on the spot. However, he saved his life. Because the demon king of confinement ordered ‘retreat’.

“Even though I have served Your Majesty for so long, I still do not understand Your Majesty’s intentions.”

Why did you tell me to back off then? Why didn’t you allow me to die worthy of a loser? Why is the defeated me still called the sword of confinement?

Why did you make a promise with vermouth that you didn’t have to make? Why didn’t you conquer the continent? Why did you establish an empire in the demon realm and accept humans?

A promise is something else.

“Why didn’t you kill Hamel?”

Among the many questions, Gavid wanted an answer to that question most desperately.

“Your Majesty, you must have known for a long time that Eugene Lionheart is the reincarnation of Hamel of Massacre.”

“Since when?”

The demon king of confinement said with a smile.

“It is not that I know everything that goes on in the world. The reincarnation of Hamel Dynas… … It was arranged in advance, but I didn’t know until the exact time. If it had not been for the rumored Blood Ceremony, it would have taken a little longer to learn the identity of Eugene Lionheart.”

The demon king of confinement slowly raised his head and looked up.

The only thing that is located where his gaze is directed is black darkness. This is the top floor of Babel, the demon king’s palace. The ceiling here will be closest to the sky, but it is not connected to the sky.

“… … Arranged reincarnations can never be said to be accidental. That is destiny.”

“… … .”

“It was not Vermouth who chose this era. As for Vermouth, he didn’t even have that ability.”

the moment I heard that. Gavid’s cheeks twitched. He recalled the heroes of the continent he had seen just tens of minutes ago.

Didn’t Gavid himself say that? If the heroes of this era existed 300 years ago, besides Vermouth and his companions, there would have been several more ‘heroes’ who defeated the demon king.

“If it’s not what Vermouth chose… … Are you saying that this era wanted Hamel to be reincarnated?”

“I would call it destiny.”

The demon king of confinement replied with a low laugh. fate… … who the hell


Naturally, ‘God’ came to Gavid’s head.

A fate that even the Great Demon King cannot control. In particular, who other than God can be involved in reincarnation? And the most powerful god with the most followers in this world is Light.

‘It was Vermouth who arranged the reincarnation… … .’

He was a warrior chosen by the god of light. He was also the wielder of the sinister and ominous sword of destruction… … .

A person with such duality, who was regarded as despair by the demons and hope by humans—what on earth did he wish for Hamel’s reincarnation?

“I don’t understand any more.”

Gavid let out a trembling voice.

I understood a little more deeply that this era had chosen Hamel’s reincarnation. This era is stronger than any era Gavid has been through. The power gathered as one was created by the demon king of confinement and taken care of by Gavid… … Enough to threaten this huge empire.

“He is the enemy of Helmud.”


“Your Majesty… … You said to Eugene Lionhart. Until he climbs the barbell, he will never kill you.”


“Before he climbs the barbell.”

I know it’s a rude question.

“Isn’t it okay for me to go find him and kill him?”

But I couldn’t bear to ask. Why do you have to let Eugene and the hero climb the barbell? An entity that will become an obvious enemy, and an entity that becomes fatal as time passes. Why wait without stepping on it?

The demon king of confinement looked down at Gavid without answering. Gavid did not avert his gaze. The lips of the confined demon king, who had been silent for a while, opened.

“What if I don’t like Yunheo?”

“I will step down without further questioning.”

“After that, will you still offer the sword to me as the sword of confinement?”

“You are the one who gave me that name, and the one who gave me the demonic sword and mystic eyes. My sword belongs to Your Majesty without needing to be sacrificed.”

“How about as the grand duke of Helmud?”

“I will be immersed in preparations to lead the war someday to victory.”

“As for Gavid Lindman?”

This time, Gavid was speechless at the sudden question.

“You opened the door and came in. questioning me. Isn’t all of that the will of Gavid Lindman, who is neither the sword of confinement nor the Archduke of Helmud?”

“… … .”

“If it’s just a sword, you can simply follow the owner’s will. If you are a grand duke, you just have to follow my will as the emperor and be for the sake of the empire. You don’t have to put your own will on them.”

“… … .”

“How about you, a being? Is it the sword that seeks an answer from the demon lord in captivity? Is it grand duke? Or is it you?”

Asking such a question, the demon king of confinement did not feel the same boredom as before. There was a rare emotion called ‘pleasure’ in the eyes that were smiling with narrow eyes, and the low voice was also permeated with vitality.

“… … I am… … .”

Gavid opened his mouth again.

“Before he climbs the barbell, I think we should kill him first.”

“Is it for me?”

“If I were Carl, I would say yes.”

“Is it for Helmud?”

“If I were the Archduke, I would answer yes.”

“Then it’s for you.”


In the end, Gavid revealed his feelings from the bottom of his heart.

“I want to kill Hamel.”

The intent to kill is due to the humiliation of 300 years ago.

“I want to fight Eugene Ryanhart.”

Because I saw this battle.

“I want to fight with a brave man.”

When I entered the palace, I put down all the doubts I had. I didn’t even ask for an answer from the demon king of confinement.

Why was Hamel reincarnated? Why didn’t he kill him? Goodbye to the Helmud Empire?

Other than that, many other things were ignored. Gavid savagely revealed the violence and fighting spirit of a demon.

“I want a duel, not a war.”

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