Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 51

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All of that made the main family exist for 300 years and control the collaterals that grew in number.

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For what?

‘…Family glory?’

Hamel’s reincarnation involves Vermouth.

That was confirmed by meeting Senya. A memento of Hamel that Senya had for the rest of her life. necklace. Hamel’s soul was sealed in it. Vermouth took the necklace from Senya.

‘…If Vermouth… wanted to reincarnate me into Lionheart…’

Eugene does not know how this reincarnation took place.

But when you think simply. The reincarnated body is excellent enough to be said to be unrivaled among the bodies of previous lives, no, Lionheart. —-In order to give birth to a body as excellent as this, it would be an easy way to increase descendants first.

‘…It’s just speculation… but what if it’s true?’

Vermouth increased descendants to give Hamel the best body.

In order to preserve the power of Lionheart, the original family was made special.

What if Hamel is reincarnated in the collateral? It doesn’t matter. If only the body to be used as a base is excellent, the ‘memories’ of the previous life will grow Hamel enough to press the original family. How did things work out, he became the adoptive son of the family, and he was taught Baek Yeom-sik, but even if that didn’t happen, Hamel could trample on the family and take away the entire power of the family.

“…get rid of the blood system.”

Eugene murmured with a sigh.

“I don’t need more. This is also a problem. If you just get rid of the blood line, most of the dissatisfaction of the collateral will disappear.”


“Are you trying to be stubborn even with a hole in your chest? As you said, the world is so peaceful that Lionheart has become an incompetent idiot. But now it’s not peaceful. You don’t know when Helmud will start a war, and the collaborators who are dissatisfied with the main family have disappeared.”


“It’s a good time for a change.”

Eugene glared at Doines.

“If you die without making it past today, leave a will and die. immortal white lion. It’s a dishonorable death, but your name holds the elders. If you abolish the blood line ceremony with your will, the elders won’t protest too hard. Everyone hates to talk first, but you know that this situation stems from the family’s rotten tradition.”

Doines didn’t answer right away. As he closed his eyes and thought, Eugene smiled and continued.

“Actually, how could I force you to do this? Don’t leave a will if you don’t like it. After you die, I’ll take care of it and fix it. Of course, that would be a rough method incomparable to the will of the immortal white lion, but what can I do?”


At that blatant threat, Doines burst out laughing.

“Nobody else, advice from a hero 300 years ago… Yes, I see. Let’s leave a will…”

It is a tradition that has been going on for 300 years. Doines, who lived 120 years, was a living witness to Lionheart’s history, and was also a beneficiary of the bloodline ceremony as a member of the family. Denying him was tantamount to denying the foundation of Ryan Hart, which he had been proud of all his life.

But I had to. Doines acknowledged how dishonoring the incident was, and accepted that the grandson who pierced his heart did not have the same pride as he did…

“… Grandson… Dominic, did he die with regret?”

“I wouldn’t have had time to regret it.”

“That is unfortunate.”

Doines smiled and continued.

“I wanted to die, regretting that my choices and actions were wrong. If he died without even having time to do so, wouldn’t it have been a very painful death?”

“It was a terrible death. …The deaths of those who covet what is not within their means, and are eaten by demons, are always terrible.”

“I owe a great debt to Hamel.”

Doines got up again and bowed his head.

“…I committed many sins at the same time. If Hamel hadn’t stopped it there, all the descendants of the original family would have been sacrificed… and Iod would have completed the remnants of the Demon King. The descendant of Lionheart, who killed the Demon King, giving him a new birth… This should never happen.”

“Hmm… It’s not to the extent that the demon king is reborn… but at least it’s a remnant. It was nothing. It was a crappy piece of shit.”

Eugene spoke with a solemn expression, but his throat ached from straining too much. …Oddly enough, the cloak on the sofa seemed to wriggle. Eugene imagined Mer holding back her laughter, covering her mouth inside her cloak.

“…Kuhm… but that’s what I mean. How did you know I was Hamel?”

Eugene asked as he wanted to change his mind.

“…I had a dream.”


It was an unexpected answer.

“After being attacked by Dominic and knocked down… It seems that my consciousness was connected to the demonic spear a little. It’s been in my hands for decades, and it’s an ominous and mysterious weapon. In that dream, I saw ‘how’ Hamel drove Dominic to death.”

Doines paused for a moment and glanced at his hand. The one remaining hand was trembling just from imagining the scene in the dream.

“…that power. that skill. It was never from a 20-year-old. And… I felt that the anger that Eugene showed at the tomb of the progenitor was more like betrayal as a friend than to the progenitor he was in awe of.”


When he saw that Vermouth’s coffin was empty.

Eugene couldn’t properly control his emotions. The sense of betrayal of Vermouth grabbed reason by the collar and shook it.

“…The magic spear and crushing weight…”


Eugene didn’t listen to Doines until the end and called Mer. Then Mer stuck her head out from between the cloak.

“Yes, Yujin-nim, who was injured so much that he couldn’t even move due to the fight with the idiot.”

“…Let’s get it right. It’s not an injury, it’s muscle pain.”

“Yes, Yujin-nim, who is suffering from severe muscle pain, unable to move due to the fight with the idiot.”

“I thought you would die when you really got well.”

“What is the purpose of calling me? Eugene, who only lived with his mouth.”

“…From inside the cloak… take out the crushing weight of the demonic spear.”

Eugene sighed and let out a sigh. Then Mer stuck out her tongue and slipped back into her cloak.

“Did you laugh?”


“I think you laughed?”


“Did you laugh in your heart?”


After a short period of interrogation of the old man who will die today. Mer, who had been inside her cloak, whimpered and dragged out a magic spear and crushing weight much larger than her body.

“I have that. Any complaints?”



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Eugene pointed at the magic spear and crushing weight with the tip of his chin.

It was no longer the demon lord’s weapon. Although the form did not change, the demonic energy that formed the basis of the arms was neatly annihilated.

Instead, part of the lightning spark that flowed through Eugene’s body flowed into the magic spear and crushing weight. In it, Eugene sensed a certain possibility. I couldn’t test it right away because I wasn’t feeling well, but the fact that lightning sparks were in place of the dark spirits that disappeared along with demonia—- I couldn’t reproduce the power, but I might be able to use the magic spear and crushing weight as weapons.

“…Who else could be the owner of those weapons other than Lord Hamel?”

Doines decided not to object to Eugene’s words any longer. We only had a short conversation, but the great hero of 300 years ago had a hot personality that was passed down in children’s books and history.

“Go back soon.”

The death that lingered in Doines continued to grow thicker as the conversation continued.

“…Your descendant was only Dominic… But, shouldn’t we say goodbye to the elders who have been with us for a long time?”

“I have to give you a will.”

Doines chuckled and stood up.

“…Thank you for your consideration. Hamel. …I am very honored as a knight to have met you like this. If I had had enough time, I would have asked Lord Hamel to hear about the feats of the past.”

“I hate it because I’m embarrassed.”

Eugene shook his head with a disgusted look on his face.

“…Who will be the next Senate?”

“I’m thinking of Carmen, but I won’t.”

“Then her brother will be the senator.”


“Can I ask you a favor?”

“Please take it easy.”

“Leave the home alone.”

Doines, who was stepping back, looked up at Eugene.

“I mean, don’t bother the family head with this matter. Because no one else will be bothered, your own heart will be the most painful.”


Doines smiled lightly at those words.

“I’m glad that Hamel-sama took good care of the family.”

“Even so, I won’t go home.”

“But Hamel-nim cares about the twins and the family, so even if he doesn’t become the family head himself, the family will have unprecedented glory.”

Wanting to see it in person was an lingering regret in Doines’ heart. However, it is impossible to prolong his life, and someone has to take responsibility for this situation, and together with him, he has to ignite the family reform.

‘…a dishonorable death…’

Doines smiled bitterly and turned around.

‘It’s death for the family.’

He has lived for 120 years, being called the Immortal White Lion.

I never thought that I would die like this.

However, Doines did not feel resentment at dying like this. everything is ignorant. The belief in grandchildren and the arrogance of thinking that everything was for the sake of the family made this place.

It was an ugly and dishonorable death, but I knew that the legend of 300 years ago dwelled in Lionheart.

Doines quietly closed the door. Genos was waiting outside the door.

Genos approached for help, but Doines shook his head and refused.

“egg plant.”

The round table where the senate meetings are held.

To leave his last will, Doines walked towards the Tower of the Round Table on his own feet.


Doines’ funeral was held so quietly that it would be impossible to think of a funeral for an elder who had lived for 120 years.

Originally, if it was the funeral of a giant like Doines, it wouldn’t be strange if all of Lionheart’s collaterals, prominent foreign figures, and the emperor of Kiel visited as mourners. However, Doines left a will that he did not want him, so the funeral was held only by the members of the Black Lion Castle.

Eugene couldn’t attend the funeral because his body wasn’t recovering, but he was able to look down at the funeral procession from lying by the window.

A procession of black uniforms and flags. Although not a glorious death, the elders and all the black lions mourned the death of the immortal white lion who ruled the castle for decades.

The captains of the Black Lion Knights are carrying black coffins on their backs. Doines’ coffin will be buried in the Black Lion Cemetery behind the castle.

Although he couldn’t join the procession, Eugene also felt his condolences for Doines. It’s not that there aren’t many things that he did himself, but in the end, he died because he raised his son… no, his grandson wrongly.

“…It seems that educating children doesn’t work as well as you would like.”

The funeral is over, but Eugene, who was looking out the window with a sullen face, muttered that out of the blue.

“I don’t need an education.”

Mer, who was intent on peeling apples across the street, opened her mouth. She was trying her best to recreate the rabbit-shaped apple that Genos had carved out.

But it didn’t work out. A rabbit made with effort, the flesh of the body is crushed and bumpy, and the ears are blunt and thick. Mer wanted to make a sleek and smooth rabbit like Genos shaved…

“Because I am so complete that I don’t need an education. The bass is great too. Senya has been an intelligent and benevolent person since childhood.”

“I don’t know anything else, but it looks like apple peeling training is necessary.”

“Senya-sama wouldn’t have been able to handle daggers… well, either. I’m good at theories about magic, but I’m not good at this sort of grabbing. But no education is required. I am learning by myself.”

“You don’t know, but Senya is pretty good with knives.”

At those words, the knife fell from Mer’s hand. She looked at Eugene with her eyes wide open as if in shock.


“It’s ridiculous to just wield a wand because you’re a wizard. If it’s a role that only casts magic while stuck in the rear, I’d say the battlefield at the time was f*cking shit.”

Eugene continued as he searched for memories from 300 years ago.

“…Anise broke the head very well with the mace… Senya used a dagger that could be hidden in her bosom.”

“…you used a dagger over Akasha?”

“That’s why, you know because you’ve seen it a lot. The design is a bit sloppy for Akasha to use as a weapon other than a magic wand. What if she swings it wrong and the dragon heart breaks?”

It’s not like I hadn’t suggested it before.

‘If I’m worried about breaking the dragon heart, I can use a strengthening magic.’

‘Why are you saying that I’m not swinging my staff and stabbing you with a dagger?’

‘No, you’re a wizard. Just quietly chant magic behind your back. Why did you come forward and use a dagger instead of using magic?’

‘I’m also covering my opponent and stabbing them with a dagger, so don’t worry… Hamel, are you worried about me right now?’

‘It’s not that I’m worried, it’s that I don’t understand…’

‘You’re worried that I’m not in a safe place to come forward and fight, right?’

‘If you’re pardoning a wizard, it means that you should know the subject and stay behind…’

‘Huh… Heh heh. Thank you for worrying, no, it’s nothing, but you… Are you worried about me? You know the subject!’

‘No, I wasn’t worried…’

There were several reasons for stabbing the dagger directly. ‘Curse’ is one of the venerable magics that exists not only in black magic but also in general magic. The curse of black magic has simple conditions compared to its powerful power, but a lot of conditions are needed to properly apply a normal curse.

One of them is blood and flesh. Every time Senya swung the cursed dagger in front of him, the monsters in battle weakened.

But why? Eugene used to think about that a few times in her previous life. He benefited from Senya’s curse quite a bit in the battle with the great army, but it’s more powerful to strike a large-scale magic from behind than to wield a dagger from the front? Even if it wasn’t a curse, anise was enough for debuff-type divine magic…

‘Don’t come forward!’

‘It’s my heart!’

‘If you’re going to come out, go to Moron’s side instead of beside me! Why do you keep arguing around me?’

‘Ah… Al… Aljjang? You son of a bitch!’

‘It’s a bit messy because it gets in the way!’

‘Don’t talk rubbish, Hamel.’

‘The words are too harsh.’

‘Why are you guys taking the side? He keeps playing around in my space!’

‘That’s… that’s Senya otherwise keep your back…’

‘It’s just to stick a dagger in the back of a baby boy!’

“…um… anyway. Contrary to what you think, Senya is good at using daggers.”

“…Me too… I’m good at stabbing things with a dagger.”

Mer opened her eyes wide and grabbed the knife with both hands. She then began poking at the empty space where she had nothing to show off.

I was free at the time, and I watched Mer stabbing her dagger as if I were watching a child’s party.

“If you stab it like that, the blade won’t go through. A little more angle, right, because I hate the weight…”

My body itches just looking at it. It’s been three days since I’ve been in bed. The pain was still there and I couldn’t even move my body, so it was just boring. To the extent of the boredom, she missed Christina in the Holy Empire.

‘…even though it wasn’t as good as Anise, he did a good job on miracles. She wondered if Cristina had been here, would she not have gotten better right away?’

With that thought in mind, she teaches Mer the dagger technique.

The door slammed open without knocking. There aren’t many people in this castle who can open Eugene’s door like that.

“Are you going to recover now because I’m sick?”

Yujin rolled her eyes at Sun Xian at the door and said.

“You have to knock and come in, you rotten bastard. If I had been fine, I would have taught you manners again.”

“What about the brothers…”

Xian grumbled like that, but sneaked back and closed the door again. smart. At the sound of knocking, Mer stopped striking the dagger and giggled.

“…Are you trying to raise a familiar as an assassin?”

Xian looked at Mer with a puzzled expression. A dagger held in a tiny hand… Xian cleared his throat and continued.

“That… sounds like a pretty good idea, but why not? My mother will hate it… and I don’t look very nice either.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. How is your body?”

“I’m fine.”

Xian shrugged and replied.

“…to my shame. The injuries sustained during the battle were insignificant…”

“How is your mind?”

“I don’t feel any problems, though.”

Saying that, Xian walked into the room. Eugene naturally looked at Gargis and Desiira, who came in after him.

“What are you again?”

“I came to say thanks.”

Gargis replied, sticking out his bulky pectoral muscles. Dejaira, who stood hesitantly beside her, hesitated for a moment before bowing her head.

“Because if it weren’t for you, we would all have died there…”

“Since when did you start saying thank you empty-handed?”

Yujin asked, tilting her head perversely. It was a joke, but as if Gargis had been waiting for it, he took out a thick pouch and a potion from his chest.

“The secret of our family…”

“Oh, yes. I’ll save it for later, so put it on the desk.”

“I… I didn’t prepare anything special… but I will never forget this favor for the rest of my life.”

Desiira was at a loss and continued to stutter. Do I have to pay in cash? How much do you have to pay for your life? Does it make sense to give money to the family where money is rotten and overflowing? Or should I repay with another valuable treasure?


When Didyra was troubled. Sian coughed.

“After the thanksgiving is over, why don’t you go out? I need to have a serious talk with my brother about this.”

“Eugene. The medicine must be taken in the correct dosage. Don’t be greedy and eat alone, and have my help.”

“I’ll eat it later…”

After Gargis and Desiira leave. Sian sighed heavily and sat down on the sofa near the bed.

“…body. It’s really good, right?”

“Because it’s okay. Will you be fine in the next few days?”

Eugene stared at Xian’s face while answering with a nonsensical face. That proud and self-respecting brother was unable to digest the various emotions remaining in his heart and only pouted his lips. Yujin didn’t intend to sympathize with Xian’s confusion and anxiety, but he opened his mouth to help at least a little bit.

“How are you?”


“You are my brother. It’s never going to happen in my life, but if I were being held up as clumsily as you… wouldn’t you have been reckless trying to save me like I did?”

“…wasn’t ugly.”

Sian shrugged and sighed.

“Careless, I just did it. …was so excited. My younger sister, Ciel, was captured.”

“I guess so.”

“…I didn’t know Iod could be that crazy. I… I tried to do something worthy of the heir to the main family. I wanted to save Ciel and punish Iod, who had gone mad after being corrupted. But I can’t imagine that even Hector was on the same team as Iod…! Even if he hadn’t been taken aback by Hector’s attack, he could have saved Ciel without your help.”


Yujin twitched her lips and smiled. With that expression, she stared at Xian’s face, and Xian licked her lips and let out a deep sigh.

“…no. I wouldn’t have been able to save Ciel and stop Iod no matter what. It’s true that I was careless and excited… But in the end, it’s all an excuse.”

“I just need to know.”

Eugene nodded his head in a happy mood.

“It wasn’t that I was ill. You survived safely. That’s it. Admit what you acknowledged, and do well so that this does not happen next time.”

“…I know.”

“You are going to have a lot of trouble in the future. As much as this happened in the original family, you, the next head of the household, have to do well. you know what i mean I mean, train hard and be strong enough not to get hit anywhere.”

As Xian quietly listened to the story, he couldn’t help but feel a complicated question in his heart. It’s a valid statement that can’t be refuted. …But doesn’t that advice sound like something that would come out of the mouths of 20-year-old brothers of the same age?

“…young. I know you’re right, but you talk like an old man…”

“Isn’t it because my mind is much more mature than yours? Brother, isn’t your mental age still stuck at 13?”

Sian didn’t respond, only pouted his lips. So she sat on the sofa for a while, clasped and opened her hand, and then slowly raised her gaze to Eugene.

“…Since this is also happening, I just want you to go home…”

“Do you want to go back?”

“Kuhmm… Okay, don’t be angry.”

Xian immediately rolled his tail and looked away.

“…I heard about it from the elders earlier. His father will come to the Black Lion Castle in two days at the latest. Correspondingly, the Lord of the Red Pagoda and the Lord of the White Pagoda will come from Arot.”


Eugene reflexively tried to ask, but swallowed the question. For reasons that are not difficult to infer.

In order to more accurately grasp the truth of this situation, we need the help of the Archmage. Iod died, and the magic circle he drew was swept away in the fierce battle.

However, Eugene remembered exactly what the magic circle looked like. She only saw her briefly, but Akasha made Yujin remember her magic circle. She remembers not only Eugene but also Mer as well.

Besides, the spirit of darkness. White Pagoda Lord Melchis Elhaire is the best elemental magician of his time. He has no pact with the dark spirits, but when it comes to ‘spirits’, no one is more expert than Melkis.

‘Actually, it would be best to call the Black Pagoda Master.’

The Black Lion will not want him. Since this incident was related to black magic, there was no way he wanted to attract more black magicians.

“In the Holy Empire?”

Yujin tilted her head and asked. Red Pagodas and White Pagodas. Although he was an expert in magic and spiritism, Eugene thought he needed the help of the Holy Empire to dig up the traces of black magic.

“…I asked for a visit from Auxiliary Bishop Christina, but it seems she was refused because she was busy. Instead, a Heretic Questioner is visiting.”


The Heretic Questioner. Eugene remembered the Heretic Questioners from 300 years ago. Hunters who kill black magic. A fanatic who believes in God more than anyone else in the Holy Empire. A race that was more brutal than the warlocks while hunting the warlocks.

“…you’re an expert.”

They may not be able to perform miracles as powerful as Christina, but they will be more competent than Christina when it comes to chasing down black magic.

“But why didn’t Ciel come with me?”

Yujin belatedly realized Ciel’s absence and asked. She had seen her in the funeral procession earlier, but it was questionable that Ciel hadn’t come when Gargis and Desira came to visit her in the hospital.

“I told you to go with me.”

Xian licked his lips and said.

“Ciel says he’ll come alone later.”


“I don’t know.”


Ciel glared at himself in the mirror. Black uniform up and down. It was the uniform of the Black Lion, but it seemed frustrating that all the buttons on the shirt underneath were buttoned up.

The funeral is over. It doesn’t matter if you change clothes. However, I couldn’t change immediately.

It required determination.

It is the first hospital visit in my life. That ignorantly strong guy was lying in bed, unable to lift a finger.

‘…It’s the first and possibly the last visit.’

In Ciel’s closet, there were mostly uniforms and uniforms, but there were also many other clothes that he had never worn. Most of them are clothes that I received as a birthday present. I was thinking of wearing it whenever I attended a party, but wouldn’t it be nice to wear it to commemorate the first and last day of a hospital visit?

‘Are you crazy?’

Of course, that unlucky bastard would shoot like that as soon as he saw it. It didn’t matter. Ciel wanted to embarrass Eugene in that way, and wanted to exchange jokes while arousing this dull atmosphere.


Ciel made up his mind. Then, he boldly undid the buttons on his uniform. He threw off his clothes and strode to stand in front of his closet.

And I spent a lot of time choosing clothes. not too exaggerated. What is this dress with so much cut in the chest and back?

‘…If I wear this…’

Recalling Eugene’s crumpled face, Ciel giggled. It would be funny to see her look like that, but she didn’t want to wear this crazy dress just because she wanted to see that look.

“You later.”

Ciel remembered the dress and went through the closet again. In the end, what Ciel chose was a modest, neat and tidy robe that wasn’t too excessive. Ciel patted the wrinkles of her skirt with her hand and looked at herself in the mirror.

It had been a long time since I had worn a skirt. After looking at it for a while, my eyes went to the empty collarbone area.

‘That guy. He was always wearing a weird necklace.’

worn out necklace. There seems to be a story behind it, so I’ve been asking since I was little, but I’ve never answered.

‘What is that necklace for you?’

‘Isn’t it pretty?’

‘…Well, it suits me well.’

‘Would you like a necklace too?

With the same one as me.’

Ciel rummaged through his accessory box, imagining the conversation they were having in his head. She received several necklaces as gifts. Among them, I chose a necklace with small jewels on it, similar to Eugene’s necklace and not too excessive, and put it on my neck.

“…earrings and bracelets are too much, aren’t they? I’m not going to a party.”

The funeral is over, but you can’t wear too colorful and flashy clothes. The outfit Ciel chose right away after thinking hard was also a black dress.


I touched my hair a few times. Shall I untie the back of my hair? Or is it tied pass it forward? natural would be better A subtle perfume was also sprayed on, and the preparation was over. Ciel left the room with a happy face and headed for the detached palace where Eugene was staying.

“Ciel. what are you…”

“If you say more, I will kill you.”

Xian, whom he met on the way, asked with a shocked face, but Ciel climbed the stairs without dealing with Xian.


Ciel stopped walking in the middle of the hallway.

In front of Eugene’s visit.

Xenia, who was hugging a large bouquet of flowers, was sighing deeply.


The moment I saw the bouquet in my arms.

Ciel took a quick step back, then quickly turned around.

“It’s a surprise.”

Xian, who had just returned to the room, looked back in surprise. Ciel ignored her brother’s surprise and looked around the room with her thinly open eyes.

there is. Ciel stretched out his hand toward the vase on the table, thinking that he was lucky. Her older brother has a girlish side that is incongruous, and he always decorates her room at home with flowers.

“What are you doing?”

Xian gaped as he watched all the flowers in the vase being plucked out. But Ciel didn’t bother to answer. She shook off the stems, ripped off the ends, and looked around her room.

“for a moment…”

Ciel boldly opened the closet. Xian’s eyes that saw him swayed left and right, filled with anxiety. Since childhood, Xian used to hide obscene books full of her taste that she couldn’t show to others under the bed or deep in the closet…

“That… Ciel. Why would you…”


Ciel’s hand, which had been rummaging through the closet, dug deep.

“Give me this.”

What Ciel took out was an old-fashioned silk scarf tied with a wedding dress and set. The best fashion designer on the continent gave Xian a gift to congratulate him on becoming an adult. However, Xian hadn’t left the Black Lion Castle since he became an adult, so he hadn’t worn that robe and scarf yet.

“…no… that’s a bit…”

“I’m not asking for clothes, just a scarf.”

“Well, uh, that outfit comes in a set with a scarf…”

“If you keep doing that, I’ll take out the books hidden under there and read them. I’m going to do this to my mother, and I’m going to spread rumors about the Black Lion Castle.”

“You… do you know how old I am? I’m an adult too! Not even my mother can scold me for that matter any more!”

“Yeah, I know. you won’t be scolded Instead, you will look at your brother with very, very complicated eyes. I will too.”

Ciel turned his head and stared at Xian. Her vision winced back at her sister’s eyes, which were whirling with a lot of emotion, something subtle and complex. If she refused here, that nasty little sister was sure to treat her brother with that kind of eyes for at least ten years from now.

“… go… take it.”

“thank you.”

Ciel smiled broadly and nodded.


The scarf was torn in two in front of Xian. Xian’s mouth fell open at her sister’s bold touch. Ciel tore her scarf a few more times before tying the stems together. She made a bouquet out of the torn cotton, and from the leftovers she wrapped the bouquet around and made a ribbon.

when all work is done. In Ciel’s hand was a stylish bouquet made entirely of the finest silk scarf. Ciel looked around at her bouquet, admiring her own dexterity and her sense of beauty.

“…just to make a bouquet… my coming-of-age gift…”

“Take this too.”

Ciel took out a large jeweled brooch from the accessory box.

“Broch doesn’t look good on you.”

“I never did…!”

“My older brother’s sense of aesthetics has been messed up since he was young. What are you going to use this huge jewel brooch for?”

Xian couldn’t refute anything and only shook his shoulders. Ciel placed a brooch in the center of the ribbon of the bouquet and nodded her head with a satisfied face. It is much smaller in size than the bouquet Xenia was holding, but it will not compare in terms of the amount of care and value put into it.

‘Because I made it myself.’

Ciel left Xian’s room with a hearty smile on his face.

…Xenia was still hesitant in front of Eugene’s door.

The memory was hazy. The moment I entered the depths of the forest, led by demons… the darkness behind me attacked. sudden surprise. I thought I responded brilliantly, but I don’t remember halfway through.

I came to my senses and stayed in bed for two days. I heard the whole story at that time. Iod Lionhart. What about the dark spirit that the eldest son of the head family dwells with the remnants of the demon king… Xenia had no interest in magic, so she couldn’t clearly understand the whole story.

So I thought simple. The eldest son of the main family went crazy. Dominic, the captain of the Black Lion’s 1st division, is also insane.

…Hector is crazy too.


Xenia let out a deep sigh and glared at the bouquet in her hand. She couldn’t believe it, but she had to believe it. The three people who went mad and committed the incident died. What’s even more unbelievable is that it was Eugene Lionheart who killed three people and rescued the hostages.


Isn’t there any reason for the Black Lion Knights to lie while acknowledging their incompetence?

‘Isn’t it my father who saved me?’


Genos felt deep gratitude that the respected Hamel was reincarnated as Eugene and saved his only daughter from danger. And she hoped that her daughter would feel the same gratitude and reverence for her great teacher, Hamel.

…But he couldn’t tell his daughter about Eugene’s identity. should not be informed That Eugene is Hamel is a secret that Genos will have to keep for the rest of her life. But, but I want to inform you. her mouth itches Xenia respects Hamel as well. I want to serve her teacher with her sincere heart and her daughter who has realized all her truths…

That’s why Xenia is here. The bouquet in her hand was given by Genos himself. She thanked her lifesaver and asked her to come, and she even pushed her on the back.

Xenia doesn’t know the circumstances. Many hearts were complicated. She had been close since childhood, and her rival, Hector, betrayed Ryan Hart. and he died

Hector’s enemy? I don’t think so… Xenia was uncomfortable with Eugene. It’s not that she doesn’t disapprove of her skills, but she was jealous of her father’s favor.

“May I go in first?”

Ciel approached with great strides and stood next to Xenia. Xenia, who was contemplating what kind of expression she was looking at and how she should express her gratitude, looked at Ciel in surprise.

“If you’re not going in.”

Ciel brushed the back of his hair with an elegant gesture and laughed. She looked carefully at Xenia’s figure and her bouquet.

‘It was a misunderstanding.’

He came alone and brought a bouquet of flowers, so I checked to see if he had any dark feelings, but it was clear that he had been pushed away by Genos, seeing that the dislike was clearly visible on his expression.

“Doesn’t it seem burdensome to go in alone?”

Ciel smiled lightly as he put his hand on the doorknob.

“Then come in with me. I was embarrassed to go in alone.”

“Ah… is that so?”

Xenia relaxed her expression, thinking that she was truly fortunate. Ciel’s proposal was based on several calculations. Xenia is 27 years old. Ciel is 20 years old. She’s not even Xenia’s age, but she’s 7 years old, so the age difference is huge.

‘Looks like… I’m better.’

Appearance recognized since childhood. Ciel knew very well that she was fresh, cute, and pretty.

‘A drab uniform. I am? It was good to change and come. When we’re together, we can compare.’

I sprayed perfume and put on a necklace. Ciel smiled and turned the doorknob.

“I won!”

the moment you open the door.

Mer, who was sitting on the sofa, jumped down. She approached Eugene on the bed with her elated face, and she pretended and held out her hand.

“I stood outside for a while. If you’re going to come in, why don’t you wait one more minute before you come in?”

Eugene wrinkled his face and glared at Ciel and Xenia.

“I lost because I came in early!”

“Did I tell you? that it will come in slowly Eugene said he would come back later, but I won. That means Eugene is wrong. Do you know what I mean?”

“Do it quickly.”

“Please admit defeat.”

“Oh, I lost, do it quickly!”

Mer only laughed bashfully after hearing that answer. She lifted Eugene’s limp wrist under the covers and rolled up her sleeves.

“I won’t look at you.”

“Who wants to see?”

“I know that Eugene-nim is sick, but a bet is a bet.”

after, after. Mer blew her breath on her fingers together and delivered a merciless blow to Eugene’s wrist. Damn! A sticky sound. It was an attack that wouldn’t hurt normally, but that blow penetrated deep into Eugene’s bones and reached her soul.

“It’s big…!”

Eugene gritted his teeth and held back his screams. Rather, Mer was surprised by that intense reaction. She flinched and shrugged her shoulders, examining Eugene’s expression.

“Gwa, are you okay?”

“It’s okay… it’s okay…!”

“Really… Really? Aren’t you going to be mad at me for this later?”


“Cut your fingers and promise me.”

After finally making a promise, Mer smiled and stepped back. Eugene raised her head, enduring the pain in her wrist that had not yet gone.

…what the hell are you doing?

Although Ciel had imagined a conversation with Eugene many times, he had no idea that he would encounter such a situation as soon as he entered.


Xenia cleared her throat and held out the bouquet in her arms to Eugene.

“…I’m here to say thanks.”

“I bet you would.”

“…This bouquet contains not only my heart, but also my father’s heart.”


Eugene remembered Genos, who was shedding tears.

“…I will be grateful.”

“Take mine too.”

Ciel held out the bouquet as if he had been waiting. The ribbon and jewel brooch were at an angle where you could see the front.

“Isn’t it pretty? I also made the bouquet myself.”

“What is this jewel?”

“brooch. to decorate your chest Would you like to try it out?”


While answering, I glanced at Ciel’s outfit.

“What about the clothes again?”


“What else is a necklace? Since when have you been wearing a necklace like that?”

It’s a question I was prepared for.

“Isn’t it pretty?”

Ciel tilted his head slightly. The curve from his neck to his shoulders was emphasized, and the corner of his mouth was raised slightly to create a mischievous smile.



“I don’t get along very well with you.”

How could you say something so unlucky to a person’s face?

“I think a necklace other than that sparkly necklace would suit you.”

“Uh… uh? really?”

“The clothes are pretty. It’s the first time I’ve seen you dressed like that.”


I calmed down my heart that was shaken by an unexpected conversation. Ciel laughed and brushed the back of her hair with an elegant gesture.

“You said that? You said you would listen very politely to the thank you later, when I’m fine?”

Ciel turned around in place as if showing off. The faint perfume sprayed on his body was carried on a spinning wheel and flew to Eugene.

“Thank you for saving me.”

The hem of the skirt was raised slightly, and the knees and waist were lowered. Her head was not completely lowered, and she stared at Eugene with a mischievous eye smile.

“Thank you for saving my life. How am I going to pay this off?”

“Doesn’t that sound like a polite thank you?”


“Anyway, get down on your knees… lower your head even more. Wouldn’t that be a polite thanks?”

“Because I’m a mischievous younger sister to Cha-am noona.”

Ciel’s face crumpled and he stood up. Then, he strode over and sat down next to Eugene.

“Then how about this? While your body recovers, I will take care of you every day.”

“I can take care of the bottle.”

When Mer raised her head and spoke, Ciel snorted and wiggled his fingers.

“How do you handle a bottle when you can’t even peel a fruit properly?”

“Cutting apples isn’t important when it comes to bartering.”

“Then what should I do?”

“I have to change Eugene’s bandages, wipe off the sweat from her body, change her clothes, change her underwear, massage her muscles so they don’t stiffen, and take her poop and urine.”

Ciel’s mouth was half open. She looked at Eugene in disbelief, and Eugene looked at Mer with the same expression.

“Are you crazy?”

“Isn’t that what treating sickness is like?”

“When did I ask you to poop?”

“I am ready.”

“I do not need!”

“Come to think of it, it’s really strange. It’s been two days since you’ve been in bed, how can you never go to the bathroom? You don’t even sweat.”

Mer tilted her head, her eyes twinkling.

“… Poop and pee…”

Xenia, who had been quietly listening to the story, muttered. She gave her expression of reluctance and glanced at her Eugene.

“…I don’t think it’s a subject that can be talked about in the mouths of the parents.”

“Aren’t misunderstandings supposed to be resolved? I’ve never asked for poop and urine, and I’ve never asked for a change of clothes.”

“Then diapers?”

Xenia took a step back and unconsciously glanced at Eugene’s lower body. Of course, her lower body was covered with a blanket, so she couldn’t see it.

“…That’s… I’m solving it with magic. Clean without having to change clothes. Are you okay?”

“But I am always ready.”

“Get off.”

Eugene rolled her eyes at Mer, who said something nonsensical. Then, I glanced back at Ciel and Xenia, who were looking this way.

“…don’t think weird.”

“I don’t think.”

Ciel hesitated and shook his head.

“…well… I can change your bandages, but… a little more than that.”

“So do i.”

“When did I ask you to do it? Please don’t bother the patient and leave.”

Eugene pointed at the door with his chin, with a crumpled face. Then, the wind responded to Yujin’s will and opened the closed door.

“How long have you been here, do you want to go already?”

“The patient’s safety is the top priority.”

“You mean being with me isn’t stable?”

“Are you asking for the obvious?”

“why? Is it a psychological reason? Does being in the same space with you, now dressed like this, stimulate you psychologically?”

“Your clothes don’t stimulate me, but your bullshit does. Do you know what stimulation is? it’s anger If you don’t want to get hit, get out!”

Eugene screamed loudly. Then Ciel stuck out her tongue and stepped back from her. But Xenia did not back down. She hesitated for a moment, then pulled out her necklace with a whistle hanging from her bosom.

“…if you need help, blow this whistle.”

I couldn’t move my body properly, so resistance was impossible. Eugene glared at the whistle hanging around his neck, then blew up and put the whistle in his mouth.


Xenia blinked at the sight of the whistle being blown right in front of her eyes. Eugene spat out the whistle he was holding and continued.

“Take Ciel out right now.”

“Poisonous, poisonous.”

“You come to visit the hospital and make people’s clothes explode!”

“Seeing how big your throat is, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Ciel smiled and pulled Xenia’s sleeve.

“Okay, don’t interfere and let me out. sister.”


“You are seven years older than me. Are you uncomfortable calling me sister?”

What is this… It doesn’t mean much, and it’s not strange in terms of the situation… Xenia felt a subtle displeasure. Of course, she couldn’t pour out her annoyance on the girl from her hometown with that tiny emotion.


“Get some rest. Call me if you need help or are bored. And when it comes to the bathroom, if possible, don’t put up with it and go to the bathroom with help.”

“go away!”

Ciel left the room showing a nasty smile until the end. While her Eugene breathed out her breath, Mer moved the flowers from Eugene’s bouquet into her vase.

“Still, everyone seems to be worried about Eugene and thank you.”

“I saved them all, of course.”

“Aren’t you proud or rewarding?”

“I did the right thing, just like they should have done to me, so why should I be proud and worthwhile?”

Eugene answered without much thought, but Mer smiled brightly at the answer.

“Eugene is a good person.”

“Then did you think he was a bad guy?”

“It means that you are a much better person than I imagined when I read children’s books.”

Eugene looked out the window without saying anything. Mer sat down next to Eugene and started peeling her apples again while singing her hum.

“…I feel sorry for the apology.”


“I didn’t say anything.”

The apple peel fell in chunks.


Two more days passed, and Eugene got out of bed. It wasn’t cured, but the body that had been confined to bed for five days had recovered enough to be able to move around.

“Isn’t it something I need to support?”

“I do not need.”

Mer approached and asked, but Eugene shook his head. Eugene stood in front of the mirror and brushed her wet hair.

“How about a shower every five days?”

“Is it the same as usual?”

“You’ve been losing your hair for five days.”

“It’s not? Did you manage it every day with magic?”

“Then why did you take a shower?”

“Is it my heart?”

“yes yes.”

Mer giggled and pulled a chair behind Eugene. Then she stood on the chair and started brushing Eugene’s hair. Her hair, which was wet just a moment ago, was already dried by the warm air blowing nearby.

“I don’t need to brush.”

“I do it because I am bored. And you don’t need it? Yoo-jin seems to think that casually styled hair suits her, but to me, Yoo-jin-nim looks better with neatly combed hair.”

“You know why? It’s because my face is handsome.”

“You are so shameless…”

While Mer grumbled and brushed her hair, Eugene straightened her clothes. Lionheart’s black uniform. It was clean with no wrinkles, but Yujin took care of her outfit by unbuttoning it once and then putting it on again.

“What about the cloak?”

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