Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 54

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I tried not to intervene, but the bickering seemed to never end.

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“Some of the bills are useful for self-defense.”

“Are you shooting something like a destructive beam from your eyes?”

“There’s no such thing as… an agenda.”

“I’ve seen it before…”

Eugene continued talking without much thought, and then, conscious of Revera’s presence, cleared his throat.

“…When I went to Nahama. Among the desert assassins and sandcasters there, there was one with a prosthetic eye engraved with magic formulas.”

“It’s that kind of prosthesis I said.”

Mer responded with applause. In the era 300 years ago, it was not uncommon for a guy with no limbs and an arrow stuck in his eye, and there were also a few lunatics who used specially made artifacts to cover such disabilities.

…However, there is a limit to the prosthetic eye that was created in the end. No matter how much effort the rare magic minerals and outstanding artisans, alchemists, and magicians put in, artificially created prosthetic eyes are overwhelmingly lower than demonic eyes.

Of course, such magical eyes are not common. Demons, among them, only a handful of high-ranking demons possess demonic eyes engraved with absurd authority. Such a demonic eye is a symbol of the authority of pure-blooded people, which has been passed on and strengthened since ancient times by some demons.

[They say the dream queen has a magical eye of fantasy. Is that true?]

‘It’s true, but it didn’t have tremendous power like its name.’

[According to tradition, the Queen of Dreams single-handedly annihilated 30,000 elite soldiers of the Turas Kingdom?]

‘At that time, among the high-ranking demons, Noir Jebela was not the only one with the power to do such a thing.’

[You drowned 30,000 people in a plain without a drop of water. I heard that the land turned into the sea and the waves hit the troops because their eyes were shining…]

‘It is true that 30,000 people drowned, but the plain did not become the sea.’

[What difference does that make?]

‘Noir Jebela’s Mystic Eye… So… It’s not about making your imagination a reality, it’s about making you feel that way. All the 30,000 people who died on the plains saw the waves and drowned in the sea… but they didn’t actually drown in the sea.’

[Um… you mean showing powerful hallucinations?]

‘yes. The reason why Noir Jebella’s Mystic Eye is called the Phantom Evil Eye is because the compatibility between Noir Jebella and Mystic Eye was disgustingly good.’

Noir Jebella is the queen of dream horses. She has the power to reign supreme among countless dream demons, and the dreams she creates are sophisticated enough to be indistinguishable from reality. In particular, the reason why Noir Jebela cannot be compared to other dream demons is that she penetrates and destroys the human spirit so easily.

And the magic eye of illusion—- makes me dream even though I haven’t slept. The moment it is captured by the magic eye, reality turns into a dream.

[…Not enough to be called grand. If I just listen to Eugene’s story, I think the Demon King of the Dream Queen will be able to compete with the power of God.]

‘Isn’t that so? No matter how hard you try, in the end it’s not reality, it’s fantasy, and if you hold onto your spirit, you won’t be deceived. To be honest, I found Gavid Lindman’s Prestige Demon’s Eye or Iris’s Darkness’ Demon’s Eye much more difficult than Noir Jebela’s Phantom Eye.’

Despite all the hardships in Helmud thanks to Noir Jebela, no one in the party could endure it and collapsed or went crazy.

[…After all, isn’t that the story of Eugene-nim being great?]

‘I’m not the only one who’s good. It’s because Anis maintains the sacred barrier, and Senya blocks interference at all times, so I can’t be deceived.’

[As expected, Senya-sama is great.]

Mer smiled bashfully and nodded. She was talking to her heart, and Revera was left out. But she didn’t think much of it and focused on walking her path.

It was a habit that I had become accustomed to.

Seiris, the capital of Kiel, was more splendid and well-maintained than any other city Revera had visited in his life. The roads are paved smoothly without bumps, and the carriage and horse roads are clearly separated. People walking the streets are relaxed in their clothes and expressions, and guards are posted every few blocks.

It was natural. The place where Revera and Eugene are walking right now is a busy street in the center of the capital, where it is difficult for commoners to find a small room even if they work hard all their lives.

Leva used to live in Nahama. Her master was a merchant, whom she would call a trade, but morally she was not a very upright person.

In Nahama, which is extremely barren, the gap between rich and poor is blatantly revealed. Her owner enjoyed the pleasures of her huge mansion, but outside the mansion were full of old houses that seemed to have a hard time enduring the cold of the desert.

Occasionally, the owner would put Revera on a leash and take her for a walk around the city. It was nothing special. The nobles and merchants of Nahama often showed off their precious pets, and the elf Revera was a great pet that made the owners shrug.

The gossip of the poor. Vicious gazes mixed with envy, hostility, and greed. Leva was used to that gaze.

When the mischievous and sadistic owner found the walk boring, he quietly let go of the leash and made Revera walk alone. Each time, Revera leaned as far as she could and walked, looking around her.

After walking for a while, the owner disappeared, and people with vicious eyes would come closer to Levera.

As she ran away, hid, and screamed to avoid them, the master’s warriors appeared and rescued Revera. It was an outing that Revera never enjoyed, but thinking back on what had happened later, it was better to go out like that.

The eyes, where there would be no pain left, throbbed. Horrible memories flooded my mind. Levera shrugged her shoulders startled, then looked around her unmarried as she was at peace, catching her breath.

This city… is different from the city in Nahama. There was no vicious emotion in the gazes piercing my body. I know why. Leva is wearing a cape with a lion heart pattern on her back, and Eugene and Mer are walking right next to her.

“what’s the matter?”

Eugene felt Levera’s steps falter.

“…It reminded me of old memories.”

“It’s not a good memory. Don’t get upset thinking about the past. I’m thinking about the lunch I’ll be eating soon.”

“What are you eating?”

“This is a restaurant that Zehar is a regular at. Their veal course is so delicious!”

Mer said with her eyes shining. The recommendation of the restaurant was made by Mer, and the reservation was made by Anicilla himself. It is a famous restaurant where you can only sit in the corner if you make a reservation at least a week in advance.

“To be honest, I think the dinner served at my hometown tastes better.”

Sumptuous dishes lined up. It tasted as good as it looked, but it wasn’t as good as the dishes served on the table at Lionheart’s home.

“It’s very good for what you’re saying.”

“I came all the way here to eat, but why are you leaving? It’s not tasteless.”

“If you don’t like it, stop eating and give it to me. Or did you give it to Levera-sama?”

“Why are you giving me what I’m eating? I’d rather have one more.”

Yujin grumbled while slicing a large piece of meat. Revera cut the meat little by little on the other side, then raised her gaze and looked in front of her.

In spite of grumbling, Yujin was serving the freshly cut meat on Mer’s plate. And Mer smiled as if it were natural and shoved the large piece of meat into her mouth.

“…The two of you are just like father and daughter.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Actually, I think so too.”

Conflicting reactions came back. Mer smiled broadly and transferred a piece of meat from her plate to Levera’s plate.

“Why are you treating someone who has never been married as a baby daddy?”

“Do you have any wedding plans, Eugene?”

“does not exist.”

“There is a rumor going around among attendants. The Lord Baektap, who visited the mansion a few times, has a special relationship with Eugene…”

“Are you really crazy? I? With Lord Baektap? That, with Melchis Elheyer?”

Awesome! Eugene contorted Melkis’s face as she remembered her screams.

“That… isn’t the age gap too big? I’m twenty this year…”



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Beside her, Mer let out a laugh. Eugene continued her words, casting her ferocious gaze at her Mer.

“Baektap Lord is approaching seventy years of age. Even if he only got married early, he would have a grandson my age.”

“Is 50 years old a big difference?”

“…okay. You were an elf…”

“I know that Lord Baektap is approaching old age in terms of human age. Didn’t she become an archmage and gain a lifespan beyond human? For the Jangsaengjok, the age of 70 is very young.”

“Then I must be a newborn baby that smells like milk.”

“Baektap Lord is pure and young not only in appearance but also in spirit.”

“When you say that you don’t deserve your age, it sounds like a compliment.”

“As a marriage relationship, don’t you hate older people?”

At that question, Mer also looked at Eugene with her eyes twinkling.

“…Um… isn’t it better… to be a little older… than too young…”

“Are there any other women besides the Lord of the White Pagoda that you have your heart set on?”

“You keep asking me questions, did you get secret orders from your father or Nina?”

Levera didn’t answer and kept her mouth shut. Eugene clicked her tongue and shook her head.

“Because my father is also the main book. No matter how long I’ve been an adult, you’re already thinking about getting married?”

“Anisilla-nim is also thinking about getting married. They want to marry the young master Xian and the princess from another country. Does Eugene like princesses too?”

“No, what a princess… I have no intention of getting married.”

“But if you’re older, close, and like each other, you can get married, right?”

Mer smiled as she imagined a future where Mer Merdein would change into Mer Lionheart.

Eugene did not imagine such a future. marriage? There are so many things to do right now, why are you already thinking about getting married?

‘But… um…’

Since he died without leaving a line of blood in his previous life, he had a desire to get married and have several children in this life.

But that’s something to think about only after completing the things you couldn’t accomplish in your previous life. It would be difficult to kill all the demons, but kill the demon king of confinement, and also kill the demon king of destruction…

Eugene thought of the women he knew.

Senya Merdane.

Ciel Lionheart.

Christina Rogeris.

Melchis Elheyer.

There are a few other people out there, but those four people of the opposite s*x who have met many times and deepened their bonds.

Are you counting? Marrying that stupid girl? What about a bastard or a f*cking bastard who curses at you every time you do something? Seeing each other every day, eating together, waking up together, no, isn’t that what they did in Helmude?


‘Really… you’re back.’

inside the world tree. It reminded me of when Senya hugged this body, laughing with her teary eyes. Eugene could no longer think of Senya.

Ciel…? With that kid whose fur hasn’t even gone yet? Is marriage even possible in the first place? There is nothing wrong. Although they were brothers, they did not share a drop of blood. Even though he was adopted, Gilade would disown Eugene as much as he could for the sake of marriage. Rather, Gilreid might want her father-in-law to listen to her father-in-law more than her uncle…

‘I think Anicilla-sama would want that.’

It’s not a bad thing from the family’s point of view. However, Eugene couldn’t imagine a future where he and Ciel talk about marriage…

Christina Rogeris. She resembles Anis in appearance, and for some reason, she is a holy woman of the Holy Empire who is connected to Anise who became an angel.

marriage talk?

with the saintess?

That is just nonsense. The Protestant Church of Light does not force priests to not marry. But even among priests, nuns and monks must be single, and the same goes for saints. Eugene couldn’t imagine having such a relationship with Cristina, but if Cristina is out of her mind, and she wants to marry Eugene, she must first break away from the Protestant Church of Light.

After that? It will be very cumbersome and difficult. The Heretic Questioners we saw in the Black Lion Castle were self-righteous and selfish people who only adhered to their position. It was certain that they would try to hunt Christina, who had apostatized, calling her heresy and degenerate.




Eugene stopped thinking further. What’s the point of thinking like this in the first place and imagining a future that won’t happen?

“…The workshop entrusted with the production of the bill is located on Alucard Street west of Seiris.”

It was close to the imperial palace and far away from the central district where the rich village was formed.

West Alucard Street is an area close to the Warp Gate that leads to the outside world. As a result, there are many tourists, and there are also adventurers and mercenary guilds that make requests for monster subjugation and exploration as their business.

There are many unique shops that cannot be found in the center on Alcad Street, as such occupations are incorporated. A store favored by mercenaries and adventurers, not by knights or nobles. A workshop that produces weapons that are faithful to their purpose rather than their appearance. Such as an alchemist who sells potions that are dubious but have certain performance.

“It’s my first time coming here.”

Mer looked around, feeling her heart pounding with excitement. Alcard Street, which arrived via Warp Gate, had a unique atmosphere that was completely different from the Central District. In fact, this is the roughest street in Seiris, the capital.

But the security wasn’t bad. Even on this street, there are guards patrolling periodically. However, the guards did not intervene in the fights between mercenaries and adventurers belonging to the guild. It’s because they know that it’s easier for each other to treat each other as punishment, even if it’s a fist fight, rather than mediate and solve it one by one.

“There are a lot of annoying eyes.”

Although he didn’t bother to look around, Eugene felt the eyes simmering from all sides. One-eyed elf. Lionheart’s pattern. A uniform with a lion engraved on the left chest. Gray hair and golden eyes. …a purple-haired girl in a dainty street dress.

“You’ll be bothered too. Wherever you go, you look at me as an elf. Aren’t you just coming close and arguing?”

“This is the second time I’ve been to this town, but never before.”

“Who did you go out with last time?”

“Sir Nein of the White Lion Knights served as an escort.”

“Hmm, since that man is big and has a fierce look.”

“It’s true that passers-by on this street are rough, but no one will look down on Lionheart’s name and come near…”

Levera stopped talking and turned her head.

A man with unkempt hair and freckles was creeping up to me with a servile smile.

“Are you Eugene Lionheart?”

The man was alone. As Eugene stared at him without replying, the man cleared his throat and continued.

“I’m… Tefir, who writes articles for the Scars newspaper.”

“What is it?”

“There are garbage-like newspapers that publish gossip that is insincere and provocative, wrapped in exaggerations.”


“It would be more appropriate to call it a novel editorial department rather than a newspaper company. An unidentified killer wandering the dawn of the capital, who is the illegitimate son of a certain marquis?! An exclusive interview about his tragic past… This is the place to write an article like this.”

“Was there a killer haunting at dawn in the capital city?”

“No, I am not wandering. So you said that? It’s a novel, not a newspaper.”

Tefir’s face wrinkled at Mer’s evaluation.

“…Would you mind giving me a minute?”

“I don’t do interviews.”

“Please give me a moment. I heard about the humiliating and embarrassing problems that have recently arisen in the Lionheart family…”

“You have so much guts. Are you saying that when you know my name is Lionheart?”

Yujin snorted and waved her hands.

“Stop talking bullshit and get out. If you want to write an article with a pen in your snout and not your hand for the rest of your life, do you keep giggling?”

Perhaps he hadn’t known that such a word would come out of the mouth of the noble master, Tefir was speechless and blinked his eyes.

“Go away.”

said twice Tefir only hesitated, but did not back down. Eugene clicked his tongue and snapped his fingers at Tefir.

Fain! A shot of air burst from the center of Tefir’s forehead. Tefir sighed and sat down in his seat.

“Even if I talk, I don’t listen. You can use this as an article. Eugene Ryanhart, from the family, has a dog-like personality and is ferocious like a mad dog. I mean. Understand?”

If you really throw out an article like that, Anicilla, who has been pressuring the media lately, will roll her eyes and tear the Scars Newspaper to shreds to make an example.

“Are you already working to prevent marriage from coming in?”


“Right? Yes? Are you advertising that you have a serious personality problem so that other noble ladies and princesses don’t come into marriage talks?”

“My personality is fine. It’s only natural to be rude to rude bastards. When the original words are good, the words that come are good.”

[If Senya-sama says something nice to Eugene-sama, will Eugene-sama say something nice to Senya-sama?]

‘That girl… never said anything nice to me…’

i know you


Reincarnated, even if your body changes, your face changes, and your name changes… you’re the Hamel I know.

[Why don’t you talk?]

“It is a bit hot.”

Eugene grumbled as he passed the collapsed Tefir.

The cool spring breeze brushed through Eugene’s hair.


Levera took the lead and guided me down the alley. The shops on this street are different from those in the central district. Most of the shops in the central district use an entire building from the first floor, but the shops on this street are basically 2 or 3 close to each other.

Shops that didn’t even leave a door, and the entire wall in front of the first floor was demolished and the goods sold were spread out. Such an appearance drew Mer’s interest.

Most of the customers who use this stall are mercenaries or adventurers. As a result, there were many suspicious weapons and unidentified artifacts that were captured somewhere.

“Doesn’t it often appear in places like novels? The information that great power is hidden in old weapons that are sold in places like that.”

“I think that’s what the street vendors who do business in places like this advertised while giving the writer back money.”

Eugene looked at the equipment displayed at the stall with a sad face. 300 years ago, when he made a name for himself as a mercenary. At that time and now, the level of equipment sold at street stalls was not very different.

A good quality weapon.

“The guy who sells stuff isn’t even an asshole, he doesn’t even know the value of the product and sells it at a bargain price…”

the moment you want to say that.

Eugene recalled buying a fragment of the Moonlight Sword at a bargain price at the auction house on Bolero Street.

“Why don’t you talk?”

“…how diamonds might be hidden in the trash.”


“No matter how expensive my jewelry is, if it is smeared with feces and gives off a bad smell, how can you tell if it is expensive or trash?”

“It hasn’t been long since I ate, so please don’t talk dirty.”


an immediate reply. Mer’s face was horribly crumpled. Are those the words that would come out of the mouth of a hero 300 years ago? It was a little different from Mer’s thoughts, but Leva, who was walking ahead, had similar thoughts.

‘He’s not noble.’

Anicilla, the hostess of the main house, is an aristocratic woman as if drawn in a painting. Even the hard work of her outbuilding doesn’t feel as sacred as her Anishilla’s, but her aristocratic dignity permeates her body.

However, Eugene was evaluated as being more worthy of the name Lionheart than anyone else, but he did not have any aristocratic feeling at all.

‘It’s not for me to judge.’

Levera is an elf. However, almost none of the elf-like rituals remained. Her enslavement, marked by her abuse, obliterated her elf-like self-consciousness from Revera. It wasn’t just Levera. Narisana, who served as an apprentice servant in the annex, and most of the elves living in Lionheart’s Forest lost their elf-like sense of self.

To Levera, Eugene was the master he wanted to serve. What’s the point of not being aristocratic? Leva felt the dignity of an absolute strongman from Eugene, not the dignity of an aristocrat. Samar Great Forest. The obvious and common aristocrats and barbarians encountered after escaping from the slave market.

The memory of that time made Levera shudder no matter how many times she recalled it.

A savage that an elf should never encounter in the jungle. The savage, who looked more ferocious and stronger than any savage that Leva had ever seen, was treated as a newborn baby by Eugene and flew away into the sky.

He looked at elves with filthy eyes, treated them as if they were natural, and did not hide his intention to play with them and destroy them as he pleased. An aristocratic aristocrat whom Revera knew well fell on his knees in front of Eugene and begged for his life.

“…This way.”

Levera tried not to notice the heat simmering inside her chest.

The shop was in the back of an alley. It’s not too deep, but it’s a shop that doesn’t stand out from the main street. The location was arranged so that no customers came in with the intention of taking a look regardless, and so that the right customers would not notice passers-by passing by.

When I opened the side door under the old signboard, a mixed smell came out. Eugene sensed the smell of painkillers, oil, and dyes in the mixed smell.

“Did you make Narissa’s prosthetic leg here?”

“yes. This shop was introduced by a driver from the head family. The owner of this place is quite famous among mercenaries and adventurers.”

It seemed so. Eugene looked through the prosthetic arms and legs displayed on the shelf like ornaments. A prosthetic hand with fingers wide open. As he stared at him, a certain desire stirred in his heart. can i touch it? I want to fold all my extended fingers and keep only one middle finger upright…

“I’m not even a kid…”


After reading Eugene’s image, Mer muttered in a low voice.

“I came to find you just in time.”

The door to the back workshop opened, and an old man with a thick beard and thick glasses walked out. He looked at the Lionheart uniform Eugene was wearing and his eyes shone through his glasses.

“You don’t have to worry about me.”

Eugene raised both hands to mean not to be burdened. The old man bowed his head and glanced at Mer, who was standing next to Eugene, and opened his mouth.

“It’s a shop with few things to see, but please enjoy it.”

“Can I touch it?”

“The items on the shelves are samples, yes. It doesn’t matter if you touch it.”

After saying that, the old man looked at Levera.

“It fits perfectly, but come inside and check it out. Symmetry and color need to be revisited…”


After Levera and the old man entered the workshop. As if waiting, Eugene reached out to his prosthetic arm.

“Do not.”

“I will not. I just want to touch it.”

Yujin cleared her throat and fiddled with her prosthetic hand. Perhaps because they were used by mercenaries and adventurers who lost their limbs, there were several prosthetic arms and legs with bizarre gimmicks hidden. When you snap your wrist, an arrow shoots, a blade shoots out of your finger, or a cannon is attached to your knee…

There were also several samples of prosthetic eyes on the shelf. It is not a high-end prosthetic eye that connects the optic nerve, but it is realistic prosthetic eye as if a real eyeball was pulled out.

while looking at them

Eugene immediately threw himself away. I don’t know what happened. No sound could be heard from inside the workshop.

But the signs are gone. The two presences in the workshop that existed just a moment ago had disappeared. I don’t know how it disappeared. The door to the workshop, which was only a few steps away, was thrown open.

Neither the old man nor the figure of Levera was visible. Not just the two. There was really ‘nothing’ in the workshop that Eugene entered.

“…is this… what the hell is it?”

Mer stutters and asks. Eugene didn’t respond and looked around her room. Grease and dye soaked into the wallpaper. The smell of a workshop that still lingers. Originally, this place would not have been as empty as it is now.

Eugene took out Akasha from the cloak of darkness. And he looked at the studio again. I see magic such as soundproofing, dustproofing, and humidity control. It was a shabby building and there were other shops nearby, so it was natural that these magics were prepared in the workshop.

“…there is no encroaching magic.”

Mer muttered with a stiff face. Enchantments carved into walls and floors. It was not invaded or damaged. The wall isn’t even broken. No new magic was added. It’s not like someone came into Blink and took them. If that’s the case, there’s no way that Eugene or Mer couldn’t feel it. Spatial jump causes an unavoidable distortion of space.

There are no windows in the workshop. The only door is the one Eugene entered. This was a closed room that was physically and magically perfect. In such a secret room, one elf, one human, and all the things in the workshop disappeared.


Not all are gone. Eugene looked at the studio once again. Shelves and decorations on the walls. Various tools are hanging on the wall… The things hanging on the wall have not disappeared. The only things that disappeared from this workshop were those that were standing on the floor.

Eugene looked down at the floor without saying a word. A dust-free floor. All that was left was the permeated grease and dye.

“…something… appeared on the floor…?”

“It overlaps.”

Eugene bent down and touched the floor.

“Like a shadow.”

The light hanging from the ceiling connects the shadow from Eugene’s body. Eugene glared at the shadow spreading from his body with cold, sunken eyes.

“I didn’t know you would do something like this.”

Eugene murmured and stood up. There is no further information to be obtained from this workshop. It is also impossible to search for the whereabouts of the missing Levera and the old man. No archmage would be sure of the magic used in this disappearance.

Can not help it.

What is used here is magic, but not magic.

‘300 years is a long time.’

Eugene clicked his tongue and stood up from his seat. After reading Eugene’s image, Mer approached Eugene with a hard expression and went inside her cape.

“I didn’t expect it to be an outing like this.”

Yujin muttered in a low voice and opened the studio door.

A shop that displays prosthetic arms, limbs, and prosthetic eyes. Before I knew it, other guests had come in. Three people wearing oversized hoodies. Eugene stared at them unfazed.

“Please follow me.”

A voice came from inside the hood. Eugene smiled and snapped her fingers. ㅡWoe! Even though the windows weren’t open, the wind blew. The hoods the guests were wearing were blown away by the wind.

“Shouldn’t you introduce yourself before talking about your business?”

The three dark elves glared at Eugene. The dark elf man who opened his mouth first stared at Eugene with slightly open eyes.

“…We are a frenzied independence army.”


An inverted goat skull tattoo on the left chest collarbone. A tattoo that was inscribed on the body by the frenzied army from 300 years ago.

“I don’t want to use the wild method here.”

“Do you have the confidence to stand and lead the rough way?”

“You cheeky human bastard.”

The other Dark Elf, who had been silent, spat out. Eugene laughed at those words and tilted her head.

“Where does a corrupt nigger who has lost his racial identity lick his mouth?”

The dark elf’s face distorted at the harsh words he fired at. Two of them react violently. The man I spoke to earlier is not showing emotion.

“If you refuse or resist, the safety of the hostages cannot be guaranteed.”

“If you wanted to talk to me, you should have asked for a handshake first.”

“I’m sorry about that. So what are you going to do? will you follow us? Or will you be dragged away?”

“If you tell me the location, can I go find it by myself? Kill all of you.”

“You have a really tough personality.”

“Since you all acted like dogs on the outing that ended happily.”

It wasn’t like talking about feelings. Eugene continued his conversation and continued to look at this place. There are three Dark Elves. I couldn’t feel the presence of the other Dark Elves.

There is no change on the floor either. You should be looking here. Do you have any intention of directly intervening? Even if you kill her men? It seems like tribal love is useless. Wouldn’t it appear if I slaughtered the subordinates?

The atmosphere freezes so coldly that it won’t be strange if someone rushes in first. The two young Dark Elves, looking energetic, prepare to take off. The man doesn’t speak any more and glares at Eugene.


Yujin said that and shrugged her shoulders.

“Even if I kill you, the abducted attendant won’t come back.”

“Are you sure you can kill yourself?”

The young Dark Elf snorted and smirked.

“Wouldn’t it be?”

Eugene stared at the dark elf without laughing. The intense life force to the point of shuddering was focused on the Dark Elves. That was not the kind of life that a human who had only lived for a few decades could spew. The Dark Elf couldn’t say anything and took a few steps back, trembling.

“Guide me.”

Eugene threw the cloak that had been thrown behind his shoulder forward and covered both of his arms. He prayed to draw the weapon he needed at any time, but the cloak of darkness is an excellent piece of armor on its own.

“…would you like to walk? or not…”

“Walk on your own. no other way The princess you serve might make a mess.”

“…not very far.”

The Dark Elves put on their hoods again.

left the store The Dark Elves took the lead and entered the deep alleyway. Eugene followed them unhurriedly.

There are a few odd points.

Lionheart also predicted that the Dark Elves, led by Iris, would come in contact. That’s why Carmen and the 3rd division of the Black Lion Knights came to her hometown.

The contrast of contact was not only that. The main house gathers a lot of necessary information. Among them was information about the Dark Elves. In other words, they are monitoring trends in case they come in contact.

Dark elves have never entered Kiel. In particular, this is the capital of the ecliptic, Seiris. It is a place where the identification of the entrant is thorough.

‘He smuggled in.’

It means that the first button was inserted incorrectly.

Iris has no intention of accepting the transfer of the elf from Lionheart in a legitimate way.

‘I don’t think I was as ignorant as I was 300 years ago.’

I heard that Iris was cornered in Helmud. She hopes to become a new demon king and succeed the mad king. However, in Helmude, there are high-ranking demons who do not consider Iris as her competitor, and are much closer to the ‘next’ demon king than Iris.

Helmud’s three attacks.

It was said that Black Dragon Raizakia might not be who she was, but even so, there were two dukes who were superior to Iris.

‘What Iris lacks decisively is support.’

Iris is thoroughly sticking to the Dark Elves only. He has recently lost his stubbornness, but even that is a compromise by using beastman mercenaries rather than increasing his own power.

So, Iris was frantic about increasing the number of Dark Elves.

‘No matter how so, are you going to steal it blindly?’

A riot that is unmatched. Feeling a seething murderous intent, Eugene glared at the back of the Dark Elf’s head as he walked ahead.

“This way.”

shabby building. An iron gate leading to the basement. The Dark Elf pointed to it and said.

Bullshot Mercenaries.

It was written on the iron gate. Are they occupying the mercenary office? How long have you been here? Yujin thought so and nodded his head.

“open it.”

The door is open. Stairs leading to the basement. There’s no lighting, so it’s hard to see right under your feet. What if I turn on the lights with magic? no, it’s useless

The darkness of Iris is not illuminated by light.

The dark eyes of darkness. The darkness it creates is darkness, but not darkness. It is not illuminated by any light.

down the stairs.

In the middle of a vast, shabby office.

I saw a Dark Elf sitting on a red sofa and stretching her legs on the table.


The head of the frenzied independence army.

Nachal Princess.

Iris tapped the liquor on the table with the tip of her toe and laughed.

“Do you know how to drink?”

Compared to 300 years ago, the only things that had changed were the clothes and hairstyle.

Her long white hair was cut to fit her shoulders. He wore a red suit instead of leather armor, and his shirt was loosely undone. A gold necklace around her neck and a ring on her finger. A gorgeous watch on your wrist.

“…more like a mafia boss than a princess.”

Eugene uttered an honest impression, and Iris smiled, showing her white teeth.


To be honest, if I hadn’t known, I wouldn’t have recognized it right away. That’s how Iris’ transformation was unconventional.

Originally, Iris was an elf from a ranger, and wore a camouflage poncho and leather armor with good mobility. Even when commanding the Dark Elves in the field, Iris’s weapons did not change.

Iris knew how to hunt elven rangers, and trained her Dark Elves to be hunters who catch hunters.

When the battlefield was moved from the field to the frenzied demon castle. Instead of a poncho and leather armor, Iris wore dark chainmail, and instead of a bow and crossbow, she held a crooked sword and stood in the way.

The memories of that time can still be vividly recalled. Frenzied children of different races without a drop of blood. Among the enemies they encountered in Helmud, they were so powerful that they could be counted on their hands.

‘I should have killed him.’

couldn’t kill Unbecoming a demon king, the mad king chose to give up his life and let his remaining children escape. That’s how the dark elf Iris and the beast Oboron escaped.

Iris, who could not be killed then,

Over 300 years, I was sitting in front of Eugene. In a completely different way from before.


teouk. Iris shifted her feet on her table and tilted her head.

“You know who I am, and yet you don’t kneel?”

“I don’t think he is the leader of the Bullshot Mercenary Corps. Are you the new mafia boss on these streets?”

“Are you talking nonsense because you don’t want to show your fear?”

Iris twitched her lips and smiled. Eugene didn’t respond and slightly raised her gaze. The back of the sofa where Iris was sitting. Ten Dark Elves were standing, all of them wearing red suit jackets like Iris.

‘Looks like a cataclysm has occurred in the organization’s image for 300 years.’

Among the dark elves standing behind him, there were a few faces that Eugene remembered. The Dark Elves who have been Iris’ trustees since ancient times. A Dark Elf Ranger who has been hiding in the mountains, forests, and darkness.

‘but. If you wear a poncho in a city like this, you’ll be treated like a madman.’

It seemed like the Dark Elves dressed in the same red suits would be treated like crazy.

“Where are you?”

“I heard that there are over 100 elves in the forest of your mansion. Is the life of one elf worth it?”

“Stop useless conversation.”

Eugene strode closer to Iris. Despite narrowing the distance, the Dark Elves behind Iris did not show any reaction. It was the same with Iris. She just stared at her Eugene, keeping her twisted smile.

It was natural. There is no reason to be wary. Rakshasa Princess Iris. She is a living legend who experienced the battlefield 300 years ago and inherited power directly from the mad king. If only Iris had given up her will to become her Demon King, instead of insisting that she be the Mad Second Coming. No, if I wasn’t obsessed with the purity of my forces.

There must have been four Dukes of Helmud instead of three.


Eugene felt absolute confidence and composure from Iris. Arrogance. However, there is no carelessness. Iris’ eyes were as sharp as those of a predator watching her prey, and she did not miss Eugene’s every move.

‘It’s impossible now.’

Eugene neatly admitted that fact.

If you fight Iris head-on, you will lose for sure. can never win It seems possible to run away, but that is the limit. 300 years was a long time, and it wasn’t just her appearance that Iris had changed.

“Isn’t that what you wanted to talk about?”

Eugene sat across from Iris.


Iris’ smile deepened.

“Did you just think you could never win?”

It was only for a brief moment that his gaze was scrutinized.

However, Iris understood Eugene’s intentions. She smiled, her red eyes curling like crescent moons.

“I like that it is easy to understand. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about you… Hmm. Rumors are usually exaggerated, but in your case they were rather modest.”

Iris pulled her body forward. Fighting! When the shoemaker tapped the table lightly, the liquor that had been lying on it floated to the surface. Iris snatched it out of the air and giggled.

“The elf is safe.”

The lights on the ceiling flicker.

No, actually the lights didn’t flicker. Even so, the light in the room dimmed for an instant. the darkness increased A darkness that does not mix with darkness. A lump of darker, sticky, dark form.

The dark matter summoned by Iris’ magical eye of darkness.

“As you can see, I didn’t even corrupt it.”

Iris plunged her hand into the lingering darkness. At first glance, it resembles the dark spirit seen in the Black Lion Castle. But that’s not a spirit. It’s not mana, it’s not magic.

“I don’t want to turn anyone into a dark elf. First, ask for their opinion, and if they refuse, persuade them…”

The unconscious Levera was dragged out by Iris’ hand. Iris tossed her limp Revera at her Eugene like an object.

ㅡHwaaaak! A gust of wind picked up Revera’s body. she has no injuries Eugene was relieved by that fact and put Revera down beside her.

Meanwhile, Iris opened the lid of the liquor. She took out an ice basket and a glass from the darkness that drifted around her, then furrowed her eyebrows.

“Oh, there was this too.”

It was the old man who had disappeared with Levera who pulled it out with a face that seemed insignificant. Iris’ hand gripped the old man’s neck, and Eugene drew a dagger from his cloak and slammed it into the table.

“Calm down, kid.”

Iris laughed like it was funny. Woe…! Iris’s right eye was stained black.

The dagger stuck in the table was swallowed up in darkness. After the darkness disappeared, the dagger was no longer stuck on the table.

“I have no intention of insisting on killing the poor old man who got caught up in it.”

“Didn’t you try to kill me without thinking?”

“Well, there was no reason not to kill him. It’s only natural that you, a human, want to protect human lives… but I’m not a human, so I couldn’t understand your position. Do you understand?”

Iris giggled and put a large ice cube into the glass one by one.

“and. As an elf, it is only natural that I want to protect the elves.”

“You’re not an elf, but a dark elf, right?”

“You’re an elf after all, right? Let’s put down our preconceived notions.”

“You kidnapped my servant in the first place.”

“I wanted to talk.”

Each glass was filled with wine. Iris laughed as she pushed her glass with her fingertips.

“I didn’t know you would be involved, but I mean. Eugene Ryanhart.”

“…I guess it was quite a burden to come into Lionheart’s home, right?”

Yujin smiled calmly and raised her glass.

The elf under Lionheart’s protection reserved an artificial eye and decided to come find it. I don’t know when Iris settled down on this street, but it’s not difficult to find such news.

“that’s right.”

Iris did not deny it.

“It was embarrassing. How to deal with idiots who still believe in the glory of 300 years ago…”

The wine glass went up.

“Will you visit your family manor, sit in the drawing room of the mansion, drink tea and laugh hahaha, please transfer the elves you are protecting to me? Asking is not that difficult for me. But, Lionheart, what about you?”

The wine filled the glass flowed into Iris’s mouth.

“I am a Dark Elf, and I am the leader of the frenzied independence army, and I am called Princess Rakshak. If I come to you and ask you to hand it over, you guys who don’t realize the fraction and are intoxicated with authority… will you really listen to my request? Guess I’m not You guys put up your ego like two heads, and don’t compromise with the Dark Elves… Saying you have no intention of helping the frenzied Second Coming… You’re going to kick me out, right?”

Didn’t deny it. There is nothing for Eugene to do. No one in Lionheart would be thinking of making a deal with Iris. No matter how much of an author Iris is, as long as she is a dark elf, dreams of a frantic second coming, and has the ambition to become a demon king anew.

Lionheart never negotiates with Iris.

“So, I decided to be considerate of you assholes.”

Iris laughed as she licked her lips dripping with alcohol.

“While thinking about the method, kid, I heard that you came out with an elf. So I personally opened the way for the shadow of that smelly workshop.”

“I’m sorry, but Lionheart’s family tree is different.”

“You, who is called the future of Lionheart, is in front of me right now, what does that matter? Do you not understand?”

Iris chuckled and put her hand into the darkness.


What she took out was a heavy lump of iron, but the shape was unfamiliar to Eugene. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what it was. gun. A portable cannon that fires metal bullets with the power of gunpowder.

It’s convenient to handle, but it’s a weapon that’s not very favored by warriors who are good at using mana. The reason was simple. Rather than exploding gunpowder and shooting bullets, it is because it is faster and stronger than a gun to shoot a weapon by raising a sword or pulling a specially made bowstring to fill an arrow with mana.

Besides, that gun is quite useful for catching animals, but it doesn’t work well for monsters.

“I can kill you right now.”

Iris raised a heavy revolver and pointed it at Eugene.

“Is it easy to understand when I say this? Little. If you don’t want to die, hand over the elves you’re protecting in the forest of your mansion to me.”

“…they wouldn’t want to become dark elves?”

“I’ll convince you to do nothing but wish. I am very confident in that kind of persuasion.”

A huge revolver spun in Iris’ hand.

“How are you? i know you are strong But can you kill me that’s impossible Absolutely impossible.”

“…Threat against Lionheart.”

“Ahaha! Naive like a kid. would you have said it earlier? To me, Lionheart is an asshole who has fallen into the illusion that the glory of 300 years ago is still alive and well. Your ancestor Vermouth was as strong as a nightmare. But since Vermouth, has anyone as strong as him been born in Lionheart?”

Eugene didn’t respond and brought the glass to his lips.

“doesn’t exist. can’t be born that’s impossible He was a real monster. Threat against Lionheart… haha… ahaha! What are you doing? Rather, you should thank me. It’s because I didn’t respect you and slam your head to the ground in your territory, in that Lionheart’s home!”

Iris laughed maniacally and shook her shoulders. Every time she laughed, her darkness stirred, and her enormous presence oppressed Eugene. Eugene felt her hair stand on end and her skin tingle as she swollen her mouth. She’s hot like she’s swallowed fire. The alcohol that traveled down her esophagus warmed her insides.

‘I should have killed him then.’

A regret that turns around a few times. Eugene clicked her tongue and put her glass down. If I had killed him 300 years ago, I wouldn’t have had to run into that bitch again like this.

“…I need some time to think.”

“It’s been giving you since the first time you came here, kid. I didn’t kill you, I made you sit in the front, and I gave you a drink. All of that is time given to you.”

Instead of answering, Eugene experienced internal conflict. just hit it? odds? Isn’t it better to try it once and promise the next one if you think it won’t work, rather than hanging out with that bullshit?

I would have done that if it hadn’t been for Levera and the old man in the workshop. The two who were losing their minds right next to them restrained Eugene’s actions. So stuffy, and my stomach was boiling.

Is it yet?

Yujin clicked her tongue and crossed her arms. She doesn’t want to embroil Revera and the old man for nothing…

“…the name Sikhnad. Do you remember?”

Once upon a time, I decided to take my time.

“He is also in Lionheart Forest. I was grinding my teeth saying I would kill you someday…”

“I don’t remember. A man who is weak and full of vengeance. Little. I don’t like talking about the old days.”

“I have heard quite a bit about you from Sycnad. The elven traitor. The elf who killed the most elves. I heard that the captured elf on the battlefield put him on his knees, ripped open his belly, pulled out his intestines, and left him to die?”

“It’s an old story. The story of the days when your father and mother were never born, and the origin of you was buried in Vermouth’s balls.”

Iris’ lips twisted.

“Of course I regret those days. It was too much. That’s why I want to do for the elf as much as I regret it.”

“They probably want to increase the power of the Dark Elves.”

“Isn’t it better to become a Dark Elf and gain freedom than to live with the worry that you might end up with a horseman? I will one day become the Demon King, and if I become the Demon King, all Dark Elves will become noble beings.”


The revolver’s cylinder turned.

“Would you like to share an old story with me? If you become friends with me, I will tell you as many old stories as you wish.”

“If Vermouth and Hamel fight, who will win?”

Words spoken out of the blue.

Iris’ giggling laughter stopped for a moment. Under these circumstances, it seemed that he would never have imagined that he would ask such a question. An absurd madness mingled with reason.


“Vermouth versus Hamel.”

′′ you’re asking a random question. Of course, Vermouth will win.”

“Will Hamel win?”

“Hamel… haha! In later generations, he was an idiot who would be called stupid. That bastard beat vermouth? Nonsense.”

“You’re talking too much to Hamel… He could win…”

Yujin muttered that and lifted the wine bottle.

“Then ask for something else. Hamel and Vermouth, who is more handsome?”

“…Are you crazy?”

“I’m curious, I’m curious.”

“It’s not worth answering.”

“You mean it’s hard to answer? That said, Hamel and Vermouth’s looks were very close…”

“Hamel was a bastard with his face patched up like a rag.”

The words are too harsh.

Eugene managed to suppress his anger, and poured alcohol into Iris’ glass.

“Still, Hamel is more handsome than Moron, right?”

“…what kind of trick are you doing now?”

“I am trying to be friends. So, my friend, why don’t we meet and play next time and then go home for now?”


My feet, which had been on the table, slammed downward. The table was smashed, and liquor bottles and glasses were thrown into the air. Eugene slipped his head back to avoid the pouring alcohol.


Iris stared at Eugene with cold eyes.

“How can a human being born only 20 years old be so shameless in front of me? A bastard like you could come out of Vermouth’s veins.”

“300 years is a long time.”

“yes. It’s a very long time for humans. There must be dozens of generations between you and Vermouth, right? If it wasn’t for that, I would have thought of you as a descendant of Hamel, not Vermouth.”

Iris muttered that and opened the cylinder of the revolver.

“You’re having a hard time choosing, let me help you. Let’s make a fun bet.”

The bullets in the cylinder fall out. Iris put a bullet into the cylinder and rotated the cylinder in front of Eugene’s eyes.

“It’s a simple roulette game. You and I, take turns putting the gun to the head and firing one shot at a time. If there’s a bullet in your head, I won’t care for Lionheart. I will take your corpse and go to my hometown right away and bring all the elves out.”

“What if there is a bullet in your head?”

“Then let me go back. I will no longer negotiate with Lionheart on this matter.”

Iris’ finger caught on the trigger. She put her gun to my temple and stared at her Eugene.

“If you are afraid, you can give up. However, as I said at the beginning, pass the elf. how is it? You don’t have to risk your life by making a bet.”


Yujin placed her clasped hands on her lap.

“You once, me once. Are you doing this?”


The moment Eugene’s words ended. Iris pulled the trigger without hesitation. Then he smiled and passed the revolver to Eugene.

“Don’t get me wrong, kid.”


“There’s no way a bullet made of lead can pierce your head… I’m saying don’t make that mistake. That bullet was created with my own magic eye. No matter how strong your mana is, it won’t be able to stop you from getting a bullet in your head.”

“Then what about you?”

“I don’t get shot.”

“Aha… you mean it’s not a fair bet in the first place?”

Eugene smiled and pulled the trigger.

Clap! The sound of the ball hitter resounded in vain. Eugene returned the revolver he was holding back to Iris.


“Are you crazy?”

“Even if I die and you don’t die, shouldn’t the bullets just come out of your head?”

“So you’re going to risk your life alone?”

“Just shoot.”

Iris is right. This is a simple roulette. Insert the bullet and rotate the cylinder. Ordinary people do not know where the bullets are.

But Eugene knew. He looked at how many revolutions the cylinder had made. As he gripped the revolver in his hand, he felt even the slightest weight added to which square. A bullet made from a magic eye. The darkness of Iris exists as clearly as matter, and has weight.

In this turn, a bullet is fired from the revolver.


Iris tilted her head and pulled the trigger.


There was a hollow sound. No bullets were fired. Eugene burst into laughter instead of surprise when he saw the scene.

“Ugh, do you want to go that far?”

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