Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 546

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A floating chair was placed in front of Yujin. Ciel, who had been creeping closer, swallowed his saliva and sat down in his chair.

The distance between your knees and your knees. Ciel looked at Eugene’s face in front of her nose and felt her pounding heartbeat.

“… … .”

It had only been a few seconds, but the silence felt awkward. Ciel squeezed his sweaty hands.

I felt like I had to say something, but I couldn’t think of what to say right away. Then, Ciel saw a scar on Eugene’s right cheek.

“that… … those scars.”

These are the scars left from the duel with Gavid Lindman. Although the limbs torn to pieces in the duel were restored in an instant, the scar on that cheek did not disappear.

Eugene didn’t care about the scar on his cheek. This is because, during Hamel’s days, she lived with scars all over her face and body.

A little, a little bit, I also liked the scars. These scars add to his dignity as a warrior, and I thought that the scars suited him well because he was so handsome even though the original version was good.

Ciel’s impression was not much different from Eugene’s. Compared to a year ago, his hair is bushy, the scar on his right cheek is cut diagonally, his eyes are slightly sharper, and his nose is sharper… … .

It’s a face I’ve seen countless times since I was 13 years old, but sitting face to face like this now, I felt strangely inspired.

“… … Doesn’t it hurt?”

But you can’t say that you look good with scars. After thinking about it for a while, Ciel finally asked a question that wasn’t even on her mind.

“It’s already healed, so why does it hurt?”

“that… … There is such a thing as phantom pain.”

“Nothing. It’s not ticklish.”

Eugene leaned forward while saying that. The already close distance narrowed even more, and Ciel’s field of vision was filled with Eugene’s face. A hook approaching breath. Ciel unconsciously swallowed his breath and pulled himself back.

“Stay still.”

A large hand grabbed Ciel’s shoulder. She couldn’t keep her distance. this situation. Ciel’s mind went round and round.

Could it be, could it be? This strangely coercive attitude. serious look. The grip strength of the hand holding the shoulder. The situation itself, where he was caught and unable to move, gave Ciel a tickling and unknown excitement.

‘west… … no way… … .’

If you come a little closer, your lips will touch. hopefully, hopefully Will the imagination that I had hundreds of thousands of times become a reality? Feeling the unexpected anticipation, Ciel softly parted his lips.

“Ugh… … .”

In the bathtub behind Eugene, saints are submerged in holy water and enduring pain. However, Ciel couldn’t hear the moans that flowed from them. Right now, Ciel’s eyes only saw Eugene, and his ears were waiting for Eugene’s voice.


“… … huh?”

“Open your eyes wide.”

“who… … Why are your eyes all of a sudden?”

“Why, why, look at me.”


‘This kid can’t do that… … .’

Senses returned to normal. Ciel pressed his lips together and let out a deep sigh. Then, as Eugene ordered, he opened his left eye wide.

“You did the magic eye test last time. Why are you doing it again now?”

“The me then and the me now are different.”

“Ah, yes. You did well. But what are you doing? Where did Senya go?”

“He went to the forest elves. It’s also a chance to see you again after a year, and to report what you’ve experienced at the World Tree.”

The reason is not only that. Among the elves currently living in Lionheart’s Forest, there are many elves suffering from horse disease. Sycnad, who was acting as the representative of the elves right away, also fell ill. Regardless of their will, they are destined to live in this forest.

Naturally, Senya couldn’t stand it. Even though the war ended 300 years ago, the horsemen did not disappear, and the demon king in captivity gave up, saying that it was something he could not help. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but Senya, who considered the elves as his family, wanted to solve the horseman somehow.

I have tried several treatments in the past, but have never been successful. Neither magic nor divine magic could fix the elf’s cavalry. But now that he has reached the divinity of magic, he’s just in case. That’s why Senya went to the elf village now.

“Open your eyes a little wider.”

“How can you get bigger than this? You have to rip your eyes out to open them bigger than this.”

“Your eyes are secretly small… … . I think I was very big when I was young.”

Ciel’s fists clenched at the muttered words. She couldn’t resist and kicked Eugene in the leg. There was no effect. Eugene’s legs were as hard as her old tree, and only Ciel’s feet hurt when she kicked them.

“Stay still.”

The chair rattled and swayed. Eugene squeezed Ciel’s shoulders a little tighter and pushed her face closer. The two of them got so close that their noses touched. Once again, Eugene’s face filled Ciel’s field of vision.

‘skin… … Is your skin okay?’

A body that sweats every day. Although she maintains her skin to be plump and smooth even without taking care of herself, Ciel couldn’t help but feel unnecessarily worried. Of course, Eugene had no interest in Ciel’s skin texture. He focused and looked into Ciel’s left pupil.

Hwareuk. A spark bloomed from Eugene’s right hand. A hand entwined in light flame passed Ciel’s cheek and headed for the left pupil. Ciel trembled, but did not close his eyes.

“Stay there.”

Eugene’s fingers carefully touched Ciel’s left eye. Although the flame touched the iris, there was no burning sensation. Rather, it felt cool, like washing her eyes.


The divine power that formed the flame flowed into Ciel’s pupils. After the battle with Iris, Ciel’s pupils harbored two demonic eyes. The Dark Magic Eye that Iris had, and the Immovable Magic Eye named by Noir.

It was confirmed at that time that those demon eyes did not use magic and nested in Ciel without any problems. So there is no need for treatment. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t cure it.

How Ciel got the Mystic Eye.

At that time, Yujin was caught up in the rampage of the moonlight sword. His consciousness flew into an unknown void, and his body assimilated with the moon lightsaber.

It was Ciel who saved Eugene at that time. Lionheart’s blood reacted to the Moonlight Sword, and Ciel’s consciousness flew into nothingness just like Eugene’s. That’s how Ciel met Vermouth for a while, and escaped the futility with Eugene… … .

‘This evil eye… … It’s probably from vermouth.’

At the time, Vermouth was unable to provide direct help to Eugene. However, it seems that he was aware of the situation itself. Battle with the Demon King. A battle that could not be avoided.

The darkness that broke through the left pupil melted into the pupil and became the dark warfare’s evil eye. Then, what about the Immovable Mystic Eye? Judging at that time, that immovable demonic eye was – Ciel’s, to be precise, it must have been in the Lionheart’s blood that Ciel had from the beginning.

‘Lionheart is human.’

However, Ciel’s Mystic Eye was manifested by meeting Vermouth, who was sitting in the void, and Lionheart’s ancestor.

I can’t get rid of Ciel’s evil eye right away. I don’t know about the Immovable Magic Eye, but the Dark Magic Eye is needed to summon Moron from Babel. If Ciel was appointed as a paladin, wouldn’t the magic eye disappear? Eugene wanted to check it out first.


perhaps… … Wouldn’t it be possible to meet Vermouth once again through this magical eye?

Eugene had met Vermouth several times. But he had never met him properly. He had never had a proper conversation.

“Tell me if it hurts.”

As Eugene said that, he touched Ciel’s eyes.

It doesn’t hurt. There is no burning sensation. It didn’t feel good though. At first, my eyes were cool, but the more the flame penetrated, the more I felt sick to my stomach and dizzy.



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It was tolerable. Ciel chewed on his lips and grabbed his knees. Eugene closed her eyes to focus her mind.

Eugene’s consciousness melted in flames. He left his body and dug into Ciel’s evil eye. That’s how he dived into the depths of Ciel’s demonic eyes.

In the process, the first objective was achieved. Even if he is appointed as a paladin, this evil eye will not disappear. In the first place, this is an authority unique to Ciel, which is not exactly the same as the Demon’s Eye. Even if the source was caused by demons, that’s not the case now.

‘But it’s unstable.’

I could feel it. The factors present in Lionheart’s blood have not been diluted even after 300 years.

Iodine Lionheart came to mind. number of families. An idiot who was possessed by the remnants of the demon king and tried to become the demon king by offering his brothers and relatives as sacrifices. The fact that Iod was able to complete the ritual with very few sacrifices was not only because of the help of the remnants of the Demon King.

Because iodine is a lion heart. It was because it was Lionheart that he chose as a sacrifice. Ironically, the blood of Lionheart, who is said to be a descendant of the warrior, is close to the devil.

‘The demon of destruction.’

I didn’t panic. It is a known fact that the source of vermouth is closely related to the demon lord of destruction. However, the fact that Lionheart’s blood was unstable gave Eugene several warnings.

Vermouth wanted to save the world. I knew that about 300 years ago. He didn’t reveal his true feelings, but his colleagues at the time knew it. And he knew all the world. Light acknowledges and leaves Margot, Vermouth is a hero. The holy sword did not recognize him until the end, but Vermouth grabbed the holy sword and killed the demon king.

Why is that guy… … Did you leave such uneasy blood? Why did he increase his offspring with incongruous enthusiasm. I know the answer. It is to reincarnate Hamel as a descendant.


To inherit the white salt ceremony? You want to hand over the whole family? To give you the beginnings of a body of genius? There must have been such a reason, but Eugene paid attention to a more essential reason.

The reason is simple.

To kill the Demon King of Destruction, Lionheart’s blood is needed. So Vermouth left blood. Over 300 years, the contents called ‘Agaroth’ were put in a bowl called ‘Eugene Lionheart’.

“It’s an expedient.”

I heard the voice I was expecting.

A clanking, familiar chain sound. Eugene opened her closed eyes.

“It is impossible to save him, having met him in this way.”

I saw the demon king of confinement sitting on the throne of chains. behind the throne. Likewise, I saw a ‘door’ wrapped around a chain. Yujin smiled and looked around.

There is nothing here except the demon king in captivity, the throne, and the door. This is not Eugene’s room, and there are no Ciel or saints.

“Has only consciousness flown?”

“You wished for it.”

The demon king of confinement said with a smile.

“You are really tenacious. This isn’t the first time you’ve come to Vermouth as an ‘expedient’. Do you remember?”

“When I used the dragon word magic on the moonlight sword.”

“Even then, I stopped you. and… … When the moonlight sword ran out of control. Come to think of it, I didn’t get to thank you.”

The demon king of confinement giggled and rested his chin on his hand.

“If I hadn’t caught you at that time, your soul would have completely disappeared. Just like 300 years ago, everything must have failed because of your stubbornness and mistakes.”

“You really don’t want me to fail.”

Eugene said with a snort.

“So, how many times, how many times did they not kill me.”

“Because it’s a promise.”

The demon king of confinement answered.

“Am I the same who put effort into this promise? I put so much effort into it… … After all, I also want to be satisfied.”

“Then why don’t you commit suicide? It would be nice if you would die alone.”


The demon king of confinement laughed a little louder.

“You seem to guess what my satisfaction is.”

“I’ve been thinking about it. Everyone else is dying, but how does it feel to move on to the next one without being alone? What would it be like to conquer the world but not be able to dominate it and be swept away by destruction? Why did you make a pact with Vermouth and give it a grace period of 300 years? What do you want to gain from it?”

The demon king of confinement laughed wordlessly. Eugene faced that smile and twisted his lips.

“You want to end the destruction, but you can’t. No matter how strong you are, the Great Demon King, destruction cannot end. All you can do is to be left alone in the sea where everything has disappeared.”

Yujin said so and walked forward.

“I have never experienced anything like that, but I can imagine it. It would be a terrible feeling. It’s not something that happens every few decades, but it’s been happening over hundreds of thousands of years. When I think of that, I rather feel awe of you.”

Eugene did not stop and stood in front of the demon king of confinement.

“you. How long did you want to die?”

The demon king of confinement stared at Eugene without a word. A thin smile still hung on his lips.

“But a body that cannot die in vain.”

The demon king of confinement opened his mouth.

“Don’t be quick to decide my longing, Eugene Lionheart. I have shown you many mercy… … It would be too much of an insult to me to judge the yearnings I have cherished all my life.”

“You mean you can’t commit suicide.”

“If I could, it would have been a long time ago.”

The demon king of confinement let out a dry laugh and shook his head.

“Speaking of me, eliciting your sentiments, and making you understand is one of the greatest pleasures in my eons… … There is no reason for you to do that now. This is not even Babel, and you are not qualified to stand in front of me.”

“Is killing Noir Jebella qualified?”

“You are the one who decided to kill her and climb Babel.”

“good. I won’t understand you, but I’ll listen to your story before I kill you in Babel.”

Eugene said that and passed the demon king of confinement.

He tried to pass by, but a towering chain blocked Eugene’s way.

“Do you want to go inside?”

“That’s why I came here.”

“It is impossible to save Vermouth even if you have met him now.”


“I’m not even sure if we’ll be able to talk.”


Yujin glared at the chained door and opened her mouth.

“just. I came because I wanted to see that bastard’s face.”

“… … .”

“It doesn’t matter if the conversation doesn’t go through. Because I will speak unilaterally and finish it.”

The chain that blocked my way came down slowly.

“This is the last one.”

The demon king of confinement whispered.

“This meeting is the last warmth I give you. At the same time, this is also the sympathy that I, the demon lord in captivity, have toward Vermouth Lionheart.”

“Uh, yes.”

Part of the chain that closed the door came loose. The door opened slightly, and Eugene stretched out his foot toward the gap.

“Good job.”

I heard the confined devil’s laugh.

go in through the crack in the door

I closed my eyes once and opened them.

A place I’ve seen before.

A desolate world that seems to reproduce emptiness as it is.

The center of a deep cut wound.

I saw Vermouth sitting in a chair chained up.

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