Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 58

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To put it simply, the lower end of the White Dragon Knights were caught talking badly about Lionheart. They clamored that Lionheart’s prestige was not as good as before, and that it was rotting and festering from the inside. Despite boasting about being the lineage of a great hero, she was frightened by Princess Raksha, who had fled from Helmud, and laughed at her, saying that she was being protected by the Imperial Knights.

Upon hearing the story, the members of the White Lion Knights couldn’t stand it and asked for a duel, and the result was half and half. It didn’t end like that, and other knights were added, and the scale of the duel increased.

Alchester wanted to cover the matter moderately, but the White Dragon Knights were loyal to the emperor of Kiel, not Alchester. Perhaps he received some kind of order from the emperor, he began to duel one after another, even the members of the White Dragon Knights who were not committed to defending the Ryan Hart mansion.

As the work progressed, the owner of the house, Gilade, could no longer stand by. He directly proposed a formal confrontation between the White Lion Knights and the White Dragon Knights. Depending on the result, the winner apologized unconditionally to the loser and the condition was set to pay the right compensation.

“I am not a member of the White Lion Knights.”

“The family head and his son belong to the commanders of the White Lion Knights. You wouldn’t know that, would you?”

“No matter how much, it’s a little bit of a hematopoietic participation in the home. The lord who serves their problems is stepping up.”

“If Xian, the official successor, steps forward, they will think so. But are you not the heir, and are you not in a position to give up the right to succeed? Besides, you are in a position to be respected by the young knights of the White Lion Knights, so if you participate in the competition, the morale of the knights will greatly increase.”

Seeing that the words he spat out were not blocked and continued smoothly, it must have been his intention to persuade them from the beginning. Eugene clicked her tongue and tilted her head.

“You are so cowardly.”

“Let’s call it a ruse.”

Carmen smiled, put a cigar in her hand, and waved it.

< Competition >

As I approached to open the closed door, I felt the muted footsteps move away. Eugene stood in front of the door and waited for a while. She didn’t open the door like that, so she sneaked closer again.

opened the door immediately.



Two stupid-sounding screams. Eugene looked ahead with her sullen face. I saw Desiira, who took a few steps back in her sloppy posture, and Ciel, who was making an impudent expression as if he hadn’t made a sound.

Hyak was Ciel, and Heeik was Dejaira.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“What are you doing? I was just passing through the hallway.”

My heart beat in surprise quickly calmed down. Ciel rolled his eyes at Dejaira, who was backing away, and scolded her.

“Stupid Dejaira. Why did you make such an unsightly noise?”


“You just said something stupid. Hee, hee, I mean. No matter how surprised you are, isn’t it too much to scream twice in a row?”

“What do you mean? I didn’t scream twice. And, strictly speaking, what I just uttered was hardly a scream…”

“no. you screamed twice Thanks to that, I was shocked and froze!”

Ciel had no intention of admitting that he had screamed. At the same time, a corner of her heart popped out.

‘Did I read the signs clearly?’

Eugene at least understood that Ciel was reading signs. So, she killed Ciel and waited in front of her door to bully him. No matter how keen Ciel’s senses were, it was impossible for Ciel to notice if Eugene was determined to kill her presence.

“I only screamed once!”

“Dijira! Do you, the squire, dare to rebel against me, the shooter?”

Ciel glared at Didyra with a stern expression. It was as she said. A massive reinforcement of the Black Lion Knights. Desiira made her own wish and joined the 3rd division of the Black Death’s division, led by Carmen Ryan Hart, whom she admired.

It was good to wear the uniform of the Black Lion like that, but unfortunately, Dejaira’s skills were lacking in many aspects to become the Black Lion. Eventually, Desiira became an apprentice knight, and became an assistant shooter to Carmen’s disciple, Ciel.

“…this… this is absurd. No matter how much Ciel-sama is my shooter, I can’t admit that I said something I didn’t say.”

“If you keep doing that, I won’t take care of you the next time we go out together.”

Ciel stared at Desiira with thinly opened eyes. At those words, Dejaira’s eyes trembled. You might feel that Ciel is the incarnation of absurdity just by listening to her words, but surprisingly, Ciel was taking care of Desiira, who had become a black lion, in various ways. She had promised to go out with her on the next outing and give her a gift of a spear she wanted from an expensive armor store that would make her shed tears of blood.

“that’s right. Actually, I screamed twice.”

“Did you hear?”

Desiira admitted it with a shy expression, and Ciel looked at Eugene with a proud smile.

“…what are you talking about?”

“Why do you keep visiting Carmen-sama’s office these days?”

The smile that had been hanging on a moment ago quickly disappeared. Ciel looked suspiciously at Eugene’s face.

“You’re not thinking of becoming Carmen’s disciple, are you?”

“Is there anything wrong?”

“no. You are learning specially from Genos-sama. But accepting Carmen-sama’s guidance is too mean and unfair.”

“that’s right. Carmen-sama is very busy just instructing the 3rd Division…”

Originally, Designira did not use honorifics to Eugene. However, while using honorifics for Xian and Ciel, it was difficult for Yujin not to use honorifics, so after coming to the family home in the 3rd division, he had been consciously trying to use honorifics.

“It must be very nice that you are loved everywhere.”

Eugene said while glancing at Carmen with her legs on the table. Pong, Pong. Carmen was flicking her Dupont lighter, holding back a smile that spread across her lips.

“It’s slowly getting to the time of the competition, what are you guys doing here? Even if you don’t participate, didn’t all the knights decide to observe?”

“That’s why I came here. To pick you up with Carmen.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t sit comfortably with you.”


“I decided to participate in the competition.”

He responded without any tension or worry.

Ciel and Dejaira’s eyes widened.


Since 300 years ago, Lionheart had used the entire vast forest on the western border of Seiris as his domain, and there were no other nobleman’s domains around his family.

In other words, this field is not Lionheart’s private property. The Land of Kiel, the Land of the Emperor. A confrontation stemming from trivial disputes. However, more blood than necessary must not be shed. This confrontation must always respect each other’s honor and be confined to chivalry.

…That was the gist of it, but the gathered observers didn’t think so.

Hundreds of pairs of eyes watched to ensure that this confrontation was honorable to each other, did not violate chivalry, and prevented excessive bloodshed. All of them were aristocrats with their own prestige in Kiel, and even if they didn’t have a title, there were several capitalists with wealth that couldn’t be ignored. Their eyes were full of interest in the upcoming battle between knights rather than dim things like honor or chivalry.

The White Dragon Knights, under the imperial family, and the Knights of the Lion Heart, which had a reputation for 300 years ago, would face off head-on. Until now, there had never been a head-to-head confrontation between the Imperial Knights and the Knights under the aristocracy in Kiel.

‘Usually it’s all over before an all-out war even takes place.’

It’s not just the Imperial Knights and the Noble Knights. Noble knights do not fight against each other. This is because the direct conflict between the knights has plenty of room to develop into a territory war.

so. Fights between knights must always be based on justification, duels must be neat so as not to leave any regrets, and mutual respect must be respected so as not to inflict too much humiliation on the loser. The duel that took place in this way should not be concluded in one-on-one, and the entire field knights should not be mobilized by the nobles who are the masters…

“The dispute itself was raised by the White Dragon Knights first, and the justification was with Lionheart from the beginning.”

“However, the White Dragon Knights, who serve the Emperor, cannot bow first.”



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“He is too, but…”

“This is a story from the imperial palace, but His Majesty intended this to escalate into an all-out war.”


“As you know, a while ago there was an infighting between blood relatives in Lionheart’s domain, Mount Uklas. There were not many casualties, but the honor of Lionheart, who was proud of being the best warrior on the continent, fell to the bottom. Even his old traditions were abolished in order to rectify him and reorganize the power of his family.”

The Marquis of Blezico is leading the conversation. He is an aristocrat who is famous for his wide feet even in social churches. He whispered in a low voice, as if he were telling a great secret.

“Lionheart is a prestigious aristocratic family that can be said to be the great pillar of Kiel. Their ancestor, the great Vermut, is a great hero who will forever leave his name in the history of the continent. …Since such a family started to decline… How sad must His Majesty’s heart be?”


“His Majesty intended to confirm that Lionheart’s prestige was not weakened in the slightest through this confrontation, so that everyone observing him could confirm it. Even if the White Lion Knights defeat the White Dragon Knights in this grand battle, His Majesty will be very pleased.”

…Conversations of such content flowed from place to place among the crowd of observers.

“It’s hard to understand His Majesty’s intentions.”

“It is not necessary to understand the will of the Supreme.”

Alchester muttered, and the man next to him answered.

“It’s true that Lionheart has been through a lot of storms lately, isn’t it? It’s a confrontation that stems from quarrels, but it’s not bad to have an all-out confrontation like this to confirm the power of Lionheart.”

“…It’s the Black Lion Knights who have suffered from the storm. The White Lion Knights of the main family suffered no damage.”

“Yes, I know that. However, the knights who have signed an oath of loyalty to a family that is creaking from the inside out… will they be as good as the name passed down along with the tradition…?”

The man looked across the street with a thin smile. Lionheart flags fluttering. The White Lion Knights in gray uniforms and the Black Lion Knights in black uniforms. The head of the house, Guillaid Lionheart, rode a black horse and stood in the center.

“Don’t ignore Lionheart. They are warriors who have reigned for 300 years, and among the knights fascinated by their name, only those with exceptional skills are carefully selected, and the Knights of the White Lion are those.”

Alchester was offended by the man’s blatant disrespect for Lionheart. As the leader of the White Dragon Knights, he swore absolute loyalty to the emperor, but as a knight, he was fascinated and respected by ‘The Great Vermouth’.

“…If I had really ignored them, I wouldn’t have participated in the confrontation.”

One of the captains of the White Dragon Knights. Ebold Magius.

“Apart from the victory or defeat of the competition, it is necessary to know Lionheart’s strength more closely even for the reunion scheduled for next year.”

That’s not the only reason. Alchester also told the emperor about this great battle.

No matter how heroic they may be, Lionheart is an aristocratic family. Isn’t it excessive power for such a family to separately operate 160 knights and 60 knights? Is it really right to respect the hero and his stature of 300 years ago more than the emperor who reigns right now?

So I want to take a picture and press it. Even if you lose in the match, you won’t lose much. Even that defeat was taken care of by the Emperor. Such stories have already spread among observers.

But what if you win? The whole world will know that Lionheart’s fortune has really declined, and that the hero’s blood has thinned. As a result, if there were any deserters from the White Lion Knights, the Emperor would generously embrace them and provide them with a place in his Knights’ Order.

“Do you regret it?”

Carmen also rode a black horse. She swayed the hem of her coat and stared straight ahead at her.

“What do you mean?”

“That’s what suggested a match.”

Guillaid smiled bitterly.

“Your Majesty was too outspoken.”

“Because the peace has been too long.”

Pong. Carmen flicked the lighter and put a cigar in her mouth.

“Power builds up, but there is nowhere to release it. However, there are many things to worry about when it comes to fighting a war. Even the sultan of Nahama drools here and there because his stomach is full of oil, and our majestic Emperor drools a lot too.”

“…You are saying something dangerous.”

“Am I wrong? If you become the emperor of the empire, you should be content with just the right amount… If our ancestors hadn’t decided to take root in Kiel 300 years ago, do you think Kiel would have maintained its status as an empire in that chaotic time?”

“…I think the land may have been reduced a bit.”

“okay. Kiel has a lot of enemies. If we hadn’t stopped the barbarians in the southern jungle right away, the Imperial Knights, whom His Majesty is proud of, would have taken over our role. Gazoo, do you know what I mean?”


“Lionheart protected Kiel for 300 years. Regardless of title! But even though His Majesty, whose stomach is full of oil, doesn’t appreciate our hard work, he sets out to trample on the family name and steal our strength, targeting when we become weak.”

Carmen showed cold anger. Although she retains the appearance of her twenties, Carmen is Gilreid’s aunt.

“So go. Don’t regret if you offered a match. It was a decision made by the head of the household. The great hero’s blood that flows in our bodies has never thinned, and the Lionheart family is not broken even though it has gone through harsh storms. Yes, like a pine tree that withstands the storm…!”

What does a pine tree have to do with it?

Gilreid felt the question, but never said it out loud. Having been through this since childhood, he knew very well that affirmation and silence were his most effective means of communicating with Carmen.

“…I don’t regret it. As my aunt said, someone had to make a decision. And that decision is something I, as the owner of the family home, have to make.”

“Don’t call me Auntie.”

“…Yes, Carmen-sama. Why do you have any regrets in the first place? I believe in knights loyal to Lionheart. Even though their last name is not Lionheart, and Lionheart’s blood doesn’t flow in their bodies. They are the Knights of Lionheart, who have sworn allegiance to Lionheart.”

The White Dragon Knights, called the best in the empire. Even Gilreid knows that reputation well. However, he did not think that the White Lion Knights were inferior to them.


Gilreid looked ahead with a wry smile.

“…I honestly can’t imagine him losing.”

Nine white lion knights participating in the competition.

Eugene was in the middle of it.

“Don’t burden yourself too much.”

Duduk. Slowly turning and loosening the wrist joint, the other hand was placed inside the cloak to examine the armament.

“The opponent is the Knights of the Empire Day.”

It was a word spoken at will.

Other articles have heard that too.

The white lion knights are well aware that this young master is an absurd and absurd monster. The difference in class that even envy and jealousy cannot bear. In addition to the innate qualities, achievements achieved without neglecting to practice even for a single day. The young boy, only 20 years old this year, was already recognized by the knights.

“Shall I go too?”

“It’s obvious that there will be comparisons. Don’t be shy, stay still, bro.”

Xian made a sullen expression and glared at the back of Yujin’s head.

“That bastard has no humanity, no humanity. I know people are proud, but it’s too much.”

“Jealousy is ugly.”

“Can I see you for a day or two? uh? It’s already been 7 years since I’ve been jealous of that bastard. What are you thinking about?”

“It’s ugly to even admit it.”

“Anyway, being too handsome is not humane. look at me He’s moderately handsome, so he’s full of humanity. I know that? The white lion knights like me more than Eugene.”

Xian smirked and shrugged his shoulders proudly at Ciel.

“…If there’s a little bit of an ugly corner, I want to take care of something more, and that’s it.”

“What did you just say?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

surely. Although the attitudes of the knights of the head family toward Eugene and Xian were different. It was thanks to Eugene’s repeated declaration that he had no greed for the householder, Anicilla’s efforts from decades ago to the family members, and Xian himself’s efforts to overcome Yujin’s feelings without unconditional inferiority.

“therefore. If you win, you can point to the next opponent and fight in a row, right?”


The commander of the 2nd Division of the White Lion Knights. Hezar replied with a nod of his head.

“If you’re physically overworked or injured, it doesn’t matter if you don’t point out the next opponent and leave. This is not a duel to the death…”

Hezar paused for a moment and looked around.

“…If you look at the atmosphere, it has become like a friendly match where there is no harmonious match.”

“About the subject we quarreled with in the first place.”

Eugene sneered and unbuckled the cloak. Then, from inside the cloak, Mer stuck her head out.

“Are you going to take off your cloak and fight?”

“I will only use one sword. Then you don’t have to wear a cloak.”

“Then I can’t help Eugene.”

“I don’t even use magic. Are you just using a sword?”

“Really? Then can I come outside the cloak and take a look?”

“Since when did you ask me for permission like that?”

Eugene grumbled and took off his cloak beside him. Then Raman, who was standing in the back, hurriedly ran up and took Eugene’s cloak.

“Without Confucius’s direct step forward, I…”

“What qualifications do you have? Just go over there and take care of your father.”

Eugene waved his hand and glanced at Jehard. He was looking at Eugene from the horse with eyes full of emotion. It was the first time Jehad had seen his son on the battlefield in the spotlight as he is now.

“…if your father is so moved that he sheds tears, I’ll bring you a handkerchief.”


“If you say you can’t see me fighting, I’ll even give you a ride on a wooden horse. got it?”


I didn’t think much of it, but seeing Jehard look so thrilled, I thought I should do it better than planned.

‘Well… the purpose is also to draw interest from Lord Alchester, isn’t it?’

Eugene put the longsword he had taken out beforehand on his waist and looked back at the white lion knights participating in the battle.

“then. I will go out first.”


Hezar and the other knights couldn’t hide their bewildered expressions.

“Do you really need to do that…?”

“I will go first. That side will help you figure out their strength and determine their turn…”

“no. I’m leaving.”

Eugene firmly shook his head. Then, without waiting for an answer, she began to stride forward.

At first, the observers did not recognize Eugene. The adopted son of the head family with many rumors. The youngest member of Akreon, and the owner of Akasha, who was recognized by the wise Senya… Those unconventional rumors abounded, but Eugene had never appeared at a social church or ball.

but. I didn’t recognize it at first, but soon the observers recognized Eugene. Lionheart’s uniform. Lion print on the left chest. Shaggy gray hair and golden eyes.

“…Eugene Lionheart?”

I don’t think I came here with the intention of saying hello. The observers looked at Eugene with a muffled sound. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he is currently the most famous young man in Ryan Hart. Rumors abound, but a fortune-teller who has never appeared at the social gatherings of the Kiel nobles. So, there was no choice but to have great expectations in the eyes of the observers who were looking at Eugene.

It was the same with the White Dragon Knights who started to hum. In particular, Alchester, the leader, was greatly embarrassed and stared at Carmen and Gilreid behind Eugene.

Perhaps feeling that gaze, Gilreid smiled wryly and shrugged his shoulders. Instead of Carmen laughing, she proudly held out her Dupont lighter and opened and closed the lid.

“…This is so…”

Alchester let out a short sigh and shook his head. The list of participating knights was not disclosed to each other. I didn’t think that the boy from the hometown, especially Eugene Lionheart, would step forward.

‘…I can’t even go out now.’

When Alchester had such troubles.

Ebolt, who was by his side, got off his horse. He put his hand on the sword at his waist and strode forward.


“I will go.”

Ebold answered without stopping.


Ebold Magius.

He, too, was well aware of the rumors about Eugene. The progenitor of Lionheart, a genius called the Second Coming of the Great Vermouth. Adopted children who are not related to the original family.

In other words, the achievements following Eugene Ryanhart are accumulated after only seven years of initiation into Mana.

‘…A wizard with genius qualities… Not only was he adopted as an adoptee because he was excellent enough to convince the stubborn Lionheart of his martial arts abilities.’

Ebolt’s steps stopped. While measuring the gap between him and Eugene, he gazed at her face. 20 years old… young. He is too young to make a name for himself on the continent.

“…It must have come for a showdown, right?”


Yujin nodded and replied. Eugene did not recognize who Ebold was. However, he didn’t look younger than he was by face value, so he bowed his head first.

“My name is Eugene Lionheart.”

“My name is Ebold Magius. I’m in charge of the 4th division captain of the White Dragon Knights.”

I guessed from the momentum he showed, but he must have been the captain after all. Eugene raised his bowed head.

Ebold had no intention of asking about Eugene’s qualifications to be here. It was because he knew very well that such a question would provoke the observers who were watching with expectant eyes in the wrong direction. So Ebold took a few steps back proudly and tapped the hilt of his sword.

“…To be confronted with the famous Master of Lionhearts. I am very lucky too.”

What do you mean?

Eugene suppressed the laughter that burst out. Isn’t it obvious Captain of the White Dragon Knights. A position where I have no choice but to be proud of my skills. He would probably be twice as old as Eugene, and he would have accumulated more experience and practiced more than Eugene.

So, Ebold hastily misunderstood his victory. It is said that Kiyer has never appeared in a social church, but enough information about Eugene has already spread around the world.

‘I don’t have a cloak.’

What accounts for a large part of the rumors about Eugene Ryanhart is his diversity, which is unbelievable at a young age of 20. What made him known to the world was the confrontation with Generic Osman, a green tower owner, in Arrot. A tactic that stores several types of weapons inside the cloak and changes them depending on the situation.

‘…Storm sword Winid. Aspel, the predatory sword…’

According to the information gathered by the intelligence agency, when breaking through the barbarians in Samar Great Forest, it is said that ‘lightning’ and ‘shelling’ were used. What that meant was clear. Even the thunderbolt Pernoa and the dragon spear Karbos were inside the cloak.

Among the heads of Lionheart in the past, there was no one who monopolized 4 of the family’s treasures. In addition to the wise Senya’s staff, Akasha… Each one is an artifact that needs to be managed at the national level.

Taking off the cloak meant not using that artifact. Right now, Eugene’s only weapon is a sword worn around his waist.

…Isn’t it unavoidable to think like this?

Eugene Lionhart. I have no intention of doubting his genius. However, his ‘power’ is amplified by freely handling those great artifacts. Not using all of the weapons he had and coming out with only one sword was the courage of a young man.


The sword at the waist was pulled out. I had no intention of giving up the lead. His Majesty wants the White Dragon Knights to win. If that Eugene Lionheart is defeated from the beginning, the morale of the White Lion Knights will fall, and Lionheart’s name will be left with a big blemish.

I made up my mind and took a step forward. I did not underestimate my opponent. From the moment he pulled out his sword, Ebold was ready for battle. The core he had trained for decades immediately sent mana through his body. His keenly awakened senses were to the extent that he could read the flow of the wind and even feel the weight of the thread falling on his uniform.

Yet it was not visible.

When Ebold took a step, Eugene was already in front of Evolt, completely closing the gap between them. At that speed, the gap was already meaningless.

However, Eugene did not pull out his sword. He simply stood a few paces in front of Ebold, and he only stared silently into his face.

Belatedly, Ebolt realized the situation. That calm golden gaze, the wind that follows, the lightning that crackles and splashes, and the fluttering white embers,

A hand resting on the hilt.


Ebold groaned and dragged his feet back. At the same time, the space between Ebolt and Eugene was filled with slashes. It was a flurry of quick swords that made the observers doubt their eyes.

It was Ebolt who wanted to doubt their eyes more than them. The hand that had just been resting on the hilt of the sword. When did you test it out? I couldn’t figure it out. Eugene’s hand was already gripping the hilt, and the sword came out of the scabbard.

not flashy At first glance, it looks like it’s dripping. …That’s why I doubt my eyes. Ebolt’s eyes couldn’t completely follow Eugene’s sword. So it seems to be disconnected. If you want to swing that way, you are already on the other side, and if you think you are there and try to ‘move’ the sword, this time it stabs you from a completely different place.

It doesn’t just look like it’s dripping. Even the sword Ebolt wielded began to break. Eugene’s sword intervened in a place that Ebolt couldn’t understand, blocking the path so that the sword could not cut or stab further, and cut it off.

‘…is this… what…’

This is not what Ebold intended. He wasn’t even conscious. Inevitably, naturally, as if it had no choice but to be. Ebold’s feet began to slide back. The black bolt that his eyes couldn’t follow threatened the senses that had spent a lifetime sharpening their teeth. It seems veiled. cut That alert made me involuntarily withdraw.

when i noticed him Ebold had already taken 10 steps back. If Eugene had continued to swing his sword, he would have stepped back dozens or hundreds of steps instead of ten.


ㅡ I can’t. what happened to me now? My head was confused, and my hands were throbbing. hit hundreds of times. never pushed out Rather, it was pushed back, and it was swung…

Is this… magic? A type of mental attack that shows hallucinations and disturbs the senses…

Ebold knew very well that that couldn’t be the case.

‘…fast. And sophisticated. much more than me…’

Admitted. His feet, which had only retreated, came forward again. ㅡCoooung! The ground shook greatly in her. Mana spewing out from the core covered Evolt’s entire body, permeating the space and adding density to the mana in the air. That ‘weight’ put pressure on Eugene, putting strength into Ebolt’s sword.

A slash that seemed to split the entire space in two. The sword spun in Eugene’s grip.

The sword waved.

Under the pressure, Eugene’s sword was so free that it was impossible to hold on to it. The sword was still fast, but unlike before, it was impossible to grasp the true nature of the slash. Mana flowing at super high speed. It was trained to perfection, and the finished body drastically changed the trajectory of the sword.

It’s too glitzy. The slash created by swinging was once. I couldn’t fathom all the changes in that one swing. It doesn’t even break once. The slashes are connected as if they were one body from the beginning. It started with a quick sword, but from a certain moment the flow slowed down, and unlike what he felt was light, a huge pressure came back to press Ebolt.

It was as if a huge wave of fog was rolling in. There is no escape. can you break through? What is the meaning of breaking through the fog? After parting, the body is already enveloped in fog.


Ebold couldn’t go any further and stopped. There are no cuts… The sword is fine too. It wasn’t even that the sword steel was destroyed. But I just couldn’t walk any further.

The ‘sword’ that looked like waves of fog stopped right in front of me. If only you put a little bit of will into it. All of the fog that wrapped around her body would have turned into blades and slashed Ebolt’s body. It must have been broken into dozens or hundreds of pieces and scattered on the floor.


Ebold couldn’t stand it and bent down to vomit blood. His body wasn’t cut. But his heart was hacked. All Ebold felt from Eugene’s sword was the despair that he would never be able to defeat.


“Thank you for your effort.”

Eugene smiled and reached out to Ebolt. It was an outstretched hand for a handshake, but Ebold unknowingly shrugged his shoulders. It was because of the deep-seated fear in his heart.

“…You’re crazy.”

Carmen stuck out her tongue and shook her head. He thought he was well aware of Yujin’s skills, having fought with Princess Nachal just a month ago.

…Is the time since then really a month? The growth rate is unbelievable. I couldn’t believe my skills back then, but now I’m a few steps ahead of that time.


What was astonishing was the same with Guilade. Unlike Ebolt, he didn’t let go of Eugene’s sword. However, that was because he contemplated on the street now. What if… if Eugene’s sword was directly digging into the opponent… would he have been able to see it without missing anything like he did just before?

“…that’s cool.”

Alchester muttered that involuntarily. confrontation. A confrontation between two knights. Leaving aside those things, the skill that Eugene had just shown heated up Alchester’s warrior spirit. Alchester let go of the reins he was holding tight.

Ebold, the captain of the 4th division, was not an underdog. No matter who came out of the White Lion Knights, he was a master with great skills to deal with.

That Evolt admitted defeat without even trying to wield the sword to his heart’s content.

…I want to get off my horse right away and meet that young man with swords. But Alchester knew very well that this was not the case.


“I know.”

Alchester let out a short sigh.

A wind catcher was planted among the observers to make them aware that winning or losing is not that important. However, the moment Alchester, the leader of the White Dragon Knights, steps forward, the weight of this confrontation changes drastically.

Even if it’s a confrontation like this, it means that the rank has to be matched.

If Alchester steps forward, a knight with a corresponding level must come out from the other side as well. The leader of the White Lion Knights is Grius Miles. Although he is a knight who has served Lionheart for decades, he is a little inferior to Alchester, who is called the First Empire.

That’s why the family head can’t step out directly. If Alchester goes out, Carmen will definitely come out on Lionheart’s side, but if that happens… Alchester couldn’t guarantee his own victory.

‘…Even if Carmen-sama doesn’t step forward… It’s not the place for the leader to go out and fight.’

In the first place, they couldn’t get permission from the emperor to participate. Alchester forcibly shook off his regret and took the reins again.

After then.

Eugene did not back down. Defeated 3 more White Dragon Knights. The aspect of the confrontation was not very different from that of Ebold. Among the three, there was also a knight who used a spear, but he was overwhelmed by Eugene’s sword without taking advantage of the soldier’s advantage at all.

All three were defeated like that. To the extent that I had no choice but to surrender, I was defeated without any help.

“Oh, it’s hard.”

After winning four victories, Eugene stepped back while pretending to rub his forehead, where not a single drop of sweat had flowed from it. They could fight more like this, but the White Dragon Knights, who said they really did that, would have a seizure.

In fact, there are signs of that even now. Knights by Alchester’s side. They seemed to be captains like Ebolt, but there were two knights worth noting among them.


When Eugene stepped back, the observers with their own status and dignity let out primitive cheers. Jehad shed tears at the applause, and Rahman handed a handkerchief to Jehad, feeling deep in his heart.

“Who are they?”

Eugene responded by waving his hand at his father’s ardent gaze. Then he returned to the white lion knights and asked the leader, Grius.

“Karian Diak, the captain of the 1st Division of the White Dragon Knights. This is Dairy Diark, the captain of the 2nd Division.”

same surname. They don’t look alike, but they seem to be brothers.

Eugene smiled at the two, who were still glaring at him as if they were going to kill him.



way back to the mansion.

Gerhard cried out to Eugene several times and tried to hug him. Of course, Yuji didn’t want to touch Zehad’s beard, which was drenched in tears, so he spread his arms and pushed his father away with wind.

It made Jehard feel a complicated sadness. He seems to have been holding me in his arms before he became an adult… Actually, I’ve never hugged him willingly, but like all parents, I was compensating for my childhood with excessive memories.

‘Now they’re pushing it away with the wind without even using their hands…!’

The wind was cool enough that it was good.

“I hoped for victory.”

Carmen clicked her tongue and put the cigar in her mouth. The result of the match was 7 to 3, and the White Lion Knights won, but Eugene won 4 times, so the match between the two knights was 3 to 3.

“Don’t be too upset. The opponent is the White Dragon Knights, right?”

“house owner. Don’t speak softly. Other than the first Ebolt, the captain didn’t even appear.”

“The White Lion Knights didn’t have a captain other than Lord Hezar, right? That Lord Hezar has won.”

“That said, the defeat of an ordinary knight should not be taken lightly. I guess I need to increase my training. Grius, you are old, so you can get lost.”

Pong. Hearing the words accompanied by the sound of a Dupont lighter, Grius had no choice but to think seriously about how to respond. He had served Lionheart for decades, though he was a gray-haired old man.

But a little younger than Carmen.

“…no. I will join you.”

“That’s a great answer. Starting tomorrow, we will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in hell.”

Carmen smiled and replied. Actually, he wasn’t feeling too bad. As revealed in her behavior so far, Carmen is a person who enjoys the response and attention of the people around her. Applause poured out throughout the competition. Lionheart’s Glory. restoration of honor. All things Carmen likes.

“…hey. How did you do that earlier?”

Xian, who had a grumpy face, slowly drove his horse to Eugene’s side.

“The book I gave you. You just have to work hard for it.”

In response, Xian’s face crumpled terribly. The book I received from Eugene… The terrible training method in it continues to follow.

Ways to harass the core as much as it is horrendous. Xi’an’s qualities were also quite excellent, and thanks to not neglecting his training, the effect was slowly coming. Core like heart, mana like blood.

To some extent, it was possible. However, it was extremely difficult to move the body with only mana instead of muscle strength, and the realm of letting mana follow movements without using the core was unaware. In the first place, the organ that is supposed to draw out mana is the core, but does it make sense to stop it and draw out mana?

“You must have learned this and that from Sir Genos and the other captains, didn’t you?”

“I learned … uh … this … it’s a dog.”

“Why are you swearing all of a sudden?”

“It looks like you worked hard, but it doesn’t look like you worked very hard, so I’m angry…”

“Yeah, then you can work harder.”

Eugene chuckled and slapped Xian on the back.


In the middle of the main forest.

There is an artificial lake here that was completed a few weeks ago. Near the elven village. It is also close to the sapling of the world tree. Eugene left the welcome of the elves and approached the lake.


A greeting mingled with a smirk flew by. White Pagoda Lord Melchis Elhair. She sat in the middle of the lake and waved her hand at Eugene. Melchis had been staying in this forest for the past three days, using the elves’ education as an excuse.

Eugene narrowed his eyes towards Melchis, who greeted him warmly. There was a story she had heard from Carmen earlier, so she made up her mind, but fortunately, Melkis was dressed perfectly.

“Why is your expression so deadly? Could it be that you were punished in a competition?”

“It can’t be.”

“Yeah, I guess. The elves told me. I heard you participated in the battle against the White Dragon Knights? The White Lion Knights may be defeated, but there is no way you would have been defeated.”

Melchis giggled and rose from the lake. The lake, so clear that it felt transparent, created a small ripple with every step Melchis took.

“It seems like we won the competition, and Lionheart is full of happy things… Why is the proud boy’s expression so rotten…”

“Why were you sitting naked in the lake?”

words spoken out of nowhere.

Melchis naturally closed his lips. Then, for a while, he stared at Eugene’s face. A little confusion in my head… Shame! didn’t reveal him. Shame is a shame enough to tear your hair out only when it is revealed and known to others.

“…It’s training.”

“Where is such a ridiculous practice?”

“Hey, kid. You don’t seem to know much about spirit magic, but in order to communicate more deeply with spirits…”

“You said it was a superstition that had no effect.”

“…you really don’t know anything? There was a time when a very interesting paper was submitted to Arot’s Magic Society.”

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“Listen to the end. The contents of the thesis are as follows. An alchemist conducted clinical trials in the process of developing a new magic drug? He explained to the experimenters in detail what kind of new drug he had created, and then administered the medicine.”

“So what?”

“After the end of administration for a period of time. The experimenters replied that they had a clear effect with the magic drug.”

“If you take medicine, of course you will get sick.”

“yes! But, in fact, the medicines the alchemist administered were plain water that did not cause any change, only a subtle taste and the color of a magic drug.”


“In other words, even if there is no effect in reality, when various psychological factors and beliefs are added, a clear effect appears. That’s the placebo effect! Aren’t you curious? It’s not even hypnotic magic, but changes happen depending on the mindset… Haven’t you seen the effect of strong self-suggestion a few times?”

“Yeah… what…”

“can do. I can do it! …belief is what counts, even if it doesn’t really work.”


Yujin nodded her head with a confused expression. So, Melchis is holding on to that superstition that doesn’t have any effect… Placebony or whatever… Does that thing work even when you already know it’s a superstition?

“…so did you see any effect?”

“Before you ask that question, I want you to remind me of who I am. My name is Melchis Elhair. He is the greatest spiritist in history.”

“yes. Spirit Princess of the White Magic Tower.”


At Eugene’s answer, Melchis covered his ears and screamed. I don’t know anything else, but it was hard to bear the shame of that nickname in my youth.

“Anyway, if you’re going to meditate naked next time… then… make sure no one is around.”

“Guess… you’re always on guard, aren’t you? So, who the hell saw my meditation?”

“It’s Carmen.”

“Of course…!”

“It’s better than being seen by a man.”

“That woman must have laughed at me…! What did she say when she saw me?”

“You didn’t say anything. He was just, very… uh… embarrassed.”

As Eugene said that, she created magic and wrapped herself in transparent air bubbles. Melchis’s eyes narrowed at that sight.

“Cha-am, it’s amazing.”


“I am also diligently practicing spirit magic as I was in and out of this forest, just like when I was young. It means that the spirit of the world tree does not dwell like you.”

He didn’t bother to answer the muttering that was full of regret. Eugene couldn’t explain in detail why the spirit of the world tree resided in his body.

Is the white salt diet special? Or is Eugene born with a natural talent for mana manipulation? Surprisingness of the round salt ceremony grafted with the Eternal Circle? Akasha made of dragon hearts. An understanding of the magic that comes from it? The spirit aptitude you acquired after contracting with the wind spirit king, Tempest?

Everyone seemed to be like that. The spark of lightning became one with the spirit of the World Tree and melted into Eugene’s mana.

‘…Maybe… it could be a special protection.’

Eugene regarded that as one of the factors. He visited the elven estate deep in the Great Forest of Samar. He saw an empty elven village, he saw the World Tree towering in the middle of the lake, and the elves who would be sleeping within it — wounded and sealed to death. He saw Senya, who was sustaining his life by connecting to the World Tree.

There, Eugene experienced a clear miracle. Anise spread her eight wings and was connected to Christina. Thanks to the miracle she caused, Eugene met Senya in the world of her consciousness.

‘…the protection of the spirit…whether it was given by Anise or the World Tree.’

I don’t know the specific reason, but it was a privilege to have the lightning spark melted into mana.

“Don’t follow me.”

“Don’t follow me. Even if I go there, it only boils inside me. Why are you following me?”

Melchis fired back and stepped back.

“…I’ve said it many times, but that cloak is mine. 6 years left If you get wet, you’ll get wet…!”

I left behind Melchis, who clenched his fists proudly and shook them. After looking around, Eugene strode out to the lake. His feet on the surface of the water didn’t make the slightest ripple, and soon Eugene was standing in the middle of the lake.

“Does Eugene know how to swim?”

Mer, who was in the cloak, stuck her head out. Eugene laughed at her Mer’s grumpy expression, knowing what she was thinking.

-The sea road leading to Helmud was very, very rough. The sky over that sea was so full of dark clouds that the sun could not be seen, and I knew that raging waves and storms would end.

Hamel, who had just become a teammate, had a reputation for being mean and ferocious even among mercenaries. But even Hamel couldn’t run wild in that rough sea according to his personality.

Because Hamel didn’t know how to swim. A fight with monsters that attack every day! Ahh! Hamel screamed and fell into the sea. It was unavoidable. At that time, Hamel was so weak and incompetent that I couldn’t even think of him as a warrior’s ally!

Help me, Senya!

Hamel, drowning in the sea, called the name of the wise Senya…

“I am good at swimming.”

“I know you’re embarrassed.”

“No really. The contents of that fairy tale book… that… It’s mostly a clever mix of truth and lies. It wasn’t me who fell into the sea, it was Senya.”


Mer’s eyes widened.

“After flying over the sea and chatting, the mana flowed back after being attacked by the black magician hiding below. I fell into the sea like that… Hamel, Hamel! save me! and screamed stupidly.”

Actually, I didn’t scream like that. The moment she fell into the sea, Senya’s consciousness was already cut off. If Hamel, who was nearby, hadn’t blown his body away, Senya’s body would have been torn apart by the sea whirlpool.

…The truth is, but Eugene calmly recited a lie. Since Senya the damn thing first blamed Hamel for the disgrace he suffered, Eugene, Hamel’s reincarnation, had the right to take revenge on Senya.

“Think carefully. Isn’t it strange that Senya, who grew up in a forest far from the sea, knows how to swim?”

“…Senya… There’s nothing Senya-sama can’t do.”

“Yeah, no. There were so many things I couldn’t count. I couldn’t swim, I couldn’t sew, I wasn’t very good at cooking. I know that? Even that vermouth was serious about Senya’s cooking a few times.”

Actually, it wasn’t quite like that. It’s true that he was the worst among the group, but he was able to eat Senya’s cooking. But what does that matter? While Hamel was away, Senya wrote a children’s book on her own and spread it to the world, all of which was a karma that Senya had to accept.

“Do you know how funny Senya looked when he was pulled out of the sea? My whole body was drenched in the salty sea water…”


Mer’s lips trembled and trembled.

“…Did this person… artificial… artificial respiration?”

“What does he say…”

“Since he fell into the sea… he must have drank water and stopped breathing, right? So… so artificial respiration…”

Mer’s cheeks turned red.

“… I didn’t do artificial respiration… I wiped the double nosebleeds that had been pouring.”

Eugene cleared his throat and answered. Artificial respiration…! She couldn’t possibly lie to that point. …What gain do you get from telling such a lie? In that respect, Eugene could not understand Senya.

Senya. i liked you

Why did he write such a joke at the end of a children’s book… No, maybe it was Anis who wrote that line. Eugene was sure that the damn children’s book was co-authored by Senya and Anis.

While Mer was wildly imagining and screaming. The air bubbles wrapped around Eugene slowly began to sink to the bottom of the water. That’s how Eugene dived under the lake.

This lake was created with the help of Melchis. The original lake was made wider and deeper. The lake construction was added to the development plan of the forest of the main house, which had been planned for a long time, but thanks to the help of Melchis, who made a contract with the land spirit king, the development of the forest was completed much faster than planned.

An artificial lake created in this way. Eugene continued to dive down past several fish swimming in the water.

the bottom of the lake.

There is a small underwater cave that leads somewhere. It is not a cave created by Melchis. When the lake was completed by digging the bottom of the lake and compacting the ground with the help of the earth spirit king.

ㅡThe ‘roots’ that had dug down into the forest’s basement touched the bottom of the lake.

Eugene stretched out his hand toward the entangled roots. …withdrawal! Inside the bubble, Eugene’s mana sparked a spark. Without Eugene’s intention, the lightning sparks soaked into mana flowed out of the air bubbles.

…the roots wriggled open. The entrance was open enough for a person to pass through.

The existence of this place is not even known to the people of the main family. In the first place, only Eugene was able to open the door to this cave. Melchis was the first to discover the cave, but even she was unable to open it.

“…I’ve been here several times already. It is a very mysterious place.”

Mer poked her head out of her cloak and looked up. A passage full of water. The ceiling directly above is made of tree roots, not soil or rocks. If you keep moving like that, you will pass completely under the lake and arrive at the bottom of the ‘forest’.

After getting on the ground, it burst air bubbles. A space where various types of roots and soil are intricately intertwined. A place created by the roots of the World Tree that reached the bottom of the forest.

…This place also touches Lionheart’s spirit vein. As Tempest once said, the roots of the World Tree were also connected to the artificial vein created by Vermouth. Thanks to this, Lionheart’s spirit vein has a greater amount of mana than before, and mana thick enough to feel like a spirit vein is floating throughout the forest.

This underground cave is thicker than the forest or Lionheart’s spirit vein and is filled with pure mana. At the same time, the spirits of the world tree are in harmony with mana. The reason Eugene can open the root and enter this cave is because the spirit of the world tree, the lightning spark melted in his mana, responded with other spirits.

“Do you think it will be today?”

“Probably not.”

Eugene answered and sat down in the center of the cave. Even though he didn’t use the white salt ceremony, the spirits of the world tree in harmony with mana began to sneak up on Eugene. Mischievous and nasty spirits like those wandering the forest. Even if you stretch out your hand and call him to come, he always looks around as if he’s leaving some room for a subject that doesn’t come.

‘Even if it’s the spirit of the world tree, it’s a primitive spirit that doesn’t have an ego.’

In other words, the movements of those spirits are not playful.


‘That means I can’t rule as I please.’

Since my previous life, I have never been seriously blocked from mana manipulation.

Spirits are considered another form of mana. Among them, the world tree is spiritually powerful enough for elves to believe in it, and the spirits dwelling in such a world tree are independent beings that even other spirit kings cannot control.

In other words, it was impossible for Eugene to control spirits that even the spirit king could not control. But what if you get help, not domination? If you want harmony and harmony, not surrender.


A soft flame enveloped Eugene. He closed his eyes and felt the spirit and mana of the World Tree together. The spirit vein created by Vermouth… the mana flowing from it. The spirits dwelling in the World Tree rooted in the forest.

Currently, Eugene’s white salt ceremony is 5 stars.

‘Though not today.’

Eugene was certain that sooner or later he would surpass 5 stars and reach 6 stars.

Rio Dragonic

The central district of Seiris, the capital city, Hiren.

A wealthy village where high-ranking aristocrats with a long-standing tradition and capitalists who have accumulated wealth from their ancestors live together. The most developed city in the capital, Seiris, and close to the Imperial Palace.

The mansion of Lionheart’s family is located on the outskirts of the capital, but the mansion of the Dragonic family is located in the center of Hiren.

300 years ago. The great Vermouth, the progenitor of Lionheart, became a naturalized citizen of the Kiel Empire and served as a grand duke. Strout I, the emperor of Kiel at the time, desperately wanted the hero to become his escort knight and stay close to his palace… But Vermouth refused the emperor’s request and spent most of his life in the southernmost part of Kiel. He lived in the castle on Mount Uklas.

And in his later years, he renounced the title of grand duke and stayed at the mansion in the forest, where Lionheart’s family is now, and closed his eyes there.

Oryx Dragonic. Unlike Vermut, he did not leave for Helmud even in the midst of an all-out war with the Demon King, and from the moment he came to Kiel, he stayed by Straut I’s side and served as the leader of the White Dragon Knights.

300 years after that. The Dragonic family has continued the legacy of a prestigious aristocratic and knightly family in Kiel. Although not all of the successive family heads have become emperor’s escort knights, they have produced some of the best knights in the continent. Among them, a few exceptional ones enjoyed the honor of escort knights who closely guarded the emperor of the empire.

The current head of the family, Alchester Dragonic, is said to be a natural genius with qualities comparable to that of the founder, Oryx Dragonic. A knight of the Imperial Day. There is no exaggeration in that prestige. Alchester was only 21 years old when he manifested his sword strength before turning 20 and participated in the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament, where all talented players from all over the continent participated and won.

Recognized for his skills, he immediately joined the White Dragon Knights and was 30 years old when he rose to the position of leader. Then, he was entrusted with the newly crowned King Straut II and even served as an escort knight. That is the head of the Dragonic family, Alchester Dragonic.

‘I heard that when I was 5 years old, I dug out my snot and put it in my mouth.’

It was a story I didn’t really want to know, but what if I had already heard it? Eugene got off her carriage and stared at the Dragonic family gate.

big. and high In terms of the site of the mansion, Lionheart’s main house, which occupied an entire forest, would be much larger, but Dragonic’s mansion was overwhelmingly magnificent and beautiful even in this expensive affluent village.

“It’s shabby compared to Lionheart’s mansion.”

“I think it is a very nice mansion.”

A knight from the Dragonic family who came all the way here. He approached the gate before Eugene did. ㅡKoo-gu Palace! Then the gate began to open wide.

Only 2 people went in, but it was an excessive welcome. Eugene looked at the knights lined up across the gate. Knights who swore allegiance to the Dragonic family. The number was so small that it could not be compared to Lionheart.

‘Only 30 people.’

That’s because Lionheart and Dragonic’s family style is different. In fact, the size of the knights did not matter much to the Dragonic family, who had served as high officials for generations and had been loyal to the empire. Anyway, the owner of the empire is the emperor, and the knights possessed by the nobles are treated as a reserve force that can be drawn to the emperor when needed.

The only aristocrat who is treated as an exception to him is Lionheart. Wouldn’t it be the knights of a collateral family? The White Lion Knights and the Black Lion Knights of the main family cannot be conscripted even by the imperial order. That was the contract made 300 years ago by the great Emperor of Vermouth and Kiel.

Lionheart does not leave Kiel.

Lionheart does not betray Kiel.

Kiel respects Lionheart.

Kiel accepts Lionheart’s freedom.

…300 years that have continued like that. An era in which the end of a long, long peace lingers. Although the emperor is an aristocrat of the empire, he feels a burden and greed for Lionheart, who is somewhat free from the emperor. In particular, recently, Lion Heart has been undergoing internal transformation and is increasing the size of the Knights of the main family, so it is even more annoying.

‘My eyes are hot.’

Knights lined up. The reason was obvious. The confrontation between the White Dragon Knights and the White Lion Knights a week ago. …It was Eugene’s appearance that contributed greatly to the defeat of the White Dragon Knights.

‘It ended in a not bad mood. Neatly, thank you for your hard work, and say hello.’

Of course, the White Dragon Knights, as promised in the first place, paid an unconditional apology and compensation for the dispute with Lionheart.

It is unknown whether the reward came from the imperial treasury, was cut from the White Dragon Knights’ budget, or was paid out of Alchester’s personal expense. Gamo, Anicilla, had a big smile at the reward sent through dozens of wagons.

‘…If it’s not a matter of confrontation… Hmm, is that so.’

to foreigners.

To Lionheart, who humiliated the householder just a few days ago.

Wouldn’t it be nice to entrust the education of the boy who will be the next head of the family to a kid who is only 20 years old?

Eugene smiled and walked among the knights. The gaze stings, but the momentum that the knights secretly emit did not put any pressure on Eugene. Rather, Eugene looked around the spacious and beautiful garden of the mansion with a relaxed face.

“…The head of the family is waiting inside the mansion.”

We were guided into the mansion. … On the way Eugene tried his best to hold back her laughter. in the middle of the garden. There was a statue of Oryx standing tall. There was a statue of Oryx in the hall right after entering through the gate, and a portrait hung on the wall.

‘…You drew much more handsome than the original version. Oryx, did you feel a sense of rivalry with Vermouth?’

I had no choice but to think so, the composition of the portrait of Oryx was the same as the composition of the portrait of Vermouth in each of Lionheart’s mansions.

“I also wanted to go outside the mansion to meet you.”

Office on the top floor of the mansion.

As soon as Eugene entered the room, Alchester stood up and smiled broadly.

“It’s because the people around me tried to dissuade me. From the butler to the knights under his command, even my wife… I thought it was nothing, but they didn’t seem too happy that I, the head of the household, was going out to meet you.”

“For some reason, the knights’ eyes stung.”

Eugene shuddered and sat down in the seat Alchester indicated. Unlike Carmen’s office, which was too excessive, Alchester’s office was tidy enough to be considered simple.

“If you thought that way… you have done a great disservice to you who came as a guest of Dragonic. I will personally apologize, so please do not be offended.”

“Are you upset? I never thought about it.”

Alchester did not erase the first smile and poured tea directly to Eugene. That smile seemed natural and enjoyable even for Eugene, without any other intentions.

“…I never thought you would make such a request.”

I couldn’t help but enjoy it.

four days ago. Two letters have arrived from Lionheart.

One is a letter from Guillaid Lionheart, the owner of the household. The dispute, which was the result or cause of the ended battle, was neatly forgotten, and not only the two knights, but also the two families reached out to each other in an intimate exchange.

The other is a letter from Carmen Lionheart. Referring to her time in the distant past, when she stayed with the Dragonic family, she wrote a letter asking if she could accompany Eugene Ryan Heart to Dragonic this time.

Not only that, but the contents corresponding to Gilreid’s letter were also written.

“…I have a son who is 10 years old this year.”

“yes. I have heard of it.”

Liu Dragonic.

“My son… Liu, I’m not saying he’s my son, but he’s a pretty good boy. Mana training started four years ago, but he already knows how to use sword skills a little.”

Alchester couldn’t hide his proud expression. Then, realizing that what was in front of him was the young man with the greatest qualities of all time in Ryan Hart, he made a face of embarrassment.

“Please understand. I tend to see my children late… I couldn’t stand it because my little son was so cute.”


“Eugene. I saw your skills with my own eyes just a week ago. There are many excellent knights in the Dragonic family, but… I am. I think the reason I am now is because I was guided by Carmen-sama decades ago.”

Alchester brought the teacup to his lips and closed his eyes. In an instant, he jumped decades back to his childhood as a five-year-old.

“…I was five years old at the time… but the memory of that childhood is still clear to me. … At that time, Carmen-sama, who came to guide me, was 17 years old, but he was not very different from now.”


does that mean good?

Eugene seriously thought about it.

“…Carmen-sama’s guidance was strict… very… unique, and had an eccentric side to it. But it is true that his teachings have been my foundation. I hope you too can be a gift to Liu.”

“I will do my best.”

“Of course, I will try to teach you anything more. …I wonder if I can teach you something new.”

Alchester sincerely thought so. A week ago, the appearance of Eugene I saw in the match. One of the captains of the White Dragon Knights, Ebolt, was made fun of like a child. Even if it wasn’t a duel in which he was prepared to die, he fully confirmed Eugene’s skills through that confrontation.

Ripe, no, finished. It was difficult to find what was lacking even when I looked at each one. There was nothing behind in sight. skill and sense. The body that holds him in, and the will that makes him move. Basic mana manipulation and advanced control and coordination. It was hard to believe that all of them were 20-year-olds.

‘…Moreover, even with magic, he’s already close to being a master. Truly a genius… A gift from heaven.’

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