Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 586

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Darkness covered my vision. Eugene was startled and stepped back.

Moron, Senya, and the saints, let alone their own appearances, were invisible in the thick darkness. What immediately came to mind was Balzac’s signature blinds. Balzac died in vain, but his soul did not dissipate and returned to the demon king in confinement. If you’re willing to do it, The Demon King of Confinement will be able to fully reproduce Balzac’s signature.

… … Why? Eugene first calmed down his agitation. this darkness… … different from blinds. It is not the kind of magic that blocks the five senses. It was much simpler than that, and it couldn’t even be called magic or authority.

it is horsepower It’s just that the nature of the magical power that the demon king of confinement possesses, which roams the palace, has changed. The magic that was so thick, dense, and bound had eroded and changed the space—the world. This absurdly dense and coherent magical power covered and erased even the light of the myth that Eugene burned.

‘The sanctuary… … .’

did not collapse Because Eugene exists here, the sanctuary is maintained. However, the magical power that enveloped the sanctuary from the outside covered all the advantages of the sanctuary that Eugene had built. Eugene sighed and closed his eyes. It was to check the status of colleagues.

But it was not explored. It was understandable that Senya couldn’t feel it, but it was quite embarrassing to Eugene that Moron, Anis, and Christina couldn’t feel it either.

The two are incarnations of Eugene and saints. Still can’t feel it It is as if the laws of this world have changed. Even when he entered the nightmare in Jebela City, he wasn’t restrained so strongly, but this darkness – Eugene was thoroughly isolated.


Footsteps were heard. Eugene was startled and looked in the direction of the sound. She still couldn’t see her own body in the darkness, but she could feel the sword in her hand.

“… … what?”

It might be Morron, Senya, or saints. She did not wield the sword as she wished to judge carefully as she was invisible. But it wasn’t her comrades who appeared before her eyes.

The Demon King of Confinement.

But it’s different. The demon king of confinement that appeared with the sound of footsteps looked very different from the one he had seen earlier. Should I say I look a lot younger? But more than that, the atmosphere was different.

Even though I look younger than now… … ‘That’ demon king in captivity didn’t feel the youthful spirit or spirit. However, boredom like now did not exist.

To the demon king of confinement in his youthful form.

I felt nothing but terrible pessimism. It’s not like he’s covered in scars and covered in blood, but he felt like he’d collapse and sob any moment to that demon lord in captivity.

Such passion was unimaginable from the demon king of confinement that Eugene knew. In the first place, it must be because he is a completely different being from the demon king of confinement that Eugene knew.

I could feel it.

Certainly, it is felt. Like a pipe connected to his brain, emotions that do not belong to Eugene are flooding in. A terrible, huge sense of despair, anger, futility, and.

‘A sense of betrayal?’

My mind was blown away by the rush of emotions. Still devoured by the darkness, his invisible legs staggered, barely holding his balance.

It was difficult for Eugene to understand and accept these feelings. It’s because I don’t know what happened to me that made me feel that way.

Obviously, despair, anger, and futility were born from a sense of betrayal. If so, what on earth did you feel betrayed by? Who the hell was able to betray the demon king in captivity?

Eugene stared at the demon king in confinement again.

The demon king of confinement that appeared in the dark was walking slowly. His eyes are not on Eugene. After all, that is just the remnants of memories that dwell in this dense magical power.

The demon king of confinement, along with this terrible magic, plunged into his own abyss and locked the unconscious with chains. Eugene- grabbed the invisible head. Even if it was just a remnant of a distant past, Eugene was able to see through something in ‘that’.

Despite being the remnants of memories imbued with magical power, the magical power is not felt from the demon king who was in captivity at that time.

Is that possible? Eugene couldn’t believe what he saw through. The meaning of not feeling magical power is simple. The demon king of confinement at that time was not a demon king.

“I don’t miss you.”

The sound of chains clanking and voices. Eugene was startled and turned her head away. ‘The Demon King of Confinement’ was standing right next to Eugene.

“Everyone has memories they don’t want to recall. Isn’t it?”

The demon king of confinement opened his mouth while seeing the vision of the distant past.

“Me too. because I don’t want to remember When I think about it, it doesn’t feel pleasant. So I put it deep, along with things I don’t use.”

“… … you… … .”

“But sometimes it is necessary. I… … When you don’t want to do this anymore. When you want to quit everything. When that happens, take it out and look at it.”

The demon king of confinement smiled and shook his head.

“The thought of quitting disappears neatly. can do more… … More should be done. I have such a desire.”

Eugene didn’t answer and glared at the demon king in captivity. It didn’t feel very special to say that she was motivated by the feelings born of her betrayal. If it’s the poison she drew from those negative emotions, it’s because she was no stranger to Eugene.

“… … What is that?”

The demon king of confinement was silent for a moment at the question that he had no choice but to ask.

“Why do you feel divine power at that time?”

Silence prompted an answer. This made Eugene greatly agitated. I, the demon lord in confinement in the distant past, can’t feel any magical power. On the contrary, I feel a fullness of divine power.

It is nonsense. Hard to accept. Divine power to the demon lord? Even that divine power was not at the level of a priest.

adult or… … avatar. Eugene gulped and glared at the demon king in confinement. Realizing the ‘divine power’, even in the darkness covering the world now, he felt something other than magical power. It’s like, magical power has divine power… … It seems that what used to be divine power has melted away.

“At that time, I was not the Demon King.”

The silence is over. The demon king of confinement replied with a bitter smile.

“He was a warrior.”

“… … what?”

“That means he was a warrior.”

The demon king of confinement raised his head. There is no ceiling or sky visible. There is only black darkness everywhere. The demon king of confinement stared at the darkness and continued.

“You or… … I did something not unlike what Vermouth did. He hoped for something similar. to defeat the demon king. to save the world.”

“… … .”

“In the end, I succeeded, but immediately failed. I defeated the demon lord as I hoped, but… … Betrayed by his comrades. Someone succumbed to the temptation of the dying demon king. Someone’s mind was broken by the demon king’s curse. And someone.”

The eyes of the demon king of confinement were closed.

“… … My dear friend, I coveted the throne of the demon king. She was greedy for the power to control the world. I considered him a friend, but he did not consider me a friend.”


“I was jealous of my naked power, my position, the glory I would enjoy and the praise I would receive.”

how do you name it

“He became the center and betrayed me. put a knife in my back The comrades who fell into temptation and were destroyed by the curse scrambled to the throne, but in the end, the one who sat on the throne of demons was the friend who stabbed me.”

What does that name mean?

“The greed knew no bounds. The ‘Demon King’ sitting on the throne wanted something bigger. He wished for immortal power. So he started devouring everything. I swallowed more than I could handle, and in the end.”

The closed eyes opened.

“It has become extinct.”

When the demon king of confinement saw Vermouth for the first time. I was greatly shaken by that figure and the name ‘Vermouth Lionheart’.

Vermouth is an alter ego of destruction born from the wounds made by Agaroth. That figure and name were born with Vermouth, not someone else.

The essence of the Demon King of Destruction would also resemble Vermouth’s appearance.



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“… … why are you… … Did you become the Demon King?”

Yujin stumbled back and asked.

“He was a warrior. Betrayed… … Why did you become the Demon King?”

“Isn’t even a hero degraded if he suffers such a betrayal?”

The demon king of confinement replied with a smile.

“It is in that situation to fall… … And it was more comfortable and better for me. As a result, I survived without being eaten.”


Again the sound of chains was heard in the darkness. Eugene’s eyes saw countless chains flowing through the black darkness. The chain was bound into one huge chain and connected to the chest of the demon king in captivity. The demon king of confinement continued as he groped for the chains attached to his chest.

“I am… … lived a long time I watched the destruction several times. The things that have accumulated over that long time have become difficult even for me to handle. So he was chained up and imprisoned. So far, that’s been enough. but.”


The hand of the demon king of confinement grabbed the chain.

“You need it now. Excellent, Eugene Lionhart. You are the most outstanding and strongest warrior I have ever seen in my life, including me in the distant past. Also good are your companions who do not succumb to temptation, do not fall under curses, and do not covet greater power. That’s why I, the Demon King, have no choice but to become an even greater ordeal.”


The chains slowly began to unravel.

“Until today, I have observed countless times and worlds. Admit it. In the countless times and worlds I have observed, now is the closest to the end of destruction. That’s why I have to become a greater despair and test the hero. Can you, really, end the destruction? If you defeat me, the ‘demon king’… … .”

At the same time as the chain was pulled out, the darkness began to shake.

“Maybe we can really see the end of destruction.”

All the ‘power’ dwelling in the bound darkness is being released. It wasn’t just magical power. Divine power tied together with corruption. And- the things that the demon king of confinement reaped from all over the world. What he killed and possessed. The souls who were confined without taking them to the ‘next’.

The chain was pulled.


Distorted and tangled Deathmasks so many that it is impossible to count floated in the darkness. The sight was like a black river flowing into hell flowing into the demon king in captivity. The darkness quickly lifted. I began to see the surroundings that were hidden in the darkness.

Moron, Senya, and saints were visible. Fortunately, they were not injured, but their faces were full of astonishment, as if they had heard the same conversation as before. Eugene looked at his hand before opening his mouth to say something. A new sword that I made earlier and held in my hand.

I couldn’t feel the ‘light’ from the new sword. Even though the myth is burning. The darkness was fading away, but the wickedness and ominousness seemed to cling to it.

Yujin felt his fingertips tremble and bit his lips. The demon king of confinement who pulled out the chains was staggering as if he felt a slight dizziness.

I felt terrified to see him stumble like that. The eyes of Eugene and her colleagues met. Regardless of who said it first, I thought the same thing.


Eugene immediately grabbed his chest. It was still far from deciding the battle, but now was not the time to discuss such things. He intuitively felt that it would be impossible to deal with that unless he used an ignition.

Moron, Senya, and the saints also understood that. The saints immediately became light and returned to Eugene. It was to amplify the power while lightening the burden of the ignition.

Senya also activated the magic eye of illusion again and lifted Merry up. Moron ran towards the demon king of confinement to buy all the preparation time.

I couldn’t see how it moved.

The demon king of confinement did something, and Moron fell forward without killing the momentum that was running. The blood spurted from Moron, who had been lying around for a long time, soaked the black floor red. Even at that moment, the demon king of confinement could not be seen.

Blood spurts from the neck. As if bitten by a beast, Morron’s neck had a large piece of flesh torn off.

Ignition has not been triggered yet. It was because Moron collapsed the moment Eugene’s fingers dug into his chest. Similarly, Senya’s magic did not manifest. When the spiritual power that Senya controls begins to dwell in Meri and the illusionary eyes.

Senya’s knees buckled. Before he could even open his lips, blood spurted from the gap between them. A large hole was pierced in the ship. Neither did Senya, who couldn’t chase after the attack that had passed him.

“Ask again.”

The finger that was trying to hold on to the heart was forcibly pulled out. The hand of the demon king of confinement approaching in front of me was grasping Eugene’s wrist.

“Are you thinking of giving up?”

Duduk, duduk duduk… … The hand was forcibly pulled out. The eyes of the demon king of confinement right in front of him were calm and chilly, and he felt an impossibly deep death.

“Are you thinking of killing yourself?”

Ignition was stopped. Instead of forcibly freeing his grasped hand, Eugene swung the new sword he was holding in his other hand. That was the answer to that f*cking offer.

“As expected.”

Quick! While swinging the new sword, it turned to black ash and was shattered. The demon king of confinement slowly opened his hand and stretched it toward Eugene’s chest.

“Then I have no choice but to despair enough to give up.”


A lightly tapped hand.

Eugene knelt down on the spot.

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Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 585Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 587
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