Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 589

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An explosion covers an explosion. There is no gap between the consecutive attacks. That’s why the demon king of confinement made his own way. His fists blocked the rushing Levantine, scattered the swords, extinguished the flames, and shattered the blades of glass.

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Every time he took a step, the fist of the demon king of confinement made dozens of movements. Even if the entity is destroyed, the attack does not end. The scattered swords were reunited, the extinguished flames were rekindled, and the broken blades were restored.

All you can see are dozens of Levantine. However, this bombardment has a density that is dozens of times greater than what can be seen with the naked eye.

I felt a chilling sensation. Goosebumps also appeared on her arms. It’s been a long time since I faced an attack like this. The first time he couldn’t bear the regret and attacked the demon king of destruction. Except for when he tried to destroy himself with the demon king of destruction, he had never suffered an attack like this.

can’t be downplayed If you fail to respond to this attack and get hit, you may even feel close to a death that doesn’t exist to you.

Of course, that’s the story of when you can’t respond and get hit. This world is a miracle caused by Senya Merdein’s illusionary eyes and Noir Jebela’s residual thoughts.

In this miracle, the sanctuary of Eugene and Senya become one, thoroughly identifying and pushing the demon king in captivity as an ‘enemy’. In the current world, the demon king of confinement has no advantage.

Just as it has no advantages, it has no disadvantages either. To put it simply, the situation of the demon king in captivity has neither improved nor deteriorated. The manipulated reality is invading the demon king in captivity, but the demon king in captivity’s dominion over his dignity and power is unshakable even in this world.

Only Eugene and his friends have an overwhelming advantage. In other words, Eugene and his colleagues finally got the qualifications to face the demon king of confinement in this world.

Nothing changes. nothing has changed Eugene was denied a little bit of confidence because he had grown up in battle, but in the end, that was just a small incident that couldn’t change the outcome of the day. Even though this incident, no, even if the current era had the most incidents among the eternity of the demon king in captivity.

What the demon king of confinement decided to do does not change. That’s why the demon king of confinement proceeded by destroying dozens of Levantine. He broke the blade that could be restored even after breaking it, and extinguished the myth that burned again and again with his hands.

That look couldn’t help but make Eugene frightened. A sanctuary where dreams and reality are connected. The advantage of ‘dream’ cannot be enjoyed by the demon king in confinement. In the past, Noir Jebella had destroyed the dream by ending the dream and opening the next one instead of facing Levantine’s bombardment directly.

The demon king of confinement can’t use that method, but even so, I never thought he’d break through from the front. Even the Demon King of Yupe, who was advancing while breaking the Levantine, showed no sign of haste at all.

The demon king of confinement slowly closed the distance from Eugene while calmly repelling close attacks.


Amid the repeated explosions, the muttering of the demon king of confinement resounded. Along with that, the attitude of the demon king of confinement changed. He put his body on his side and raised his left hand. And his right hand tightly clenched his fist and brought it to his waist.

The wide open left hand stretched forward. Something exploded with a ‘puong’ sound. The mana that was finely but firmly adjusted fluttered through the cracks of the explosion like a spider’s web. The magical spider’s web split into thousands and tens of thousands of strands, and passed between the fragments of the crumbling Levantine.

The demon king of confinement clenched his left hand. The thin spider’s web turned into a chain in an instant.

ㅡFall away! Countless fragments and every burning ember were chained. The demon king of confinement pulled his left hand. The tens of thousands of chains attached to him were pulled as if they were supposed to.

And the body of the demon king of confinement leaned back a little. The fist that was attached to the waist tilted along with the body and lowered to the point where it touched the floor. All of those movements seemed infinitely slow in Yujin’s eyes. In this world where dreams and reality overlap, I felt a sense of alienation from the demon king in confinement.

Soon Eugene had a hunch. It is not heterogeneous. The magic and power of the demon king of confinement, and the very existence of him, invaded this sanctuary from the front. Just as fantasy dwells in the laws of this sanctuary and changes it, the demon king of confinement was changing reality again with only his own existence.


That sound came from clenched fists. Eugene reflexively dragged his foot back. Before his feet moved behind him as much as he thought, the fist of the demon king of confinement exploded. thump, thump, thump. A heavy sound continued as his fist pushed forward.

Eventually, the demon king’s fist stretched out to the end. All the Levantine held in chains were annihilated, and all the myths that burned like scares were extinguished.


The demon king of confinement laughed softly and withdrew his hand. His fist, which he had thrown out with all his might, collapsed into black ash.

Confined to the abyss, this power is a double-edged sword that cuts even the demon king himself. No problem. No matter how sharp these two blades are, the blade will never touch the life of the demon king in captivity.

“Can you reach it?”

A chain protruded from the cross section of the arm that collapsed into ashes. The intertwined chains became arms again.

I never thought that it would be possible to crush the attack from the front. But the embarrassment and astonishment were short-lived. Once again, Eugene armed his mind.

‘His ability to read the flow is terrible.’

read, he said. Those words were not pretentious. Breaking with his fists and advancing, he read and calculated every stream of attack at the same time. Although there was no particular pattern for Levantein’s bombardment, the demon king of confinement read even the random numbers in an instant. Even Eugene had never thought of his fighting sense in his entire life, but he had no choice but to admit it now.

The demon king of confinement is an out-of-standard monster. The Great Demon King, who was first a hero, became a demon king to prevent destruction, and has lived for eons of time and seen the end of an era many times. It seems that only after the board has been laid this much, they are barely equal.


‘How far can you handle this miracle?’

The question that popped into my head was passed on to Senya and Noir. Senya’s face turned white at the thought that was delivered along with the question, and Noir burst into laughter.

[My God, Hamel, are you serious?]

‘Are you crazy?!’

In response, Eugene cupped his chest with his hand.

ㅡ Hwareuk. The flames that burned at her fingertips enveloped her chest. Eugene looked at Moron right next to him. Moron, who had a hard face that was rare for her, grinned when her eyes met Yujin.

“Can’t you get over it without doing something crazy?”

“The battle with the demon king was always like that.”

Eugene also twisted his lips and smiled.

thump, thump, thump. The demon king of confinement, who erased the scare, is approaching. The saints who received Eugene’s thoughts did not even think to dissuade them. They, too, felt it. The Levantine bombardment that had just been attempted did not cause serious damage to the demon lord of confinement. What has done effective damage to the demon lord in captivity so far is the endlessly driven combination. Once you’ve figured it out, you need to change the nature of your attack.

[As I said then, Hamel, not everything is possible with a ‘dream’. Dreams that are too extreme… … It will also affect reality. It still is.]

‘you… … If you chose that as the only answer, I will do my best to make your dreams and miracles happen. but… … I’m honestly afraid. Is it really possible?’

warble. Yujin smiled and grabbed her chest.

“The question ‘is it possible’ is meaningless here.”

Even if it’s impossible, you should try. If you keep trying and don’t bump into it, you won’t be able to defeat that monster, the Great Demon King. So Eugene didn’t wait for Senya and Noir’s reply.

His fingers pierced his chest and heart. believed at the same time. Faith is faith, and faith creates miracles. God wants a miracle. Eugene’s divine power became a flame and burned.


It is still far from deciding the battle. I didn’t think of that. There is no time limit for the ‘now’ ignition. Senya’s miracle turns fantasy into reality. The universe filled with divine power ran out of control. The runaway didn’t end once. Explosions erupted in succession and began to expand endlessly.

body trembled. Just as the fist of the demon king of confinement turned to ashes because it could not withstand the force, Eugene’s body seemed unable to withstand the internal explosion. The skin cracked. The cracks spreading from his chest swelled and shrunk as if they were about to explode from the inside.

But it didn’t break. Eugene and her assimilated saints did not stop praying even in the heat of burning their souls. The gaping cracks were getting closer and closer. The power that ran amok with the runaway began to coordinate.

The saints and Eugene were not the only ones who could handle it. Moron, the great warrior and incarnation, was equally burdened with this mad runaway. Moron bent her knees as her blood trickled through her clenched teeth.

[Ahaha! Ahahaha!]

Noir laughed maniacally. The magical eyes of fantasy pouring out light shook as if they were about to break. Senya also barely held onto the vibrating Merry and let her moan out.

Implementing a miracle is difficult. – I agree. It is impossible to defeat the demon lord in confinement without this level of power.

“… … .”

The demon king of confinement stopped approaching. The ‘power’ concentrated in front of me made me have no choice but to stop walking.


He said so sincerely. What the confined demon king could see was not simple power. If it was madness that he wished for prolongation beyond several worlds, what stood in his way now was madness longing for an end, not prolongation. It was a light flame that burned everything it had and lit up the world. And the demon king of confinement had a hunch.

So the demon king of confinement laughed. As if against the light, black mana covered his body. As the shadow deepened in the intense light, the presence of the demon king in captivity was strong. iron, iron, iron. The sound of chains he had heard all his life followed the demon king’s movements.

The demon king advanced. Eugene also lifted his head, which had been lowered.


Moron kicked the ground with a scream. The blade of the ax in his hand shattered. Instead, a brilliantly burning flame became the ax blade. Quarrrrr! The ax led the light. The fist of the demon king of confinement blocked the ax.

The world shook in a flash of light. The outskirts of Babel, eroded by dreams and reality, have disappeared. The demon king of confinement twisted his body instead of picking up his flying arm. A chain was wrapped around his right arm clenched into a fist. It is not to withstand an opponent’s attack. To keep his arm from being broken by his own attack.

Kwaaaang! Moron’s right half exploded at the blow that came from the front. Eugene jumped above the head of Moron, who was being pushed away while staggering. The new sword held high was covered with flames. The bulging flames created dozens of suns. The eclipse poured like a meteor shower.



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Both hands of the demon king of confinement swept the front. In an instant, he read and controlled the flow of Eclipse. The explosion that should be linked failed to hit the demon king of confinement and flowed elsewhere.

I didn’t panic. There is still a new sword in Eugene’s hand. Blood flowed from Eugene’s eyes and mouth. Instead of creating dozens of Levantes, he focused all his power on the new sword. Ignition also overlapped several times.

Even if it was just a dream, the power he couldn’t handle fell from Eugene’s hand. The fallen sword struck the demon king down.

Kwakjijik! The demon king of confinement knelt down. Countless chains supported the body of the demon king in captivity and blocked the front of the new sword, but even so, the power was heavy. The demon king of confinement barely raised his head while vomiting blood. The demon king twisted his bloody lips and smiled.

above the sword. The scattered suns are gathering again. Before I knew it, Senya was in the sky. The universe behind her was embodied in reality. Noir, in the form of an angel, let out an un-angelic laugh. Pop, pop, pop! The sun shrunk to hundreds and thousands of stars.

It seemed like the night sky was pouring. All the stars that lit up the night sky fell toward the demon king in captivity. It cannot be broken through from the front. The demon king of confinement was quickly convinced. The Demon King’s sense of seeing through all kinds of chaos could not find a way out in this offensive.

Kirik! Tens of thousands of chains were caught in the demon king’s hand. The demon king of Yupe swung all those chains like a whip and broke the stars. I jumped backwards from the small gap I made.

Of course, Eugene and Moron did not watch as the demon king of confinement retreated. Moron frantically swung the two axes in her hands. The falling stars were hit by an ax and shattered. All of those fragments hit the demon king in captivity.

movement was restricted. How will the demon king of confinement overcome that situation? All possibilities passed through Eugene’s head.

Reading and viewing is not only possible for the demon king of confinement. Eugene is also growing in this battle. And now, the runaway that drove him to the point of killing himself opened all of Eugene’s possibilities to the limit.

Before the demon king of confinement moved, Eugene moved first. Before the demon king of confinement swung his arms and chains to open the way, Eugene blocked the way first. There was already a new sword in front of the chain. Instead, when he swung his fist, Eugene had already broken the chain and let go of the new sword.

I dug into my arms. Eugene’s hand went to the chest of the demon king of confinement. Now, the demon king of confinement did not see the way and did not think of the possibility. This is because everything that exists is blocked by Eugene.


The power transmitted from the palm pierced the chest of the confined demon king. Black dead blood poured out of the demon king’s mouth.

The attack continued. The fist he swung with all his might turned the head of the demon king in captivity to the side. Moron’s ax stuck into the staggering side of the Demon King. His back was cut, but the Demon King did not collapse. Rather, the moment the attack continued, the demon king of confinement found a way out again.

Chains protruding from the shadows grabbed Moron’s limbs and tore them off. Rather, he gave his head to the new sword that came close to him. when the new sword pierced his neck. The demon king of confinement stomped Eugene’s chest with his elbow. In the shock, Eugene missed the new sword and stepped back, and the body of the demon king in confinement also rolled on the ground.

rolled around That was important to Eugene. The Great Demon King, who seemed like he would never collapse, rolled on the ground unable to control his body.

‘little bit more.’

He ran away, swallowing the blood that came out of him.

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