Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 6

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Returning to the treasure house, Eugene caught Winid without hesitation.

‘You are mine.’

The silver-blue blade shone as if it had read Eugene’s mind.

treasure house

Although he had Winid, it was impossible to summon the spirit right away. No matter how much spirit magic consumes less mana, the minimum amount of mana is required. In Eugene’s body, who did not train mana separately, there was not even a speck of mana.

It was a problem that Eugene had no choice but to grapple with. 

The bloodline ceremony is over. Now, Eugene can handle the real sword without restrictions, and can also train mana. 

The Lionheart family, whose ancestor was the great Vermouth, has a mana training method far superior to that of other warriors, knights, and mercenaries on the continent. It is a training method that has been developed and developed over three hundred years.

Lionheart’s collaterals are the families that diverged from the main family. Of course, the mana training method that came down to the collateral is only the same as the mana training method of the main family. The level of training is so low that it cannot be compared with the training method of the head family. 

The difference makes the main family superior to the collateral.

‘My family’s mana training method… I haven’t learned it, but it won’t matter much.’

Eugene was convinced of that fact. His family had already split from the main family hundreds of years ago, and even after that, he had never produced a person who could raise the family’s status. 

‘My father’s state was nothing special.’

I haven’t done sparring since I was 10 years old. However, Eugene remembered Jehard’s thick belly, dull movements, and how he gasped for breath just by swinging his sword a little. 

I had no talent.

Whenever the blood ceremony was approaching, my father would say such words several times with a gloomy expression on his face.

‘…Still, since it’s a training method that was separated from the original family, it won’t be very lame.’ 

It’s not like there’s no way, even if it’s just unsatisfying. Even though he was three hundred years ago, he was a fellow warrior. The mana training he had learned in his previous life would be quite useful in modern times.

‘If it’s not enough, try mixing it with our family’s training method.’

If you have previous experience, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Eugene was convinced of that fact. Not to mention, the quality of the body now is so outstanding that it cannot be compared to that of the previous life. 

‘Even in my previous life, I graduated from swordsmanship right away and spread swordsmanship. There’s no way it’s impossible with the body right now.’

The blade made with mana is sword. The level of swordsmanship is higher than that. How old were you in your previous life when you started making swords? I think he was over 20 years old… Eugene licked his lips and thought. 

The mana training method that Hamel had learned in his previous life was a cheap training method commonly learned by mercenaries. He lost his hometown to a monster attack at the age of 12, and became a mercenary in hopes of revenge…

It was a past I didn’t want to recall. Anyway, he had made quite a name for himself by learning the cheap training method diligently. Of course, I didn’t learn it as it was, but I went through my own transformation.

Meet Vermouth. I met Senya, Anis, and Moron. He had gotten some advice from them. In particular, Vermouth didn’t even ask, but he gave advice like this and that, and Senya…

‘You bought this garbage with money? Are you sick?’

‘Isn’t that too harsh?’

‘idiot! Come and sit down.’


‘Sit down! Now, the trash that you bought with money, try it from the beginning. I’ll break it down and fix it!’

…I did get a lot of help. 

He broke up with Guilade at his home. He went straight to Loberian, and Eugene returned to the annex. Desiira, Gargis, and Nina were waiting in the dance hall of the outbuilding. 

“show me!”

As soon as Didyra saw Eugene, he made a fuss. She approached with a prancing gait, staring at Winid hanging from Eugene’s waist.

“…why didn’t you choose the spear?”

“It is my heart.”

“You are good at using spears!”

“What the hell did you see? I am good at swords as well as spears.”

In response, Desiira put on a sullen expression. I wanted to refute something because I was nasty and unlucky, but I couldn’t because the image of Eugene catching the Minotaur lingered in my mind. Certainly, Eugene was good at swordsmanship as well as spears.

“It looks too light.”

Gargis, who had been caressing his chin, opened his mouth. 

“With your strength, a heavier and bigger sword would suit you. A weapon like a hammer or an ax would have been nice.”

“It is my heart.”

“Well, it’s not a bad weapon just because it’s light. It’s a weapon that was in the treasure chest of the family, not anywhere else… so how about it?”

“What’s up all of a sudden?”

“My family’s muscle growth drug. The Blood Ceremony is over, so let’s go back to our family with me. I will talk to my father and give you the amount of muscle growth pills you need.”

“No, because I don’t need it.”

“Eating during growth is effective. If your ignorant training is added, you will see the effect in no time. No, let’s train together with me.” 

It wasn’t something I said casually. Gargis wanted to build a deep friendship with Eugene. It is the first time in the history of Lionheart that the blood-related ceremony in which the collateral family beat the main family. 

“You said Your family in Gidol doesn’t have any knights worth asking for instruction. However, there are many knights with excellent skills in our family. Of course, the greatest of them all is my father. If you go with me, my father will teach you too.”


“Don’t mix with that pig, pull out your sword.”


Eugene let out a deep sigh and grabbed Winid’s hilt.

“Tell the chef to prepare some rice.”

“I already told you.”

“What about the bath water?”

“That too.” 


Eugene nodded and pulled out Winid. The smooth metal sound coming out of the sheath made my mouth twitch. Eugene stared at the elongated silver-blue blade. 

It is sharp enough to be cut just by lightly touching it. A sword that can summon the spirit of wind if mana is pumped into it. Eugene was well aware of how powerful this sword was. Even if you don’t have to wear a sword or sword, you can create a blade of wind with the help of the wind spirit.

The sword he wielded like that cuts pretty much everything like a piece of paper. Not only that, but you can also send wind slashes to enemies from a long distance, and you can block quite a few attacks.

Of course, it is a function that cannot be used now that the spirit cannot be summoned.

“Which sword is it?”


Desiira asked, her eyes twinkling. 

“The family lord told me that this black wind spirit king’s protection dwells. If you train mana later, you can summon the spirit.”

Eugene answered according to the explanation he heard from Gilreid, not from his own memories. Desiira looked at Eugene with envious eyes and pursed her lips. 



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“…It’s a wonderful sword… but there must have been many more wonderful spears. I knew you would bring the spear.”

“There are a lot of windows.”

“Did you see that? Dragon spear Karboss! It’s just that, it’s said that it emits a breath with one stab. They just said they can erase mountains!”

“I don’t know what that looks like.”

“Didn’t there be the magic spear Luintos? I like that window the most. It’s the strongest among the great Vermouth-sama’s weapons!”

Desiira’s eyes darken. Perhaps because she used her spear as her main weapon, she was very interested in the Vermouth spear.

“I know Luintos too. Isn’t that the spear that the Demon King of Misery used?”

Gargis also nodded. Eugene didn’t answer and sheathed Winid. 

‘…the demon of horror.’

Helmud’s second demon lord. He clearly remembers how terrible and strong he was.

three hundred years ago. There were five demon lords in Helmud.  

Rank 1, Demon Lord of Destruction.

Rank 2, Demon King of Confinement. 

Rank 3, Demon King of Madness.

Ranked 4th, the Demon Lord of Horror.

Rank 5, the demon lord of slaughter.

Vermut and his friends subdued the weakest, fifth-ranked demon king. 

Hamel died in the demon castle of confinement. 

The Demonic Spear Luintos is a spear used by the Demon King of Horror. After killing him, Vermouth became the new owner of the spear. In fact, Hamel was going to have it, but the demonic spear had as terrible magic as its name, so there was no one who could use it except for Vermouth. 

“…It is wrong to say that the magic spear Luintos is the strongest among the great Vermut-sama’s weapons. The strongest is the crushing weight gigolod.”

“The demon king of misery is stronger than the demon king of slaughter.”

“The rank of the demon king does not determine the rank of the weapon.”

‘Come to think of it, there was no crushing weight.’

Among Vermouth’s weapons, only the demon lance and crushing weight were the demon king’s favorite soldiers. 

‘but. It’s such an ominous weapon that it’s not worth keeping in a treasury. Maybe it’s sealed somewhere else. It wasn’t a weapon that anyone other than Vermouth could use.’

It was a weapon he coveted in his previous life, so he had no regrets. 

“The magic spear is stronger.”

“The crushing weight is stronger.”

Gargis and Desiira started a childish quarrel. Looking at the two, Yujin shook her head and headed towards the center of the gymnasium. Nina followed after Yujin.

“The meal will be ready soon.”

“I’ll be done soon too.”

You can’t summon a spirit right away, but even without a spirit, Winid is a good sword. 

‘It’s also the first real sword I’ve ever wielded in this life.’

Maybe that’s why I’m already attached to it. Eugene looked at Winid’s sword blade from the sheath. When I gently reached out and touched her, the cold feeling of metal sent chills down my spine. After all, the feeling of holding a real sword in your hand is different. An iron core is much lighter than a wooden sword, but the essence of being able to cut and kill makes you realize the weight different from that of a wooden sword.

“The magic spear is stronger!”

“It’s crushing weight.”

The two are still doing that. Eugene looked at him with a pitiful gaze, then focused on Winid again. Magic spear and crushing weight. It’s such a great weapon that it’s hard to choose which of the two is superior.


When it comes to choosing the most outstanding among Vermouth’s weapons, there was no hesitation in Eugene’s choice.

‘Moonlight sword.’

A ruin in the form of a sword that was sealed even in the demon realm. Eugene remembers that terrible sword. When he killed the demon king of slaughter, who was ranked 5th, he used the holy sword, but after Vermouth obtained the moonlight sword, the holy sword was rarely used in battle. 

Both the Demon King of Horror and the Demon King of Madness were killed by the Moonlight Sword. The shattering weights and demonic spears that Gargis and Desiira were talking about could not overcome the light of destruction emanating from the moonlight sword.

Eugene erased the moonlight sword that lingered in his head and began to wield Winid. ㅡSaah. A sword swung slowly cut through the air. The sword body emits a soft light. Eugene felt the ecstasy of the thrill running from her toes. 


Nina burst into admiration at the slow flowing sword dance. Yu-jin’s sword dance was unusual even to her, who had a knack for her sword skills. Gargis and Desiira’s childish quarrel also comes to a halt. The two looked at Yujin’s sword dance with enchanted eyes. 

It’s not terribly fast, and it’s not mixed with amazing finesse. However, the eerie sword light emitted by Winid melted into each and every one of Eugene’s sword dances, flowing without interruption.

‘I must take him.’

Gargis thought so with a gulp.

‘…What do you say and take me away? Shall we take a look at our house? My birthday is still far away…’

Deeja had a similar idea. If the birthday was close, I could invite you to a birthday party as a cause… Desiira’s lips pouted out. 


“…a normal necklace.”

Loberian opened his closed eyes and returned the necklace in his hand to Gilreid. 

“I have checked carefully, but there is no magic attached to this necklace.”

“…Is that so?”

Rather, those words conveyed confusion to Gilreid. An ordinary necklace without any enchantments. In fact, the term “ordinary necklace” is ridiculous. Isn’t it a worn-out necklace that has no value?

Why was such a necklace in the treasure chest of the head family? corner of the shelf. He said he was buried in the depths. Guillaid also went into the treasure chest several times to look for weapons, but he had never seen a necklace like that. 

‘It’s not even a necklace registered in the magic of the treasure chest in the first place.’

that someone else had brought it. who the hell The deceased head of the previous generation is not someone to play pranks without reason. Then what about the other ancestors? What is the reason for that?

“Is this necklace really in the treasure chest?”


“…Eugene Couldn’t that kid be playing a joke?”

“There is no reason for that, is there?”

“Uhm… When I saw him in the labyrinth, he had a clever and mean side. Maybe it was the intention to sneak away his belongings and impress the head of the household.”

Loberian cleared his throat and spoke cautiously. 

“Actually, Gilade-sama… must have felt a lot of sympathy for Eugene coming out with a worthless necklace.”

“…I can’t deny it.” 

Gilreid smiled bitterly.

“But he is only a 13-year-old, isn’t he? Eugene, I don’t think that child will read my mind and plan something like this.”

“Obviously, it is a big risk. It’s a shame that Gil Reid-nim ​​thought of it generously, and he could not have even the treasure he could have had.”

It just raises suspicion. Loberian himself did not think that Eugene would come up with such a trick. He pondered for a moment, then stretched out his hand toward Gilreid again.

“Let’s check one more time.”

“Wasn’t it already over?”

“I have confirmed that there is no magic implanted in the necklace. But I do care, so let’s dig a little deeper.”

“How do you mean?”

“Ummm…how can I explain this. Simply put, it is reading childhood memories into a necklace.”

Loberian continued with a wry smile.

“Mana exists everywhere in the world. It is impossible to communicate directly with Mana, but among the magics I know, there is a magic that reads Mana’s ‘memories’. It is a magic devised by the wise Senya-sama, the master of our school.”

There was a deep pride that could not be hidden in Loberian’s explanation. That’s how great this magic is. In the history of magic, only wise Senya is the only wizard who has interacted with Mana this far.

“…then please.”

Instead of admiring it together, Gilreid handed the necklace to Loberian. Loberian accepted her necklace with deep regret. Then, concentrating her consciousness, she began to resonate with Mana.

Mana exists everywhere in the world. Most objects also contain mana. Although it is weak to create mystery, it is possible to read memories. 


A moan escaped from the mouth of Loberian, who was concentrating on sweat dripping down. 

“…nothing special. It looks like something about a hundred years old. Is this… the capital? Street… It was purchased there. And… uhm… I can’t read it from here. Perhaps the magic of the treasure house has stopped the memory of mana.”

“A hundred years ago…”


Some generations have to go back. Now, there is no one left to ask where the necklace came from. In the end, we can only make vague guesses about the prank of the family head several generations ago. 

“This necklace. What are you going to do?”

“It doesn’t contain any magic, Eugene, I’m going to give it to that child. It’s something that child wanted to have, giving up even the treasure.”

“You don’t need to do that. He must have liked it quite a bit.”

“There is no reason not to like it.”

Gilreid replied with a smile. Loberian smiled back and returned her necklace.

Red Mage Lord Loberian. He did not know that this necklace was the one Hamel had from three hundred years ago.

The mana he read lied to Loberian.


That night.

Eugene was called by Guilade. As usual, it’s time to practice to digest dinner. However, because she was called quickly this time, she did not go to her hometown sweating like the last time.

Eugene received Nina’s fuss, washed herself, and put on her wedding dress. When I left the annex like that, all the attendants were outside.


It was because of the man who greeted me with a cheerful voice. Gion Lionheart. The youngest brother of the head of the household, Guillaid Lionheart. An eccentric who joined Gilreid’s journey without marrying until that age.

“Hey, Gion-sama!”

Nina shook her head in surprise. Eugene also lowered her head. Then she glanced at the temperature. If she had married on time, she would have had a child the same age as Eugene. Gion is at such an age that it is unbelievable that she looks young. 

However, the gray hair, which could be said to be the symbol of Lionheart, made the atmosphere look older than the face. At first glance, that hair color makes it look like he has a lot of gray hair. 

‘Vermouth was like that too.’

The guy had a dull face. Even if it was a collateral, blood couldn’t be fooled, Eugene’s hair was also mixed with gray. 

“My name is Eugene Lionheart.”

“I know your name, of course. Actually, I’ve seen you since the last time I saw you.”


“Because of the smell of sweat. Oh, not that I was upset. Anyone with the name Lionheart must always smell like sweat.”

Gion smiled, showing white teeth. Then she tapped Eugene on the shoulder.

“And I heard a lot of things about you… Oh, standing like this is ridiculous, so let’s go together.”

“Are you here to pick me up?”

“of course. My older brother was going to send another article, but I said I would go myself. I wanted to see you in person.”

Gion smiled haha ​​and turned around. His steps were as lively as his laughter. Eugene left behind Nina’s farewell and followed Gion.

“Did you want to see me in person?”

“Literally. You won the confrontation with Xian… I heard that you also won the Blood Ceremony this time?” 

As if waiting, Gion turned his head and looked at Eugene.

“I wanted to see the blood line ceremony myself, but it is a tradition that only the family head can see the blood line ceremony. Well, this time, Loberian-sama was also present, but it was because Loberian-sama helped with the blood family ceremony…”

“Is there such a tradition?”

“Isn’t it funny? But it’s real. What is the privilege of the family head? Only the head of the head family can enter the treasure house, and only the head of the family can have fun at the Blood Ceremony.”

Gion grumbled and patted my lips as if he wanted to say sorry.

“ah. Doesn’t that mean I’m dissatisfied with my brother? It’s just tradition… Does this sound like you’re dissatisfied with family discipline?”

“I don’t care.”

“Even my older brother won’t mind.”

The conversation didn’t last long, but Eugene roughly guessed what Gion was like. Free-spiritedness stemming from attitude. The reason I didn’t get married was probably because of that personality. 


Gion no longer walked in front of Eugene. He slowed down and walked alongside Eugene.

“I’ve never used one, but I know it’s a good sword. Treat it with respect.”

“Is there a reason you didn’t write it?”

“Nothing. I like the current sword.”

Gion smiled and pointed at the sword at his waist. It wasn’t Vermouth’s sword.

“Isn’t it cool? It’s a sword I got while wandering around the world a long time ago, and maybe it’s because I got it after a lot of hard work, so I’m attached to it.”

“Is that a magic sword too?”

“It’s nothing special. It can’t compare to the wined you have. Just what, to the extent of accepting mana a little more flexibly?”

Not to the point of saying it’s nothing. At first glance, I thought that something unusual might be a sword made by a dwarf.

“How was the labyrinth? I heard from Xian and Ciel, but what you felt might be different.”

“It was amazing.”

“It wasn’t difficult.”

Gion was hot and burst into laughter. 

“Traps and monsters. A troll in the middle and a minotaur at the end? Too much for kids. Even those Cian and Ciel didn’t fight the troll head-on. As for the Minotaur… my older brother and Mr. Loberian were a bit nasty.”

“Is Xian okay?”

“Your body is fine. Although the head looked complicated. what can you do? It was because Xian was immature. I’d rather have setbacks at a young age. It’s hard to overcome if your head grows a little bigger and you get frustrated.”

Gion licked his lips and looked back at Yujin.

“For me, I feel grateful to you. Because of you, Xian’s arrogance will get better.”

“…Did Xian curse at me?”

“I did. I saw you. ”

“It’s cowardly to curse behind your back.”

“I thought so too, so I hit one.”

Every time you smile, your teeth are white. 

“Since I hit you, don’t fight with Xian later. Understand?”

“As long as Xian doesn’t mess with me.”

“That is difficult. You get scolded for being a little messy, so you can correct your habits and improve your skills.”

“You said not to fight.”

“Well, then just fight. Don’t hit me too hard.”

While we were talking about it, we arrived at our home. Gion skipped the greetings of the attendants and took Eugene up the stairs. 

“But why did the head of the family call me?”


“I heard that before.”

“No matter how many times it’s not enough, it’s a compliment.”

“Even Gion-sama doesn’t know why.”

“It’s not that I don’t have a lot of guesses… but it’s something I don’t want to bother with. It is also a matter directly related to you.”

After climbing the stairs, we walked down the long hallway together. It was the first time he had visited his hometown like this, so Eugene looked around with curious eyes.


The pace of Gion stops. In front of them was a large, tightly closed door.

“I hope to see you more often.”

Gion looked back at Yujin and smiled broadly. 

“me too.”

First impression wasn’t bad. So, Eugene smiled at him as well. Gion adjusted his expression and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

I hear Gilreid’s voice from inside. After opening the door, Gion took a few steps back. With that, she winked one eye at Eugene. 

‘He has a good personality, but he’s a bit burdensome.’

Eugene went into the room, feeling trembling. The spacious room was filled with an office atmosphere. 

“I’m sorry for calling you so suddenly.”

“it’s okay.”

Yujin bowed her head and replied. Gillaid smiled and pointed to the sofa.

“Sit down for now.”

Refreshments were already prepared. However, Eugene did not touch the snacks and the teacup and stared blankly at Gilade. It was rude, but a child can do this.

“This necklace.”

Gilade didn’t point out Eugene’s attitude either. Rather, he felt cute in such a bold look. A person’s impression is bound to change depending on how the first button is inserted. 

“I asked Loberian to appraise it, but it turned out to be just an ordinary necklace.”


“I even read the memories of young Mana in the necklace. There was nothing unusual about it.”

You read Mana’s memory? Eugene hid the agitation that was almost revealed for a moment. 

‘Yes, there was magic like that.’

Senya’s magic. But was there anything unusual about it? I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by those words. 

“…What are your memories?”

“Um… I don’t know what to say. To put it simply, it was magic to read where this necklace came from. Loberian-sama said it was a necklace purchased on the streets of the capital about a hundred years ago.”

Eugene checked the necklace he had been handed over. No, that’s for sure. This necklace was worn by Hamel three hundred years ago. parent’s legacy. There’s no way she’d be mistaken for a necklace she’d been wearing for decades. 

‘In the first place, would you sell an old necklace on the street as crazy?’

The person who sells it is insane, and the person who buys it is even more insane. Even the discoloration of the leash remains intact, and the scratches on the hanging cheap crystal are the same as in my memory.

‘There is no… reason for Loberian to lie. Did he read it wrong? The archmage who sits in the seat of the lord of the mage tower?’

Unless that’s it.

‘…The magic that deceived the lord of the mage tower was overlaid… It might be that mana was covered with new memories. who the hell Vermouth?’

What could be the reason for him to do that? It is not uncommon to put mementos in the treasury as a memorial to a deceased colleague. Vermouth was desolate, but he had more than ten wives after returning from the Devil’s Land. Time makes people change.

‘If I really wanted to commemorate him, I should have killed all the demon lords.’

If you can’t do that, register it properly in the treasure room. Eugene nodded his head, feeling complex dissatisfaction and doubts.

“…then this necklace. Can I have it?”

“It’s a necklace that has no value, do you still want it?”

“I am strangely attracted to you.”

“hmm. Sometimes there are things like that.”

Young children are attracted to strange things. Guillaid also used to collect old coins when he was young.

“Have you always liked antiques like that?”

“I didn’t hate it. It’s kind of strange.”

“You may have it if you wish.”

“thank you.”

Eugene smiled and immediately put on the necklace. Gilreid, who was staring at her, raised her body while clearing her throat.

“…Eugene. I called you to give you a necklace, but… there is another reason.”


Gilade didn’t answer right away and sat down across from Eugene. Then, as he sorted out the thoughts in his head, he touched the teacup.

“…Suddenly, though. Not a bad suggestion for you either. Rather, it will be a proposal for your future.”

‘no way.’

Yujin’s eyebrows twitch at the slow, continuing words. Suggestions for the future? In this situation, when you’re lucky like that, aren’t there a few suggestions? 

“Eugene, you…”

“My lord.”

Eugene immediately opened his mouth. Gilreid stopped what he was saying and tilted his head.


“Ciel is nice and cute, but I don’t want to think about getting married.”

arranged marriage. 

Eugene was sure of him. Come to think of it, he was strange from the start. He made his older brother, Xian, look like that, but from the next day, Ciel came to visit Eugene with a smile on his face, and clung to Eugene and acted like an annoyance. 

It was the same at the bloodline ceremony. Ciel pretended to be close to Eugene, as strange as she was, and she continued to bullshit her about being her older sister since she was born a few months early. 

‘I asked why. I’m already trying to get the rank of Daryl’s son-in-law.’

It must have been. How was it in the labyrinth? She giggled as she watched her brother get beaten by the Minotaur. 

‘Beside me.’

It seems that there was also a figure of keeping Didira in check. All of Ciel’s appearances that Eugene had seen solidified his conviction. It may not have been planned from the first day the twins quarreled, but it must have been designed for arranged marriages gradually. 

‘no wonder. He also gave away the weapon from the treasure chest. It was the intention to get me married to Ciel and tie me to my family.’

To make such a scheming on the subject of being kind to the military. Are you even selling your daughter’s future for that purpose? Its vicious mind was indeed worthy of being said to be a descendant of Vermouth. 

‘No, even Vermouth wouldn’t do something like this.’

In Eugene’s mind, the image of Guillaid is changed. 

“I am already too young to think about marriage. I need my father’s permission… Even if my father does, I don’t want to marry Ciel…”

“for a moment.”

Gilade, who had been listening to Eugene’s words in a daze, hurriedly raised his hand. 

“Eugene. You are misunderstanding something.”


“I did not invite you with the intention of marrying Ciel. That’s… uh… it’s up to Ciel to decide. Of course, your opinion matters too.”

It was true that he thought it was a pretty good method, but Gilreid had no intention of pushing hard against a political soul. 


I got my butt leg right. Yujin felt the heat on his red-hot face as he stammered.

“I called because I wanted to adopt you.”


But what followed was shocking. 

‘There was a way.’

Convince goes. At the same time, I was embarrassed and wanted to jump out of the window. I want to rip her snout out for talking about not wanting to marry a 13 year old kid. No, more than that, I wanted to smash my head thinking about marriage with a 13-year-old kid.

‘I’m crazy.’

Acting like a child, I felt like my real hair had become something.

“…Quantum… uh… it was so sudden…”

“It won’t be as sudden as an arranged marriage.”

“I was wrong.”

“But do you really hate Ciel? Judging from what I thought of him, he doesn’t seem very heartless…”

“no, I do not want.”


Guillaid made a sad face. But he soon straightened his expression and continued. 

“…Stop talking about arranged marriages, what do you think about becoming adopted children?”

“But… there is a father on the pillar.”

“If you wish, I’ll call Jehard too.” 

“Then I have two fathers.”

“But your biological father is Jehard.”

“I don’t know what that means.”

“You don’t have to think too hard.”

Gilreid smiled lightly and held up the teacup.

“It’s just that your family will come into the arms of your family. Nominally, I’ll be your stepfather, but you don’t have to think of me as your father. Of course, I will treat you as an adopted son.”

“I think my father will be in trouble.”

“I’ll have to talk to Jehard about that. But Eugene. I am also the father of three children. I’m not trying to take my son away from Jehard.”


“I haven’t met Jehard yet, but I will respect him like a brother.”

“If I refuse, will the head of the family not respect my father?”

“no way.”

Guillaid laughed at that bold question.

“I am embarrassed to even say it with my own mouth. I am not such a petty person. If you refuse… I’ll just… feel sorry for you. That’s all. I will respect your choices and bless your future. But… I want your future to shine in the arms of your family.”

“…I don’t think it’s a matter for me to decide alone.”

Eugene decided to take a step back. In the end, it must be Eugene’s will to decide on that proposal, but I still wanted to hear the opinion of his father, Jehard.

“Then let’s put off the banquet later.”

Gilade took the word. Originally, a banquet was scheduled for tomorrow evening to commemorate the end of the Blood Ceremony. 

“I’ll send a messenger to the keystone to tell you to respectfully bring your father.”

“I am grateful for the consideration of the head of household, but it is also a little burdensome.”

“Don’t think so. You were the most outstanding child in this Blood Ceremony. It is a pity that the father is not present where the son should be blessed and praised.”

“thank you.”

Eugene did not refuse further and bowed his head. She was also amused. Frankly, he liked the offer to come into adoption. If Jehad had been the same level of personality as his skills, he would have become Gilreid’s adopted son without hesitation.

But Jehard was a caring father. Because of his past life memories, he couldn’t possibly consider him a father, but Eugene still liked his hard drive. 

“…You said it was good for my future as well.”

Eugene put down the teacup he was sipping on.

“What exactly does that mean?” 

“If you grow up in your family, you will enjoy many things.”

Guillaid was glad that Eugene was interested in this proposal.

“First of all… yes. Didn’t you say that there were no knights to ask for instruction in Gidol? But at home, you won’t have to worry about that. There are many excellent knights here.”

“If I had to learn, I would like to learn from the most outstanding person.”

Eugene smiled as innocently as possible. He stared at Gilreid and continued. 

“If I become an adopted child, can I learn from the head of the household?”

Eugene wondered how strong Lionheart’s family tree was.


Guillaid was not offended by that bold, childlike question. On the contrary, she found pleasure and liking in such a way. Any child of a samurai family should have such greed. 

“…Of course I can teach you.”

Gilade gazed at Eugene with a hearty smile.

“However, if you want to learn from the best people, there is someone else better than me.”

“Who are you?”


Eugene recalled Gion, whose smile was unusually white. I wish I could see you more often Gion, who opened the door, said so. 

“I used to be better at it, but not now.”

“is that so?”

“Isn’t there any reason to lie to undermine my skills?” 

Eugene’s eyes sparkle with curiosity and interest. Gilreid let out a low laugh and continued her words.

“Did your father teach you how to train mana?”

“I haven’t heard yet.”

“That’s pretty unusual.”

Usually, the children of the collateral system are taught the mana training right before the blood ceremony, and try to enter mana from the day after the blood ceremony. Since he is several years behind compared to his family, he is trying to hurry up his initiation even for a few days. 

“I said I don’t want to learn yet. If I listen to it first, I think I will be training mana without even realizing it.”

“but. You never neglected your training even after coming back to your hometown…”

Guillaid nodded in agreement. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel pity. Jehard’s family in Gidol is a particularly weak family among the collateral. 

Still, with the name Lionheart, he would be able to live a rich life as a local governor, but he couldn’t dream of anything more. On the other hand, what about Didyrah and Gargis’ families? One of the most prestigious among the collateral. The two families must have already prepared for their children to grow up quickly.

‘I must have bought mana stones from several years ago.’

A crystal of mana found in the bodies of high-level monsters. Or an ore that holds mana like mithril. A lump of such mana is a mana stone. When you are just starting out with Mana, the help of Mana Stone is bound to be great. 

‘Jerhard’s family is not comfortable enough to buy mana stones…’

Mana Stones are as difficult to obtain as they are for their high utility, and they are also expensive. In addition, for beginners to benefit from Mana Stone, it is essential to be guided by an excellent person. Iod, Cyan, and Ciel. When I first entered Mana, Gilade guided me directly.

That’s why I can’t help but feel sad. He’s already as good a kid as I am. Gerhard’s family in the countryside was too weak to develop Eugene’s talent.

Guillaid couldn’t get the words out of his mouth. Even if it was pure worry and regret, he did not want to make his son resent his father and the family he was born into by saying unnecessary things.

This is a story to be shared with Jehard, not Eugene. 


Even if he didn’t hear it himself, Eugene guessed what Guilade was thinking. His eyes were full of compassion, so it wasn’t hard to guess. 

‘I can’t help it. It’s true that our family is poor.’

After that, we talked about various things. Do you have anything you need? Since you will be the main character of the banquet, is there any dish you want?

As we talked about it, time passed. Guillaid glanced out the completely dark window and stood up.

“I have been holding you for too long.”

“it was fun.”

“I’ll call someone soon, so wait a while.”

“are you okay. The outbuilding is not far from here. I’ll take a walk at night and go back alone.”

Eugene refused Gilreid’s consideration and left the room. As I was walking down the hallway, someone sneakily appeared from across the street.

It was Anicilla. She pretended it was a chance meeting, but Eugene wasn’t surprised. She could tell by the smell of her perfume that Annie Silla was hiding her on the other side.

“…Oh my goodness.”

Anicilla did not know that. She raised her long eyelashes and made a surprised expression.



Eugene deliberately made a surprised expression and bowed his head.

“My name is Eugene Lionheart from Gidoll.”

“I know your name, of course.”

Anicilla hates Eugene. Not only did she give her adored son a humiliating defeat, she was also a cheeky little boy who beat her main family to win this bloodline ceremony as well. She had no reason for Annie Silla to like her Eugene.  

However, he could not show hostility. Anyway, isn’t he a kid with certain skills? Since he is showing his prominence from that age, if he doesn’t die on the way, he will grow up to raise a humble family within the next ten years.

‘There’s no need to make them enemies already.’

So he made Ciel hang around Eugene’s side. Unlike her husband, Annie Silla thought that a future in which Eugene was bound by her arranged marriage to Ciel was also a very good picture.

“I heard that you had a conversation with the head of the household, but it took quite a while. I didn’t know you were still there.”

Anicilla forced a smile and spoke. Eugene felt burdened by her, her kind smile, and her sweet tone. 

“What do you have to say to me?”

Once I threw it out like that. Guilade felt good about his bold appearance, but Anicilla didn’t. 

‘The arrogance is already sky-high.’

It was worth it. The mere fact that a country boy came to his parents’ house is something to be excited about, but from the first day he won a duel with his parents’ child and won the bloodline ceremony. I want to crush that cheeky nose. Anicilla suppressed the urge.

‘…He might become a son-in-law someday.’

I was so self-indulgent. 

“I was curious about what the family head and I talked about.”

“I don’t think I can dare to tell you about it because it was just the two of us with the head of the household.”

“Yep. Of course it is. I don’t mean to question you, so please don’t feel pressured. Besides that, I have other things to say…”

Eugene tilted his head without questioning. Annie Sheila added her words, still maintaining a good-natured smile.

“Why, didn’t Xian do a great disrespect to you a few days ago? Originally, I, Xian’s mother, should have personally handed over the apology, but the blood family ceremony is right around the corner, and the apology was delayed because I was not in a hurry.”

Puck or something. If I really wanted to apologize, I would have come straight away that day. 

“You don’t have to. The problem at that time was already solved with Xian.”

“…How. He is mature and has a broad mind beyond his age.”

Anicilla twitched and laughed. 

“I’m glad if you think so. Regarding the rudeness I have committed against you, I have given Xian a stern warning, so please get along with Xian from now on.”

“Of course it should. We are a family with the same last name.”

Eugene replied with a smile. On the other hand, Anicilla’s face was complicatedly crumpled. family? It’s not wrong, but when the word ‘family’ came out of that awkward child’s mouth, I felt a burden for some reason. 

“Can I just go?”


Anicilla didn’t want to hold on to Eugene any longer. Her husband notices it, and her husband, Theonis, is also concerned. Like this she was holding on in the hallway and it wasn’t even a good picture.

“Go in carefully.”

Anicilla patted Eugene on the shoulder and smiled broadly. naughty child. Even meeting her, she put her first button wrong. But that’s something that needs to be dealt with well in the future. 

“yes. good night.”

Eugene also bowed his head. He doesn’t know exactly what kind of personality Anicilla is. However, seeing that he was a collateral and openly persecuted him from the first day, it was clear that he had a mean personality. So, she didn’t want to get involved.


two days later. Jehard Lionheart has arrived from a faraway Gidoll. It was Gordon, a mere knight, who came to pick up Eugene, but this time, Gion, the younger brother of the family head, brought Jehard himself.

Jehard felt a lot of pressure from that fact. The only time he came to his hometown was during the bloodline ceremony and the family head succession ceremony decades ago, and after that, he hadn’t been to the capital a few times, let alone his hometown.

‘…Eugene won the Blood Ceremony?’

my son? really? Jehard now thought he might be dreaming. Or is this all a lie to fool oneself? 

Why? For what reason would the head family of Lionheart, the great Vermouth’s descendant, call in a collateral head of a village to play a prank like this? 

But I just couldn’t accept it. She was astonished to the point of fainting when Gion first came to her, and was also surprised when she saw a luxurious carriage with a valiant lion flag hanging on it. The surprise did not go away even when he heard the story of Eugene from Gion all the way. 

Arrive at the capital through several warp gates. It was only when he entered the direct warp gate of his home, which was not used for anything, that Jehard accepted the reality.

‘My son… beat the children of the main family.’

Realization brought tears to Jehard’s eyes. It’s not that I didn’t have high expectations. He was an unusual son from an early age. A son who was so outstanding that he would not be considered his biological son. So he always felt guilty. Zehad knew very well that he could never give his son wings with his own abilities.

I thought I would realize the reality at the blood system ceremony. No matter how good you are, collateral is inevitable. The gap between the main family and the collateral cannot be overcome with innate qualities and efforts alone…


when you see your son

Jehard lost face and wept. Proud of his son meshes with guilt. 

The majestic and splendid building of the main house, the flag of Lionheart waving in front of it. His son stood in the center, smiling broadly and waving his hand. He has never been very supportive. He had never assigned an outstanding knight as his mentor, and Zehard himself had never claimed to be his mentor. He gave me nothing but a wooden sword and a scarecrow. 

Nonetheless, the son won the bloodline ceremony.

“Eugene, my son…!”

Jehard hugged his son with tears streaming down his face. Eugene flinched at Jehad’s appearance, but she soon put on her childish expression and embraced Jehad.

“You are… proud of you. I am so proud that you are my son.”

“I told you that I would tell you good news. Could it be that you didn’t believe me?”

He said that when he left Gidoll for the blood ceremony. Of course, Jehard did not believe it unconditionally. Jehard felt guilty about that too. 

“Yeah… that’s what I said. oh son I… couldn’t trust you.”

“Ah, that’s it again. Even if I were your father, I wouldn’t have believed you.”

Eugene pinched Jehard’s stomach as he answered. Jehard was startled and stepped back. The throbbing pain pushing from his thick side reminds me of reality again. 

The son was not alone at the front door. Right behind him is Gion, the younger brother of the family head. And in front of me… Jehad swallowed and pulled a handkerchief from his bosom. 

Gilade Lionheart. The family head of Lionheart, whom I saw at the succession ceremony a long time ago. Jehard definitely remembered that face. He briskly scrubbed his face covered in tears and snot, then bowed his head to Gilreid.

“This is a late greeting. My name is Jehard Lionheart from Gidoll.”

“Call me Guillaid Lionheart. Please forgive my rudeness in inviting you so quickly.”

Guillaid walked over and offered Jehard a handshake. Jehard was startled, wiped his hand on the hem of his pants, and shook my hand. 

“That’s rude…! I don’t think so at all. On the contrary, I am very grateful for this invitation.”

“I don’t want to take up too much time with my son, but if you don’t mind, could you come inside and talk for a while?”

Gilreid didn’t want to say goodbye to Jehard in a place like this. As Jehard, his collateral, he had no choice but to bow his head and bow to the head of the family, but he did not want his son, Eugene, to see it.

“Of course it is fine.”

Eugene took a step back. Jehard glanced at Eugene and followed Guillaid to the family’s mansion.

There were a lot of things I wanted to talk about, and a lot of things I wanted to ask. But Jehad shut his mouth. He could not guess what this invitation meant. 

When thinking generally. It was a huge insult to the family that the son beat the family and won the blood family ceremony. Are you trying to put pressure on him? But for that matter, Gion, who came as a lion, was cheerful, Eugene was the same as usual, and the head of the household, Gilade, was polite enough to embarrass him. 

In the housekeeper’s room, refreshments were already prepared for the reception. After watching Jehad quench his dry throat, Gilreid went straight to the point. 

“…Quantum… you mean?”


I didn’t say anything blindly. Gilreid explained in detail why he was making this offer. 

Eugene’s qualities are brilliant enough to not be left unattended. In order for him to bloom splendidly, the support of his parents is absolutely necessary. 

The child of the collateral family defeated the parent family in the blood ceremony and won the championship. It is a blessing for the Lionheart family, but it can agitate those with disquieting intentions among the countless collaborators of Lionheart. 

Perhaps a group of people plotting a rebellion might come into contact. If you don’t accept him, the pressure may be applied in some way. 

“Of course, as the head of the family, I will do my best to protect Jehard’s family from harm.”

However, in reality, there are limits to the protection that the parent family can provide. 

“Even if Jehard refuses, the family won’t be dissatisfied. Also, I promise to spare no support for Eugene wherever possible.”


Jehard laughed involuntarily. Is this… a dream after all? No, it’s a reality. Jehard caught his dizzy head. 

‘Eugene… adopted by the original family…’

“If Eugene becomes an adopted son… Jehard-nim ​​will also be accepted as a member of the original family. I know it’s a sudden offer, but…”

“I dare to say it without hesitation.”

Jehard caught his breath and opened his mouth.

“The way you look up to my son. And, thank you very much for caring so much. But for me… I can’t help but think about my son’s future.”


“Even if the head of the household is good and honest, I am worried that other members of the family will persecute Eugene.”

Guillaid was not offended. Rather, he felt a crush on Jehard, who spoke his opinion in a firm tone. 

“I was born in Lionheart, but I am a humble person who does not fit the name of Lionheart. I… I support my son’s future… but I always felt guilty that my shabbiness could not brighten his future.”

Jehard hesitated but continued. He held his trembling hand and suppressed his tension.

“The head of the family has three children, right? If my son goes as an adopted child… whatever the reason, he will be a tumbled stone.”

“I see what you mean.”

Guillaid nodded.

“The main family places great importance on the enemy. Even if Eugene comes in as an adopted son, going through the succession ceremony and becoming the head of the household… will be difficult.”


“My wives and children know that. This… is a tradition that can’t be done in my generation. I promise you one thing. I don’t want to limit Eugene’s future. But my will cannot represent the will of the elders in the head family and the senate.”


“Eugene. If the child is not greedy… he will be able to blossom his qualities in the arms of his family. It must be difficult to become… But… Jehard. Please do not take offense at this.”

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