Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 601

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He had done nothing wrong and had no reason to run away, but Eugene ran away without looking back. The image of Melchis walking with a big smile while holding a bouquet as big as his body had the terrible power of making goosebumps rise and he had no choice but to run away.

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If you get caught, you’ll feel a murderous intent that won’t be enough even if you kill Melchis a hundred times in your imagination.

Eugene stood on the ledge of the castle wall and glanced back. Fortunately, Melchis didn’t come after him, so Eugene let out a sigh of relief and looked ahead again.

What did Moron mean? It was understandable as soon as I saw it with my own eyes. Certainly, the seal made by the demon king of confinement was several times larger than the one he had seen a week ago. Without exaggeration, it split half of the plain and swallowed all the neglected Pandaemonium.

‘How many are there?’

Yujin opened her eyes thinly and glared at the inside of the seal. The number of Nur filled up to the ceiling of the seal as well as the land could not even be measured. Besides, that’s not all.

Those Nur were only led by the demon lord of destruction. Remembering Rehein Yar, where Noor originally appeared, Eugene furrowed his eyebrows.

‘Since he didn’t say anything else, the door over there seems to be still in good shape… … .’

The reason why it is still alive is because it is sealing the demon king of destruction. If the seal is opened, countless Nur will pour out, resonating with the descent of the Demon King of Destruction, Nur will pour out from Rehein Yar, and Senya’s seal will no longer be able to hold him.

‘Can you stop it?’

Eugene frowned and thought about the war. The roles of Eugene, Senya, Moron, and the saints did not change. They will follow the chain left by the demon king of confinement and enter the demon king of destruction.

As it was at the end of Agaroth, at that moment the demon lord of destruction would not move. While Eugene’s party is holding on from the inside of destruction – outside, Shingun must stop that, countless number of Noor. If possible, I’d like to wipe out Noor first before entering the doom, but that seems impossible.

As long as the seal is intact, there is no way to attack from the outside. Then, is that seal completely opened the moment Eugene enters?

“What are you thinking?”

A voice was heard from the sky. Looking up, I saw Ciel riding on top of a flapping wyvern.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

A cold voice. Hard tone with no hint of laughter. A gaze that is no different from staring, eyes that feel as if they are dead because they have no life. With that alone, Eugene could perfectly understand Ciel’s feelings.

“Whoa… … .”

“sigh? Are you looking at me and sighing? Did you sigh when you saw my face? If Eugene sighed like that, how much my heart would be torn apart… … .”

“I had a lot of stories.”

Yujin sighed and sat down on the railing.

“I can’t explain it one by one because it’s a mess, but it’s unfair and sad… … It’s not that I did something wrong, I was swept away without even realizing it by such a huge flow that the world can’t help it… … .”

“Why are you talking so much about what you said was sloppy?”

“It’s not something to be criticized, but I’m even criticized… … Being scolded by the only two brothers in the world… … .”

“sibling? Do you know that the word I hate to hear from you is a brother, don’t you know?!”

A surge of emotion returned the tone. Ciel, who jumped off the back of the wyvern Yongyong and stood next to Eugene, kicked Eugene’s body with her feet as she gasped for breath.

“When you were little, you said that you were my older sister.”

“Because that was when I was young, not knowing anything! If possible, I’d advise you to go back in time and not flirt with the 13-year-old me, but rather be outspoken. Going back to the time when I was an employee with both sides and sidelines, I also beat them up to stop messing around.”

Ciel’s shoulders trembled at the mistakes and shame of the past. Eugene was able to actively sympathize with those words. Even Eugene, if he could go back to the past, he would never dress up as a woman.

“So, why are you sitting here wondering? Lie down some more.”

“You were just lying down. If you wake up, of course you should wake up… … .”

“Oh yeah? You just came to your senses. I also came to my senses right away, but I thought I couldn’t come out because the bed was nice.”

“It’s really unfair and sad, so I feel like I’m going to get angry and cry.”

“I’m not unfair, but I feel like I’m going to cry because I’m heartbroken, sad, sad, and angry.”

“Are you going to keep doing that?”

“I want to keep doing it, but I don’t want to because I think you’ll hate me if I do.”

“I don’t like you. I never hate anything like this.”

“Then do you like it?”

At the question that came back abruptly, Eugene blinked and looked at Ciel. Ciel clenched her fists as she didn’t answer right away.

“Let’s not talk. Don’t even answer.”

“It’s embarrassing to suddenly come in.”

“When have I not? Anyway, what are you doing sitting here?”

“You can see it. I was watching that.”

“Why are you looking here? If you’re curious, take a closer look.”

“Looking at it from here or up close, it’s the same. You?”

A wyvern with the stupid name Yongyong is still flapping its wings in the sky. Eugene said while glancing at the poor wyvern, who would never be able to change his arbitrary name for the rest of his life.

“It doesn’t seem like a walk in the sky.”

“Of course not! I came to scout!”

“reconnaissance? A seal?”

“That’s also on the route, but the focus is on Helmud’s border.”

Ciel frowned and raised his finger, pointing to the border line on the other side of the seal.

“… … The demon king of confinement admitted defeat, and Helmud became a defeated nation. The fact that the demon king of confinement gave you the right to life and death of all demons… … Of course, it was delivered to Helmud.”


I see what you mean. It was Eugene who was given the ‘chain’ by the demon king of confinement, and Eugene had no idea how to use it, but he had no intention of passing it on to someone else.

“Since you don’t know when your life will be lost, there’s a chance there will be an assassination attempt while I’m asleep.”

“It wasn’t even supposed to happen, it happened several times, several times!”

Ciel yelled out loud, but Eugene put his chin on his face with a face that seemed insignificant.

“The assassination attempt was while you were sleeping in the Vatican, right?”

“The urgency is different from then!”

“Wow, what did they do? I have no intention of annihilating the demons or anything like that.”

“… … really?”

Ciel’s eyes widened at the reply.

Eugene’s previous life was that stupid Hamel. Even in the fairy tale book, he showed an aspect of hating the demons whenever he had a chance, and he was a great man who was immediately called Hamel of annihilation by the demons.

“The demon king of confinement killed the warring demons without my need to touch them, and what is left now is the non-war faction. If you’re going to live a normal life without harming others, what’s the point of killing you?”

“If you really think so, you better make a proper statement later. so.”

Ciel subtly leaned over to Eugene.

“What were you thinking as you sat?”



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“I was thinking about what to do with the monsters that are infesting me.”

“What can I do? … Wouldn’t it be okay to kill them as soon as they come out?”

“It’s easy to say, you know they’re not easy opponents.”


The battle with Nur had been experienced in Hauria as well.

Those monsters disturb my nerves just by being nearby, and even their blood is poisonous as they fight irregularly, befitting their selfish appearance. They were born with magical energy dwelling in the corpses swept away by destruction. They are the true family of destruction, who have helped to annihilate life many times in the era of extinction.

“You can’t just leave it alone.”

Ciel muttered.

“If you defeat the demon lord of destruction… … I came out after saving the father-in-law. If we leave them alone, the world might be a little ruined.”

“Maybe more than a little was ruined. The pressure will continue to increase.”

“No matter how little or a lot, you shouldn’t let it ruin you. Do you really want me to perish?”

“If I wanted that, would I be here like this?”

Eugene replied with a grin. quit or… … There were plenty of opportunities to get comfortable. It is said that destruction will inevitably come someday, but Eugene had two chances. Being trapped in an eternal dream with Noir once. Another time, moving on to the next with the demon king of confinement.

I received an offer and chose it. So here we are. Eugene knew instinctively. There is no such opportunity anymore. Either defeat and die and perish, or win and live to gain a future. At the two roads that popped up in her head, Eugene laughed involuntarily.

“I don’t even think I’ll do it even if I die.”


Ciel couldn’t hear the sudden murmur and asked back.


Yujin shook her head and replied.

Of course, Eugene had no intention of dying. Desperately, there is such a resolution. Even if he dies, he will defeat destruction and save Vermouth… … . I also think But, ironically, he didn’t really want to die. It is ‘even if it means dying’.

‘I died and reincarnated several times, and went through this hardship. If only I died, it would be unfair.’

I am going through this hardship because I want to save the world and live happily without worries. There is no such thing as a grandiose and noble sense of duty or similar reasons, but first of all, Eugene thought that as much as he worked hard for the world, the world should also serve him.

“I need to contact the rear first.”


“Those numbers are bloody. Since the new army alone can’t handle it, reinforcements are sent to the rear… … .”

“I’ve already come enough.”

Ciel said it was obvious, but Eugene didn’t understand right away and blinked his eyes.

“aha. Did the head of the family make a request while I was sleeping?”

“They arrived on their own before I even asked for it?”

“… … why?”

“Because that is the last demon king.”

Hearing Ciel’s answer, he stood up from his seat.

“I defeated the demon king of confinement, and only the demon king of destruction remained. If you kill that thing, everything ends, and if you don’t, the world ends. What is the reason to spare it?”

He leaped to a height where he could look down on all of Neran. Even that wasn’t enough. Even outside the walls of Neran, the temporary barracks were full. The messy flags seemed to belong not only to the new army, but also to all countries on the continent and mercenaries.

Eugene had never seen so many troops in his life. Indeed, it was no exaggeration to say that he gathered the entire continental army.

“Everything is because of you. And I’m here for you.”

Yongyongyi, carrying Ciel, flapped his wings and approached Yujin.

“You defeated the demon king of confinement and made Helmud a defeated nation. By putting the demon lord of destruction right in front of you.”

That huge army, the waving flag, began to look different in Eugene’s eyes.

It sparkles as if all the stars in the night sky were gathered on the ground. A fire that spreads quickly. The light that burns so mingled. What lies ahead now is the light that defies destruction.

“Who would have thought until now? The thought of defeating that demon lord of confinement and Helmud. But Eugene, you did it.”

Even though Ciel said it himself, he smiled as if he was amazed.

“The you I know— you’ve never been defeated.”

“… … I lost a lot in the past.”

“Don’t they think so? Even I think so. If you fight… … .”

Ciel paused for a moment and held his breath. A scene I saw a week ago. Nauseous ominousness. Ciel clenched his fists and looked behind him.

“… … I think I can defeat that demon lord of destruction. Everyone will think so.”

Eugene also took his eyes off the ‘light’ and looked behind him. I saw the seal of destruction quite far away.

—-Something pushed his back. She didn’t have to look back. Eugene understood what pushed him on the back.

It is a hunger for victory. It is a longing. All emotions and will to forget the fear of war and death. In the end, the end that everything seeks to reach is victory, so all of that became faith in Eugene.


Eugene’s spirit reached the seal of destruction in an instant. The mind that transcended the body could not overcome the solid seal, but saw what could not be seen before. The swarming army of Nur. The center of ‘destruction’ that reaches beyond him for a long time.

What do you need to win?

that’s the enemy An enemy to be defeated. An enemy to be defeated. The only way to win is to subdue the enemy. As long as this is a war, it is unconditionally so. The faith of the entire continent dwelled in his eyes, showing the ‘enemy’ he had to defeat in order to win.

The figure of a man kneeling and bowing his head.

A man crouched on the ground with both hands in the center of the wreckage of chains that had been smashed and cut.

‘The demon of destruction.’



The ominousness was still there, but there was no fear. Eugene looked at the ‘enemy’ with calm eyes.

“… … .”

Eugene looked away and turned his head.

next day.

The army chanting the names of Seungri and Eugene marched towards the seal of destruction.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 600Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 602
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