Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 607

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Eugene naturally thought of a beast or monster that resembled it.

Huge body, dense and sharp teeth visible from wide open mouth. Irregularly sprouted limbs on the floor. Some fingernails and toenails were bent like hooks, while others protruded like knives. It also has wings and limbs sprouting out of its back.

does not exist. If you look at them one by one, you can find similarities, but there were no beasts or monsters that could be reminiscent of the overall appearance. It was just a wild looking monster, but it was essentially different from a chimera. It is not forcibly connecting different things. I myself am a creature. A monster shaped like an ominous and terrible magical power. Yujin clenched her fists, feeling goose bumps.

So far, most of the demon kings and similar beings that Eugene has dealt with have been similar to humans, but that one doesn’t look like that. Rather, because of that, Eugene strongly felt the name ‘Demon King’ from that.

‘No waste… … Should I call it efficient?’

An existence that has destroyed the world many times. The ominous and sinister power that it deserves is felt in that monster. This place is in the belly of destruction, but that one could be said to be the true body of destruction. Eugene was convinced as he clenched his sweaty hands.

Killing that thing completely means killing the demon king of destruction.

“Don’t talk about sprinkling ashes, do you have any plans to help?”


The demon king of confinement shrugged his shoulders while raising his tattered hands.

“I burned my life to hold on to destruction until you came, is that not enough?”

“It’s just that you burned your life that was going to die anyway.”

“haha… … I wish death, but to say so openly is shameless.”

The demon king of confinement shook his head and laughed.

“Unfortunately, I can’t help you in the fight against that. My magic power is already depleted, so there is nothing left to draw from.”

“I’m not asking you to help in battle.”

The demon king in confinement blinked several times at the stare that came towards him.

“… … haha!”

Soon, the Demon King of Yufe burst into laughter. The smile was not as futile as before. The demon king of confinement laughed while feeling genuine surprise and joy.

“As expected, Eugene Ryanhart.”

Eugene no longer looked at the demon king in captivity and turned his head away. I thought the emotion mixed with that smile was a sufficient answer. And she couldn’t afford to talk to the demon king of confinement anymore. Because the monster’s huge mouth with her head was wide open in this direction.

“You are such a greedy person.”

A murmur behind his back. A more certain answer than emotions mixed with laughter. Eugene smiled and raised her hand. Hwareuk! A huge new sword appeared.

The demon king of confinement slowly dragged his non-moving feet backwards. A body that wants to die anyway. If possible, I wanted to see the end of this battle and die, but if it was unavoidable – even if I couldn’t see the end, I thought it would be good to give my last for the sake of the ‘future’.

The horsepower has been exhausted. can’t fight It’s true. However, the soul of the Great Demon King, who has lived for a long time, will be able to push away the magic of destruction even for a moment before it completely fades away. If necessary, if so. The demon king of confinement had the will to oxidize to destruction like that.

But now it is no longer possible. If you die like that, you can have great self-satisfaction, but it’s because you can’t live up to Eugene’s greed.

“Do you really want to make a miracle?”

The demon king of confinement chuckled and raised his head.

… … miracle? I laughed again at the words I muttered to myself. Miracle, that word is new to me. Everything so far, and from this moment on, is a miracle created by Eugene Ryanhart. What the demon king of confinement must observe until the end is whether all these miracles can be completed as a myth.

‘I can feel it.’

The fast beating heart is painful. His senses were opened enough to feel each flow of heated blood. Eugene glared at the monster to catch her breath.

Its mouth is wide open, as if it could swallow the city whole. But even with it wide open, I couldn’t see the inside of my mouth. All that exists there is an impenetrable black darkness. The magic of destruction is boiling.

‘The blood knows.’

The boiling mana overflowed and leaked out. Countless teeth were covered in magic. She felt the tension from Senya and Moron, who had come close to her. Anis and Cristina also forgot their prayers and were overpowered by the monster.


Even after 300 years, Lionheart’s blood did not thin. This body is a descendant of Vermouth. It doesn’t have magical powers, but Lionheart’s blood came from the demon king of destruction. That’s why Eugene could feel it strongly now. It was known as boiling blood.

A heart in the center of the monster. There is vermouth in it. Nome was sucked into the heart, but he did not lose consciousness. If he tried to block it, he could stop it as much as he could. But Eugene let go of vermouth. Because Vermouth wanted it.

The guy is out of despair. He did not even give up his life, saying that he would die with destruction. Just as Eugene and his colleagues hoped, he decided to fight together as ‘Vermouth Lion Heart’, not as an alter ego of destruction. Now- Vermouth is awakening and resisting at the center of that terrible and ominous magical power.

“It should have been.”

Even in front of a huge gaping mouth, Yujin laughed and muttered. Her overflowing mana was gathering at one point, but Eugene’s eyes looked directly at the center. Darkness you can’t see through. But now I could see a small fire in the center.

A small ember that burns white.

ㅡQuaaaaaang! The mana gathered at one point was shot out. The magic that flew in an instant was like thousands of dragons firing their breaths at the same time. No, even that is enough power to make fun of it. I couldn’t stare at the fire any longer. Eugene held his breath and grabbed his new sword.


A low whisper. The light sitting on the distant sea raised its body. All the divine power that had been accumulated in hopes of today was connected to Eugene. It was huge enough to shake even Eugene’s mind, but the prayers of the two saints made it possible to handle this endless power more flexibly.

Levatein dwelled in the new sword. The blazing flames swelled enormously with the light.

Quarrrrr! The new sword cut the mana in two, but it could not burn all the mana it had cut. The remaining magic power was returned to the monster again.

“We don’t have much time. you know?”

Senya quickly exhaled. Eugene nodded his head as he passed the new sword he was holding to Moron.

“Here, breathing alone is lethal.”

But going outside doesn’t make things better. Since it is attacked from the inside, it is possible to directly attack the heart, but if you go outside saying you can’t stand it – it won’t be easy to reach the heart.

“The fight with the demon king was always like that. Kill us first before we die.”

Moron spat out as he turned the new sword in his hand into an axe.

-Kooung! The monster advanced towards it, scratching the floor with countless hands. Yujin opened her mouth as she glared at the centipede-like limbs that each moved.

“Moron, cut off that bastard’s limbs. If possible, try cutting the torso as well.”


“Senya, you aim for that kid’s back. It prevents you from turning your magic power back.”

“It is easy to say.”

Contrary to Morron, who nodded honestly, Senya grumbled with a frown. Just saying that, Senya immediately flew high.

“Hamel, what about you?”

Morron, who lowered himself while holding the ax with both hands, asked. Eugene answered while holding a new sword in each hand.

“Tear it out of its mouth.”

As Senya said, there is an awareness that it will not be as easy as spit out.

I felt a sense of intimidation from that gigantic monster that exceeded that of the demon king in captivity. Because he had won against the demon king of confinement, Eugene was not overwhelmed by the demon king of destruction–but he was not overwhelmed to the end. It’s not that even that power can be underestimated. Not only Eugene, but also Morron, Senya, Anis, and Cristina knew that.

But no one hesitated and advanced on the monster. There is no place to retreat anymore. You just have to knock that down. It was full and overflowing enough as a reason to fight against destruction.

It was the same outside.

Many people died. Nur, comparable to the number of dead people, fell, but it did not have a significant impact on the war situation. They only had human-caused tactics, and they didn’t care about fraud.

“Stop it!”

Loberian shouted in front of the huge door floating in the sky. The wide open Pantheon poured out all the summons it had already built in, but the front line was getting pushed back.



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That much should be blocked. If indeed the endless pouring out of Noor erodes the battle lines of the new army. What if things like the front line and the rear here no longer have much meaning. Then the random slaughter will begin.

‘Block… … . until when?’

Loberian gasped and glared at the wire.

There is a large army gathered here that has never been seen again in history. The opponent is the last Demon King that mankind has not conquered, and the Demon King who has destroyed the world many times. The troops gathered here are those who came to leave their names in history, legend, and mythology. They are attracted to the brilliant cause of saving the world.

Yet- there is faith in their eyes. The sun of divine power floating in the sky is brilliant and bright, so Shin-kun does not feel fear. Even if an ally dies right next to you, even if the teeth and claws of an unknown monster pierce you. Everyone is shouting and shouting for march.

Even if you try to back down, you can’t back down. Although the details of the inside story were not known to the Shingun, everyone who witnessed the ‘Demon King of Destruction’ knew instinctively.

If you can’t defeat destruction, everything is over.

“Fire Punch!”

Melchis, who became a giant with the Omega Force, went wild with his fists.

The Great Spirit Commander who saves the world against the current destruction! Melchis was immersed in the glory. Balzac Rudbez became a legend by betraying the demon lord and delivering a fatal blow while being a warlock, but Melchis was convinced that the prestige he would build today would become a lofty legend.

This is the center of mythology. If she survives today, she will become the legendary Great Spirit of Eternity. For eternity in the future, there will be no elemental magician higher than Melchis Elhire.

“Thunderbolt Kick!”

An endless stream of monsters called Nur attacked Melchis.

They’ve been through Hauria as well. To Melchis, who puts his mighty firepower first, it is nothing more than a moth that jumps into the flame he presses. But, but even fire moths will eventually put out the fire if it flies this much.

Melchis chewed his lips, feeling nervous.

‘Oxidation of magic is annoying… … !’

The clinging press was burned, crushed, crushed, or torn to shreds. In the process, the scattered magic burned Melchis’ mana and disturbed the resonance with the spirit. You can hold on for now, but if you continue, you won’t be able to maintain Omega Force.

‘This is poison.’

The magic power poured out by the dead Nur. They are poisonous and spreading. The more the corpse grows, the stronger the venom will be. Melchis glanced up at the sky.

‘Can I avoid miasma if I get farther from the ground?’

ㅡQuaaaaa! I saw Lymilia and battleships flying near the sun pouring breath and artillery fire. The flying corps led by Raphael were moving forward little by little while dealing with Noor.

Melchis held his breath and clenched his fists. The place to go is not the sky, but the front. The mother body that pours out these hideous monsters. Demon King of Destruction. If you attack a lump of unknown color that has stopped moving… … .

I thought about it, but it’s not easy to realize. I came here with the sweet cause of serving the world, but it is impossible to do it with a lot of determination to directly attack the demon king who has really destroyed the world.

“… … huh?”

However, when you try to resolute your determination to move forward with indomitability. Melchis’ eyes widened.

Above the head of the packed Noor. The darkness that appears one after another there. It is the authority of the Darkness Magic Eye. Ciel is approaching the demon lord of destruction by continuously using his demonic eyes.


It is not only Ciel who moves across the darkness. The elite of Lionhearts, led by Carmen, are approaching destruction.

“I go too!”

Melchis let out a cry like a scream and ran while stepping on Nur.


Carmen, who stood at the forefront, glared at the demon lord of perdition while clutching her chest.

“This blood born of evil wants justice.”

It’s hard to understand, but all Lionhearts who were on the verge of destruction felt the same thrill as Carmen.

There is Eugene Ryanhart in there.

And there is the progenitor of Lionheart, Vermouth Lionheart.

Flames were wrapped around Carmen’s Heaven Genocide. This one will never be able to inflict a fatal wound on the demon king of destruction. It may not even be a proper attack.

Be that as it may, Carmen threw her fist at destruction.

He knocked down destruction so that it resonated to the inside of the entangled colors.

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