Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 616

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Sightings of heroes who disappeared immediately after defeating the Demon King of Destruction were heard from all over the continent.

First of all, Rehein Yar.

“They suddenly came down from the sky.”

Aman Ruhar smiled as he recalled that moment. Several scars have been added to the face that was originally rough. It is the scar he suffered while blocking Noor’s advance at the forefront. Aman thought the scar was a glorious badge of victory, so he left it untreated.

“To be honest, it was very difficult at the time. Not just me, everyone did. Just a few hours ago, we saw an endless stream of monsters… … Heh heh, well, it’s not just us.”

Aman, who had been talking with a chuckle, paused for a moment and shook his head.

“I knew that the Demon King of Destruction was dead through the news that came over through magic. So he was on his way back to base. great… … I heard that Vermouth has returned, and that they have left the battlefield. um, yes However, even though I had heard it beforehand, he suddenly came down in front of me, so I couldn’t help but be surprised and thrilled.”

The place Aman blocked was the northernmost part of the continent. It is far from the front line where the demon king of destruction descended. Of course, if you use a dragon as a mount and get help from all kinds of magic, you can reach that distance in a few hours.

“My ancestor, whom I respect, said while holding my shoulder. that you suffered And I mean everything is over.”

At that time, Aman could not stand the overflowing emotions and sat down.

“It’s not just me. Sir Ortus, who was in charge of the spearhead with me, even shed his tears. Ivik didn’t sit down or shed a tear, but there was no one who couldn’t understand why he stubbornly stared at the sky. Heh heh, anyway, to us who can’t control our emotions, the great Vermouth told us.”

Thank you.

“that… … The great Vermouth bowed to all of us. Heh heh, heh heh… … hmm? next?”

Aman narrowed his eyes and looked ahead. The one in front of him now is the head of the information guild alliance on the continent. now that the war is over. The information guild is busy moving to weave the ‘war’ into a story.

It is the information guild alliance that moves in the foreground, but all of that has the agreement and cooperation of the continental countries. Unlike 300 years ago, when only the ambiguous history of ‘fairy tale book’ remained, it is to clearly record everything about this war and pass it on to future generations.

Because of such a promise, Ahman, the king of Luhar, met and talked with the commander in person.

In fact, even without such a promise, Aman would have agreed to the interview. He was praised for his hard work by respected heroes. Aman wanted to show off.

“hmm… … that… … Next. There is no next… … After congratulating us, they flew away again. Beyond the peaks of Rehein Yar, to Ragur Yaran. You didn’t even say where you were going… … Hmmm, more than that. Let me tell you how bravely and desperately the defenders and I defended the snowy mountain.”

Even though he couldn’t directly throw an ax at the demon king of destruction, he played an active part in the war where the world’s survival depended. – Because of that. Protecting Rehein Yar was something someone had to do.

However, since he did not directly fight the demon king of destruction, it is inevitable that the story of his success will be less recorded in the stories handed down to later generations. The gunman didn’t want to hear anything other than the whereabouts of the heroes, but he couldn’t bear to say ‘I hate’ with Aman’s scarred face in front of him.

A servant of the South Sea.

“Yes, it is true.”

Scalia Animus. At one time, she was a member of the Stormtrooper Knights, representing the city officials, and was nicknamed the Princess Knight, the flower of the Knights.

A story from several years ago. She had already laid down her sword and returned her knighthood. But she wasn’t just a princess.


Princess Scalia fell into her faith.

It is the faith in Eugene Lionheart. Strictly speaking, the officials here are the places where the name of Eugene Lionheart first became a ‘religion’, and in the plaza of the capital, there is a statue of Eugene Lionheart who returned after defeating the mad king. Princess Scalia is so religious that she prays in front of the statue of God every week, no, every day, and the royal family even expects that Scalia will one day become a real ‘saint’.

“That day, as usual, I was praying in front of the statue. Oh, it wasn’t just me. Families of knights and soldiers who have not yet returned from the battlefield… … And I was with the believers who believed in Eugene.”

Scalia now had a much more beautiful smile than when she was praised as a princess and knight. She clasped her hands together and continued her words.

“At that time, ah, light came down from the sky. My god has come to answer everyone’s prayers.”

the facts will be different. He had also heard from other believers who had already gathered there. Eugene Lionheart, who came down from the sky, was blatantly shy, and the other colleagues laughed while looking at the new statue and Eugene’s face alternately. Judging from the characters of the heroes identified by the Information Guild Alliance, they must have simply come down from the sky to make fun of Eugene Lionheart.

“God has spoken. He said that he had been to a distant sea. reason… … ? How can I ask the reason for God’s actions?”

Didn’t you ask about your next destination? Scalia’s face turned stern at the carefully asked question.

“God is everywhere and nowhere. Even in this place where we are talking now, God is still there. That kind of faith is faith.”

I mean don’t know

Subsequent sightings came a week later.

Zoran in the Great Forest of Samar.

“I haven’t been told the exact number of days, but they must have spent several days in the great grove. world tree… … In the elven estate.”

Zoran, which unified all the tribes of the Great Forest, already possessed a territory worthy of being called an empire. However, the young chieftain, Ivatar Zahabu, did not call himself emperor and still adhered to the name ‘high chieftain’. It must be because of the antipathy toward the words ’empire’ and ’emperor’ that still remain in the Great Forest tribe.

“I allowed a private meeting with the kings of the continent… … Hehe, let me tell you first. If you ask where the World Tree is, I will cut off your arm. If you want to find the location of the World Tree and the Elven Territory by unleashing your little rats into the forest without asking… … I will rule by the laws of the ‘savages’ you whisper about.”

The tattoo on his face wriggled with a grin.

It has already been confirmed in the war that Ivatar’s strength is comparable to that of the strongest people on the continent. The leader thought that he should take the guild members who accompanied him to the search.

“iced coffee… … Don’t worry too much. A promise is a promise, and I will not hide the stories I have met and heard. Regarding that, I have already asked permission from my ‘friend’, Eugene.”

Ivata continued, emphasizing the word ‘friend’.

“They said they came to say hello to the World Tree. I didn’t ask about the details, but I heard that the World Tree was of great help in defeating the demon lord of destruction.”

The World Tree is an object of faith worshiped by the natives of the Great Forest and elves. Seeing that the heroes said they were helped, it seems that the World Tree is not simply a folk religion.

“He also left a message for me about it. well, it’s nothing He told me to save and take care of the forest. Haha, that’s it, it’s like everyday life for us.”

is it everyday? The gunman recalled the sights he had seen before coming here. The ferocious warriors were transplanting seedlings and applying fertilizer… … .

“What you are curious about is where did Eugene and the heroes go, no? haha, i know it Because they are ‘friends’.”

Ivata gave strength to the word ‘friend’ again and said.

“They said they were going to La Vista.”

After the war, I met and heard many people, but this was the first time I heard about the heroes’ next destination. The gunman jumped up from his seat without realizing it.

“Hahaha, I’m in a hurry, so I understand. But I don’t think I can meet you just because I’m leaving now?”

It was as Ivata said.

He hurriedly left Joran. She rode a series of warp gates and came over to Hell Mood.

There were many problems. After the death of the demon king of confinement. Helmud is under the control of continental nations. Even so, Helmud needs a new leader. Among the moderate demons who refused to go to war, candidates came forward, and the current Helmud started an unfamiliar election campaign.

The situation is bound to be confusing.

The overwhelming technology enjoyed before has stopped, and most stores have closed. Elite knights dispatched from each country are standing on the streets to prevent possible riots, demon candidates are holding election campaigns to give them a precious vote, and beyond that, protests are taking place, led by human immigrants.

-We are not demons!

-Guarantee the human rights of immigrants!

– We want to go back to our hometown!

Everything is confusing, but what made the commander’s head hurt even more is that La Vista is the best outcast in Helmud. There are no warp gates that lead directly. Even if you take the nearest warp gate, you have to travel on land for a few more days, and you have to travel by boat for a few more days on the sea to reach La Vista.

It’s about to close my eyes, but I can’t help it. After passing through the last warp gate, passing through cities and villages that would not be an exaggeration to say they were dead, they reached the sea.

“Lavista? The island disappeared a few days ago.”

I heard a story like that while trying to float a boat.

The grasp of the reality could be heard in an unexpected place.

A heretic prison in the Holy Empire, Euras. It is a place to confine injustice and corrupt priests and priests, as well as cultists not recognized by Yuras.



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“They said it was an information guild union. Doesn’t sound like a great name. Your eyes and ears are quite bright.”

It was not the prison warden that the gunman met. The leader of the Knights of the Blood Cross, Crusader Raphael Martinez. He guided the gunman with a cold smile that did not match the boy’s appearance.

“I didn’t mean to hide it, so don’t get me wrong. She is a sinner who betrayed her faith. Because she made her deal with Senya-sama in the past, she didn’t kill or capture her, but released her… … You are the only witness to this incident. So I just kept her and listened to the story.”

In my heart, I wanted to rebel. Wasn’t Eugene Lionheart and the heroes’ sighting information shared by all countries through the information guild?

But the gunman couldn’t really protest. The Crusader is a fanatical fanatic who would be saddened by the second, and this is the heresy prison in Yuras. Even if the Crusaders cut off the gunman’s head now, nothing will leak out to the outside world.

“Hemoria. Do you know the name?”

know. The ace of the Maleficarum, the Jurassic Inquisition, once called the ‘Guillotine’. However, he was corrupted and became a servant of Amelia Merwin, and disappeared after the Liberation of Hauria… … .

“I unleashed the bitch myself. By putting a stigma that can be identified wherever you are and what you do. I told you to live and breathe as if a rat died… … The outrageous thing was malicious.”


The iron bars made a loud noise. Hemoria, who had been crouching inside the prison, sighed and shook her bar.

“You mean! I, I am not like that!”

“Shut up, evil thing. If it wasn’t for Senya-sama, I wouldn’t have let you go.”

Raphael spit out with his eyes flashing. Hemoria, who gritted her teeth as she gritted, spewed as she rammed her head into the grate.

“I feel bad!”

“What is it that is unfair? You know what La Vista is like, right? It is the place where the demon king of perdition rested.”

Kwak! Raphael kicked the bars and said. Struck by the shock, Hemoria rolled on the ground screaming.

“You’ve been hiding from La Vista with Amelia Merwin. Have you performed an evil ritual in anticipation of the resurrection of the demon king of destruction? Or did you covet the magic that might have remained there? Didn’t he try to cause a riot by inviting radicals who were angry at the current situation in Helmud to La Vista?”

“You’re like a delusional man!”

Hemoria roared.

“Wouldn’t this doggie stigma tell me where I was and what I was doing?! I-I went to La Vista only after the war ended! Before that I… … .”

It was difficult to speak. The life of a vagabond wandering the alleyways. Fortunately, Hemoria isn’t a perfect vampire, so she doesn’t have to eat only vampiric blood.

However, there was an occasional vampiric urge. Since she couldn’t drink human blood, she lived by sucking the blood of the rat in the gutter, a tramp who was in the same situation as me. He lived with his breath, fearing that the hunters of Juras would come from anywhere.

The war started and ended. If the demon king of confinement or the demon king of destruction wins the war… … I hid with hope, but that didn’t happen. Helmud was defeated.

In the chaos of Helmud, Hemoria’s place to stay has decreased. Knights dispatched from all over the world. Among them were Euras’ paladins and battle priests.

If they simply competed for ‘power’, most of them would be weaker than Hemoria, but the problem is the stigma on their shoulders. If she commits her crime, she will surely come after her. The existence of her stigma was sensed even by the paladins, so the darkness of her back alleys could no longer be Hemoria’s resting place.

The place that came to mind at that time was La Vista. The Demon King of Destruction is dead. There are no demons either. There are no monsters. It is really barren with nothing. It doesn’t look like anyone will come… … . But isn’t it good for hiding?

So Hemoria crossed over to La Vista.

Tired to the point of exhaustion and driven to the point of being driven. Let’s live in La Vista for the rest of our lives. He is a dead land, but let’s plow the field. He farms, plants trees, grows fruit, catches fish… … Wouldn’t it be possible to raise something like livestock? I was worried about the vampiric urge, but when I lived as a Heretic Questioner, I didn’t even touch blood… … If you persevere, you will be able to overcome the urge completely.

let’s be born again Let’s live a new life.

“I am… … I’m sorry… … .”

Hemoria scratched the floor and sobbed. She sincerely hoped for that and went to La Vista.

Could it be because the demon king of destruction died? The land of La Vista had no magic left at all. It seemed that if I cultivated the field and sowed the seeds, it would bear fruit someday.

Plowing the wasteland with a hoe, fishing… … About a week or so ago.

Demons descended from the sky.

Hemoria felt they were demons. She immediately recognized Hemoria, who screamed and tried to flee, but she was possessed by demons.

-What the f*ck are you doing here?

The enemy who ruined Hemoria’s life, Eugene Ryanhart, asked with an absurd face. He was so frightened that he could not answer, and his teeth were clenching together, so he was hit in the back of the head.

– Why are you grinding your teeth again?

Those words were unfair. I’m scared and my teeth just chatter on their own.

“That word is not worth believing.”

Raphael looked back at the commander with a sad face.

“Eugene-nim and the heroes came to see the situation in La Vista. He was worried that there might be remnants of destruction left. There was nothing to worry about… … La Vista. He decided that there was no need for the place to remain, so he sunk the entire island.”

The comfortable nest that Hemoria dreamed of fell asleep in the depths of the sea.

“That girl was left by Eugene-sama on the beach. Oh, of course we knew it moved to La Vista. I left it for a while to do something. But when I came back to the shore, I was collapsed, so what should I do?”

He was captured and imprisoned here in a heresy camp.

“But I will send it out in a few days. I can’t kill… … Because living an unfree life outside would be a greater punishment for that person than being locked up here. Ah, isn’t that what you’re curious about?”

Raphael smiled and stared at the gunman.

“You know? Before the liberation of Hauria, a dragon came to visit Eugene.”

Red Dragon Ariartel. Instead of directly participating in the war, the dragon opened its treasure chest and bestowed valuable weapons and cooperated with human wizards. The anecdote that the dragon directly visited Eugene Lionheart and helped him will be one of the legends that will be handed down to future generations.

“According to that statement, an unknown woman with red hair was with Eugene-sama.”

Raphael pointed at Hemoria with his chin and said.

“I don’t know where Eugene went after sinking La Vista, but… … Maybe you went to the dragon’s dwelling together. Oh, of course I don’t know where the dragon lives.”

Raphael’s smirk continued in the ears of the gunman who was frustrated and silent.

“Looking for the dragon’s dwelling place, or… … Did you wait in front of Lionheart’s home? Haha, the latter seems to be more difficult. Did you hear it too? When Emperor Kiel tried to visit Lionheart, the wife of the head of the family directly blocked his way.”

after the war. A procession of worshipers of the great Vermouth and Eugene Lionheart visited Lionheart, and all were blocked and driven away by Gamo Anicilla. The emperor who visited for congratulations was no exception.

“Especially right now, Ryan Hart’s home is busy preparing for moving… … Where, do your best to find the dragon’s nest.”

Over the sound of Raphael’s giggling laughter, Hemoria cried and gnashed her teeth.

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