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Four days after Seniah returned to Arot. She had a busy schedule every day.

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On the first day, he met the King and the tower owners, and immediately after that, he gave a speech in front of a crowd gathered in the Green Square.

After the speech, which continued in tears and cheers, the festival began at the Pentagon in the capital. The next day, Senya joined in a festive procession and marched around the Pentagon.

next day. We had a meeting with young wizards who were selected from the four mage towers and wizard guilds and dreamed of becoming leaders of the next generation. It started with a light meal, but the young wizards in attendance had to listen to Senya’s nagging more than the food. The nagging that started with the words, “This is the problem with young people these days,” eventually led to individual guidance, so in the end, everyone was satisfied.

Today is the fourth day.

Finally, I attended a meeting of the Arot royal family and the council. They tried to arrange a later schedule, but Senya refused all schedules with a firm attitude. He suffered for four days because he thought he had done enough.

“It’s not like I’m going to die anytime soon, and no matter how badly I try, I’ll live for over a hundred years. Why are you making such a fuss? Yes, I’ll do anything you ask me to do. Instead, after you’ve done that, you won’t even step on Arot’s land. Is that okay?”

How can I force him more when he says he will stick with Arot for the rest of his life? After finishing the schedule for the morning like that.

The top floor of the Green Mage Tower. Originally, this was the office of the new Noktap owner, Rainain Boers, but for the past four days, Senya has been using it as a lodging.

Of course, Lainine said he would give away his entire mansion rather than the top floor of the Mage Tower, and if Senya wishes, he could even use the entire palace of Arot… … Anyway, Senya liked this place, the top floor of the Green Mage Tower.

With the mansion now a museum, this is where Senya spent most of his time 300 years ago.


Senya sat in a spacious chair and looked at the jewelry. A phantasmagoric eye that was cracked in the battle with the confined demon lord. After that, I didn’t use it, but thanks to the constant pouring of spiritual power, the magic eye of illusion was completely restored.

“Hmm… … .”

No regrets.

Reaped the magic eye of illusion, and sealed the soul of Noir Jebella in the magic eye. Senya at the time thought that was the most ‘right’. If Noir dies and disappears like this, she will become an eternal nightmare and stick to Eugene’s heart.

It is unacceptable. So I couldn’t let Noir die a complete death.

Of course, there is also a reason to control the illusionary eye. Senya had no choice but to admit right away that no matter how much he used the dragon, it would be impossible to use the magic eye of illusion as much as his original owner, Noir Jebella.

“As a result, I was right?”

Senya pursed her lips and muttered.

When he fought against the demon king of confinement in Babel. Would he have been able to win if he hadn’t used Noir to control the illusionary eye? When I thought about it soberly, the possibility of that was very low.

In that battle, everyone’s strength was not up to that of the demon king in captivity. It would have been difficult to push the demon king of confinement that far if he hadn’t connected dreams and reality with the demonic eyes of fantasy.

The poison called Balzac Rudebes was able to be activated thanks to the fact that he pushed himself as he was supposed to, and made all the power of the demon king of confinement pour out… … .

“Ugh… … .”

Since all the Demon Lords are dead, there will be no use of the Phantom Eyes in the future. If so, sealing it as it is would be a neat ending.

However, the power of the magic eye of fantasy is too great to be confined to ‘only’ combat. As a magician-like desire, I want to completely reproduce the power of the phantom demon’s eye with magic… … .

It’s not like that desire alone doesn’t seal the illusionary eye. Even ‘magic’ is just an excuse. Senya sighed and shook his head. If the evil eye is sealed as it is, can Noir not become Eugene’s nightmare?


Senya knew well what kind of personality Eugene and Hamel were. The moment you kill Noir. The feelings that Eugene had for Noir Jebela were not the only ones affected by Agaroth.

In the end, Eugene ‘remembered’ his and Noir’s previous lives. And the two must have appealed to each other in some way in their nightmares.

The nightmare of ‘Noir Jebella’ that stuck to Eugene is a feeling that has not been able to achieve each other in the end. Instead of disappearing as time goes by, those feelings will become stronger and stronger. Even if you don’t usually think of it, someday… … It will suddenly come to mind and make Eugene suffer.

Everything is over, but is that really the only reason why the illusionary eye is not sealed? The moment Noir dies. Senya’s feelings were-

“… … .”

I had no choice but to admit it. The words Noir whispered in his nightmare. Senya can ‘never’ reach a rapport between Noir and Eugene. A destructive relationship in which they have no choice but to kill each other out of love and hate, leaving indelible scars on each other through death.

Senya doesn’t want such a relationship, but at the end of the two… … Senya felt a feeling of jealousy.

At the same time, I also felt ‘fear’. Like this, Noir will die, maybe… … No, I will definitely be reincarnated someday. Regarding this ‘fear’, Noir directly chimed in at Senya.

-Between me and Hamel… … There is a very dark string of fate. Someday, the reincarnated me will surely be able to think of Hamel.

denied it then. But now that everything was over, Senya was able to admit that even the denial she felt at that moment was a lie.

The jealousy I felt at the moment Noir died. fear of one day. and.

“I’m too nice to wear.”

Senya let out a deep sigh and murmured. After defining everything to be defined, one emotion remains. Senya knew well what this feeling was.

It’s sympathy.

Reincarnation of the Twilight Witch. Noir Jebella was born as a dream horse. Far from fulfilling the feelings of her previous life, she sympathized with Noir Jebella, who had become a relationship with Eugene who had no choice but to die and die. She sympathized with Eugene, who chose to kill her, even though she had reached the point of ‘she doesn’t want to kill’. So, she captured Noir’s spirit… … .

“I promised.”

I made an appointment with Eugene at Babel. after everything is done To free Noir Jebela’s soul.

However, Senya’s heart is not at ease with ‘that’. Senya let out a deep sigh and tapped the illusory demon’s eye with her finger.

[Oh my goodness.]

Noir rose from the purple mist. She stared at Senya, blinking her eyes for a moment, then she smiled bashfully.

[very little… … Time seems to have passed. Senya Merdein, you look perfectly fine. This place… … .]

You cannot observe the outside while being sealed in the illusionary demonic eyes. Noir tilted his head as he looked around.

[Wizard’s room… … .]

His gaze, looking around, landed on the nameplate on the desk.

[Green Magic Tower Master, Rhine Boers… … Ahaha. Until my death, the green tower position was vacant. It seems that she has become the new Green Mage Tower Master, right?]

“You still talk a lot.”

[Can’t help it? Because you don’t explain the situation. So, what is it? How much time has passed? The fact that you didn’t die means that you won against the demon lord in captivity… … Hehe, of course Hamel wouldn’t die, right? If Hamel died, you would have died too. Even if I had to die because I couldn’t help it, it wouldn’t be the same face I have now.]

Noir chuckled and leaned towards Senya.

As long as the Phantom Eye of Illusion is under Senya’s control, Noir will never be able to use it. But she looked into Senya’s pupils, emitting a bewitching light, even though her pupils were only souls.

[Everything seems to be over, right?]

“… … .”

[Ahaha, I guess so? Even if the demon king of confinement fell, the demon king of destruction remained. Hehe, did you defeat the Demon King of Perdition without my help?]

“Don’t be cocky. I didn’t even need your help.”

[Huh, I guess so. Because my ability would not have been very compatible with the demon lord of destruction. But, you needed my help when fighting the demon lord in captivity, right? Surely you wouldn’t even say that?]

“Don’t be condescending with stories from the past.”

[Then shall we talk about the future?]

A small smile spread across Noir’s lips. She backed away from Senya with her light steps, then sat comfortably on the sofa near her as if it were her own room.

[What do you think of me?]

“… … .”

[I know right off the bat that you have quite complicated feelings for me. Surely you don’t think you didn’t notice, do you? Senya Merdane. You’re worse at hiding your emotions than you think.]



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“A comfortable death for you is a luxury.”

Senya spat while glaring at Noir’s face.

“I will not let you, who died, become Eugene’s nightmare. I won’t let you reincarnate and come find me someday.”


“I will not liberate your soul. many… … I thought. How can I make you more painful when you are already dead? What should I do, won’t your ‘death’ become a nightmare for Eugene?”

Noir said nothing. Instead, Noir stared at Senya with the same smile he had when he was alive.

Senya snapped her fingers feeling as if she was being pierced by that gaze.


What fell from the wide open space was a ball-jointed doll the same size as a human.

“I will bury your soul here.”

[When did you become a necromancer? You put your soul into something else. Hmm, among the warlocks I know, there was a girl who was good at such tricks. Amelia Merwin. Come to think of it, do you have Amelia Merwin?]

Amelia Merwin is alive and not dead. But her mind was shattered, and she will never recover.

[Senya Merdein. You understood dark magic through the memories of Amelia Merwin. She also extracted her magic from her and used it. Did you fall in love with black magic?]

“Black magic is magic after all. And I am the goddess of magic.”

[This is very expedient. All right, if you will. so? Put me in that toy, what are you going to do?]

“You will see everything.”

Noir’s cheeks twitched at the words that followed.

“The world has become peaceful. All demon lords are dead, and no more threats remain. All that’s left is… … It’s just that everyone is happy. Noir Jebela. you… … You will see everyone happy.”

[…] … .]

“Did you tell me? Death and reincarnation are extravagant to you. I’m depriving you of all that. You cannot die, and you cannot be reincarnated. You keep being trapped in that doll’s body… … You will see me and Eugene happy.”

Noir stared at Senya without answering. Senya said after catching her breath.

“That is my punishment for you.”

[Be a punishment.]

After a brief silence, Noir’s mouth opened.

[Whether or not you are qualified to punish me… … . Ahaha… … Let’s put it aside. Because it doesn’t really matter. By the way, Senya Merdein. Did I tell you earlier? You say you’re clumsy at hiding your emotions more than you think.]

Noir laughed and murmured.

[indeed. This… … Truly, selfish, vile, humiliating benevolence. And it’s very effective. Certainly, for me, who thought it was the ‘perfect end’, there will be no punishment beyond this.]

“… … .”

[What do you think?]

Noir leaned back on the sofa and turned his head to look behind him.

[My, Hamel.]

Senya also made up her mind and looked up.

Eugene was standing in front of the door. I overheard the conversation from outside the door. I couldn’t stand it on the way, so I opened the door and went inside. But I couldn’t interrupt the conversation.

So I was just listening. Eugene let out a long sigh and shook his head.

“… … You promised to free your soul.”

“I explained the answer.”

“What if I don’t understand?”

“Then, go along with my stubbornness.”

“It’s something you don’t have to be afraid of.”

“You know it’s not just about fear.”

Eugene closed his eyes at Senya’s muttering. Amidst the dark silence, Noir’s giggling was heard.

[It’s an unsightly and unsophisticated salvation. Don’t you think so? This is not what we want.]


thud. Senya’s hand tapped the desk. She spat while staring alternately at Noir, who was sitting on the sofa, and Eugene, who stood with her eyes closed.

“Being alive in some way rather than missing you in death… … alive… … I can’t say I’m alive, but anyway, what’s left is much better, similar to being alive. is not it?”

[Is this a story of experience?]

Noir sighed.

[Are you projecting yourself from 300 years ago onto Hamel?]

“Oh, right!”

Senya yelled and knocked on the desk again.

“Because missing someone who died is such a shitty feeling… … ! I don’t want Eugene to feel that way.”

“I don’t intend to miss you.”

“Of course you do! ‘Cause I won’t let that happen But, but… … You know that. Sometimes, you can dream.”

The doll that had been scattered on the floor floated up. Senya threw the doll beside Noir and continued.

“know. That everything I do is selfish, nasty, insulting, unsightly, and tacky to you. … … It’s okay, quit if you don’t like it. I will destroy the doll right away and free the soul of that Gal X… … .”

“Ten years.”

Yujin sighed and opened her eyes.

“For 10 years, do as you insist. I don’t think I’ll have any regrets after that.”

[Does my opinion matter?]

Noir, who was observing the doll sitting next to him, grabbed the doll’s arm and waved it.

[10 years, time is ambiguous. If you’re going to do it, how about 100 years? Aren’t you guys going to live 100 years anyway?]

“shut up.”

[I think my attitude is colder than when I was alive. Aha, is that it? Are you taking it off? Hamel, you know? It’s ugly enough that it’s true. I’d rather be satisfied, there won’t be any regrets left.]

“… … Satisfaction?”

[For example, sleeping with me.]

Noir smiled and said. Eugene and Senya’s faces twisted at that unconventional answer.

[hmm… … Thinking back, I can’t do that. If you sleep with me, you will have more regrets.]

“Crazy bitch.”

Eugene muttered disgustedly. Senya tried to hit the same swear word, but was speechless when she saw Noir caressing the doll’s chest with her serious face.

[I’m asking just in case, if I go inside. Will it become the appearance of this plain doll?]

“… … It will be projected in the image of your soul.”

[is it so?]

Noir’s purple eyes sparkled. She turned to Senya with a bewitching smile.

[Then, does this doll also have a reproductive function?]

At that question, Eugene was dumbfounded and clicked his tongue. He expected, of course, that Senya would spit out her harsh words, but to his surprise, Senya’s expression was very subtle.

“I can’t have children.”

The answer that came back after a moment’s hesitation was truly spectacle. Eugene laughed and shook her head, and Noir’s smile grew even thicker.

[Can’t you just have children?]

“Why did you throw in such a useless function?”

“that is… … This is also a creation… … . I thought of it as a challenge that could further advance my magic, so I stopped thinking about it… … .”

[Very good. Senya Merdane. You really are a genius, no, a goddess of magic.]

Noir raised the doll’s arms and even clapped.

“Who is crazy… … .”

“Then why did you come all of a sudden?”

I heard Eugene’s muttering, but I ignored it. Senya continued her words while glancing at Eugene’s confused face.

“Originally, I was going to visit you today. Is there anything wrong with you?”

“I have a job, but it’s not as absurd as you.”

“So what happened?”

“I will move Lionheart’s home.”

Senya’s eyes widened at those words. I knew from a few weeks ago that the home of Kiehl Lionheart was preparing to move. Soon, Senya’s eyes widened.

“I understand why you came to me. It looks like you need Senya-sama’s help, right? Well, moving the entire mansion site is not an easy task. So, what can I do? Can I pull out the entire forest and transplant it?”


For four days, I talked a lot with the adults of my parents’ house about moving.

At first, it was planned that only the main family would move in and the mansion site would be used comfortably by the elves—but the elves rejected such a plan. The elves, led by Sycnad, did not want to return to the Great Forest where the World Tree was because they had already adapted to life outside. They wanted to use part of their long lives to return the favor to Lionheart.

“What about the dwarves?”

“I will follow you.”

“Then it won’t be any different from now.”

“We can go to a much bigger territory than now.”

A forest and elves built around the saplings of the World Tree. The dwarves’ workshop continues to expand. A huge territory that does not invade the living area of ​​the head family even after moving all of it.

“no way.”

An empty land where no one owns it.

The new home of Lionheart’s home is Pandemonium.

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