Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 622

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Diocese of Trecia, Holy Empire Euras.

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Christina grew up in a remote monastery here. She was abandoned at the gates of the monastery as an infant, taken up by the clergy, and when she was ten years old she became the adopted daughter of Cardinal Sergio Loggeris.

From the moment she was abandoned in a monastery and taken in by a priest, Christina’s future was set as a ‘priest’. The big turning point in that future was becoming the adopted daughter of Cardinal Sergio Loggeris. As much as her adoptive father was a great cleric who even reached the rank of cardinal, Christina was not supposed to be an “ordinary” cleric.

As she grew older and older, Christina’s appearance resembled that of ‘Faithful Anise’, a saint who left her name in history. The faithful who came to her church even whispered that she was the ‘second coming of the saint’ when they saw her young Christina.

Naturally, Christina set her sights on becoming a ‘saint’. It was not Christina’s will, but young Christina could not refuse the expectations and prayers of those around her. Cristina was directly taught theology by Sergio Rogeris, and she found the fountain of light that successive saints and candidates had undergone ceremonies. He was appointed to the Diocese of Alcart.

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It is no coincidence that Cristina became Sergio’s adopted daughter. It is also no coincidence that her Christina’s appearance gradually resembles that of the pious Anis.

A blatant gaze that even a child could understand. The coercive attitude of the adoptive father when teaching theology. A prayer at the fountain of light that was no different from torture. The spring water that emitted a strange light whenever blood was shed, the discomfort felt by the floating consciousness during prayer, and the identity of faintly audible sobs.

Christina looked ahead in silence. The sacred site of Jurass, once called the ‘Fountain of Light’, no longer exists. What is now in this place is just a huge cemetery.

few years ago. Eugene killed numerous paladins and Heretic Questioners here. They tried to test and kill the hero, and they paid the price they deserved. Numerous corpses were thrown into deep, deep pits. There were not a few people who barely survived, but no one survived falling into the pit.

And the fountain of light collapsed. Because this was never a place worthy of being called a ‘holy place’. It wasn’t enough to artificially mass produce saints, because she used the corpses of her candidates who failed to become saints as the source of springs.

Eugene’s, Hamel’s colleague – even faithful Anise was offered to the spring.

That’s why.

What Eugene couldn’t stand that day. That he committed murder without hesitation. It was because he knew the evil of the priests of Euras who served the light. It was because he insulted the death of Anis, who wanted to save the world and wished for the existence of heaven.

Eugene did not control his anger. He didn’t hesitate to swing his sword. Light did not stop cutting down and killing those who served it.

“… … Rest in peace.”

center of the cemetery. In front of the white tombstone, Christina put her hands together and said her prayers. Most of the paladins and Heretic Questioners who died here had their own tombstones, even a part of their bodies. However, those written on this tombstone did not even have a part of the body.

Those who have sunk in the fountain for too long. Candidates for saints from previous generations who couldn’t even properly leave their corpses for the next candidate for saints. Among them, there are newborn babies who died without even becoming a ‘candidate’ and using the fountain of light as their cradle or coffin.

Christina’s older sisters who died in order to create an imitation incarnation to reproduce the miracle. This tombstone is for them.


Cristina murmured at the end of her prayers.

A month after the war ended.

distant sea. Somewhere in a sea that humans can never reach, I saw a pure white land.

Christina received the light herself. light and… … She couldn’t talk, but Cristina definitely felt the ‘light’.


Those who die in this world reach far-off seas unless they perish through black magic or other reasons. Through that place, they are born as new beings.

But can it really be called heaven? About the ‘Heaven’ of light, I had heard from Eugene before. A place to go through for a while before reincarnating. Souls that have been corrupted or damaged in this world, after being purified by the light in heaven, rise to the yoke of reincarnation.

In such a process, the light extracts the final faith from the soul. The accumulated faith led to Eugene and became the power to save the world.

The party stayed in the Sanctuary of Light for three days.

During that time, Eugene sat in front of the light and was silent as if he were sleeping.

The gods of the distant past who were devoured by the giants hoping that light would end the destruction and save the world. Eugene was the one they arranged and reincarnated for the world, so Eugene was the only exception to the light who couldn’t talk.

‘it’s over.’

three days later Eugene stood up and said so. Even the Light knows that destruction is over. Nevertheless, the reason why I dared to come and interact with the light for three days was to say hello to the old ties that remained in that form for a long time, and to talk about the light and a new ‘future’.

“Heaven exists.”

Cristina muttered confidently. Before she left the Sanctuary, she could clearly sense Cristina. That the light now is different from when she first arrived.

Eugene kept the promise he made to Anise and Christina in the past.

-If I go later, I’ll have to tear it down and fix it.

-To a more plausible paradise.

He did not ask Eugene about how the Heaven of Light changed and was completed. The form of heaven is not to be known by the living. Cristina’s curiosity about heaven someday, someday… … It was left as an expectation for after death.

[I can go check it out right now.]

I left the tombstone behind and walked.

[It’s already a dead body.]

“You must not go.”

Christina said with a bitter smile.

I knew that what Anise was saying was not just a joke. Isn’t that what I said a long time ago? The reason Anise became an angel and remained in the world is to fulfill her regrets in the past.

Defeat all demon lords. A goal that was unattainable 300 years ago. At the end of the destruction, Anise’s lingering feelings from 300 years ago came true.

“Don’t you have any new lingering feelings?”

[I have achieved that to some extent.]

“Eugene-sama, if the sister disappears… … You will be very sad. Senya-nim, Moron-nim, and Vermut-nim too. And of course me too.”

[But if I share your body like this, Cristina, won’t you be able to enjoy your life to the fullest?]

“I don’t care.”

[I can say that now. But you can’t continue to do that. Your memories are entirely yours to have.]

“Hasn’t Senya-sama created a method for that?”

After leaving the cemetery, Raphael, who had been waiting for her, bowed her head.

“I will escort you to the gate.”

This visit is the last of the Yuras itinerary. As of today, Cristina leaves Jurass and moves to Lionheart’s home. The Vatican tried to prepare a grand send-off ceremony, but the saints did not want such a send-off.

In any case, the name ‘Saints’ that they have acquired will not fall away for the rest of their lives. Euras would not dare to keep an eye on the saints, but the saints could not help it until the many followers of light remembered and wished for the saints.

[It’s a method.]

Climbed into a chariot led by Apollo. Anise stared through Christina’s eyes at the large suitcase on the seat opposite.

[That way… … It was so wonderful that it nurtured the lingering lingering feelings in me. But I don’t know if that’s really right.]

Cristina wordlessly reached out and brought the suitcase onto her lap. The inside of the bag opened with a click and was distorted by space magic. Cristina reached into it, pulled out her large doll, and set it across from her.

“Even that dream queen, Noir Jebella, has been given new life as a doll. Why would a sister not do that?”

[I don’t like that very much. When I heard the story, I really thought that Senya might have gone senile.]

Christina couldn’t help but agree with that.

Unlike Senya, the saints had a hard time accepting Noir Jebella’s resurrection. Even if Noir isn’t the enemy that threatens her life like she used to be, isn’t it that her past threat to her is not disappearing?

[of course… … I think there is room for sympathy that Noir Jebela was harassed by an unfortunate fate. But isn’t it too much kindness to give a new life?]

“Senya said that such a life is a punishment for Noir Jebela.”

[Don’t you know that the girl really didn’t give her life just for that reason?]



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“Yes, I know. Senya-sama is a Murderer. But he is not foolish enough to show mercy to Noir Jebela out of pure compassion. furthermore… … .”

Cristina turned and looked out the window. The distance to Pandaemonium from here is far, and the scenery is not visible, but she gazes in the direction of Pandaemonium, where large-scale construction is currently underway.

“Noir Jebela… … He’s competent. You can use it in multiple ways depending on your needs.”

[You should be able to use it as much as you need and then make it happen. Giving me 10 years… … Judging from Senya’s personality, after 10 years, she’ll hold off on attaining Buddhahood because she’s got a bad feeling.]

“Shouldn’t we ‘two of us’ keep that in check so that doesn’t happen?”

Christina smiled and took the doll’s hand.

“I know a lot about Sisters. Sisters now have many lingering attachments that will never leave this world.”

[In the past, I was naive and had a cute taste.]

Anis muttered with a wry smile. His thought that it would be better to leave this world and go to heaven completely disappeared through a conversation with Christina.

“I’ve never been so naive before.”

[well. It seems that he had a good personality to be swung away from his vicious words. But now it can’t be. At some point, rather, I am being swayed by you.]

“All of that was learned from watching and listening to Sister.”

At the reply that came back, Anise chuckled.

ㅡHwaaaak… … Anise rose from behind Christina. She sat quietly next to the doll across from her, furrowing her eyebrows.

[Won’t people laugh?]

“What do you mean?”

[I, who died 300 years ago, as a priest and a saint, go against the providence of death and live in a doll.]

“Miss Anise.”

Christina smiled brightly. She didn’t call me ‘Sister’. Anise’s eyes widened at the name being called.

“From the words that Eugene, Anis, Senya, and Moron said to Vermut in the belly of the demon king of destruction. There is a saying that has deeply infiltrated my heart. What do you think it is?”

[…] … .]

“I was saying that you deserve to be happy. Yes, I think so too. You all deserve to be happy, and Anis-nim is no different.”

Christina’s hand caught Anise’s hand. But the hand she held against her didn’t feel anything like touch.

The anise in front of you is, after all, just a soul and an angel, and even though you can see it and talk to it, you can’t feel the warmth of your skin. He can eat food and drink alcohol only through Christina’s body.

“Miss Anise. You died 300 years ago. Those bodies were processed into holy relics, some were sunk in the fountain of light, others went through many candidates… … It was implanted into my body when I was a newborn baby. For the sake of the world, Anis-sama even gave up his corpse. And the soul has no rest, and he became an angel and was with me.”

[…] … This is what I wished for.]

“Because I couldn’t help it. You did it because you had to. But now you don’t have to. It can’t be helped, it has to be. You don’t have to do that.”


Anise shook her head with a wry smile.

[I can’t help it because you appeal to the feelings and desires of a human being, not to a cause or faith. Christina. All right.]

“If someone laughs at Anise-sama’s choice as an ugly struggle, I will slap them myself.”

[Yes, I won’t just listen. You can hit the left cheek, and I can hit the right cheek.]

The hand that held it was released. Anise murmured as she placed her hand on the chest of the doll sitting next to him.

[There was an explanation from Senya about this. He can eat food and drink alcohol. But he said he couldn’t have children?]

“If we continue our research, we may be able to make up for that.”

[I don’t really want to have children. It will be fun to see you and Hamel’s child.]

“Airani… … Shouldn’t Senya-sama be the first to give birth?”

[You’re not saying you won’t give birth, are you? without her blushing either.]

I teased her, but Christina’s face didn’t blush. Rather, a thin smile appeared on her lips.

Eyes bent with laughter, blue eyes flashed through thin gaps. Anise’s soul trembled involuntarily at the shady madness felt in that smile.

indeed. Cristina is no longer naive.

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