Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 625

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“Thank you very much for entrusting the construction to our Jebela Construction Company!”

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Dozens of demons lined up behind Noir wearing a hard hat and a suit.

Not all tribes have the same appearance, so all of them had different appearances, among which there were succubuses like Noir, the most common demons among demons, clumsy giants, and demons with multiple arms.

These are the executives of Jebela Construction. They all wear work caps and suits like noir. ‘Construction of Jebela’. That was written on the helmet.


Standing in front of the officers, Noir spread his arms wide. Then, everyone who participated in the completion ceremony raised their heads and looked up.

Now, behind Noir and his executives, a curtain is drawn. Noir smiled brightly as he savored each and every one of the eyes pierced by the curtain.

“We reveal Lionheart’s new mansion!”

Cheer up! The curtain lifted and disappeared, revealing a huge mansion.

Pampa babam, pampa babam, pampa babam.

Pop, pop, pop, pop!

Firecrackers soared into the sky amidst the loud music. Colorful firecrackers bloomed in the clear blue sky. People from the main family, including Yujin, have already inspected the mansion and inspected the construction several times, but not everyone who attended the completion ceremony saw the mansion in advance. They burst into admiration over and over again at the majesty of the beautiful and majestic mansion.

* * *

The existing Lionheart Mansion was also beautiful enough to not be inferior to any other aristocratic mansion on the continent, but this new Lionheart Mansion was literally different. Even the emperor of Kiel, who had several castles, opened his mouth.

Of course, the mansion was not as tall and large as the imperial palace or castle. It was because there were less than 10 people in the family living at the main house, and even including all the servants such as butlers and servants, there were around dozens of people.

But regardless of its size, the completed mansion looked like a work of art in itself. No, the sculptures actually decorated in the mansion are all works of art that are said to be the best in the continent.

“Hey, where should I introduce myself? Without exaggeration, it would take me a week to explain the artistic value and origins of my cherished items. Or are you curious about the practical part? An outdoor swimming pool that reproduces the sea of ​​Sernia Island, which is said to be the most beautiful resort on the continent, and an open-air bath inspired by the famous Libar Hot Spring in Luhar, and… … .”

Noir’s lengthy explanation began. Dozens of honored guests invited to the completion ceremony observed the mansion site while listening to Noir’s explanation.

It is not only the appearance of the mansion that should be noted here. A sensuously arranged forest. The saplings of the world tree stood tall as if protecting the mansion from behind, and fairy trees worth several times more than the same weight of mithril. The guests felt the perfect harmony between the mansion and the landscape of the forest.

“I suffered greatly.”

Someone approached Beside Sun Vermouth.

The White Magic Tower Master, Melchis Elhair. The moment she approached, Vermouth involuntarily took a few steps to her side and distanced himself from Melkis.

The ‘impression’ of Melchis remained deep from the beginning. When he was leaving the battlefield, the elemental lord chased after him with a clattering scream. The one who let Senya fall by herself by spreading her magic without any hesitation or mercy in her hands. At the time, I couldn’t understand why they did it that way… … .

While returning from his hometown, Vermouth learned what kind of existence ‘Melchis Elhair’ was. She is similar to Carmen, but more maddening in nature.

“Whoa… … .”

Melchis put his lips together. The sweet breath was too far to reach Vermouth, but the wind spirit that appeared according to her will moved the breath.

Whoa… … An even thicker breath licked Vermouth’s ear. For Melchis, who made a contract with the four spirit kings and ruled over the lower spirits, the distance was meaningless in conveying breath and whispers.


A goofy voice and a smile. Goosebumps ran through Vermouth’s body at the breath and whispers licking his ears. He shrugged his shoulders and glanced at Melkiss with a look of primal, primordial horror.

“I tried very hard. for my brother for the family.”

family? what family? Vermouth was afraid that there was no clear subject in front of that word.

“Can you feel it? Because oppa is the greatest Elementalist before me. This mansion and the forest contain a tremendous elemental design.”

What Melchis said is true. The successful completion of the mansion and the forest, no, the city, was due to the various cooperation of the Archmages of Arot, and among them, the Red Magic Tower and the White Magic Tower played a big role. The summoners of the Red Mage Tower, led by Loberian, provided labor, and the spiritists of the White Mage Tower used the spirits of the earth to build roads.

And Melchis devoted himself to the creation of the forest. The earth spirits, who have completed their training perfectly, will fertilize the land as long as the forest is not burned down, and arrange everything that grows on the land so as not to harm the existing landscape.

“So, brother.”

Melchis’ voice and eyes became more sticky. She took a step closer to her, and Vermouth swallowed her gulp.

“Praise me… … .”

Whispers mixed with sorrow. The breath that continues to lick your ear. It was Carmen who resolutely intervened to save Vermouth from the dizzying fear that made her feel dizzy.

“Don’t come close to your father.”

Carmen glared at Melchis, squinting her eyes full of disgust.

“Why do you say oppa is your father?”

“Then why do you call your father brother?”

Can we call this salvation? In the conversation, Vermouth tightly closed his eyes. Meanwhile, Carmen and Melchis were exchanging ferocious glances.

Why does Carmen Lionheart call the great Vermur, the founder of the family, ‘Father’? And why does Melchis Elheyer call the great Vermouth ‘brother’?

The distinguished guests at the completion ceremony were very curious about the reason, but no one asked directly. It was because the two of them were too serious to ask in a playful way, and the great Vermouth was too gloomy.

“I would like to tour the inside of the mansion, which boasts an artistic interior as well as the exterior—but unfortunately, that is the living space of the original family. There is also a privacy issue, so if you want to see the mansion, please contact Lionheart’s family.”

At the end of the long explanation, Noir smiled brightly.

“Then, from now on, we will tour the Lion Heart New City, which was built around the mansion!”

As before, warp gates are also installed on the site of the new mansion. This is because the site of the mansion is too large to go outside on foot.

Eugene put on a hard hat and opened his mouth as he followed Noir in the lead.

“Are you ready?”

“Not perfect.”

Senya, who had been walking close by, answered. She worked all night moving the entire forest from early morning, but Senya’s face didn’t show any fatigue.

“What do you think of this Senna-sama?”

“There shouldn’t be a single mistake.”

“don’t worry. You’re not the only one expecting ‘that’.”

After answering like that, Senya looked at Morron and Anise. Anis silently nodded his head. Moron hid his expression with his shaggy beard, but his fists were clenched in excitement and anticipation.

“I will not.”

Christina replied. She was invited, but she refused, and Eugene did not force it either.

“I can’t help it if I don’t want to. You can wear it whenever you want to watch it.”

Yujin smiled broadly and looked back. Until now, Vermouth was being tortured to madness between Carmen and Melchis.

I moved to one of the city’s landmarks through the mansion’s warp gate. oh oh Upon arrival, the distinguished guests burst into admiration.

“This place!”

Unlike the mansion, there is no tent here. But this time, Noir opened his arms wide from the entrance and shouted.

“The symbol of Lionheart New Town! Unique in continental history! A place of learning that leads to the future!”

A place in the new town that uses a lot as large as Lionheart’s home. A place where magnificent buildings like the royal palace were built.

Noir gave Eugene an ardent gaze. And other distinguished guests also expected Eugene to step up. When Eugene hesitated in such an atmosphere, Senya shook his back with a wicked smile.

“What are you doing? I have to go out and explain.”



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Eugene, who was pushed forward a few steps, sent a resentful look at Senya, but swallowed the swearing at the many expectant gazes.

“This place… … .”

Eugene cleared his throat and glanced behind him. There are six statues on this campus, which leads to connected buildings.

Statues of Eugene, Senya, Moron, Anis, Christina, and Vermouth. The statues were made by the Dwarf artisans who stayed at the main house for today.

“… … This is Diners Academy.”

We talked with many people about what to name the academy. At first, I was going to do it without thinking about ‘Lion Heart Academy’, but Gilreid was against that opinion. Lionheart has no intention of owning the academy, and the name itself does not suit the purpose and symbol of the academy.

Lionheart Academy was dismissed, so if I were to give it a different name, I wanted to give it something plausible and cool. However, the names Eugene said were all rejected after going through several people.

The last thing left after that is ‘Diners Academy’. A name derived from Hamel’s surname. It was said without much thought, but surprisingly everyone accepted it.

Vermouth left the Lionheart family. Moron established the Kingdom of Luhar. Senya creates the circle magic formula and is respected by all magicians. Anise remains in Eurass’ engagement as an adult. All the priests of Yuras nurture their faith with the life and writings of Anise, which are passed down through battles.

However, Hamel did not leave anything behind for posterity. If I had to pick one, there would be a ‘Hamel style’ that was passed on to Genos’s family, but it was left by Vermouth, not by Hamel himself.

That’s how the name of this place was decided to be ‘Diners Academy’.

“Here… … uh… … .”

There were many words prepared in advance, but when I tried to say them, my face tickled. In the end, this time, Eugene continued his words as he came to his mind on the spot.

“You will learn a lot. Not only swordsmanship, but various weapons… … Various types of magic and elementalism. and theology… … Ah, in the case of theology, it does not necessarily teach only the doctrine of ‘light’. If you want, yes, by getting into the theology of war or victory… … As a priest or a paladin… … ex? employment? Yes, I intend to make it possible… … If you want to become a knight, you just have to choose the weapon course and chivalry course you want.”

It was an impromptu speech, but everyone listened to Eugene’s words. Eugene was burdened by that sincere silence, but he continued talking without stopping.

“I plan to go abroad to study in a relationship with Arot’s Magic Tower, or to actively invite experts in each subject to realize in-depth learning… … first… … Diners Academy, which I am aiming for, is a place where you can learn everything and move forward to become anything. Of course, it depends on how hard the students work, but as the dean of Diners Academy, I will do my best to help students realize the future they want so that they do not waste their precious youth.”


As soon as Eugene finished speaking, Noir shouted.

Pampababam, boom, boom, boom! The music I had heard before started playing and firecrackers were embroidered in the sky. clap clap… … Feeling embarrassed by the applause of the guests, Eugene quickly returned to her colleagues.

“Why are you crying again?”

Eugene scolded Jehard for wiping his tears with a handkerchief. However, Jehard did not stop crying and continued stuttering.

“My son… … I never thought my son would have such a great ambition.”

“What does it mean… … .”

“It’s not just about saving the world, it’s about wanting to make the world a better place, right?”

“I didn’t say that… … .”

“The more outstanding people there are, the better the world becomes.”

Looking around, Jehard’s reaction was not unusual. Gilreid was also very moved, and her eyes were blushing.

“If you officially open the chivalry course, can I teach as a special professor?”

“If you could arrange for me to train at the White Dragon Knights.”

“Haha, if your ideology is intact and your skills are solid, I am willing to hire you as a full-time member, not just for training.”

Alchester smiled and said.

“Just in case, I won’t make any accommodations just because Liu enters the school.”

“Of course it should. You don’t have to think of me as my son. If Liu tries to take advantage of the Dragonic family halo, expel him immediately.”

Having such a conversation, I passed through the campus with the distinguished guests and entered the main building. Since the building of the academy was so large and spacious, it was impossible to look around and explain everything, so after entering the main building, each person moved separately.

“Where do you want to do it?”

“It should be the corrections that have been done before.”

“I think you’ll be fine in the classroom.”

“There is no sense of openness, no sense of openness.”

At Senya’s answer, Eugene couldn’t help but tilt his head. What is the importance of openness? In the end, according to Anis’ opinion, the location was confirmed as a campus.

“Then let’s move on.”

After looking around the academy for 30 minutes, we moved again. Noir acted like a skilful guide and spoke nonstop.

“The place we are heading to now is the Dwarf Industrial Zone. This is where the Dwarf artisans who originally lived in Lionheart’s home and the Dwarves who lived on the southern island became independent. There, unlike before, the Dwarves will receive free creations and requests, and will add strength to the economy of the new city.”

King Simuin’s face wrinkled at the story about the dwarves.

Originally, the Dwarves were virtually monopolized by Simuin, but as the new city was developed, all the Dwarves who lived on Simuin’s island moved inland. However, the King of Simuin couldn’t express any complaints about this… … .

The full-fledged tour began in the industrial zone.

City hall and guild complexes, libraries, parks, downtown areas, etc. that handle civil complaints from citizens. The new city has the most warp gates among all cities on the continent, a floating station and an aerial carriage to enjoy the scenery while controlling the weather in the sky, and even a subway underground like Jebela City. Thanks to that, even though I looked around many landmarks, it was still night.

“The new city is even more beautiful at night.”

Noir smiled at the sky as if the sun was about to set.

“And a beautiful night view is completed with a splendid festival. ok, now… … Shall we go to the castle gate?”

Currently, hundreds of thousands of people have gathered at the gate to see the new city. As soon as the city gates open, all the lights in the city will turn on and the festivities will begin.

No one has moved in yet, but no problems. With the collapse of Jebela City, Noir’s followers who lost their jobs are entering the city for today only.

“If you do something strange, you will die.”

“I am already dead.”

“I know I will die one more time.”

“Does that make it even more appealing to you?”

Eugene glared at Noir, who grinned.

“Okay, okay. Doesn’t it show you neither fantasies nor dreams? I won’t even take it away. In the first place, it would be useless for me to receive regular energy now.”

Noir giggled and pointed at the castle wall.

“Then, shall we go?”

There is still work to be done at the completion ceremony.

—-Wow… … .

in front of a tightly closed gate. The people who were buzzing cheered when they saw the people appearing above the gate.

“Do I have to do this?”

Eugene frowned and looked at Noir.

“Of course I have to! The completion ceremony is actually for this.”

Noir, who still hadn’t taken off his helmet, responded with a firm attitude.

“Come on, quickly line up.”

“I don’t want to… … .”

“It means the opening of a new territory.”

Contrary to Eugene’s murmur, Gilreid showed great enthusiasm. He came forward with Anicilla, with a puzzled face.

I couldn’t help it because the family head took the lead. When Gion stood beside Gilreid and looked at him, Xian took Isla’s hand and stood beside her, and Ciel stood beside Annie Cilla.


“… … .”

Vermouth was also dragged out by Carmen. Next was Jehard. He put the tear-soaked handkerchief in his bosom and came forward. When everyone left, Eugene sighed and stood next to Jehard.

“Senya Merdein.”

“Me, why me?”

“You’re not going to be part of Lionheart, are you? If that’s the case, there’s no need to come out.”

Noir sighed. Senya, who was trying to sneak back, had no choice but to fall for that grin. Senya quickly took the seat next to Eugene.


Cristina also tugged on Anise’s arm. This is the first time she has entered the body of a doll and stood in front of so many people.

“Now, wait a minute, Cristina. Once inside your body… … No, no, you’ll know I’m with you when you’re standing alone… … .”

“It’s not possible.”

Christina did not allow Anise to run away or hide. In the end, Anise had no choice but to come forward with Cristina.

She worried inwardly that the crowd would laugh at her, but the already agitated crowd showed no reaction as to why Anise, who had become a dead angel, was still alive and with Christina.

“You guys should stand too, what are you doing?”

“I’m just waiting for Eugene to call me.”

“Hermit, calling the original daughter means that the original daughter can live with the hermit from now on?”

“Then do you want to go out and live? I’ll finish it quickly. Come quickly.”

Mer and Laimirah quickly approached and stood in front of Eugene. The two of them were too short to stand next to each other like everyone else.

“Well then… … .”

Noir, who was looking at the family members lined up with a satisfied face, gave them a round of applause. Then, colorful ribbons appeared in front of the family members. Noir gave out platinum-colored scissors to everyone and smiled broadly.

“Please cut the ribbon according to my signal.”

After delivering the scissors, Noir quickly moved to the back. Standing in the center in front of hundreds of thousands of people looking up with eyes full of expectations, Yujin swallowed a gulp.


Everyone laughed at the whispers from behind.

“From now on, we will cut the tape announcing the opening of Lionheart New City! Come on, one, two, three!”

Eugene smiled forcefully and cut the tape with scissors.


Excitement reached its peak, loud cheers, fireworks adorning the sky! The tape cut into dozens of pieces turned into flower petals and fluttered beautifully.

ㅡKoo-gu-gu-gung! The closed gates began to open. At that moment, Noir’s eyes lit up.

“Don’t push the person in front or next to you! Please enter slowly! Don’t run amok in the city! Please observe the new city and enjoy the festival while maintaining order!”

The magic eye of fantasy has been activated.

In the long period of Noir’s life, the magic eye of fantasy has never been used more humanely than now. Powerful hypnosis acting on the minds of hundreds of thousands led the crowd into the city in an orderly manner, as if there had been no excitement before.

“Let’s go too.”

Yujin said as she brushed off the petals on her body.

“Mr. Vermouth.”

As Anise approached, Vermouth let out a sigh of relief. He hurriedly answered, pulling out his arms from Carmen and Melchis.


“We will enjoy the festival separately.”

“iced coffee… … ! that, that’s it Mr. Carmen, Mr. Melchis. I will go.”

Vermouth smiled brightly and approached his colleagues.

“separately? Are you sure you’re not running away?”

It’s not without precedent, so Ciel asked with tears in his eyes.


Eugene smiled as he placed his arm on the shoulder of Vermouth who came next to him.

Calibration of Diners Academy.

“Why are you here?”

“There will be a lot of people in other places, right? But it’s closed, so you can’t come in.”

The new town is open, but the gates of the academy are closed. Vermouth nodded in agreement with Eugene’s answer.


In front of the six statues. Vermouth looked up at his statue. An elaborate statue made by a skilled Dwarven artisan, as if it were alive. Vermouth couldn’t help but fall in love for a moment at the statue of himself with a thin smile on it.

“… … statues, portraits. I saw a lot of those things 300 years ago. Most of them weren’t really built on me, but… … .”

It was different this time. At the request of the Dwarf craftsman, Vermouth stood in front of him and modeled for him. Unlike 300 years ago, I had no reason to refuse, nor did I feel that way.

“I am… … I have never liked my statues or paintings. I’ve never looked too deeply. but… … now… … Fufu, it’s a strange feeling.”

Vermouth laughed lowly and shook his head.

“I don’t feel bad. The chest… … It gets warm.”

“I see.”

Eugene and his colleagues stood behind Vermouth.

“I never thought I would feel this way. this… … I didn’t even know that the day would come, so it’s natural.”

Vermouth moved his gaze to the Diners Academy building.

After the move-in of the new town is over, the academy will be recruiting students and faculty in earnest, and admissions will begin next year. Vermouth smiled again, thinking of the many students who would learn something here.

“Diners Academy. There could be no other name more to symbolize this place.”


“Yes, Hamel, you… … Because I could do a lot. What I couldn’t do, you could do. And the reason why there can be ‘now’ is because you had the life you lived as Hamel.”

Neither Senya, nor Moron, nor Anis were Agaroth’s companions. They are Hamel’s companions. So is vermouth. He doesn’t know Agaroth. The first thing Vermouth met was Hamel Diners.

“The world you saved will lead to the future, and it will be the students of Diners Academy who will nurture that future. whooping… … Your name has acquired immortality in a sense.”

Vermouth chuckled and looked back.

Eugene, Senya, Moron, and Anise stood in a row. For some reason, Christina was a little distant. Vermouth tilted his head at the sight of his comrades.

“… … Why are you standing like that?”


Eugene smiled brightly. Moron, Senya, and Anis laughed the same way.

Vermouth also laughed at the laughter of his colleagues.

Seeing that smile, Yujin lifted her cloak. flutter! What came out of the cloak was a rug made of twisted straw. Vermouth blinked, not knowing what it was.

“what? Is it a mat?”


Eugene spread the rolled up rug on the floor and continued.

“This is what I used in my hometown, Turas, and the name is called ‘Meongseok’.”


“My hometown, even in Turas, is the countryside among the countryside. There was a custom that the people of the city did not know.”


Vermut didn’t know why Hamel suddenly said that, but since it was a custom in his hometown, he asked back out of pure curiosity.

“What custom was it?”

“There are things faster than words can explain.”

After flattening the mat, Yujin stood up.

“Lie down.”


“Lie down quickly.”

Still, Vermouth did not understand the situation. But all his colleagues were laughing, so he tilted his head and climbed onto the mat.

“Lie down… … ?”

The mat I climbed up was pretty rough. I thought she was going to sit down like a mat and have a drink, but lie down?

Vermouth felt something uneasy, but for now, he did as he was told and lay down on the mat.

“It’s not something that can be used as a bed… … .”

Cheer up! The moment Vermouth lay down, Senya’s magic was activated. The end of the mat that stood up covered the vermouth and dried it.


Vermouth was frightened and tried to get out of the mat, but it was impossible for the current Vermut to escape Senya’s magic, as it would have been 300 years ago. The only thing the vermouth dried on a straw mat could do was wriggle with the straw like a slug.

Eugene immediately took out the black clubs from his cloak and handed them out to his colleagues.

“Give me!”

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Morron roared and raised his club high.


Senya also grabbed the stick with both hands and rushed at Vermouth.

“Ashes are ashes!”

Anis also slammed the stick with a prayer of remembrance.

“Oh God… … !”

Cristina, who did not hold the club, knelt down and prayed.




[This dog!]


[Oh oh oh!]

[Kuh… … !]



[Get lost!]

[Chehe… … .]

Guillaid, who was drinking wine in a happy mood, couldn’t keep his mouth shut and looked up at the sky.

In the sky that everyone in the city could see, the great Vermouth, the founder of the Lionheart family, was curled up on a mat and being beaten with a club by his teammates. At the shocking sight, wine flowed from Gilreid’s mouth.

“Um, what is that… … .”

Everyone watched the video from the sky with the same astonishment.

Diners Academy campus, beatings in front of statues of six heroes. The great Vermouth was moaning and screaming, unable to resist the blows of the sticks.

This video is not only broadcast in Lionheart New City. There was no mistake in Senya’s magic. Just as Eugene’s duel was relayed in the past, the baptism of violence inflicted on Vermouth is being relayed across the continent.

[stop… … stop… … !]

[What’s stopping you, bastard!]

[Not yet!]

[Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.]

[Oops, you’ve broken a lot of bones. I will treat you.]

Even when the bones were crushed, the violence did not stop. Vermouth’s body covered in light was immediately healed, and the clubbing began again.

“Ouch… … .”


Mental pain is familiar. I am familiar with the pain of being torn apart. He is confident that he will not let out a single moan in vermouth from a fair amount of pain.

But now the pain was unbearable. can’t even defend This is because both arms were firmly fixed on the straw roll.

A simple clubbing would not have scratched the vermouth’s bones, let alone the skin, but the power of the four people who were beating the vermouth now was strong enough to break vermouth’s bones in a funny way, and the heavy pain transmitted through the rolled straw mats was deep inside the bones. dug deep Somehow, the club did not break even with that much force, and the mat did not tear.

Besides, this violence cannot be escaped by fainting. If I felt like fainting, the miracle of anise immediately woke me up, and even if my bones were broken, I was immediately healed.

“Stop, please stop… … ! I was wrong, I, everything… … .”

“Who knows what you did wrong?”

“Don’t apologize!”

“Yeah, just get beaten up!”

“Vermut, your sins have already been forgiven.”

Puck, puck! Quick! Kwajik! Despite Vermouth’s begging, the bludgeoning continued. Mercifully, the bludgeoning was only given to the mated body, and no one aimed at the head.

“Ahhhh… … .”

In the end, Vermouth gave up everything and only groaned and screamed in sync with the bludgeoning, earnestly praying in his heart that this terrible time would end soon.

Puck, puck, puck… … Cristina closed her eyes and continued her prayer as she listened to the sound of the stick being struck. She couldn’t bear to join the talk of the great hero. But she didn’t try to mediate the violence.

Even in Christina’s opinion, Vermouth deserved a hit.

“Huh… … omg… … Heo-eok… … .”

The sun had slanted down and a red sunset was setting in the sky. Eugene took a deep breath and put down his club. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead.

That’s how exhausting it was. In my mind, I wanted to activate Ignition and defeat it, but if I did, Vermouth might really die.

“Kreuk… … gurgling… … .”

The vermouth dried on a straw mat looked no different from the return site. His neat hair is messy, his white skin is muddy, and blood bubbles from his mouth. The half-turned eyes are golden, as if they were sealing the demon king of destruction.

“aha… … Ahaha… … .”

Seeing that, Senya felt a refreshing feeling different from when Vermouth had really pierced her heart a long time ago.

“ha ha ha!”

Morron also put down his club and burst into a hearty laugh.

In over 100 years of killing Noor, he never once laughed. Moron never resented Vermouth for letting him live a life without promises. However, apart from his resentment, he had once thought of wanting to beat Vermouth, so now he was in a very good mood.


Anis smiled and waved the bottle she had taken out of her bosom.

In fact, she was never directly harmed by Vermouth. All she did was officiate the funeral when Vermouth faked her death. But just because she wasn’t harmed doesn’t mean she never wanted to beat Vermouth. Isn’t it true that you suffered because of Vermouth who did everything silently?

“With this we have no feelings.”

Eugene said to the flinching Vermouth.

No answer came back. Vermouth was in no condition to spit out his words. Anis giggled and healed Vermouth.

“Thank you for your effort.”

Cristina, who was kneeling on one side and praying, approached Eugene holding a handkerchief. She wiped the sweaty face of Eugene and smiled softly.

“Now it really is all over.”

“end… … .”

Eugene muttered, catching his breath.


As Christina said. Really, everything is over.

The demon king of confinement is dead.

The Demon King of Destruction is also dead.

The demons remain, but they can’t rampage like they used to. In the future world, demons will live like humans and other races. The elections in Helmud haven’t ended yet, but the undecided winner will have no choice but to be friendly with other countries.

Completed Diners Academy. Eugene fulfilled the dream he had when he was Hamel.

Moron has already established the country. He has already said that instead of returning to the royal family of Luhar ruled by his descendants, he wants to stay in the forest of Lionheart’s Mansion.

Senya hadn’t built a mansion by the lake yet – but there was no lake, but there were forests and mansions. While living in the mansion with Eugene, she said she wanted to educate young wizards by going back and forth between the academy and the Order of Arot. Even so, she decided to develop new magic and write magic books in her spare time. Of course, the first thing she writes will be a children’s book called ‘The Legendary Balzac’, not her magic book.

Anise will not return to Euras. the dream she had. A pub that doubles as an inn. He has erected the building, but has not decorated the interior yet. Anis said that she was just a dream, and that she had no intention of opening a shop… … Seeing that he met various merchants through Anicilla, it seemed that he was not completely thoughtless.

Like Anise, Cristina does not return to Euras. She also stays with Lionheart. She seemed a bit hesitant about standing at the academy’s church, but judging from how she secretly encouraged Anis, it seemed that she was willing to stand at the church as long as it was ‘together’.

Everyone gets what they want. We have arrived at the end that leads to the future, which cannot be said to be the end. I became happy as I wished 300 years ago.


Is this really the end?

Are you happy?

“… … .”

Eugene stared at Christina’s face.

The handkerchief wiping his cheek, the warmth of his hand passing through him. Cristina tilted her head at the staring gaze. Her blue eyes shone like jewels.

“Eugene? What are you doing?”

“… … .”

Was it like this? I thought Cristina’s smiling face from close by was very pretty.

Eugene cleared his throat and turned his head. Anise was seen drinking her drink.

“What’s wrong?”

Anise smiled as she removed the bottle from her lips. A look disheveled from the sweat he had just shed. Transparent sweat running down your cheeks. deep smile.

Was it like this? Was Anise that pretty? Similar to Christina, but different from Christina.

Eugene sighed and looked away. There, Senya took off her hat.

“What you looking at?”

Senya’s cheeks were slightly red, perhaps from excitement. No, maybe it was dyed by the sunset. A cool smile shook Yujin’s chest. Eugene raised her head without a word.

I could see the six statues, the Diners Academy building, and the red sunset behind them.

Eugene looked at his statue. Statue of Eugene Lionheart.

Agaroth’s wish was to kill all demon lords.

Hamel’s wish was to kill the demon king and return to establish the academy.

Eugene turned the unfulfilled regrets of the past into a wish. Killing the Demon King was accomplished. He also founded an academy.

Neither Akaroth nor Hamel’s.

Eugene’s wish that has achieved everything and reached now.

“let’s get married.”

He beat the vermouth badly.

The completed academy was pretty cool.

The sunset was beautiful.

The present reached through two lives.

Eugene felt a sense of absolute peace from a great sense of satisfaction.

Senaga, Anis, and Cristina looked beautiful.

So Eugene spoke as if possessed. let’s get married. It was planned to take a full year to deliver it, but all the situations Eugene is in right now and the emotions that arose from it made her express her true feelings.

“… … .”

A sudden proposal. Senya looked at Anis. Anis looked at Cristina. Cristina looked at Senja. The feelings the three of them felt were the same.

“… … Who do you want to marry?”

Moron asked cautiously.

No matter how you think about it, this isn’t it. Moron wondered if she should stop her Eugene now, but before Moron could finish her troubles, she answered Eugene first.

“Senya, Anise, Cristina.”

“… … .”

“Marry me.”

Moron closed his eyes.

iced coffee… … Sudden proposals are still being relayed to cities and continents. Numerous sighs and numerous exclamations coexisted.

“… … .”

Senya looked at Eugene with her shoulders trembling. Now her face is red. Not because of the sunset, not because of shame, not because of joy.

“Why are you saying that now?”

Senya barely managed to squeeze her voice.

“Hamel, are you crazy?”

Anise’s pupils flashed like snakes in the midst of the crooked eye smile.

“Eugene-sama… … That said, I’m very happy… … .”

Cristina stumbled back and sighed.

“I didn’t want to hear it in a place like this.”

“That’s right!”

“I agree.”

Senya squealed, and Anis nodded vigorously. Eugene, who was still intoxicated with the situation and emotions, did not understand the reaction of the three.

“… … why?”

“Why! Ask because you don’t know?!”

“Who is talking about the important event of marriage in a place like this with a club?”

“Don’t you have a ring?”

Cristina asked patiently, but when Eugene started to rummage through his cloak, he had no choice but to close his eyes.


softly… … After the mat was loosened, Vermouth staggered and stood up. He said, without even wiping his bloody lips, glaring at his bloodshot eyes.

“Lie down.”

“… … why?”

“Everyone will want you to lie down.”

Eugene looked at Senya, Anise, and Christina.

Senya and Anis, who were already holding clubs, grabbed them with both hands. Cristina took a few steps back before stepping up and grabbing the club Eugene was holding.

“I don’t know.”

Moron handed the club he was holding to Vermouth.

“… … .”

Yujin put on a bewildered expression and looked back and forth between everyone and the straw mat.

“What are you doing?”

Senya said.

“Lie down.”

Anise said.

“I’m sorry, Eugene.”

Christina said.

“Lie down.”

Vermouth said.


will you run away

I suddenly had that thought. But if I ran away now, it seemed that I would never be able to return here… … . His feelings for getting Eugene drunk had already cooled down, so he could calmly reflect on his mistake.

“Let’s take it easy.”

Yujin said in a small voice and lay down on the end of the mat. She then moved her body herself and rolled up her mat.


The sticks fell along with Senya’s scream.


#Author’s review

※The latter part contains spoilers.

Hello, this is wooden horse.

‘Damn Reincarnation’, which started serialization on August 17, 2020, has finally come to an end. The number of years is 625 completed in 3 years. Among the novels I have published, it is the second to Desire…

While writing, I had a lot of regrets and not one or two things to regret, but more than that, I am satisfied that I have done ‘what I want to do’. Of course, many readers will think, “Shouldn’t I have done less of what I wanted to do?”

Anyway, thank you for being with me on the long journey of flight 625. It’s already the 8th completion, and I’m worried about what to say every time I write a review.

Just like I’ve been up to now, I’m going to talk about a few things that I don’t write down in the novel.

What I felt while writing Bilhwan was that I wanted to write a ‘happy ending’. I wanted to achieve what is often mentioned in the work, ‘We deserve to be happy’. If you worked hard to save the world, you should be happy.

After deciding to go with a happy ending. Many of the tragedies that were previously conceived were discarded. Originally, I had planned for more tragic and gruesome scenes involving Christina and Anis, but they were all blown away. Anise, which was intended to be a Buddha, was also left behind in the world. And I also left noir. I thought killing was prettier, but I leaned toward Senya’s opinion on that decision.

And no one died around the main character. If I wrote this long, it would be my preference to kill some of the main actors, but this time, no one really died.

As for Ciel… I think my design was lacking. The Ciel that I think of is an immature young lady who has just become an adult and is loved by everyone. I thought it was only right for such a young lady to cry and cling to her on the spot when her first love broke up. Could she have lived a little better?? It must be my lack of ability. Maybe if I go back and write that scene, I’ll try to make it sound a little better.

When writing the main characters, Hamel and Eugene, I wanted to give them the feeling of being like ghosts of the past. It speaks of the present or the future, but all of that is due to past failures and lingering feelings… As I tried to create a character like that, I even came up with a previous life of a previous life. During episode 625, I feel relieved and regretful because I think I have done all the stories and scenes I want to write through Eugene. There is nothing more I want to do, but I think I could have done better.

I’m not a near-perfect writer, so whenever I finish a novel, I always have a lot of regrets for myself. Still, I think it’s fortunate that there are fewer regrets than when I first finished it. Perhaps, if I look forward to the end like this, I think that one day I will be able to write something that leaves nothing to be desired.

I’ll do the hard work for myself, which has been serialized until today, while I’m drinking alone.

Readers who followed along. And whenever necessary, a picture of a dog that was carried instead of writing as an illustration. thank you and i love you I love all the readers who wrote reviews on the community every day saying that it was good, those who commented every day, and those who drew fan art.

I’m thinking of writing ice water for my next project. I’ve used regression, I’ve used reincarnation, but I haven’t used possession. It’s probably going to be a game possession… If possible, I’d like to add some martial arts. I also put in the Heavenly Demon.

I don’t know when I’ll start my next project, but I can’t take a break for a long time due to my personality… I think I’ll start before February at the latest.

Just today is New Year’s Day. Happy New Year everyone. Happy New Year to me too.

And please watch the next work. I’ll do better this time…

thank you, i love you!

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