Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 69

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300 years ago today.

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Anise Slewood was born into the world. It was a miraculous birth. Her mother-in-law, who conceived her, died before she could endure the pain of childbirth, and in the end, Anis was able to come into her world only after cutting her dead mother’s belly open.

Of course, Anise doesn’t remember that moment. He may not know what the mother who gave birth to him was like. name, I don’t know. However, I have thought since I was young that this fact must be true.

She wouldn’t want to have children.

Likewise, Anis did not want to be born into this world.

For young Anis, the birthday was never a happy day. On his 3-year-old birthday, Anise went to the fountain of light for the first time and performed his ritual. From his starting point, the cycle of going to the fountain continued to shorten, but no matter how short the cycle was, on his birthday, he had to perform a ceremony at the fountain.

Anis knew very well that ‘birthday’ was a very special day. Other children get something on their birthdays, but Anise has never received one. He didn’t even ask for a gift.

But, when was it? One of the nuns who assisted Anis once gave her a small stuffed toy.

‘Rather than such a shabby doll, the light that dwells on every birthday must be a gracious gift to the saintess.’

Was it consolation for a young girl with no expression? Anise smiled bitterly and shook her head.

A ritual performed at the spring on each birthday. Light dwelling in the body. I’ve never considered them a gift. The stuffed toy was the first and last birthday present from Anise’s childhood.

—-After meeting Vermouth and leaving Euras.


Eugene’s mouth opened. He stared at Anis, who was smiling faintly, and tilted his head.

“rice. What are you going to eat?”

still nonchalant. But Anis knew the consideration behind those words. Anise passed Eugene with a deep smile.

“Let’s go to a place where beer tastes good.”

The golden liquor fermented barley is one of the most famous specialties in Yuras. Among the many monasteries that exist in Jurath, there are several monasteries that manufacture beer, and among them, particularly good beer is exported abroad with a label with the name of the monastery.

Anis was especially fond of the beer from the Cordict monastery. While he was in Helmud, he rarely drank beer, but after he returned from Helmud he drank beer every day, living in the Kordict Monastery.

Because of such a connection, there were a lot of shops selling beer from the Cordict monastery on Anise’s birthday festival. Anise came out to the street and quickly walked past the clerks offering beer mugs. He didn’t have to take it and try it. The aroma of the beer he had been drinking every day for decades permeated his soul.

“The quality is bad. It seems to have mixed with a little water. Some stores are selling a completely different beer as Cordict’s. I’d like to break their heads, but I don’t have to. They will all die and go to Hell.”

The place I carefully selected was a pub with an old sign inside the alley. But even the inside wasn’t old. Anis liked the orange light of the large fireplace and the din of pubs. As soon as she took her seat, she ordered her two beers and a meal.

“I’m saying this now, but I never imagined that the day would come when I’d be drinking at a store like this just the two of you.”

“I think I’ve been to quite a few more noisy pubs than this one.”

“Hamel. Why are you pretending not to know? Didn’t you say, just the two of us?”

Eugene smiled bitterly and raised his beer mug. surely. It was the first time I had come to the store for a drink with Anise.

“… … Well, to be honest, I’d rather come with you two… … I hope more people come together like before.”

Vermouth and Senya, Moron.

Eugene and Anis remembered the three who were not here.

“… … Senya and I will be able to come together someday.”

Beer glasses collided.

“Maybe I can come with Morron too. No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think that bastard is dead yet.”

“Don’t be so sure. Then, if Morron really did die, wouldn’t she be greatly disappointed?”

“not really. If you die, you’re dead. I know that 300 years is a long time.”

“… … Mr. Vermouth… … I don’t know either. What is the meaning of this story?”

Anise smiled and brought the beer mug to her lips. It was a glass as big as her face, but the beer that filled it went down Anise’s throat at once.


Anise trembled with ecstasy and set down her empty glass.

“What matters right now is that you and I are drinking here, right now.”

While the food was served, we talked about a few things. While Eugene watched the White Flame Ceremony at her inn, Anis—no, Christina went to the Heretic Inquisition Bureau and the Holy Magic Research Faculty. Beshara and the Pope, who became her only cardinals, did not stand in the way of her Christina, and Raphael, the leader of her Knights of the Blood Cross, personally drew her sword and joined her Christina.

“They were both similar groups. It’s more advanced than when I was alive. The Department of Sacred Magic was trying to create a new sanctuary and holy relic by controlling light and miracles.”

Anis didn’t dare mention the method. He hadn’t eaten yet, but it was clear that he would lose his appetite if he put it in his mouth.

“The Heretic Inquisition… … I thought it might have been inspired by a saint quite some time ago. It seems like they’ve been trying for a long time, but it seems that Sergio Loggeris, who was once a member of the Inquisition, also gave steady support.”

“What are you talking about?”

“To put it simply, the Inquisition was making a sacred weapon. It is not a biological weapon that focuses only on miracles and light like the saintess, but is more specialized for combat. Well, to my eyes, it looked like a chimera’s nest… … .”

Chimera nest.

Eugene knows that the word itself is an oxymoron. Chimeras do not build nests or lay eggs or young. It was just a monster created by mixing monsters and monsters, or even humans.

“They are crazy.”

“It actually was. Thanks to that, the Crusader cut the throats of quite a few people. Now that I have to say, I really like that paladin.”

“Did you think I was too crazy?”

“Hamel. Are you in a position to call someone crazy?”

“What am I? I have to say it now, but among ‘us’, I was the most sane.”


Anise smiled, waving her beer glass.

“Anyway, since I killed, smashed, and burned cleanly, I feel relieved. The relics that did not disappear were also returned to the light for the sacrament… … .”

The white robe lifted slightly. Anise smiled brightly, showing the flail she was wearing around her waist.

“I also modified the mace I was using to make it easier for Christina to use. To be honest, I think my skills are quite immature… … Whoops. In fact, my eyes must be too high.”

“It has to be. Because 300 years ago we were the best.”

Eugene smiled and said the same. At that, Anise hit the table with her beer mug and giggled.

“Aha, ahahaha! Ahaha! Yes, yes. we are… … Ahaha! It was great. Hamel, I think you were lacking a bit.”

“Are you serious?”

“Gee, did I touch your ego? Don’t take it too seriously. I’m talking about you from our first meeting.”

The dish came out. Anise chuckled, poking at the sausage with a large fork.

“I can say for sure, we were the best. But, Hamel, you weren’t the best when you met us. The memory is still fresh. Me, Senya, and Moron too. I didn’t understand ‘why’ Vermouth-nim said he would accept you as a colleague.”

“Did I understand?”

Eugene grumbled and cut the meat.

Eugene knew the story well. In the port 300 years ago, Vermouth single-handedly tried to mate Hamel, not wanting the understanding and consent of his comrades. In the end, other colleagues acknowledged Hamel’s potential through confrontation with Vermouth and accepted him as a colleague, but Hamel in his first meeting did not fit well as a ‘hero’s colleague’.

“… … In the end, though, Vermut-sama was right.”



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drink after a long time.

Crucially, Christina’s body had hardly ever enjoyed alcohol, so it was quick to get drunk. Anise liked this languid drunkenness. If you wanted to, you could easily shake it off like dust, but Anise didn’t bother. She tilted her ruddy face slightly and looked at her Eugene.

“we are… … It was perfect. It was perfect because there were five of us. So the absence of one was fatal.”

“Are you trying to reprimand me for dying first?”

“I guess Senya reprimanded you?”

“He is very weak-minded. I couldn’t even reprimand you. Rather, he talked like that, and then he cried and begged me to be sorry.”

“aha… … I see what you mean. Senya couldn’t let go of that grumpiness and told you this, right? you died alone of such a gist.”

“Not similar.”

“Senya is still in shape. She couldn’t stand it herself and said such a thing, and cried alone. ah… … Hamel, do you remember the dream I showed you? How was it?”

“How is it?”

“Wasn’t it sad? My heart hurts, or I miss it.”

Anise asked with a mischievous smile. That smile looked as cunning as the ‘snake’ that Eugene and Senya whispered in their previous life.

“… … Wouldn’t you?”

“It feels a little unfair. At that time, I, Senya, Morron, and even Vermut-sama were shedding tears. I haven’t seen you cry.”

“… … better not to see My crying face is f*cking ugly.”

“Ahaha! Do you think it would be possible to make an ugly expression on your face now?”

“What else can’t be done?”

Eugene grumbled and reached for his beer mug. At that moment, Anise jumped up from her seat. She leaned forward as if collapsing and grabbed Eugene’s cheeks with both her hands. Anise’s face came closer.

“… … Whoops.”

Lips did not touch. Anise stared at Eugene from some distance away, with a smile on her ruddy face.

“I endured.”

Anise whispered. Both of her hands crushed Eugene’s cheeks. Eugene became a face like a goldfish, and she only pursed her lips for no reason. Anis laughed at that sight and let go of Eugene’s face.

“And if I do it my way, Senya might really go crazy. It would be fine if I stayed at that time, but if I even ascend… … Won’t poor Cristina be harassed by Senja?”

“… … That’s great.”

“Stupid Hamel. How about you? I asserted it vigorously enough that even you, a dumb person, could understand it, and Senya must have conveyed his thoughts to you, if not as much as I did.”

“… … not like you In fact, I didn’t even tell them directly. Senya is the same as she was 300 years ago.”

Eugene sighed deeply and pulled out his beer mug.

“Honestly, I’m embarrassed… … uh… … amazing I never thought of you that way… … .”

“Are you a eunuch?”


Eugene spits out the beer that has just gone down his throat. Anise quickly pulled himself back to avoid the barrage of beer.

“Hey, hey! what do you mean… … ! Isn’t it natural? Where was the time to think about that 300 years ago… … .”

“Who would have thought that there was a gap? Me and Senya were thinking about what happened after the war ended. Unfortunately, the war ended that way, and you died.”

Anise smiled and drank the beer.

“What… … At the time, I had no intention of expressing my feelings for the rest of my life. I was disillusioned with many things, and I knew that my existence could not pursue such happiness. But since he died like that, I just wondered if I could pursue it now.”

“… … Great.”

“I know. You’ve never had that kind of heart for me. Hamel. The feelings you had for me were the friendship as a colleague and… … sympathy. Isn’t it?”


Eugene did not avoid answering.

“… … I felt sorry for you I felt sorry for you, who tried to keep his back in blood without screaming in pain, drinking alcohol every day to endure the pain, and stubbornly trying to save the bastards who wanted to die without taking care of their own bodies.”

“I liked your sympathy.”

Anis rested her chin on her hand and stared at Eugene.

“I liked that you treated me like a piece of fragile glass. Hamel. You are usually very rough and violent, but I… … Only when I show my back in front of you, bleeding from my stigma. The rugged hands full of calluses that slaughtered countless demons… … It felt very soft and delicate.”

“… … So, can you pry the wound?”

“To be ashamed. I liked that side of you. Whatever you think of me, it doesn’t matter too much. Fortunately, the light is good, so I was left in the world like this, and Christina was considerate of me and helped me to reap some of my regrets.”

“… … what is it… … . I still don’t know. are you me And Senya… … me?”

“In Senya’s case, you guessed it a bit, didn’t you?”

“… … what… … any… … .”

“It seems that you didn’t have feelings for Senya either. You probably had more feelings for Senya than for me, right?”

“… … Can’t I just drink… … .”

“I will not rush you to answer.”

The clerk brought me a new beer. Anise raised her beer mug first, and Eugene responded by raising her beer glass up.

“I will try to make you love ‘us’.”

Anise said, conscious of Cristina, who was listening on the other side of her consciousness. Glasses collided with each other. While Anise gulped down her beer, Eugene tilted her head without drinking.

“… … we? Are you talking about Senya?”

“A double-headed bastard.”

Anise said so sincerely. Why do I have to curse… … . Eugene licked his lips and put his hand inside the cloak.

“… … Happy Birthday.”

It’s a strange word even to say it yourself, but Eugene put the wrapped box on the table as he said that. Anise’s eyes widened as she glared at Eugene. In disbelief, she looked back and forth between her Eugene’s face and the gift box on her table.

“… … this… … what the hell… … ?”

“Today is your birthday.”

“Hamel… … ! Did you prepare my present?”

“It’s not that great… … .”

“Wait, don’t talk. I will see it with my own two eyes and see for myself.”

Anise hurriedly tore off the wrapping paper from the gift. Could it be that there is a letter inside? Anise thought about that for a moment, and Christina, who was on the other side of her consciousness, was also full of her expectations, and looked into the gift box with Anis’ eyes.

“… … Tsk.”

There were no letters. Anise clicked his tongue as his hasty expectations were betrayed.

“Isn’t it a bit too much to click your tongue no matter how much you don’t like it… … .”

“Hamel! So it’s not tongue-in-cheek. I was just hoping that the letter might be with them… … .”

Anise’s expression changed. She smiled sincerely as she grabbed her quivering chest. Inside the gift box was a beautifully crafted necklace. The decorations were only strings, so Anis could easily tell what this necklace was for.

“Yes Rosario.”

Anise now has a rosary hanging around her neck. It was a rosary that he had been using since his previous life, brought from the Vatican’s Special Relics Vault. The handcrafted cross still sparkles beautifully, but the necklace strap is worn and worn, as it is made of leather.

“The string was bad.”

“… … Whoops.”

Anis laughed and took off her rosario. He changed his gifted string and pulled back his hair to put the rosario back around his neck. Seeing this, Eugene got up without thinking and put a new rosary around Anise’s neck.

Looking at Eugene’s face tilted this way, Anis felt a strong urge to rise. Lean a little more like this? It is often said that the first is the hardest and the second is the easiest, but hasn’t Anise already overcome the first?

[sister… … !]

Christina screamed in her head. If Anise decides, she can’t help it, but Cristina was too embarrassed to watch this… … .

‘I’ll be patient.’

Sure, I wanted to do it, but endured It was for Senya and Cristina.

“… … What you looking at?”

“I am looking at you.”

The answer came back with a smile. Yujin smiled and sat back down.

“I ate all the rice. Is there anywhere else you want to go other than here?”

“I haven’t eaten yet. I will drink more.”

Anis answered while stroking the necklace that was touching her neck.

300 years ago. Even when he left Yuras, he never celebrated his birthday. Vermouth, Morron, Senya, and Hamel. He said congratulations on someone’s birthday, but he never gave a present.

Because not everyone was like that. But, even if you don’t exchange gifts… … Just because it was my birthday made the day quite enjoyable. Even in that terrible demonic world, when someone’s birthday came, they would set up a camp early and open a liquor store that they cherished.

Anise felt that every day she traveled with her colleagues was a gift.

“… … A little more.”

Even at this moment.

Anis smiled, feeling a pleasant drowsiness.

The hustle and bustle of the pub.

The sound of firewood burning in the fireplace.

The sound of beer glasses clinking.

Hamel sitting in front of me.

All of that made Anis realize life.

“I want to be here with you until the sun goes down.”

Anis smiled as she raised her beer mug.

square of the sun

The sun goes down.

Anis looked out the window while holding a half-left beer glass. It is a pub located deep in an alley, but even here the sunset light was flowing in, albeit faintly.


I drank a lot.

Considering that I haven’t been able to drink for hundreds of years since I died, it’s not enough even if I drink. Still, I drank so much that I didn’t feel like drinking more right now.

I also received a gift. … … So there was no way there would be any regrets right away. If Christina’s body wasn’t special, and if Anis didn’t have a mission in the future. Anis was confident that she could achieve her goal with just what she had experienced today.

“I’m just going to go in.”


Eugene looked around Anis with tired eyes. The glass of her beer she drank was full on her floor, and even a large drinking vessel was placed beside her.

Normal… … No, it is physically impossible for a human to drink that much beer in such a short period of time. It was possible enough for Anis, who even used divine magic on herself to drink a lot of alcohol.

“See you later.”

go in carefully

I almost said that subconsciously. The body stays still and only the mental body changes, so isn’t it funny that you are told to enter carefully? For a moment, Anise’s body stopped. The eyelashes of the closed eyes began to tremble.

“… … Woowook… … .”

Cristina covered her mouth and let out a painful moan. She doesn’t like to drink very much. If she must drink, she prefers dry wine. A beer cold enough to make your head ring? She had never felt it was delicious.

I drank such beer to the point that it was impossible for humans… … . Although Anise had extinguished most of her beer with her divine magic, Christina suffered from a throbbing headache and the smell of her alcohol in her every breath.

“Are you okay?”

Eugene approached and asked. Cristina then rose from her gasp and stepped back at her. She was still drunk, and her legs twisted a little as she backed away. Just like that, Christina’s body staggered, and Eugene reached out to her in time, grabbed her arm, and supported her waist.

“I don’t think you’re okay?”

“Oh, oh, no.”

Christina covered her red face with both hands.

“What is not possible?”

“alcohol… … It smells. It must’ve smelled not so good… … .”


I’ve been wandering around with my colleagues who couldn’t use it when it comes to alcohol, and now there’s no way I can feel the smell of alcohol.

Eugene thought so, but he didn’t dare to embarrass Christina by spitting him out. Instead, he conjured up magic by drawing a spell in his head.

“… … oh… … .”

Cristina felt the magic envelop her. The throbbing headache and the smell of alcohol that permeated his body completely disappeared.


Anise clicked her tongue in her head. Anise can also be used to get rid of headaches and the smell of alcohol, as well as drunkenness. I didn’t have to. To some extent, my consciousness is muddy, but my emotions are a little intense… … In addition, the body was exquisitely controlled to the point of staggering a little, leaving a feeling of intoxication.

Why? I was thinking of having some fun with the virtue of the exquisitely blended drunkenness… … Anise was genuinely annoyed at Eugene’s mastery of magic.

[Learning magic in an unexpected way… … Just use your body like you did in your previous life.]

Christina hurriedly straightened herself up, pretending not to hear Anis’ muttering. She ran her hand through her disheveled hair and coughed.

“… … Sorry to show you ugliness. Um, unlike Anis-nim, I’m not that familiar with alcohol, so stop… … .”

“He’s not even used to drinking, he’s just a monster.”

Eugene grumbled and pointed at the closed door.

“What do you do? will you still be here? Or are you going out?”

“get out… … I will. yes. I ate too much, so I want to walk a bit.”

It wasn’t conscious. In the first place, Cristina had intended to yield the entire day to Anis. It was Anise who limited the time until the sun went down.

Most festivals are more colorful and fun at night than during the day.

Anise’s birthday celebration was the same. The parade continued from daytime, but the nighttime parade is particularly splendid. Clowns dance and march in fancy clothes and decorations, and the orchestra follows them, singing hymns with cheerful lyrics.

Christina couldn’t get out of the alley where the pub was located. It was because the night parade was passing through the main street in front of me. There are already a lot of people due to the festival, but the street in front of me is so full of people that there is no room to step on without any exaggeration.

“… … Better go back.”


“… … .”

“I want to see that. Aren’t you?”

Perhaps there was no such thing as the meaning of that word.

However, Cristina was unable to give a light answer worthy of a light question. This is because the casually asked question created a ripple in the depths of her heart.

“Have you seen it?”

There is nothing to say about silence for a moment. Eugene asked again without waiting for an answer. That question also stirred Christina’s heart.

I’ve seen it.

I’ve never wanted to see… … there is.

At a young age, everyone would.

There were many orphans in the monastery where she spent her childhood. The fact that there are many children to eat in full swing means that there are a lot of ingredients to keep. As a result, there were many rats and miscellaneous insects in the monastery.

If left alone, such harmful organisms increase in number to the extent that they can’t be helped, so periodic quarantine is required. Once a month, the monastery’s clergy gathered the children in the playground with their mouths and noses covered with cloth. Then, the priests held a chimney that produced thick smoke and disinfected the facility.

Stay still. I heard that, but the children didn’t listen. What’s so good and fun… … . It’s hard to remember the feeling of that time now. In her younger days, before she was adopted, Cristina chased the smoke from her chimney with the other children.

That was the only memory Christina had of the parade. Now there are many children on the road ahead. The children, ignorant of the unpleasant truth of Jurassic religion, were chasing after the parade, laughing like children.


I’ve never experienced anything called a festival. Even when I was in the monastery, I never went outside. If you think about it now, all of that was to monitor and control the well-made saint woman candidate, the imitation incarnation. For Christina, the festival was a day when meat pies or large pieces of meat were sometimes served as school lunches, and the parade was to chase the smoke from the quarantine flue.

Even after becoming Sergio’s adopted daughter, things did not improve. She was even more unhappy. The meal was incomparably better than in the monastery, but no matter how delicious the food was, the day could not be felt as a celebration.

There was no smoke in Sergio’s mansion and Trecia Cathedral for Cristina and the children to chase after laughing.

Cristina’s childhood was crushed and torn by despair and hatred, then covered in pretense.

It was only after her childhood ended that she was finally able to go to the festival, but at that time Christina was no longer a child. She stood at the forefront of the Trecia festival as a ‘candidate of the saint’, but to Christina, the festival was a platform for the execution of ‘me’ and a propaganda platform for the candidate of the saint.

“… … yes.”

“You don’t want to see it?”

“… … I do not know.”

I lied.

It’s not that I don’t know, I just didn’t want to see it. Wouldn’t the memories of the past, which were unhappy, hated, and covered up with pretense, overlap? Now Christina had already been saved enough, but she was afraid that the girl of the past, who had passed away and could never be forgotten, was fueling her despair.

“Is it really necessary to think so seriously after watching a parade like that?”

Yujin scratched her head and murmured. Cristina didn’t answer, staring at the people filling her street. Eugene suddenly reached out her hand and grabbed Christina’s wrist, who was standing in front of her.

“oh… … .”

“Christina Rogeris.”

Eugene doesn’t know what Cristina is thinking. But she knows that most of her life has been miserable. The reason why she shut up and hesitated at this moment was probably because she overlapped the unfortunate memories of her childhood with the colorful and joyful festival ahead.

“I saved you.”

Eugene grabbed Christina’s wrist and strode forward. Christina couldn’t say anything or resist. She didn’t know what to do and just dragged herself as Eugene pulled her.

“Since you saved me, I won’t ask you to repay the favor. I was the one who decided to save you, and it was my choice. So you can choose as you like.”

“… … What do you mean?”

“Will you follow me or not?”

I was honestly dumbfounded. need to choose Christina’s intention was clear. She had no intention of remaining in Yuras. She says she hates Eugene, even if she tells him to stop, she will follow after him. To repay her grace for saving her? no. Christina knew very well that Eugene would despise that reason.


I wanted to follow. Eugene is a hero, and in fact, he is the stupid Hamel of 300 years ago. It wasn’t that important to Christina now.

Eugene saved Christina Rogeris, who was not a saint.

So, Christina only wanted to go with Eugene Ryanhart, not the hero or Hamel.

“… … I will follow you.”

“Then don’t be scared and hesitate to see just that.”

There were many people on the street.

However, in the direction Eugene was walking, people moved little by little to make a path. They were not even conscious of why they were moving the way they did. Steps stuttering backwards, and body trembling implicitly. It was all instinctively unavoidable.

Eugene made his way and dragged Cristina.

“Because to you from now on, that kind of thing will be trivial.”

“… … .”

“You are here now. I don’t know what you were thinking, what you were conscious of and remembered. I don’t want to know, and I won’t bother asking.”

Eugene’s steps stopped. He let go of Christina’s hand and pointed in front of her. Sparkling, colorful, fun, noisy. The parade of the festival Christina had imagined as a child was marching right in front of her.

“So, just look.”

Cristina stood dumbfounded and looked straight in front of her. She wasn’t always what she imagined. She becomes a candidate for sainthood, and she has actually been seen many times. She has been at the head of the parade herself on many occasions. But her feelings were completely different.

The agony, hatred, and anger that I felt before, the ridicule of those who praised and admired the candidate for sainthood without knowing anything about it, and the sense of shame that myself and the candidate for saintwoman were abnormal. All of that doesn’t feel right now. It was as Eugene said.

Memories, emotions, and the scenery ahead. It looked insignificant. Cristina felt a huge discrepancy between what she was feeling now and what she was seeing. upbeat song. colorful costumes and decorations. children’s laughter. the admiration of onlookers. It all felt a little far away,

Eugene, who was right in front of her, felt too close.

“Look, it’s nothing.”

Yujin turned her head and smiled. She should have brushed off her drunkenness right away… … . Her face was strangely hot.

Christina pursed her lips and bowed her head. She stepped back as if to run away, but Eugene wouldn’t let Cristina run away from her.


“Everything is different. This… … It’s really different. just… … .”

At this moment, Christina had no choice but to worry a lot. She wants to turn her back and run away. It wasn’t because he felt emotions he didn’t want to recall from that trivial sight, it was really simply because he was ashamed to see Eugene’s face.

However, Cristina could never, absolutely, confide that feeling to Eugene. I’d rather leave everything to Anis and hide behind my consciousness, but the mischievous sister is listening to everything now, but doesn’t give me a word of advice.

What if you run away? Unless Christina explains properly, Eugene will inevitably misunderstand. Cristina hated Eugene to the point of being so misunderstood. If she dragged her all the way here by saying things like that and then ran away, wouldn’t Eugene feel that all of that was in vain? Christina feared that in that case Eugene would disappoint her.

‘… … It can’t be, but… … .’

“why are you like this?”

Eugene asked. It was a time when I had to make a decision somehow. Cristina took a deep breath, and strode her stride forward, which had been behind her.

“Come on, let’s follow.”


“that… … Fur, isn’t the parade fun to follow?”

Cristina said hastily and pushed herself into the procession of the parade. Eugene looked at Cristina, then she smiled and walked beside her.

May the night be like night.

Christina really wanted him. Merciful Light, please do not light up this night. She prayed so, but she was meaningless. The night in the capital, Euresia, is always bright with soft light, and at this moment, the surroundings were too bright with a colorful parade.

Christina felt ashamed that the bright light seemed to illuminate her face so clearly. She didn’t want to show this ruddy face to Eugene. Also, she had a face that looked so much like Anise that she didn’t want to be seen by the crowd.

now… … There were too many people around. Is it because of my mood? It was as if the eyes were licking his face.


Christina realized it belatedly. Now she was wearing a robe, with the hood rolled back. Christina hastily pulled her hood down deep, covering her face.

“What are you doing?”

“… … I am afraid that someone will recognize me.”

“You do it again.”

“… … Please understand. There were a lot of people in the plaza earlier, but unlike then, aren’t we joining this procession now? If anyone finds out I’m here, it might ruin the parade.”

Eugene glanced at Christina with thinly opened eyes. She still didn’t like her, but she didn’t force Christina’s hood off like before.

walking together like that.

Cristina could clearly hear her own heart beating in the cheerful song. She walked along with her procession pretending nothing was wrong, but her face was still hot.

‘… … Light, please… … .’

Even with the hood pressed down, the surroundings were so bright that it seemed like my face was reflected. So Christina prayed again.

Did your earnest prayer reach you?

All the lights that lit up the parade went out in an instant. The same goes for the lights that illuminate the street. The street quickly became dark like night. The parade stopped in the sudden darkness. The procession that followed looked around the darkened surroundings and murmured.


The darkness lifted. Fireworks from a tall clock tower nearby lit up the sky. Fireworks were launched to mark the end of the festival. The tumult of the crowd turned to cheers. Everyone looked up and saw flowers blooming and fluttering lights in the sky.

Cristina didn’t. She cupped her hood deeply with both of her hands and bowed her head.

“Christina Rogeris.”

Eugene called her name. Christina’s shoulders trembled at the call.

A hand slowly approached and covered Christina’s hands.

“I am the only one watching you now.”

Rough hands full of calluses.

The hand ripped off Christina’s hood.

“… … ah… … .”

Fireworks exploded high in the sky and scattered. Cristina looked up at Eugene looking down at herself, and at the fire pouring from behind him.

“therefore. Don’t hide yourself either.”

Christina was well aware that the word meant ‘Christina Rogeris’, not a saint.

“If you decide to follow me, you won’t have to see the same thing as me.”

without being conscious of the saintess.

Without hiding oneself from the gaze and buzz around.


It just felt insignificant and distant. It was the same as before. Everything around him was insignificant and distant, but only Eugene felt close. Is this feeling now admiration or worship? or not… … Cristina did not think deeply.

It just felt beautiful. Fireworks embroidering the sky, and Eugene beneath them. Her Eugene, who stretched out her hand to her in the bondage of her saintly fate and her curse. Eugene Lionheart, not a hero, saved Christina Rogeris, not a saint.

A miracle that is so close that if you stretch out your hand, you can reach it.

It was beautiful and lovely and dazzled.

“… … yes.”

He swallowed a trembling breath and closed his eyes. It was so dazzling that I felt like I would go blind if I kept looking at it. For Cristina, it was all a miracle.

So Christina laughed. She doesn’t open her closed eyes, doesn’t wear any mask, and feels the miracle so close, so bright and so beautiful.

“Yes, Eugene.”



“… … hmm… … .”

The day you leave the lodging where you stayed for three days. Eugene saw Christina who came to her door and blinked her eyes for a moment.

It was not an unannounced visit. Since she decided to leave Yuras today and return to Ryan Heart, she had told her to come to the inn before noon.

“… … Isn’t that a little too heavy?”

Yujin pondered for a moment on what to say, then spat it out.

It wasn’t a bad word. In fact, Christina’s baggage was very heavy. She has one, two, three, four… travel backpacks as big as her body. … . Eugene let out a deep sigh and shook her head.

“Why are you packing so much and going?”

“It is all you need.”

Christina answered without a smile. Eugene glanced at the open slit in her backpack. She saw clerical robes and miscellaneous items crammed in randomly. It didn’t look like he had bought anything new, but it looked like he had already bought something he used to use.

“… … When did you get them all again?”

“Two days ago, I hired someone to send to Trecia Cathedral to bring all my personal belongings.”

“Do I really need to take the things I used there? It’s a thing, you can go and buy a new one… … .”

“I don’t want to owe any more to Eugene.”

Christina replied with a determined face.

“As of today, I am completely independent of Euras. Originally, I used the bishop’s card issued by the Holy See and the card of Sergio Logeris, but I will not use them from now on.”

“uh… … why?”

“Because being financially dependent is not true independence. That is, I am now penniless and penniless.”

“What is it… … . Ryan Hart and I have a lot of money, so if you need anything… … .”


Christina stared at Eugene with her eyes wide open.

“Didn’t I just tell you? I don’t want to be in debt to Eugene anymore. That’s why I dare to carry this much baggage.”

“… … Then you don’t even need a room in Lionheart Mansion?”

“If Eugene wants me to camp in the garden in the cool morning dew, I will gladly do so.”

After all, isn’t that what you mean by using the room?

“Aren’t all the things you brought with you purchased with the bishop’s card and Rogeris’ card?”

“Strictly speaking, most of these are hand-held items rather than purchased by me. And judging from what I’ve been through in the past, I’ve paid enough to own these.”

“Yes, yes.”

Eugene opened his cloak as he sighed. Mer, who was sitting in it, looked at Christina’s luggage and pouted her lips.

I was convinced that there was nothing I could do. However, thinking that the insidious double-personality saintess would enter Ryan Hart’s mansion and hover around Eugene’s side made her feel as if black ashes flew from deep within her heart.

“Cha-am, you are a person who does not match. Why do you say you don’t want to go into debt when you’re going to come into the mansion penniless and live up to it?”

“I don’t have any money in my hands right now, but if I use my skills, I can make as much money as I can.”

Christina stared at Mer with her smiling eyes slightly open.

“I know there are no priests in Lionheart. Instead, you must have excellent healers and various potions, but the high priest’s healing magic is a miracle that goes beyond medicine and magic.”

“that… … .”

“I dare say, there is no cleric in this era who can use more healing magic than that. If I’m willing to entrust to Lionheart and provide my abilities, then the Lionheart’s head will definitely pay for it.”

“Ugh… … .”

“Although it is true that I am penniless right now, I have no intention of using my small body as a weapon to brazenly covet food and sweets.”

“What- what are you talking about?”

A twin wick lit up in Mer’s eyes.

“I-I have never been like that. I am always helpful. Cristina-sama doesn’t know much about me, but I’ve always assisted Eugene-sama’s magic… … .”

“I never said you were shameless, so why are you reacting so violently?”

“Eugene-sama… … ! I hate that woman!”

Mer climbed onto Eugene’s chest with a tearful face. Yujin let out a deep sigh as she thought about her future.

“Don’t fight… … .”

“It’s a fight. I was just answering Mer’s question.”

“That woman told me I was a shameless locust!”

“Amicably… … .”

Eugene patted Mer on the back and put Christina’s luggage inside the cloak.

“Sir Raphael? Aren’t you coming to see me off?”

“I begged you not to do that. Because useless rumors are already floating around, nothing good will come of it.”


“There will be rumors anyway.”

Originally, it was planned that Christina would be declared a saint on Anise’s Feast Day.

However, Cristina refused recognition from the Holy See, and the pope and the cardinals accepted him. In the end, Christina Rogeris was still a ‘candidate of saints’ to the world.


In this era, Christina is the only candidate for sainthood in Euras. Even if she has not been officially declared a saint, all the subjects of Jurass consider Christina to be a saint.

Such Christina leaves Yuras and entrusts herself to Lionheart of Kiel, a foreign country. This will be a huge rumor that will be impossible to hide.

“… … yes. I guess so.”

A carriage called in advance was waiting outside the inn. The destination is a warp gate on the outskirts of Eurasia. You should arrive at Lionheart Mansion by this evening at the latest.

“The name has been decided.”


“It is the treatment of the elves that Lionheart is protecting. Aren’t many of them suffering from horse disease?”

It’s just a name anyway. Eugene was well aware that the elf horse disease was incurable. Even the saintess, Anis, was unable to purify the elf’s cavalry. The only thing that can stop and alleviate the horse sickness is the Spirit of the World Tree.

… … All kinds of worries started to come to mind.

Naturally, Eugene had not yet informed Lionheart of his taking Christina. It was difficult for her to explain anything, so I thought of taking her away and giving her a vacant room.

‘I don’t think the head of household will say anything… … .’

I’ve come up with a plausible reason, though.

The problem is that it’s not just once or twice.

I brought Rahman Shulhoub from Nahama.

I brought over 100 elves from Samar.

I brought Mer from Alot.

And now I’m taking Christina with me from Jurass… … . Gilreid might not say much, but Anicilla might grab her by the back of the neck.

‘no… … Unexpectedly, it can pass without saying anything.’

Eugene was well aware that Anicilla was surprisingly human and weak in affection.

When he blindly brought 100 elves from Samar. Anicilla was furious enough to crush her debt, but in the end she felt sorry for the plight of her elves and gave up her home forest.

months like that. Thanks to the sapling of the world tree planted by Eugene, the horse disease is showing signs of improvement, rather than getting worse, but Anicilla, who is unaware of this, occasionally uses her walk as an excuse to drop by the elves’ village and ask Sicnard about her illness. had also

‘If you say you’ve come to heal the elves… … .’

Healing is also healing, but the saintess of the Holy Empire, not anyone else, entrusts her family with healing magic. Couldn’t Anicilla, who is preoccupied with raising Lionheart’s name, refuse?

Eugene thought so for a moment.

* * *

The Magical Realm.

This land has been called that since ancient times. Even now, most people on the continent call this land the Devil’s Land.

Even the people living in this land now do not deny that this place is a demonic realm. As the meaning suggests, there are numerous demons and demon kings in this land. However, its meaning has changed significantly from hundreds of years ago.

For the human citizens of Helmud, the Demon City, the demons are friendly neighbors. They hunt and eat humans indiscriminately like in the old stories, and do not put fetters on their souls.

The Demon King is not a war criminal who trampled the entire world and caused a massacre, but a wiser and benevolent king than the king of any country. The demon king fulfills human requests, protects humans, and makes human life rich and happy.

This is a demonic realm, a land of opportunity. Although the cost of purchasing a green card is quite high, it is not unaffordable if you earnestly desire it. In addition, Helmud’s immigration support system is very humane, and depending on the number of years of labor after death, the cost can be greatly reduced.

so that.

People living in poor countries in the north knock on the door of the Helmud Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dreaming of the Helmud dream.

ㅡThe city of skyscrapers.

The land of opportunity, the capital of the Helmud Empire.


The buildings in this city are ‘taller’ than any other city on the continent. There are dozens of high-rise buildings, ‘buildings’ that are not castle towers. This tall skyscraper that cannot be raised by human power proves the greatness of the Demon King.

Among them, there is a sleek black building standing tall in the center of Pandaemonium.


At 99 floors, this building is the tallest in Helmud as well as Pandaemonium. What to hide, this Babel is the demon castle where the confined demon king who reigns over Helmud directly resides.

“Is the owner of the Dragon Demon Castle absent again this time?”

The 90th floor of Babel.

The sword of confinement, Gavid Lindman, stood with his hands behind his back and looked down through the glass wall. Far below, I could see a forest of buildings that were incomparable to Babel, but enough to be called high-rise. Dozens of fish, large and small, float between the buildings.

Air Fish.

The airfish swimming in the sky of Pandaemonium are the security system that perfectly controls the crime rate of Pandaemonium. Airfishes monitor the city of this skyscraper without any blind spots, and transmit everything they observe to Babel’s control center.

Even at this moment, in the control office dozens of floors below, thousands of souls contracted for post-work and hundreds of demons who control them are working hard to protect the city’s security by grasping the observational images of the air fish.

“It looks like that. I wish I could send you a message… … .”

conference room for you.

A middle-aged man who opened the door and walked in answered with a smile. He took off the top hat from his head and put it on his table, and put the cane he was holding on his lap.

The wand was the color of gooey blood, and the veins writhed in it as if it were alive.

‘Blood Mary’. Along with the wise Senya’s Akasha, there are only two Dragon Heart staffs on the continent.

A black magician who is the only one of the three demons of confinement to stay in Helmude and has the title of Count. Edmond Codlet. He stroked his mustache and smiled.

“Are you the only two members of Loyalty attending the meeting this time, me and the duke? It can’t even be a regular meeting like this.”

“Actually, there is no such thing as a meeting. The intention is to lightly share the current situation. Demons and humans have a very different sense of time, so if you don’t have a meeting like this, I won’t be looking at you for decades.”

“If it’s a few decades, I’m fine too. Maybe even longer than that would be fine.”

“Do you still want eternal life? You should already be close.”

“haha… … The eternal life I have reached is nothing more than extending my human life. Can you compare it to the demons, who are true eternal beings?”

“It’s not that different from us. Just as strong humans live long, strong demons live long.”

Gavid muttered that, but Edmond smiled round and round and didn’t reply.

Gavid knew why. Samma of confinement. The three warlocks who signed a direct contract with the demon king are all geeks… … No, even though he is human, he is the owner of insanity that is not human.

Arot’s Black Mage Tower Master. Balzac Rudbesse wants to see the end of magic. It is far beyond even the end that humans can reach, and is obsessed with the ‘end’ of magic that is impossible for humans to reach—no, it is a question of whether or not it actually exists.

Bloodmary’s owner, Edmond Codlet, wants to improve his ‘breed’ of humans into a new species. He discards everything that is human, such as his way of thinking and behavior, and aspires to become a new human by transforming demons into an allegory through magic that has been refined to the limit.

The desert dungeon master, Amelia Merwin… … .

“… … hmm.”

Gavid’s eyes, which had not been shaken for a while, trembled. He stared at the flying objects flying through the distant night sky.

… … moment, whether what you see is correct. I wondered if I was dreaming or not. It was the first time he had been astonished like this since he was pushed back by stupid Hamel’s rampage 300 years ago.

“… … Edmond.”

“Yes, Duke.”

“Come here… … look at that What does that look like?”

Edmond tilted his head at the sudden call. He got up from his chair and walked over to Gavid. Then, with his face pressed against the glass wall, he looked at the distant night sky.

—-It’s fast. Even at this moment, that flying object is coming close to us. The closer you get, the better you can see the flying object.

Edmond gasped in surprise and took a few steps back. Did he make a magic mistake? No, it can’t be. Edmond shook his head once, rubbed his eyes, and looked out his window again. Now that we were close enough that we didn’t need to use magic, we could see the flying objects very clearly.

that… … .

It was a huge head.

What else can I say? An airship made of magic engineering made of expensive and precious metals such as Orihalcon, Mithril, and Adamantium… … No, flying heads. With that head, 10 buildings in Helmud would be enough to buy and leave behind.

“… … head… … It is.”

Edmond stuttered and spat out. It’s not just a head. A curly head flapping like wings, like tentacles. A red horn sprouted from the top of his head.

The eyes, as large as the size of the head, twinkle like stars embedded in them.


Forehead split.

The dream queen, Noir Jevela, raised her arms while sitting on a velvet chair.

“how is it? This Jebelaface!”

“… … .”

“I was originally going to show it at the completion ceremony of Jebela Park! It was completed much sooner than I expected. What is it? So I decided to just show you first. Isn’t it nice?”

“… … .”

“Jebelaface will be the mascot of Jebela Park! Jebellaface floating in the sky morning, day, night and dawn… … The guests of Jebela Park will see this pace in awe and love. Tormented by lust for me, he squandered his fortune at the casino and spent his regular days… … .”

“I am ashamed of all I see.”

Gavid shook his head and murmured. Edmond behind him also looked like he couldn’t say what he wanted to say. Noir was not hurt by those dry reactions.

damn The expression on her metallic Jebella face slowly changed as she snapped her fingers and made a sound.

“… … .”

Gavid and Edmond said nothing and watched Jebelaface smile. Gavid was afraid that the citizens of Pandemonium, who lived far below, might be watching the ugliness.


Noir raised the corners of her mouth with the index fingers of both hands and smiled. Then he got up from his velvet seat and walked out of the cockpit. ㅡChallarak! The carpet on the floor stretched out. Noir stepped lightly down the red carpet and came to his window.

Then, naturally, he passed through the glass window and came into the room. Looking at the empty chairs, Noir’s lips twisted upward.

“Is the owner of the Dragon Demon Castle absent this time as well?”

“It can’t be helped.”

“Huh, I’m really, really curious. How long are you going to tolerate the problem of Yongma Castle? Wouldn’t it be enough if you watched it for 200 years?”

“… … 200 years might be a long time, but it’s not that long for a dragon. If you can’t do it right away for the ‘young master’ of Yongma Castle, you’ll need another 100 years.”

“Why should I wait any longer? Because of the rarity of being a demonic dragon? Hey Gavid. 300 years ago, corrupted dragons were rare and worthy of being used as symbols, but aren’t they a bit different now?”

“In all ages, dragons have been great and noble beings. It is difficult to give up that such an existence has fallen and has been given a title by the demon king of confinement as a symbolic meaning.”

“Dragons were like that only 300 years ago. now? It’s been 300 years since the dragon disappeared. Are there any dragons active in modern times? Anyway, to the people of this era, dragons are like distant mythical beings. Don’t you think that a symbol of success that has risen to be a duke while being human is better than such a symbol?”

Saying that, Noir turned to Edmond.

“Edmond. What do you think? If you wish, I will gladly lend you my power. Do you know what I mean? I said I would tear apart the young dragon of the Dragon Demon Castle with my own hands.”

“haha… … Thank you so much for the suggestion… … .”

“Ah, pretending to be something you’re not. I like you very much because you are a jerk. What if the owner of the Dragon Demon Castle was abolished and a new duke was chosen? I think it’s better to make you, the Count, the duke, rather than the Marquis X-Bob snooping around me as a check, dreaming of unreasonable ambitions.”

“I didn’t know you treated me so kindly.”

“If you didn’t know, let’s make it known starting today. If you wish, I will personally deliver the message to the demon king of confinement. Instead, I will keep the young dragon’s corpse. You already have a Bloody Mary, right?”

Gavid, who had been listening to the conversation, sighed and waved his hand.

“Don’t talk about things that the demon lord of confinement wouldn’t allow. and noir. What on earth do you want to do with the dragon’s corpse, so you say you’ll have it?”

“Dragon has nothing to throw away, right? First of all, I plan to process the scales, leather, and bones into weapons and put them on as products of the Jebela Park Casino.”

It was an answer beyond imagination. Gavid was speechless and looked at Noir. Noir smiled happily at the surprise.

“The casino at Jebela Park will be the best casino in the past, present and future. There will be no place in the world where arms made of dragons can be exchanged for casino coins.”

“… … It will be a shocking facility in many ways.”

“And the Dragon Heart will be transplanted into Jebella Face. The magic organ that I have now installed is great, but if I transplant the dragon heart, it will be even better, right?”

Edmond stared at Jebelaface outside the window with thinly opened eyes. At first glance, that narcissistic flying creature looked ridiculous, but Archmage Edmond recognized that it wasn’t just a flying head.

‘To link the eyes of a flying object with the demonic eyes. Regardless of whether it is magically possible or impossible, I understand that Duke Jebela’s magical powers are absurd.’

Mystic Eyes, which can only be activated by looking at them, consume a lot of mana. Among them, the magical eye of fantasy possessed by Noir Jebella is one of the best among all the magical eyes that have existed in the world. Her Mystic Eye, as the name suggests, turns reality into fantasy and fantasy into reality.

That gigantic Jebelaface will float above her namesake, Jebela Park. Numerous tourists will come to Jebela Park, which will be completed someday. If a floating object as bizarre as that floated around in the sky, you would have no choice but to see it at least once even if you didn’t want to see it.

That moment. Tourists will be captured by the illusionary eye and fall into the illusion presented by Noir Jebela.

“… … I will say it again, the demon king of confinement will not dethrone the title of the young master of Yongma Castle.”

“So what about hunting? I don’t like that young dragon, and I don’t think the demon lord of confinement will stop me from hunting for my wish?”

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