Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 72

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[In the end, isn’t it a pity that you can’t chat with Hamel alone or take care of and lick his wounds?]

‘sister… … ! Licking your wounds, what kind of absurd and dirty talk is that?’

[You don’t hear a parable as a parable. Or Christina, have I unwittingly touched your shady desire?]

Cristina stopped thinking without answering.

“now. Don’t be too angry.”

I slept soundly, and I ate delicious food. Eugene was as well-behaved as he was ambitious. He smiled cheerfully and continued.

“Today is the last day.”

“… … what?”

“I just told you. Today is the last day. Originally, I thought there was no need to call you guys, but it’s not a place I can enter alone, is it?”

“really? Is today really the last day?”

Gion asked with a desperate face. Carmen didn’t say anything directly, but his eyes were shining.

Eugene shrugged, enjoying their reaction.


There is nothing to gain from the darkroom anymore.

I felt it over and over again for several days. In order not to leave even a hint of regret, I repeated things that did not have to die while dying. And yesterday I was sure of it.

The darkroom was no longer an ordeal for Eugene.

Eugene came so many times for half a year that he walked the familiar path. A portrait of Vermouth deep inside the treasury. The incomprehensible magic that begins there. Go downstairs, open the door, enter the darkroom, and stand on top of the magic circle.

“If you were a being able to talk, I might have become attached to you.”

welcome face to face

half a year.

That would be enough time for her appearance to change, but Eugene barely changed. His hair was still gray and shaggy, and his eyes, which did not despair despite repeated defeats and deaths, were clear and clear. I couldn’t let the beard grow sparsely, and even after Mer died, I didn’t want to grow it.

But the height seems a little big. The first time I saw it, I had to look up, but now I don’t have to look up.

There was no change in the appearance of the welcome. He still looked like Hamel mixed with Eugene, and he had a sword in his hand.


Eugene turned the sword in his hand.

“I wonder if I need to swing and fight.”

welcome no answer Hana read the clear intent to kill that Eugene was displaying, and started to react.

“Because I fought too much with you.”

Acceleration. The distance between the two has disappeared. The illusion that rushed in in an instant aimed at Eugene’s neck and swung her sword. A deadly sword attack that leaves no room. When I first entered the darkroom, it was difficult to respond to that ‘slightly’ fast thing.

It wasn’t like that now. Eugene took a half step back from her, tilting her head slightly back. With just that, the slash narrowly missed her neck.

It’s not over with one blow. It was hard to believe that it had changed its trajectory midway through, so the slashing was flexibly bent. It didn’t even just come off. The shaking of the sword tip, the detailed manipulation of mana. It made countless sword steels right in front of its nose.

“It looks like we fought.”

It didn’t take much to pierce those countless sword steels. Just one stab. There was no need to use a sword. The hand wrapped in flame pierced the dizzy sword river and grabbed the sword of illusion.

“So there is no need to fight anymore.”


The sword shattered between my fingers. The illusion immediately put down the sword and tried to put a fist into Eugene’s body. Eugene took another half step back, moving the sword he was holding in his other hand.

No sound was heard. Only, dozens of lines were drawn in the space where the illusion had pushed its fist. The illusion protected itself with dark flames, but the lines drawn by Eugene pierced and sliced ​​through the flames so easily that it turned her fists and forearms into hundreds of pieces of meat.

The illusion that had lost an arm jumped backwards. He has no ego, but his fighting sense is one he excels at. He knew he could never defeat Eugene in the battle at the Gap. So, instead of attacking again, he started using the white flame ceremony to inflate the flames.

Eugene knew very well about that illusion after fighting for half a year. It does not inherit the memory of the previous fight. As the challenge is repeated, Eugene gets used to the illusion, but the illusion does not. That’s why, no matter how futilely he loses at first, he somehow manages to win if he repeats the challenge.

The darkroom is not just a place to test combat sense and Baek Yeom-sik. It is also a place where one trains one’s mental strength that has no choice but to fight again even after fighting, defeating, and dying over and over again.

Eugene already had such mental strength, but the descendants of Vermouth, who were born and trained in the ‘prestigious’ Lionheart, were innate and untrained. Especially in this era of peace, it is difficult to train such mental strength.

“Firefighting is also good.”

Eugene laughed and murmured.

The level of winning the battle against illusions has already been reached a long time ago. Nonetheless, the challenge continued over and over again.

It was for a simple reason. Because this was the perfect place to practice.

Eugene is strong. If the current Eugene unleashes Baek Yeom-sik’s output without limiting it, the surroundings will be devastated before he even tries to do anything with it.

Lionheart’s home is equipped with almost all facilities for training. There is also a separate place for mana training. However, the training room was too weak to train Mana with a high output of 5 or more Baek Yeom-sik.

On the other hand, what about this mental world? Even if I use ignition, there are no aftereffects left on my body. No matter how much mana was released, there was no need to pay attention to the surroundings. For several months, Eugene had been using the darkroom like that. Thanks to that, I entered the dark room from early morning and stayed here until late at night, and escaped to death, causing other people to suffer.

It was worth it.

I also got a clear income.

Illusion fuels the flame. The bastard’s white salt formula is turning into a round flame formula. The swollen flame shook for an instant and soared explosively. I even wrote the ignition. Eugene stared at her and raised her hand forward.

He turned his outstretched hand over and turned his palm toward the sky. Unlike the explosively amplified phantom mana, Eugene’s mana leaked out slowly. The six stars surrounding his heart are spinning fiercely. Mana exploded in a chain in the rotation, and countless cores were created in the rotation.

Eugene did not release that intense mana right away. He went through compression after compression, and created a small dot of destructive mana that would be out of control.

ㅡ Fire.

A round sphere floated above Eugene’s palm. It was a blinding white sun. the moment it appeared. Space began to vibrate.

this limited world. A mental space that is not real. The meaning and possibility given to the sun that Eugene ‘conceived’ and manifested was close to breaking down the laws of this space.

This is the sun created with mana compressed to the limit. However, the compression was done only by the round salt method. Yujin licked her lips and smiled.

The sun is the crystal of sword steel. Eugene drew out new mana and covered the surface of the sun. The dragonic family’s secret technique, the sword, was applied to the sun. He coated the sun with several layers of mana, and within it, the super-dense mana that made up the sun repeatedly fused and exploded.

getting so

The pure white sun turned black.

The welcome has already been prepared. He handles everything the original projected Eugene Ryanhart could use, a bit better than the original. Right now, the illusion has already used the ignition, and the sword in his hand even raises an empty sword.

But I couldn’t get over it. He has no ego, but has a sense of battle. If you attack, he will die for sure. It is impossible to survive even by chance. The strategy of giving flesh and taking bones does not work either. It just disappears without doing anything.


Yujin muttered that and threw the black sun at a glance. Then the illusion could no longer stand still. He focused on attacking all the mana that was wrapped around his body and exploded with ignition and rushed.

The light went out. The light that makes it impossible to see even an inch ahead covers the field of vision. Yujin didn’t bother to open her eyes and closed them. I couldn’t see anything like that, so I heard the sound of the world collapsing in my ears.

one two,


I opened my closed eyes.



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“It’s like this.”

Yujin grumbled and put both hands on the floor. This is the first time I’ve really killed an illusion. Thanks to this, he was able to know what he was like before entering the spirit world.

The moment he walked through the magic circle, he collapsed. Eugene raised his body from the floor and looked around. He cautiously stretched out his steps just in case, but it did not happen that he was dragged back into the spirit world.

“… … Can you say it passed?”

Yujin muttered that and strode forward.

Going in and out of the darkroom for half a year, I heard what would happen after the ‘battle’ to Gilreid, Gion, and Carmen, who had already overcome this darkroom.

Defeating the illusion and moving forward… … .

A flame appears.

By the flame dwelling in the body, the six characteristics of the white flame ceremony are ‘completed’ and changed.

“… … It is a flame.”

Walked for a while. The magic circle has already gone far behind, and there is still nothing around.

‘… … The Eclipse’s power is too strong, so it’s not like the darkroom’s composition magic has been ruined, right?’

no way… … I wanted to, but I couldn’t imagine that it would never happen. Even in Eugene’s opinion, Eclipse’s power was too strong. In terms of simple power, even the body of the previous life did not have an attacking machine of that power.

“What if it’s really broken? If I can’t find that flame, will my white-yellow ceremony continue to be an imperfect six-star? Mr. X, it’s my fault that I’m too strong… … .”

Eugene crumpled his face and spat out,

it hardened

Something appeared in front of Eugene before he knew it, but it was not the ‘fire’ that Gilade, Gion, and Carmen had spoken of.

A man sitting in a black chair.


Unknowingly, Eugene called the name of a friend from 300 years ago.


A few steps forward. However, instead of approaching right in front of me, I stopped walking on the way. My startled heart thumped, my head spun, and some words erupted from the back of my throat.

“야 이 개새끼야.”

And Eugene didn’t hold back. Because there was no reason to be patient.

In Eugene’s opinion, Vermouth deserved to be treated with a double curse more than this. No, he wasn’t just swearing at me, I had to hold him by the collar and receive a few slaps on his jaw or even a spanking on his ear.

However, Eugene was unable to grasp Vermouth’s collar right now. It wasn’t that his heart was weak after 300 years of marriage, it was simply because the vermouth in front of him was not real, but an illusion.

“… … What is in front of me now.”

Vermouth’s mouth opens. It was an unmistakable illusion, but it was as real as sitting right in front of his eyes. However, there was no real vermouth-like presence.

When did that vermouth look like? Compared to the time when he entered the confined castle, his hair is neater and his outfit is neater. Was it the time when he was revered as the great vermouth and served as the grand duke of Kiel? or not… … After faking death?

“Hamel. is it you?”

quiet question.

Eugene clenched his fists and glared at Vermouth.

“Perhaps. Because this illusion won’t appear unless it’s you. how much time has passed It is impossible to accurately match that far, but I think that maybe 300 years have passed.”

From 300 years ago, Vermouth was a man with a rare smile. He was not always as expressionless as Woodseok, but in most situations, Vermouth had such an expressionless expression.

It was the same even now. Sitting in the chair, Vermouth’s posture was upright, and his expression was calm and expressionless.

Its appearance was the same as the vermouth in Eugene’s memory. So, Eugene couldn’t help but feel complicated. A portrait from 300 years ago. It wasn’t actually in front of him, but Eugene could feel the vermouth very strongly in that illusion.

“… … Hamel. If it were you, you would be cursing me very badly right now. I don’t often find your swearing pleasant or enjoyable, but now… … I think I miss it. So I feel a little regretful. I wonder what you are cursing at me.”

“Sir X bastard.”

“If it was at this point, you would have noticed. The me in front of you now is the me of hundreds of years ago. I can’t see you or talk to you. I’m just speaking one-sidedly from my side. But don’t be too angry.”

not to be angry? Eugene was dumbfounded by that, so she laughed. Doesn’t she seem to be aware that she’s in a situation where she’ll get angry? It wouldn’t mean anything at all, but Eugene raised his middle finger toward Vermouth’s vision.

“What should I talk about? Where should I start talking? I’m a little afraid that you, who have an impatient personality, don’t want this conversation and just go away on your own.”

Vermouth groaned in a low voice, and placed her clasped hands on her lap. Then he closed his eyes and thought for a while.

“For me… … There are many secrets, Hamel. I can’t confide it all to myself. I have no intention of doing that, and neither do I. So this conversation will not satisfy all your questions.”

“Everybody else knew you were suspicious.”

Eugene grumbled and sat down in his seat.

“okay. First, let’s talk about your reincarnation. Hamel, the biggest question for you is probably this.”

“say it.”

It wouldn’t be necessary, but Yujin nodded and agreed.

“You shouldn’t have died there.”

Eugene’s eyebrows twitched at the answer that followed. He suppressed her swear words and held on to the emotions that were about to rage.

“But it is impossible to turn back. Hamel, you… … I would have thought it better to die there. In fact, your body was breaking down every moment you climbed the castle of confinement. You’d think it was because of your own recklessness.”

“… … Why are you saying something obvious?”

Yujin clicked her tongue and muttered.

He had already thought about it dozens of times, but Eugene’s conclusion did not change.

The demonic castle of confinement. Hamel died there because he was too reckless and weak at the time. Senya and Anis had warned about the dangers of ignition every time, but the hellish demon of confinement—-it was close to impossible to clear the way without using ignition.

“You will hate this word. But since I think so, I have no choice but to tell you. Hamel. Because I couldn’t protect you, you died.”

Vermouth said so without changing his expression. Eugene couldn’t get over hearing that, so he jumped up from his seat and glared at Vermouth.

“What are you talking about, you son of a bitch?”

Eugene’s face twisted. A different kind of anger erupted in Eugene than when he saw the fountain of light.

This is humiliation. Did you die because you couldn’t protect it?

‘Who are you to say you had to protect me?’

It’s not that kind of relationship.

Eugene did not want such a relationship. It’s not just Eugene. Everyone who fought alongside Vermouth 300 years ago must have thought the same. Vermouth was strong. He was incredibly strong for a human being and could do anything.

The four people who fought alongside that Vermouth would never have thought that they were being protected by Vermouth. I don’t want to be Vermouth’s burden. On the battlefield, 5 people including Vermouth were equal. Everyone stood in the same place, and if someone went ahead, someone else would stand behind and beside him.

“Hamel. Are you angry?”

Vermouth asked. Eugene stood there and glared at Vermouth. Vermouth, he does not exist here. That illusion was created by Vermouth a long time ago, and it is just making noise.

But Vermouth raised his head and looked straight up at Eugene. It was a gaze that convinced him that Hamel, who had heard his words, spurred his seat in unconditional anger and stood up.

“At that time, I was also angry.”

The corners of Vermouth’s mouth rose slowly.

“You, who are proud of yourself, must be angry that I ‘had to protect’ you. But Hamel, how did you die? died to protect me I didn’t have to.”

“… … .”

“You should have known at that moment. You didn’t have to sacrifice yourself for me. Hamel. you just… … I just needed a place to fall. You threw your body because you thought you would no longer be a burden together. To save me when I wasn’t in danger at all. Was that a satisfactory reason for you dying?”

Eugene couldn’t say anything. Because he couldn’t deny anything.

“You were selfish, Hamel. You used me as a place to fall. You didn’t have to keep me there. All you had to protect was yourself. but you didn’t dead So I have no choice but to regret it. That I couldn’t protect you.”

“… … son of a bitch.”

Yujin let out a long sigh and sat down again.

short silence. Vermouth shook his head several times before lowering his gaze again to face the front. That gaze didn’t match Eugene’s eye level, but neither Eugene nor Vermouth cared about that.

“… … Continue the story, Hamel. You died at last, at which point our journey came to an end. You must be familiar with the current era. I made a pact with the demon king of confinement and ended the war.”

“… … What is your promise?”

“Speaking of that battle… … It was hard. It was impossible to win.”

“Will the result change just because I, who was broken as I was broken, fought alongside me? You know, back then I couldn’t fight properly. If I went up together like that, it wouldn’t have been of much help in the battle against the demon king of confinement.”

“I can’t say anything about the content of the promise, but for me at the time, it was best to make a promise.”

Vermouth stopped talking again. He stared into space with empty eyes, then giggled.

“… … If you were together, there would be no need to fight the demon king of confinement at the point of reaching the top of the demon castle.”


“That was the most important condition for me. Climbing to the top of Babel, the demon castle of confinement. If you can directly meet the body of the demon king in captivity there, that’s it. If he did, the content of the promise would have changed greatly.”

“what… … You mean?”

I can’t understand it. Eugene looked at Vermouth with trembling eyes.

chain… … The sound of dragging on the ground. Bright red eyes that appear in the dark. That is the demon king of confinement. Ever since his previous life, Eugene knew the demon king of confinement as such an existence.

Have you ever met the Demon King?

There are many times. The Demon King of Destruction made everyone despair just by moving on the other side of the plain. I had seen the demon king of confinement, the rank immediately below him. When I just entered Babel, the devil’s castle.

pulsating darkness. The sound of clanking chains. red binocular. The demon king of confinement personally greeted the intruders in the castle.

‘I’ll wait at the top.’

In that situation, the battle did not take place, but Eugene was able to feel that the second-ranked Great Demon King was a different being from the demon kings he had killed before.


There was no need to fight that terrible Great Demon King? If no one died and the five of us climbed to the top of Babel and met the body of the demon king in captivity… … did that happen?

“It was impossible to go back.”

Vermouth opened his mouth.

“So I had no choice but to look for another way. I bought time with the promise, and took over your soul. Senya has a necklace with your soul ‘not yet’… … I intend to convince her one day to get her necklace.”

Convinced? By overturning other people’s graves on their own—- by piercing a hole in Senya’s chest who came to him in surprise?

“Hamel. The fact that you are here must mean that my wish has come true in the end. You were born as my descendant, and you will cook Baek Yeom and stay here. You will not be pleased, but I reincarnated you.”

“I know you son of a bitch.”

“I had no choice but to reincarnate you, I… … Because of all the people you know, you are the most heroic.”

“… … What is he saying now?”

“I am… … It was best to climb Babel, the demonic castle of confinement, but you can see what comes after that. Hamel. With you, you can do what I couldn’t.”

“You bastard, Vermouth. tell me so i can understand what? Of all the people you know, am I the most heroic? This crazy baby. Aren’t you crazy?”

“You are not going to admit it. But my thoughts don’t change. The fact that you’re there now proves that I haven’t changed my mind.”

Vermouth smiled lightly.

“In the end, it was not enough for me.”

“If you’re not good enough, who the hell… … !”

Yujin couldn’t stand it and yelled out loud. The demon king of slaughter, the demon king of misery, and the demon king of madness. The reason why he was able to kill the three demon lords was because Vermouth fought. The reason why the demon king of confinement made a promise and retreated was because Vermouth was there.

Vermouth was such a being. An existence that makes a battle that can never be won win. An existence that boosts the morale of allies simply by existing on the same battlefield. A shining warrior. Because he drew the holy sword, he was able to kill the Demon King. Because he wielded the moonlight sword, he was able to kill the demon king.

“Hamel, you are strong.”

Eugene was speechless and clutched at his chest. And Vermouth continued.

“I was strong in my previous life, but I will be even stronger now. Of course it has to be, right? You do not know exactly when or in which family you will be reincarnated. In order for your reincarnation to occur quickly, you have increased your descendants as much as possible. We created an inviolable rule so that the extended families would not quarrel with each other.”

“… … crazy bastard.”

“I don’t care unless you say yes. Hamel. Just as you died doing your own thing, I do as I like. Anyway, the family bearing my surname will prosper in the future, and the original family that left my legacy will look down on the collateral family from a high place. I can’t confirm what it looks like, but I’m sure it will be.”

Vermouth was right. Lionheart existed like that for 300 years. The guard dog, the Black Lion, created by Vermouth, strictly controlled the families so that they did not quarrel with each other. The blood line, yeongmaek, and baek yeom-sik made it impossible for collaterals to invade the power of the main family.

“If one day like that, you are born among countless Lionhearts. The body you will have will not compare to the body you had in your previous life. I have no choice but to. For I intended the body to be thoroughly constructed in accordance with the soul.”

Eugene Lionhart.

This body was wonderful. Ever since he was a child who hadn’t mastered mana, he moved very well as Eugene thought. No matter how hard she trains, she never breaks down. Is that all? The talents Eugene had from his previous life bloomed more splendidly in this body.

“Past life and now. Hamel, your condition makes a big difference. You will stand out unconditionally in the blood system ceremony. Maybe my descendants will envy you, but if it’s you, you’ll be able to stand up well enough in such a situation. I guess that’s why I’m here.”

“… … .”

“How old are you now? Baek Yeom-sik is a tricky thing to learn, but if it’s your talent… … No matter how many there are, I don’t think I would have exceeded my mid-20s. Have you seen the weapons in the treasury? Some of them are probably already in your hands. The holy sword… … I honestly don’t know. Would you have been recognized by the light?”

Vermouth laughed again.

“… … You may have regretted not having the Moonlight Sword in the Vault. But the moonlight sword is too dangerous. Dangerous in many ways.”

“It is. Because it is a strong and terrible sword to the point of ignorance.”

“I intend to break the moonlight sword. I will get rid of it from the world like that. But, maybe I will fail. Even if you want to break this sword, it’s not something you can break. If I… … If I can handle this sword somehow and leave it as an arrangement for you. And Hamel, if you have lingering attachments to the moonlight sword.”

Vermouth’s hand cut the air a few times. Then, letters that glowed in the air appeared. It was a unique magic technique.

“I made your tomb somewhere underground in the Khajitan Desert in Nahama. If you use magic in this way, you will be able to visit your grave. Maybe you can’t use magic… … If so, take this opportunity to learn magic. Senya has newly established the study of magic in Arot. If it’s your talent, it won’t be difficult to master.”

“… … I’m already used to it.”

“Of course, even if you visit the grave, the moonlight sword may not be there. Don’t feel too bad about it though. If there is a moonlight sword… … If I have the moonlight sword, it must mean that I couldn’t break the moonlight sword. Still, I hope you don’t laugh at me too much, since I’ve managed to somehow get you to control it.”

Vermouth slowly rose from his chair.

“Hamel. The reason I reincarnated you… … I don’t think I was convinced. But I’m sure I’m sure you can do what I couldn’t.”

“What can I say? I have already been reincarnated. Even if I wanted to argue, Vermouth, you’re not here.”

“I cannot force you to decide what kind of life you will lead after reincarnation. perhaps… … did you change Didn’t you think of saving the world like you did in your previous life, and your hatred for the demon king and the demons has cooled?”

“You know me.”

“I don’t think it can be. Hamel, you are not that kind of person. No matter what you were born into, as long as you remember that you are Hamel, there is no way that your beliefs in your previous life have changed.”

Eugene laughed without answering.

“So you will resent me. Because from your point of view, you might feel like I betrayed you.”

“… … It wasn’t that narrow inside.”

“If Hamel wants you to kill all demon lords and demons without change and save the world.”

Vermouth closed his eyes.

“… … With the demon lord of destruction… … don’t fight don’t go near him As you can see, it is… … heterogeneous It is not something that can be fought.”

from afar.

I have seen the demon king of destruction move. It was then, and it is the same now. Eugene then said he couldn’t determine exactly what he was seeing.

‘Something’ that moved on the other side of the wide plain.

If that is not destruction, then what is destruction? If that is not the Great Demon King of the 1st rank, then what the hell is the Great Demon King?

That kind of thinking made me think of that unknown being as the demon of destruction. No one present spoke of fighting the Demon King of Destruction. It was best to hold on to the trembling body and calm the mad spirit.

“… … But someday I have to kill the Demon King of Destruction.”

Eugene muttered in a low voice. Vermouth doesn’t hear that answer.

“But someday I will have to kill the Demon King of Destruction.”

However, Vermouth said the same thing as Eugene.

“Previously. Make it to the top of Babel.”

Vermouth opened his closed eyes.

“Like I did, stand in the presence of the demon king of confinement and meet his body. The demon king of confinement won’t let you climb the barbell comfortably. That guy, the Demon King is such an existence.”

“Of course you have to go up. Because I’ve never been up there.”

“What happens after that, you have to experience for yourself.”

Vermouth did not sit down again. He stood there for a moment, stroking the armrests of his chair. Eventually, Vermouth muttered with a wry smile.

“It’s over now.”

Vermouth looked ahead.

Eugene stood where the gaze was directed.

“It has to be you.”

300 years ago.

Vermut, who had come to visit right away, accepted Hamel as a colleague, ignoring the opinions of the other colleagues.

it has to be you

While spitting out those words, I reached out my hand to Hamel. Vermouth said that again this time as he stretched out his hand in front of him.

“… … I miss this word.”

Vermouth lowered his outstretched hand and murmured. Before that hand completely fell off, Eugene clicked his tongue, raised his hand, and stretched it toward Vermouth’s hand.

A disembodied illusion. Their hands passed through each other without touching, but that was enough for Eugene.

“It’s still bullshit.”

Eugene grumbled in a low voice.


Vermouth’s face shook. He didn’t completely disappear. 300 years ago, an illusion in the form of a human named Vermouth Lionheart was scattered. Each of the scattered particles became countless sparks.

Eugene slowly lowered his outstretched hand. I didn’t say goodbye to the disappearing Vermouth. Words that will never reach you. Most people would say Hamel was selfish, but in Eugene’s opinion, it was Vermouth who was more selfish than anyone else.

“The biggest difference between you and me is that your actions are somehow plausible.”

Since it’s what Vermouth does, there’s no reason for it. There must be some reason. He would have had to. Vermouth always heard that. And if Hamel had a detailed plan in his own way and acted unexpectedly.

– Hey, you crazy bastard! Why are you f*cking again?

-Hamel, what the hell do you want to do?

-It’s also Hamel.

I used to hear that.

Recalling the past, Yujin giggled and stretched out her hand toward the flying sparks. Of course, this time too, Vermouth must have done this for a reason. But this time, Vermouth didn’t tell anyone first and went on his own way, and Eugene—no, Hamel got caught up in it.

I didn’t resent it.


Hamel trusted Vermouth. Why did the guy do this? Why does he have to be you? Nothing was certain,

Vermouth’s words pierce deep into my heart and spread. Words and sentiments wriggled, swam in blood vessels, and flashed in the brain as if they were alive.

-Hamel, if you want to kill all the devils and demons without change and save the world.

The reason why Vermouth reincarnated Hamel is to kill the demon king and the demons he couldn’t kill 300 years ago. It is to achieve what everyone wanted 300 years ago, even now. With that alone, Eugene could forgive Vermouth for reincarnating him.

‘… … The vermouth from earlier… … It’s vermouth before punching a hole in Senya’s chest.’

So, Eugene couldn’t bear any more resentment towards the vermouth he had just seen. Didn’t Senya himself, who was victimized, ask not to resent Vermouth too much?

Vermouth still had many secrets. He didn’t tell everything about himself. He couldn’t help it, he said he couldn’t help it.

so lonely He laughed a few times during the conversation, but those laughs were far more dry than he remembered.

The scattered sparks subside.

A roaring flame remained where Vermouth’s vision had been. Eugene stared at the flame without panic.

The shape of the flame didn’t look special. White like a flame produced by the white flame method. A spark of mana refined to the point of purity, without feeling the heat.

Eugene slowly reached out toward the flame. Should we have a white salt ceremony as this side responds? I wondered about that for a while, but the flames moved before Eugene even started the Baek Yeom Ceremony. Fire and flames engulfed Yujin’s hands.

It can’t be hot.

Eugene felt the heat from the flames that wrapped around his hands. The flame does not burn clothes or flesh. However, it seemed to seep into Eugene’s body. So hot. The flame seeping from her fingertips, the hot heat flowed through her veins and heated her bones, making Eugene’s mana boil.

Yujin licked her lips and smiled. He closed his eyes and immediately sat down. permeated flame. running wild The six stars that had been revolving around the heart accelerated according to Eugene’s will. Phantasmal Flame Amplifies mana and holds it so it doesn’t leak out.

Concentrating like that, the lightning sparks that dwelled in Eugene’s body also responded to the phantasmagoric ceremony.

Yujin lived at her parents’ house and while challenging herself in the darkroom, she always practiced Baekyeomsik in the root cave of the World Tree located at the bottom of the lake. Each time, the spirits of the World Tree approached Eugene. Eugene did not try to subjugate them, but wished for harmony and harmony.

There were achievements. The lightning spark in Eugene’s mana was born when the spirit of the world tree met Eugene’s mana. Like the primitive spirits and the spirits of the World Tree, it does not have an ego, but it is undoubtedly a spirit at the root, so it was impossible to train or raise it according to Eugene’s will.

But the root of the world tree. There, while practicing Baekyeomsik, he succeeded in assimilating the spirits of the World Tree into the lightning spark. However, dealing with the large lightning sparks was a completely different matter. That f*cking thunderbolt is a little different power than Mana and Ark, so even Eugene can’t control it.

So, Eugene sealed the lightning spark that had grown in size deep within the core. Whenever I needed it, I pulled it out and used it as much as I could handle.

ㅡ fall out!

Lightning sparks spewed out at will. Although her mind went numb for a moment, Eugene held onto her consciousness and led her mana. As lightning sparks soared, Eugene’s flame shook greatly. And the flames connected to Eugene shimmered together. Originally, it did not belong to Eugene, but at this moment, they were breathing together as if they were born from Eugene.

is seeping in

There was no point in looking in front of me anymore. Eugene closed his eyes and contemplated what was happening to him. He didn’t even use an ignition, but the movement of the core was unusual. The rotation is accelerating to an inexplicable end, and mana continues to explode within that rotation. The permeating and adding flame caresses the core. It is added to the core like that, and the nature of the explosion changes.

It hurt enough to die.

The permeated flames and explosions stimulated the six cores. The sparks of lightning that sprung out at will make a loud crackling sound, and they are holding up to erode the flames of the white flame style that Eugene created. Is it right that this is right now? I couldn’t even figure it out myself. Aren’t you going to be ruined by those wild sparks and lightning?

Anxiety and doubt only for a moment. In the end, all of that happens to Eugene, and if his body gets ruined, it’s because I myself have failed at something. In this unexpected and unknown situation, Eugene added the burden to himself by thinking that way. Because he was comfortable with that side.

It’s a very cliché, but Eugene believed in himself.


At some point, I heard such a sound inside my body. when I heard that strange sound. The consciousness that had only been concentrating on was slowly awakened.

‘How long have you been like this?’

I watched the fireworks with my eyes wide open, but I closed my eyes thinking I didn’t need to look any further. I dealt with the flames that permeated and added to my body, and I sat down thinking that there was no need to stand.

Eugene’s thoughts ended there. After that, he didn’t have to think about anything else.

only focus. For what? … … Did you try to control the flame? Or was it to keep it from burning?

‘Well, that’s not important.’

I don’t know exactly how much, but I was pretty focused.

I heard that concentration break. Duduk, doing. The sound of twisting bones… … No, no. It was the sound of something crushing and breaking.

‘What’s broken?’

was the core.

The six cores that were accelerating and rotating in the heart were smashed. The core is the source of mana generated within the body. If the core is destroyed, it means that you will lose all the mana you have accumulated so far and will never be able to handle mana again.

However, right now, Eugene’s mana did not dissipate in the slightest. The core is smashed. and recreated It didn’t have a clear shape like the core that had just been broken, but rather it reacted quickly to the intensity and rotation of mana and emitted light.

Lion Heart’s White Flame Ceremony.

As much as this mana training method has a unique manifestation of flame, the classification of the realm is also different from other mana training methods. Lion Heart’s Baek Yeom-sik classifies that level as ‘Star’. The cores that appear in the heart and the cores that gradually divide are counted by stars.

Six stars were really floating in Eugene’s heart right now. The old core is broken, and a new star has risen.

The flames subsided.

“… … Whoa… … .”

Eugene let out a long breath and opened his eyes. She smelled something strange… … . Eugene sniffed her and looked down at me.

And I was astonished. Her whole body was damp. sweat? No, it’s not just sweat. The sweat is mixed with some dark impurities… … . Eugene jumped up from his seat in a fright.

‘Could it be that I’m tired of being so tired?’

… … Fortunately, it wasn’t like that. Eugene sighed deeply and took off the clothes she was wearing. Every time he moved, something like dead skin fell off Eugene’s body.

“… … What?”

Eugene stopped taking off his clothes and rubbed his skin with his hand. Then her pale skin peeled off like skin as she pushed it with her hand. The newly revealed skin was white and full of vitality, like a child’s.

“Reconstruction of the body… … I didn’t mean to Not even necessary at my age. But even so, did I decide that my body was necessary for the ‘now’ me?”

I didn’t know the exact reason, but Eugene laughed happily.

It’s not just the skin that’s clear. Impurities emitted in wartime. No matter how good Eugene is at manipulating mana, deep inside his body, impurities that could not be completely burned away with mana remain. And the core is where the impurities are most heavily accumulated.

‘All the existing cores are smashed. Did all the impurities get discharged in the process?’

Yujin stood there and moved her body around. It is a body that was light and full of strength from the beginning. But now this body was unfamiliar. Before this happened, I wasn’t sure if my body was really light and full of strength. This sense of incongruity proved that the current body was different from before.

“… … nice.”

Yujin murmured softly, conscious of her core. 6-star white salt. A change that rotated without being conscious. It is the same now. Yujin’s white salt ceremony is still spinning.

And at the moment Eugene wished, the six ‘stars’ shone brilliantly and joined their tails, and in the rotation, new stars exploded to create a nebula.

A spark of lightning rose with Mana. They are not running apart. The flame embraces the lightning. Eugene stared at the sparks that had started.

White salt meal.

It is the name attached to making pure white mana flames. If the color of the flame produced by the white flame method must be unconditionally white, the one that Eugene operated now could not be called the white flame method.

“… … I hate this… … .”

Eugene muttered that with sincerity. The flame Eugene had just created was closer to a dark purple color. It was never white… … .

In fact, Eugene doesn’t care much about these changes. color of flame? What a big deal. There is no doubt that he has become stronger than the previous Baek Yeom-sik, so shouldn’t we be rather happy?

the problem is.

It’s Carmen Ryanhart. She will no doubt be thrilled to see Eugene’s flame become this distinctive purple color. Perhaps, with this purple flame, he might give Eugene a terrible nickname, and even try to change the name of Baek Yeom-shik at will… … .

‘Since it’s a purple flame, isn’t it changing it to a self-flame type? I am… … I do not want to… … .’

Eugene shuddered and took off his clothes. The stench was too much for her to wear as is, so she planned to wash her clothes with magic before leaving.

Wearing clothes made clean by magic.

Eugene looked around for the last time. Of course, all the flames nested in Eugene, so they no longer existed. And Vermouth’s vision was no longer visible.


I had no intention of saying goodbye.

Eugene spat that out. It was a greeting to the welcome of Vermouth, who had been waiting for Hamel here for 300 years. Although the vision had been pre-recorded, and conversation was impossible.

I remembered that dry smile. The moment her welcome disappeared, she didn’t say hello. Eugene smiled and turned her body.

“Because it’s also a place I’ve been indebted to for over half a year.”

Crossed the magic circle. A door was visible not far away. how much time has passed She thought about it again. It took quite a while to feel it, but judging by the feeling of hunger in my stomach, it seemed to have passed for about a day.

‘I’m so sorry. They’re all hanging out at the entrance to the darkroom waiting for me to come out.’

I’ve been feeling the unspoken pressure from Anicilla’s gaze lately. I heard a lot of stories from Xian recently. Since the Night March was half a year away, the head of the house, Gilade, had to lead the elite of the White Lion Knights and leave for the Black Lion Castle. He wanted to focus on joint training with the Knights of the Black Lion for the Night March.

Anicilla understood him, but as a wife, she seemed to be depressed about falling out with her husband again. So she would like to stick with her husband while still in the family, but because of her Eugene, Gilreid is going down to the darkroom almost every day.

‘Your mother might poison you.’

Of course, Eugene doesn’t die even if he drinks quite a bit of poison. But wouldn’t the poison that Lionheart’s mistress decided to save was quite high?

‘Should I send you on a trip to a resort with a beautiful view?’

Just the two of us with Gilreid. She wouldn’t be overtly delighted with Anicilla, but if she sent her on a trip as a gift, she would accept it with impunity. Since they were not her biological sons, there was no filial piety towards her parents, but Eugene considered Gil Reid and Annie Silla as close relatives. Eugene opened the door to the darkroom.

‘So, can I give you a gift… … .’

in the course of thoughts.

Something came close. It was Carmen Lionheart. Without the slightest hesitation, she threw her fist at Eugene’s face.

It wasn’t just Carmen. Guilade and Gion, digging left and right, were perfectly putting pressure on Eugene’s actions. The connection had to be skillful. These three had already been subduing Eugene, who had been eroded by illusions for nearly half a year.

The reason for the three people attacking was simple. Eugene has been in the darkroom too long. Eugene thought it was a day, but it was already the third day since he entered the darkroom. During these three days, three people took turns guarding the entrance to the darkroom.

Fatigue of body and mind. It wasn’t a big deal, but I was worried that Eugene hadn’t come out for three days.

The topic that I said I would overcome the darkroom today did not come out for three days… … I thought that something must have happened, but I couldn’t go in to check because only one person could enter the darkroom.

But today, the door opened. It is better to suppress the situation rather than accurately judge the situation. Three people thought so. It was unprecedented for him to come out of the dark room after three days, so he judged that there was a good chance that Eugene’s body would run wild.

Eugene did not know the details of the situation. However, the connection of the three was fierce, there was little gap to escape, and the attack was too close to block with a voice.

So Eugene had no choice but to spark the fire. As he stomped the ground with his feet, purple flames erupted violently. And Eugene’s body was accelerated by the lightning and penetrated the tiny gap that seemed impossible to escape.

“It’s me, it’s me. It’s not a welcome, Eugene… … .”

“This flame… … ?!”

Carmen’s eyes widened, and Eugene’s face twisted.


I calmed down Carmen, whose eyes were twinkling with excitement. She pressed her face close to her unnervingly and demanded that he show her spark, and Eugene did as Carmen wished.


Carmen looked up at the purple flames with admiration. Eugene noticed her creeping back, narrowing her steps and twitching her fingers, moving her spark.

It is not simply a flame of different colors. The flames produced by the White Flame Ceremony are the essence of extremely refined mana. The method of refining the flame belongs to the inside of the white flame ceremony, so it is difficult to give a large transformation.

But now, Eugene’s flame was ‘different’ even for me to feel. The core has been newly changed, and the white flame itself has changed. Even in the same process of refining mana, mana created sparks of a completely different color and power.

“… … Ahaha.”

White salt 7 stars. There was no way that Carmen, who had reached the highest level in the current Lionheart family, could not be unaware of the change. She looked around at the flames on her hand as she let out a bright smile. Her spark did not hurt Carmen, as Eugene harbored no animosity.

However, it feels like I’m being eaten for some reason. In fact, Carmen was holding on to his mana while operating her own white flame formula. If he did not do so, it seemed that his mana would become firewood for this flame and burn.

“This is really amazing. Among my ancestors, there are many people who have been in the dark room, but among them, no one has changed the color of the white yeomsik like you.”

Gilade also said admiringly. Given such a huge change, it was understandable that he couldn’t come out of the darkroom for three days.

“What have you been through?”

Gion tilted his head in admiration. change of flame. I knew that because I was watching it right away, but besides that, I felt another change in Eugene. Originally, Eugene’s skin was clean and full of vitality, but now it felt like it was glowing.

What makes you feel the change the most?

[Christina, Christina! Hand over to me for a moment.]

There were two saints.

‘yes… … yes?’

[Christina! what the hell are you looking at? Raise your head right now, look straight at Hamel.]

I couldn’t see. I really really wanted to see her, but I couldn’t look up and see Eugene’s face.

What do you mean? It doesn’t seem like anything has changed much, but no, it has changed a lot. For some reason, the eyes felt calm, deep, and cool, and the skin was shiny and smooth, as if honey had been applied. Her hair, which was usually frizzy, was still frizzy, but it looked s*xy as the shine flowed from her hair.

‘Three, three, s*x… … city.’

[Stupid person!]

Christina’s ears were burning hot and red. The anise in her head also made her scream.

[Christina! If you’re shy and can’t see Hamel properly, yield yourself to me right now. I will take a close look at Hamel’s face on behalf of you, and let me caress her shiny hair and radiant skin.]

‘Hey, what are you talking about? sister. Didn’t you say that you would have no attachments to this world?’

[This is not regret! As a colleague of Hamel and a priest who has taken care of his wounds, I have a duty to figure out and prepare for the unknown situation that has happened to Hamel’s body.]

‘that… … I can do that for you.’

[Christina! In the end, blinded by your own filthy desires, are you saying you won’t yield to me first?]

‘Chu, what an obscene desire! It doesn’t even matter. It’s just, I’m just worried that Sister will be consumed by lingering feelings… … .’

[If you really care about me, look at Hamel right now. Then, approach Hamel, hold that face with both hands, and pull your face in so close that your lips touch and look into his eyes.]

‘You don’t have to do that… … .’

[This is the best I can concede! Come on, quickly!]

Anis was sincere… … . He regretted not being able to feel the texture of his skin, brush his hair, or look into his eyes. But Anis could link to Cristina’s senses as much as he wanted, so he could tolerate this much if Cristina did it for her.

In the end, Cristina hesitantly approached Eugene as Anis told her to.

Carmen, Gion, and Gilreid were looking at me with curious faces. Eugene pondered for a moment on how to explain what he had experienced in the darkroom to them. Of course, he had no intention of talking about vermouth.

“It was nothing. Just as you said, a spark appeared and nested in me… … what?”

Eugene stopped what he was saying and looked back at Christina, who was hesitantly approaching. Even then she kept her head down, Cristina. Anis was frustrated with such a Christina, so she thought of shooting her in the head once more.

But before Anis could even call her name, Christina jerked her head up. She looked straight into Eugene’s face with a light blush on her face.

“… … hehe… … .”

I took a deep breath once. His courageous outstretched hands grabbed Yujin’s cheeks. Eugene wasn’t sure what Christina was doing, no, it wasn’t even Christina who was moving her body.

“… … what are you doing?”

That said, I couldn’t even call Anise by her name. Eugene asked that once, and Cristina mustered up a little more courage and pushed her own face closer to her Eugene.

In both palms… … I could feel the soft touch of my skin. Seeing this up close, I could more clearly feel the change in Eugene.

Cristina gulped and stared into Eugene’s eyes. Shining golden eyes that seem to shine even in the dark… … .


Anise shouted. He couldn’t help it. I couldn’t do it because I was ashamed of it, but I mustn’t disobey the sister’s ‘order’. Christina thought so, and carefully moved her left hand to support her Eugene’s head. Then, with her fingers, she brushed her hair while gently scratching Eugene’s scalp.

“… … .”

Everyone was speechless at the sudden action. Eugene was more embarrassed than anyone else. The skin tingles. Is this how it feels to be prey captured by a predator? Eugene immediately backed away from her and slipped away from Christina.

“What, what, what?”

“… … Uhm… … .”

Christina came to her senses belatedly. She cleared her throat a few times, and shook her head wildly from side to side.

“Fortunately, the.”

She ran her hand through her messy hair and smiled like a saint.

“Since you’ve been in there for three days without eating or drinking, isn’t there something wrong with your body? However, from what I just checked, Eugene-nim’s body is perfectly fine.”

He said why everyone couldn’t help but understand. It was also true that he confirmed it by touching it. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Thinking that, the burning face seemed to cool down a little.

[I had to touch my lips too… … .]

Anise murmured. Hearing that murmur, Eugene’s lips, which he had seen up close, shimmered in his mind. It’s been half a year already, but the feeling of her kiss, which was etched deep in her mind, came back and tickled Christina’s lips… … .

“Hey, let’s pray.”

Cristina couldn’t hold her head up any longer. So she bowed her head and knelt down on the spot.

“The fact that Eugene-nim came back to life safely… … Let’s pray to the light that led us to overcome the difficult ordeal of the darkroom… … .”

No one knelt in response to the sudden prayer, but Christina prayed alone until the heat in her face cooled.

* * *


As soon as I came out of Lionheart’s treasure room and went upstairs from the basement floor, I heard a scream like scream. The main hall where a large portrait of Vermouth hangs. Mer was running down the red carpeted stairs.

“Eugene-sama, Eugene-sama, Eugene-sama!”

Mer was crying. There was no need to ask or think why. She hadn’t come out of the darkroom for three days, so she must have been worried about everything. Eugene strode out and opened her arms wide without a word from her.

Mer, who had been running down the stairs as if struggling, jumped off. At that moment, Mer did not use his magic. Even though her tears were full, her clear eyes were making an unspoken request to Yujin. And Eugene was well aware of Mer’s request.

A thin wind wrapped around Mer’s body. Mer’s small body flew to Eugene under the care of the wind. Before Eugene could be held in her arms, Mer came into Eugene’s arms on her own.

“Doesn’t it smell?”

“I smell Eugene-sama.”

“It’s not that, it smells like filth.”

“I don’t.”

Mer buried her face in Eugene’s chest and muttered. She washed it with the washing magic and washed her body, but she was worried that the stench of sweat mixed with impurities from earlier would remain. At Mer’s reply, Eugene sighed in relief.

“… … By the way, Mr. Eugene. Have you changed a bit? My chest is softer than usual.”


“Eugene’s chest was always hard because of the muscles, but now it’s not hard and it’s soft. I’m not very talkative, but this… … .”

Mer slightly lifted her head, which was buried in her chest. She poked Eugene’s chest muscles several times with her fingers and buried her face.

“… … Elastic rather than soft… … It’s addicting… … .”

Even Eugene felt it to some extent. His bones were much stronger than before, and the muscles surrounding him were flexible and full of elasticity. The bones and muscles of the past were good enough, but the body now is so perfect that far beyond Eugene’s imagination.

“… … .”

It wasn’t just Mer who jumped out. This is Lionheart’s home. Of course, the family members of the main family live here.

Sian stopped coming down the stairs and slowly took a backward step. Behind him was a portrait of the great founder Vermouth. It must have been embarrassing to backtrack in front of the portrait of the progenitor, but Xian couldn’t move forward.

Ciel, who came down first, felt a chilling energy on his back. Xian didn’t want to imagine the expression on her sister’s face.

‘I want to touch it too.’

The thought floating in Ciel’s head was simple. However, the various ideas derived from that idea were never simple.

Mer Merdin. That shameful servant. Haven’t you been doing very well for the past half year? It was because they had a common enemy, Auxiliary Bishop Christina.

Cristina was able to enter the darkroom entrance just because she was good at healing magic, but Ciel and Mer were left out.

Mer needed a partner to gossip about Eugene, who left herself alone and was absorbed in it, and the double-personality saintess who dared to open her eyes to herself, who was created by the wise Senya herself.

Ciel needed information about exactly what Eugene had done in Euras, and about the saintess candidate who was smiling strangely with a fawn. Of course, in the process of searching for him, he could have given up on Mer’s gossip.

But in the end, it was a shallow relationship. It breaks easily with just a little bit of emotion added to it.

look at me Mer Merdin. A 200-year-old familiar who only looks like a child. Doesn’t that mean that he is an old man in the skin of a child?

‘That’s why it’s insidious.’

Mer buried her face in Eugene’s chest and shook her head. It seemed to Ciel that it was a blatant show off and a threat to himself. In my mind, Ciel wants to do the same.

‘Elastic breasts? Addicted? What the hell is that?’

Ciel is the daughter of the prestigious Lionheart family, and has been taught etiquette since childhood. I don’t know if it was when I was a teenager who pretended to be an immature person who didn’t know anything. The 20-year-old girl, who had already gone through the coming-of-age ceremony, said that she did such an absurd and embarrassing act? Even her beloved father and uncle, and the respected Carmen, are there?

“… … That’s right, Eugene.”

Christina Rogeris. She stared at Ciel, who was frozen in the middle of the stairs. She took one look, and she didn’t look away. Cristina stared into her Ciel’s face, and she leaned over slightly and wrapped her arms around Eugene’s.

“You shouldn’t push yourself too hard. You haven’t eaten or drunk for three days, haven’t you?”

Words of ordinary concern. A support handed over for fear of stumbling. They were ordinary things, but they didn’t look like that in Ciel’s eyes. It was as if time had slowed down… … . In Ciel’s eyes, Christina looked like a villain, the complete opposite of a saint. That wicked woman was massaging Eugene’s arm as she desired… … .

‘… … for a moment. Didn’t eat or drink for three days?’

Ciel’s eyes, which were trembling with both fists, shone brightly.

“Let’s go back to our room for now. And lie down comfortably. Soft food that won’t burden my stomach… … .”


Ciel burst into laughter. Time, which had slowed down, moved again. Ciel descended her stairs with her graceful gait, and she moved closer to Eugene.

“… … Ciel-nim, why are you laughing?”

Cristina furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Ciel.

“You know nothing. I’ve been starving for three days, and you’re going to feed me soft food?”

“I had a long empty stomach. Heavy food is not good for the body.”

“A normal person would be like that. But isn’t he?”

Ciel smiled and looked at Eugene.

‘… … laugh… … .’

Lionheart’s hostess, Anicilla, understands that her only daughter is the Black Lion, but she doesn’t want her now-adult daughter’s green youth to be exhausted by hard training. So, she periodically sent expensive and hard-to-find cosmetics to Ciel, protecting her daughter’s beautiful youth.

That’s why Ciel is regal and beautiful. Ciel himself was well aware of that fact.

‘… … This guy, was his skin this transparent?’

Ciel has clear and plump skin that is unbelievable from training every day, but seeing Eugene’s skin up close… … has been weakened But don’t hesitate here. Ciel smiled as usual and pulled Eugene’s wrist.

“go… … You like meat, right? Thick, bitter meat. Coincidentally, this ‘sister’ didn’t eat either?”

“Why are you suddenly calling me sister again?”

“why? Doesn’t it remind you of when you were young? Carmen-sama, my father, and my uncle haven’t eaten yet, have they?”

“I ate rice earlier… … .”

Gion’s answer stopped midway. At the top of the stairs, he saw Cyan pursed his lips eagerly, and saw Ciel’s pupils glowing with a bleak light.

“… … I ate earlier, but my stomach went out fast today. This is all because of you.”

Gion taught Ciel and Shion when they were young. So now he knew what he had to do. Gion quickly changed his expression and patted Yujin on the shoulder.

“Then let’s go eat together. older brother… … No, the head of the household will be fine too, right?”

“Isn’t there any reason to refuse?”

Eventually, we all decided to eat together at a restaurant. Ryan Hart’s family dining table. Cristina knows that she is an outsider to her, so she doesn’t follow and stops in her place.

[You were complacent, Cristina.]

Anise clicked her tongue and muttered. humdrum? Both Anis and Christina knew that Eugene was not ordinary. Just the two of them went back to the room with Eugene, and she just had a little greed to eat food.

‘I won.’

Ciel took the lead and smiled triumphantly. Instead of following, Eugene turned her head to look at Cristina.

“Can’t we just eat it together?”


Ciel opened his eyes and looked back at Eugene.

“Of course, there’s nothing that shouldn’t be done, but I’m rather worried that the saintess candidate will feel uncomfortable on that side.”

Guillaid was not so absurd that he couldn’t have him sit at the table because he was not a family member. As she said, she was only worried that Christina would feel burdened and uncomfortable about dining with the family members.

“Then ask him. What do you want?”

“yes… … yes?”

I hope you will receive such an invitation. Cristina has been living at Ryan Hart for the past half year, and she has always eaten in the dining room set up for reception. But if she sets a precedent today, she will naturally be able to sit at Ryan Hart’s table in the future.


Anise exclaimed.

“thank you for the invitation.”

Cristina smiled broadly and bowed her head.

Ciel’s shoulders trembled.


The mansion of Senya, Arot of the Dark Kingdom.

This mansion, where the wise Senya actually lived hundreds of years ago, is treated like a holy place by the many magicians who live and visit Arot. The residence is open as a tourist attraction for 12 hours from noon to midnight. During dawn, the mansion is not open.

However, this mansion is overflowing with tourists every day among the many tourist attractions in Arot, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to enter the mansion even if you wait for half a day. So the young wizards who came to the mansion used to wait in front of the mansion from dawn the day before.

It was the same even now. Looking out the window, the wide square outside the courtyard was packed with the heads of wizards.

“Senya, was this girl like this?”

It was Anis who uttered a grumbling voice. She shook her head as she closed the slightly open curtains.

“No matter how you think about it, later generations’ evaluation of Senya is frothy like beer.”

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