Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 87

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To be honest, the death of the commander is not at all regrettable. rather refreshing What Raimir Ah feared was that her life would die so easily and simply. Didn’t it only take a few seconds for the Shinigami who lived for hundreds of years to die?

“father… … I am father… … .”

Lymilia, who was sobbing, looked for her father who had no memories. Black Dragon King Raizakia. He had a stronger perception of him as the lord of the dragon horse castle, the black dragon master, rather than his fatherly perception towards Laimirah.

It’s because I haven’t spent time building other awareness. Be that as it may, Raimira anxiously sought her father, the Black Dragon Gong.

When Lymira was born. Black Dragon Gong implanted a fragment of the dragon heart into his daughter’s forehead. To make her daughter a sure possession, and to make sure that her daughter would not resist when she would one day have to lay her eggs and eat them.

Black Dragon Kong’s true intention was like that, but Lymilla didn’t know the circumstances. Rather, Raimirua thought that the ruby ​​on her forehead was a symbol of the Black Dragon’s affection. If only Black Dragon had been in the Dragon Demon Castle, the current disaster wouldn’t have happened. If only there was a Black Dragon Princess, I, the Dragon Princess, would not have suffered such humiliation. Raimirah thought so while whimpering.

‘perhaps… … If I earnestly wish, the Black Dragon Master might hear my voice and come back.’

The thought that came to my mind was really plausible. Raimira ran her fingertips to the carnelian on her forehead as she sniffed her nose.

When the ruthless intruder hit me mercilessly, the screams hurt unbearably, but touching it with my own hands didn’t hurt too much. Because it is not meant to cause pain.

“Hey Black Dragon… … . If you can hear my voice, hurry back to the Dragon Demon Castle… … .”

Of course, no response came back. Raimirah patted ruby ​​and prayed for a while, then sighed deeply and stood up. It wasn’t because of the dragon’s majesty and courage. Because the vibrations above his head have stopped.

‘I can’t escape alone… … .’

Not out of loyalty to the intruder. Lymira looked back at her core with a teary eye. As long as this core is in good health, it is impossible for Raimirua to escape her Dragon Demon Castle… … .



An incomparable vibration shook the basement. Raimir rolled her body into a ball and trembled.

You said you’d come back later, but when will you be back? didn’t run away The intruder is now fighting the Count’s vanguard right above… … .

‘The intruders are quite strong, but the vanguard will be strong too.’

Compare the two.

The Count’s vanguard would unconditionally try to kill Raimirua, but the intruder said that he would take her out of the Dragon Demon Castle without killing her. So, of course, Lymira had to take the side of the intruder. Even if the entire Dragon Demon Castle is toppled, Black Dragon will wish for the survival of his lovely daughter.

‘Then the original woman doesn’t have to go up there.’

My troubled mind was at ease. It will never rise above where the fearful battle continues.

I’m afraid of the thump, thump vibration, but I thought the opposite. It’s very, very deep underground, so only vibrations come. Don’t go near it, just stay here until everything is over.

“As expected, the original woman is clever!”

After deciding on his thoughts, he smiled and recited the dragon. An unbreakable, safe and comfortable barrier wrapped around Lymilia’s body.

Lymira decided to sit back and wait for the storm to pass.

* * *

Changlim. The power of the magic spear Ruintos. Creates countless spear blades at designated coordinates to pierce the target. The spears created by Changrim are essentially the same as the demonic spears, so they can penetrate most defenses.


Geek… … .

Yagon stood at the center of the dense spear blades. The moment Changrim penetrated, Yagon’s hair stood up like a hedgehog’s thorns. Its tough, sharp fur did not break the blade, but it twisted its trajectory and protected Yagon.

“flaw… … .”

Yagon’s lips opened.

“Huh… … Hahaha! ha ha ha!”

He laughed out loud and spread his arms. Quadduk! All the tightly packed windows were smashed.

Yagon jumped up. Yagon, who had reached the place where Yujin was at once, swung a huge fist.

disappeared this time too. I’ve seen it several times.

Yagon is accustomed to battle, has a wide field of vision, and has a hunting sense unique to beasts of prey. He realized that Eugene’s bizarre movement accelerated the magical space jump. And, that leap uses the countless feathers currently floating in this area as a medium.

Even knowing the medium, it was impossible to see through the jumping-off point. Because there are too many feathers, and they are constantly floating around. Although not accurate, it was possible to predict. Yagon was conscious of the presence of feathers, and chased Eugene’s ‘smell’ at the moment of leaping.

Contrary to his ignorantly large size, Yagon was very fast. Immediately after Eugene appeared, Yagon rushed there.

ㅡWoe! Prominence scattered her feathers again. As Yagon threw his fist at Yujin, he was conscious of the leap he had just made.

It was enough to make them conscious. Ruintos was still in my hand. He doesn’t have to make a stabbing move. Holding a spear is enough to initiate the authority.

In order to perfectly deal with Changrim, understanding and calculation of space are essential. Originally, Eugene was supported by Mer for that kind of work. But while writing Prominence, there was no need for that.

Spears shot from the fluttering feathers at Yagon. Feathers were used as the creation coordinates of Changrim. It didn’t stop with one. Numerous spears shot from numerous feathers. Kwa, kwa, bang! Yagon fell to the ground after being hit by the spear that was fired without rest.

Eugene chased above it and lifted a crushing weight.

simple powers. Its source was originally the demon king’s power. However, after the Black Lion Castle, the crushing weight and the magic spear were completely under Eugene’s control, and even the power, the source, was replaced with Eugene’s mana.

Replaced Ignition with Prominence. The core and heart are in a stable state, but mana is running rampant like a runaway state. That power made the crushing weight even stronger.

I hit the crushing weight. ㅡKwurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The huge Dragon Demon Castle tilted to one side. The force of the crushing weight sank the entire castle site. If Yagon hadn’t held up like a buffer in the middle, a piece of the huge land mass called Dragon Demon Castle would have completely disappeared.

Fish! Blood spurted from Yagon’s arm, which he held up. It was an insignificant price to pay for so much power, but Yagon hadn’t seen his own blood in recent hundreds of years. So he was unfamiliar and curious. The gray-brown hair is dyed red… … .


Eugene did not let Yagon get sentimental. Another crushing weight slashed Yagon’s arm completely.

Kwaaaang! Yagon’s body bent forward, his legs bent. Kwaaaang! Yagon’s body fell completely to the ground.

I was thinking of just crushing it. Eugene hit the crushing weight once more. He even surrounded Yagon with his feathers to make sure it was finished.

Didn’t hear anything.

Prominence’s feathers represent coordinates and numerous eyes. The moment he spreads his single wing, Eugene’s senses far exceed those of humans.

A new sense in a realm that has transcended the sixth sense, no, even that. The sense of battle that was innate and refined from the previous life is neither swayed nor confused by the unfamiliar sense of Prominence.

on the uvula. no. There was always a peculiar creepiness at the moment when the blade pierced the skin.

When I was immature, I felt the horror too late. not believing Sometimes his body couldn’t keep up, leaving multiple scars all over his body.

It was an immature story, 300 years ago. The current Eugene was not like that. He responded immediately to the creeping horror. The crushing weight he had hit did not reap on the way. He pushed all the way, fired a spear from the feathers that surrounded Yagon, and leapt through space.

It is unmatched magical power.

Eugene was not unfamiliar with that magical power. The ominous feeling he felt 300 years ago, and felt for Noor in Rehein Yar.

Yagon’s nickname is La Vista’s Witchbeast.

La Vista is the secluded territory of the demon king of destruction, and Yagon is a descendant of the demon king of destruction. It’s a contract that has been going on since the father of Oboron. The soaring magic power dyed Yagon’s hair black.

The gray-brown hair was dyed completely black. It wasn’t just the hair that was covered with magical power. Even Yagon’s face was covered with black magic, and his eyes became reddish-black as if blood had melted them.

The power of the crushing weight falls on Yagon’s body. Yagon, who had been lying face down until just before, had already stood on his own two feet and stretched out his hand over his head.

No sound was heard. Nothing was visible to the naked eye. That transparent power penetrated and annihilated the crushing weight’s power. Even the numerous spears fired from the feathers could not pierce Yagon’s magical power. Rather, the moment they touched it, it turned into powder and scattered as if it were corroded.

The basic power of the family of perdition. Eugene was well aware of the nature of that magical power. That ominous magical power not only gnaws at people’s minds, but also destroys and annihilates everything it touches.

300 years ago, there were not many members of the family of perdition, and none of them were particularly famous. It was for a simple reason. The demon king of destruction was indifferent even to his family. Magical power was given, but no more than that. He didn’t even provide protection. That ominous mana threatens even the people who make a contract and use it.



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So, although the people of perdition are strong, they had no choice but to die quickly. As the fierce battles and wars continued, the magic of destruction destroyed the bodies of the family members and caused them to self-destruct.

If possible, I wanted to finish it before he used his magic. Even though he was strong, he was too strong, so he didn’t turn out like he thought.

Yagon turned his head. Because of the darkness that covered his whole body, neither Yagon’s face nor his mouth could be seen. but. The eyes looking this way were round.

“You’re a stupid bastard.”

Eugene muttered heartily. The smell of her blood is getting stronger.

I knew why. Yagon now has the magic of destruction all over his body. That magical power continues to break down and destroy Yagon’s body, and Yagon’s powerful regenerative power, unique to the Beasts, corresponds to the speed at which the body is destroyed.

Incredible regeneration… … But it is not infinite. If the battle is prolonged, Yagon’s regenerative power will slow down, and eventually he will be destroyed by the magic of destruction.

‘If that was easy, he wouldn’t have been called a Witchbeast.’

Eugene had no intention of fighting like that.

No one was particularly fast. The two jumped into each other at the same time. Yagon applied his magic in earnest. He wasn’t explosively faster than before, when he was fast and nimble enough. But he became more demanding.

Yagon no longer fights bare-chested, simple and ignorant. He wears the magic of destruction that corrodes just by touching it.

Eugene replaced Prominence with Ignition. The burden on the body is instantly regenerated with Agaroth’s Ring. I’ve always been wary of being attacked directly, but now I have to be wary of direct contact magic.

It is insignificant. In the battlefield where we fought in the past, it was a daily routine to die on contact. Demons have always been stronger and meaner than humans. Even if it is killed, even if it is killed, it is revived and regenerated, but when a human dies, it is the end.

In the end, that means nothing is different. I escaped from the magic attacking me from all directions. The feathers of Prominence created an infinite path. As the leap continued, the single wing formed of purple flames emitted light.

Kwak Kwa Kwak! The crushing weight, which hit directly, blew Yagon’s body backwards. Eugene shoved the crushing weight into the cloak while regenerating his tattered palm. The demonic spear stretched out its blade in the air, fixing Yagon’s body in the air.

I let go of the magic spear and took out the dragon spear and the thunderbolt. The feathers of Prominence were synthesized into numerous black dots.

launch. A loud noise shook the space. The light bow fired lightning, and the dragon spear fired a breath. Sunspots rushed over Yagon like a meteor shower.


Eugene stopped the bombardment without hesitation and retracted his weapon. Mana’s barrage pierced through, and the mana attacked. Eugene leaped with his feathers without direct contact.

Instead of moving away from Yagon, he went closer. Crossing the holy sword pulled from the cloak and Winid, he swung it. Pooh! Black blood spurted from Yagon’s chest. Yagon did not back down and threw his fist.

I just threw a clenched fist. However, its power was terribly strong enough to remind me of Moron. The magic of destruction exploded with his fist and swept the space. Although it was a feather that paid attention to its durability, it was impossible to withstand being hit repeatedly by the magic of destruction. The previously scattered feathers disappeared in one blow.

If so, just spray it again. The single wing fluttered. The embers became feathers and scattered.

Yagon threw his fist again. Eugene did not break through this time, but leaped one after another with the feathers scattered behind him.

Because it didn’t scatter far, Yagon didn’t miss Eugene’s jumping-off point. He screamed and pursued Eugene.

Kwang, Kwang, Kwagwagwang! Eugene and Yagon left the ruins of Yongma Castle and moved to the city.

The city was already in a dire state. All tall buildings have collapsed into ruins. In the ruins, beasts and demons were preying on their own people. The sight he glanced at energized Eugene.

Eugene turned to fly towards the city. Don’t fall! A flash of lightning accelerated Eugene’s body.

Yagon didn’t fly anymore, but rather glared at Eugene flying this way.

The location of the feathers was determined. There are no more feathers behind and around Yagon to use as jumping off points. It didn’t look like that guy who was as fast as a mudfish would honestly come from the front. A feather that scatters while accelerating. When it disappeared, I prepared to hunt it down.

If hit, you die. Power enough to convey a strong premonition. I thought it was fortunate that I met Moron before fighting Yagon. Maybe it’s because I went through Moron’s power and beat him badly… … Yagon’s absurd power was felt indifferently.

I’m quite used to it. So I wasn’t panicked or nervous. Eugene waited for Yagon’s attack with an extremely calm mind, and moved exactly as he intended at the moment he launched an attack. This time, Eugene didn’t leap through his feathers either. As he coordinated his brain-beam acceleration, he accelerated further and twisted.


The holy sword and Winid, who were holding it in both hands, hacked Yagon’s arm. And at the moment he passed by, he cut Yagon’s neck with his twin swords and slashed them.

Yagon’s severed head floated into the sky. At that moment, Yagon looked at Eugene with a lot of astonishment in his eyes.

“I cut your father’s throat a few times too.”

Yujin smiled and passed Yagon. Yagon didn’t understand that. He didn’t even wonder. He was just, just furious. It was the first time in his life that his head had been cut.

“Crown… … !”

I don’t laugh because my composure is gone. I’m annoyed because the hunt doesn’t go as planned. I am angry because my throat was cut. The simple, one-sided, and pure intent to kill was mixed with emotion and became malice.

The power of destruction followed Yagon’s malice.

It was like a giant hale. Yagon didn’t do anything, but endless magic swept through the space. The holy sword he was already holding emitted light to protect Eugene.

Whoa… … ..

The remains of the Dragon Demon Castle have completely disappeared. No, the whole ground has disappeared. Eugene stopped in the air and felt a tingling sensation all over his body, conscious of Agaroth’s ring. Minor injuries to the body began to regenerate rapidly.

“oh my god.”

Yujin smiled and looked ahead. Enveloped in black magic—-a chunk of meat wriggling as if it were alive. It was Yagon. The burst of magic in an instant completely destroyed Yagon’s body and regenerated it again.

It was not even reproduced in its original form. The regenerating Yagon’s body was larger and more ferocious than before. That’s how much he felt the worrisome ominousness of destruction. Eugene shook his head, feeling the discomfort as if his insides were turning.


A scream came from below.

Raimirah had no intention of leaving the underground until everything was over. I tried to build a safe barrier and sit there, waiting for that nasty storm to pass.

I actually did. Lymira didn’t do anything.

It’s just that the ground above my head flew away on its own.


The ground of the castle site has been largely destroyed. The ceiling, which was worried that it might collapse, disappeared entirely, but Lymira was not relieved and continued to scream.

The long screaming stopped suddenly. It was because he saw Eugene stopped high above his head.

Lymilia grabbed her surprised chest and pursed her lips. It was unclear exactly how the situation was going, but there was no doubt that this moment was the greatest crisis in the 200 years of Lymilia’s life.

Eugene glanced at the clearly exposed Lymilia and the core of the Dragon Demon Castle. He’s buried deep in the ground, so I thought he’d be safe. Yagon’s power was ignorant and stronger than Eugene’s thoughts.

“Bo, Bo, are you here to save the original woman?”

Lymilla below stammered and asked. As he tried to fly up from the underground, Eugene stretched out his open hand before answering.

“Stay there.”

“what… … ?”

“It will be safer there than here.”

That’s right. Raimirah did not object and lowered the raised body again.

“… … for a moment… … Wouldn’t it be better to destroy the core immediately? If so, even the original woman can escape from her Dragon Demon Castle, so there is no need to get involved… … .”

It was a very valid statement, but Eugene did not listen to it until the end.

‘I can’t believe the dragon is going to die so easily.’

The worst thing Eugene can imagine is that Lymira gets caught up in this battle and dies. However, Lymira is very strong and even though she is weak, she can use her dragon words, so she should be able to protect her body.

I couldn’t think of Lymilia any more. It was because Yagon was moving from afar, approaching.

Clad in destruction and malice, Yagon escaped from the meat. There were no significant changes in appearance. It’s just that the size has grown a little. But the ominous mana it emitted was even greater than before.

No matter how strong Lymilia is, she will die if she is hit directly by that terrible magical power. That was a fact that history proves.

Dragons are vulnerable to the demon lord’s magic. In particular, since half of the dragons were wiped out at the hands of the demon king of destruction, he thought that he shouldn’t let Yagon, a member of the family of destruction, come close.

“Stay there and don’t move.”

After giving a silent warning. Eugene slowly flew forward. He didn’t have to rush. In the middle of a huge magical power, for unknown reasons, Yagon is not moving.

“… … oh my god… … .”

Earl Karad was standing on the back of the monster, looking at the Dragon Demon Castle turning into ruins with delighted eyes.

The duchy, which had been protected by the halo of the Black Dragon for a long time of 300 years, is being ruthlessly trampled on. To the upstart aristocrat who came to this position by proving his outstanding ability even though he was from the periphery, not anyone else.

This sight was enjoyable enough to watch for days and days, but Count Karad couldn’t savor it any longer. It was because of the Yagon that had flown in from the castle ground—- and the huge malice he radiated. The flying unit, led by Count Karad, was unable to advance or retreat, and was frozen on the spot.


Helmud’s Three Kingdoms, the Demons that are always mentioned when picking the next leading role. Yagon’s power was proven just by defeating his father, the oboron of defeat that dominated the same era as them.

Such Yagon had a battle with someone. He failed to overwhelm and was pushed back.

He was a terrible and ugly man from the beginning. His body always smelled of blood, but Yagon had a different nature of sinfulness.

Count Karad only now knew the true nature of the ominousness. Demon King of Destruction. Its magical power conveys an ominous feeling even to the same demons.

And Yagon does not distinguish between friend and foe.

Like elves, beastmen live a distant life and are not loved by spirits. He doesn’t have the knowledge of mana like humans, nor the fertility to dominate the entire continent.

Instead, the beast has a strong body. Although it cannot handle mana, it has sharp and strong teeth and claws. Its strong body does not suffer from any attacks, and the wounds it receives quickly regenerate.

The history of the prisoner I heard when I was a child. The beastmen led by Oboron were beasts of prey that did not suppress their nature. They were addicted to blood and flesh from the age of war, and wanted more slaughter and prey.

It required strength. If you make a contract with the demon lord, even beastmen will be able to wield magic. He devoted himself to the demon king of madness, and entrusted himself to the demon king of destruction after the fall of madness.

For more slaughter and predation, they betrayed their own people and changed the demon king they served twice. Such a habit became nature and was passed on to Yagon.

I was hungry.

Why I was hungry, I knew the answer. Shed a lot of blood. Played too much. Then you have to eat and fill it up. Yagon did not go against his nature, as he had always done, as his ancestors had done.

Flesh wriggling in the bubbling darkness.

The title of count was not won on a gambling table. The present Count Karad exists because he has won rank-and-file battles with lower aristocrats, land battles, and all sorts of battles. He felt a murderous intent to quietly sharpen his blade in the midst of rampaging malice.

There was no time to shout warnings or give orders to the monsters. Count Karad immediately jumped off the monster’s back. On the back of that large monster were the bodyguards that had been supporting the count for a long time, but the count did not hesitate at all about his commitment.

It was because he had an intuition that he would get caught up in it with just a little hesitation. Indeed, it would have been. The darkness and the mass of flesh extending from Yagon became a huge mouth, swallowing the monsters and the bodyguards in one bite.

It was a terrible death that could not even scream. The magic of destruction tore the swallowed monsters and bodyguards to shreds and extinguished them by turning them into powder.

But that alone didn’t fill my stomach.

Pooh! Dozens of strands of darkness soared from Yagon. The wriggling flesh within it was fired at the city turning into ruins. Like a living snake, it opened its mouth wide and searched for prey.

Homologous predation among demons. I watched it until I got tired of it in the past. Whether it’s witchcraft or black magic, it’s not like humans become particularly strong by eating the same humans.

But demons are different. For demons, the quickest way to build strength is homologous predation. As easy and fast as it is, there are risks, but in the era of war, where killing each other was commonplace, there were plenty of guys who wanted to increase their rank and size by taking risks.


Yagon thought.

Hunger was true to his nature, but his rationality was unshakable. Yagon calmly reviewed the previous battle.

It was one-sided. I couldn’t possibly deny it. Yagon has been strong since he was born. He never lost a fight. He has never failed to kill someone he wants to kill. He ate when he was hungry, and drank when he was thirsty.

But that doesn’t work for that prey. I fought and couldn’t win. I want to kill but I can’t. I’m hungry but I can’t eat, I’m thirsty but I can’t drink. Yagon had never experienced so much freedom in his life as he did today.

Eugene Ryanhart is getting closer.

I had never imagined a moment like this. Invasion of the dragon castle. He said there was no Black Dragon. He thought he would eat his fill, but he wouldn’t have the pleasure of war.

But what the heck is this? There was no Black Dragon, but there was Eugene Lionheart. I was unilaterally trampled by him. His throat was cut and his head blown off.

After consuming and digesting, Yagon gathered his magical energy and wrapped it around his body. It was a magical power that gnawed at his body, but he gained strength in return.

The roar was doomed.

I seized the consciousness that seemed to fly away in an instant. The collision blew Yagon backwards as if it were natural.

It was unbelievable, but it was true. The wreckage of the building that broke through tried to bury Yagon, but the magic of destruction erased even the wreckage entirely.

Eugene calmed down his stomach and controlled the trembling mana. He glared at Yagon, who stood up wriggling from below, and raised Winid up.

The wind intensified. A huge storm began to form around Eugene. It wasn’t just a wind. When Winid, who had been lifted high, was lowered down, the huge mana storm hit Yagon.

In that blow, the entire city collapsed. The demons who couldn’t escape and the demons who attacked the Yongma Castle were all caught up in the storm. Their plight was not something Eugene knew. Eugene glared at Yagon, who rose up in the storm. Every fluttering feather caught Yagon’s movement.

The magic of destruction showed off its presence even in the storm. Aww! Yagon stomped, and the ground evaporated and the storm dissipated. Eugene changed Winid into a holy sword and fell down.

Sword and claw, no, before that, light and magic collided. The light emitted by the holy sword resisted the magic of destruction. However, it did not have a special advantage. The magic power of the Great Demon King, number 1, was just as strong.

If you insist on a head-on collision, the light will be swallowed up and the sword body will disappear. The reason why that doesn’t happen is because Eugene spills and bites the sword at the exact moment. In that way, Eugene cut off Yagon’s magical power.

“They are monsters.”

Earl Karad struggled with the waves of power exploding. Hundreds of troops and several times as many demons lived in this city. —-Most of them died just by getting caught up in the battle.

It was because the two forces colliding now were a terrible contradiction to the demons. The magic of destruction annihilates even the same demons, and the light of the holy sword purifies them. No matter how much the demons are, if they can’t escape, they’ll get caught up in it and die.

‘I’m not too far behind, but I can’t even gain an advantage.’

In a short moment, he swung the holy sword hundreds of times. Ya Gon cut through the mana that surrounded him, but the blade did not go into his fur. Even though it was a light that purified the moment it touched the magic of demons.

‘The Great Demon King.’

He is even the number 1 demon king. I don’t think the holy sword is dull, but it’s not strong enough to dispel the magic of destruction.

Still, holding the holy sword was worth it. It is the light of the holy sword that protects the mind from this ominous mana that threatens to go crazy and prevents Eugene’s mana from being eroded by the mana.

What is needed to kill Yagon is not light to protect the body.

Destruction in the form of a sword that erases everything it shines on.

Moonlight Sword.

Backing away from the rampaging malice, I put my hand inside my cloak. After retrieving the shrapnel from Lodi’s mine, he never properly pulled out the moonlight sword.

It was judged too risky. To be honest, Eugene didn’t have the confidence to perfectly control the moonlight sword. It can be as much as swinging. But when he swung the moonlight sword, he didn’t have the confidence to precisely designate the area to be destroyed and coordinate the strength of the force.

It was the same in mines. when fragments come together. Eugene was undoubtedly holding the moonlight sword. At that time, Eugene did not think of burying the mine. He tried to control the resonance that started as much as possible.

I couldn’t. Eugene tried his best to suppress the light, but the light of destruction beyond his will swept around and collapsed the mine. Fortunately, there was no situation where I needed to take out the moonlight sword while I was wandering around Helmud, so I thought of adjusting the moonlight sword step by step in a place where I wouldn’t get hurt later.

‘It’s tuned.’

He did not bother to hide his twitching cheeks. Yujin smiled and pulled out the hilt of the moonlight sword. He rather saw it as an opportunity. A moonlight sword with fragments recovered. To be honest, I wondered how powerful it was.

300 years ago. The moonlight sword was not pushed at all by the devil’s magic.

‘I don’t expect the current moonlight sword to have the same power as back then.’

A distinctive hilt. He pulled out the sheath that hid the blade.

Before the mines, the Moonlight Sword was a sword of light made from a single fragment. But now it’s different. With the addition of fragments recovered from the mine, the moonlight sword’s body was restored by about 1/3.

The lack of sword body was filled with pale moonlight. The moonlight sword of the past, which was a fragment, ran wild with light, but now it stretched out like a refined blade.

It’s just for looks. An absurd force that wants to run amok. The hand holding the hilt was throbbing. Eugene felt eerie and raised her moonlight sword to the side.

oh oh oh… … The moonlight shook. There was no need to add a sword or a sword. In the first place, it was impossible for the moonlight sword to unite with that kind of technique.

This is destruction in the form of a sword. It doesn’t mix with anything. It tears, disintegrates, and annihilates what is nearby. Even Vermouth from 300 years ago could not mix various techniques with the moonlight sword. In fact, I didn’t even need to.

Just swinging the moonlight sword is enough.

The magic full of evil was covered in moonlight. The magic that erodes and destroys everything could not swallow the moonlight. Rather, the magic of destruction languidly melted in the moonlight.

The sword light he swung drew a half moon. Yagon instinctively jumped backwards.

There was nothing left where the half moon swallowed and passed.


hair stood up Goosebumps formed on his skin and his mouth was dry. My heart beat as fast as if someone had grabbed it and shaken it. Feelings for the first time in his life confused Yagon.

Yagon saw Eugene holding the moonlight. What is the light held in that hand right now? sword? Magic? divine power? None of that. That light was the power to destroy anything without being anything. Yagon instinctively understood the nature of that light, and felt an ominous death in his intuition.


Turning his back and running away was an option that did not exist for Yagon. Hiding the strange feeling of fear with a roar, Yagon kicked the air.


Moonlight and mana went well together. He does not use techniques such as sword or sword. Eugene just swung his sword as best he could. I dodged the attacking mana from all sides and extended the moonlight sword to the right place. Although it is a strong sword, it does not mean that it can be wielded casually. The more sophisticated the sword, the better it will reach.

the city.

No, the world started to collapse. It was no longer a place called ‘Yongmaseong’. In an instant, the ruins became a wasteland with nothing, and the ground was completely overturned.

When the moonlight swept once more, even the upturned skin of the land was extinguished. Yagon ran nonstop in the light. Every time the moonlight flashes, the ground gets lower and lower. The place to set his feet is disappearing. That crazy moonlight was shaving off the entire Dragon Demon Castle every time it moved.

so it goes down No, no. Yagon leaped into the sky and looked around and realized.

It wasn’t just that the whole land of Yongma Castle was shaved. It was just that the Dragon Demon Castle was falling down. The continued destructive action overloaded the core. It wasn’t to the point of plummeting, but the altitude of the Dragon Demon Castle was gradually dropping.

I didn’t like that vague fall. If possible, I would like this castle to be completely buried in Kara Bloom, the land territory.

Eugene smiled and spread prominence wide. Yagon flinched reflexively and backed away. For up until now, whenever those wings of flame were shaken off, something had to happen, but now nothing has happened.

“What have you done?”

“I broke it.”

Yagon asked, and Eugene answered with a smile. ㅡCoooooooooong! The entire Dragon Demon Castle was shaken. I didn’t even swing the moonlight sword, but an earthquake occurred. The earthquake began to divide the land of Yongma Castle into many pieces as it split the mangled mass of land.

From that point on, the fall of the Dragon Demon Castle began to accelerate.

What Eugene did was simple.

I left a few feathers of prominence on the core side to keep an eye on Lymyria.

A sunspot was created with the feathers and embedded in the core. As a result, the central core was shattered, and the Dragon Demon Castle, which had completely lost its means of control, began to fall.

“Are you going to die together?”

Yagon asked as he felt his fall speed up.

“What are you talking about?”

At that question, Yujin smiled and shook her head.

“You die before this land mass sinks below.”


As if to prove what he had said, Eugene twisted his waist and swung his sword. The bursting moonlight swept through the air. Yagon jumped up without colliding.

A crash that began with the destruction of the core. Masses of land that have been floating in the sky for hundreds of years are being shattered and scattered. Yagon leaped through the air, kicking off the rubble of the earth.

It wasn’t just running. The magical energy around his body moved according to Yagon’s will. The magic that swallowed countless demons earlier was reproduced. Yagon attacked Eugene, wielding a magical tentacle protruding from behind like a whip.

It looked like dozens of snakes had sprouted from the back of a huge bear, but it wasn’t very nice.

Eugene clicked his tongue and accelerated the prominence. Although it is originally a fast lightning bolt, it is even faster in the state where the wings of Prominence are spread. The control was perfect, so I didn’t get swayed by speed like before.

Missing because it’s too fast? It’s really dumb. Right now, Eugene is observing the entire space.

That’s why, I knew very well what Yagon, who disappeared out of sight, was doing.

Beyond the jaws of the attacking snakes. Yagon’s huge claws were gathering mana. Eugene laughed and grasped the hilt of the moonlight sword in reverse.

Fall out! Purple lightning continued drawing a tail. The lightning was covered with a dull moonlight. The slash that curved like a crescent moon wiped out Yagon’s magical power.

Yagon boldly cut off the eroding mana. I couldn’t guess what the identity of that ominous light was.

The Demon King of Destruction is the number 1 Demon King in the hierarchy. It means that he is a great demon king who has a higher rank than the demon king of confinement. The magic power of such a great demon king is not even a contest.


It wasn’t that there were no surviving demons. A prisoner struggling in the gap between the wreckage of a falling building shouted at Yagon. Instead of answering the shout, Yagon extended his magic whip.

It wasn’t because of hunger. Yagon used his pulled men as a shield from the moonlight that came this far. He is a subordinate with excellent skill and strength, but died without even screaming in the moonlight slash.

Seeing the scene for himself, Yagon was convinced again. The reason why the battle with Eugene is established now is because of the magic of destruction that is wrapped around the body. Without this, Yagon would have perished in the moonlight.

“… … you… … .”

ㅡCoooung! Yagon took a big step back. The fall of the castle is accelerating, but Yagon didn’t care much about him. If this gigantic castle fell to the ground, the ground territory of Kara Bloom would be devastated, but that was not what Yagon knew. Yagon doesn’t die to the extent of falling.

The only thing he was wary of was the words Eugene had uttered. You die before this land mass sinks beneath you. I sensed that the smirk was not an arrogant provocation.

maybe really

“What is it?”

I was indifferent to others and only faithful to my instincts. But even Yagon couldn’t help but have too many questions about Eugene.

Eugene Lionhart. A descendant of the great Vermouth. A hero who was recognized by the Holy Sword… … .

Is that all? Are you saying you’re that strong with just that? Yagon is strong. Except for the Samgong, there would be no demons in Helmud that have accumulated as much power as Yagon.

but. In this battle, Yagon could not overwhelm Eugene even once. Not to mention overpowering, I’ve never put in an effective hit. He couldn’t shed a single drop of blood. The only thing Yagon’s ferocious power did to Eugene was to push his body backwards. Even that couldn’t penetrate the defense… … .

Because of that unknown sword? I couldn’t even think that way. This is because the war situation has been consistent from the beginning until now. Yagon couldn’t overwhelm Eugene even before he pulled out the moonlight sword.

for what reason? Weird move… … was Unbelievably sophisticated and skilled at such a young age… … The ability to treat opponents as children and actually make them that way. A face that makes it very natural. The freedom that has never been shaken.

“I can’t believe you are Eugene Ryanhart.”

Yagon doesn’t know Eugene Ryanhart. This is the first time we actually met. Even before that, he had heard the name but never paid much attention to it.

Yagon’s gaze looked up, not down. Helmud’s three attacks. Samma who made a direct contract with the demon king of confinement. If he had to give his eyes to the continent, he only gave his eyes to the most talked about articles on the continent.

Eugene Lionhart was too young.

“you… … Is it the great vermouth?”

Yagon knew that it was nonsense. But he had no choice but to ask. Because there was so much in common between Eugene Lionheart and the great Vermouth.

No, in the end it was a matter of pride. Without such a secret, she thought she couldn’t be overwhelmed.

‘I cut your father’s throat several times.’

Head full of heat. The words that had been passed on insignificantly came back to her mind again. That gave Yagon some confidence.


Eugene answered without hiding.

“Hamel Diners.”

Only Yagon knew Eugene’s identity here. And anyway, today, in a little while, Yagon will die.

Yujin’s answer made Yagon’s eyes shake. Hamel Diners. There’s no way you don’t know its name.

“Hamel of annihilation.”

A twisted smile crept across Yagon’s lips. Negation and sighing, I didn’t do anything like that. Rather, that identity made Yagon feel relieved and happy. He had never heard of the old story of his father who killed him by biting him, but Hamel’s reputation was rather more famous in Helmud than on the continent.

I didn’t say it was an honor. Yagon didn’t open his mouth anymore and kicked the wreckage. Yagon fell from a meteorite high in the air. A simple ignorant rush, Yujin turned his back while looking at the movement.

Magical power and moonlight crossed. Black blood splattered. Yagon’s huge arm was severed and scattered. It was surprising and miraculous that he had been cut with a single sword. Yagon ignored his severed arm and unleashed the magic in his grasp.

The explosion caused by magical power engulfed Eugene. In that short time, the severed arm was also regenerated. Every time Yagon swung his arms, his sharp claws drew a slash. The dizzying wreckage was hacked to pieces.

There was no sign of Eugene anywhere. Yagon raised his head in horror. A building was falling over Yagon’s head. Jebela Steak House. The name engraved on the large signboard was fully engraved in Yagon’s eyes.

He reached out his fist toward the building that was about to crash. Kwakjijik! The building split in two, pouring concrete dust. Khuhuong! Yagon howled through the dust. He swept around bursting out of his body.

The concrete dust was gone, but tiny dots took its place. The dots stuck together and increased in size. What was created in this way was a black lump the size of a fist at most, but Yagon felt the formidable power of the black spot.

“Oh my God.”

It was always Yagon’s job to startle others, but not now. Yagon laughed at the violence that came over him.

ㅡ Kwagwagwang! A myriad of dark spots hit Yagon.

“Kreuk… … !”

Blood splattered from his chapped lips and between his clenched teeth. Even though I focused on defense, it was pierced. The magic of destruction is poison even to demons. It continued to consume regenerative power while wearing that terrible magical power. On top of that, he suffered cuts on his neck, cuts on his arms, and several other wounds. Even a part of the magical power, the basis of power, was destroyed by the moonlight sword… … .

Yagon grabbed his staggering body and raised his fist. But Eugene was nowhere to be seen. Did he disappear again with that f*cking space jump? Or is my vision narrowed and my senses dulled? Yagon swallowed blood and slashed his fists at random.

death comes

My senses, which I thought were blunted, delivered a warning like a scream. Yagon reached out according to his always faithful nature. —-No, that didn’t work. He had to dodge unconditionally, not to counterattack or defend.

It was too late to realize. The eerily plucked out moonlight drew a crescent moon. Yagon’s right hand, which tried to block him, was split in two along with magic.

Yagon hurriedly tried to retrieve his arm, but the curved crescent moon soared upward and plummeted downward. Write! The moonlight severed Yagon’s arm from the shoulder.

‘It can still be played.’

just a little longer He opened his remaining hand wide. opponent is human. no matter how strong Even if that Hamel of annihilation was, in the end, he was human.


You only need to touch it once. If it was Yagon’s power, he could squeeze his body the moment he touched it and burst it. Whether it’s an Aura Shield or whatever, the magic of destruction and the power of Yagon will crush the entire body.

I stretched out my hand, hoping for him. It was obvious that he had to be inside, and he wasn’t lacking in compassion to the point of not responding. Eugene twisted the corner of his mouth and reached out his hand to meet him. The clenched fist slowly opened as it came closer to Yagon’s hand.

Yagon saw the pure white light blooming from Eugene’s grip. The twinkling lights stuck to each other. Black dots began to spread in the round sphere.


A whisper of mockery penetrated Yagon. The sun thrown by Eugene turned completely black.

ㅡQuaaaaaang! It felt as if the sun in the distant sky had sunk into my body. The Eclipse that ate authentically. It’s not even an abbreviated form that went through prominence. The tremendous power completely blew Yagon’s consciousness.

Kwak Kwa Kwak! Along with the consciousness, Yagon’s body flew away. Its body struck, no, pierced the ground it was falling on. Yagon, who was buried deep in the ground, came to his senses belatedly and vomited a cough.

I looked up at the world through the hole made by my body. My field of vision was narrow and limited, like the sky in a well. Eugene filled that small field of vision.

A myriad of sunspots, the sun has fallen. Yagon forcibly moved his immobile body to protect his arms and head.

As the bombardment continues, the land disappears. The space for Yagon to move widened, but repeated bombings took away all freedom from Yagon.


The feeling gets stronger. Yagon opened his eyes as he coughed up blood.

red and black vision. The moment the bombing ends… … No, at the moment they approached to check whether they were alive or dead. Yagon thought he still had one last chance.

I imagined that moment. A one-sided fight, close death. But in the end you will survive. It will be remembered as the most arduous battle of my life so far. He has never felt a crisis or death, and today will be a monumental day for him to feel it. The oblique line I jumped over will make me stronger. Eugene Lionheart’s, no, Hamel’s heart of annihilation, and after chewing and swallowing everything, I am.

The light illuminated the sight. The blood that had made it red and the darkness that had been crushed disappeared. Yagon’s eyes were filled with only that eerie, muddy moonlight. It was as if the full moon had risen in her eyes.

I was trying to catch the moment. how… … , did not think. After all, it was just a greedy wind. Yagon laughed and shook his head. In the end, he had a gut feeling at the end.

Can’t win. Today, now, I die In the end, Eugene was right. Yet—- the Dragon Demon Castle hadn’t been slammed into the ground. Before that, Yagon was buried deep in the ground, and now he will die soon.

“Hamel of annihilation.”

Yagon stared at the moonlight sword embedded in his chest. So far, I haven’t been able to see properly. It was because the light covering the blade was so intense, creepy, and ominous. But if it pierces my heart like this, I have no choice but to see it even if I don’t want to see it.

“What the hell is this sword?”

The moonlight that pierced the heart began to dissipate Yagon’s body. The mana he was wearing was instantly consumed.

“Moonlight Sword.”


Yagon laughed and murmured.

When I was young, I heard about it from Oboron. The most terrible and powerful sword that Vermouth possesses. An ominous sword that doesn’t seem like a hero’s sword. A sword that would destroy everything in the world. A sword that disappeared without being inherited by Lionheart.

“What kind of demon king is the demon king of destruction?”

Yujin asked without pulling out the moonlight sword.

Yagon is a descendant of perdition. He is the one who has made a name for himself as the most outstanding among his few followers. Maybe he knows something about the demon lord of destruction.

“An unrecognizable demon lord.”

Yagon smiled with bloody lips.

never actually met… … there is. A temple with no one. If you kneel down there and put your head down, the contract has been signed before you know it. Yagon made a contract like that, and he had never seen the demon lord of destruction in person.

I thought I shouldn’t watch it.

“You don’t even know a guy like you.”

“I am not special to the demon lord of destruction.”

The demon king of destruction is insensitive to the death of his family. … … Rather, the frenzied demon king was special, and all demon kings do not place great importance on their families.

However, if it was a family member he particularly liked, he might be able to bestow at least the strength of not dying. The Demon King of Destruction did not. Yagon did not expect him either.

“I wonder if even the same demon lord would understand destruction.”

Yagon muttered and coughed up blood.

“… … Hamel of annihilation. you… … My father, you know Oboron.”


“Was I stronger than my father?”

It was the last question. Yagon seriously questioned it.

He killed his father with his own hands. He is convinced that he is stronger than his father. However, he wanted to hear an answer from the genocidal Hamel who fought his father’s heyday and killed himself now.

“I think you are a little stronger.”

Eugene laughed and pulled out the moonlight sword.

“Actually, I don’t know. I am much stronger than I was back then.”

It was not a satisfactory answer.

But I didn’t have the energy to ask more, and I couldn’t.

The moonlight sword pulled out of his heart cut Yagon’s throat.

my hamel

In front of the central core of Yongma Castle. Lymirah stamped her feet and made her tremble. A sudden explosion destroyed her core, but she did not escape and remained here.

The desire to run away is like a chimney, but I couldn’t run away. It is true that an unknown explosion destroyed the core.

However, not all of them were completely destroyed. As if cleverly orchestrated, the explosion only blew out about half of the core.

Since the backbone of the system was destroyed, Yongma Castle could not stand it any longer and had no choice but to crash. However, Raimira did not get freedom. Even if it almost ceased to function, the central core was bound to Lymilia by its existence alone.

That meant that Raizakia was much more obsessed with Lymilia than the comfort of the dragon castle. Even if the dragon demon castle is destroyed because the central core does not function properly, he will not give freedom to Lymilia until the end. A curse that wished for the Dragon Demon Castle and Raimirua to be destroyed together if the situation was out of control.

Of course, Raimirah couldn’t even fathom the malice of her father, the Black Dragon. She didn’t even want to. For this reason, Lymilia shuddered at the falling altitude of the Dragon Demon Castle and the explosion in the city that was not far away—-the accompanying destruction.

The city is disappearing. That huge Dragon Demon Castle city. The land mass is breaking into pieces like splitting a cookie… … . Then it shattered, then exploded again and crumbled into powder.


Raimirah involuntarily swallowed her saliva. In the midst of a series of explosions and destruction, the appearance of the intruder could be seen as if passing by. Although she was unfamiliar with battles and didn’t know much about them, she knew that all of that was one-sided violence.

The opponent is a monster clad in ominous magic. A dragon’s instinct warns, a being that must never be confronted. Such a monster was unilaterally beaten, flew away, had its arms cut off, and spurted blood—- eventually crashed into the rubble of a large building… … .


The monster’s presence disappeared. I no longer felt the ominous power that sent goosebumps through my body.

Lymilia put on a pale face and staggered back. An unknown intruder. I knew it was strong, but I never thought it would be this strong!

“float… … floating, falling… … .”

ㅡCoooung! The wreckage of the falling Dragon Demon Castle shook. Raimirah smiled and hugged her core.

It’s really not long now. Within the next few tens of seconds, the few remaining land masses of the Dragon Demon Castle will be entombed in Kara Bloom, the ground territory, causing a cataclysm.

“What are you doing?”

Hwareuk! A spark of lightning burst out. Using her feather as a coordinate, Eugene leaped and looked at Raimirah with a tired face.

Replaced Prominence with Ignition. The burden was covered by Agaroth’s ring. In the end, he had exhausted Eugene’s energy, and although not enough to compare to Ignition’s recoil, he was extremely fatigued.

“Bo, bobo, bonnyeo… … The original woman cannot escape… … .”

Lymilia let out a trembling voice and wept. Eugene laughed as he stared at the half-destroyed core. Puff! The sword steel fired by Eugene completely destroyed the central core.


Lymilia was startled by the explosion right next to her. She shrugged her shoulders and put her arms around her head.


Instead of explaining in words, Eugene acted first. He embraced the struggling Lymilia with one arm and opened the still-burning Prominence.

In an instant, Eugene escaped from the Dragon Demon Castle and flew high into the sky. Raimirah screamed at the pressure of the acceleration and hugged Eugene’s arm. After flying high enough.

I looked down at the falling Dragon Demon Castle.


Eugene smiled more satisfied and happy than ever.

ㅡQuaaaaaang! A loud roar erupted, as if something out of this world could be heard. It was as if a tremendous vibration shook the sky. The Dragon Demon Castle, which fell from a distant height, was entombed in Kara Bloom, the earthly territory, like the Meteor Shower caused by the Archmage.

Karabloom was completely unprepared for such an anti-air bombardment. It is unknown whether the citizens of the demons were evacuated in time, but the wreckage of the Yongma Castle that crashed one after another completely swept away the city. In the place where it was directly hit, the ground was destroyed by the impact, and the shock wave that started from the point of impact devastated the city.

Koo Goo Goo! The explosion and vibration continued without stopping. It was also what Eugene intended. He dared to fragment this huge Dragon Demon Castle. It was to make them fall several times and in many places.

“I should have brought some snacks.”

“I have it.”

Merga stuck her head out from inside the cloak. She handed Eugene the box of popcorn she was holding in her hand as she glanced at the disaster below.

Eating popcorn, I watched the Karabloom being devastated. Even though there was no drink, the popcorn went well without choking.

“Ah… … oh… … of the original girl… … Youngjia of the original woman… … .”

“What is your estate?”

“that’s right. what is your estate? You were the one who decided to abandon the territory and run away, right?”

“Boo… … Oh, because it was unavoidable. She wanted to fulfill her duties as her lord, but she couldn’t help it with her own power. She did not run away, she took a step back for the future.”

Raimirah made such an excuse and glanced at the popcorn Eugene and Mer were eating.

A creature close to God. magical control. The so-called dragon does not need to eat. As long as you have mana, you can maintain your existence.

Still, I eat it as a symbol. Raimir A also used to eat this or that food in her villa for 200 years.

but. The Dragon, the blood relative of Black Dragon, the Dragon Princess. With such self-awareness, self-respect, and dignity, Raimira had never eaten such filthy, insignificant-looking food. If she was normal, she wouldn’t even give a glance.

however… … Eugene and Mer’s expressions as they chewed the popcorn looked really satisfied. The savory and salty scent and the crackling sound caught Laimira’s curiosity.

“that… … It looks really tasty. If you offer it as a tribute, the original woman will be very happy.”

“What is he saying now.”

“I won’t give it to you because I have a bad attitude.”

Despair fell in Lymilia’s eyes at the resolute refusal. Not getting the popcorn she craved made her sadder more than the destruction of her manor, to which she had little attachment.


Yujin’s eyes narrowed as she looked at the scorched ground. This is because the dust and destruction that had been pushing to the outside of the city stopped unnaturally at some boundary line. I was able to see the boundary clearly because I was looking at it from a high place.

Only Kara Bloom was swept away by the destruction. The shock did not reach the outside of the territory at all. The ground was shaking as if there had been a great earthquake, but not a single tree had fallen, let alone cracked the ground just outside the boundary.

The reason could be guessed.

Someone had restricted the destruction from crossing the border.

* * *

“Huh… … omg… … .”


That was the only thought I had from a while ago. His entire left arm was blown off by the destruction, but he did not die. If he had saved his life with one left arm in that ridiculous fight, it would have been cheaply eaten.

The reason why it doesn’t regenerate right away is because of the strange and ominous magic that Yagon wielded, and the left arm that flew away will be regenerated sooner or later. In other words, no physical damage was suffered.

But it wasn’t that something wasn’t lost. That fact made Count Karad despair.

He staked a lot on this war. He used most of his wealth to hire Yagon and the Beast Mercenaries. In the meantime, he has invested in all of the elite soldiers, including the SS, who he has been with.

If he had won, he would have been able to see far into the future, not just to make up for the damage. Owning the Dragon Demon Castle, which was built by Black Dragon. And the purpose of Count Karad was to monopolize the huge mine of Kara Bloom and the tribute of the dwarves who were working there.

all of that is gone Ya-gon, who had to fight the Black Dragon who would come, died. The dragon princess couldn’t even see her face. The Dragon Demon Castle, the Kara Bloom, and the mines have all disappeared… … .

“This… … Isn’t this different from the story… … !”

Count Karad sobbed as he gripped the ground with his huge hands.

It wasn’t self-talk. Somewhere away from the Count. Right in front of the boundary line where everything was swept away by the fall. Standing there was a woman in a gorgeous dress, completely unsuited to the destruction just a few steps away.

“… … Aren’t you misunderstood?”

Noir Jebela. She did not look back at Count Carrad. She gazed at the destruction unfolding right in front of her, eyes possessed by something of her own.

“count. I am not your sponsor. I told you that Lyzakia was not involved in this war. I, who is in a very high place, to you who is trying hard to climb… … It was a little favor.”

It was in a dream at dawn that Noir Jebela contacted Count Karad.

The Count was feeling uneasy about the bold surprise attack, and failed to convince Yagon. Right now, there is only Hetzling, the Dragon Princess, in the castle, but what if the Black Dragon Princess appears during the war? Rather, what if Black Dragon wiped out the territory that could be called the main base of the count?

It was Noir Jevela that dispelled that anxiety. Noir, who appeared in the Count’s dream, informed the anxious Count that Lyzakia would not intervene in this war. Thanks to this, the Count shook off his anxiety and hesitation, and joined the bold surprise attack that Yagon had hoped for.

“I never promised you victory. And I didn’t even lie. Lyzakia did not intervene in this war.”

The bewitched, dazed eyes lifted upwards. Noir saw Eugene Lionheart standing high in the sky.

“The Black Dragon didn’t come… … Yu, Eugene Ryanhart… … There was a warrior. Duke… … ! Didn’t you know at the time that Eugene Lionheart would intervene in this war?”

Noir didn’t answer. Still, she stood with her back turned to Count Carrad, not giving him a glance. The count felt resentment and anger at that.

“You are the Duke of Helmud! However, you condoned that the hero, the enemy of Helmud, arbitrarily intervened in the territory war between the demons. This… … This will be a major issue. I will never condone this.”

“Are you stupid?”

Noir burst into laughter.

“Even if you think so, you shouldn’t say such things in front of me. Is it because you’re so depressed and desperate that your head doesn’t work properly?”

It was a straight line. Count Karad was startled and covered his mouth.

“ah. You don’t have to regret it now. Even if you didn’t mean to, I would have done the same to you.”

“yes… … ?”

“It didn’t matter.”

There was no need to look back.

“Wars are usually like this. Bumping into each other, one loses everything. These days, demons say they want to get clean loot, saying it’s a ranking job or a territory war. Wasn’t it like that in the past? The things that can be called trophies are honors that don’t exist, severed heads, scars that won’t disappear… … It was something like that.”

Count Carrad hesitated and stepped back.

“Ah, did I speak like an old man? What should I do, I’m a demon from the past. Of course, I think Yeongji is also a great loot. don’t do it… … I don’t really like your mental mind trying to eat raw. Earl, didn’t you want to get the intact Dragon Demon Castle and the intact Kara Bloom? then no. The Dragon Demon Castle, Kara Bloom, cities, and mines were all made by Raizakia. Essentially, it has been dyed in the color of Lyzakia… … .”

The count turned away completely. Then he started running with all his might.

“Do you really think you can own it? Everyone will think of Raizakia when they think of Dragon Demon Castle, right? then no. Wipe it all out and make the wasteland yours. There, you have to build something of your color, essentially yours, for it to become your territory. Didn’t it just happen to me?”

The Black Shade Forest, which was the domain of Princess Raksha Iris. The first thing Noir did after winning the land battle and becoming the owner of the forest was to pull out the trees. He undertook extensive construction and turned the forest into a concrete jungle.

People no longer think of the Black Shade Forest in that territory. What is on that land mass now is the huge Jebela Face floating in the sky, the beautiful gold statue of Jebela in the center of the city, and the flashy neon sign. Helmud’s greatest landmark, Jebela City.

“There was such a war here today. Count Karad. You wiped out all the enemy’s territories unbefitting a noble these days, and you proved your dominance by crashing the whole dragon castle. but… … But unfortunately it didn’t survive. You won this war, but you died from exhaustion. Aren’t you foolish though? The young aristocrat who crashed the Dragon Demon Castle in Laizakia.”

Count Carrad ran without looking back. He was already far away, but Noir’s whispers were clearly heard in the Earl’s ears.

“You will engrave a line in history like that.”


Count Karad screamed.

ㅡ Kwajik! The black magic that fell from the sky crushed the count’s huge body. That was it. The giant demon’s strong body left only the exhaled blood, flesh, and organs in the world.

“That’s it.”

Noir muttered with a bright smile.

okay. That’s all that happened here today. If there are survivors, even if they see something different. Things here will never be revealed. The Queen of Dreams, no one else, will make it that way.

That Eugene Ryanhart was involved in this war. That La Vista’s demonic beast was unilaterally trampled and died. At that moment, what he held in his hand was not the holy sword Altair, but a gray sword emitting an ominous light.

That the owner is not Eugene Lionheart, but a ghost from 300 years ago.

Everything will be forgotten like a dream. Noir grinned, clutching his chest, which was quivering with excitement.

—-Everything was understood. The gears seemed to mesh properly.

Why, 21-year-old Eugene Ryanhart is so strong. Did he hate his demons so much? Are you mentally strong enough to wonder?

‘Why do you hate me so much?’

everything was understood There’s no way I’d forgotten that terrible and ominous moonlight sword. You couldn’t have forgotten that movement.

“It must have changed in 300 years.”

Noir muttered in a low voice and spread the bat’s wings wide.

“It’s a little bit sad that I don’t shout ‘Sura Gwangsal’ anymore.”

Eugene and Noir’s eyes met high in the sky.

“My Hamel.”

Hamel of annihilation.

Reciting the name of her first love 300 years ago, Noir smiled brightly.

my hamel

“Kids these days don’t have romance.”

A voice mingled with giggles came closer.

“Don’t you think so? I try to only weigh gains and losses unconditionally, and I only try to fight fights that I want to win. To a subject with such a loose mind, I would wrap my own selfish generosity as a belief.”

Eugene glared at Noir Jebella with cold eyes.

“Does my words sound like the grumblings of an old kkondae?”

“You are actually old.”

“Oops. You can’t use it if you say that to Lady. However, I will forgive you for what you said. And don’t you understand how I feel?”

Noir and Eugene stood on the same height. She smiled brightly as she pressed her hand to her chest, which was overflowing with emotion.

“My Hamel.”

I was determined to get caught. However, Eugene’s expression couldn’t help but be distorted when he heard the word ‘my Hamel’ from the dream queen through her mouth.

With a surge of life, Mer immediately hid through the cracks in the cloak. Lymirah, who was hanging from her arm, shuddered as her noir met her eyes.

I knew who that demon was. A face I often saw on TV at the royal palace. A popular nobleman who has not left the center of Helmud for hundreds of years. Celebs of celebrities. Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella.

It was the demon that Raimirua admired the most. She even imagined that if one day they actually met, she would like to get her autograph and take a picture together through her acquaintance with Black Dragon.

But—- the Duke of Jebela he saw in real life was incomparably beautiful and terrifying compared to what he had seen on TV. Let alone autographs or photos, I couldn’t even make eye contact because of my instinctive fear.

“uh… … Where are you going alone? Bo, she wants to go in too… … .”

“What are you talking about, you can’t come in even if you want to come in. This is Mer’s room.”

Lymilia tried to follow Mer into the cloak, but a cold hand slapped the back of her hand.

It was unavoidable. The reason Merga can exist inside the cloak is because the spells of her familiar are engraved on Eugene. Lymir Ah wanted to enter, but she couldn’t get inside the cloak.

“You didn’t think I wouldn’t recognize you, did you? Oh, on the contrary, I think it would make me proud that you thought so. It must mean that I know you better than you expected.”

“I thought you would notice.”

Eugene didn’t want to tune in to Noir’s rhythm. He sighed as he calmed down the rising breath of life.

“Unless you’re a double-headed one.”

“Hehe, in that case, would you rather have pretended not to know? I think it would be quite fun to be treated like an asshole by you.”

Noir’s cheeks blushed as if showing off and twisted his body.

“A bastard blinded by love. Isn’t that pretty romantic?”

“Crazy bitch.”

“Why did you fight Yagon?”

He reunited with Hamel in an era where 300 years had passed. This fateful meeting warmed Noir’s heart, but he did not understand it well. Until just a few days ago, Hamel hid himself under the name ‘Eugene Lionheart’.

“Because I thought I had to kill you today.”

Noir Jebela’s intervention was not disconcerting.

I wonder if he escaped without getting caught up in the battle of the Dragon Demon Castle. I decided to intervene, fight Yagon, and kill him. Then, the Dragon Demon Castle was driven into Kara Bloom.

From the start, he was prepared to be captured by Noir Jebella. If you think rationally, you shouldn’t have acted like that, but Eugene, Noir, and each other aren’t very rational beings.

… … Of course, I didn’t act very emotionally. In Eugene’s judgment, Yagon was a dangerous guy. If he was a demon with that level of aggression and aggression, there was a risk that he would become uncontrollably strong after a while.

What I couldn’t kill when I could. How many times have I had such regrets whenever I was reincarnated in this era and faced enemies from 300 years ago.

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