Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 94

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Anise’s heart? I heard the blatant words, so of course I know. Christina guessed… … she did But she didn’t expect the two of them to be conscious of Senya in this way.

“I honestly don’t know what Senya will be like. But there’s no way I’ll see you differently just because Senya comes back.”

“That means.”

I heard the bowed head. sure It was anise. The tears that filled your eyes must be sincere, but now Eugene felt a cunning snake in your tearful eyes.

“Can I take this as meaning that Eugene-sama also has a crush on me?”

It wasn’t just anise. Cristina had been crying and saying that too. The weight of her words was heavier than Moron’s fist. Eugene involuntarily tried to step back from her, but her hands, whether Christina or Anise or both, gripped Eugene’s collar tightly.

“This means that I can do this even if Senya returns, right?”

“If Senya treats me like a stray cat and tries to harm me, will you stand in front of me?”

“for a moment… … for a moment. Anis, of course, even if Senya comes back, you… … You have the freedom to do whatever you want. uh. Actually, I don’t think that your behavior will change when Senya returns… … .”

Eugene hurriedly continued.

“and… … Christina… … Senya won’t treat you like a stray cat… … Wouldn’t it… … . I won’t harm you… … If that’s the case, of course I’ll protect you… … This… … hmm… … Shouldn’t we talk about it properly after Senya returns… … .”

“You talk trash with a handsome face.”

“Hamel, you are trash.”

The same accusations came from the same faces and voices. Eugene trembled at her blushing face.

“What are you saying when you see me!”

Eugene was in a bad mood. Cristina and Anise stared at Eugene, who was bewildered, with her eyes wide open. As she opened her eyes thinly, the tears that had pooled in her eyes flowed down again.

“… … hmm. I’m afraid you’ll misunderstand, Eugene, these tears are real. I’m not the only one lucky. Anise-nim cried first.”


“You’d better admit this, Sister.”

Cristina said that and leaned back into Eugene’s arms.

“… … If you don’t know what to do, just say nothing and hug me.”

Eugene slightly lowered his raised arms and hugged Christina’s back.

… … I thought Christina’s personality was relatively bad because of Anise, but now that I see her, it doesn’t seem that way. Come to think of it, from the first meeting with Christina, there was an insidious madness different from Anise… … .

“The tremors are transmitted. It’s something I’ve often thought about, but you’re really cute.”

“No… … ?”

“Who is it?”

The saintess did not answer clearly and smiled. … … Eugene was afraid of her truth, so he gently patted her on the back.

* * *

I didn’t want to use hallucinogens, so I only drank alcohol, but I couldn’t sleep well. After tossing and turning for a while, Xian finally let out a deep sigh and stood up.

Things I had seen before kept running through my head. Too many corpses. A heart pulled out alive. sacrifice. Those things were far too far-fetched and horrific for Xian to accept.

“If you’re scared, you can just stay here.”

I heard a voice right next to me. It was Eugene. He was engrossed in something while holding on to Akasha without sleeping. Xian looked at Yujin, caressing his sore eyes.

Next to Eugene, who was sitting on the floor. Lymilia was curled up and sleeping. She tried not to sleep because of a nightmare she didn’t know what it was, but she managed to fall asleep thanks to Saint Christina’s divine magic.

“Are you still doing that?”

Xian didn’t answer Eugene’s question and grumbled about something else.

I know what Eugene is doing. The magic to put Lymilia inside the cloak of darkness. Since a dragon can survive as long as it has mana, it is in the process of isolating the subspace inside the cloak once more to create a space where Lymyria can exist.

It wasn’t easy. Interfering with the cloak of darkness already completed as an artifact, twisting the existing magic. As a Hetzling, Lymilia can’t use high-level words, so Eugene had to do that work himself.

“You can ask Loberian-sama or Melchis-sama for help.”

“You two are busy too. And since it’s my stuff, I have to do it on my own.”

“Strictly speaking, isn’t that borrowed from Melchis-sama?”

“I borrowed a horse, it’s actually mine.”

Eugene replied with an impudent face.

It was true that the two of them were busy. Loberia is reorganizing the combination of summons to use for war, while Melchis temporarily emptied the capital. It was to conclude a contract with Ifrit in this forest full of spirits and mana.

The reason why he dared to put Lymilia inside the cloak was to protect her.

I can’t leave Lymira here or anywhere else. Enemy Edmond must have noticed the existence of Lymyria, so it’s likely that he would try to secure the isolated Lymyria.

“If you’re scared, you can just stay here.”

The work was also over. Yujin looked at Xian and said it again. Xian didn’t answer right away, hesitating for a moment.

Ryan Hart. Although born in the Mu family, his Xi’an does not know war. For people of this age, war is vague and distant.

It’s not just war. Xian had never killed anyone before. Monsters, monsters, anything like that can be killed. I’ve been killing him since I was a child.

But he had never killed anyone just like himself. … … A native of Samar. He honestly never had a good idea.

But seeing the body changed my mind. The war in the next few days will see more corpses. Among those corpses, there will be those that Xian killed.

“Killing people. Not a good experience.”

Xian didn’t answer. Eugene has such an experience. right now… … Didn’t Iod die at Eugene’s hand?

“If possible, it is better not to have such an experience in your lifetime.”

“How did you feel the first time you killed someone?”

“It wasn’t too bad.”

Eugene replied with a sullen face.

“It was a situation to be killed, and a person to be killed. If you hadn’t killed me, I would have killed you. so he killed How should you feel there? guilty? There was none of that. I am… … hmm… … It’s good, I think I thought this way. ”

Xian laughed when he heard the answer.

“It’s you.”

“What do you think?”

“Maybe I am similar. Since it’s a war, it’s only natural that I have to kill someone in order to live. Aren’t those bastards going to kill me too?”

“Whatever. You don’t have to go through that experience.”

“I am the next head of Lionheart.”

Xian replied.

“As long as I know the reality of the ritual, I will not back down. This is Ryan Hart… … Because it comes from iodine. As the next head of household, I have a duty to take responsibility and be involved. I have no intention of entrusting it to you.”

“Baby, you grew up well.”

“I know you are a bit more mature than I am, but I am your brother. I won’t be much younger than you.”



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Xian shook his head several times after answering that. Those words were not only addressed to Yujin, but also to Xian himself.

“I didn’t want to say this because I thought it would kill you. You seem to be a better family head than I thought.”

“… … under. don’t say the obvious I have been faithfully trained as a successor since I was young.”

“I think the reason you’re so tall is because of me rather than Anicilla-sama.”

“It’s crazy about what you did to me. Besides beating me and cursing me, what did I do?”

Xian was embarrassed for nothing, so he spit it out, and he had a hunch that Eugene would come to hit him. Contrary to her thoughts, however, Eugene only smiled.

“If it’s your skills, you won’t die. Be careful though. Don’t get hurt.”

“None of your business.”

“Really be careful. If you get hurt anywhere, Anicilla-sama will try to kill me.”

“Because you are doing well.”

Xian groaned and lay down again.

… … There are many things I don’t quite understand. I couldn’t figure out the reason for Eugene’s leisure. No matter how strong it is, even Eugene would be the first to fight a war of this scale.

‘… … It’s more like you.’

Even in a war like this, I thought that Eugene would be fine. It’s a thought that comes to mind many times, but Xian couldn’t imagine Yujin getting hurt or collapsing. As such, he rather thought he should be careful.

Xian thought that he might become a burden to his brother.

Still, I wanted to be equal. I thought it was a brother.

‘After all, I’m the older brother.’

If you spit it out of your mouth, you’ll get hit. On the contrary, thinking that way made my sleepless mind calm.

It reminded me of Eugene pouring out his murderous intent against the Death Knight.

No matter how scared the war was, it seemed to be less scary than the furious Eugene.

Footprints of the Earth God

The flames on the altar, which had been burning all morning, faded the moment the sun rose in the morning.

The warriors left the capital, leaving behind the remnant of herbs and ashes. The largest number was Zoran’s warriors, but the allies’ warriors were no small number either. The natives, who, by a rough count, numbered in the thousands, began marching.

Although they were numerous, their armament was not great. There was no such thing as iron armor, and the only thing he wore was leather armor. Most of the warriors did not even wear it. Warriors painted tattoos or battle makeup on their developed muscles instead of armor, or wore the protection of spirits.

The same was true of Ivata, the chieftain of Zoran. He rode on the back of a trained monster and led the front line. Originally, there were many tattoos on the exposed upper body, but as the footsteps of the Earth God got closer, more and more tattoos appeared on Ivatar’s body. It was because the shamans of Zoran who came with them added the blessing of the spirits as tattoos.

[That’s great.]

Tempest let out an honest admiration.

The natives of Samar, especially the warriors, are loved by primitive spirits from a young age. It could be called a talent as a warrior.

Primitive spirits do not have a clear ego. Similar to mana, but different, only essential properties exist. Being loved by such a primitive spirit, being protected as a protection, and borrowing power is a different power than the spirit art of the continent.

[The protection bestowed on that barbarian’s body is simple yet powerful. He is loved by many primal spirits. The power of the primordial spirit summoned by the divine protection dwelling in Zahabu Ivata will not be lacking compared to the contracts of me and other spirit kings.]

This is because countless primitive spirits provide Ivatar’s strength. As he runs on the ground, the spirits dwelling in the land give Ivatar strength. The wind will make Ivatar fly. Also, if Ivatar wishes, flames will burn, lightning will strike, and rain will fall.

The magic tower masters and Christina were busy even during the march. Christina received divine magic from Anis that was good for war.

To be honest, the conditions for Christina’s first war were very harsh. Not only the mass production and distribution of holy water, but also divine magic in battle. She had to do it by Christina alone, without the assistance of another clergyman.

The conditions were poor for the owner of the Mage Tower as well. Kochilla is a monster. It is difficult to estimate the number, but in order to deal with the monsters they commanded, the summoner Loberian had to take on a lot of trouble.

Fortunately, the shamans of Zoran were more talented than I thought. Although shamanism is very different from magic, the point of using mana is the same, so if you teach them how to do it, you can get magical help.

Of course, the magic formula had to be created here. Loberian reduced his sleep at night to formulate defensive magic and taught it to shamans. Edmond, who had an overwhelming advantage, was wary of anti-aircraft bombing.

Conversely, Balzac devoted himself to formulating defense formulas for black magic. He also revealed his signature blinds to everyone.

“Hehe. Hehehehe.”

Melchis couldn’t help but laugh. Whenever asked why he was laughing, Melchis put on a stern expression and replied that it was a secret, but his attitude was so blatant that everyone could guess why Melchis was doing that.

[I am… … I can’t understand… … .]

Tempest muttered that from time to time, but Eugene ignored the voice.

Thanks to Ivatar leading the way, we were able to reach the footsteps of the Earth God within a week.

I wanted to preoccupy the battlefield. With the blessing of the forest, I opened the shortest path, and the spirits pushed my back to speed up, so I thought I might arrive before the enemy camp.

It was a mistake. If the preemption had been taken away, they would not have used the footsteps of the Earth God as a battlefield. They hadn’t even reached the ‘footprint’ yet, but all who marched knew by their skin that Kochila was already encamped.

To that extent, everything in the forest was disturbing. At some point, I couldn’t even hear the chirping of birds, let alone the chirping of insects. The earth, devoid of spirits and vitality, was crumbly, like stepping on sand in the desert. The grass and trees that still had their color were in fact non-living artificial flowers, and the smell of death lingered in the forest instead of its unique smell.

As they advanced, the expression of the warriors grew anxious. I broke out in a cold sweat not because of the hot and humid weather, but because of fear.

thud! A loud sound rang out from the front. It wasn’t a raid. Ivatar, who was leading his warriors in front of him, suddenly struck his chest with his fist.

“right! right! right!”

Ivata pounded her chest, stamped her feet on the ground, and pursed her lips in a loud cry. His short cry dispelled his mortal fears and boosted his falling morale.

“It looks like a gorilla.”

Melchis, who followed from not far away, said with a smirk. Eugene questioned Melchis, who showed no signs of fear.

“Isn’t Melchis the first to have a war of this scale? But are you okay?”

“You speak innocently, brother.”

Melchis chuckled and lowered his voice.

“Originally, geniuses are bound to be hated by geniuses. And geniuses are usually solitary, and geniuses form groups. what about me How many checks do you think this Melchis Elhaire, who is not just a genius but one of the greatest geniuses in history, must have received to stand in this lofty position? Even if I roughly count the number of assassins who came to kill me before I reach adulthood, there are dozens.”

Loberian didn’t say anything directly, but he nodded at Melchis’ words. They had never been in a war like this before, but every day was a war until their talents shone and they got on a stable track.

“indeed. Since I’m older, I have no choice but to have a lot of experience.”

“What about your younger brother? Is your brother okay? Aren’t you forcing yourself to pretend to be strong? If it’s scary and difficult, you can hide on her back.”

“I’m used to it, so it’s okay.”

The forest is over.

Ivata looked down with wide eyes.

The only non-forest in Samar. A valley tens of meters below. Footprints of the Earth God. A few months ago, Ivatar had fought Kochilla’s warriors here.

The scenery I saw then does not remain. The footprints left by the Earth God turned to black ground, as if the night sky had been turned upside down, and Kochilla warriors lined up at the end of the plain.

It wasn’t just ‘humans’ that filled the bottom. Horrible monsters that are different from monsters. The monsters that Helmud gave Kochilla control over were filling the front line.

thump, thump, thump! Deep in the valley, drums started beating. The drum made of human skin made a muddy sound. Hey hey hey! Musical instruments were not only drums. A whistle made by punching a hole in a human skull let out a terrifying scream.

Ivata gave a twisted smile. He snatched the horn from the warrior next to him and took a deep breath, biting into his horn.

Woo woo! A loud sound erupted from the horn. The horn that couldn’t hold back the exhaled breath was smashed first, but while Ivata blew the horn, Kochilla’s drums and whistles were not heard.

Cochilla’s rear row held high the black and red tribal banners. Ivata also grabbed the Zoran flag she was carrying on her shoulder. But Ivatar did not raise or wave his flag. He instead leaned back and threw his banner like a spear down the valley.


Ivatar threw down the flag and sprinted down the cliff, shouting at the same time. Zoran’s flag slammed into the ground, and Ivatar kicked the ground.

Quadd! To Ivata, the blessing of the young forest changed the land. The spirits that followed him moved to the dead land. Then the steep cliff turned into a good slope to jump down.

The warriors of Zoran and allied tribes who saw the chief galloped away also shouted. They sprinted up the slope created by Ivatar and marched in the footsteps of the Earth God.

Behind Kochilla. Edmond was there. Instead of the pitch black robes of a warlock, he wore an elegant purple robe, and in one hand he held a beautiful Blood Mary. Around such Edmond, the shamans of Kochila, who had been trained in ‘black magic’ since childhood, formed a formation.

Death Knight and Hector are in front of me. Death Knight will move according to the infused grudge, and he didn’t feel the need to keep Hector by his side. The two will know how to kill people in war.

“You didn’t run away.”

Edmond muttered as he stroked his trimmed beard.

It’s right that you shouldn’t be able to see it from here, but the magic eyes installed everywhere identified the enemies in detail. Even though he mercifully warned me to run away… … . no one escaped.

‘It’s not a force to be ignored… … What’s important to me is not winning or losing a fight.’

Edmond grinned and breathed magic into Bloodmary.

Tomac, distorted by preliminary work, is connected to Edmond and Bloodberry. Even in this land, preparations for the ceremony were already prepared.

Whether Kochilla dies or his enemies die, the blood and soul that dies here will all be sacrificed. It was faster for Edmond to complete the ritual than for the battle to be won or lost.

‘You know that too. That’s why I didn’t run away.’

Rather than running away, he chose to interrupt Edmond’s ritual here. Should I be a warrior? Edmond giggled and held Bloodmary up high.

Wizard. In particular, in battles between archmages, the decisive factor in winning or losing is the signature preemption. And it’s a magical match. In that respect, Edmond’s signature was gratuitous and arrogant.


Black lines were drawn all around Edmond. The lines connected to each other to form a cube. Edmund’s signature pursuit was very simple.

Absolute defense and immortality.

It is close to impossible to pierce the activated cube with magic. Without far exceeding Blood Mary and Edmond’s output using the demon king’s magic, he couldn’t make a single scratch on the cube. Also, Edmond in there is endowed with immortality higher than that of a high-ranking demon. Even if the attack that penetrated the cube invades Edmond’s body, the magic power filled in the cube instantly heals Edmond’s wounds.

The reason why Edmond’s signature is arrogant is because the Cube doesn’t have any spells for attacks. Near-perfect defense and immortality. The reason for ignoring aggression in the creation of the signature is that it was concluded that the ‘absolute’ level of aggression was already sufficient.

It was arrogant, but not a mistake. In fact, Edmond has an absolute level of aggression.

Bloodmary was charged with black magic. The shamans of Kochilla, who formed a formation around Edmond, chanted spells and synchronized their magical powers.

“It would be nice to just watch it like this.”

No one will be able to break the cube anyway. You may watch in the cube until enough sacrifices are gathered.

Why? With an overwhelming advantage, is there any reason to just watch? A bloody smile crept across Edmond’s face.

Huge magic power stretched long and sharply above the sky. A spear of death was fired from the sky, destroying everything it touched.

Christina Rogeris. She was also capable of direct combat. It knows how to wield a flail made of Anise’s mace proficiently, and even if the opponent isn’t a monster, it is possible to intercept it with divine magic.

However, Cristina did not descend to the footsteps of the Earth God and remained on top of the cliff. Cristina is the only cleric on this battlefield. She is promiscuous, chaotic, and full of madness. She must intervene by examining the battlefield more rationally and objectively than anyone else.

The leaders have already collided. Ivatar swung two huge axes at the same time, breaking Kochilla’s line. He dug into the center of the line like a man without a back.

Demons and warriors intertwined and fought. The warriors of Kochilla, following the demons, attack. And in the high sky, a spear of death was created.

The place where the shot spear is trying to pierce is the back row of allies. It was intended to destroy the rear row with a single blow.


‘Yes, sister.’

Cristina caught her breath and grabbed the rosario from around her neck. Her divine power dwelling in her Christina shone brilliantly. Anis was not spared either, and passed her own holy power to her Christina.

Even though 300 years have passed, the people of the world first think of Anis, who is faithful to the existence of a ‘saint’.

But after this little war in the forest is over. At least the natives of this forest, the surviving warriors, will come up with a name other than Anise who is faithful to the existence of a ‘saint’. No one else, but the faithful Anis herself, thought to make it that way.


Eight wings spread behind Christina’s back. Anise’s consciousness became one with Christina. Cristina raised her hand, and the swirling light focused on her fingertips.

A dazzling cross appeared in the sky. It became a huge shield and blocked the rushing spear of death.

Wow! Light and darkness intertwined and scattered. You cannot receive assistance from other priests here. But that faithful Anise is adding strength to Christina. The spear of death that Edmond shot did not pierce the cross of light and was purified.


Christina wasn’t the only one left on the cliff. Loberian was standing not far from Christina. He marveled at the splendid miracle Christina had wrought.

Staff of Confinement, Edmond Codlet. I heard about his signature from Balzac in advance. Absolute defense and immortality. This is an attribute desired by any mage who is vulnerable to close combat.

‘The green tower owner Yggdrasil is also a signature made in pursuit of him… … The degree of perfection cannot be compared.’

Yggdrasil also paid attention to defense and immortality. But to be honest, it’s ambiguous and noisy.

Turning one’s body into a tree to hide… … Because it sought too much and was beyond its ability, Yggdrasil was too big. It wasn’t too difficult to pierce the armor, and although it was possible to regenerate trees, the magician’s own immortality was not achieved.

But what about that cube? A cube the size of a man covering one Edmond. The fact that absolute defense and immortality were neatly put into that small size was to show off Edmond’s ability as a wizard.


First of all, Loberian was admired as a wizard. Although he is also a great wizard, it was impossible to create a signature of that level. So he didn’t feel jealous. Magic is an infinite discipline that does not have to be boxed in unconditionally, and the magic that Loberian pursues is not like that.

Loberian silently signed the hands with both hands.

‘If you simply need a sacrifice, there is no need to wage a war like this. Edmond himself would have to annihilate the Kochilla warriors or kill himself. He doesn’t want to go to war… … That it doesn’t need simple blood and soul. Yes, you need Ecstasy.’

If you’re a great mage, you’ll experience it once or twice. When reaching from circle 7 to circle 8. When the wall of the realm that seems to never be broken collapses. The immersed consciousness forgets itself and unites with mana, circles, and magic.

Not just wizards. Knights and warriors also feel the ecstasy of ecstasy at the moment they gain insight or enlightenment and cross the wall.

The same goes for war. Images that reach in a war to kill each other. The excitement born at the moment when life, blood and soul are trivialized. Madness. The value of the soul that has been nourished by experiencing him must be far superior as a sacrifice.

When such fat souls die on this battlefield. Blood and soul are governed by Edmond. That was the law that Edmond gave to the magic formula. It is impossible to interfere with a ceremony of this scale and completeness.

If so, a completely different law coexists. If death precedes it, it should precede it.


There are no long chants or complicated spells in Loberian’s signature. I just summoned the summons I made a long time ago.


A huge door was summoned from another dimension and stood tall on the ground. The red door, full of intricate patterns, began to vibrate. Loberian untied the seals and grabbed his wand.

The door to the Pantheon opened. Loberian’s consciousness was already attuned to the Pantheon. Countless summons and summons created or subjugated by Loberian howled from within the door. They adhered to each other, mingled, and synthesized at Loberian’s behest.

I didn’t do anything about merging all summons and summons into one. The best combination on this battlefield.


Do not leave dead bodies lying on the ground. Don’t let the blood soak into the soil. don’t let the soul flow

Within the Pantheon, summoned summons eat corpses and trap their souls in their stomachs. Even if the law was preempted, it would not be possible to completely resist Edmond’s ritual, but it could slow down the rate at which the sacrifice was taken.

The ‘janitors’ assembled by Loberian poured out of the Pantheon.


Melchis let out a cry close to screaming. She was as excited as if she was already in ecstasy.

It had to be. this war. dead body? sacrifice? More than that, Melkis was obsessed with his own greatness.

Actually, I was lucky. He tried everything with the Hwajeongseok, but in the end, he couldn’t make a contract with Ifrit.

Samar Great Forest is called the paradise of spiritists. Mana and spirits are full. Such a great forest is being trampled on by black magic. Tomac is twisted and the ceremony to create the demon king is taking place.

Levin, the lightning spirit king, and Yanos, the earth spirit king, were enraged at that atrocity.

The flame spirit king, Ifrit, was also furious.

A contract was made with Ifrit on the condition of saving the forest and stopping Edmond’s atrocities.

“Spirit fusion! Infinity Force!”

Trinity Force when combined with the two spirit kings. However, since it is now merging with the three spirit kings, the name Trinity Force cannot be used.

So infinity.


A light flashed in Melchis’s eyes. The towering earth swallowed Melchis’s body. The lightning that struck down wrapped around the giant body made of soil. and sparks. Ifrit’s flames covered the entire body of the gigantic body.


Melchis trembled with ecstasy.

This huge body created by incarnating the spirit king of the earth. A voluptuous body line and a beautiful face embodying Melchis himself.

Is that all? The power of lightning that animates this gigantic body. Passionate flames covered the whole body! Only her beautiful face escaped from the flames that covered her entire body. The blazing flame became his clothes. Lightning gathered in his left hand, and flames gathered in his right hand.


Melchis let out a rapturous scream and stepped forward while trampling on the army of monsters.

Behind that noisy advance, Balzac touched the ground with both hands.

His signature has many flaws. Preparation is long, activation is slow. In the confrontation between signatures, an important preemption cannot be caught in a dizzying time. It was a characteristic of the wizard himself, just like any other signature.

Balzac prefers not to come forward. He enjoys creating situations rather than fighting himself. In that respect, this signature was thoroughly Balzac-like.


A veil of darkness descended from high in the sky.

Footprints of the Earth God

Footprints of the Earth God. This vast space was shrouded in a veil of darkness. The veil, which surrounded it on all sides and blocked the sky, took away the light from the earth.

Balzac Rudbesse’s signature. Blinds, as the name implies, block the view first. All beings that exist in the realm of blindness cannot see what is right in front of or beside them, even themselves.

It is a signature with absolute power in this kind of melee, but it is true that it is too simple even though it is simple. However, the ability of blinds is not just to block the view. ‘Sight’ is only the first sense that blinds take away.

The longer you stay in the blinds, the more your senses disappear one by one.

After sight, hearing. no sound is heard Then the smell. You won’t be able to smell it. After that, the sense of touch disappears. Even if your body is cut by a knife, you will not be able to feel the pain inside the blinds.

It doesn’t end there. After the sight, hearing, smell, and touch disappear, the sixth sense, the qi sense, disappears. Wizards, knights, and warriors will no longer be able to feel mana.

Even if the five senses, except for taste, disappear, the robbery of the blind does not end. slowly, very slowly… … Last rites disappear. In the darkness where you can’t feel anything except your sense of taste, even your ego is lost.

The reason for taking it away step by step like that is because it is impossible to take away all senses at once, no matter how great the archmage’s signature is. That darkness is the darkness created by Balzac’s magic formula, and can be called ‘poison’ created by magic. It is poisoned by being in the veil, and the poison becomes stronger as time goes by.

‘also. Edmond’s cube is not invaded.’

Balzac stood on the blackened earth. Kochila’s forces are panicking and going wild. On the other hand, the warriors of Zoran and allied tribes are not restricted by blinds. They marched on as if darkness did not exist and drove Kochilla.

‘This range and number… … .’

Balzac signed his hand and started counting. It may be different for each person, but in the next 10 minutes, hearing will disappear. And after 10 minutes, the sense of smell. In the case of the sense of touch, it takes a little more time. 15 minutes plenty. After another 20 minutes there, the feeling will be gone.

Finally, to take away one’s self… … This honestly didn’t count. This is because the loss of ego varies greatly depending on the individual’s willpower.

In fact, there was no need to lose even the ego. In the next hour, the enemies inside the blinds will lose all senses and will be unable to fight. If conditions are met, Balzac’s blinds can incapacitate and annihilate tens of thousands of large armies.

‘I don’t have to shoulder that karma right now.’

Balzac smiled bitterly and touched the ground with both hands.

It is actually not difficult to break this strong signature. All you have to do is step out of the blinds. However, the terrain of the valley, the ally pushing back, and the presence of Edmond standing behind Kochilla to prevent him from escaping prevented the enemies from escaping from the tent.

“Is that the same for me?”

Balzac chuckled and glanced back.

top of the cliff. I saw Loberian controlling the summoned beasts of the Pantheon. That great summoner gave orders to over 100 summoned beasts in perfect order while keeping an eye on the battle situation and at the same time monitoring Balzac’s every move.

I was conscious of the magic dagger implanted in my heart. Balzac thought he was good at deception, but it was impossible to deceive even the existence of this dagger.

‘If it was a magical oath, I could have cheated.’

Balzac’s soul is contracted with the demon king of confinement. Even an oath of magic cannot precede the contract of the demon lord.

… … The fact that Loberian used a dagger that was a sure method of destroying the heart, and that he was still monitoring it. After all, he did not believe Balzac’s oath.

‘I don’t want to be misunderstood.’

Balzac smiled bitterly and touched the ground with both hands. In this war, he had no intention of betraying Loberian or Eugene. Balzac’s purpose was clear and straight from the beginning. What he was trying to deceive in this darkness was himself, not anyone else.


Edmond gritted his teeth.

He, too, had a rough idea of ​​Balzac’s signature. veil of darkness. Starting with sight, block each sense. However, since Balzac and Edmond had never heard of each other trying to kill each other, this was the first time they had actually seen and experienced it.

“Magic poison. Decryption would be impossible. Is it impossible to interfere… … .”

Edmond has absolute confidence in his abilities as a wizard. However, it is impossible to destroy the archmage’s signature on the fly.

but. Because I knew in advance, I prepared for it. I didn’t want to use it as much as possible, though. Edmond licked his lips and listened to the Bloody Mary.

The blind’s darkness cannot invade Edmond’s cube. Even in this thick darkness, Edmond clearly preserves his sight.

The magical eyes planted in the footprints of the Earth God in advance… … Fortunately, his eye was intact.

The original idea was to project that vision onto everyone’s retinas, but the best way to deal with it couldn’t be used. This is because the warriors’ vision has already been completely blocked.

‘Next to sight, the senses are blocked sequentially. At best, it will take dozens of minutes to shut down. If it’s an addiction, of course it is. How long does it take to block the feeling?’

It is impossible to infer precisely. We’re just doing the best we can in the current situation. Blood Mary’s magical power dwelled in the space.

“Turn it off… … .”

The sorcerers around Edmond groaned. Wanting to preserve his strength as much as possible, Edmond sacrificed the lives of shamans to black magic.

Finely dispersed magic power dwelled in the Kochilla warriors. Then the warriors’ bewilderment quickly subsided. They still couldn’t see their eyes, but they were able to distinguish ‘magical power’ by their keen senses.

‘It may have been discovered by Balzac. But your magic and mine are not completely the same.’

Just like Edmond, Balzac can induce confusion on the battlefield by dispersing mana. Of course, Edmond was wary of that, and Thatcher was prepared.

“Your failure. Balzac Rudbesse. You couldn’t cover my eyes after all.”

The cube was not invaded. Then what Edmond would do from now on was very simple. First, find Balzac and kill him. Edmond grinned as he listened to the Bloody Mary. It was to find Balzac somewhere on the battlefield.

Soon, Edmond’s eyes fluttered. It was because Balzac was nowhere to be seen even though he was searching for magic over a wide area.

Edmond couldn’t understand why. The cube was not invaded. Everything about Edmond was in good health. But why can’t Balzac be found?

“Do something stupid… … !”


The light pouring in from beyond the veil cut through the darkness. The warriors who lost their sight did not see the light, but the warriors of Zoran and the allied tribes saw the light.

The rain-like light embraced the fallen warriors. Not all wounds can be cured, but fatal wounds have been cured. The warriors who had been given a reprieve from life staggered to their feet and took up their weapons again.


Melchis screamed and stomped his feet. Wherever her footsteps passed, lightning streamed and sparks exploded.

fast. Edmond saw it and gnashed his teeth. I couldn’t believe it when I actually saw it. How could one elemental magician make a contract with three elemental kings?

‘The saintess first… … No, it’s better to leave it alone for now.’

I thought coldly again.

The battlefield with the blinds down. It’s not unconditionally unfavorable to Edmond. His goal is not to win a war, but to complete a ritual.

If there is a sense that is blocked, the other senses are rather sharp. especially feeling. The magic that Edmond infused into the bodies of the warriors raises their consciousness and creates madness instead of fear.

Enemies are no different. favorable battlefield. Excited to win. Inspired fraud. A light that makes you stand up and fight even if you fall down is not unconditionally helpful. The flame of life that rises at the moment life and life collide nourishes consciousness and soul. All of that becomes a living sacrifice of consciousness.

‘First of all, I have to kill the owner of the white pagoda.’

A spirit sorcerer contracted with three spirit kings… … .

In the history of the continent, and even in the future, such an elementalist would not exist. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a walking war. Her presence alone can change the game of war.

That’s why I have to kill even more now.

A magical red magic flowed from the Bloody Mary. … … Kurrureung! As Melchis advanced, the ground around him shook.



The earth spirit king, Yanos, warned Melchis. Quarrrrr! Thick chains rose from the blackened ground.

“Looks like you want to kill this Melchis-sama!”

The moment the chains were about to wrap around Melchis’ limbs. Melkis sneered at him and stamped his feet. The soil rising from the ground became several hands and grabbed his chains. At the same time, Melchis threw down a fist wrapped in flames.

“Fire Punch!”

The spear of death that flew through space and the fist of flame collided with each other.

Edmond’s attack was not the only one. The overturned ground, the large monsters crouching in the depths attacked Melchis at Edmond’s command.

“Thunderbolt Kick!”

Although he was in a position to ignore it, the lightning that followed the roughly swinging kick hit the monsters. The sight made Edmond’s shoulders tremble.

“How could a subject of that level not have such dignity… … !”

Edmond felt genuine contempt.

* * *

‘It’s embarrassing.’

Hector clicked his tongue and blinked his eyes, rolling his four pupils back and forth. But nothing was visible.

Still, I figured out the situation. Because his soul was directly connected to Edmond, he could hear Edmond’s message continuously.

Edmond’s mana filled his body, and his body strengthened in various ways. I didn’t adapt well at first, but after a while, I was able to grasp my surroundings even without my eyes.

Hearing and smell not yet blocked. And the tactile and sensitive senses of the skin. As I was actively immersed in them, I could see my surroundings ‘better’ than I could see with my own eyes. It felt like seeing the space itself through the eyes of a third person.

From there, the hesitation in movement disappeared. The battle with the newly obtained hideous body was very free.

I didn’t overdo it. Hector knew his subjects well. Arrogance due to the strength of the body, thanks to the disastrous defeat he suffered against the Death Knight, he immediately abandoned it.

arrogance about skill. … … Abandoned at Black Lion Castle. Eugene Lionhart. He was a monstrous talent that Hector couldn’t win even if he attacked 1,000 times.

‘It won’t change now.’

Even knowing that, Hector sought Eugene. I myself knew why. This was jealousy that resembled admiration, no, pretended to be admiration. He knew he couldn’t defeat Eugene on his own, but he wanted to see Eugene fight. And if possible, I wanted to see Eugene die.

It wasn’t just Eugene that Hector was looking for.

Cyan Lionhart. The next head of the family. Didn’t he come to this battlefield too?

It wasn’t just Eugene that Hector felt ‘jealous’. I knew from a young age that I had talent. However, the collateral environment made Hector give up a lot.

What about twins in the family? Are their qualities really as good as Hector’s? Hector didn’t think so. In fact, the twins from the main family couldn’t stop Hector in the forest of the Black Lion Castle… … .

‘At that time, I couldn’t kill with my own hands.’

In the ritual of Iod, the twins had to be sacrificed. But the ceremony here does not require the twins, Cyan Lionheart, to be alive.

Even the original family, which was treated as unconditionally special, is now ordinary, no different from a corpse rolling around on the battlefield.

Hector moved, wiping off the blood soaking his six hands. With the goal clearly set, a new murderous intent surged from the depths of her heart.

You can’t kill Eugene, but you can kill Xian. Rather, for Hector, killing the next head of Lionheart with his own hands had a greater symbolic meaning.


At first I felt nauseous, but after a while I didn’t even feel that way. really killed people… … . In preparation for such a case, I prepared an excuse that I couldn’t help it. However, when he actually swung his sword and killed a person, he had no time to think of such an excuse.

I was just out of my mind. Killing here and there, screaming… … All Xian could do in such a situation was not to forget himself. He was the next head of Lionheart, and he was the one who should never die here.


My body, which shivered at first, no longer trembles.

I learned that cutting people is a very f*cked up feeling. I learned what kind of sensation is transmitted to the hand when a well-forged sword ‘really’ cuts a person’s body, and what the agony of death sounds like.

Every time he learned something he didn’t know, Xi’an’s heart beat and his head twitched. Still, the body moved very well, the field of view was wide and clear, and the accidents continued uninterrupted.

“… … you.”

Eugene’s face was nowhere to be seen. She broke up with him right away. To be precise, Xian left Eugene. She didn’t want to get in the way.

“Are you Hector?”

He pulled out the sword that had been driven into the native’s chest. He rubbed the blood off his face and looked ahead.

I saw the ‘monster’ creeping this way. It was a monster that could hardly be called a human. A body as big as a monster, six different arms, and a mixed body. ugly face.

But the eyes were familiar. Originally, these were not his pupils, but Xian sensed Hector in those four pupils.

“They say the eyes reflect the soul.”

Hector laughed, twisting his four invisible pupils. At those words, Xian spat.

“If it is lost, it will quietly disappear. I never thought I would become such a monster.”

“Are you going to dump?”

“Then should I run away? why do you have to Hector, you betrayed Lionheart. I don’t know anyone else, but I’ll kill you here.”

He himself was strange and strange. such a monster… … in front of me, I didn’t feel scared. Hector, who became a monster, was well three times as big as Xian, but Xian did not think he had to back down. Rather, I thought I should go forward.

For Xian, it was both a will and a mission.

The one who tarnished Lionheart’s name. family traitor. It would be dishonorable to back away or run away in front of such a bastard. This is something the next head of household should never do.

He held the sword in his right hand and the shield of Geddon in his left. Lionheart’s uniform worn so as not to be ashamed of himself. ㅡHe felt a heat in his chest on the left. The pattern of the hometown seemed to heat up the heart.

Hector, who was blind, could not see the Lionheart’s uniform and family crest worn by Xian. However, I could feel Xian’s clear intent to kill.

From the ‘eyes’ seen through other senses, he saw the pure white flames of mana wrapping around Xian’s body.

The flames began to flutter like a lion’s mane.

* * *

Purple flames soared in the form of wings.

Eugene’s signature, prominence. Scattering feathers of flame roamed the darkness. Some of the sparks flew out of the blinds and left them on the cliff beside Christina and Loberian. It was to respond when someone attacked the two of them.

‘… … I can’t see Balzac.’

I wasn’t upset. The quickest way to destroy the blinds is to kill the sorcerer Balzac himself. Therefore, Balzac had been prearranged to conceal his body while remaining blind, and to interfere with Edmond’s consciousness and devote himself to obstruction.

Of course, Eugene couldn’t completely trust that word, so he was conscious of the magic dagger he had received in advance.

If this consciousness changes, and Balzac does it. Eugene would tear Balzac’s heart without hesitation. In order to quickly grasp the situation, Prominence feathers were scattered everywhere.

‘… … draft.’

Eugene’s eyebrows furrowed. A few feathers were placed near the cyan. If it was, it was for Xi’an to intervene in a dangerous situation. Right now, Xian was fighting an unknown monster.

‘Should I go and kill him?’

Hector, he said. I didn’t know that it would turn out like that.

Seeing them fight, I decided that Xian was a tough opponent to deal with. Surprisingly, Xian is fighting well. At every dangerous moment, he uses Geddon’s shield to deflect attacks, and digs into tiny gaps to stab Hector with his sword. The white flames sparked by Xian were vivid, and even now the flames were getting bigger and bigger.

In the end, Eugene did not move to Xian. It was because he decided that a fight with Hector was necessary for Xian.

Eugene had a lot of work to do right now. You must kill Edmond during the ritual. His Cube boasts absolute defense, but the light generated by the Holy Sword or the Moonlight Sword will be able to destroy even that proud Cube.


“I knew you would come.”

Eugene murmured as he put his hand inside his cloak.

I saw the Death Knight approaching through the darkness.

“The tricks are insignificant.”

The Death Knight grinned. he is undead long dead body. The heart doesn’t beat, and the eyes don’t see from the beginning. It means that the senses are lost in the very beginning.

The Death Knight, made by raising a corpse, does not lose anything even in the blinds. Death Knight frowned and glared at Eugene.

“Little boy. I didn’t fight well last time… … .”

“It’s a long excuse.”

Yujin laughed and shook her head.

derision. The Death Knight’s face hardened coldly.


Death Knight pulled out his sword.

Footprints of the Earth God

Even though it was a body that could not use mana, the Death Knight could accurately feel the flow of mana. He stared at her Eugene with thinly open eyes.

… … Vermouth flames fluttering like a lion’s mane. Indeed, 300 years ago, that flame had no name.

However, after the Lionheart family was established, that flame was named ‘Baekyeomsik’. I’ve heard that the core is counted by stars to determine the level… … .

‘Purple flames… … Did you smelt mana in a different way than vermouth? Or did he independently develop the mana training method that started with Vermouth?’

I couldn’t figure out the details, but Death Knight felt something special about that flame. Each of the scattered embers was an absurdly high concentration of mana.

Besides, the fireworks aren’t everything. Lightning crackling and bouncing… … Unlike pure mana, lightning that seems to be really alive is mixed with the flame.

‘… … What else is that on the back? Is it a wing?’

What bothered me the most was the wings of flame that stretched high behind Eugene’s back.

Wings to see… … It looks like… … I was very concerned that only one leaf had sprouted. No matter how I looked at it, it didn’t seem like they had wings to fly.

Then it must be wings for something else. Death Knight could not guess the significance of the single wing. It is not a simple manifestation of mana. It must have been something magic, but Death Knight was ignorant of magic.

300 years ago. While alive, it was okay to be ignorant of magic. Even if the Death Knight didn’t care about magic, he had a colleague who would respond to magic.

… … I didn’t want to think about it. The Death Knight leaned her body forward while grinding her teeth.

I thought it was different from last time. At that time, my body was not well, no, my accident was not working properly. I know that 300 years is a long time.

still. No matter how long and flying a guy born in this era is, there is no way he can beat ‘Me’ or ‘Hamel’.

… … I know it’s not an easy opponent. But you can win. I had to win.

I couldn’t imagine being defeated by Vermouth himself, not by his distant descendant.

The Death Knight’s feet pushed the ground. He was going to dig in in an instant and cut his body.

Eugene’s figure disappeared. The embarrassment was brief. It may sound contradictory to the corpse, but the sensitive senses detected the movement of mana. The Death Knight immediately threw her body to her side.

Dragon spear Karvos. It always happened when Vermouth used that spear… … Unlike Death Knight’s memory, the ‘spear’ that stabbed the square did not make a loud noise.

“The bad guy.”

The other day, I wrote Winid. This time it’s not a sword, but a spear? It’s okay to look down on your opponent.

The Death Knight moved his sword with irritation and anger. Just like Eugene’s spear, Death Knight’s sword moved silently.

The magic power that wrapped around the blade did not grow loudly, but calmly subsided. At some point, the swaying, moving trajectory flashed.

“Sura light.”

Eugene muttered involuntarily.

A wild dance of blades entangled in a mess. Surprisingly, it was not unfamiliar. A darkroom in the basement of Lionheart. Eugene had already fought with ‘Hamel’ there.

Rather, Hamel’s sword that he fought back then was sharper and faster. It was natural. Hamel in the darkroom is the one who projected Eugene’s image. It was an existence that was a few steps closer to the state that Eugene had pursued and set as an ideal when he was Hamel.


It was really brutally killed by ‘me’ in the dark room. The number of deaths over half a year would easily exceed dozens of times.

The memory is still vivid. There are no loopholes in that rampant dance named Sura Gwangsal. It’s not even a chronic habit. Since there are no loopholes, it is impossible to destroy it by stabbing it.

I know how to respond though. If a series of wild dances attack us, we can deal with them in the same way. Eugene dragged his feet back and held his dragon spear with both hands.

It is not necessary to unconditionally unleash the light beam with a sword. The straight window shook.

Before long, the window was divided into dozens. The swaying flames created individual spears. the sword cuts The window stabs. The sword stabs. windows hit A rampage created by completely different weapons intertwined.

‘Of course’ the Death Knight’s sword was pushed back. You can never overwhelm Eugene with techniques based on past memories.

The moment Death Knight had no choice but to turn off his feet. The light gathered at the tip of her dragon spear, which thrust forward at her.


Artillery shot from the tip of the spear. … … I didn’t expect to be pushed back, but I expected the bombardment of the dragon spear. The Death Knight rotated his body with his stiff face, narrowly avoiding his breath. Because of the expected artillery fire, Death Knight was able to link the attack immediately.

The black magic enveloping his hand swelled. An infinite purgatory that tore everything swallowed to shreds spread out with magical sword steel.

At that moment, Eugene’s hand was clutching another weapon. It was Aspel, a predatory sword with a saw-like blade.

Quaggagak! Aspel easily cut through the sword steel of magical power. That’s how Eugene came forward and swung an Aspell into the Death Knight’s chest.

The mana that was wrapped around the defense was cut off. Death Knight didn’t want to back down any longer, so he inserted a blade into Aspel’s orbit.

Caang! A dull rustle. Eugene took Aspel without regret.

Weapons changed again.

big hammer. crushing weight. The Death Knight’s eyes shuddered and trembled. There’s no way you don’t know that weapon.

‘Wineed, Karbos, Aspel, and even a crushing weight?’

Vermouth was the only one who could handle the demon lord’s arms. Does his descendant, the bastard, even handle crushing weights? No—- what I need to worry about now is not how that guy can hold the crushing weight.

sword in the window. Hammer from the sword. They are completely different weapons. The handling method as well as the change in the gap continues smoothly without a momentary interruption.

… … The feeling of incongruity from last time became stronger. Even though they are similar, they are very similar. Because he is a descendant of Vermouth? By the way, why?

‘Why are you looking like me and not vermouth?’

Kwakjik! The crushing weight he swung blew the Death Knight’s body into the sky. Although she defended her magical power, the power of the crushing weight made the body of the Death Knight shudder.


Eugene came forward in an instant. too fast too fast How many guys have been this fast in the past? No, was there?

It wasn’t just fast. Kwak! The attack from the cloak pushed the Death Knight further away. Winid. The ensuing storm struck the Death Knight. He chased the storm with his eyes and swung his sword.

The wind without Bailey cut. The wind entwined the sword and changed its trajectory. The parrying of the attack in that way was Hamel’s specialty. Eugene moved closer to the Death Knight, twitching her lips.

Naturally, Eugene didn’t like all of that. I couldn’t say I was Hamel, as Amelia Merwin might be listening. 직접 말해줄 수 없기에 더더욱, 저 개새끼의 모든 것을, 확실하게 부정해 주고 싶었다.

Sword and sword intertwined again. Death Knight tried to let go of Eugene’s sword like he did just before, but it didn’t work as intended. Winid made fun of the Death Knight by circumventing the flow of the Death Knight.

Again, pushed The Death Knight’s face was distorted.

Cheer up! The magic that rose from the sword and body seized Winid. Eugene twisted Winid. Storm and flames mingled. The magic that tried to hold on was rather held by Eugene’s power.

The sword didn’t move any more. Death Knight hastily stretched out his left hand to Eugene. Black magic tried to pierce Eugene’s body, but it was also blocked by Eugene’s hand. The flames became a wall and blocked the Death Knight.

Beyond the wall of flame, Eugene’s cloak fluttered. ㅡQuaaaaaang! A bolt of lightning shot from inside the cloak.

Brain light bow Karbos. Arrows shot without taking them out could not penetrate the Death Knight. Instead, he blew his body high into the sky once again.

“Kreuk… … .!”

The Death Knight bit his lip and raised his sword.

A ‘door’ opened in the heart that did not beat. Deep underground in the desert far away from here. The demon lord’s magical power controlled by Amelia Merwin transcended the distant space. Endless mana poured out of the wide open door.

Wow! The Death Knight’s sword was wrapped in magic. Too strong magic power destroyed the sword and hilt. However, the Death Knight still held the ‘sword’. The crystal of pure and destructive magical power became a sword.

The sense of intimidation and ferocity emitted by that sword was incomparable to before. Eugene pursed her lips and inserted her crushing weight into the cloak.

The brightly shining holy sword, Altair, was pulled out. The darkness of the blinds covered the footprints of the Earth God. Even in the middle of it, the Death Knight’s black magic was clearly visible.

The magic sword was dark, but Eugene’s holy sword shone dazzlingly. Eugene slowly raised his holy sword and operated the white flame ceremony. 6-star white salt. Purple flame covered the light of the holy sword.

The secret technique of the Dragonic family, the empty sword.

Swords began to overlap. The moment the three overlaps were achieved, a black spot spread across the sword steel that covered the holy sword. There’s no way that would be the case, but the holy sword began to tremble as if it were about to break. That’s how strong the power concentrated in the Holy Sword was.

‘What is that?’

The eyes of the Death Knight looking down opened wide. That technique is not Hamel’s. If so, is it Vermouth’s or Lionheart’s? I couldn’t figure it out, but I knew this one thing for sure.

That technology is dangerous. The absurd power that even the Death Knight himself wants to be able to control is flowing with unbelievable precision. There was no superfluity in such a flow of power.

It was perfect.

“… … haha!”

Upon seeing the sword, the Death Knight laughed involuntarily.

Hatred of Vermouth’s descendants. Anger at having learned Hamel’s things arbitrarily. intention to kill because of it. Those feelings were rather faded at this moment. After becoming a Death Knight, the joy that he had never been aware of before—- made the Death Knight laugh.

It was a Hamel-like smile. The Death Knight giggled and lowered her sword. A black line drawn from the sky fell on Eugene with the momentum to divide the world.

When the holy sword was raised to shoulder height. The overlapping sword was stabilized. You just need to wield it. There was no reason not to wield it. I didn’t like the way the Death Knight giggled.

With that body, with that face, with that voice, I hated Anise, Senya, Morone, and Vermouth. She felt murderous in laughing as if she really was Hamel.

‘Once more.’

Eugene twitched his lips and concentrated mana on the sword. The black spots that spread all over the sword. Originally, it exploded and colored the entire flame black, but now it was different.

When Geomgang is stacked 4 times. The sunspots did not burst and spread widely. And made the flame completely black. The holy sword was covered with black flames that seemed to suck your soul just by looking at it.

The moment Death Knight’s sword touches Eugene. Only then did Eugene swing her sword.

Originally, the head would have disappeared before even swinging the sword. But that didn’t happen now. From the moment Eugene’s air swords formed 4 stacks—- all the ‘power’ that existed in the space where Eugene stood at the center slowed down. The sword, made of pure magic, could not be free from the flow created by Eugene’s sword.

Because the magical sword flowed slowly.

It was no longer too late to swing the sword. Controlled power exploded. The darkness shook. The Death Knight’s sword was scattered and destroyed the moment it touched the air sword. What cut the world in two was not Death Knight’s sword, but Eugene’s sword.


I thought so. Even after dissipating the mana of that black flame, the power did not decrease. The Death Knight immediately pushed her body back and touched her heart with her left hand. There was no room for hesitation.

‘I, die.’

What should I do in this situation?

Can those who use ignition win?

Can I die here?

Reality dwells in the memories that were injected. The projected personality developed self-righteousness. There was no way to overcome this situation in the memory of the past. Right now, Death Knight had no Anise, Senya, Moron, or Vermouth.

So you have to do it alone. He died a long time ago, but he cannot die here again. He still had so much work to do.

A bent finger dug into his chest. She felt her heart stop beating with her fingertips.

A magical door that exists instead of a core. It’s already wide open, but it’s still a long way off. The Death Knight tore open the door with her own hands and twisted it.


Magical power pours out of the widened door. At that moment, a light exploded in the Death Knight’s head. The accident opened wide with the twisted wide door.

Death Knight’s movement changed. As he cursed, he forged the sword again with his magic. Even a few seconds ago, his magic power was strong, but he couldn’t compare it to the magic power he had right now after using Ignition.

The intense magic power became a sword again. At this moment, I didn’t even care about the pride of being ‘Hamel’. Just because I don’t want to die. because I can’t die

The magic power added by the ignition blocked the sword’s advance. It felt like my already dead heart was being shattered. The magic pouring out of the torn door burned the Death Knight’s body. Death Knight found Eugene in the sight that turned red and dark. Eugene holding her holy sword met the eyes of the Death Knight.

Eugene’s lips twisted. Glaring at his former life’s face, Eugene pursed his lips and whispered.


The prominence behind his back was on fire.

space jump. I haven’t even used it except for the first time. That dog, she was to tear and kill in a way that she misunderstood that she was good. Ignition? like you The simmering emotion made her put her hand on her heart without realizing it, but she calmed down right before.

I am not the opponent to use ignition. To that bastard? what to do Eugene had no intention of using Ignition to kill the Death Knight.

The fluttering feathers interlocked with Eugene. Ignition was replaced with Prominence instead of causing the heart and core to run out of control.

are pushing

In fact, it was true that I pushed it away, albeit for a moment. Undead, the magic power enough to disintegrate the Death Knight’s body blocked the advance of the air sword, and gained a slight advantage.

‘I won.’

For a moment, Death Knight thought so. She didn’t get the time to be sure. Rather, she disappeared and was denied. The power amplified by Prominence consumed the Death Knight’s magical power.

The darkness of the blinds lifted in an instant. Eugene’s sword cut through the entire space covered by the veil. The Death Knight, who was in the middle of the slash, couldn’t think of anything at that moment.

I only recognized the cruel reality.

The sword is gone. The magic power has disappeared. Eugene’s sword—- cut the Death Knight’s body. cut… … no, extinction. The Death Knight’s lower body no longer existed. fatal wound. It wasn’t over. The flames that erased the lower half of the body engulfed the rest of the body.

“… … .”

Death Knight opened his mouth involuntarily. But she couldn’t say anything. What to say, so many things ran through her head.

“I am… … .”

continuous question. Death Knight barely managed to squeeze his voice.

“I… … lost? to you?”

At some point, Eugene was in front of the Death Knight. Death Knight reached out to Eugene while shedding black mana like blood. A hand gesture that can be felt even desperately. Eugene extended her hand in the same way as if in response.

Unlike Death Knight’s helplessly floundering hand, the flame of mana was burning in Eugene’s palm. The feathers of Prominence combined with the flames to create a small sun. Soon, sunspots spread across the sun, turning it black.


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