Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 15

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Episode 15

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Sometimes you can see an older man pressing his Baekhoehyeol with his fingers.

If you look closely at such people, most of the time you will see that their hair is a bit sparse or has no hair at all.

The reason they do this is because it is said that Baekhoehyeol acupressure is very good for hair loss.

Even though it hurts a little when I press it, it quickly feels refreshing, giving me the illusion that my hair will grow quickly.

But the reality is harsh.

If baldness could be cured by acupressure, where would there be baldness in the world?

Baekhoehyeol is a vital point that, if hit hard, can send a person straight into the goal.

Bloodletting is so lethal that a child can kill a healthy adult.

Jeong Gwang’s fist, which contained a lot of power, was struck in the face of white blood.

Of course there would be an uproar!

“What are you doing!”

“execution! Are you okay? execution!”

“Hey, Jeonggwang… … Jeong Gwang-ah… … .”

Unyeon is angry, Jang Mun-in is urgently looking at the details of Un-hu, and even Heo-cheong is so shocked that he trembles – the situation is truly a mess!

Only Unhu and Jeong Gwang remained calm.

No, Unhu was half out of his mind due to Jeong Gwang’s punch, so only Jeong Gwang was calm.

“Dear dormitories. Jinki. “You have to keep adding it.”

“What? Now in this situation… … .”

“If the spirit is cut off now, Master Sajo will really go away.”

Unyeon and Jang Mun-in, who were shocked, breathed energy into Unhu’s body.

But soon he raised his eyes.

“On the death penalty’s head!”

“Such a big lump!”

How on earth did they hit it?

An extremely large lump suddenly appeared on the top of Unhu’s head.

Jeong Gwang shook his head calmly.

“It worked.”

“… … ?”

“The place in Sasukjo’s body that was losing the most vitality was Baekhoehyeol. Baekhoehyeol is also called Cheonryeonghyeol (天靈穴). “It’s a place where you can connect with the spirits of the sky, so it’s only natural.”

“… … ?”

“That’s why I hit him. “The large congestion blocks vitality from escaping, so it’s not a big deal that a lump appears.”

Everyone was confused by the incomprehensible words.

“S-is it okay for my brother-in-law?”


“Anyway, why did it make such a loud noise?”

“It’s because I didn’t hit Baekhoehyeol directly, but because I stopped right before it. The inner energy exploded in a space the size of a piece of paper, making a loud noise. “The shock wave created congestion in the skin just above the white gray acupoint.”

“… … .”

I explained it kindly, despite the inconvenience, but no one understood.

Seeing these people with their mouths open and unable to say anything, Jeong Gwang inwardly shook his head.

Even if they spoon feed you, you can’t eat it.

If it were the Heavenly Demon Church, there would be people who would understand this much.

‘I need to strengthen my training and raise my level quickly.’

Zheng Guang sat cross-legged, thinking a thought that would be remarkable if the Kunlun monks heard it.

And then he placed his hands on Unhu’s stomach.

At that moment, I met the gaze of Unhu, who had come to his senses and was halfway out.

“You promised, right? “I won’t lose my mind.”

“… … It did.”

“If it hurts, scream that it hurts. “Just because you tolerate it doesn’t make you cool.”

“… … haha. “I’m scared.”

“Why are you joking when you say you’re not even afraid of death?”

Jeong Gwang practiced the Sangcheong Immortal Divine Gong.

Jinki, who had come loose one by one from his hand, carefully touched Unhu’s broken danjeon.

‘This is no joke.’

The Danjeon, which was broken and shattered, was scattered into numerous fragments.

‘Okay, let’s see.’

It might have been unreasonable for him not long ago, but not for him now.

Jeong Gwang carefully traced these intangible fragments that would not be visible even if Unhu’s stomach was cut open.

“Wow! Ugh!”

Unhu continued to let out suppressed moans, but he didn’t care.

All I had to do was concentrate and continue to use Jinki.

Time passed like that.

‘I guess I get it.’

When he finally figured out the location and shape of all the fragments, Unhu was on the verge of losing his mind.

“Off… … .”

“You promised!”

“omg! Oh, I’m sorry. For a moment… … ah!”


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Unhu’s eyes widened as he barely came to his senses.

Isn’t Jeong Gwang’s entire body drenched in sweat?

Although he looked almost exhausted, his eyes were still clear.

“It’s going to hurt more now.”

“… … .”

“I’m going to patch up Sajo’s broken danjeon with my true energy.”

“… … .”

“So just hold on one more time… … .”

“Jeong Gwang-ah.”


“It is done.”

Unhu smiled a most benevolent smile.

“You have done enough. No, it’s too much.”

His eyes scanned everyone in the room.

When he saw the concern and earnestness in everyone’s eyes, a hollow smile appeared on his face.

“I’ll just go. Please take care of Kunlun. No. “I just want you to have fun.”

Unyeon and Jang Mun-in looked sad.

“execution… … .”

Tears flowed from He Qing’s eyes.

“Master… … .”

Jeong Gwang sighed.

“Whew. “Oh, I don’t know.”

A huge amount of energy arose from his dantian and gathered in his hands.


It became hundreds of thin stems and threaded through Yunhu’s dantian.


Unhu, who seemed like a immortal, let out a miserable scream.

Everyone was shocked and made an uproar, but Jeong Gwang could not hear it.

He was so focused.

He pieced together the fragments of Danjeon scattered in Unhu’s stomach without missing a single one.

I gathered them into their original form and stuck them together somehow.

At some point, a faint line was drawn on Jeong Gwang’s mouth.

good. Almost done.

If you just put this piece together… … .

Jeong Gwang tilted his head.

what? Isn’t this it?

Oh really. All over again.

I tried dozens of combinations.

That’s not right.

Then like this?

At this time, Unhu was almost out of breath.

Jeong Gwang split up Un-yeon and Jang Mun-in.



“Ah, I got it!”

Unyeon and Jang Mun-in poured all their energy into it like crazy.

At best, he wouldn’t be able to hold out for long, so Jeong Gwang concentrated once again and put the fragments together.

And after a long time has passed.

Jeong Gwang fell back and muttered.

“iced coffee. “It’s barely done.”

Unyeon, Jang Mun-in, and Heo Cheong shouted loudly.

However, Jeong Gwang, exhausted, fell asleep.

A struggle that took almost half a day.

Jeong Gwang was able to temporarily attach Unhu’s broken Danjeon and plant a piece of Jinki inside it.

* * *

When I opened my eyes, it was a familiar ceiling.

I glanced to the side and saw that Unhu was asleep.

There was a smile on his face, as if he was having a pleasant dream.

Jeong Gwang stood up and frowned.

‘Oh my gosh, it’s Saksin.’

I guess I overexerted myself for the first time in a while.

Well, anyway, I guess it was okay because I held on to my life, even if only for a moment.

Now I have to do the next thing… … .

Annoyance was evident in his expression.

What should I do though?

If you start, you have to finish.

Jeong Gwang forced himself to get up and head to the library.

I wasn’t there to see anything grand, but it was a general library with miscellaneous books.

Master Heo Ja-bae, who manages the place, was delighted when he saw Jeong-gwang.

“Oh oh. Are you awake now? Is it okay to move like this?”


“thank god. “You did a great job.”

“I just bought some time.”

“haha. I’m thankful for that alone. “I may say this as a Taoist monk, but I want to see you for as long as possible.”

Jeong Gwang chuckled at what he said humbly.

This appearance of the Kunlun Taoist monks was not that bad.

“So, what brings you here?”

“I want to look at the medical records.”

“Huh. Just training martial arts would be difficult, but what about medicine?”

“may I come in?”

“okay. “Go straight in and you’ll be on the twelfth shelf on the right.”

Jeong Gwang bowed and entered the library. I went as the middle-aged Taoist monk told me and found that there were quite a lot of medical books piled up there.

Cheongeumikbang (千金翼方), Yeongchugyeong (靈樞經), Geumgweyoryak (金匱要略), Acupuncture Gap-eulgyeong (鍼灸甲乙經), Peaceful Seonghyebang (太平成惠方)… … .

‘This is enough.’

These were famous medical books not only in the martial arts world but also in the private sector. The unstoppable footsteps that passed by just looking at the title stopped in front of a book shelf.

Girl’s Sutra, Yin-Yang Harmony Book, Jade Chamber Secret… … .

These are classics that we only heard about.

What is it about?

What are the differences compared to those of the Heavenly Demon Church?

His hand, which was heading toward the bookshelf as if possessed, stopped.

Because he was a strong man even without these things.

A moment later, he was standing in front of a bookshelf filled with medical books written by martial artists.

The pretentious bravado of a martial artist was exuded from the titles, such as Hwalseonbirok (活仙秘錄), Sinuijinjingyeong (神醫眞經), Murimhwatanaegyeong (Murimhwatanaegyeong), etc.

Jeong Gwang took them all out and laid them out on the floor.

And then I sat down in the middle and started reading one book after another.

It was more like reading words than just turning the pages of a book. So he sorted things out one by one, nodding or shaking his head.

I’ll have to look at this some more.

There is no need to see this anymore.

When I looked at a medical book for the first time in a long time, someone’s face came to mind.

It was his father.

‘son. ‘Why do you look at me like that?’

‘Are you going this year?’

‘Uh-huh! Let’s go! ‘A hundred years is a long way off!’

‘You lived for 100 years, but you want to live for another 100 years?’

‘cancer. I have to live with that much. I’m thinking about making one for your sister too… … for a moment. Son. Why are you pulling out the sword? uh? Uh-huh! for a moment! ‘Wait a minute, son!’

I couldn’t bear to cut him down, so I broke the sword and locked myself in the Cheonma Library.

And I read numerous medical books.

To know when my father will die.

To find out why I don’t die.

A month later, he appeared with a pale face due to not being exposed to sunlight for a long time, and his expression was dejected.

The reason his father did not die was simply due to his natural constitution.

‘Am I going to give up like this?’

There was still hope.

Jeong Gwang called upon the greatest doctors of the Heavenly Demon Church, the Life and Death Demon Doctor and the Life and Death Fourteen.

‘So, Lord So. Because of this… … .’

‘Are you guys quacks?’

‘Oh, no!’

‘I heard that you decide whether to save or die as you please, and that you are so bad that if you save one, you kill ten?’

‘no! ‘It’s not because I like it, it’s because I look at the situation!’

‘Me neither! Killing heat is just a hobby!’

‘Hmm. Is that so? You guys, you’ll have to come with me for a while.’

‘… … yes?’

They dragged them around and met and treated numerous patients.

When a year had passed, he had become the greatest magician.

He entered Gyojujeon with great vigor and only became convinced after forcibly defeating his father who was trying to run away.

‘crazy. ‘A hundred years might be too much, but fifty years would be no problem.’

As he expected, his father passed away fifty years later.

Because his father lived to be 150 years old, he had no regrets about his lifespan.

That may be why he followed his father and died a year later.

In any case, he, the greatest magician, even read the medical books of the famous royal sect to find a way to save Unhu.

And came to a conclusion.

“I think it will work.”

A sigh flowed from his mouth.

“I need to bleed.”

* * *

Outside the library, Taoist monks were gathered and murmuring.

Among them, Heo Cheong, Jeong Gwang’s master, was walking back and forth around the entrance, not knowing what to do.

‘It’s already been seven days and nights since I entered the library, and I still don’t think about coming out. How can I do this?’

Jang Mun-in, who was watching, tapped Heo Cheong on the shoulder.

“What are you doing like a puppy that wants to poop?”

“ah! “Are you here?”

“Has the concentrate not come out yet?”

“That’s right. Even if you tell them to come out, they won’t listen. “But don’t worry too much, because I’m still eating the snacks I put in you.”

“Why are you worrying when you’re doing it?”

“… … sorry. “How do you feel about it, Master?”

“The executioner of Unhu is sleeping. You open your eyes at least once a day, but what will happen in the future? … .”

Jang Moon-in, who had a worried expression, smiled faintly.

“Your brother has already used up the lifespan he was given by heaven. I’m rather worried about Jeonggwang. To think that at such a young age, he was reading medical books for seven days and nights without sleep… … ah! “You came out.”

As he said, a pale-faced man was coming out of the library.

Heo Qing unfolded a lightning telegraph and hugged Jeong Gwang in the blink of an eye.

“Are you okay? “Are you in any pain?”


“Thank goodness, I’m so glad. “Why are you acting so unreasonably?”

“I want to save King Sajo.”

“This guy. You should also think about your health. You have done enough. “There is no other way, so get some rest.”

“There is.”

“… … what?”

“I can save Sajo’s life.”

“… … “Is this true?”

When Jeong Gwang nodded, the Taoists watching around him cheered. Even Jang Mun-in clenched his fists.

Jeong Gwang found Jang Mun-in, approached him, and opened his mouth.

“I need something.”

“okay. “Tell me anything.”


“of course! “What is it?”

Jang Mun-in’s will to provide anything, even if it meant pulling out the roots of Kunlun’s pillar, faded with Jeong Gwang’s continued words.

“As a professional, I have to be busier than when I was training.”

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