Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 225

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Chapter 225

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That night.

I was having a conversation with Adela.

The words were conversation, almost as if I was talking to myself.

Adela was mostly listening.

With a serious expression on his face, he chewed on my story over and over again.

“This is what led to this incident.”

A total of 3 hours passed like that.

My talk is over.

There were so many tangled stories between me and the Black Mage Tower that even after condensing it as much as possible, 3 hours passed.

Even if the real Captain Charles said only as much as he knew, it was this much.

How long would it have taken if I had told Captain Charles all the things I hadn’t told him?

Wouldn’t it take more than 5 hours?

“Is there anything you don’t understand? I’m curious.”

“I wonder… … .”

There was no change in Adela’s expression. she is still dazed

Did I overload my brain by listening to too many things at once?

“… … that, i don’t know My head is too complicated… … .”

The expression that I don’t even know what I don’t understand.

It looks like it’s really complicated.

“Think slowly. There is still plenty of time.”

“… … yes.”

Adela replied with a blank expression.

“Hey, can I go back today?”

“Will you?”

“yes. I think I need some alone time.”

Certainly, when my head is complicated, being alone is the best.

Just because someone is nearby, my head doesn’t work well.

“okay. then.”

I just got up from my seat.

Then he took out the coat Adela had been wearing.

Adela, who had been sitting blankly even after I got up, now hurriedly got up from her seat.

Seeing how dazed he was, if he hadn’t taken out his coat, he would have just returned to that state.

“thank you.”

Having been handed over the coat, Adela hurriedly donned it and bowed her head.

“Thinking about it, if you don’t understand something or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. It doesn’t matter if it’s late or whatever.”

“… … yes. Excuse me then.”

Normally, even if he died soon, he would say, ‘I can’t excuse you, so I’ll call you tomorrow morning.’

It must mean that you put a lot of thought into this matter.

“Then see you tomorrow.”

I am already convinced that I will see you again tomorrow.

Perhaps, after organizing my thoughts all night and writing down all the things that I think are doubtful, they will come to me tomorrow and shower me with questions.

It is good to see Adela constantly asking questions.

“Oh, and let me meet Miho tomorrow.”

As I said, Captain Charles told me everything he knew.

Of course, I know that Miho is in subspace.

So that’s what you say.


At my answer, Adela gave a small smile.

Then I bowed my head one last time and left my room.

* * *

next morning.

As usual, I was reading a book in Mimir’s Book.

The alarm magic linked to the doorbell in the room was activated.

Someone rang the doorbell in my room.


Maybe Adela.

It must have come to me again as soon as the sun rises after finishing organizing my thoughts all night.

I opened the door, half convinced it was Adela.


But what is this?

The visitor was not Adela.

“… … Captain?”

“Why are you so surprised? Did you even hide a girlfriend inside?”

The visitor was Captain Charles.

I really didn’t expect it.

“what. Really? We talked about it yesterday. Did you sleep here as it is?”

Captain Charles lowered his voice.


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He seems to think that Adela is really inside.

“no. no. I went back yesterday There is no one inside.”

“… … no way. what. doesn’t exist?”

Captain Charles showed disappointment with an expression that the steam had cooled down.

“How could I just send her back in that situation? Aren’t you a man?”

And then he put on a smirk. It was a playful look on his face.

“Because we are not like that. and with stupidity. In the middle of such a serious talk, how do you get in that mood?”

“How is it? A woman with a broken heart. A man who believes in her and tells the truth. Belief in being one with each other. building trust. And that trust is combined with the friendship that has been built up until now, with passion and love… … .”

It was like a dreaming girl.

“Captain. Do you watch a lot of dramas these days?”

“… … .”

Captain Charles was at a loss for words. It was the reaction of someone who had been stabbed to the point.

“Looks right.”

Not too long ago, the person who sang that there was nothing to do in Korea.

At one point, I didn’t want to say that. You were watching a drama.

So, is the recent change in fashion influenced by the drama?

If that’s the case, it would mean that Director Charles is quite deeply immersed in the drama.

“Captain. I’m telling you because I’m worried. Drama is not reality. It’s all fiction. Even Koreans don’t date like that.”

And such studies usually subtly confuse the virtual with the real.

Captain Charles had a long life as a mercenary and lacked common sense, so perhaps he misunderstood more.

“… … okay?”


“Don’t you just do candy kisses?”


“Do you like me. Aren’t you saying the same thing?”

“Absolutely not.”

“I can’t… … .”

Captain Charles was frustrated.

It is the expression of the instep stamped on the ax of faith.

You seem to have fallen deeply into the real drama.

“I just told my kids that Koreans date like this… … .”

“You didn’t say it was a drama, did you say it as if it were real?”

“uh… … . His name is the leader of the mercenary corps, but when it comes to watching dramas, something is a bit like that… … . So when you ask me to talk about Korea, people here say dating is a bit unusual… … .”

Captain Charles was restless.

“Isn’t there any particular problem?”

Isn’t there anything wrong with telling the drama as if it were real?

If the other mercenaries have common sense similar to that of Captain Charles, there’s no way they’ll be found out.

Even if you get caught, it doesn’t matter that you watched some dramas.

There is nothing wrong with it.

“Will it be a problem? many. A lot. So many crazy… … .”

“What’s wrong?”

“first… … One of our kids is Korean. He came over at the age of 20 and started his mercenary life… … . Anyway, you’re quick about Korea, aren’t you?”

“… … aha. Then you might have heard.”

That person would have noticed right away that the captain was talking nonsense.

“And he… … Did you sing that Korean dramas are so fun?”

this buildup.

What will come out, you can roughly guess.

“What did you say with that?”

“… … uh. What’s fun about such a childish love story… … . A lot of fuss… … . I said I was just a kid… … .”

I knew it.

“I was really very picky… … . In that situation, it must be known that I watched the drama… … .”

Captain Charles’ complexion turned blue.

“Have you accumulated a lot of karma?”

“… … ha ha ha.”

Captain Charles covered his eyes with his right hand.

“I’m screwed… … . The leader’s dignity… … . My charisma… … .”

Seeing Captain Charles in despair, I offered a small word of consolation.

“Hey, do your best.”

“I’m screwed… … .”

But did my consolation actually become poison?

Captain Charles became even more desperate.

* * *

After that, Captain Charles died right away after briefly explaining the business he had come to find me.

Normally, he would have waited a little longer before leaving, but today he left right away with an expression that he was not in the mood to chat.

The farther back looked quite pitiful.

‘… … So why did you say that?’

There are many karma in this world. Among them, touching people’s hobbies belongs to the highest level of karma.

There is no worse karma than denying someone of their favorite hobby.

How much more does the party enjoy the neglected hobby later?


I just imagined it a little, but my face blushed.

I’m really ashamed.

‘I express my condolences.’

I sent words of deep consolation to myself, thinking of Captain Charles, who was pathetic in the world.

‘Well, that’s it… … .’

I checked the report that Captain Charles handed over.

[Settlement details of Thunderbird corpse processing amount]

Previously, sales of by-products of non-ranked endangered species that were processed in Mt. Baekdu and sold through AS have ended.

This is a report detailing how and at what price the by-products were sold.

‘It’s definitely cheaper than the regular price. Even if it’s just this much, it’s a good thing.’

It’s smuggling, and even though I only received 70% of it, this is really amazing.

If it wasn’t for Captain Charles’ personal connections and reputation, I wouldn’t have received half of this price.

Even if you met a real broker, it would have been about 60% of this price.

‘It’s definitely worth asking me to trust him.’

Is it because mercenaries and brokers are somewhat closely related?

Brokers seem to have made quite a few concessions.

In the shadows, Captain Charles’ name value is almost as high as that of Sophia. There must be something I didn’t play around with.

‘Anyway, I can go anywhere with this amount.’

The student status that had bound me disappeared with the passing of the skipping exam yesterday.

Now, wherever I go, I am free.

‘Certainly France is a bit expensive.’

I’m thinking of going to France for a while to enjoy that freedom.

Please note that this is not for travel purposes.

If it was the purpose of the trip in the first place, I wouldn’t have spent the money I earned from selling the Thunderbird corpse this time.

He must have just received family support.

‘Because I applied for a fake ID in advance… … It comes out in 4 days. He said that the flight would be ready within three days if you deposited the money.’

The fact that I didn’t have family support and tried to spend the money from the sale of Thunderbird’s corpse was because this was not something I was proud of.

I am thinking of smuggling into France illegally.

Preparations for that have already been completed.

‘The key is that Ignis can be obtained within two months… … .’

The objective is to obtain the medium of Ignis that exists in France.

This smuggling is for that purpose.

‘If it was to officially enter the country, I could find it unconditionally within two months.’

If it had been formal entry into the country, I would have been able to go anywhere.

If so, finding Ignis would have been very easy.

However, this time I am not officially entering the country, but smuggling illegally.

There are bound to be restrictions on action.

‘… … If only it weren’t for the Black Mage Tower guys.’

This is all because of the Black Mage Tower.

If they weren’t paying attention to me, I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money smuggling into the country.

‘after. what can i do The situation is like this. I have to accept the inconvenience of being abroad.’

The reason why the Black Mage Tower guys can’t openly target me right now is because I’m in Korea.

As the country is small, the density of security is incomparable to that of other countries.

The Madosinga’s security net is spread all over the metropolitan area.

Since my father and the gigantic force of Kim Kang-in are located nearby, they can’t aim for me hastily.

But if I go abroad, that’s a different story.

Just like I was threatened countless times by them in America.

The moment I go abroad, I will be bitten like crazy by them.

That’s why I’m trying to smuggle out.

To keep them from knowing that I went abroad.

That way they won’t go after me.

By the way, this is also the reason why I did not receive family support.

There are hackers among the executives of the Black Mage Tower.

As much as that, if I moved the family’s money for no reason, they might find out that I was secretly leaving the country.

In order to prevent that, he prepared by using the black money he earned from selling Thunderbird’s corpse.

This is a hacker, and there is no way to know my whereabouts.

‘I think I’ll need a local volunteer to help me… … .’

A helper who will somewhat alleviate the inconvenience that I, as an undocumented immigrant, will experience.

With such a helper, finding Ignis’ medium would be much easier.

‘I wonder if Adela will do it.’

And the best helper is none other than Adela.

As much as I know my situation, I can be trusted.

As he was born into the famous Stairt family in France, he also possesses considerable power.

So yesterday, when we talked. He even hinted that he would go to France and ask for some help.

I haven’t heard the answer yet though.

‘As long as Adela helps, there will be no real worries.’

Seeing that you haven’t contacted me yet, am I hesitating?

‘Should I call you first?’

It was when I was stroking my phone while thinking about that.


Just then the phone rang.


The three-letter name Adela appeared on the screen.

A text came from Adela.

I checked the text right away.

[I am so sorry that I am late. It’s a bit late to organize.]

[france. I’ll go. How can I plan the schedule?]


The content of the text was exactly what I wanted.

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