Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 241

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Chapter 241

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After that.

I told Stella that the uneasy feeling was due to my mood.

The internal mana was isolated, and the mana changed into a generally pleasant feeling. I thought that remnant was an unpleasant feeling.

Roughly it looked like this.

Because it was a pretty plausible excuse, there was no suspicion.

Instead of being suspicious, they were just surprised.

‘Can you feel the energy of mana in such detail? and… … .’

I make my eyes shine.

Without exaggeration, it felt like a god looking at the god he enshrined.

The already burdensome eyes became even more burdensome.

That excuse at the time was a mistake when I think about it now.

Read the atmosphere of mana.

The only people who can do this are me and Sophia-sama.

Although Adela’s Mind’s Eye and Kim Kang-in’s Hong-ok’s Eye could read the characteristics of mana to some extent.

It is impossible to read even the smallest qualities, such as a moldy feeling.

To say that you can do such a thing, Stella can’t help but be surprised.

Thinking back, the excuse was flimsy.

I forgot that I was Luan Palatia and made an excuse worthy of a vassal.

‘Well, I don’t think my identity will be doubted to this extent… … .’

As these things pile up, you never know what will happen later.

I should be more careful from now on.

Considering Stella’s ability to turn her brain and her senses, you have to be really careful.

If I make one or two more mistakes, my identity may be exposed.

‘I have to be careful starting today’s meeting.’

The current time is 7 PM.

20 minutes before the tea party hosted by Sein.

I calmed down again in front of the meeting place, Binosugar’s mansion.

‘Considering Sein-sama’s unpredictable personality and Lillian-sama’s playfulness, we must never be vigilant.’

You never know when Shin Ha-yul will appear again.

You must eat heartily.

If you’re not careful, you’ll get eaten.


I took one last deep breath and entered the building.

* * *


The tea party hosted by Sein Binoche has begun.

The participants were five, including the two mothers and daughters of the Vinosuga and Stairt families, and Luan Palatia.

One person sits in the middle of a rectangular table, and the two of them are scattered to the left and right.

Needless to say, the center is the seat of honor.

“… … Is this really the right arrangement?”

Usually, it is normal for Sain, the organizer, to sit in the middle seat, which is the most prestigious seat.

Aside from being the organizer, he is also the highest-ranking person in society.

He is also the owner of this house.

If Sofia Anezefri were in this seat, Saint Binoche should have sat in the seat of honor.

that’s the normal layout

“I’m an outsider and I’m the superior.”

However, Sain’s bubbly personality defies normal judgment.

The current head of state is Luan Palatia. In other words, Shin Ha-yul is sitting.

On the left and right, mothers and daughters from two families are seated in turn.

“There is no need to put meaning in the place. I’m just sitting here because I’m comfortable in this seat.”

Sein observed Shin Ha-yul with an expression that the world was interesting.

The restless look is a very cute expression.

It was clear that he sat there to make fun of anyone.

“And you better get used to it. You will be seated often in the future.”

“What else… … .”

What do you mean you will be sitting often? Does this mean that tea parties will be held frequently?

“If you come in as Daryl’s son-in-law, won’t you sit down often?”


restless seat. Stella, who had been listening with an anxious expression on her face, got up from her seat and shouted.

I was wondering if it was, and it was.

“Calm down. It’s true that Luan becomes the head of the family based on his skills. It is the loss of mankind to rot the son-in-law of Daryl. Even if you want to sit there… … .”

“No, you don’t mean that!”

“Hmm. Wasn’t it a problem to hand over the family head to the son-in-law? Then what’s the matter?”

Sein smiled smirkingly.

Stella said, ‘Oh, really.’ he muttered.

“It was a problem before that.”

“A previous problem?”


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Sein stroked his chin and raised the corner of his mouth.

“Right. Do you want to be engaged before marriage? I don’t think it’s necessary to get engaged in this day and age. If you really want to do it, I won’t oppose it.”

Stella is at a loss for words.

I never imagined that such words would come out.

“okay. Luan. I’m a daughter who only has girlish dreams like that, but doesn’t it matter? If it doesn’t matter, from the engagement… … .”


Stella exclaimed.

Reddened cheeks and ears.

It’s an expression of shame.

Seeing Stella like that, Sein smiled brightly to the world.

It’s such a happy face

“It is a joke. joke. What are you taking so seriously? Serious people are not popular.”

“Chi… … .”

Stella’s lips protruded like ducks.

“Whatever you do every day, they say it’s a joke… … .”

Then he grumbled with an annoyed expression on his face.

“The mother-daughter relationship is so nice to see.”

It must have looked pretty cute, Lillian covered her mouth and smiled a little.

“I’m so envious of a relationship that seems so out of place.”

Then, he glances at Adela, who was blankly beside him with a meaningful expression on his face.

“My child is like this… … . No matter what I say, there is no reaction.”

“It is the same for our children.”

Sain smiles and looks at Stella, who is still fighting her spirits.

“You may not see it, but at school it’s to the point where I’m called the Ice Queen. He is gifted at managing facial expressions and managing emotions.”

“Give me sickness, give me medicine. drumming and drumming. It’s the same every day… … .”

Stella muttered, still pouting.

It was a very well-rounded look.

“To get these kids to react, you have to choose the topic well. If you poke a weakness that has no choice but to react, the emotions that you normally suppressed will burst out.”


Lillian was genuinely impressed.

“Don’t teach me to be serious… … .”

Stella was still grumbling.

“Your kid looks similar to our kid in that way. It would be nice to approach it that way. It seems that there is a material that will respond immediately if you stab it.”

“ah. Ha Yul?”

Adela’s shoulders trembled.

It was a very violent reaction even though only three letters of Shin Ha-yul’s name came out normally.

Seeing that, Sein flicked his tongue.

It looked like a child discovering a new toy.

“The response is already coming.”

Lillian’s smile grew even wider.

“Thanks for the great tip. That tip later, after returning to Korea. I’ll use it well when I’m with Ha-yul.”

“mom… … .”

Adela shouted in a low voice, begging her not to do that.

Lillian’s smile grew wider.

It was an expression that I had to use unconditionally.

“okay. Try it and ask for a review.”

“then. of course.”


The consensus between the two was perfectly formed.

Shin Ha-yul prayed for the two to rest in peace.

admired at the same time.

‘That’s how you have to make fun of people.’

I got a new realization.

The realization I gained today will definitely be used on Ji Sun-chan when I go back. so promised

“Are you going back to Korea anyway?”

“huh. I can’t leave Adela alone.”

Lillian’s expression was filled with dark clouds. When I thought of the death of Sang-cheol Sang, sadness came again.

Adela was the same.

His expression suddenly darkened.

“… … Right.”

Sein’s expression also darkened slightly. Even though she is a woman with a selfish personality, she knows how to mourn the death of a person.

In an instant, a dark atmosphere permeated the room.

“Ahaha. sorry. stop without me knowing Let’s talk about this here. In a good place like this, we have to talk about something good.”

Lillian immediately changed the mood.

No, I tried to change it.

“… … .”

“… … .”

However, it is not so easy to restore the once stagnant atmosphere to its original state at once.

You need some trigger.

At that time, Sein smiled with an expression that reminded him of something.

“Then let’s change the atmosphere. Why don’t we have sparring before serving refreshments?”


To those words, the four people showed various reactions.

Among them, the one who reacted the most fiercely was undoubtedly Stella.

Looking at Sein with twinkling eyes, as if he hadn’t pouted before, he asked, “Is it okay?” ‘Can I do it right now?’

“Luan. Does it matter?”

“great. If you’re going to move your body, it’s good to do it before eating something.”

Shin Ha-yul stood up from his seat.

“As long as the three of you are okay, I don’t mind.”

Sain nodded slightly and asked Lillian and Adela with her eyes.

The question was whether they both matter.

“I rather like it.”

Lillian agreed with a grin, and Adela nodded silently in affirmation.

That’s how all 5 people gave their consent.

Stella stood up from her seat and let out a silent cheer.

‘at las… … !’

The sparring with Luan Palatia that I had been dreaming of.

Stella’s heart beat vigorously with anticipation.

* * *

Dalian continued for about 20 minutes.

It was quite a long time, considering that the previous sparring with Sein ended in about 5 minutes.

“As an instructor, you are more than me.”

It’s not that the sparring period is getting longer because it’s a close match.

If Shin Ha-yul had done his best, the fight would have been over within a minute.

No wonder.

Shin Ha-yul is a skilled person who can share a sword worth about 20 points even with Se-in.

It is not a skill that a 19-year-old prospect can endure.

The reason why Dalian is getting longer now is because Shin Ha-yul is taking care of it.

“I’m sorry. As an instructor, the level is different.”

Lillian muttered with a serious expression on her face.

As Lillian said, it was an illustrative remark.

Hearing something like that would usually make you uncomfortable, or in some cases even anger you.

“Is my level falling far?”


But Sein didn’t look too displeased.

“You usually hold back your words very much, but at times like this, you’re bold again.”

“It’s bold, and you’re thinking the same thing as me.”

Far from looking displeased, it is rather a refreshing expression.

“I won’t affirm it because my pride is hurt, but… … . Well, I won’t deny it.”

The two looked at each other and smiled lightly. Then again, he focused his attention on the two couples.

“Can I ask you one question?”


“What Luan is doing right now. Can you too?”

Currently, Luan Palatia perfectly imitates Stella’s swordsmanship and demonstrates it.

“I can do it. Of course, it is limited to swords of opponents who are somewhat inferior.”

Sain observed Ruan with sharp eyes.

Ruan is practicing the swordsmanship of her daughter whom she has seen for over 10 years.

Since you said it was your first sparring, it must be the first sword you saw today.

Stella’s swordsmanship he uses cannot find a single point of awkwardness.

Rather, it looks much neater and more sophisticated than Stella’s sword.

“then… … .”


Before Lillian could ask the next question, Sain answered.

“You know what I’m going to say?”

“Weren’t you going to ask if it’s possible to evolve the opponent’s sword one step further than just imitating it?”

“You’re quick to notice.”

“Isn’t it strange that you didn’t notice the flow of the conversation just now?”

“It is.”

Sein smiled.

“If you continue to answer, it is impossible. No matter how low my opponent is. The sword he uses is his own, which he has refined over the years.”

Even if you learn the same swordsmanship, the form of swordsmanship changes depending on the person’s body type and type.

For those who lack physical strength, in a slightly sharper form.

For those who lack agility, in a slightly heavier form.

Sein and Stella, who are learning Binosuga’s swordsmanship right now, are just the same, but the difference is huge when you go into details.

If Sein’s sword is the ‘King’s sword’ boasting absolute power, Stella’s sword is a ‘sword of cold’ that freezes everything in the world.

“Only you can know the advantages and disadvantages of the sword that has changed to suit your body structure. Of course, only you can know how to improve.”

That’s why teaching swordsmanship is difficult.

Each body type, each muscle type, each mana core shape, and each swordsmanship were inevitably different.

It is not uncommon for instructors to give strange advice derived from their own ‘experience’, but rather damage the sword even more.

It is difficult to teach others how to use a sword like that.

So, of course, it is impossible to evolve someone else’s swordsmanship.

“Then what is he?”

“… … well. I don’t know.”

However, Shin Ha-yul is currently making that impossible task come true.

I can’t believe it even though I’m watching it in real time.

“We don’t stop at copying the opponent’s sword, but by recreating it as a superior compatibility, we present the way to the opponent… … .”

Sein laughed as if it was absurd.

“It’s ridiculous even if I say it. To think that such a delusion in a daydream would suddenly appear in reality.”

Does Stella know what she’s getting right now?

Did you know that all prosecutors are seizing the golden opportunity that they want?

Are you aware of how lucky you are right now?

‘I don’t know.’

I don’t know, so I’m just making an excited face like that.

In a trance, stare at the sword of the man in front of him and swing the sword.

It’s probably a pretty happy time.

“I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve thought I was genuinely envious of someone.”

The pleasure that every minute and every second turns into growth is indescribable.

It was a sensation Sain had only felt once, but even thinking about it again, he had never felt more happy than that.

I was genuinely jealous of my daughter who was feeling that sensation.

“I’m already greedy, but I’m even more greedy.”

But the jealousy is short-lived.

Sein’s eyes were stained with greed and desire.

i want that man

Through that man, I want to raise the family’s position and see the revival of the existence of knights.

“You are greedy. If it wasn’t for Ha Yul, I would have been a little greedy.”

“joy. Stop paying attention.”

“Oops. scared. If you don’t look at me like that, you’ll get attention, right?”

Receiving Sein’s murderous eyes, Lillian trembled slightly.

Sein erased his will to live and looked at Luan with eyes full of goodwill.

‘ruler… … Then, how should I plan the strategy?’

How can I make that coveted swordsman a member of the family?

Sein’s head was filled with such thoughts.

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