Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 250

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Chapter 250

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I ran through the passage at full speed and arrived at the secret passage on the side of the shopping complex.

It took only 13 minutes to get here.

It was rewarding to run with all my might even using resonance.

I unlocked the security of the secret passage and flew out of the mall.

“you you. what!”

Is it because it is still daytime?

There was a person at the entrance of the aisle.

Could it be that you showed me the secret passage?

“Everyone, where did you come from! Are you a robber?”

All kinds of junk was scattered around the man.

It must have been sorting out that clutter.

I guess he didn’t see me coming out of the secret passage because he was so focused on that.

I’m just surprised that people came out of nowhere.

“haha. It can’t be. They are just passers-by.”

I shuddered, blocking the man’s gaze with my body.

Standing like this from this angle, you won’t be able to see the secret passage from the man’s position.

“… … Are you sure?”

“yes. Could it be that you were so immersed in your work that you didn’t feel my presence? I was startled by the sudden scream.”

“Is that so?”

The man scratched the back of his head as if embarrassed.

At that moment, 5 seconds passed, and the secret passage closed again.

“Then I must apologize. Sorry for yelling all of a sudden.”

“no. You can do that if you focus.”

As long as the secret passage is gone, there is no reason to stay here any longer.

I left the man behind and went on my way.

“Then, have a good time at work.”

“for a moment! At least a drink in the sense of being sorry… … .”

I ignored the man behind me and hurried my steps.

‘You never know when the Doctor will notice and come after you. He has to leave as soon as possible.’

He must have been stunned by the disappearance of Ignis and the unknown situation, so there will still be some time.

You never know.

‘Considering that he returned from school to the lab in 10 minutes, there’s a good chance that the Doctor’s speed is faster than mine. He has to run as far away as possible.’

The question is where and how to escape.

You can’t escape to a hotel.

Because the Doctor knows that I am ‘Luan Palatia’.

Going back to the hotel in this situation would be suicidal.

‘It’s not something that can be solved by simply bouncing away.’

There is ‘Hermes’ in the black magic tower.

Considering her abilities, running away blindly is not the best idea.

You need a safe place to hide.

‘Then should I go to Stewart Street?’

If I had Adela’s help, wouldn’t I be able to safely hide myself?

‘no. That’s not allowed. Adela isn’t the only one on the Stewarts. Even with Adela’s help, it’s impossible to hide my existence 100%.’

And according to the spy list received from Shadow, there are spies from the Black Mage Tower in the Stairt family as well.

It is dangerous to hide in such a place.

‘Then, the remaining options are… … .’

There is only one place I can rely on right now.


There are less than 10 people residing in the mansion, and the absolute person named Sein Binoche holds all real power, so there is no leakage of anything outside.

A safe zone where the spies of the Black Mage Tower do not exist.

Bino Sugar.

‘Considering Sein Binoche’s powerlessness, even if something happens in a thousand times, somehow it will work.’

It is a perfect place in many ways.

‘The problem is how to convince Cein Binoche… … .’

gotta do that somehow

Worst of all, I’ll have to convince you to share all of my secrets.

‘good. Let’s go to Bino Sugar.’

I turned and started running toward Binosugar.

* * *

“Instructor Luan?”

When I arrived at the mansion, Stella Binoche greeted me.

Fluffy hair and crispy skin.

Eyelids that could not be removed. Finally, a dress that looks like pajamas.

It seems certain that he just woke up.

“How is this… … ?”

Stella asked blankly.

“And that sweat… … .”


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Then I checked my body condition.

Just as Stella said, his whole body was drenched in sweat and looked like a drowning mouse.

It sure seems like a bunch of people.

“Are you here for training?”

“Before I explain my condition, I want to meet Sein-nim first.”

“With your mother?”

“okay. I have a very important agenda.”

Through my expression, it seems that I indirectly sensed the seriousness of the situation.

Stella’s expression also became serious.

“Come over here.”

Stella immediately turned and started walking inside the mansion.

That’s how I arrived at the corner room on the top floor with Stella’s guidance.


“mother. I’ll go in.”

After Stella knocked twice, she opened the door without hearing an answer.

However, it is not wide open.

very slightly

She opened it just enough for Stella herself to see into the room through the crack in the door.

“Excuse me, could you wait here for a minute?”

After checking the room, Stella let out a small sigh and smiled at me.

“Aren’t you inside?”

“no. You must be inside. It’s because you’re sleeping.”

“Were you sleeping?”

Are you sleeping until this hour?

I didn’t even think about it.

“This is my mother’s life pattern. You go to bed in the morning and wake up at night. She says that this is her own biorhythm… … .”

Stella let out a small sigh.

It seems that she has accumulated a lot of complaints about her mother, who has completely changed day and night.

“Anyway, please wait a moment. I will wake you right away.”


Stella slipped into the room.

“mom! wake up! Guests are here!”

And Stella’s voice rang loudly in the room.

“If you don’t want to die, tell them to turn off.”

“All right, get up! An important guest!”

“A guy who arrives without contacting us in advance can’t be an important guest.”

Sein-sama’s voice was tired.

A voice completely asleep.

It seems that the image of an indolent absolute was not just acting.

“I mean Luan-sama!”

“… … Luan?”

“yes! You came here sweating profusely because you had something very important to do? You seem to be short of breath! I don’t think it’s normal!”

“… … .”

Sein-nim let out a drool of ‘Hmm.’

Then there was the sound of booths like a blanket being thrown.

“… … If Luan said that much, I’ll have to listen. Ask them to come in.”

It was clear that he had been asleep just a moment ago.

It quickly returned to its original voice.

“No, there is no need to tell. Luan. listen… … .”

“Kyaaak! mom! clothes! Put on your clothes first and sing!”

“hmm? Oh, it was.”

“Instructor Luan! Please wait a little longer!”

Immediately after, various noises were heard from inside.

From the sound of taking out clothes to the sound of putting on clothes.

Even the voice of Sae-in, who complained that it was annoying to wear such clothes, and the voice of Stella, who insisted on wearing it because it was done.

Even just listening to the sound, it seemed that the situation inside could be clearly seen.

“This is enough. Luan! listen… … .”

“What the heck! I’m still in my underwear!”

“… … .”

It seems like it will take a little longer.

* * *

About 3 minutes passed like that.

I safely entered Sein-sama’s room.

“okay. What is the most important thing that needs to be said?”

Sein-nim’s momentum was not much different from usual.

He is showing off his sharp momentum to the point where you might wonder if he was the person who was drunk and groaning until 3 minutes ago.

Is the absolute the absolute?

The technique that instantly raises the physical condition is at the human level.

“Don’t be shy and tell me. It’s because I’m kind of annoyed by this. If it was a trivial matter, I won’t forgive you, Luan. You will probably be pretty disappointed.”

Sein-sama’s momentum shone even more sharply.

An ordinary person would go to his knees just to receive that momentum.

It was such an intense energy.

I said everything because my body stiffened a little.

“That won’t happen.”

I replied while controlling Sein-nim’s momentum to some extent.

“From now on, I will start by saying that everything I am going to tell you is true.”

After making eye contact with the two of them in turn, we started talking.

“Sain-nim, did you know that there is a research facility underground in Paris?”

“… … A research facility?”

“yes. It is not an ordinary research facility, but an illegal human research facility that repeats human experiments without hesitation.”

Stella’s eyes widened to the size of a lantern, and Sein-nim’s eyes narrowed even more sharply.

“… … Please tell me in detail.”

“yes. I learned about that research facility the other day, when I helped Miss Stella and dealt with Mael Nadal.”

I slowly confessed each and every detail of what I had been through.

* * *

After about 20 minutes of explanation, everything was over.

Silence fell in the room.

Both seem to have a lot on their mind.

“Then, all the disappearances that have occurred recently… … .”

Stella asked with a sad expression.

“okay. There is a high probability that it was used as a test subject for them.”

“… … It can be.”

Stella chewed her lips in anger.

Even though such an inhumane thing was happening underground in Paris, it must be resentful not to notice it.

As a third-year student who was tasked with keeping the city safe, he might feel a sense of responsibility.

“Are you sure?”

“yes. I’m sure.”


“I know of three secret passages to the lab. You should check it out.”

“Secret passage… … yo. this?”

Then Stella let out an exclamation.

A look as if he noticed something.

“Could it have something to do with the passage to the school’s underground bunker?”

Should I say Stella Binoche? know how things are working around.

“okay. That’s one of the secret passages to the lab.”

Stella was at a loss for words with a shocked look on her face.

The fact that there was a passage leading to such a terrible laboratory under their feet, and the fact that they didn’t notice it seemed to be very angry.

“Then, is the reason why you are so devastated because you infiltrated the laboratory?”

It was a pretty sharp question.

The sharp thing is that father and daughter are the same.

“yes. That’s right.”

“Then you’re telling me that because you need help.”


“Someone in that research center seems to be the owner of considerable skills, right?”

“… … yes.”

The conversation proceeds smoothly before I can say anything.

It was like looking inside me.

“Right. I understood roughly how things were going. In other words, what you want from me is protection and support in one dimension and exclusion of enemies in the end.”

“… … yes.”

It was the perfect answer.

It was so perfect I didn’t even have to say anything in return.

“But one question remains.”

“What is?”

“Your true purpose.”

Sein-sama’s eyes shone sharply again.

“You just arrived in Paris this time. You probably don’t have much attachment to this city yet. There’s no way you would have infiltrated an illegal research institute alone simply out of a sense of justice.”

“… … .”

“no. If your sense of justice had been the reason for your actions in the first place, you would have asked for my help sooner rather than acting alone.”

The radiance emanating from Sein-sama’s eyes became even brighter.

“In other words, it can be concluded that you infiltrated the laboratory alone because there was a definite reason.”

It was a perfect thesis with no room for refutation.

“Why? What were you aiming for infiltrating the laboratory? No, did you come to Paris to get information about the institute in the first place? Then, was the issuance of a temporary instructor’s card for the knight school all a means to that end?”

Sein-sama’s eyes cooled down. It was a look that greatly disappointed me.

“that… … .”

Stella’s mouth was half-open in shock.

It seemed that he was deeply shocked that he had been taken advantage of.

“I won’t say I had no intention of doing that. Certainly, I needed a temporary instructor’s license to serve my purpose.”

“Did you deliberately approach Stella for that?”

“no. Absolutely not. From the airport to the mall to the incident with Mael Nadal. The meeting itself was all accidental.”

Sein-sama’s eyes shone sharply again.

“I don’t think you’re lying.”

It seems like you read my sincerity in my eyes.

“In short, an accidental meeting was inevitable. Is it like this?”


Sein-nim smiled a little and stroked his chin.

“hmm. Then there is no problem.”

“… … mom?”

Stella opened her eyes as if to ask what that meant.

Seeing Stella like that, Sein-nim giggled.

“I think the expression of a heroine betrayed by a hero is exactly like that. It’s so much fun.”

Sein-nim gave Stella a small thump on the head.

“Calm down. Luan was issued a temporary instructor’s card for a different purpose, why do you feel betrayed?”

Stella pressed her head, and silently glared at Sein-nim with eyes as if asking what that meant.

“Did Luan commit a crime within the school? Or did he not fulfill his duty as an instructor?”

“that… … .”

“Luan is just like the other temporary instructors… … No, he played the role of instructor much better than that. There is absolutely no reason for me or you to feel betrayed about it.”

Sein-nim stroked Stella’s hair this time.

“I wouldn’t know if I approached you deliberately from the beginning. Getting help from a relationship you come across by chance is a common thing, isn’t it?”

“Certainly, rather than being taken advantage of this time, it was to the extent of helping… … yes?”

Stella’s expression relaxed at once.

“… … me. Why are you shocked?”

When he thought about it, he realized that there was nothing to be shocked about.

“Where is a person without an ulterior motive in the first place? You also had your own ulterior motive and helped Luan. Same after all… … .”

“Aaaaa! mom! About that… … .”

Stella hurriedly covered Sain-nim’s mouth.

He even looks into my eyes.

“That, so that… … . lol.”

He gave a very cute smile, as if he was trying to laugh it off.

“Don’t make a fuss. Luan must have known about your ulterior motives a long time ago.”

“yes. what… … . Because there is no free help in this world. I thought it might have a purpose.”

“Look at that.”

“… … .”

Stella pursed her lips.

I don’t know why, but it seems that I don’t like the current situation.

“Kuk-kuk. She’s my daughter, but she’s so cute.”

Sein-nim laughed out loud again.

“okay. So why are you looking for that lab?”

“I was looking for something they were researching.”

I took out the ‘Medium of Ignis’ from my inside pocket.

Synchronized with me, a jewel containing perfectly stabilized primordial fire.

“This is it.”

A magic stone with a beautiful appearance that seems to have preserved its blazing form like fire.

It was burning softly as if it were meshing with my body.

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