Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 272

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Chapter 272

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The pages of the third test and the fifth test are each replicas of the world half a year after the end of the war.

However, the pages of the sixth test here are different.

It is a world that materialized the world 7 years before the end of the war.

Certainly, considering that the world was embodied seven years ago, this situation makes sense.

Same with Mimir’s outfit and old-fashioned way of speaking.

Now that I think about it, it felt like something young.

and another one.

The reason why Gearan, who was clearly dead, is alive and well also makes sense if you say that the world is a copy of the world seven years ago.

However, as much as it is convincing, there are many things that are not convincing.

“Well, even if we put aside the question of why the pages of the three trials were put together. Why did they put warlocks in the pages of trials?”

biggest question.

this place. The sixth test page is a prepared place to test me.

Why do you have warlocks in a place like that? Is that not an ordinary black magician, but a 9th class black magician embodied together?

If the opponent was a 7th class warlock, you could think of it as putting it in to test my skills.

As long as the opponent is in Circle 9, the chances of that happening are slim.

It’s not an opponent that I can beat with common sense.

“… … I don’t know.”

Elena-sama shook her head as if she didn’t know.

“… … .”

Aslan’s expression was not that different from Elena’s.

Silently silent, his eyes shone sharply with an expression of incomprehension.

“Hint… … Maybe Mimir’s words? Go to Greenwood Forest and be recognized by Greenwood as Elena, right?”

Miss Elena looked me straight in the eyes and asked.

“Did you say anything else? Given her personality, she wouldn’t have just told me to go to the Greenwoods.”

“I just said that without saying anything.”

“Are you Mimir? There’s no way he would act so recklessly… … .”

“Elena. The Mimir of this world now is not the Mimir we know, but the Mimir of seven years ago.”

“ah… … . Seven years ago, it was before you entered the path of a scholar, right? It’s still a time when I’m still a fool. Then you can.”

Miss Elena nodded her head twice as if she understood.

“Then it’s really hard. Normally, there would have been some additional instructions here… … .”

“It’s a variable or something, since the pages of the three tests were merged and all were canceled.”

Aslan shrugged and smiled.

“hmm. The more I think about it, the more there is no answer.”

“… … Iknow, right. Even if I wanted to ask Mimir something, I couldn’t figure out where the really important princess’s palace had disappeared.”

As long as the purpose is unknown, passage is impossible.

Since it is impossible to pass through, it is impossible to escape from here.

Worst case scenario, you could be locked up here for the rest of your life.

The three of us were silent at the same time.

Everyone looks confused.

“Let’s start by gathering information. From where to where this world is embodied. If we figured out that, wouldn’t we be able to read Ray’s intentions to some extent?”

“It’s not a bad approach. There may be other vassals besides you and me. Might be worth investigating.”

The two looked at each other and nodded slightly.

It was the moment when the immediate course of action was decided.

* * *

After that, we explored all directions around the greenwood forest.

In fact, the word is ‘us’.

It is no exaggeration to say that Aslan was in charge of virtually all information collection.

I wonder if he is also a user of space magic. They explored the surroundings at a speed that was incomparable to the way we ran on our feet.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that more than 90% of the investigation was done by Aslan.

“As instructed, we went all the way to the northeast. After roughly 2034 km, I couldn’t go any further. After all, it seems that it has not been materialized until the sea.”

Lastly, Aslan, who had been investigating the east, reported to Elena-sama.

“That means 2000 km to the northeast. then… … .”

Elena-sama marked the map based on the report.

“It kind of feels like this.”

A large circle was drawn on the world map.

When Aslan connected the places where he could no longer proceed, it became just like this.

“I got an answer.”

Miss Elena pinched a spot on the map with her index finger.

“The center of the embodied world. Bellaheim Cliff Outpost. There is a very good chance there is something here.”

“I am of the same opinion.”

Aslan crossed his arms and expressed his affirmation to Elena-sama’s words.

“great. So let’s decide our next destination is the Bellaheim Cliff Outpost… … . Asran. Did you see anyone while scouting the area?”

“at all. Not the other vassals, but one warlock. Not a single villager could be found.”

“Did you say the village was empty?”


“Then, it means that the world at this point was not copied and implemented as it is.”

If the world at that time was reproduced and embodied as it was, it would make no sense that there were no villagers.


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This world is clearly a virtual world formed under the control of Ray Bell Bytenor.

I mean.

“okay. Conversely, Geara. It makes sense that it was the master’s intention to bring him into this world.”

“… … Yes.”

The fact that there are no villagers or other vassals means that Ray Bell Bytenor chose and embodied the creatures.

In other words, Gearan was intentionally put in by Ray Bell Bytenor.

“What on earth was Ray thinking of Gearan… … . From having Mimir from 7 years ago as a test tube to recreating Gearan… … . I can’t read Ray’s thoughts at all.”

“How can the likes of us comprehend all the broad and deep thoughts of our lord’s rivers and rivers? There must be a far-reaching purpose that we could never have imagined.”

“Large… … I don’t know until. There must be a reason.”

Elena-sama shook her head slightly with an expression that she couldn’t understand.

“First, let’s move to Bellaheim Cliffs. Asran. Portal please.”

“hmm. I want to do that as well, but unfortunately it is impossible.”

Elena-sama slightly furrowed her eyebrows.

“How are you going? Maybe it’s because of mental strength… Are you Certainly, having traveled a total of 14,485 km, it must have consumed a lot of mental energy… … . Your mental strength isn’t just that much, is it?”

“Obviously. After the end of the war, it is true that it has rusted to some extent, but it has not deteriorated to the extent that it has only spread to this extent.”

“Then why can’t you move?”

“The reason is simple.”

Aslan shrugged.

“The portal to the Bellaheim Cliff Outpost is not connected.”

“… … Can’t connect?”

“okay. Something seems to be completely blocking the connection to the portal.”

“Isn’t it that it hasn’t been implemented?”

“It is not. During the search, I confirmed with my own eyes that the Bellaheim Cliffs were materialized.”

“I have already checked visually. great. So, first connect the portal to that area and move there, then move on foot… … .”

“Do you think I haven’t checked that much?”

“… … Was it impossible to enter on foot?”

“okay. There is an invisible barrier blocking the vicinity of Bellaheim Cliff. It is impossible to get closer than that.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about that earlier?”

“I was going to do it anyway.”

“… … You speak quickly.”

Miss Elena glared at Aslan.

“Whatever it is, it’s clear that there’s something on Bellaheim Cliffs.”

“To agree.”

“Then, whatever it is, we should go and see it nearby. Asran. Open the portal to near the transparent barrier you mentioned.”

Aslan nodded.

Then, he immediately cut the air horizontally and opened a crack.

A crack that slowly transforms into the shape of a portal.

Since it’s the central point, the distance shouldn’t be too far.

It should be done in about 30 seconds.

“What are you asking me now? … . Do you agree?”

Elena-sama sneaked up to me and asked.


“Move to Bellaheim Cliff Outpost.”

“Ah yes. Sure. I am of the same opinion as you two.”

The reason I kept quiet was because there was no room for me to argue.

The two of them are taking care of things on their own, so what if I have to say something more here?


Miss Elena smiled.

Then he lowered his gaze a little and looked at my chest.

A gumiho yawning in my arms with an expression of happiness in the world.

Elena-sama exclaimed with her eyes shining, as if seeing such a nine-tailed fox was strange.

“really… … It’s amazing to look at.”

“Looks like he didn’t follow a real person. If it’s enough to surprise even Elena-sama.”

“That is surprising enough, but… … .”

Miss Elena took her gaze away from the gumiho and met my eyes again.

“Your growth is more amazing. Apparently not too long ago, I was just in the process of opening a new eye… … . You’re already dealing with mythic magic.”

Elena-sama slowly brought her hand to my head and gently stroked it.

“I am proud of you. really… … . As a teacher who once taught you, I am so proud.”

“… … That, thank you.”

Hearing Elena-sama’s praise for the first time in a while, my face became hot for no reason.

“I am ready.”

At that time, Aslan, who had finished all preparations, chinned us.

The expression on his face told him to come if he had time to say something strange.

“Because he really, really has no clue whatsoever. isn’t it?”

“… … that, um I will not comment.”

No matter what answer I give, it won’t do me any good. It’s best to keep your mouth shut for now.

I quietly avoided Elena-sama’s gaze and moved to the portal Aslan had created.

“… … You, too, are still the same.”

Looking at me like that, Elena-sama gave a small smile.

* * *

We rode the portal and arrived near the Bellaheim Cliff Outpost in an instant.

“… … wow.”

A cliff that has been weathered and sharpened by nature.

A castle stands tall above it.

Just looking at how magnificent the castle is, exclamation comes out.

‘It was said that it was an outpost, so I expected a small fort… … .’

I had no idea it would be that big.

“Nice, right? It is an iron fortress that has protected the front line of our Bytenner Empire for 13 years.”

“really… … Incredible.”

If something like that were standing on this rugged terrain, there wouldn’t be any way to break through.

Indeed, it deserves to be called an iron fortress.

“The inside is even better. You will be very surprised when you see it. See you later.”

Miss Elena slowly reached out her hand into the air.

And then he smiled bitterly.

“Of course, after finding a way to get in.”

Miss Elena’s hand was blocked by an invisible wall, and she couldn’t go any further.

It was as Aslan said.

It was impossible to enter Bellaheim Cliffs.

“really… … . Should I say it’s a mountain beyond the mountain… … .”

“… … hmm.”

Aslan and Elena lifted their heads at the same time and looked up at the castle located high on the cliff.

Thousands of emotions are pouring out of their eyes.

“It is a strange feeling. To see that castle again.”

“… … .”

Regret, longing, despair, anger, etc.

what happened in that castle?

“Did something happen in that castle?”

“… … yes.”

“there was.”

The two answered at the same time.

“In the past, there was a great battle at the Bellaheim outpost. It was a battle that was a major turning point in the war.”

“A turning point?”


Aslan’s eyes shone fiercely.

“The turning point at which the war finally began to approach. That was the battle that took place at that Bellaheim outpost. Bellaheim is devastated.”

“Scorched Earth… … .”

That’s why you looked up at the castle with those eyes.

“It was a painful defeat. If we had succeeded in defending the Bellaheim outpost, the sacrifice would have been cut in half.”

“If only I could go to the front line… … .”

“Because they knew that, they must have targeted you first.”

Miss Elena lowered her head with a gloomy expression.

“And even if you were there, it would have been hard to turn things around.”

Aslan frowned.

“Because the person who attacked Bellaheim Castle at the time was none other than Bale Stoll.”

bale stall.

Beginning of black magic.

indeed. I wondered how such a fortress could be breached.

It must have been the bale stall.

“If I were there… … .”

“The sacrifice must have been reduced. Even if I couldn’t, I would have saved more than 20%.”

“… … Yes.”

Elena-sama’s expression became more gloomy.

“You can’t see the expression on your face.”

Seeing Elena like that, Aslan let out a small sigh.

“The old story ends here. It won’t help you brood over your regrets.”

Then he put his hand on the invisible wall of the cliff and frowned.

“The important thing now is not to dwell on past regrets, but how to resolve this situation now.”

“… … It was.”

Power returned to Miss Elena’s eyes.

“Then what shall we do? Shall we disperse first and check if there are any openings?”

“That would be the order.”

The two exchanged views.

After glancing at the two of them, I stared intently at the transparent wall that Aslan was standing on.

“… … what?”

At that moment, a strange feeling hit my head.

this sense. what?

“Then let me check the sky… … .”

“for a moment. wait a minute.”

I interrupted Aslan and said. Both of their eyes focused on me at once.

“Can I check on you for a minute?”

this strange feeling.

You need to find out what this sensation is.

“You mean this barrier? Feel free to check it out.”

I slowly brought my hand up.

A strange feeling that amplifies as you get closer. What is this feeling?

A strange feeling that seems familiar yet unfamiliar.

In order to clearly grasp the identity of the sensation, I placed my hand on the transparent wall.

“… … uh?”


I was trying to catch up.

“… … what?”

“… … Did you pass?”

The wall that blocked their hands did not block my hand.

My hand went through the transparent wall casually.

As if I didn’t reject it as much as I did.

Rather, he greeted me as if to come in here.

“This, I think… … .”

It looks like I’m the only one who can enter this place, the page taker of the sixth exam.

I turned my head to reveal my thoughts and looked at the two of them.

“… … Are you gone?”

But no one was there.

As if no one had been there from the beginning, they had completely disappeared.

The nine-tailed fox in my arms was the same.

When I noticed it, it had disappeared from my arms.

“What is this again… … .”

I’m frowning like that.


Suddenly, a sudden dizziness hit my head.

Severe dizziness, inability to keep one’s eyes open.

I just rolled on the ground.

No, I wasn’t even sure if I was rolling on the ground or not.

It was that level of dizziness.

‘how… … what… … ?’

So slowly the dizziness subsides. I slowly opened my eyes

‘A marble floor?’

The first thing that caught my eye was not the reddish stone floor near the cliff, but the well-groomed marble floor.

‘Could I have entered the castle?’

The only place that could have had a marble floor was inside the outpost.

I thought about that and slowly raised my head.

“I was waiting.”

Someone was sitting in front of me.

She sits on a reclining chair in a splendid chair, arrogantly looking down at me with an empty chin.

“Ray’s disciple. The next successor to the bi-tenor style.”

Eyes that seemed to embody jet-black.

A man with a chilly atmosphere that makes you chill just by being near him.

“What is your name?”

My whole body trembled.

Even when he stood in front of the tyrant Drake, it wasn’t like this.

This sense of intimidation dare not compare to that of Drake.

It was as if death stood before me.

“hmm. Was it polite to introduce myself before asking the other person’s name?”

The man grinned.

“Understand. It’s rare that I’ve ever had a conversation like this with someone.”

It was as if death had come together, beckoning me.

“Usually because he died before then. This is the second time after Ray that we have such a long conversation. Pretty happy.”

The man laughed out loud.

That innocent laugh made my heart quiver.

“Then let’s start with my introduction again.”

The man slowly crossed his legs.

“My name is Bale Stoll.”

The man looked down at me and grinned.

“Ray’s nemesis… … .”

It was a cold look, like a lab rat.

“I am your future nemesis.”

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