Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 305

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Chapter 305

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Saying that even Ignis couldn’t pierce it is the same as saying that I couldn’t pierce it no matter what method I used.

You have to find another way.

… … only.

‘… … There is no way.’

no method.

I looked all over the place, but I couldn’t find any openings through which I could get out.

This space is a complete closed room.

There is no escape route.

‘It’s not responding even to my magic… … .’

I wondered if this ordeal was meaningful in testing my basic abilities, just like the previous infinite fall, so I tried all sorts of bitenor-type magic, starting with deliberation, but there was no response.

No matter what you do, nothing changes.

‘… … What do you mean?’

The level of gastric juice continues to rise.

I spent an extra 5 minutes organizing my thoughts and figuring things out, so now I have 15 minutes at most.

In the next 15 minutes, this place will be filled with gastric juice, and I will be dissolved in the gastric juice and end my life.

When I thought so, I felt impatient.

‘Since this is an ordeal, there must be some way.’

Clearly there is something.

Something I didn’t notice.

How to get out of here.

You have to find it somehow.

I activated Shinan at full power again and looked around.

And just then.

‘Is there a hole in the floor?’

On one side of the floor covered with gastric juice, there was a hole large enough for one person to fit through, and it immediately closed again.

Maybe about 3 seconds?

‘Is it a passage leading to the intestines?’

I don’t know what the body structure of this monster is like.

As long as there is a stomach, there must be a intestine.

The possibility that that hole is connected to the intestine is not low.

‘Just in those 3 seconds, the level of gastric juice went down very slightly.’

When the level of gastric juice is lowered, it means that the gastric juice has flowed somewhere.

In other words, it means that there is a very high probability that the strange hole that just appeared is connected to a new place somewhere, even if it is not the intestine.

‘Then the only answer is to wait for the hole to open again and then break through to the hole as it is?’

3 seconds is enough time to break through.

The size itself is large enough for one person to fit in.

Aiming for when the next hole opens, going through the hole itself is not a big problem.


‘How do I get through that sea of ​​gastric juice?’

Getting to that hole is the problem.

With my current skills, it is impossible to create a barrier strong enough to withstand the gastric juices of this monster.

‘As the stomach wall is hard, the gastric juice must be incredibly acidic.’

The role of the stomach wall is to withstand the acidity of gastric juice.

Normally, the strength of the stomach wall is bound to be somewhat proportional to the acidity of the gastric juice.

The fact that the stomach wall was hard enough to withstand Ignis meant that the gastric juice had an acidity equal to or higher than that of Ignis.

‘There’s no way I can survive with my current skills.’

Therefore, it is impossible to penetrate the sea of ​​gastric juice and reach the hole at the bottom.

Of course, I haven’t tested it, but there’s no need to test it.

Because it’s common sense.

‘But I’ll have to check it out first.’

Just in time, there were signs of gastric juices pouring down from the ceiling.

I moved away from the point where I was hit by gastric juices, and spread the maximum output barrier over the point where I was hit.

Gastric juices spilled over the barrier that was spread out like that.

‘I’m sure it will melt with the barrier… … .’

That’s when I was expecting the disappearance of the barrier.

‘… … Are you holding out?’

An unexpected sight unfolded.

Even if the barrier comes into contact with gastric juice, it is able to withstand it to some extent.

The surface melts slowly, but not instantly.

‘About 5 seconds.’

Even after my barrier came into contact with gastric juice, it lasted for a whopping 5 seconds.

‘Because gastric juice drips down only in one direction, so it takes 5 seconds… … . If I jump into the gastric juice in this state, I’ll probably last about 3 seconds.’

It is calculated that it can last for as long as the hole that was just opened.

‘If I make the barrier as close to my body structure as possible, make sure it doesn’t interfere with passing through the hole, and go through the hole with all my might… … .’


No, it’s not a possible level, you can pass unconditionally.

With good timing, you can be 100% successful.


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‘I don’t know why the gastric juice is only this powerful, but I’m aiming for a hole that opens next time… … .’

Just when I was about to decide to drill a hole like that.

‘… … wait for a sec.’

A question passed through my mind.

‘I don’t know why gastric juice is only this powerful, but it’s not… … . Why is it really only this powerful?’


The gastric juices gushing out of the stomach wall, which hadn’t even been scratched by Ignis, was at a level that even a 7th-class barrier couldn’t dissolve in an instant.

Common sense makes no sense.

‘It’s not a pearl necklace around a pig’s neck… … .’

The strength of the stomach wall and the acidity of the gastric juice do not mesh at all.

Should I say it feels like the water pipes that flow ordinary water are made of mithril?

The structure itself is incomprehensible.

‘Because it’s an ordeal, it could have been an arbitrary escape method… … .’

Even so, it made no sense to adjust the acidity of the monster’s gastric juice.

It’s not breeding of any kind.

How do you freely adjust the concentration of the monster’s gastric juice?

No matter how you look at it, the concentration wasn’t arbitrarily lowered for the ordeal.

‘Is it a trap?’

Just before.

Shortly after a small hole was made in the floor, gastric juices dripped from the ceiling.

‘What if the gastric juice that was just spilled was a fake or a trap?’

It is impossible to control the concentration of gastric juice.

However, pouring out fake gastric juice in a specific location at a specific time is quite possible.

Tay Lovine.

What if he deliberately sprayed me with weak gastric juices to trick me?

Then all doubts will be dispelled.

‘The real gastric juice must be at a level that my barrier won’t be able to withstand.’

I made a barrier once again and put it into the well of gastric juice on the floor.

I’m sure this time it won’t last for even a second and melt away.

I thought so.


‘Three seconds… … .’

It took 3 seconds for my barrier to melt.

Earlier, it was exactly the time I expected to endure.

‘really… … The acidity of the gastric juice is only about this level?’

The gastric juice that had fallen earlier was real, not fake or trap-like.

My head, which had been clear at best, became complicated once again.

‘So what?’

Why was this deformed structure born?

‘Why in the first place… … .’

Expanded questions gave birth to new questions, and new questions gave rise to other thoughts.

My thoughts became wider and wider, and my thoughts began to accelerate.

‘Before the deformed structure of gastric juice and gastric wall that do not interlock. Why can’t I use Factio?’

A very basic question reached by going backwards like that.

Tay Lovine’s incomprehensible warnings filled my head.

‘Why is Miho and his soul connected, Factio is forbidden. Is Ignis allowed to burn everything?’

At the time, I just thought I was going to do it and moved on.

As far as thinking goes, I can’t just move on.

‘On second thought, there’s so much weirdness about this situation itself.’

As well as the deformed structure of the stomach wall and gastric juice.

Of the mythical magics, only Factio is banned.

Clearly, the secret of this ordeal is hidden in this deformed structure.

‘Don’t use Factio. Never write unless you wish to commit suicide… … .’

If I use Factio, I will die.

‘Can that be?’

There’s no way the contract magic that only connects Miho and me has such power.

‘If there is a problem using Factio, it is not a problem with my life… … .’

Maybe there is a problem with this ordeal itself.

It may be a leapfrog inference, but if you think about it now with this situation in mind, it is not that far-fetched inference.

‘If Factio has an effect, this ordeal itself. It makes sense that Tay Lovine hastily showed up.’

Tay said he showed up because my life was in danger.


Could it be that the man showed up unintentionally for such a kind reason?

‘Anyone who gave no information about the second ordeal with a clear purpose, no hint that rules are rules?’

Did a man who seemed to have a principled tendency break the rules and show up just because my life was in danger?

No way.

There is only one reason for a fundamentalist to break the principle.

‘When the principle itself is about to collapse.’

So he appeared in a hurry.

‘Are you sure. Tay didn’t show up because he was worried about my life, he showed up because he was worried that there would be problems with this ordeal itself.’

Therefore, it is not me that Factio affects, but this ordeal itself.

‘If you hypothesize like that… … .’

There is only one situation in which Factio could collapse this ordeal itself.

‘This place is not like the belly of a real monster, it’s a virtual space created by Tei.’

Factio is a magic that can connect the two of us unconditionally, no matter where Miho and I are.

No matter what space I’m trapped in, no matter what barrier I’m isolated in. I can’t break the connection between me and Miho.

If you use Factio now, you will be connected to Miho who will be outside this space.

Miho, who was probably with Tei.

What will happen then?

First of all, it is inevitable to notice that this space is fake.

Or, Factio could make a hole in this space and this space itself could be destroyed.

Whatever happens, the moment this ordeal ends.

No matter what ordeal he prepared for this, it meant nothing.

‘If this space itself is fake, I can understand the hallucination of infinite fall that I felt before.’

With the world under Tay’s control, manipulating my senses would have been even easier.

If you think about it that way, it makes sense that I didn’t notice at all.

‘It’s all just speculation without any evidence… … .’

According to this hypothesis, everything fits snugly.

‘Then what should I do?’

A hypothesis with high credibility, but no evidence.

Whether we should assume this hypothesis to be true and move on to action.

Or, put the hypothesis in one side of your head and escape from here.

‘Are you ignoring Tei’s warning and using Factio? Or, first of all, use the hole in the floor to escape from this place.’

The conclusion came immediately.

There was nothing to think about.

‘Use Factio.’

There is only no evidence, everything else is perfect.

All the circumstances contend that my hypothesis is ‘true’.

‘I know Factio the best after Master. There is no chance that I will be in danger if I use Factio in this situation.’

I saw a shortcut to the goal, but there is no reason to follow the straight-line method.

There is absolutely no reason to hesitate.

Ignoring Tay Lovine’s warnings, I use Factio to end this space itself, this ordeal itself.

I held the ‘Covenant Stone’ hanging around my neck and concentrated my mana.


Me and Miho’s souls connected in an instant.

At that moment, the world stopped.

The peristaltic movement of the stomach walls that squirmed and poured out gastric juices.

The movement of the gastric juice that flowed down.

Even the sour smell that passed my nose. everything has stopped

and the next moment.

“Should I call this bold… … .”

Through the frozen world, Tei appeared.

“Usually if the supervisor tells you not to do it because it’s dangerous, shouldn’t you?”

“I can clearly see the error in the problem, how can I just skip it.”

“… … Hmm. okay?”

As if it was absurd, as if it were fun. She had a mysterious expression on her face.

“Are you a funnier kid than I thought?”

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