Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 360

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Chapter 360

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The sudden appearance of a dragon.

The emergence of a monster that is bigger than any monster ever discovered has put an emergency around the world.

[A giant drake appeared in the middle of the city.]

[No attack worked on him.]

A rare monster that possesses as much mana as it is gigantic.

No existing magic and weapons could pierce its scales.

[Milan collapses in one breath of the bastard.]

[Milan was burnt down in an instant and turned into ashes.]

On the other hand, there is no way to block the attack from the other side.

With just a light exhalation from him, a city lightly disappeared.

It was a monster that seemed to have a spear that could pierce anything and a shield that could block anything at the same time.

[Unidentified Drake begins moving west.]

[Next is France.]

“It’s starting to move west.”

Such a monster burned down Milan and began moving westward to France.

If this continues, France will soon collapse.

“How long until he crosses the French border?”

“Assuming it flies at the current speed, there are about 8 minutes left.”

“… … 8 minutes. Unexpectedly, the grace period is long.”

A red dragon flying over Milan, which has turned into an inferno.

It is flying leisurely through the sky, as if enjoying the horrors it has created.

If it flew through the sky with all its might, it wouldn’t have taken a minute to fly all the way here.

“How can I stop his air raid?”

“… … .”

No one answered the French president’s question.

no. It would be more accurate to say that I couldn’t answer.

“… … is it.”

The president glanced at the officials around him with a half-given face.

Everyone is bowing their heads in despair.

In both eyes, the emotion of despair is deeply coiled.

‘It’s hopeless.’

It is impossible to defeat the monster.

Everyone here thinks so.

Everyone has lost the will to fight.

“You have to run away. Even now, running away together is the only way for us to survive.”

It looked like a dog with its tail lowered in front of a tiger.

Looking at the appearance of such bureaucrats, the president let out a deep sigh.

“… … 8 minutes. Do you think we can evacuate the people in the meantime?”

“Everyone would be overkill. However, 1/3 could be evacuated. If we evacuate the people in the western area, which is still a little far away, with priority… … .”

“in other words. Discard 2/3?”

The president’s expression darkened.

The official who casually suggested abandoning the people was infested with sincere intent to kill.

“Is that what you mean?”

Truly a presidential sense of intimidation.

Until now, there has not been a single bureaucrat who has not stepped down in the face of such intimidation.


However, this time it was different.

“This is what I am saying now.”

When a person faces death, what he sees disappears.

Now that death is right around the corner.

The president’s intimidation is no different from a breeze.

“If an evacuation order is issued even now, 1/3 will survive. But if we don’t give an evacuation order now, everyone will die.”

Even more so, it is the president who is making the wrong judgment now.

Obsessed with the name of justice, they are unable to make proper judgments.

“I will say it again. We must run away.”

The president began to be weighed down by the bureaucracy’s momentum.

It’s better to save even a few people than to die all.

“Calm… … .”

The president said with a sad expression.

“Seriously, there is no other way.”

A look of disillusionment with one’s incompetence.

“The way to stop him… … Are you saying there really isn’t?”

“yes. doesn’t exist.”

said the official.

“Milan, Italy, has been captured. It wasn’t just Milan, and Milan, where all of Italy’s power was concentrated, became a mess at once due to mafia-related issues.”

The power of France and Italy is boiling to the point where it can be said to be equal.

Originally, Italy was a little stronger, but thanks to the ‘prosecutor’ who started to stand out rapidly in the past two years, they are now almost equal.


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Italy was defeated.

Almost 90% of the force was concentrated in Milan, but it was annihilated in 3 minutes.

“Even the magic of the blue magic tower, Kim Kang-in, did not cause any damage.”

Befitting its red appearance, a dragon that can handle fire.

To counter the dragon, Kim Kang-in, the master of the blue mage tower, stepped forward.

Didn’t do any damage.

Even the strongest water attribute magic in existence could not even scratch the dragon’s scales.

“He is a walking disaster. It’s not something that humans can dare to touch. He has to run away.”

The bureaucrat’s lips trembled with a sapphire resin complexion.

As if seized with fear, a continuous crackling sound came from teeth.

“Only… … I only exhaled once… … . Milan… … A city perished… … . You can never, ever win. You mustn’t fight. Fighting is just dog death.”

A man who faces an unknown monster usually goes mad.

The fear of the unknown, combined with the fear of death, began to produce indescribable fear.

“Mr. President. There is no time. Even as we speak, time is passing.”

Just three minutes passed in conversation.

There are now 5 minutes left.

“dismissal. Hurry up and make a decision… … .”

“… … .”

The eyes of the bureaucrats were focused on the president.

Everyone is hoping that the words to run away come out of the president’s mouth.


The sound of something breaking in the president’s molars was heard.

It was a bloody sound that I couldn’t even think of how much I had clenched my teeth, and that it was teeth colliding.

“There’s nothing we can do about it… … .”

The president began to speak in a voice full of sighs.

As long as there is no clear countermeasure, there is no other way but to escape as the officials say.

Rather than all dying, shouldn’t we live at least 1/3?

“As of the present time, an emergency evacuation order is issued, and those who can be evacuated are given priority to evacuate… … People who can’t be saved… … .”

The president gritted his teeth again.

The people of Milan and the adjoining regions desert.

The words did not come out of my mouth easily.

It was then.


The door opened violently, and a man appeared.

“Your Excellency, the red dragon… … !”

A man with a blue-eyed expression spattered and shouted.

“It’s starting to accelerate!”

At those words, the hearts of everyone in the room sank.

“Go, accelerate. Why all of a sudden… … .”

“Uh, let’s get away… … .”

The atmosphere quickly became chaotic.

“Calm down!”


To dispel the market-like atmosphere, the president slammed the table.

“… … so. How long until he crosses the border?”

“I-already… … .”

The man said in a trembling voice.

“He already crossed the border… … .”

and right after that.

Koo Goo Goong-!

The air shuddered.

Enormous mana, enough to be felt by wizards and bureaucrats.

It’s squeezing the air.

“Already here in the sky above Paris… … .”

and the next moment.

oh oh oh oh oh oh–!!

The red dragon’s roar shook all of Paris.

that was the last one

“Right… … .”

the end of the president.


“Certainly this… … It’s not a monster that people can stand against… … .”

Last of France.

that day.

France was annihilated.

* * *

“… … .”

16 minutes.

This is the amount of time it took for Milan, Italy, and all of France to burn down.

The mythological monster completely destroyed a country in that short amount of time.

I’ve only taken three breaths in the heart of France.

The country called France disappeared without leaving even its shape.

In terms of military force, a country that was among the tenth most powerful in the world was destroyed in 10 minutes.

That fact shocked the world.

“A real dragon… … .”

Neither did I.

The arrival of the dragon

The appearance of a much stronger individual than the one I dealt with.

My head hurts a lot.

What should I do with this situation?

head won’t turn

“Then where is he now?”

Grabbing my throbbing hair, I asked my father.

It was about 30 minutes ago when he showed up in Paris, France.

It took him a total of 16 minutes to destroy France, so about 14 minutes had passed since France was destroyed.

His line is empty for about 14 minutes.

“It’s probably not over France yet. Where are you going?”

As soon as he burned down Milan, he started moving to France.

It wouldn’t be strange if they started moving while aiming for another prey at the same time as setting France on fire.

“Now he… … .”

Maybe Germany or Spain or England.

it must be one of the three

Which of the three did you go to?

I listened to my father.

“has disappeared.”

“… … disappear?”

But what is this?

The answer came back completely different from what I expected.

“What do you mean disappeared?”

“It literally disappeared. It suddenly disappeared over France.”

“… … .”


“Could it be teleportation?”

“I don’t know. Because there are limits to what can be confirmed with satellite cameras. All we know now is that he suddenly disappeared.”

“… … The satellite camera would have been able to confirm the extent of Mana’s movement.”

“It would have been possible in normal times, but France at the time… … .”

“… … Oh, that’s right. Mana must have been twisted beyond words because of the breath.”

In that chaotic situation, it would have been impossible to catch the movement of mana.

“Then, is it impossible to trace his movement at all?”

“okay. impossible.”

Father sighed heavily.

“Thanks to this, the world is in a state of emergency. If he really can even use teleportation, it means that his attack can start anywhere at any time.”

“… … Yes.”

An uncontrollable monster that can handle teleportation freely.

The existence of such a bastard is enough to shake the foundations of this world.

“Just preparing for the next six months is daunting enough. A dragon… … .”

My head hurts and I feel like I’m about to break.

‘If he had the same power as the real mythical dragon… … . Bale stalling is not the problem.’

Dragons in mythology are described as monsters with power comparable to gods.

If it has the power equal to that of a true mythical dragon, then it means that it is a monster equal to, or even more powerful than, the Veil Stoll.

There is no way to defeat such a monster.

Maybe if we have some time, we can never win right now.

This makes my head hurt.

“… … Fortunately, the captain’s side is safe.”

Captain Charles and Kim Kang-in are safe.

I was attacked by a red dragon in Milan, but somehow managed to escape by seizing the opportunity.

“Did you say that Binosugar’s sogaju also escaped anger by luck?”

“yes. It is said that he was able to avoid anger because he was with Captain Charles at the time.”

“Fortunately out of misfortune.”

“yes. Really.”

before I fall

Captain Charles detected a strange movement from the mafia side, and asked for help from the Binosugar located in France, a nearby country, to respond to it.

Responding to that help, Stella secretly gathered her forces and headed for Milan, joining with Captain Charles. He went straight into the mission.

Thanks to that, Stella was able to avoid anger.

Although he clashed with the red dragon in Milan, he was somehow able to save his life because Captain Charles and Kim Kang-in were nearby.

Is there a situation where the word fortunate out of unhappiness fits better than this?

“No matter what, we should start by tracking the dragon’s movement. so anything can be… … .”

It was then.

“My lord. young master.”

Mr. Seokhyun appeared.

“now. There is something you need to see urgently.”

Uncle Seok-hyeon quickly manipulated the equipment in the study and displayed a hologram screen.

“This guy… … .”

Two men appeared on the screen.

As soon as he identified one of them, his father’s expression was distorted.

“Destroyer… … .”


Two and a half years ago, during the operation to clean up the Black Magic Tower, an executive of the Black Magic Tower competed with his father for supremacy.

True to his name, he is a huge man with destructive power.

He was standing with his arms crossed next to some gloomy man.

– I will say it again.

Destroyer grinned and said.

―From now on, the world is ruled by us, the Destroyer and the Anti-Magia Alliance. If there is a country that rebels against us… … .

The Destroyer held up the camera prepared in front of them and projected the opposite side of where they were standing.

“… … !”

“… … !”

The huge red one is sleeping with its eyes closed.

―This dragon. will come to you

red dragon.

The mythical monster that destroyed France was there.

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