Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 366

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Chapter 366

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Right above the basement of the building where Shin Ha-yul is suppressing the Red Dragon.

Destroyer and Roper were struggling.

“… … f*ck you.”

The Destroyer’s face turned red.

His anger has exceeded the limit, and he is on the verge of exploding.

“this… … You coward!”

It’s not that I’m angry because the charter is unfavorable.

If it had been overpowered in a fair match, Destroyer would have smiled rather.

The reason Destroyer is currently angry is not because he is being pushed back, but because he doesn’t like the way the battle works.

“Cowardly… … .”

Looking at the Destroyer grinding his teeth, Ji Soon-chan coldly sneered.

An arrogant and arrogant expression that doesn’t even look like Ji Sun-chan.

Mouth with a sarcasm like a passive.

“Highly praised.”

It was the expression of Aslan Polo Hamruin.

“If you are a man, fight like a man and be fair!”

Destroyer clenched his fists and kicked the ground.

He punches with such force that he can break the head of the arrogant man who is now looking down on him from above the sky.

“Since when did the word fair party mean fighting according to your rules?”

Ji Soon-chan.

No, Aslan held out his right hand and swung it to the right.

As if in response to that act, the air slowly opens.


Destroyer’s fist flew into that open space.


The Destroyer’s fist collided with the intangible space and shattered it.

Destroyer’s ‘destruction’ mana broke Aslan’s space magic.


Between the fragments of broken mana.

Destroyer clenched his other hand tightly and slashed his fist.

“Even if the vocabulary is really poor, it is too poor.”

No, I was trying to wield it.

“Every attack, can’t you just tell me to die like that?”

If a new space hadn’t opened up in the air, I would have swung my fist.

“I’d like you to prepare another horse for the next attack.”

One step faster than Destroyer, Aslan cast a new space magic.

This time, a space opened for movement, not for defense.

It was a light act that only connected a space of about 10 meters, so it did not take much time to prepare.

“You f*cking bastard!”

The space swallowed the Destroyer.

And after a while, Destroyer appeared at the place where he was standing before kicking the ground.


The Destroyer trampled the ground as it was.

As if he couldn’t control his anger, as if he had to let go of his anger. It devastated her ground.

“Swearing is also banal.”

Looking down at such a destroyer, Aslan laughed again.

“Even the act of relieving anger is banal. At this level, it would be more fun to deal with wild gorillas.”

“this… … A bastard who won’t get enough even if he chews and swallows… … .”

“Hoo. That swearing was kind of good. You still have the intelligence of a 3-year-old, right?”

The battle was a repetition of the previous composition.

Destroyer launches an attack to defeat Asran, who is controlling Ji Soon-chan’s body.

After Aslan dodges the Destroyer’s attack, he uses light space movement magic to return the Destroyer to its original position.

It doesn’t fight properly, it just returns to its original position when approached.

There was no greater stress than this for Destroyer, who prefers fighting with fists and fists.

‘Shit. Shit. Shit!!’

What’s more stressful is that there is no way to do anything about this stuck state now.

‘I hate to admit it, but I can’t pierce his defense with my fists.’

Destroyer’s attack and Aslan’s defense are equal.

Destroyer cannot penetrate Aslan.

‘and. I hate to admit this, but the speed at which he prepares for the next blow far exceeds me.’

It cannot be pierced with the first attack, and it is unconditionally defeated with the second attack.

There is currently no way for Destroyer to break through Aslan.

‘Of course, there seems to be no way to penetrate me… … .’

Of course, Aslan also has no means to deliver a final blow to Destroyer.

I don’t know if it’s the real Aslan, but Aslan is currently using Ji Soon-chan’s body.

The current inexperienced space magic cannot pierce Destroyer’s strong body.

‘The other side doesn’t need to pierce me.’


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However, that doesn’t matter much.

Aslan didn’t have to deal a final blow to Destroyer.

‘… … It can’t go on like this. At this rate… … .’

Conversely, Destroyer must pierce Aslan unconditionally.

‘Somehow find a way… … . Somehow before Roper collapses… … .’

Destroyer bit his lip and looked at Roper, who was fighting in the distance.

Unlike the Destroyer, Roper is really dying.

Currently, Roper is helplessly overwhelmed by the combination of Shin In-hyeok and Adela.

If time passes like this, Roper will fall down, and Shin In-hyeok and Adela, who have become free, will join Aslan and attack Destroyer.

If that happens, even the Destroyer will not be able to withstand it.

That’s why Destroyer has to somehow break through Aslan.

Break through Asran’s guard and join Roper to create a new variable.

This situation shook the position of the two people who should be equal.

Destroyer is currently in the position of Eul, and Aslan is in the position of overwhelming power.

‘But how… … ?’

I couldn’t think of a way to break through Aslan’s guard.

It cannot be pierced even with a full-strength attack.

You can’t even aim for gaps after that.

‘I can’t ignore him… … .’

Because it is a wizard who handles spatial magic, it is impossible to ignore.

No matter where you want to move, it appears at that location, blocks the Destroyer’s acceleration, and returns it to its original location.

‘how should… … .’

slope weed.

Is there any other situation where the word fits so well?

The Destroyer’s impatience grew even more.

‘for a moment.’

Then, a thought struck Destroyer’s mind.

‘The reason why my second attack takes so much time is because I put all my energy into the first attack.’

The biggest problem with the current combat composition is that it takes too long to prepare for the second attack after the first attack.

If you solve this somehow, the rest will be solved somehow.

‘Then, how about using the first strike as bait instead of focusing on the first strike to get a second striker?’

The Destroyer called for joy inwardly.

‘okay. This is it.’

A second lethal blow using the first attack as bait.

That would be enough to take down that cowardly bastard.

The Destroyer clenched his fists.


The mana of destruction that began to dwell in Destroyer’s fist.

Mana, which was only 30% of the amount of mana it contained until now, was nestled in Destroyer’s right hand.

‘I’ll take care of the rest and focus on my left hand.’

The remaining 70% is secretly prepared in the left hand.

With this, the preparation is complete.

In this stance, before that guy prepares the space movement magic, this side will be able to land 2 hits first.

‘You pitiful worm. I’ll just smash your skull.’

The Destroyer’s lower body had elasticity like a spring.

Muscles twitching as if they were going to jump out at any moment.


The ground on which the Destroyer was standing split apart like a spider’s web.

Using that impact as a reaction, the Destroyer flies like a bullet.


Destroyer used his right hand with 30% power to swing his fist.


As before, Aslan raised his right hand and swung it.

Again, the blatantly open air.


Looking into the air, Destroyer was certain of victory.

If you blow your left hand at the same time that space is smashed, you can break the head of that damn bugling baby.

With such confidence, he swung his fist.

Right before the fist and the air collided like that.

“What you said earlier. correct it.”

Aslan laughed.

“They said that you have the intelligence of a 3-year-old. I will correct it.”

Aslan’s right hand was bent at a right angle and turned upward.

“Your intelligence is now less than that of a newborn child.”

Aslan’s space magic has changed.

“I can’t even shake hands like that.”

Until now, magic had been used by intentionally collapsing the space and colliding with the Destroyer’s attack to offset it.

Without doing so, there was no way to block the mana of Destroyer’s ‘destruction’.


However, that premise has been broken at this point.

Right now, the mana of destruction contained in Destroyer’s fist is insignificant.

That amount of mana is enough to block.


A space wide open from top to bottom.

A scene as if a monster living in a gap in space opened its mouth.

Destroyer’s right hand entered the monster’s mouth.


At that time, the monster closed its mouth as it was.


Destroyer’s right hand was amputated.

As if cut by a sharp blade.

The bottom of the forearm is completely gone.

“My, my arm!”

Destroyer grabbed the cut off section of his right arm and shouted.

“In this era, there is a saying that a pig’s neck is a pearl necklace.”

The air opened next to Aslan.

The Destroyer’s severed arm protruded from within.

Asran held the arm in his hand, threw it, and received it repeatedly.

“I don’t know who coined the proverb, but it’s a really well-made proverb. It suits the situation very well.”

Destroyer’s mana is a great ability that can be described as fraudulent.

How can you ruin such a good ability like that?

It’s literally a pearl necklace around a pig’s neck.

“Did you think that with only that much mana in your fist, you wouldn’t notice that it was bait?”

It’s so absurd that I can’t even snort.

I couldn’t believe it would come to an end so futile.

“I didn’t know that you would settle first.”

Shin In-hyeok approached Aslan.

“Of course you didn’t know. Because I didn’t know.”

“… … .”

Aslan answered with a smile.

Shin In-hyeok’s eyebrows twitched.

I felt like I heard Shin Ha-yul’s friend speak ill of him, so I wasn’t in a good mood.

“And speak the truth. It’s not like I was the first to settle. I only inflicted mortal wounds.”

Adela came up behind Shin In-hyeok.

“Isn’t that the one who made the decision first?”

Adela trudges along.

Over Adela’s shoulder, I see a loafer bound to a thorn tree.

A body without the slightest movement.

Roper’s bodily functions have completely stopped.

“Good work.”

Aslan gave words of encouragement to Adela, who had approached.

It wasn’t exactly Adela, but the words to Elena, who was in Adela’s body.

“Thank you for your effort.”

However, it was Adela, not Elena, who answered.

I politely put my hands together and bowed my head to Aslan.

“… … .”

Seeing that, Aslan reacted in surprise.

“… … Wasn’t it Elena?”


Adela tilted her head.

The expression of what that means.

Aslan let out a small laugh.

“… … indeed.”

I thought it must be Elena.

Adela’s magic in the forest was so perfect, I naturally thought it was Elena’s magic using Adela’s body.

But, I thought it was Adela’s own magic.

“I told you. He is not at a level that can be passed off as a genius.”

At that time, Elena, who had been hiding herself while linking her senses with Adela, appeared.

An elated expression.

It was like a parent proud of their daughter.

“understood. It is definitely beyond the bounds of common sense.”

Aslan’s eyes narrowed.

“Ji Soon-chan. Why does this guy think he’s a dunjae? I know very well.”

Adela Stewart and Shin Ha Yul.

It must be because they thought the two of them were normal geniuses.

Compared to the two of them, anyone would be a good or bad person.

“What I learned today should be reflected in future training.”

Aslan’s gaze, which had been shining with interest, cooled in an instant.

While the three of them were talking, Destroyer backed away little by little.

Aslan looked at him.

“I will buy as high as that spirit that does not give up.”

And just swish.

He drew his right hand horizontally.


The Destroyer’s head was cut off in an instant.

Destroyer, who lost his right arm and fell into a mana imbalance, lost his life without being able to resist.

“Is there only one dragon left now?”


The ground still trembled.

The trembling of mana felt underground was unusual.

It must be that a fierce battle is still going on.

“Then this situation will be over. support… … .”

That’s how Asran was about to speak out to go to the support of Shin Ha-yul.


With an explosion that sounded like a missile exploding, the ground exploded, and dirt, stones, and asphalt fluttered like a fountain.

oh oh oh oh-!

The dragon soared through the ground.

“I guess I don’t need any support.”

The situation has reached its final stage.

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