Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 368

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Chapter 368

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I had a dream.

A very mysterious dream.

In my dreams, I am someone other than myself. No, it had become a dragon.

“Give up.”

In my dream, I was glaring at a man through my blurry vision while pouring sticky blood all over my body.

“You are defeated.”

A man with huge, graceful white wings.

A man who, if 100 people saw it, would all say ‘Angel’, uttered a low voice with a dry expression devoid of any emotion.

“If you admit defeat, admit your mistakes, and reflect on yourself even now, I will end it here.”

There were countless other angels around the man.

Everyone is looking down at my tattered body.

“We are praising the achievements of you who have been carrying out the executive duties of protecting Middle-earth for tens of thousands of years, and granting mercy.”

It was an embarrassing enough situation. She wasn’t particularly offended or offended.

All I feel right now is disgust and fear.

“Bone system. It is a joke.”

There was no emotion in their gaze toward me.

So there is nothing to feel bad about.

that’s why it’s scary

Because I don’t know what you’re thinking. It is all the more terrifying because they are beings that cannot be guessed by my cognition.

“To think of puppets who don’t know what kind of emotion mercy is talking about. Like a puppet of the gods, he has a talent for clowning.”

Despite my sarcasm, the angels’ expressions did not change in the slightest.

Lonely expressionless.

That numbness became an awl and stabbed me.

“Choose. Is it a death made with determination? Survival of understanding and humiliation.”

As if he hadn’t heard the man’s sarcasm, the angel continued on with what he was saying.

Looking up at such an angel, I laughed in my dream.

“Funny. How funny.”

I wanted to say something big, but my body was so messed up that I couldn’t open my mouth wide or speak loudly.


“The current situation where they give meaningless options and ask them to make a choice is also ridiculous. My situation in that situation is also funny.”


My ridicule soon turned into laughter.

Right now, this situation is the world’s best comedy, and I, who is in this situation right now, is the world’s best clown.

“doll. I’ll ask. Of the options you presented, does choosing one change anything?”

“The question was not allowed to be answered.”

“I am asking about your will, not your master’s.”

“… … .”

the man was silent

It seems that you are thinking about my words.

“I don’t know what you mean. Since it’s the last time, don’t give me a special answer. The fate of you and your race will be different.”

My expression stiffened.

My body is so messed up, I can’t even move my facial muscles properly, so it doesn’t look like I’m surprised.

I couldn’t have been more surprised than this.

“… … It’s like hearing an answer worthy of an answer for the first time.”

angel. I had a conversation with God’s doll for the first time in 10 years.

“Are you saying that you also have a doctor?”

I thought they were just puppets with no will or emotion.

It doesn’t seem like that was the case.

“That’s what I expected. Are you saying that you are just God’s toys?”

A bitterness spread across his lips.

I thought of you as an enemy until now.

It seems that they were not enemies.

“also. Were you the future us?”

“… … I don’t know what you mean.”

The man stared at me with an expressionless expression.

You look like you don’t understand what I’m saying.

“If you have time for chatter, make a choice. There is not much time left now.”

A murder doll that only looked vicious.

However, in my eyes now, it only looked like a pitiful rag doll.

“Poor doll. Seeing you made me even more confident.”


Could it be because too much blood was shed?

My eyelids are heavy, and my mind is far away.

“I will choose death with determination.”

Beyond the blurry vision, only the angel’s face was particularly clear.

“To be like you, I will choose death.”

“Like us… … do?”


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The first change occurred in the angel’s expression.

A look that seems to remind me of something.

“Yes. I want to lead a servile life, become a puppet of God and work for the rest of my life. We choose to die as ourselves.”

“… … .”

The angel’s expressionless expression cracked.

“Kokdu… … Each hour… … ? Kut!”

The angel grabbed his head.

As if trying to recall something, as if forcibly releasing memories that had been sealed somewhere in my head.

He grabbed his head and opened his eyes.

“Remember. You guys must have had your lives before.”

Seeing that, I screamed desperately.

It was only a weak cry that seemed too weak to have shouted.

It was big enough to reach the man in front of me.

“Our… … Before us… … . before? It’s before… … Aagh!”

The man let out an even louder scream and grabbed his head.

Looking at it, I had hope.

If they realize their true selves. If the angels became allies, this situation could be reversed.


With my last wish, I shouted while vomiting blood.

Please, I hope my heart will reach you.

I squeezed out all my remaining strength.

“Hmm. The number of insurgents this time is considerable.”


“I never thought I would have noticed that far.”

My hopes were soon shattered.

“How did you notice?”

The expressionless expressions that were the trademark of the angels disappeared in an instant.

smiling brightly at the world

“Accepting our offer, choosing survival. It’s about being reduced to our puppets. How did you notice?”

Not only the expression, but the tone of voice, gestures, and eyes, everything has changed.

“you… … .”

This man is not the archangel he was talking to just now.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t introduced myself yet.”

The man said quietly, with his hands behind his back.

“god. I am what you call it.”

A crescent-like eye smile filled my retinas.

“then. Introduction will be over. I will ask again.”

It was a creepy look that made my heart tremble.

“How did you notice?”

Fear began to grip my whole body like air.

* * *

“… … !”

When I opened my eyes, a familiar face greeted me.



She was looking at me with a worried expression on her face.

“Why, why? Are you sick?”

A restless expression.

Looking around my body, I only opened and closed my hands. Stretching and folding are repeated.

“Heir? Heir! Why are you not talking?”

Even if you want to check my body condition by touching my body, it is impossible because Mimir does not have a body.

That is why he only stretched out his hands, folded them, and repeated them.

“eww… … . Aren’t you really having problems with your body? See… … . If only I had a body at a time like this… … .”

He bit his lip with a grievous expression on his face, as if Mimir couldn’t be this grievous at not having a body.

“Heir! Heir!”

The only way Mimir can convey his intentions to me.

I struggled to use my voice to awaken my mind.

“… … I am listening.”

People say that when you see someone who is more anxious than you, you become calmer on the contrary.

That sounds right.

“sorry. I’m a little dizzy.”

Looking at Mimir, who is restless in the world, on the contrary, I calmed down.

“Is your head blank? Are you serious? Shall I call someone?”

The more Mimir showed a sense of urgency, the clearer my mind was.

“are you okay. just that. It’s because of a nightmare. It’s not like it hurts or anything.”


Mimir became a little calmer.

“okay. That’s why you broke out in a cold sweat.”

When I heard it, my whole body was wet.

I think I would believe it if I said that I went into the bathtub with my clothes on.

“Then there is nothing wrong with your body?”

“uh. It’s a bit drowsy, but it’s not a problem.”

“okay? thank god.”

Mimir let out a sigh of relief.

There was nothing wrong with my body, and it must have been a sincere relief.

“really… … Do you know how flustered I was when everyone was out at the same time? I really wanted to know what would happen if something happened to the heir’s body… … .”

Mimir grumbled.

It would have been impossible for Mimir without a body to do anything to me.

I couldn’t do anything, I just had to watch.

I must have felt sleepy.

“Sorry for worrying you.”

“No, the successor is not sorry. Did the successor know and had a nightmare… … .”

Mimir moved his fingers around with an embarrassed expression.

“just. My body was so resentful… … .”

He runs his fingers around and smiles bitterly.

It must be bittersweet that the only thing he can touch with his hands is his own hologram body.

“As soon as possible… … . Should I put my research on track or not… … .”

“research? what research?”

Anything to put on track?

I couldn’t have expressed that I was putting the lab’s restoration on track.

“uh? Oh that. hmm. There is such a thing. Don’t worry about the heir. There must be a lot of headaches.”

“… … .”

It’s a headache… … .

“I see… … summer solstice.”

It’s a lot.

Even so, I added one more this time.

“… … ?”

Mimir looked at me with an expression of surprise.

The look on his face that he didn’t expect to give up so easily.

What I’m curious about is, since he’s an intolerant personality, I thought he’d run for a while.

He backed away so easily, on the contrary, he seemed anxious.

“what’s the matter?”


“Why do you step down so easily, not like a successor?”

“There is no particular reason. just. As you said, Mimir. My head hurts so much right now. I don’t have time to worry about anything else.”

“Is it because of the words you heard from the dragon?”

“There is also… … .”

I paused for a while and then said.

“It took me a while to see what I saw in my dream… … .”

“dream? A nightmare that you had until right before you woke up?”


“What did you see there, does your head hurt?”

“… … I saw the last of the dragons.”

“Dragon’s… … last?”

Mimir frowned.

A look that doesn’t know what to say.

“I think I might have seen the memory of the red dragon who transferred power to me.”

“Memories of the Red Dragon?”

Mimir continued with an expression that he knew now.

“So, I saw the dragon’s memories through the medium of dreams. You mean the dream was about the last days of dragons?”

“that’s right.”


“In my dream, I was dying as a red dragon. There were countless angels sitting in front of me like that.”

“The end of the war. A dragon slain by angels. It is as written in the book.”

“Just look at that scene.”

“… … Just that scene?”

A dragon that was defeated and destroyed in a war with angels.

This is exactly as it is written in the book.

However, this is the end of the same thing.

If you dig into the details, many things are different.

“First of all, dragons didn’t choose death after being caught in arrogance and resisting to the end.”

I have only fragmentary memories, so I can’t say anything.

First of all, judging from the personality of the red dragon I saw in my dream, the probability of that is very low.

In the first place, the character of the red dragon possessed by Drake was far from arrogant and arrogant.

“There is another reason why dragons perished.”

“Any other reason?”

“I don’t know that far. Like I said, what I saw was the dragon’s end. It’s only at the end of the war.”

I slowly replayed the things I saw in my dream.

“In my dream, the red dragon said. He would rather die than become a puppet of the gods.”

“The gods… … puppet?”

“huh. I would choose a righteous death rather than become like the angels. He said so.”

“Are angels puppets?”

“I don’t know either… … . Her expression and behavior were like dolls.”

In fact, the angels I saw in my dream were like puppets.

“Tell me in detail. I can’t understand a thing.”

“… … okay. I’ll explain slowly from the beginning. That would be better.”

I slowly explained each of the things I saw in my dream.

A conversation with an angel.

Angel’s sudden change.

After that, God borrowed the body of that angel and appeared.

“God asked the red dragon how he noticed it, and when the red dragon didn’t answer, he said this.”

I remembered the end of my dream.

“I can’t help it if you don’t want to answer. Because I am a good god A person who respects the will of the creatures.”

Chicken meat sprouts all over the body.

Even thinking back on it, it was a creepy laugh and words.

“Instead, it’s a little annoying. I’d like to give you some punishment. what would be good… … . Oh yeah. This would be nice.”

Saying respect, chanting the opposite words of punishing.

“Let’s try to trample on the determination of your dragon species.”

He smiled mischievously.

“Middle Earth. It will wipe out all life on this continent.”

It was a very light tone, as if declaring that he would trample the ants on the roadside.

“Then we won’t have to find out how you knew our secrets. Killing two birds with one stone?”

In order to keep their secrets, they erased a world.

he said so

“Immediately after that, with those words, a silhouette of a figure that seemed to be a god appeared behind the angel’s body.”


“uh. maybe… … As he used his powers, his true form must have been reflected through his spiritual body.”

“Is it like a projection of the soul? hmm… … . Anyway, why is that silhouette?”

An unidentified silhouette emerged like Bae Hu-ryeong.

I recalled the silhouette again and spoke slowly.

“That silhouette… … . Even though they look alike, they look so much alike.”

“Do you look alike? with who?”

eyes, nose, mouth.

and the shape of the face.

Everything from one to ten.

“With Master.”

“With Obama… … You say the face of that god is similar?”


Ray Bell bitenor.

The face of the author named Shin was the face of Master’s face.

“Everything except that my hair is black.”

Except for one thing, hair color.

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