Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 370

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Chapter 370

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“Before I begin, let me ask you a question. The reason you insist on freeing Marco is because you think there is no way to stop the rampaging dragon. Is that correct?”

I asked, making eye contact with some of the people who insisted on freeing Marco.

“… … okay.”

After a long silence, one representative answered.

As a representative of each country, it is very disgraceful that there is no way to counter the dragon.

The answer might be delayed.

“There are 47 people who destroyed France alone. Even more so, it is in a state of riot. There is no means against such a monstrous force.”

That’s why let’s free Marco even temporarily to stop the runaway.

Even considering the risk of freeing Marco, let’s prevent catastrophe in the near future.

It must be this opinion.

“hmm. Is it like that too? That’s why it’s so twisted.”

“… … Twisted?”

“yes. Even if it is twisted, it is properly twisted.”

however. That’s a bad idea.

In the first place, the approach of thought was wrong.

“First of all, we have to correct the misunderstanding that started from that twisted place.”

I paused briefly and said.

“To put it bluntly. The 47 new dragons that will appear this time can be sufficiently stopped with the strength of the existing countries.”

“… … Can you stop it?”


“… … .”

This time, there was a change in the expression of not only those who were suggesting that Marco should be freed, but also those who were saying that Marco should not be released.

The expressions on their faces show that they can’t believe my words that they can block the dragon enough.

“I think I said it before. nothing but words… … .”

“I should have told you earlier. I have no intention of solving things with words alone.”

I made it clear.

I have no intention of doing anything with words alone.

I gestured to Mimir.

“here. Could you please look at this PPT?”

Data appeared one by one on the hologram screen.

“As you all know, the dragon that Marco succeeded in realizing this time requires one condition to activate.”


“Don’t you know? It should be written in the data book handed to you in advance.”

I turned my gaze to my father.

“Has it not been shared yet?”

“no. The literature has already been distributed in bulk. I don’t think I read it because everyone was busy fighting.”

“… … indeed.”

The expected answer came back from his father’s mouth.

“In other words, ignoring the information obtained so far, they only fought each other for nearly three hours.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

The delegates were silent.

Some lowered their heads, others coughed as if they were embarrassed.

“… … I just thought it didn’t matter.”

At that time, a representative said with an angry expression.

“If information is not important in this situation, what is important?”

“The important thing is not information about dragons, but preventing dragons from rampaging. We make it our top priority… … .”

“It is sophistry. Isn’t information necessary to deal with that?”

The man shut his mouth.

I want to argue somehow, but I can’t come up with anything to refute my thesis.

He had a face like he was saying that.

“… … after.”

I let out a short sigh.

“I will speak again. The dragon that Marco succeeded in recreating this time requires an enormous amount of mana to operate. That is the essential condition for the operation of the dragon I just mentioned.”

“Mana… … .”

More than 80 percent of the representatives frowned as if they were hearing it for the first time.

Representatives of the remaining 20% ​​said ‘Ah!’ made a face.

Still, they seem to have read the report written by Mimir.

“If you feed enough mana, the dragon becomes that much stronger. The less mana you feed, the weaker the dragon.”

“Is it some kind of rechargeable type?”

“yes. You can think of it as a rechargeable magic weapon whose performance varies depending on the amount of charge.”

“indeed. Was the dragon structured like that?”

Everyone seemed to have a lot of thoughts, their eyes narrowed and lost in thought.

“How much was the charge level of the guy who destroyed France?”

“Of course MAX. It was maxed out.”

At the time, it was highly likely that the red dragon, which had been operated in Italy and moved to France, had the maximum amount of mana.

Because there was no reason to send a dragon with less charge from the first terror.


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“And the mana charge of the dragon I dealt with in Florence was about… … .”

A new graph popped up in PPT.

“It was 30%.”

“You mean it only had 1/3 the strength of the one that destroyed France?”

The values ​​in the graph are replaced with new values.

“no. His strength was 45.6% of his maximum condition.”

“Are you saying that the total amount of mana and strength is not in perfect proportion?”

“yes. here. Charge and discharge are not proportional. There is a separate calculation formula.”

This is Mimir’s formula.

It was almost certain that it was a calculation made using the results of analyzing the red dragon’s magic output against the amount of mana consumed within its body.

“I could explain the calculation formula in detail, but I don’t think it’s necessary to explain it in detail. Anyway, when the dragon’s mana is charged to about 30%, it will have about 45% of its maximum output. All you need to know is this.”

Everyone was silent.

It was a silence full of positive meaning.

“Then, everyone here must be curious about this. I understand that this dragon is powered by mana. I understand that this dragon can show 45% power with 30% mana. Roughly how much is that 30% of mana?”

Anyone who has heard my story above must have this question in their head.

“The answer to that question is here, in this resource.”

Mimir switched the PPT material again.

Only about 30% of the dragon’s silhouette is colored.

It means that the filled color is the amount of mana charged by the dragon.

“Once, if you quantify the amount of mana, it looks like this.”

Among the dragon’s silhouette, the colored part was enlarged, and a number appeared on it.


Roughly 13.4 billion.

“134… … 100 million?”

“Is it 13.4 billion in the old international standard?”

“yes. It is 13.4 billion in international standards.”

With Mimir’s gesture, the numbers were soon replaced by other letters.

“For those who are not familiar with the amount of mana itself, we have replaced the numbers to make it easier to see.”

An emblem in the shape of a power plant came to mind, with a small number next to it.

“The largest mana power plant in Korea. Thirteen times the amount of mana produced annually at Shinsan Power Plant.”

Below that, an emblem in the shape of a laboratory emerged, and a number was engraved on the side again.

“The largest research institute with only three in the world. Among them, it is about twice the amount of mana consumed every month by the US International Laboratory.”

Everyone’s eyes widened.

“And it’s three times the amount of mana consumed in a year in some developing countries.”

The amount of mana required to replenish 30% of the dragon’s mana is astronomical.

“In other words, in order to fully charge all 47 dragons, it means that about 300 times more mana is needed than the monthly amount of mana used by the US International Laboratory.”

“that… … .”

“yes. It is an impossible amount in common sense. To be honest, even if I gathered all the magic stones in the world, it would be an impossible amount.”

In terms of numbers, it is 4.2 trillion won.

It was an amount of mana that the United States could not collect even half of it even with all its might.

No matter how great Marco is, it is impossible to prepare that much mana.

“The situation you are worried about… … . There will be no swarming with the red dragons that raided France.”

No matter how well you look at the dragons they possess, they only have 10% to 20% of their natural strength.

Even taking into account the output increase due to congestion, it should not exceed 25%.

At that level, the current power alone is enough to stop it.

“but… … . If they supply mana stones in large quantities from somewhere, if only a few dragons’ mana is charged to the maximum… … .”

“That’s fine.”

I made eye contact with the man who presented my opinion and slowly lifted the corners of my mouth.

“It means you can find out where they live if you just follow the trends of the magic stones.”

At that time, you can take the reverse of the moves of the guys who want to get the magic stone.

“Use magic stones as traps to find their base?”

“Hoo. It could have been.”

The mood has changed.

The atmosphere that seemed to fight right away disappeared, and it became an atmosphere that wanted to be in harmony.

“Certainly, according to this information, it would be much more dangerous to free Marco.”

“… … It was a blind spot.”

Looking at the faces of the representatives who seemed to have lost their will to fight, I sighed in relief.

Once the fire was extinguished.

* * *

After that, I continued the briefing for about 30 minutes more.

Needless to say, the result was a huge success.

Everyone acknowledged that my strategy was the best and only salvation.

“Good work.”

My father approached me, spread out on the sofa, and greeted me with encouragement.

“Great calculations, great presentations, great leadership.”

A very satisfied expression.

I am proud of you. His father’s eyes said so.

“Thanks to you, things got easier.”

“… … It was nothing.”

After I handed over the formal greeting as it was. I raised my upper body to stand up.

“You don’t have to wake up. lie down and rest Your complexion is not good.”

My father dissuaded me from doing that. After all, I’m not the kind of person who would say such a thing.

It seems that my complexion is not very good.

“yes. Then, I will stay as it is, regardless of rudeness.”

I lay down on the bed again and closed my eyes.

I’m dizzy, so it’s a burden to even keep my eyes open properly.

“Is it because of the power that was transferred to the dragon?”

“yes. I thought it was fine. It comes suddenly.”

It wasn’t specifically because of the briefing that I got into this state.

Although briefing in front of representatives from each country is quite burdensome.

That’s right, it’s just a briefing.

My mentality is not weak enough to spread just that much.

The reason I’m currently in poor condition is because of the dragon’s mana.

“Looking at it earlier, right after using the magic, the complexion suddenly deteriorated. Is there a problem with using mana?”

“yes. You saw it correctly.”

It was so quiet, I thought there would be no problem.

It wasn’t.

The dragon’s mana was quiet, it was just because I didn’t use mana.

Because he used mana, he started running wild.

Thanks to you, I’m screwed like this now.

As if suffering from mana exhaustion, the whole body loses strength, and the head throbs with pain.

“I heard you got it as a gift.”

The father’s eyes shone sharply.

“Where do you think that is a gift?”

As if angry at the dragon who handed me such a jar, he frowned.

“… … Well, judging objectively, right now it’s more like a burden than a gift.”


Father’s eyes shone slightly.

“That sounds like it would be a little different afterward.”

“yes. What you mean is correct.”

I closed and opened my eyes, which were still sore, over and over again.

When I felt a little better, I met my father’s eyes.

“This vast amount of mana… … . I don’t listen properly, and right now it’s just a tease.”

Currently, mana is not being moved, so the dragon’s mana is sleeping at the same time.

This mana is indescribably huge and arbitrary.

I can’t control it right now.

“If I just make this mana completely mine, then the story is a little different.”

However, this uncontrollability is not permanent.

As soon as this mana fully adapts to my body, once it reaches a level where it will respond to my words to some extent, the story will change a lot.

“I don’t know how long it will take to fully acquire it, but if I succeed in completely making the mana transferred by the dragon into my own… … .”

“… … if?”

My father’s expression, as if he was expecting my next words.

I made eye contact with my father and slowly opened my mouth.

“… … hmm. What will happen?”

“… … .”

My father glares at me with eyes that seem to tell me not to play around and to speak properly.

“no. I’m not really kidding… … . I really don’t know.”

Make the dragon’s mana completely mine. If that happens, what will happen?

About him, neither I nor Mimir know yet.

Since there is no information about him, there is no way to know.

“really… … What will happen?”

The dragon’s mana becomes completely mine.

Then, what kind of power will I get?

“Are you going to be able to exhale even a breath from your mouth?”

I spit out such a joke and inflated my expectations.

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