Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 374

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Chapter 374

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“You still have good eyesight.”


No, the Dark Mage King laughed.

The words and expressions were full of positive meaning.

“… … .”

I glared at the Dark Mage King with hostility.

Due to the tension, the hairs all over the body stand up.

‘Why the Dark Mage King? What happened to Sophia-sama and Sein-sama? What happened?’

My head is complicated.

Why did the Dark Mage King suddenly appear?

‘For sure… … You said it’s still at a level that you can suppress enough… … .’

When we met last time, Sophia-sama must have said this.

‘As a result of meeting you, the personality of the Dark Mage King has opened his eyes a little bit, but it’s still at a level that can be suppressed enough. After struggling for about a week, I can go back to sleep.’

It was a confident expression that didn’t feel the slightest delusion.

‘It’s still the first time. If this happens two or three times, it will become irresistible, but for now it’s okay.’

It was the same with Sein.

There was no need to worry about the Dark Mage King waking up.

You smiled confidently with such a confident expression.

That’s why I didn’t even consider the possibility that the Dark Mage King would open his eyes again.

Since the two of them were 100% sure, I thought there was no need to worry.

‘What the hell happened?’

But what is this, the Dark Mage King has woken up.

To the disbelief of Sophia and Sain, the Dark Mage King took Sophia’s body and regained her freedom.

What the hell happened?

“You don’t have to be so vigilant.”

The Dark Mage King laughed lightly.

“Because there’s nothing like you’re worried.”

As if my expression was very interesting, he observes my expression and smiles continuously.

I stayed silent at the words of the Dark Mage King and glared at the Dark Mage King with even more strength in my eyes.

I won’t fall for your flattery. I won’t believe your words.

It was a look of vigilance full of such intentions.

“… … What did you do to Sophia and Sein?”

Ready to fight right away, he asked with the full meaning of the warning.


The Dark Mage King stroked his chin with a slightly puzzled expression.

With Sophia-sama’s face and such expressions and movements, I couldn’t help but feel this way.

“Even though I said this, don’t you let go of your guard? I thought you would understand my sincerity.”

The Dark Mage King clicked his tongue slightly.

Then he spat out incomprehensible words.

“The bet is your win. Sofia Annechefrey.”

… … what?

“So you said that. Ha Yul-kun can’t believe your words.”

My pupils were slowly constricting.

The scene unfolding before my eyes was so unbelievable.

My pupils got smaller and my eyes couldn’t help but get bigger.

“Outside the heart. I’ve been quite kind to Shin Ha-yul so far. I don’t think I’ll ever understand this level of sincerity. A little, no, quite disappointed.”

Sophia-sama’s face changes alternately.

The same level of change as before, when Sein-sama and Sofia-sama spoke alternately.

It was as if two personalities were conversing with one body.

“Would you believe me? If the enemy who was trying to kill you suddenly jumps out and tells you to get out of here.”

now. The Dark Mage King and Sophia are having a conversation.

“What’s wrong with that? In order to buy trust, I gave you the most important information first.”

“yes. Is there a problem. In that situation, if I told you to leave this place without hesitation, wouldn’t you think it would be a warning or a threat?”

“Hoo. Was there room for that interpretation? It was a blind spot.”

The Dark Mage King grinned again and stroked his chin.

“Then, my mistake. I will admit my defeat cleanly.”

“… … He never thought he would win in the first place, but he speaks well.”

Sophia-sama sighed deeply.

“I don’t know what you mean. I thought I had a chance to win, so I suggested a bet.”

“Do not lie. Right now, we are connected through the medium of my body. I kind of know what you’re thinking.”

Sophia-sama said with sharp eyes.

“A bet or something, it was just an act to surprise Ha-yul. It was nothing more and nothing less.”

A strange color flowed from the eyes of the Dark Mage King.

“… … indeed.”

It was a strange expression and eyes.

The expression that I really liked Sophia-sama’s words.



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“… … no way. Have you tried it?”

“okay. After all, having my thoughts read by others is not a very good feeling. How far can you read my thoughts? I wanted to try it out.”

The Dark Mage King looked me in the eye and smiled very lightly.

“Thank you very much. It definitely seems to be able to read my thoughts ‘to some extent’. and… … .

Complicated eyes.

I can feel all sorts of emotions beyond the black mage king’s eyes looking at me.

“… … and? Why don’t you tell me?”

“It is nothing.”

The Dark Mage King smiled and closed his eyes.

“anyway. The bet is my loss. I will again quietly wait inside your body.”

“Do what you said and go. And what to say next… … . Oh really… … .”

Sophia-sama frowned and bit her lip.

“That man is really from beginning to end… … .”

I really don’t like the Dark Mage King.

It looked like he was saying that.

“That’s what I said. Talking to that man is useless. There is no benefit.”

At that time, Sophia-sama’s expression changed again.

A cold and sharp expression reminiscent of a sword.

It was Sein.

“I know that. But, what can I do? They say if you refuse this offer, you’ll keep your mouth shut.”

Sophia-sama let out a sigh as the ground disappeared.

“No, I don’t want to talk to that guy in the first place, is it true that the person who left the whole conversation to me is saying that?”

“… … .”

Sein-nim shut his mouth.

Avoid unfavorable topics.

It looked like he was saying that.

“Again, again! Just avoid answering that. Since you came out like that, the story got longer… … .”

“excuse me. I’m sorry about what I said.”

I interrupted Sophia-sama and said.

“May I ask for an explanation? What happened?”

I was trying to keep listening. It was work, so I couldn’t wait.

“… … .”

“… … hmm.”

Sofia-sama kept her mouth shut, and Sein-sama let out a small saliva.

“That, um… … . How can I explain this?”

Sophia-sama smiled bitterly.

“I don’t think you need to overcomplicate it. just as it is. Shouldn’t we just explain step by step from the beginning?”

“… … Sein if you think it’s that easy. You explain.”

“hmm. I want to do it like a chimney, but unfortunately I have no talents other than wielding a sword. A job that requires a trick like an explanation is a gem disease.”

Sein-nim smiled.

“Anyway, it will be your explanation again… … . If that’s okay, I’ll explain.”

“… … ha. That’s Okay.”

Sophia-sama sighed deeply again.

“I will do it. three. You should be quiet for a while.”

“i get it.”

After that, Sophia-sama let out another deep sigh.

‘It’s my seller… … .’

It was a look and a sigh as if he were saying that.

“I will try to summarize as best I can. As Sein said, it would be comfortable for me if I explained it step by step… … . Unfortunately, the current situation is not that relaxed.”

Sophia-sama’s expression became serious.

“first. In conclusion, we made a deal with the Dark Mage King.”

“… … transaction?”

“yes. Rather than calling it a deal, it was an alliance. It would be more accurate to say that.”

You made an alliance with the Dark Mage King?


“Why did you do that? It looks like you want to ask that question.”

Sophia-sama smiled bitterly.

“Even we didn’t want to form an alliance with a man like the Dark Mage King. I didn’t… … .”

Sophia-sama lowered her head and was silent for a moment.

Sophia-sama’s melancholy feelings are conveyed through her bowed face.

“I couldn’t help it. There, I had no choice but to ally with that man.”

“… … What happened?”

I couldn’t help it.

What is the situation in which the person who is more wary of the Dark Mage King has no choice but to form an alliance?

“He woke up.”

Anxiety soared at the one-syllable word.

“Granie… … . no way… … .”

In an instant, a name flashed through my mind.

An existence that Sophia and the Dark Mage King have no choice but to form an alliance with.

The Dark Mage King and our common enemy.

And the hypothesis that Mimir and I recently developed.


Sophia-sama nodded.

“Bail stall.”

bale stall.

“He has already finished his resurrection.”

The beginning of black magic has been revived.

It was the moment when the worst of the three hypotheses Mimir and I developed became reality.

* * *

‘We were thinking the wrong way. Six months later just meant the day when the veil stall would be fully revived.’

‘A total solar eclipse six months later only meant the day the veil stalls regained full power. The bale stall itself had already been brought back to life.’

To sum up Sophia-sama’s words, these were the words.

Bale Stoll was already reborn in this era two months ago.

However, the resurrected veil stall has power that does not even reach the tips of its heyday.

The total solar eclipse will be six months from now when it fully regains its power.

The foreshadowing of the resurrection of the veil stall that Sophia and Sein sensed through the soul of the Dark Mage King was only the time of the ‘complete’ resurrection of the veil stall.

‘It’s a fact I learned when the doctor of the Dark Mage King returned for a very short time because of my meeting with you.’

It must have been the revival of the veil stall that he could feel because he was the Dark Mage King.

‘We had no other options. Now, the great evil called Bale Stall has already been resurrected. It was too much of a penalty to move while wearing the shackles of being the Dark Mage King.’

‘Above all, the Dark Mage King. His goal is to overthrow Bale Stoll. Because this purpose coincides with us.’

The enemy of the enemy is an ally.

In dealing with the veil stall, the evil of the black mage king can be a deadly drug.

So we made an alliance.

‘Thanks to this alliance, we can move freely to some extent. Although there is still an element of anxiety that the Dark Mage King’s self-consciousness must be left unsuppressed. In return, I can move freely, so I guess you could say it’s an extra business.’

In exchange for leaving the bomb called the Dark Mage King somewhat free, he got his freedom.

I wouldn’t say the risk was small, but the return that exceeded the risk was certain.

‘Call me if you need help. I’m going to help right away.’

Sophia Annecefri and Sain Binoche.

The two heroes are back in our arms again.

You can fight alongside us.

“It is ideal. Since it’s you, you would have understood everything with this explanation.”

That’s how the explanation lasted about 2 minutes.

“yes. understand.”

It was a short and concise summary like Sophia-nim.

“great. Then I hope you understand the situation. Let’s get to the point.”

“… … The main point?”

“yes. Before. These were the words that the Dark Mage King appeared and said without hesitation. Do you remember?”

“yes. leave this place… … .”

I thought it was a threat. Come to think of it now, it probably wasn’t meant as a threat.

Judging from the fact that Sofia-nim said to the Dark Mage King, ‘The opponent will not take it as a warning,’ it is clear that there was another intention besides intimidation.

“That is exactly what I want to say. Within 10 minutes, no, please leave this seat as soon as possible.”

“… … Why?”

“Bail stall. He is nearby.”

Sophia-sama frowned and continued.

“So, first… … .”

no, he was trying to say

“I’m sorry for interrupting you.”

It would have been if the Dark Mage King hadn’t suddenly appeared.

“It’s already late.”

The Dark Mage King said with a serious expression.

“Bail stall. It will get here in 10 seconds or less.

The Dark Mage King clicked his tongue.

“Shin Ha-ryul. Sofia Annechefrey. Hide.”

I immediately turned my gaze to Mimir.



Mimir nodded with a firm expression.

I moved my mana and held Sofia-sama’s hand.



Immediately after that, Sophia-sama and my body disappeared into the shadows.

and not long after

another angle, another angle.

The sound of shoes hitting the lab’s marble floor echoed distinctly.

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