Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 377

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Chapter 377

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After that, I returned to Korea using Umbra and headed straight to my father’s study.

“… … young master?”

Mr. Seokhyun, who was waiting in front of the library, called me with a slightly surprised expression.

“Weren’t you in Saudi Arabia?”

The person who reported arriving in Saudi Arabia 5 hours ago suddenly appeared in front of me.

It’s surprising.

“If you came from the airport, there’s no way I wouldn’t know… … . You used Umbra.”

Seokhyun’s expression became serious.

“What happened?”

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Seok-hyeon knows a lot about my ‘Umbra’.

Not only being able to hide in the shadows with Umbra, but also being able to travel long distances once every three days.

So that’s what you’re saying.

Using long-distance spatial movement, which can be used once every 3 days, is like saying something like that happened.

“yes. little… … No, we have a big problem.”

Seokhyun’s expression darkened even more.

You must have realized the seriousness of the situation through my expression of ‘big problem’.

“What happened in Saudi Arabia?”

“I will go in and explain. Is your father in?”

Actually, this was a question that didn’t even need to be asked.

The fact that Mr. Seok-hyeon is here means that my father is in the study.

“… … no. The head of the family is currently absent.”

But to my surprise, my father was absent.

“Did your father leave Mr. Seokhyun behind?”

“It’s a little different.”

Mr. Seokhyun took out a simple tablet PC that he always carries around, manipulated it, and handed it to me.

“You didn’t leave me. He accompanied me and moved, only I was sent back first.”

On the screen of the tablet PC that the uncle gave me, my father’s schedule for today was displayed.

These days, as the status of Madosinga continues to grow, the schedule is ridiculously tight.

A month’s schedule is broken down into minutes.

“… … It was today. The day I was supposed to have a meal with the President.”

Between such a tight schedule, only today’s schedule is particularly empty.

There are only three letters of ‘Blue House’ written on it.

“Did the president issue a congratulatory order?”

“yes. The President said that the three of us have something to talk about. I came back first.”

“Three? Not two?”

“This banquet includes the blue mage lord.”

“Ah, that’s three.”


“Then I won’t be able to contact you.”


Seeing that even Mr. Seokhyun was given a congratulatory order.

The president probably wants to disregard everything he will say at this dinner party.

Of course, I wouldn’t have allowed you to bring a phone or something.

Without a phone, it is difficult to contact my father.

“Should I go to the Blue House and speak directly to you?”

“no. There is no need to do that.”

He would have to go directly to the Blue House, but doing so would be a headache in many ways.

There is no need to do that.

“You can tell your father later.”

The current situation is not a situation that requires ‘consultation’.

It’s not even a situation that requires a quick response.

It’s just a simple report, so there’s no need to rush.

“Where are Adela and Soonchan now?”

If it goes as planned, it’s time to arrive in Korea now.

“They are both in Japan now.”

“… … Japan?”

Why are the two people in charge of Europe and the Americas in East Asia, Japan?

“While trying to return to Korea, a request for assistance came from Japan. Mana, apparently belonging to a dragon, has been detected, and she is calling for backup.”

“… … So you went to Japan.”

“yes. Originally, I should have contacted the young master, but… … . The two of them asked if it was necessary to make a busy person do chores like this… … .”

“Looking at how you described dealing with dragons as a chore, it must have been Sunchan.”

“You are correct.”

“… … Then, the only one left in Korea right now is Captain Charles.”

“no. That, Captain Charles, has also gone to Japan.”

Uncle Seokhyun smiled bitterly.

“After lying down for too long, he said his body was sore… … . In order to warm up, I’m going to help… … .”

“… … I know you haven’t fully recovered yet.”


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“The doctor said that he still needed a little more rest, but he said it would be a loss for him to rest any longer… … .”

“You look like Captain Charles.”

He acted like Captain Charles, so I couldn’t even laugh.

“The only one in Korea right now is Miss Stella Binoche.”

Seokhyun’s expression darkened.

“Even though you are literally ‘being’ in Korea.”

I could tell from that expression.

“Miss Stella… … Are you still there?”

“… … yes.”

Stella still hasn’t woken up. Unable to overcome sadness and despair, he is crouching in the abyss.

“I am not alone in my worries. You don’t even eat properly… … . If you forcefully feed something, you vomit right away… … .”

“… … Hasn’t it gotten worse?”

“yes. According to the doctors, it has gotten much worse.”

Time is medicine.

No matter how great the grief, it gets better little by little with the medicine of time.

So, of course, I thought that Stella’s sadness would improve little by little with the passage of time.

But, it seems I was wrong.

“He said he couldn’t sleep well. He said it was like having a nightmare when he fell asleep.”

“A nightmare?”

“yes. The maid in charge of Miss Stella said she often saw it. Miss Stella, who broke out in a cold sweat and said she was sorry over and over again. maybe… … I wonder if I am dreaming of the friends, family, and servants I lived with in France in my dreams.”

“If you can even hallucinate… … . It’s really dangerous.”

Certainly time is a medicine.

However, no matter how excellent a medicine is, it can become extremely poisonous depending on the situation.

Time can be a deadly poison if used incorrectly.

That’s exactly how things are right now.

As I ruminate on the nightmare, feelings of guilt and despair are overlapping.

If you go on like this, you may become a real loser.

“now. Where are you?”

“Miss Stella, she is in the guest room in the annex right now.”

“All right. Let’s go.”

“… … I wonder if it has any meaning.”

This isn’t exactly the first time I’ve visited Stella.

Whenever I visit Korea, I visit Stella.

However, I have never had a proper conversation with Stella until now.

No matter what I said, Stella didn’t respond.

He has completely closed his mind and is curled up in his own world.

“I still have to go.”

Even if there is no meaning, I have no choice but to go and see it.

At this rate, I have no face to see Sein-sama.

We have to somehow get Miss Stella to come to her senses.

I turned around and walked towards the annex.

“I’m sorry, but I will explain what happened in Saudi Arabia after the two of you in the Blue House and Adelane, who went to Japan, arrive. It’s so complicated, I don’t have the confidence to explain it three times.”

“yes. All right.”

Uncle Seokhyun nodded his head.

Leaving Mr. Seokhyeon behind, I headed for the annex.

* * *

Upon arriving at the annex, I was guided by the maid to Stella’s room.


“Miss Stella. Shin Ha-yul has arrived.”

The maid announced my visit with a knock.

Naturally, there was no answer.

If I had been able to hear an answer like this, I wouldn’t have worried so much.

“Shall we knock one more time?”

“it’s okay. I’ll just go in.”

Knocking is meaningless.

“yes. Then I’ll be back. Call me if you have any business.”


After the maid lowered her head slightly, she returned to her original position.

I turned my gaze to that maid for a moment, then looked back at the room.

“stellar. I’ll go in.”

He slowly opened the door as it was.

“… … uh?”

And at that moment, my body stiffened.

Looking at the panoramic view of the room, my entire body froze.

“… … Do not come. please… … now stop. I don’t want to see you.”

Miss Stella is trembling, curled up on one side of the bed.

With a pitiful gesture like a dying puppy, he rests his head on his thigh while holding his knees with both hands.

Just looking at it, it looks much worse than before.

The sight came as quite a shock to me.

But it wasn’t surprising enough to harden the brain and harden the body.

It’s just a bit of a shock. That’s just about it.

“how… … .”

I was surprised for another reason.

“How are you here… … ?”

Sofia-sama is standing in front of Miss Stella, who is curled up like a beanworm.

With an expression that shocked the world.

With eyes unable to control sadness.

As if unable to control his anger, his hands trembled.

He is looking at Stella with eyes that can feel all kinds of emotions in the world.


I could tell just by looking at the reaction.

Sein-sama is moving Sophia-sama’s body right now.

“Oh, why am I here now? I thought you would go back to Korea, so I came straight here.”

Sein-sama’s voice trembled so violently that he had never seen it before.

“With the Black Mage King’s proposal for a temporary truce, now the penalty for meeting you has disappeared. You don’t have to keep your distance.”

Pretend nothing is wrong.

pretend you’re okay

“The distance was considerable, so I ended up using Space Charm 7 times. How can you travel this distance at once? Your magic is still amazing.”

As if to reassure me, he feigns composure.

“Ah, is this the first time I heard the name Space Cham? As the name implies, the Space Slash is a sword that cuts through space. You can jump through space with this.”

Seeing Sein-sama like that was so pitiful that it was hard to bear seeing.

“It’s my sword, but I think it’s a sword worth praising myself. I like the naming too. you think so too… … .”

Sein-nim stopped talking and lowered his head.

“… … Is it impossible to pass it through smoke?”

Under the lowered head, Sain-sama’s distorted face is visible.

Even acting beyond this is difficult.

“haha… … .”

Throat choked, words won’t come out

It looked like he was saying that.

“… … I heard about the end of my country. I found out about it four hours ago.”

When France was destroyed, Sein-nim must have been busy arguing with the dark mage king’s soul.

Maybe you didn’t know about France.

“At that time, do you know what I was feeling?”

“You must have been angry.”

Angry at the dragon that devastated France.

Wouldn’t he have been angry at himself, trembling at his helplessness for not doing anything?

“no. Not like that.”

Sein-nim shook his head.

“When I found out about the fall of France. The emotion I had was not anger, but relief.”

Sein-nim slowly approached Stella.

“The day France fell. Hearing the news that my daughter avoided anger. She was deeply relieved and grateful.”

Sein-sama’s eyes trembled.

“Because I’m not a patriotic personality.”

Sein-sama’s justice is toward the knight, not the country.

Even if the country perishes, as long as the knights remain, he will be satisfied with that.

“My juniors. The death of the seeds of the future was sad, but that was all. I wish my daughter was alive. I thought so.”

Sein-sama sat down on Stella’s bed and brought her face closer to Stella.

“… … It’s stupid.”

The right hand moves slowly towards Stella.

Sein-sama’s hand touched Stella’s head.

Stella’s body trembled.

“Forget what I taught my daughter to defend her country. I have to protect the knight school. She forgot to teach me to keep the family line.”

“That, stop… … . Please stop. I, I was wrong. Because I was wrong. please… … .”

Trembling with fright.

The person who is stroking her hair right now is scary, and she can’t stand it because she’s scared.

With that expression on her face, Stella shed tears.

“A daughter who has lost everything. What was she like? How desperate she must have been, how sad she must have been. she didn’t think at all … … Mother disqualification.”

Stella was thinking of Sein-sama in front of her as an illusion.

With Sophia-sama’s face, it’s all the more because she’s talking like Sein-sama.

I’m assuming it’s a complete nightmare.

“no… … . I hate it now… … . I don’t want to live… … . There is no reason to live.”

Stella buried her face in her thighs.

“I have no reason to live… … . So, please stop. Even if you don’t bother me that much… … . I will die soon. go to hell… … Because you will suffer… … .”

It’s hard to watch, the desolate appearance and words.

He looked at Stella again and slowly stepped back.


The sound of a sword being drawn filled the room.

“… … Mr. Sein?”

Are you going to cut it?

I hurriedly moved my body to block Sein-sama’s way.

“Stay there.”

At that time, Sein-sama blocked my movements.

“at there. Just watch.”

The determination contained in his gaze toward me was both heavy and wonderful.

The moment I looked into those eyes, I knew.

Sein-nim is not trying to cut Stella.

“How many nightmares have you had about me, will you react like that?”

It was natural.

That Sein. She couldn’t do any harm to Stella.

“How many expectations, how much despair, how many tears will you shed?”

Sein-nim is just trying to do what he can do.

“To you now, my voice will no longer reach you. Because I’ve already tasted so many despairs that I can’t count. I would have closed my heart not to have expectations.”

Sein-sama’s sword soars slowly upward.

Stella’s gaze moved slowly toward the sword.

“Therefore, this is all I can do.”

The sword was talking.


heart sword.

“I am your mother, your idol.”

The sword of the heart was shouting with all his heart.

“It’s Sein Binoche.”

A sword swung casually.

A very insignificant sword to both ordinary people and talented people.

“ah… … .”

It was just that such an insignificant sword unfolded in front of my eyes.

That’s all.

“iced coffee… … .”

The light returned to Stella’s eyes.

A beacon of hope lit up in her eyes.

“That sword… … ?”

It was the sword of Sein Binoche, no matter who saw it.

Because it is his idol and the sword of his goal. Because it was my mother’s sword that I had seen in front of my whole life.

I couldn’t see anything wrong.

“Now you’ve become a bit more worth seeing.”

The prosecutor speaks with the sword.

“It’s been a while since I saw you. daughter.”

“mom. Mom… … !”

The message contained in Saint Binoche’s sword reached Stella Binoche’s heart.

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