Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 387

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Chapter 387

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Inside the first ordeal door located between the Luminous Magic Stone Cave and the Green Castle.

Ray Bell Bytenor opened his eyes slowly.

“… … Are you here?”

It was a re-challenge much faster than expected.

I thought it would take a month or so.

‘You mean I found the answer in just a week?’

Ray Bell Bytenor’s eyes radiated a brilliant light.

It is expected.

What kind of form will Shin Ha-yul’s new bi-tenor ceremony look like?

How did his mythical magic evolve?

My heart is full.

‘It’s been a while since I felt like this.’

flutter. shiver.

These are feelings I haven’t felt in a very long time.

Isn’t it the first feeling I’ve felt since the time I created myth magic by weaving the Bytenor expression and Shinhwa?

‘But, it’s amazing.’

I looked up at the ceiling with eyes full of excitement.

‘Re-challenge in a week… … . It’s much more likely that the heir gave up without finding any answer and had no choice but to choose a re-challenge.’

Common sense makes no sense to create a new mythic magic in a week.

Taking on a re-challenge in a week means that the probability of giving up on homework is much higher.

‘I don’t think so.’

But somehow it doesn’t seem like that.

He couldn’t have given up.

He would have given the answer.

It would have given birth to a new mythic magic.

Only those thoughts are filling my head.

‘… … Was the 21-year-old me too emotional? Now I can trust the second viewer to this extent.’

The Ray Belle Bytenor now at this door is the magical personality that embodies the 21-year-old Ray Belle Bytenor.

The current Rey does not share memories with the Rey Bell Bytenor, who previously appeared in the Book of Mimir.

Therefore, this current Ray saw Shin Ha-yul for the first time a week ago.

It’s a long time to trust people openly.

Why on earth do you believe in Shin Ha Yul so much?

As the saying goes, is it because he was emotional at the age of 21?

‘no. Isn’t that what it is?’


21 years old and all, Ray Bell Bytenor isn’t someone who trusts anyone so easily.

Now, there is another reason why Ray Bell Bytenor believes in Shin Ha-yul so much.

‘The reason I believe in him so much is that he is a pioneer and… … .’

Shinha rate.

This is because he is a pioneer, like himself, forging a new path.

Because he came up with something he hadn’t thought of and put it into practice.

It is because he is a challenger who can build a field different from his own and think differently from himself.

That’s why he believes in God so much.

‘It’s probably because he’s a challenger who rejoices in failure.’

I remember Ray Bell Bytenor vividly.

I clearly remember Shin Ha-yul’s expression a week ago when I told Shin Ha-yul that your Shinhwa magic was clumsy.

‘Because there’s no way a person who is aware of failure and can laugh is going to give up.’

he was laughing

Even though his efforts were denied, he was smiling as if he was genuinely happy.

For him, the hope that he could still go further was greater than the despair of failure.

Such a person does not sit down.

There is no way to do something like desperation.

‘ruler. Welcome back.’

Ray crossed his arms and looked through the door.

The successor who is now blowing mana into the door.

I sincerely hope that you will open that door and come in here.

He smiled softly with an expression full of excitement.


And not long after, the door slammed open.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Beyond the wide open door, Shin Ha-yul appeared.

A beard that grows randomly without tidying up. messy hair.

He looked like an outcast in a corner of a room that had been stuck in his room all week.

“You do not need to worry about it. You’re back much sooner than I expected.”

Looking at Shin Ha-yul, who had an unsightly appearance, Ray smiled.

“okay. Did you properly solve the homework I gave you?”

“yes. I have found my own answer.”


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Sun-like eyes, in contrast to his poor appearance, made him smile.

“Can I expect it?”

that look. that mole. that eyeball.

Those were the things the young Ray Bell Bytenor often looked through the mirror.

This is the face that comes out only when all concentration is pulled to the limit and the result is derived.

“yes. You can look forward to it.”

So Ray couldn’t help but laugh.

Because he can predict that the answer the heir brought is beyond his imagination.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“okay. Then I look forward to it.”

Mana boiled from Ray’s body.

Mana swayed violently, with the determination to eliminate the enemy in front of him.

“yes. We will do our best not to disappoint you.”

There was no change in Shin Ha-yul’s mana.

If you face that kind of mana right in front of your eyes, there should be at least a little reaction.

Shin Ha-yul did not show any reaction.

“This is the new bi-tenor type that has been improved this time… … . no.”

It was just calm.

Myeongkyung Index.

It was just as calm as the shore of a lake on a windless day.

“It’s ‘my’ bitenor.”

His mana stretched out like a lake.

As if to put to rest the ferocious mana emitted by Ray.

As if to cover the world with peace.

filled this space.


Mana reversed all at once.

As if the white paper called serenity was splashed with red paint.

It shook violently.


And the paint began to paint a picture.

A picture of an indescribable geometric shape.

Most people can’t understand what that picture is like.

No, you wouldn’t be able to recognize that painting at all.

That painting is a painting that can’t be understood unless you’re a successor to the Bytenor style.

‘The Beginning (太初).’

The theme of that painting is ‘beginning’.

Shin Ha-yul is now embodying the origin of the beginning with red mana.


The origin of the beginning that was born like that soon began to burn.

As if claiming that everything in the beginning was born from flame.

The surroundings were filled with mysterious flames with conflicting origins of destroying life and giving birth at the same time.

“… … haha.”

Seeing that, Ray laughed.

It was such a bright smile that I wondered if I had ever smiled so brightly.

“Did you express the myth of Ignis in just three words?”

The myth unfolding before my eyes is so beautiful and wonderful.

Laughter came out of nowhere.


Ray applauded heartily.

A round of applause for the heir who created this spectacle.

Applause of gratitude to the juniors who made it possible to see such a sight.

“Your Shinhwa doesn’t forget the past and lives in the present.”

It must have been a myth that was buried in the present, forgetting the past just a week ago.

Now, they are shining brightly as one, as if they had never denied the past.

“You could describe it as ‘yes’ mythical magic.”

Ray Bell Bytenor collected mana as it was.


You don’t even need to see this anymore.

It’s not even worth trying anything more.


It was a perfect pass.

* * *


“… … .”

I was momentarily dazed by Master’s declaration of acceptance.

I was chewing on the tension as I recalled the fierce battle that would unfold from now on. Saying it’s over like this

Being momentarily dazed was unavoidable.

“pass… … is it?”

“okay. Passed.”

Whatever it was, it worked because I passed.

I tried to cancel Ignis as it was.

“for a moment.”

Master dissuaded me from doing such a thing.

“Leave that magic alone for a while.”

I wondered if it was an instant overturn of the declaration of acceptance.

“little bit more. I want to watch your magic.”

Of course, that wasn’t the case.

Master only wanted to observe my magic a little longer.

“indeed. The more you look at it, the more beautiful magic it becomes.”

Master’s eyes emitted a moonlight-like glow.

As if possessed by a fox, it is hazy.

“Abbreviation of Myth. Abbreviation of speech. Finally, a summary of the magic system. This magic is full of condensed beauty. It’s as if a festival of abbreviation has been held.”

Guess who isn’t Master?

At a glance, you seem to have penetrated the very basis of this magic.

“In order to realize each reduction, an error of 0.0001% would not have been allowed. Even more so, I even put all these abbreviations together… … .”

Master’s eyes radiated with a sense of astonishment and admiration.

“This is not something a person can do. Did modern technology go into the coordination of this abbreviation?”

Master looked at the choker around my neck and asked.

Since it’s a job that humans can’t do, you probably think it’s done with the help of a ‘machine’.


However, no.

“… … no?”

“yes. no.”

It’s true that the processing technology of the computer was used to handle this task. The computer’s processing technology was simply used for auxiliary purposes.

There is another person who handled this task.

“So, you mean you did this tuning yourself?”

“Not even that.”

Of course not me.

“Not even you. Unless you use modern technology… … .”

who handled this

Master’s eyes were asking like that.

“Master knows well… … No, Master knows the person best.”

“… … Who do I know best?”

Master squinted his eyes with a puzzled expression.


Seeing Master’s reaction like that, I was able to understand.

‘Master, who is here now. He is a different master than the one I met in Mimir’s Book.’

If it was the master I met in Mimir’s Book, I would have immediately thought of ‘Mimir’.

The master in front of me now is a separate Ray Bell bitenor who embodies the 21-year-old as it is.

‘If Mimir knows, a little… … Are you going to be sad?’

In other words, the Master in front of me right now is not the Master who confided in Mimir and reconciled with him.

If Mimir finds out, he will be a little sad.

“Why don’t you answer?”


I guess I’ve been thinking too long.

I immediately cleared my mind and focused on Master again.

“It is Mimir who made this abbreviation a reality.”

“… … what?”

Master’s eyes widened.

“Mimir? How does Mimir… … .”

I was able to know one more from that reaction.

‘How is Mimir?’ That means you know that Mimir can’t be here right now.

In other words, Master here does not only have memories of his 21-year-old days, but as a Rabel By-tenor, he has all the memories right before his death.

‘Leave the memory in the state right before death. He must have embodied his 21-year-old body only.’

Only the body is 21 years old, and the memory holds all the memories right before death.

“Mimir’s soul, which Master had assigned to the Book of Mimir using the Persona, I have used the Persona again and assigned it to another place.”

“… … As a Persona?”

Master’s eyes lit up with curiosity again.

“To do that, I would have needed data from the magic system I used to create the Book of Mimir.”

“yes. Without it, it would have been impossible.”

“… … Whoa.”

A bright light flowed from Master’s eyes.

“That means. It was said that my clone belonging to the Book of Mimir delivered the data about the Book of Mimir to you through memory transfer magic.”

“yes. That’s right.”

“… … Hmm.”

Master stroked her chin.

“You mean I even wrote a memory transfer… … .”

It seems complicated in many ways.

“Looks like something happened between Mimir and me.”


“… … is it.”

Master smiled bitterly.

“I want to ask what happened, but… … I’m afraid to ask. Because that child was resentful of me. For sure… … .”


I interrupted Master’s words and spoke firmly.

“Mimir did not resent Master. It’s just that he misunderstood a little.”

Master looked straight into my eyes.

Through my eyes, it seems that you are trying to cover the truth of the words.

“… … is it.”

After about 10 seconds of eye contact, Master smiled again.

“Then, I am very fortunate. really… … thank god.”

Then he stared into space with complex eyes.

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